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655 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126, United States

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REVIEWS OF Extreme Express Car Wash IN California

Mohammed Fathy

Chelsea Ruetsche

Inviting, clean & friendly atmosphere. The owner Rob introduced himself to everyone at the carwash. I'll be back!

Wile E.

Unfortunately, I have to make sure anybody who consider subscription with this business will think twice. Technically, the wash is not bad, extreme expensive, but for one-time wash may be bearable. On subscription level the business never cares about customers Attitude to subscribers is more on the side that each customer is fraud and tries to steal smth from them.. this is just unacceptable and I wish nobody to subscribe with this business. Also, sticker is mandatory attached to your can which is absolutely ugly and made with horrible glue, you will have a lot of issues to remove it

GrandEva's Christian

Kiki Lucas

Monica Salas

Wendy Liu

Very friendly and helpful attendants and manager.

Sarai Ortega

Sergio Manriquez

Great new car wash. I was surprised at how dry it left my car. My car is stupid clean!

Eriq Abernathy Sr

I love this place and how clean my car become before I leave. I personally would become a member.

Happy_ HipHopie

Nice car wash and took care of my van for me while out of town with a re wash! Thank you! Customer service is everything!

Scott Campbell

Mark Marquez

WOW, what an awesome car wash. I usually enjoy automated car washes, I find them pretty relaxing. This one is out of this world!! The inside of the car wash looks awesome and the colors light up the inside of your dashboard. Super quick and detailed. The complemenrary vacuums are almost extremely powerful! Helped get every crook and cranny of my car cleaned. Will definitely be returning, great locating and value. Definitely considering their monthly membership, looks like a great deal!

santhosh shanmugam

Md Asif

Super fast clean Well worth money paid

Anna Rico

Quick wash and dry with vacuums that work! thank you!

Miss Ell

This place is fast, friendly and clean!! The staff are courteous and helpful. The carwash itself is good, prices are fair. They include a free DIY vacuum session after you wash. Vaccums are super powerful so make sure you get all your personal belongings out of the way unless you wanna lose it.

Sanjay Kaul

Poor quality wash. Vacuums are good though.

Alejandra Picazo

Great customer service great value love the free vacuums

Craig .A

$18 for a dismal, automated car wash, and I could've paid more!! Free vacuums (do it yourself) are a nice touch, but I really expect my little Prius to get clean for $18. Sad.

Michael Shiferaw

Devendra Ramchandani

I tried one time wash for $12 and was convinced to have a monthly car wash plan. Their basic monthly plan starts from $29.99 which includes unlimited car wash and access to vacuum cleaner. They provide small cloth and a scented dashboard cleaner wet paper. Although it does not do detailed car wash, but if you are okay with basic car wash, I think it's worth for the amount that they charge. Once you purchase monthly plan, they will add a sticker on the front glass that will help detect your access and you are good to go.

Vahid Alizadeh

David Garcia

Wash doesn't scratch coat and I never have to wait in line.

Timothy Tran

Good spot DIY after car wash..vacuum, cleaning all by yourself.

Mikyong Kim

Extreme friendly attendant made our day the best! The price was good, $25, so we went here to quick clean our car while our son was sleeping. I had to do the preclean (bug wipe) process for myself, but it’s close to Children’s discovery museum so I may visit again.

Kuna Carrell

A great place to get a car wash and free vacuuming, which is suprisingly rare when you get your car wash. Faculty is extremely helpful and keeps the facility clean

Jerry Chou

Jojo M

Too expensive don't do a good job cheaper and better to do it yourself

Emily Grove

Love this place, great service, workers always there asking if everything is ok, helping at the gates when it's busy, all around working to please you. Great value for the unlimited monthly $30 deal ("unlimited" =twice per week), if you're an Uber or Lyft driver you should definitely give them your business! I recommend going when it's least busy which is mid day on week days. Weekends can be a little bit of a wait in the line for the tunnel and for the vacuum stalls but not too bad.

Wu Sherry

There’s a reason they are called extreme car wash, every customer here washing their cars looks EXTREMELY happy. We stumbled upon this car wash place and loved it. Great place to spend your weekend and get the car cleaned with your own hands. (The free vacuum is also amazing!)

