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3995 Douglas Blvd, Roseville, CA 95661, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dirt Busters Car Wash IN California

Jonathan Romvary

Steven Wallen

Car comes out clean but they take forever. A basic wash took me 1 hour.

Nikki Fleischmann

Awfullllllll service paid 50.00 for a car wash and the the car was still dirty! I would highly recommend not going here and wasting your money. Try going to Justin Car wash they do an excellent job.

Janette Mccollum

Lana Thompson

Very Poor Eye for Water Spots, Carpet Vacuuming and Attention to Detail!! The Staff is Lethargic and VERY Rude when you address any concern over poor interior vacuuming, wheel cleaning or wipe down. They act like you're a criminal when you request they do the job you paid them to do and at PREMIUM PRICING! Just because it's located in "Granite Bay" doesn't mean you're getting a top notch, first class car wash! You may as well go to Quick-Quack two doors down and do it yourself (CORRECTLY) so, your car is sparkling with attention to detail as opposed to a mediocre, Half-Hearted "Premium Car Wash" from these lazy, unappreciative and disrespectful people!!

Alan Parker

Always a great car wash for a decent price. Pleasant people. Andrea was extra nice.

Charles Beyers

Take care here for work and employees do a great job

Laney Litz

They wanted to charge me a $5 fee because my car was extra dirty, yeah that's why I'm at a car wash, that's literally what you do here! I went next door to Quick Quack, $7.99 thru the machine. Complimentary dash wipe which I used to remove the small amount of residue left on my hood afterwards and a free self serve vacuum. I'll be going there from now on!

Jacalyn Combs

I've been coming to this car wash for years and everything about it has gone downhill. The service, the quality, the urgency to finish cleaning a car, and the organization. The cleaning 'packages' don't nearly include what you think and even then your car doesn't turn out like it should for the cost. Today I asked them to use a pumice stone to get some minor fuzz off the back seat floors and he wanted to charge me $30 (which last time he wanted to charge me $40 for the same thing). Bauers car wash on San Juan doesn't charge any extra for the same service. There is a lack of organization and/or job responsibility for the workers drying and wiping down after the wash. I watched the same windows get sprayed and wiped by 3 different people. This is a really great and convenient location for a car wash but I will not be coming back here. Better off detailing my car myself.

Barry Gordon

I have been a customer 3 times i wanted to give them a chance to redeem themselves i have never got my money's worth horrible job .vacuuming was the worst thing and i paid 49.99 for their deluxe i had too vacuum my car myself when i got home they really don't use the correct tools for vacuuming i dosen't take a rocket science to use the right tools to vacuum they should be out of business they ripe people off and other customers should be more aware of the shotty work they do all 3 times i have had bad experiences their

Kimberly Zinda

They do a good job. Nice people.

Danielle Thompson

This place is TERRIBLE employees are EXTREMELY LAZY from the detailers to management, they make excuses as so why your vehicle isn't clean just so you would have to pay additional fees. I've been getting my 4 vehicles washed and detailed for yrs this is Truly the worst experience that I have ever had if you want your vehicle tended to Right the 1st time Please Don't go there the Madison location is Much Better!!!!!

Rose Smith-King


The owner and his daughter run the place....and they really are great people! Great service, and really affordable! Thank you!!!

Edward Skupien

I asked for touchless, they ran it through using the mechanical scrubber scratching my clear coat.


JOEY Johnson

Rodrigo Fonseca Ravelo

Sometimes it takes too long.

Jarrad Saint

Every time I come here these guys do a great job on my car! Staff are super friendly as well. Highly recommend

Lisa Haynes

Pretty good job

craig grivette

A much better car wash than Quick Quack. But still a little slow and they occasionally lose the attention to detail (e.g., they don't normally open the convertible top and clean the hatch cover so as soon as you put your top down you have spot on your car that is dirty while rest of car is clean).

Timothy Bondaruk

Charged me 55 dollars to wash my pick up truck and did a pretty crappy job on the inside, should have saved the money and did it myself

Brendan Bissell

Angel Garcia

Raj Dixit

Did a decent job, but man, they took a long time! No complaints about pricing or quality, though. If you need a car wash at a fair price, and have some extra time on your hands (took them 45-50 minutes to finish my car), this place is well worth a visit.

Lawrence Dunnigan

Zack W

Daniel May

This place does a fine job cleaning the car and is a fair price if you buy a package deal. They have a nice place to wait with kids toys and offer free popcorn. I have been disappointed that they are not consistent with vacuuming the trunk so make sure you say something when you drop off and leave the trunk open.

Ruben Piper

George Chandler

No complaints about the service. Nice people running the place.

Laura Hopkins

Dropped work truck off to be cleaned inside "detailed" and washed. They did not wash out the bed of the truck - there is literally now mud in the back of the truck after I paid $200.00 for them to detail it. They put so much armor all on the floor of the truck and then put a paper mat down, I almost fell trying to get into the truck it was so slippery. The truck does not even look like it was washed, they said they could have cleaned it better if I let them clay it. I'm extremely disappointed and feel like I was taken advantage of.

