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REVIEWS OF Encinitas Car Wash IN California

E. David Callender

Make sure to print a coupon on their website

Nicolle Bangerter

Good service.

Carly Banton

Joey Babcock

Been going here for years without issues... Other than that they keep breaking stuff off my car like emblems and other parts... there’s a nice cafe inside but it’s literally never open.

matt colby

Did a great job on the outside. But wish they used clean rags on the inside since my truck still smells like dirty old nasty rags 4 days later

Peter Orahovats

Jason Riggs

Reasonably priced if you use a coupon. They miss on the drying sometimes though


they lost my eyeglasses for me -thankyouverylittle

Greg Webz

So far no issues

Víctor Guadarrama

Sandy Hill

These guys are hard working and do a great job. It may be the least expensive car wash in North County that a true hand wash.

Paul M

So so.

Lisa Quandt

This car wash is mediocre. I paid for gold wash several times. I have a dog who does shed in the back of my car. But I swear it didn't even look like they swept at all. I understand my car doesn't have to be Immaculate but I expected it to look better. There are also spots on the exterior and a smudge on the windshield. Disappointing.


Staff is friendly and works very hard to make sure you are pleased! Your car sparkles inside and out. Sometimes a wait however worth it

Mark Burns

Our preferred car wash. They always do an excellent job.

Nik Souris

Adam Crecion

They did an impeccable job detailing my car. I selected the Mini Detail option and it was worth the $150!!

Seth Krauss


Jack Mackel

Toby Kaiser-Arnett

They do a great job. Always.

Mario Palacios

sol gonzalez

(Translated by Google) Good service and fast, the boys are very active and very friendly (Original) Buen servicio y rápido, los muchachos son muy activos y muy amables

Gideon Shuster

Thomas Schneider


Randall L

Steve Lyles

I had lots of (dead) bugs on my front bumper and a dusty interior from a trip to the mountains. ECW did a great job cleaning the interior and exterior.

Jacob Evans

They always do a great job and always don't take too long

Darrell Holt

Jacob McCarty

Maira Morales

Erika Roark

Eric Domeier

Fast and cheap and pretty good. Busy on weekends so show up early.

Javier Pablo

So everytime I take my car here, even though I give them the benefit of the doubt it just seems they can't meet my expectations. They be cutting corners which leaves a very sloppy work and on top of that I still give them a tip. So please guys, wash you're customers cars like if it was your own.

Porfirio Nava

(Translated by Google) A good place to wash cars and good service (Original) Un buen lugar para lavar los carros y un buen servicio

Max Kramer

Had my car washed here today. Thought everything was great, pretty good value. However; I had counted the change that I carry in my sunglasses case before leaving home to take it to the bank to cash it in. I stopped to get a quick wash, and after tipping the hard working guys at the car wash on El Camino Real in Encintas $4 and driving off, got to the bank and $13 dollars in change was missing. Not that it is a lot of money, but the principle of it. I felt and still feel violated.

John Nommesen

David Bennett

Not Veteran friendly business. Upfront, I cannot attest to the quality of their car wash - didn’t get that far. I called in advance and asked if they were participating in the free car wash for veterans. The girl on the phone froze as if I had asked to spell “allocution” (no..not off my soap box yet). After about 10min in hold she says excitedly “yes, come in in.” The paise on the phone let me know I was probably going to have this conversation again when I got no surprise when I drive the 15min to Encinitas Car awash when the guy about to take my keys says, “hunh?” I go back in and I said I’m here, I talked to you on the phone. She goes’s a $1 off. Umm...come again?Yeah. I asked you “Are you participating in the free car wash for Vets like 20 other locations. In San Diego. You said yes.” Oh. We walk over to the manager and he says...oh no...we don’t do that. I said I drove here based on the conversation I had with your employee. You aren’t going to honor that? We just do a $1 off. I don’t care if your business doesn’t want to honor or recognize vets, I don’t need something free to appreciate those who gave all or reflect on the honor it is to serve. I do ask if you promise something. Go through with it, or you apologies reflect a genuine belief that your customers are not just another vehicle.