Jan H

Full disclosure: you do most of the work to clean your car. That can be either a good or bad thing depending on who you ask. 1. You pay and go thru a drive thru wash. Right before you enter you are given a cleaning cloth and a wet dashboard towel (at first I was confused) 2. After the was you drive around and park to start vacuuming your car. I like that it has no timer 3. You then have to towel dry your car 4. Take as long as you want ;) I like it but at first I thought it was your typical car wash until it wasn’t. ;) I would go there again

Lee Albert

Tried once, all machine wash. Charge a bit over price.

Andrew San Jose

Ajen Johan

Very helpful staff, free vacuums, good deals.

lucas spoor

Great deal. Just moved to the area, and struggled through the hour long lines at gas station car washes. Who wants to wait that long for a mediocre car wash. Great place to get a wash and they have free vacuums. Join the carwash club to save money in thr long run.

Dean Minardo

Although I have seen 100 times better, it's nice compared to the other choices

Arturo Morales

(Translated by Google) It's ok (Original) Esta ok

joey staab

Yogeshwara Krishnan

Worth the $ you pay for the wash. Also 10 mins of free vacuum.

Candace Armstrong

Kanmani Manimaran

Best place to do full car vacumming. They do extreme car wash so the price was little high $25

Steve Herrin

It never seems to get my car completely clean. And there seems to be nothing stopping the system from pushing your car into the one in front of you if they're slow leaving. I ended up inches from a fender bender before an employee shut it down. But it's an okay value if you go on Tuesday for the discount. And the free use of the vacuums after a wash is nice.

Rogelio Arturo Rodriguez Salcedo

Jianxin Gao

Pako Escoto

Great fast service left my messy truck looking like new highly recommend it.

Mauricio Alvarado

Mizan Tesfay

Rhiannon Trabulsy

Christian Hosler

Sydnie Brenson

Great find in the San Jose area! Plenty of space to vacuum and clean, just be sure to avoid busy hours if possible. Never before have I had a car wash owner come out and introduce himself and ask about my experience, that was a nice touch!

Navi Mahey

Guillermina Roman

I really like this place it's closet to me and you can vacuum your car price is reasonable too

Joseph Brunetto

suhas gupta

Great staff but mediocre cleaning. I got the extreme wash service and found the cleaning wanting. Almost every inward facing surface or indented surface ( e.g. rear license plate area) was left completely untouched by the cleaning system. Even the front of the car was dirty after I went through. The remaining body was clean and shiny but I think this wash is only for general dust and dirt cleaning while you drive around in the city for a couple of weeks. I was back from a camping trip and could have used the $25 at a hand wash that clean much better.


My fave car wash spot. The staff is always so friendly and polite. Luckily, I came on a Wednesday and got the BOGO free Extreme Special. I got a voucher for a free Extreme Special wash on any Wednesday within 60 (?) days. I was surprised and very pleased. 10/10 me and my car love this place!

Mengxiao Li

Janani Swaminathan

George was extremely helpful. We missed to run the car through the was and had just used the vaccum. He was so kind enough to let us use the vaccum. Thank you George.

Sergio Gonzalez

Friendly staff that great you with a smile and are always looking to make sure everything is ok. George goes above and beyond to help customers. Great vacuums and wash.

Katie Adams

Great car wash place When their credit card reader stopped working, they gave me a free car wash And the quality was good

Anna Pakarina

I’m highly recommend this car wash. Everything is modern, staff is friendly, vacuum is FREE! The best car wash in San Jose!

Eriq Hood

Connie Eicher

Affordable $13 or $19 wash with free do-it-yourself vacuums. Best vacuums I've ever used in my car!

Carlos Torres

Free vaccums!

Robert Correa

Not too bad!! I usually wash my car by the sap Center. The place right across the street from Whole Foods. So I took my chances and wanted to check it out!. It was quick, reasonable, very fast, and you get to clean out your car yourself vacuums for free but only for customers who purchased a wash. For some other people might be lazy who don't want to vacuum out the car but I definitely took initiative and took some time on cleaning my whole car out! I had a great time didn't pay an arm and a leg for a simple Car Wash and it did everything! just as I wanted it to be. Definitely will be coming back here again! highly recommended for others who want to get a quick simple car wash in.

Rude Boi

It was ok

Fabio Hoffmann Bilhalva

New and clean

Stephanie Ochoa

DO NOT RECOMMEND. Let me explain how my $25 car wash turned into $520. I used EXTREME EXPRESS CAR WASH for the first time and THEY BROKE MY CAR ATENNA. My ATENNA is attached to my car and their machine broke it. The OWNER will not take responsibility of this after being Contacted via email so he took it upon himself to take it online instead he had his manager respond to the DAMAGE DONE BY THE BUSINESS.

