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REVIEWS OF Glendale Classic Car Wash IN California

Tim Gilpin

Great Car Wash - Hot Tip - go early no line - the guys spend extra time on your car - give them an extra buck !

Dan Springer

Decent service. Car was Very dirty and they got it cleaner than expected. Thank you!



Shahriar Ahmed

Petar Denkov

Never go to this car wash !!! The whole dust is sitting untouched in my seats, the worst place ever!!!

Jeannie Taylor

Slow service, didn't clean windows very well. Tried to clean seats that were then left wet.

Sepan Zakarian

After a rainy day i went to this car wash and service is awful the manager stands there talking to his friends instead of coming and greeting the costumers and the workers cause 4 cars to bump into eachother on the rail. and when they were done cleaning my car i gave the guy a 5 dollar tip he told me to go buy myself an ice cream with the money? DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO THIS CAR WASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i recommend the one on Broadway by the Glendale Galleria

Ryan Matthews

They didn't dry my car properly and the manager didn't help understand what I was talking about.

k selbi

lost my phone holder while the car was being washed, good cleaning though

M. Galvan

07/29/19:I was there yesterday and paid $28.00+ dollars for a car wash and today I look at the front end and it was still covered with bugs! so I called today to complain the lady was very rude! And she told me "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHING YESTERDAY?" I told her "I DID NOT KNOW THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO INSPECT MY CAR ESPECIALLY AFTER PAYING THE PRICE THAT I PAID" she then places me on hold for over 10 minutes!!! I called back and she kept hanging up on me, I tried calling back 4 times and she hung up on me every time I go there at least 3 times a month and I will never go back again!

Alex Antonian

Lucky Akpobome

This place is kind of Nice, there are four lanes but sometimes it be busy and it takes time to get your car wash, the cashier is quick and the waiting area is clean.

6-30 am

Good price and high quality!

Sargis Petrosyan

Maritza Arizmendi

Bad Service. We paid 29$ to supposedly get our car "cleaned". However, after we had our car "cleaned", the car floor wasn't vaccumed, there was still dirt on the seats, and then we had to wait more time for them to vaccum the floor agian. All in all, I would not reccomend this car washig place to anyone.

Kate Graham

Very good prices for a nice clean car.

Guido Karp

Brought my car in this morning during our #tenthousandstepsperday walk. Now, because of the temperatures, we start our walk at 7am - and most car wash are closed. Thankfully, there was already a gentlemen when we wanted to park in front of the car wash - and he let us leave the car - so we could start our walk and come back two hours later to find our car perfectly washed, dusted and vacuumed - and all this for the early bird price of $11.99 (Mon-Thu 8-10am). Would I go back? Definitely. Would I take a detour just to make my car washed there? Probably not. Still I would have rated the place five stars - but the management put "a slight dent" in my love to them: they mailed me a $2 coupon - and refused to honour it. I would understand that coupons were not to be combined - but I came early, paid the price everyone else paid. If the $2 coupon is not valid for the early birds, I would expect they say so on the coupon. There sure is enough fine print so this extra info would be easy to list this. Now, coming back to the "five stars". This sure ain't "The Ritz" of the car wash industry. Yet they exceeded my expectation in service by accepting my car before hours, and they did a fine job, just as I wanted and expected it to be. Actually, I expected less for the $11.99, so I award well deserved four stars - and if they ever fix their marketing issues, I'd glad up it to five.

MCrate User

Good place for a car wash. The staff does a good job at a reasonable price.

SilverTV USA

Koryun Simonyan

You will not get a detailed wash with the basic plan

J Valle

Gave up! This is the third time they do a poor job. The service used to be better, now they don't clean up the rims, leave mats out of place... and the service is more expensive.


vahe vartani

After 45 min washing, they give you dirty car inside and outside.

Norayr Babayan

Noelle Kukenas

Great service. Detailing is excellent and the staff is very professional and polite.

Danille Marie

When I called to ask about the prices, the lady was, not only rude when she answered, but she had a non-inviting tone. And when I said thank you, she literllary hung up in my face. Deffenetly not going there,

Charles T. Woods

I love this car wash.

shawn avakian

Best car wash In Los Angeles area

Krabit Wartanyan

Hannah kreger

The first time I went, they did a great job on my car - it looked almost as good as it did the day I bought it. Unfortunately, the two times I’ve gone back since then have not lived up to the first visit. They continually try to get me to buy add-ons I don’t actually need and have a bad attitude when I ask them to touch up spots they missed on the initial clean. I will not be going back.

