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REVIEWS OF Ducky's Car Wash Menlo Park IN California

George Mallard

Quick and clean

Alexander M. Guy

Very long wait

Anoop S

David Renie

This is a nice stop for the whole family. There's a mechanical duck ride for kids, and coffee for parents. There's a indoor and outdoor seating while waiting for your car to finish being cleaned. What more could you ask for? I'm not 100% sure off the top of my head which services include it, but remember to ask for your 2 air fresheners when you pay at the cashier.


They opened the door while in the car wash and sprayed water all over the inside of the door. Better go to an automated car wash and that won't happen.

Anne Arjani

Getting a card with 5 washes is a great deal. They will re wash your car if it rains within 72 hours.

Nathaniel Gandy

Phenomenal establishment with hard working and kind staff. Was so convinced in the service that I bought a bundle of car washes after my first wash!

Meg Gordon

Great range of options. Fast and professional. Reasonable prices.

Sam Wong

did a good job, but they 4got to give me bac my car seat

Gustavo Tinelli Cúbias

(Translated by Google) They wash your car very well (Original) Te lavan el carro muy bien

Grace Hechler

I take my car here all the time. They are priced reasonably and I'm never disappointed. I always inspect my car afterwards and if something needs attention, which it does sometimes, I tell the guy about it and he takes care of big deal. It certainly beats the gas station drive-thru car washes. I like their service.

Hakan Karabayir

Too much line, too old machines, too slow service, expensive for those.

Bradley Hayden


Gulia Koroleva

They convinced me that I need $120 wash and detail after long trip because cheaper one would not do it.. They took forever because, " We had to do it twice". I am pretty sure that it should include vacuuming but this is what I got for $120 is dirt all over the floor. . I will not be using them again.

Sean Casey

Pretty good job. I had to point out a few bird spots for additional attention. My exterior wash did not get the tires very clean, and they missed some dirt on the air dam

Dylan Casey

Took my brand new car for it's first wash and when I got home I found a dent covered in grease on the right rear fender. I'm maniacal about my cars, always parking at the end of the parking lot, and I'm 100% sure it happened while getting washed. I realize accidents happen, but now I will never take another car there again.

Kirsten Ann

Has a great groupon deal. Even during their busiest hours the service was quick. Offers free Pete's coffee in a nice air conditioned space. They did a pretty good job cleaning up my car. Overall a great car wash.

Charnét Tanouye

I went here because I got a deal on Groupon. I got there around 10, the wait wasn't too long, but they were busy. I got my car back within a reasonable amount of time.

Western Artifact

Karolina Schvartz

A complete disappointment. I wanted to try a new wash car service , going regularly to Lozano l found 19$ quite expensive, l paid 25$ at Ducky's expecting a at least better service. Vacuuming average still full of crumbs after in driver area, the most chocking was that l still had traces of kids hands on inside part of the window. Sincerely anyone can do it better on his own but its not the point we go somewhere to get a good service and its not the case with Ducky's.

Anoop Kollengot

I took the Groupon deal for their V.I.P. Wash and Spray Wax Package and for me it was good for their automatic car wash and vacuum interior. Not sure whether they have done the following services as offered: 1. SlipStream 60 day hand applied paint protection 2. Ultra shine triple clear coat 3. Ultra shine sealer 3. Rust inhibitor 4. Single coat polish On my car exterior, I couldn't feel anything new than my regular car wash and dry. But I really enjoy their complimentary Peet’s Coffee.

Gregory otte

Ginnie Revenaugh

Great car wash! They move quickly, have great service, and get the job done. Not unreasonably priced either. Highly recommend!

Marilyn Barton

55 minutes for a carwash. I noticed, compared to other carwashes in the area, there was quite a bit of the employees standing around chatting with a line of 20 customers waiting for their cars. They did a decent job, but not worth that wait.

Maria Cruz

They Damaged my car

Joji Fong

Kellen Riley

Maria Santamaria

BEST!! Car Wash in Menlo park

Mohammed Hakik

Great customer service and great location to be a great time and a great time and a great time and a good time for your food and your friends in the back which are very good and easy to use in a bit more difficult than a little more beef and vegetables than you have lemons tr and can help you with a baby or one for a year and then it is the number of people who have a nightclub in a hotel room where they are like burning trees and the girl purposefully forgot to take long to find ur hair on her back in a

Gurdeep Singh

No no no no not good service I have seen lots of good reviews that’s why I visited them but my feelings is they just care expensive cars ai have Acura MDX 2005 it is a little hard to see because of life light, they didn’t even clean my trunk and 3rd row, vip car wash does look vip they have left lots of spots with still have dust on it. They only believe to do numbers of cars in sort time. I live in Newark so I specially went there after paying $5 toll plus bought a VIP car wash with cost $42.99. Disappointing.