Byron Pineda

Jacqueline Gillian

They were ok

Giannina Laffi

sean tange

Car looks pretty good but for $30 I was expecting MUCH more. It's was more like a $20 or less value. Won't go back...

George Torres

Great service. They were fast and made my car look good as new. I got two express detail packages.

James Kenny

Great job for the price

Jay Hernandez

I was giving it a chance cause prices are really good but wow it was a poor decision. LISTEN TO ALL THE BAD REVIEWS! Staff had terrible attitude, the wiping windows and inside of the car is a complete joke, the vacuuming I would have done it better my self, it was so dirty when we left. The outside of the car was still wet and dirty. I specify “please also do the trunk” and for my surprise the trunk was never touched so it was totally dirty. What a waste of money!! Never coming back.

James Shebl

Les Besser

Nice cleaning in reasonable time.

Michelle Guerrero

Teresa Clark

Justin Cornwell-Hinrichs

Traci McNabb

Excellent work and reasonable .

Terrier Robin

These guys take great care of my car. If I have an issue,they take care of it on the spot. No other car wash establishment takes care of my car.

Roger Gureczny

Stacey Glick

l. paul Heim

Jack Baldner

Joan Scheppke

I'm always pleased with the care they take in cleaning my car. It's truly sparkling inside and out when they're done. The staff are all friendly and helpful. They have a nice coffee shop right at the car wash too!

James Parr

Henry Williams

Very poor service high prices car an SUV not clean very good 4 the u pay

Carsten Broehmer

Cherish Beach

I've been going there for over 30 years! Always great quality service, competitive prices and friendly faces.

Jose Esparza

The place is good, Encinitas pricing but job well done.

Mary Gross

They do a good job on my giant suv! Thanks guys.

nathan cootz

Very good car was

Eric Leftwich

Greg Kaminski


Tonya Colombo

Michael Friedberg

I can always count on a good car wash.

Jon Auden

I just wasted $20! Exterior left wet. Interior barely touched. Go anywhere else!!

Noel Meza

Quick, convenient, and professional. I have been coming to this place for over a decade. You can trust my review. This isn't a 5 star resort. So of course they won't hold your towel while you're in the bathroom. But as a car wash business, you will not be disappointed. The car washes generally range from $13 upwards to expensive custom washes. The basic wash is consistent. They begin by vacuuming your car. Then your car will be brought through an automatic car wash machine, similar to a gas station's, but a lot longer and more intricate. Then they hand dry the exterior, personally and individually wash each of your windows and the scrub the interior with cleaner. Your tires and wheels/rims will be washed, cleaned, scrubbed, and dried for that new car finish. Car scents are available upon request for a fee. Card and cash are both accepted. Make sure to leave a tip since these people work hard and fast and try to get you your as soon as possible so you can continue on with your day. For the price, this place is definitely worth it. Highly recommend if you're in the Encinitas area!

Khalid Samir

They wash, but with no attention to details although I requested the Gold service

Jemma Frost

This place is amazing. The service is so fast and good. The key is to have plenty of time and to select the package that works best for you. Then, sit back and relax, while your vehicle is being cleaned.

Randy Wittig

I have went to many in Carlsbad area this one has done the best on my car great to see

Kevin Day

They did a nice job and it was pretty speedy

Tristan Garrido

Did a great job for a good price! Everyone is friendly and service is quick

Brian B

This place was great except for the last couple times i have been here. today got gold wash. specifically asked for clean wheels. Wheels didn't even look like they got any soap and water. chrome running boards filthy. rear windows still had dog slobber all over the inside. needless to say im waiting again for them to clean it over

Pamela Burke

This place is my go to for a car wash. They took great care of me and my car looked great after.

Grant Smith

Didn't do a very good job cleaning my car. A little effort would have made a huge difference!!

jerome gibbs

This place is great, always courteous and they do a great job!! Been going here 16 years & never had an issue with anything. They must have a lot of patience to deal with some of the customers I’ve seen giving them a hard time over nothing, I will always recommend them and am a fan !!