Allan Casilao

Fast service.

Ed Vardanyan

I got great deal Clay Wax special $59.99 my car look like brand new .

Carolina Jovenich

Great service, reasonable pricing for detailing. My 2006 van looks like new!

Adrian Diaz

Nice cleaning

Audrey Cardenas

I had to clean my car after they were done

Legend NJ

Take advantage of customers by raising up the early bird hour price for almost 20%. And, they dont really do a good job either. Sad how a business takes advantages of customers like this.

Ashot Dallakyan

When was the last time you took your car to a car wash and asked to wash it again because of how dirty it was after the first wash? Exactly... I wasted 1 hour and 30 minutes of my time as well as 23 bucks on this! def. not worth it

Steven King

Great prices

Shant Zadoian

It looks like the workers are under paid to a point that they don't care about customers anymore. A piece of advice to the owner(s)... Take care of your employees, for they are your number one money makers. Look at them as an asset and not an expense


Ok job, nothing stolen yet lol only 11.99 before 10 AM Monday to Thursday

Aram Sayadyan

gloria teper

Since new ownership service is great. Nice neat no smoke waiting area. Owner Edmond and cashier Araxi super friendly. Have had car waxed twice. Good job good value

Hakob Kochinyan

It’s the worst car wash I’ve ever had. After I pick the silver package my car isn’t clear.

julissa herrera

The manager treat me with no respect i felt descriminated i believe he doesnt like hispanic people i will never come back AGAIN take him out

Tamra Cunningham

Always do a great job

vik Boyd

The wash sucks!

Victoria McElfresh

edmond safarian

martin hamlethopar818@hotmail.

Do not take ur car here. I gave them 3 chances and all 3 times my car was dirty. Horrible place. They rush and blame ur car being dirty do to them being busy.

Michael Chaves

Good price, but if you don't have a BMW, Lexus or any high end vehicle and even also know any of the workers, they will leave your car waiting in till everyone's vehicle gets wash first, and don't complain to them, cause they will wash your car in like 5 minutes and do a bad job, there are other good places to get your vehicle, skip this one....

Master Account

Platinum wash 34.00 inside was full of dust, wheels black lines on the and outside semi clean. Never coming back. Take your car elsewhere not recommended. When I complained they said next time we make it up. Ha ha.

Leah's Life Bermudez

Good service

Chevy Vital

Jacqueline Williams

I almost turned around and went somewhere else as soon as I pulled up. The guy ignored me and tried to help the guy that arrived after me because apparently i hadn't pulled up enough. Customer service advice - treat every customer like its their first time and show them where to go. You might make a regular for life, or make them feel invisible and they'll go online and write an honest review. Good price at least.

Charles L.

Best prices in town

Armen Torosyan

My car was much clean before I go there.

Damiana Guzman

They left my car really clean, loved it

Alex Lane

2:25PM. Gates closed. Nobody answered phone. Great job lol.

Norman Perdomo

Lawrence Scorca


Paid 30 bucks for the extra... but it was not worth it at all. Interior was dirty and outise full of spots!

Nora Garabedian

Very good place to wash my car The workers are friendly VERY nice manager EXCELLENT service

Daniel Yun

mary martirosyan

I had my car washed yesterday and I was very disappointed. I will never go back to this car wash again. And I will not recommend this place to my family and friends

hugo de la torre

Clean work

Blake Fanz

Thank you for caring and cleaning my cars and the staffs were kind and smiling faces.

Enrique Bunbury

Fast service


I've been taking my cars here for 3 years now. They always come out clean without any problems. I don't even live in Glendale anymore and there are other car washes a lot closer to me, but I still make the drive here. The prices are reasonable and I trust them with my car.

Kristine Baldzhyan

This is the worst car wash stay away!! I bought a 60 dollar wash and my car was still a mess. I gave the guy a 3 dollar tip and he looked at it and left it on my car seat, like it wasn’t good enough for him. I never rate any place, but this one I had to. I wish I could post a picture of my tires.

broken corazon

Friendly and professional staff

Eric Perez

Rude people

yuri shakhmuradian

Sarah Salib

Rude, unhelpful workers. Low quality wash. When I asked them to properly clean it they said “it wasn’t part of my cleaning package”. And finally, my car smells like sweat!