Larry Lundberg

Had lots of water spots. Less than satisfaction with vacuuming too

Astrid Bernaga

Mike Hochberg

Unexplainably slow with more than an hour wait. When I finally got my car, it still had numerous bird droppings on the hood.

Roberto C. De La Cruz

Usually quick and well done. I pay for monthly passes.

Adrian Wooldridge

Too expensive for the job. $15 extra just for amorol. $30 for basic wash.

Synthia Lawson

Great car wash

Korwyn Peck

Friendly, clear directions, good job

Darya Prokurat

Jonathan Grant

Excellent customer service.

Brent Brown

shazia baig

I went there, bought a Groupon but not a good place for car wash.

Maurício Carneiro

Great fill service car wash with many detailing options. Caution: detailing takes 1+ hours.

Chang Hong Chi

pretty friendly staff and quick service

Alan Torres

Reasonable price. Good service.

Daniel De Freitas Adiwardana

They did a good job cleaning my car overall, but they didn't dry my trunk carpet too well.

Irina Senderov

They did an amazing job! Their customer service was impeccable from start to finish. Staff were super friendly and helpful. The car looks shiny and they paid great attention to vacuuming crevices of the interior. Price was nice as well! Definitely recommend to others :-)

Latileta Nakasoguta

Expensive for car wash but they have a great retail shop with an interesting assortment of high end gift ideas, car accessories and organic air fresheners ☺☺☺. I've bought a really good car cell phone holder that clips into car vent blades that's sturdy, strong n a space saver!!

Cheri Gennuso

First experience I wasn't at all impressed.for the money I paid last experience. I could had done a better job myself at a self service wash

Nurullah Gokdogan

Wrong schedule, I went there but, It was close, Google was said there was open until 7pm, but It closed 6 Pm

Michon Blount

Brian McClendon

Arun Prasad Reddy

Best deals

Stonepine Advisors

Good neighborhood car wash. A bit pricey and the lines can be long.

Ashley Carroll

Friendly staff, but expensive and long waits (though I guess fixing one of those things would make the other worse).

Ronn Deas

Matt Fernald

4.5 stars They do a very good job. I got a super wash, and they did fine work on the inside and out. Be sure to take all your possessions out so they clean thoroughly.

Demetri Paneras

Gets the job done.

Joseph Contreras

Spotless.... Very good service.

Traycee Jurado

Good quality job most of the time. They also watch their water use.

David Love

Ok place

Colby Mcgrael

Aaron Ferer

Vlad A Ionescu

Closed during their advertised open hours

Erin Ralston

Ed Yu

Average quick carwash place. It’s no better than any other semi automated carwash place. I found that they are not very detail oriented but then maybe I shouldn’t expect to. There were some water spots on the hood. Anyways it’s ok if you want an external wash with some vacuuming. If you expect say a good cleaning or waxing you should look somewhere else.

Sam D

Great team work!! Thank you

Melissa Boswell

Fast and quality car wash. I did the V.I.P. package which is a good value for the service. Friendly people too! Will definitely be going back.

Gloria Garcia

Great customer service. Check your car before leaving, sometimes they miss a few spots. I like that they offer deals. If you buy a certain amount you get a few washes free. The little shop is nice to look around while you wait for your car. They also have a coffee machine that you can help yourself to.

Ernesto Alberto Paiser

Not a great service. Car still dirty. They are fast but didn't take care so much.

George Steiner

Giovanni Caravez

Basic car wash. Nothing really spectacular about the experience but they get the job done. If your looking to get a quick and easy car wash you may be able to get it here... or not. Some days there are no lines and some days you are stuck waiting almost an hour for your car to get washed, you just have to cross your fingers and hope you don't get there on their busy days. But like I said if you need a basic car wash and are too busy to do it yourself this place will do a great job.

Marshall Popelas

Drove 20 min to find out they now close a half hour early and couldn't get my car washed.

Satish Kulkarni

Alejandra Espinosa

Detailed car is great! but not if you need the cars wash service. They never clean the interior well adding that they did a scrape in my car and they never take responsibility for this, not even and a apology.

Cindy Hayes

It was the worst car wash I had. They used to be good. Then when I called management. He was very rude to me

Liam Bucci

For the price they do an excellent job of both interior and exterior cleaning. The people are always friendly. The line can get long on weekends, but if you go early it's pretty quick.

