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42 N Fairview Ave, Goleta, CA 93117, United States

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REVIEWS OF Fairview Car Wash IN California

Dj Gato 8054032310 santa barbara

My brother works here

Fabian Galvan

Never disappointed

Cesar Gutierrez

Jan von Yurt

Best Carwash in town

Jose Rodriguez

Love it

Leandro Ravaro

yup that's me


Stacie Staggs

New everything Is new. Yet to have car washed but do know they are now open. Ask for chelly she knows everything !

Enedelia Hicks

Rick Lugo

I'm always getting the platinum but they always miss something when it comes to cleaning the interior.

Chris Pursell

Katelyn Biedrzycki

Michael Yamamoto

Todd Andersen

leo g

The incompetent attendant working the car wash at the Chevron location put me in during the same cycle as a car in front of me. As my car was in neutral and foot off the brake, my car continued forward and hit the car in front of me. The attendant was nowhere to be found till after the incident. Following this, an employee at the gas station took my, and the other car's information and said they would call us with a follow up. Months passed, and despite several attempts on my part I was never able to reach the supposed owner, "Darren." It wasn't until I began receiving legal threats from the fellow driver that I finally came to the conclusion it would be more difficult dealing with an immature business owner (if you can call him that) like Darren, rather than paying for the small damages on the other car. I also found it funny that Darren released the camera footage to the other driver, but not me because it showed the attendant leaving the car wash and no wrong doing on my part. This place is run like a circus with absolutely no management. The owner Darren most definitely needs some management training, and possible anger management classes. This place is an utter and complete joke. At Fairview Car Wash the customer is never right.

Adrian Lopez

Great carwash! Fast service

Vicente Bollas

(Translated by Google) Good place to wash your car (Original) Buen lugar para lavar su carro

Jake Renz

Good but expensive

Asma Rashid

Quick in and out. Wash starts at $10 - very affordable

Jeannine Forslund

I have been coming to the Fairview car wash for decades, first as a kid with my parents and now as an adult with my own kids. Service has been up and down over the years. Yesterday was my first time back since they re-opened after the fire, and I was VERY impressed. There was a female supervisor on site that I've never seen before, and she was awesome. I went on a very crowded day, and it was nearly an hour before my car was done, but not due to anything other then the long line up of cars waiting for a wash. The young man who "checked me in," was appropriately and sincerely apologetic about the wait, but the most amazing part of the experience, was that when my car was finished, the supervisor called my car our, and then asked if she could run it through again, because some of the yellow marks left by bugs didn't come out the first time. I was stunned, but said yes. It was another 15 minutes, but my car has not been so clean in years! I thanked her, and let her know that this has NEVER happened anywhere in the decades I've been getting my cars washed, at the Fairview Carwash or otherwise. If they keep up this level of service, I will never go anywhere else!!!

Jeremy Jewell

Joe Vaccaro

Great new set up. Since the renovation, it is nicer then before.

Hung Tran

Dave Dukart

Pretty fast do a good job and if you not happy it seems they work with you. I have observed only.

Thao Ngoc Nguyen

Bhanu krishna Gajjala

Good place for car wash

Scott Kasai

You may want to double check the wash at times

Nezumi Tyler

Basilio Arreola

Angel Garcia

(Translated by Google) It is a very good experience to wash your car and the best is the detail (Original) Es una experiencia muy buena para lavar su carro y lo mejor es el detalle

Marguerite Covarrubias

Still not open cuz of the fire, I am disappointed it is taking so long

Jessica Maldonado


linyu chu

Terrible!The washing machine scratched my car!

Valérie Lent

The wait is long at the weekend. There is a shaded seating area with magazines to peruse, and bc a little shop for people who need a snack while waiting for their car. They do a good job with the cleaning.

Greg C

1st time I went 10 years ago, car sparkled inside and out. I went back a week ago, and the washer did not take the bird droppings off my car and it also pulled the rubber lining on the roof of my car. They were quick to nicely put the car back through the wash at no extra cost and fit the lining back in and this time tape it up. I left satisfied, but it did take two washes. I went back a few days later and the car was clean on the outside, but inside the car they left a cleaning bottle on the passenger side seat and the windows and dash were not cleaned. I asked if it was completed and they said "Yes" and then I asked about the bottle, windows and stains. A nice lady came over and agreed with me that they had not done their job. She spent a good amount of time on it and was very pleasant to me. Because of her customer care, I will give Fairview wash another try. Were not a perfect people, so we shouldn't expect everyone else to be :) As long as we are trying to improve, where we fall short!

charlie baker

Don't go there if they are busy, they do a very poor job. The guys who wipe down the car are rude.

Maricela Castaneda

Cindy Grobbel

After specifically telling them NOT to put dressing on the tires or anywhere else, they did. A very poor job on the windows. It's not worth the price you pay. Don't go there!!!!!

katrina storton


Nathan Wicka

Not a bad drive thru car wash service when most are untrustworthy or too expensive in the area. I got a vacuum and car wash (Platinum package) for $25.99 + couple dollar tip. I have been coming here for the last year with no major issues. I try and go when it is not busy, otherwise it can take close to an hour and the quality of service does drop. Hard to find a better car wash in the area for a reasonable price, but more trustworthy than gas station car washes.