Essam Timani

Daniel Rix

Hand wash.

glendalecar washinc

Friendly people great job

Bassem Ibrahim

Always nice and I trust them with my personal stuff in the car

Edgar Hakobyan

Glynn Hulley

Close to an hour to get a wash is unacceptable, it wasn't even that busy.

MATHEW Williams

I asked the employee if he can clean my window he said no I went home and I cleaned it myself

Armando Esteban Quito

Harol Ortiz


Very bad, the worst carwash in town , after going there you have to go to another carwash to fix and clean all the dirt they leave at car

Mike Tercero

Great job

William Naylor

Good job

Steve Dickinson

Busy but worth it!!

Mike Bosta

They cant wash cars!!!

Lisa Berumen

Paid $8 for a vacuum only and still had crumbs on the seat......

Erick Z

Paid for a more detail wash and after they finished my car still had wet spots on the windows and rear bumper not good

Escobar Glenis

(Translated by Google) We like to share with family the cleanliness of our vehicle, the little ones enjoy this activity a lot (Original) Nos gusta compartir en familia la limpieza de nuestro vehículo, los pequeños disfrutan mucho está actividad

Abe Dik

Mendel Lin

Friend got their car washed here (I picked them up) and they weren't a fan.

Ashot Vardazaryan

Henrikh Vardapetyan

not the best not the worst

Quinn Else

Abbas Ghazvini

Best car wash in Glendale CA they always do great job

Maguito lamichoacana chiguindo

(Translated by Google) I like your job (Original) Megusto su trabajo

Jean Edwards

Quick service great ckean

Ed K.O

Poor quality of work. I would never return. I don’t recommend this place at all. PLEASE AVOID!!

Herson hernandez

Worst car wash ever AVOID THIS CAR WASH Please.

Heather O'Donnell

I had an unfortunate accident with a chocolate milkshake on the front seat of my car. I came to them looking for a miracle with a car also covered in dog hair. The supervisor on duty that Sunday morning had given me a quote over the phone that he stood by regardless of how bad the condition of my car actually was. Despite us starting off on the wrong foot (he wouldn’t guarantee they could remove the smell of rotten milk from my car or that the dog hair would ever be gone) - I came back three hours later to an immaculate vehicle. I was not expecting my car to ever be as clean as it was. They impressed me and were professional to the end despite the difficulty of the situation. Thank you guys!!!

Joe Frank

Literally the worst car wash I've ever been to. Incredibly slow. Your car will get scratched. Better off just not washing it. I'm amazed this place is in business.

Jazmin Jesson

Great service, good price.


Never been to this car wash before, I called for general informaction like pricing etc and I was put on hold without being asked. The person answering the phone clearly didn't speak english and immediately wanted to pass me to the owner without me asking and put me on hold again. Reading the reviews and my recent personal experience... I will never take my car to this car wash! Gave one star because I had to to post this review!

Tigran Hambardzumyan

Stay away from this car wash! Yesterday I took my Toyota Sienna to this car wash. I chose "super clean" option and I paid $60 , they left my car very dirty. The guy(Armenian guy from Hrazdan) who called me to get a car, I showed him how dirty my car, he wasn't ready to clean my car, even though I gave him $10 tip before I saw my car. I paid $70, and got dirty car. NEVER going back there again!!!!!!

James Parry

Should have known what kind of place this would be just by the scum bucket look of the exterior, went in to ask about prices and got a scum bucket attitude from the woman at the desk, so I left. What a bunch of crap. Don't give them your money

Yevgeni Yandyan

Service not good

Dulce Miguel

I am very upset because this is my second time going and the first time was 2 weeks ago in which they did a great job!!! But this time oh no it was different. I arrived early 8:15, they had just opened (8:00am). I got into my car and right off the back saw they hadn't done a great job cleaning the interior. I was slightly annoyed but hey love the fact that they dont use machines to wash the car. Upon further inspection after I got off work and was able to check my car I noticed they SCRATCHED IT. Not okay just bought my car 3 months ago.

Jeff Christensen1

They do a great job for under $20. No complaints.

armine kadymyan

I always take my car to this car wash they have lots of employees and the do great job.

Travis Vitto

Place is real clean, service was good, tons of chairs, free WiFi and they use those air compressors to take out those stray beads of water from the crevices of your car!

Hormoz Farhadians

Leodalion 4

Love the 50ml Areon perfumes and wash was good

Lewin JW

They put my shoes on the seat when they "clean" interior of my car.