Hogan Hempy

Behnam Kamrani

Finally a good car wash. Free vacuum is awesome. Helpful personnel! They pay attention to my needs and help me through, even offered a rewash for free. Good experience :)

Jose Guizar

Frances Kim

Karl Pohl

Good car wash special deal Tuesday and maybe Monday great deal nine dollar for wash good deal

Carlos Aguinaga

Great wash!


Great place

Arthur Lee

Great service and free vacuum

Michael Tran

Diana Chavez

Very modern ! They have great prices and service. They have the automatic car wash which pretty good and its great that the vacuums are included/free. I have no complains and definitely coming back

rodolfo jose

Kumar Kartikeya

Katherine Bains

Mary Pfeffer

Best car wash in town. Friendly staff. Excellent service. Great value.

Derik Vo

jason henri

Great clean car, their machine is new so vehicle gets a good wash. Vacuuming is free and strong gets all the gold fish and rocks up!!! Alittle tight between cars thought but over all not a deal breaker.

Kevin Corr

The coolest car wash experience I’ve had. Extremely pleased and impressed with the quality of wash. It’s gotta be the best drive through car wash around, with top of the line equipment. Happy to have found my new car wash spot!

Andres Segura

Amazing and friendly staff never seem to disappoint. Management and employee always make sure to keep the area clean and safe for everybody. I personally reccomend service.

Brandon Ellefson

This car wash is amazing. Even though it was a drive through it did the job.

Coco Pappas

Great place met the owner he was very welcoming I had forgotten my car mat and he helped me locate it..I have a monthly pass and it's well worth it!!!

Deepak Salvi

Very good

Max Fox

This car wash is definitely the best one from all of those which I used before. Now I moved to Daly City and have been searching for another place to wash my car but after all unsuccessful tries I'm still using this place. Even 60 miles between is nothing if you want to get the best service. I've got a chance to talk to Robert (who is the owner) today and he was very nice and polite as his guys who is working over there. Also George is trying to help me every time I'm coming there. You guys are the best for sure! I wish I could give you more than 5 stars.

Vanessa Vera

Good place good pricing car came out nice and clean great costumer service definitely coming back thank you

Cynthia L

Best cash wash in the area. Staff is polite and easy to work with. Car wash is cheap and not an expensive full service get up.

Tejinder Singh

They have subscription based car wash with different level of car wash plans. So you pay monthly for unlimited car wash. Just about everything that’s subscription based, you ask “do you need this service” and “do you use enough”? If answer is yes, this car wash is totally worth it. If you like looking at clean cars, they do the job. I’m very happy with the car wash service.

Zahra Mandana Fard

Almost no line, which is good. Vacuum is also available.

Suryanshu Prakash

I was hesitant on taking my car to an automatic wash but somehow convinced myself to give it a try. It actually does a good job cleaning off the dirt and grime on the exterior without scratching up the paint. Car was beautifully shiney when it came out and the brake dust on the rims was 85% gone! Free vaccums along with mat holders and cleaning spray were greatly appreciated and the staff came by every now and then to check if I was doing okay. Overall there are only good things to say about this place. Note: I used their 25$ extreme wash for the automatic machine.

blanca solorio

First of all, the lights are super cool and it’s an overall fun experience. Second of all, getting the extreme special cleans everything relatively well for a 3 minute car wash. Lastly, I love the self serve vacuums they’re very useful and I get to clean it to my own liking! Definitely would recommend!!!

mohamed Omar

Very clean and decent stuff I got a very good offer unlimited car washing only $50 monthly

jose mendez

Rengnath Natarajan

Rebecca Burns

They're not kidding when they say Extreme! Their brushes ripped off my rear wiper blade and bent my antenna - I've taken my car through other automated wash places and never had a problem. The gentleman was nice enough to go collect the pieces of my wiper, but it can't be reattached so I'll have to take it in for service. I paid $25 for my car to be damaged but it did get mostly clean in the process, so there's that. I won't be going back.

Vlogs of sami yusuf

Marty Behler

Doesn't do everything u pay for. Ok for just a wash.