Kimberly McGee

In and out, perfect!

Karey McMahon-Stoltz

Fast and efficient place, with decent store and waiting area. The cleaning was pretty good too - comparable to other similar places. Even though I probably won't use it, I appreciated that they have some rewash guarantees for different situations. Another unique attribute is their "all you can" wash options.

Katherine Holtz

Classic car wash spot with great ride on ducky to keep the kids entertained. Popular with the locals so it can get busy on the weekends.

Ervin Aydin

David Hauser

Iain Hutton

Average wash but ok for the price.

Queen Kitiara

Horrible experience. Complained so they redid the car and it was still not clean

Jonathan Sockell

I paid for a premium wash. At the end of the wash, there were obvious areas missed on the back windshield and tire rims. I pointed them out and was not offered any help. I picked up the rags from the workers and wiped things down myself while they watched me do the job right. Frustrating.

Felix Lee

Michelle Melen

Thomas Maufer

Excellent gift shop / great service

Tim P

Good car wash. A little expensive if you don't buy a package. They need to focus a little more on the interior of the car when they clean. It may be that I have gone when they are close to closing, but my windshield has been left with streaks in both cars. The inside staff are very warm and friendly.

Kim L

Expensive (Not sure comparing to others in the area since we were from Florida)! $15 to have my car machine wash!

anne moertel

I only go to Ducky’s because they don’t use anything with fragrance, so your car is clean but doesn’t smell like cleaner.

Julia Kraemer

Fun place + a moving duck for little kids!

Adam Russ

They do a good job overall, lines are very long on Sundays but still managed to get done in 20mins

Vlad Drac

Pretty sad for a $30 car wash. Streaks on all the windows, mirrors not cleaned with water marks galore. The dash wasn't eve touched, leaving dust and spots that were there when I brought it in. I expected at least a wipedown. Two stars for doing it quick but I get a much better $18 wash at my local place.

Emir Duzay

This is how the bumper looks like after VIP car wash... Worse than any place that I have visited.

Rajat Mukherjee

Quick and polite.

Emma Brayfield

I’m a petite blonde girl who drives a Toyota Tundra truck. For whatever reasons car washes are always a safe bet to receive unwanted inappropriate comments that are usually flirtatious and misogynistic in nature. I’ve been to this one before with no such experience and was excited to return again because of that. However, today the man who processes cars ruined that. He made the same typical inappropriate comments. I went inside to speak to the manager, only to find he was the manager. He immediately knew what I was going to say and when I attempted to have a dialog about his actions and if he would make the same comments to a man with that truck he became agitated and fled the room, but not before implying I was now over reacting—which is something fellow women know to be a classic defense mechanism by men. I don’t normally write reviews, but enough is enough with this behavior and I hope it makes some people, men and women, stop and think a bit.

john ashfield

Dead bugs still on the front bumper, grime still on the bumper like it was never wiped with a towel, sand and dog hair still on the back seat (easily vacuumed up if they had bothered), area behind the door handles still grimy and dirty... I wasn't expecting a detail level clean for $40 but I certainly expected better than this. Any other car wash is better, spend your money elsewhere.

Igal Ginzburg

Klemens Anderson

William Mujica

I used a Groupon for their VIP service. Great customer service and a dedicated staff. Highly recommend it.

Paul Brown

Always clean, always thorough, usually pretty quick. Easy to get into off El Camino, easy to get back on. Other than that, it's a car wash! Does what it says on the tin.

Roy Digino

Wash my car. Most of the time they do a good job

Carlos Aldana

(Translated by Google) Very good attention (Original) Muy buena atension

diane bb1234

Pretty much your typical car wash.

Brian Bulkowski

Quick and fairly good. There's always something not-quite-right so check your car. I usually just get a wash or a hand wax and don't bother with detailing.

kenneth kirkland

They seemed professional but my car wasn't peefect

Joe Gogo

Steve Tjiang

My car feels cleaner after being washed here and stays cleaner longer. They do an excellent job drying and spot wiping everything. They also don't over perfume your car with sprays. You can drive your car through the car wash yourself or have them do it. There is a great viewing are where you can see your car go through. You know they do a good job because there are lots of expensive German cars here and being silicon valley a few Teslas. They also have great coffee (Peet's). There is a gift shop that sells random knick knacks.

Gokhan Saltik

Tashmal Martin

Groupon deal was great value. They did a great job

Christopher May

Been here before haven't really put any comments. Quick and good wash. Can get busy at times.