Tikran Arakelian

Tatyana Taty

(Translated by Google) Cheap (Original) Barato

Vahik Darbinyan

Very good service

Nick Cortner

very bad

John Riski

They do a fantastic Job!!

Donja Chandler

Alma Ramirez

Don't go there please that guys how work there that is a crab and nasty .just was my first time go there and last one .over price

Asta Hernan

Artur Grigio

Brought my BMW i3 here. Asked them 3 times if they know how to drive an electric car. They said yes. Got it back, and the back tires are all scratched up, because when you open the doors, the car puts itself into "Parked". And they machine (that pushes cars forward) was trying to push my car in parked state.

Joe Jordan

The wash is fine but you have to stand around the workers and make sure they dry your car properly or you go out with a bunch of water spots and you really know used to wash your car to begin with and if I like to stand there and watch him vacuum not because I want to bother them is because like everything now is fake everybody's trying to get over on everybody so if you're going to spend 20 something dollars I don't care if they're uncomfortable and make sure they do the job right if they do I give him a tip if they don't I don't

cherdchay saetier

Service good

Michael Sims

I always go here on Wednesday for their car wash special. They do a decent job, depending on who you get to wipe up your car. I wish they would train their guys more so it's consistent.

Andrew Richards

Dip Majumder

I generally pay a five bucks tip for a $15 job. but since i didnt pay the vaccum guy 5 bucks each they broke my car seat and. when i confronted them they told they work for tip and are not responsible if they break . Never go there. bunch of thugs

Edik Simonian

BE AWARE! They damaged my car and did not take responsibility for it.

Alan Leone

Good Value for money


UPDATE: after the owner/manager came up to me and started harassing me on the "honesty" of my review and how families would suffer from it. Here's the update: they re-washed my car without charge and shockingly by some miracle (sarcasm) the water stains came off without the $80 clay wax. Thank you for that, but I still won't be coming back here again. Also, thank you to the Hispanic man who did his job and I tipped $8. THE WORST CAR WASH! Believe the negative reviews here and don't come to "try it out" for yourself. They will mess up your car for sure! My car was "done" with extreme water stains, even on the windows which isn't hard to clean off since I had to do it myself after paying $20 for a wash. In addition to that the interior wasn't even vacuumed properly or wiped down. I even had to force the man dress my tires (which should be included in a $20 car wash) In addition, the manager tried to charge me $80 for a clay wax, stating that that is the only way I would be able to get the water spots off.

Tamera Noll

DoughBoy PillzBerry


Good place for carwash, friendly staff..


Rawad Srour

They don't speak english

Destroying the Matrix

I bitched about the price, but I now know why it cost the amount it did.

Amador Rivera

Got a hand wash and noticed the guy dryed one side of the car with the 1 rag. What exactly did he clean with this rag? With the same rag he dryed the outside, he dryed the door jams (this can be really dirty), and then proceeded to clean the interior (I have white interior) with the same rag!!. He also didnt use the air compressor from what I can tell since on my drive back home water and soap was running out the mirrors and between body panels. Wont be coming back.

Jocelyn Sherman

maral soreen

It's a great car wash ,all the workers are nice and freindly .They clean my car very good their servise is excellent i will recomend this car wash to every one i wish that i can give 100 star for their excellent work .

Artcher Richi

Ejmin Haghverdian

Not happy even after my second visit. First time didn’t wash my truck bed cover. On my second visit paid for platinum again forgot to wash floor pads and been a lot of spots on windows.

Bernadette Silla

Ashley L Brown

Did an ok job, their attention to detail is not great. Blatant spots on the exterior were still dirty. They also have mom smoking signs up everywhere, however people continue to smoke and none of the employees or managers do anything about it


The only place I go to, to wash my car and get the inside cleaned. I usually get their 24.99 special.

Lo U

Good prices great work worth the price

Carol C

Great service! Quick in and out. Clean shop and plenty of outdoor seating while you wait.

Zorair Shirvanian

Professional car eash

Life Line

I think they just want your money

Albert Babakanian

Nerso Bagman

Missy P

Nice car wash with nice guys there. Good service.

Samuel Lui

They are no longer 100% hand wash..... they changed to machine wash now. Sorry, but I am not coming back anymore.

Neno Kechkarian

Good service, great car wash, weekday specials

Amber Ryan

My favorite car wash. They always deliver.

Ken Marefat

Good service and price.

Jose Manuel Ruiz

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