Kelly Groth

Good service and workers. Check out Groupon for deal here.

Diana Stowers

Kind of a good car wash .. had too vac out my car 3 times !

Elizabeth Villalpando

Gear place to go for car tinting, hair cut, or car wash

Kelly Richardson

Great guys. Asked for a little extra love and they took the time to clean the inside interior that was a complete mess form a pit-bull that travels every where with me:) I 'll be going back.

Michelle Temple

I was not impressed with the carwash that I received. The doors were left dusty. Paid the $21.99+tip and did not feel that I got my monies worth. After I left, I did not want to go back because I had an appointment elsewhere. Just make sure to check the job before leaving the lot.

edward volodarsky

The ticket writer was very patient with me, the car wash is very good looking with a nice lobby. There is a barbershop located inside. I had my hair cut here. 5 stars on the hair cut also, and i am very picky with my hair. The service was great, fast and efficient. Definitely got my moneys worth. They also offer auto glass repair and replacements which i thought was great also because they work with your insurance.

dee rae

Do not come here! Bad and illegal activity-the owner is BAD! Time to notify authorities and agencies about the SCAM of a business!

Frank nitty

Joey Miller

I use to be a die hard quick quak fan. The price was awesome. That was till there brushes scratched up my paint job on my baby. She is a 2002 Toyota tundra. She was so messed up. I took my truck to dirt busters. and right off the bat their cashiers were so nice and they insured me that my baby would be back to perfect in four hours. I did not believe it but they did it all the scratches were gone. Also they fixed my wax that had been stripped off from the harsh crappy chemicals at quik quak. they explained to me that their chemicals were friendly on the paint and would not do any damage to my baby like other car washes. these guys at Dirt Busters know their stuff. they are like car gods!!!!!!! they even fixed the chips in my windshield for free!!!!! and i cant remember the price but it was cheap, they restored my headlights. they look better than ever before. I am now a die hard dirt busters customer.

Laurelee Wimberly

4closer HaleeDaily

HORRIBLE...I will NEVER GO BACK.....I actually made a point to create an account so I could review how BAD this place was. No wonder the TIP jar is prior to getting to the car?? Totally reinforced my lack in faith for a good quick car wash. Crumbs and leaves still on the inside - what wipe down on the inside? I think a damp rag easily could have removed the minimal splashes of coffee around the console? My car is NOT that dirty....they did not even move the floor mats? As for the car is white - it hides dirt pretty good but SHOWS when there are streaks where the dirt was NOT wiped off. Not to mention as they drove away they left the back hatch wide open???? I had to show them so they could shut before they drove off??? So bummed.... I should have either bought a $20 lottery ticket or threw my twenty out of the window. Either way - got nothing for my $20.

Kevin O'Hara

Brittany Lund

I am very disappointed with the service I received . I came to the GB location a week ago and received a Platinum cleaning ( this is the top of the line option $40) on my new car. I tipped out the service cleaners before I saw the inside of my car. They did not wipe anything down inside and they did not vacuum the seats. Once I got home I called the center and they offered me a complimentary cleaning. I come back to have the job done over a week later. this time my car has spots the windows are streaking, they did not clean the mirrors and still did not vacuum seats or wipe down the interior. I am not going to call them again, at this point I am sure they just don't do a good job. I will take my car elsewhere from now on.

Robert Rae

Their work is usually good, but a typical wash, vacuum, and wipe off the dash is at least 30 minutes. Today was over 40 from the timestamp on my receipt until I got back into my car. Slow, slow, slow!

Bette Dow

Great car wash. They pay attention to detail and are fast

Angelo S

Reese Freeman

Had to get a truck ready to sell, and was able to get a great clean done, inside and out, at a great price. The truck didn't even last a week on the market!

Connor Crocco

Greg Bodene

Horrible service, missed the doors and didn't vacuum the back. Then gave attitude when I questioned them...never going back. Way over priced for serviced.

Christie Whitmer

Micah Scanga

Went with the platinum level service very poor vacuuming Siri for cleaning. Don’t recommend. Find another spot.

Rachel Seriu

They did a great job despite the long wait! Other than that I was happy with the result and how clean my car was!


They need to take notes from Classic car washes in the bay area. They miss way too many spots while wiping down the car. Someone needs to train them to conture their hands to the shape of the car while wiping it. I ended up doing it myself while they watched. I did it in half the time it took two of them to try and do it.

Chris Hill

The team usually does a very good depending on how busy they are.

John Swain

It is sad, but It seems good car service is going DIY model, but not at Dirt Buster Car Wash. This is one of the last full service car washes where you can go inside, have a soda, read the paper and then return to beautifully washed and detailed car. They do a good job! Use them.

Layson Williams

Efficient and thorough cleaning. Staff at the greeting were friendly, but none of the staff really made me feel like they were glad I was there. The service to my car was great, the service to it's owner was lacking.

Dinari Kelly

Ricardo Crooks

George Anast

Joni Herbold

Tobias Bell

Great staff!! Quick AND quality carwash!