Lance Guanzon

Very nice job on the interior detail!

art schrubb

Great wash and very affordable especially with the internet coupons at their website.

SteveandKi Dunn

Some of the staff have a terrible attitude. When you pay $15 for a regular wash and pay $2 extra for a large vehicle, The back should be vacuumed and the interior of the windows should be done. One of the workers talked back when I asked him to do the front interior window. Very disappointed won’t go back.

Terry Zanella

Anthony Garth

Akwats the best around!

Gary Young

For the price it's good. Inexpensive and fairly quick for a routine car wash. Lower end car wash compared to the Shell in the Target shopping center. They do detail work but I would never use them.

Isaac Estrada

Fast service

Richard Pereyra

Friendly staff. Consistently good service

Randy Burrell

Matthew Tucker

Thomas Rodriguez

Great service all around!

Ryan Roberts

Horrible job. Didn't even touch the interior, wouldn't help take care of spot scratches. Would not recommend.

Tom Welborn

Takes awhile , hand dry but the miss dozens of spots everytime. The machine doesnt get off the bugs or bird poop and they refuse to get it off as they dry it! They just dry over the dirty spots, meaning I grab a rag and spend 10 minutes recleaning my dirty car why they wash. I have a bunch of gift cards so I have to keep using them so but dont look forward to having to tip them while I clean my own car!

Christa Dohner

It's ok. I paid for the Bronze wash and the quality for that level was very mediocre. Afterwards I could rub dirt spots on the roof off with my finger. Is that ok for $16? There is what they call the front man (quality mgr.) who's job is to check the cars before they wave "finnished". I watched the work being done and no one did anything of the sort. Oh well, moving on to try the next car wash in town.

Brian Hibbits

Stick with the car wash, don't get detailing! I have been going for years and decided to get my interior cleaned. It's been 3 weeks and my car still stinks like a bottle of cheap perfume. Honestly I would pay them $150 if they could undo it.

Paul B

Very good

Brandon Guadarrama Graciano

Brett Sanders

Nice car wash. Always had good experiences here.

Melony Johnson

The people that work there are nice, Cool they have a fruit smoothie kinda place inside, bad news they were closed when i went 3pm friday..... great customer service was amazing and the inside was clean an organized. With that being said I damn near paid 20 bucks for a job I could have done better. I suck at washing my car but at least I know how to vacuum. I literally have never been here before an since I was in the area I thought I'd stop by. I'm so disappointed I see spots all on my front window, smears on all windows except for back left one. Crumbs and real dirt on floor and mats. Water spots on right side hood, and on right passenger seat. I'm a uber driver so people dirty up my car quickly by far this is worse car wash. Most of my reviews get 5 stars but I couldn't let this go un mentioned. The bottom line is they charge way to much for the job they're doing. Not to mention to use coupons online they need to be printed out.

Harry Lectora

They do a decent job for the price

Glenn Allen

Doug Cramer

Good car wash

Shishir Sinha

Milagros Garcia

Eduardo Cortez

Decent wash and wax service they are pretty fast. I would come back again

Road Warrior

Terrible customer service and business practices. Refusing to honor a $4 web only mobile coupon because it wasn’t “printed on paper” is so anti-green. Subpar interior cleaning job as well. #green #environment #Encinitas #California #customerservice

Ilya Feinstein

Solid place just don't get there on a day that everyone has a day off.

Robert Orlando

inconsistent. Sometimes they do a good job and at times, I should have washed my own car. Place is clean.

Ron Johnson

Wow, I paid $19.99 for the GOLD package assuming that they would at least wipe down the whole interior of the car, but no for that price they only do the driver side. You need to pay $29.99 to get them to do the whole car. Unreal as I was showing property today and needed the whole interior at least wiped down. I talked with the manager and he had them wipe everything down but they did a crappy job and with a crappy attitude. Man what is with the local car washes in Encinitas, they all suck. I won't be back, very disappointed. PS: Streaks all over the outside.

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