Jorgen Thompquist

The interior of our car hasn't been so clean since the factory.

Frank Risard

Got the titanium car wash package. Since you need to specifically request dash dressing, I did so. It's included with titanium. A little disappointing. Perhaps it's because I have a truck, but they weren't properly equipped to complete the job well. The windshield was sprayed off maybe, but the triangle at the bottle of the windshield that the wipers miss...well that wasn't even cleaned (see pic). The dash wasn't even well wiped down - you can see the hair on it in the pic too. They obviously didn't do the dash dressing either. For $30, I basically got a normal drive through machine wash and light vacuum. In fact I'll probably just go back to Shell on Turnpike where they clean my windshield properly even if I have to vacuum it myself.

Mario Cardoso

Pedro Paz

Customer service is non-existent. Every time I pull up to get in line, I'm told to go to another lane. The folks that are supposed to direct, don't. Got inconvenienced by an air pump problem on their machine so they could not wash my car and was told to come back the next day. No apologies or let's upgrade your car wash when you return. No nothing. This is sure sign we care about your money more than you. Management needs to do a better job. Will start going somewhere else to get my car wash. Even though it is farther, will go to Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara's Realtor

Great prices, great staff

Shahmeer K

Chipper Clouser

Great state of the art car wash . My car was never cleaner

Bella Size

ON WEEKENDS THEY DO NOT HAVE PEOPLE THAT CLEAN INSIDE the vehicles. They expect to receive cars almost clean. The manager is a lazy person, he told me he cannot spend time in my vehicle. I went on weekend to wash my truck that really needed a good service. I paid the most expensive service and on weekends they did NOT HAVE PEOPLE THAT CLEAN INSIDE the vehicles correctly. Only one employee was kind and he tried to clean but the manager is not kind with them. DO NOT EXPECT GOOD SERVICE.! Find another place DO NOT GO THERE!!

Ash Ryan

Carole Boeddeker

Man Kin Law

Worst car wash that I ever been to, foam and water remains on my car, two workers pretend they gonna wipe it down for me, but instead they are just carrying a towel and walk around pretend they are working

Pedro Bravo

This is the WORST CAR WASH ive ever had! I have a brand new car cost over 40k and the car looked SO bad! literally I took my car to EDUCATED car wash on upper state. told them what happened and the even took a picture of how the car came in. idk why but when I was telling one of the detailers to clean my car on certain spots he took my receipt and kept it. I swear I will NEVER come back Here.

Nicole Wilson

Detail service is better than anywhere I’ve seen! Even a simple car wash is top notch!!

SB Guy

Bad Carwash & poor customer service! I just went to have my brand new car washed and it was not cleaned. As soon as I got home I discover it had dirty spots and scratches on the top on the hood , so I took it back and they said I did that to my car, but how I can do all that within 30min? They just rewashed it but they not want to take responsibility of the scratches. Now I have to pay hundreds to have them buff out. Be advised! I will never take my car to any of their car washes owner by the same owner. Either manager does not treat their employes right or they just hate their jobs!

Lee Applebay

Theja Vempalli

Johnny Y

worest wash place ever!30 dollar package,the car still looks dirty,inside do not even clean!and they try to let me buy the 149 dollar package!

Yoshys Vlogs

I just took my car for the first time today to get a car wash and clean on the interior of my car, and they did a shity job. Paid $30 for a good wash and clean. All I got was just a wash. Nothing else! That's the last time I will ever go there. Ps I have pictures to prove it!

Man Ho Hui

Very simple, avoid the machine there if you don't want to get scratches. Water marks stay everywhere, poor quality and services. Regret every dollar I spent there

Chris Story

Mediocre wash at best. For what they charge, there are far better places that do a far better job on upper state street. Drive the extra few miles A little story about QC and Customer Service: The last time I went here, my rear/ passenger door was covered with a film of grease and grime from something in the car wash tunnel (leaking machinery? ). I didn't realize until I drove down the street and parked. So, I came back and asked them to clean it off. The employee offered no concern, gave me attitude and told me that I should have noticed this when I grabbed my car! It was a $25 Car Wash. It was an easy decision to make that my last visit. Hopefully, they improve quality after they re-open.

Imru’ Al-Qais

Best customer service in SB, they cleaned my car perfectly.

Cinthia Orduna

Best carwash good customer service

Muhammad Arshad

I gave them 3 star because you can have express $10 quickly in n out

Ron Spurlock

My wife and I spent the weekend in the Santa Barbara area. After spending the day enjoying the wine country. Due to all the bugs out, we decided to have our car washed. GOOD IDEA POOR CHOICE OF CAR WASHES. One of the most unorganized places I have ever seen. Poor service from the beginning to the very end. Do yourself a favor, if you having a nice day and you decide to treat your car to a wash, save yourself some grief and go somewhere else.


Great job. Efficient service. Thorough cleaning both inside and out. I love the new and improved look of the facility. The patio waiting area is very comfortable.

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