Sergie Troshenkov

Ze So

Eveeeeryyyyything is changed as the ownership is changed said an employee. Another one told me I would need an advance cleaning than the full wash If I wanted the dust in the door pockets or the handprint on the doors are removed. All the wiring under the seats are out after vacuuming?!I have been coming to this place ever since I live in Menlo Park for many many years. More than anything the attitude is changed.... I don’t think I will come back again


Mark Belanger

They do a good job at a reasonable price. My only complaint is the time it takes, even in the middle of the day.

Gautam Bhat

Quite expensive, and my cars paint finish is kinda compromised. Its not scratches but it's permanent marks on the finish that come from improper care while washing

Jayden Monroe

My car was so clean

sadie washington

Make sure you articulate what you want because apparently they will only do the bare minimum. Yes they were quick but they neglect details just to get cars through.

Brandon Chandler

Decent car wash job. But no sense of urgency. Expect to spend 50 minutes here

Square body C10 73

Alexx Guzman

I love it. Pros: best carwash ever Cons: no change back

Michael P

Expect an average expensive car wash and you will not be disappointed

Adam Mein

Reasonably priced, good job. Can't ask for much more?

Mickayla Howard

Not impressed. Spend 34.99 on the Supreme car wash. My cars still dirty inside and out. No effort put in whatsoever. Windows still dirty, workers only wiped the car down after the wash for maybe 3 mins... I'd say the only thing that looks like it was done well was the nice man who vacuumed in the beginning. I will not be returning here.

Patrick Harper

Luca Johnson

The best!

Kyoko Uchida

Used to be good but not anymore. They used a dirty towel to wipe the windshield. It's not safe as I have a really bad view :(. I had to redo it when I got home. We are not going back there anymore.

George Brannen

These guys know their stuff. You'll be in and out on a short tim ed and they don't miss anything. Everything is clean and dry when the car comes back to you.

Eugene Cole

Extremely nice place and people. The car wash is great. Reasonable price and I highly recommend them.

shashwat sher

Steven Shafer

Very professional car cleaning.

Nick Eckstrom

Slowest service ever. My car just sat there while people who were about 20 min behind me left. No sense of urgency - complete waste of my time; never going back.

Brian Lowe

Great job

Carol Mercado

Valery Halchykhin

Fast, but basic cleaning is so-so. A lot of uncleaned spots.

Joseph Gregory

Great car wash at reasonable prices (check Groupon for coupons). My only complaint is that there was only one stool inside the waiting room. It was cold outside so there were 8-10 people standing inside amongst a ton of merchandise with no chairs.


Leonisa R

Brent Cotton

nice cleaners, very quick

Michael Furukawa

Just needed the external of the car washed off of dust and tree pollen ... it is not on the "menu" but they do it and is pretty fast normally. Just make sure your antenna is down and your windows are all rolled up.

Michelle Davis

I got a car wash and VIP vacuum!

Juan Bardina

Car could be cleaned better

Irene Wright

Best Car Wash in town! Everyone is friendly and they do a fantastic job.

Mark Jessen

I got referred to Ducky's by a neighbor and went online to check them out. I got a really good online deal on their VIP wash & wax. About a week later I stopped in and everything went smoothly. I just showed the cashier my confirmation code and I was done. My car looked great and it was a really good experience. I will definitely be back!

Cora F

I brought my car in after driving across country - full of dirt and dog hair - and they did NOT disappoint! So happy with this place - affordable ($39 for exterior wash, vacuum, and express interior detail) and they are friendly! Definitely recommend and will be back!

Lily Lili

Not bad but to price it

Victor Ho

Always the best service. Fast and clean!

Broderick Mitchell

Anthony Vasquez

Good and fast service!!

Peter Chane

Get coupons from their website before going there.

Riko Pulko

Josh Mode

Normal carwash

Naresh Sugumar

Gone there for premium wash, interior vacuum plus wax. Noticed fine scratches and pretty bad one on the bonnet, must be from their automated car wash. And interior vaccum and cleaning too was not done properly.

Kyle Moffett

They did a decent job getting my very-dirty small SUV cleaned, inside and out, for $30 after tax. (That was the Supreme service plus an extra $2 for "Rubber mats"; the guy spent like 8 minutes straight scrubbing the removable trunk mat to get all the dirt off.) Overall, the whole wash took about a half-hour. With that said, like any other car wash these guys employ minimum-wage workers, so don't leave anything valuable you care about in the car during the wash or it might disappear. (They even have a poster on the wall reminding you not to leave anything valuable in the car, in case you forget.)

Nikhil Prathapani

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