Daniel lopez

Brendan Gadd

Easy and quick, great customer service!!!!

chris killitz

Nice car wash, extior wash was probably best I've seen as far as drive through car washes go.

Sushuruth Sadagopan

Hans H

Newly re-equipped to be a simple drive-through exterior car wash with full automation. The process did not get my pickup clean. I much prefer the full-service operations that work inside and out, with people insuring that the vehicle is entirely clean.

Neal Jack

Overall does a good job for a drive through wash. A bit over priced at $25. The previous car wash in this location had the same price, but they had staff that dried and vacuumed for you. Now you have to do it yourself for the same price. I guess that's one way to take value away and make more profit. One benefit is the car wash is nowhere near as busy as it was previously.

Billy Bob

Just wash and gooo

Julio Arevalo

Great wash

Robert Ramirez

Amazing service, Cheap and convenient, George was kind and very attentive. I recommend it!

Joshua Lory

Miko Ruiz


Grand Diva

satang shin

Justin McPherson

Great car wash! Quick and easy with a guaranteed clean satisfaction. The employees are great! The free vacuuming stations are awesome too!

Isaac Kim

BEWARE! The express car wash broke my car's fin. As can be seen in the photo, it shattered a part of the fin. And to top it all off, their response to this was even worse. After them finding and bringing this back from the machine, the first thing George, an assistant manager, tells me is "we're not responsible for fins breaking." Then he goes on to say how my car brand is supposedly known to break. He told me there were previous incidents of fins breaking at that car wash. They know of this, but don't care at all because it doesn't happen often enough for them to worry. This is a terrible business!

Abhinav Tipirisetty

Best car wash around here. Free Vacuum.

Maria Harris

Love this place! Its fast, the attendees are friendly, and my car is always clean because I have a monthly plan. Its worth it!

Tatiana Kaska

alan aguilar

(Translated by Google) Vuen services (Original) Vuen servicios

WestCoast Treats

Lloyd Watson

Ingrid Andrade

I used to love the place (including the staff) and I’ve been on the $49,99 program for about 6 months, but now I’m about to cancel it cuz many times I go to get my wash (today 03.05 for example), the place is closed.. that’s very frustrating!! :/ so sorry that I referred many friends and they are all going through the same problem.


I’m loving the newly updated and remodeled facility. It’s clean, extremely efficient, and a great job on washing our family vehicles. Like they say, you get what you pay for and they’re pricing is extremely fair for what you get compared to other places. Personally, whenever I had visited other local “car washes” You can easily spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes waiting for your vehicle. At Extreme express car wash, it’s 3 minutes! I have pictures to prove how horrible of a job other car wash establishments have left my vehicle after paying $30 or more and they supposedly do all the wiping and vacuum cleaning, and then still expect a tip after leaving your vehicles a sloppy mess? No thanks. At least here, I get to vacuum my own vehicle knowing that it will be up to my standards. Thank you Extreme express car wash, kudos to you all for a job well done. :)

Anthony Guerra

After a few months of using their Extreme Wash service at $49.99 a month that includes tire shine, I have come to find that the car wash machine damaged my 2018 Toyota Camry on both sides of my front bumper, both sides of the body trim and both sides of my bumper. After troubleshooting with the owner Rob on how his car wash machine could have damaged my car, I took my car to have the damage evaluated at a body shop and the auto body tech has determined that the brush and tire shine chemical that the machine uses to shine the tires while vehicles drive thru can damaged any car. I did promise the owner to not report this incident to anyone but it was only in agreement that he fixed the damage to my car. The owner Rob of this car wash has been reluctant to fix the damages to my car and now is not returning my calls. I will pursue will legal action and inform others about how bogus this car wash spot is even after having a face to face talk with Rob and reaching a agreement. Avoid bringing your car here.

Mehdy Bohlool

JR McKee

Innovative, cost effective, fast, just overall great car wash and a great experience.

Mickey Q

Roberto Garcia

I'm actually surprised the owner heavily improved this place compared to when I used to work under a different car wash long ago. Only drawback is self service vacuuming in which I dont mind paying someone else to do it but there's risks to allowing that so overall, I'm fine with the way it is.

Preethi Rao

I paid for the wax and shine wash ($18) but the car was not entirely clean. The backside of the car had visible dirt. And when I wanted to talk to someone nobody came to attend me. I was very disappointed.

Mimi Garcia

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