Mahgol Mehranpour

Worst car wash experience of my life. My car didn’t look clean at all. Don’t waste your money here. Workers are lazy and don’t care.

David Sibrian

Love taking my car to this place thay really know what there doing

Alvin Newman

The car was clean when they were done, but I noticed the next day that hadn't done a good job on the inside of the front window especially down near the dashboard. For the price I expected better.

Gabriela Covay

The one star reviews speak for themselves. I got a bronze wash, which includes exterior and interior cleaning. Unfortunately, my windshield is still full of dirt and grime, and so are the mirrors. Inside, the seats still have little pieces of dirt. They did not lift the floor covers to vacuum underneath. I will not be returning. Save your time and money and go to Bob’s car wash. I never had any issues with them.

Jasmine Todd

I went into this car wash which is close to my work. I was greeted right away and the gentlemen who helped me (James) gave me a lot of good information since I was unsure of what I wanted. When I went to pay the cashier was able to let me know about all the ways that I can save money at this location. Before I knew it my car was clean and it looked amazing. I am so glad I found this car wash, I will be going back for sure.

Guilhem Fronval

These guys did an amazing job with our car. The staff was super friendly! The one-star loss is because earlier that day one of the guys crashed a car.

Jorge Miguelsanchez

(Translated by Google) Place looks clean carr wash (Original) Lugar se ve esta limpio carr wash

Human Nelson

Paid$140 for upholstery shampoo and they didn't get everything out. Some areas were just plain missed. No these weren't unremovable stains because I have removed them. Also didn't thoroughly clean bottoms of door interiors, arm rests, and accurately the foot areas in the front seat. Steering wheel not cleaned. I was in a hurry or I'd have said something but I didn't have time.

Robert Rael

sorin ojog

This place is expensive and they do a horrible job. My wife took my car here to have it cleaned and they did not vacuum the trunk, did not wipe the door tresh hold, did not wipe the windshield all the way. You talk to them and they want you to pay more for a service you already paid. There is no customer service here, save your money and have your kids do it. They will do a better job than these incompetents and lazy people.

Manuela Ojog

Don't go! People are lazy and don't do their job. The thresholds were dirty so I asked them to clean them. They said I didn't pay for the "inside shine". It wasn't even about shining, there was mud there so I wanted it cleaned. What did I pay for if there is mud left? Trunk wasn't even vacuumed, windshield had streaks on it and the cup holders were dirty/untouched.

james donahue

Paid for top of the line wash & they didn't even remove mats & vacuum under, crowded & a disappointment, won't return.

Barbara Davis

Price is too high didn't do a good job of washing my car.

Denise Phillips

Tobias W

These guys are pretty fast and they do a great job.

Mike Murray

Fair service.

Kenneth Balthaser

A little pricey and it takes about an hour. Seems tailored to a more affluent crowd. Average job in the car wash.

Jeff DeGroot

Great car wash. People who work here are super nice. They have all different types of washes including hand washes if you want one.

Lyndsay Misik

Ajit B

I will prefer going back again.

bob cooper

They do a fantastic job.

Brian Brundage

Michael G

Always good service but you need to look over your vehicle before leaving. They always make it right if they miss something.

Amber Wable

April Hanks

I got my windows tinted here from Tony! Super accommodating about time, super nice and QUICK! He did an EXCELLENTJOB on my truck windows! :-* I love it! Too pricey for car wash however they do a pretty good job. They have a nice store inside and I LOVE the hats they sell. Way too expensive but cute. I like the employee's here I think they're all sweet and do they're best to make you happy!

Jeannine DeGroot

Awesome car wash and barber

Sherrilyn Robertson


Robert Parrish

Basic wash ($15.99) doesn't even include interior windows or whipping the interior. Also, takes WAAAAAAY longer than it should!

Moe Amin

Spent $50 on my car on one wash and then had to take it somewhere else to clean it again. Worst service ever. Not recommend

Janelle Andersen

Good service. Not too long of a wait at all. Car looks and smells nice

Dave Kreibom

Slowest car wash ever! 45 minutes for a car wash...rediculious.

Beth Niemi

Vagram Sarkisyan

Awesome place!

Jake L.

Michael Row

Jerid Sleeper

Got my girls car washed here and they car was still dirty outside, interior was paid for but never done. On top of this they killed the battery and wouldn't start! So I'm never coming here again!


had a long wait the firs time. but this time they were quick and my car looked great. I always look at the gear shift knob area to tell if someone really took time to do a proper cleaning. It was cleaned!! Good friendly folks too. I will be back.

Samantha Sherman

Great, fast and friendly service with a clean ride at the finish. Buy 3 washes and get 1 free

Alexandr Semchuk

This carwash isnt what it used to be. I Was disappointed with the wash and the interior cleaning missed spots on the dash board.

Todd Grosby

Get a hair cut, car wash, and your car smoged

chris barcena

Disappointed to say the least. Paid for an interior clean and they barely got any of the dust off the door handles and didn't clean the mats at all. Weak.

Jason Rogers

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