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REVIEWS OF Crystal Clean Car Wash IN California

Chris McCray

They do a AWESOME job

Rafael Yu

Good place to get a car wash

Everett Thompson

They could do a lil better on your car if they would pay attention to detail

michele barber

Been going there for years convient and good service

Jay Leesa

I love this place management and staff are professionals. Good washes good prices

towdolyn barkwell

National City Car Wash is the only car wash I go to they wash your car very good they detail it and it's not that expensive

Carlos Vides

Okay place but a little small parking lot

some guy

Great job cleaning


This is a great and busy carwash

Kevin Westover

Good and fast but you have to watch to make sure they wipe down the car, last time got home and there was soap in the hatch.

Asil Roots

I love this car wash and the fact that there are so many black men working here finally. Love the added pigmentation. See you soon. Great views indeed


Great place to get your car washed. They do a good job. It's just best to walk around your car to make sure it was dried well.

Alicia Williams

It's quick. U dry and vacuum your car yourself. You pay as you go or get a monthly pass.

Alejandro Amigo

Reasonably priced and hat service

Armando Hueso

In and out

Eliana Vasquez

Very disappointed not what I expected. Paid $25 for an outside carwash and perfume inside I didn't even Armor!!! Not worth it

laShaun Jackson

Nice quick and friendly


Super rush job for the price, windows had water streaks, not cool

Eduardo David

Great place with great prices, gave it 4 stars cause some times they dont wipe the interior good. But over all good place to get a car wash. Also they give you a card in where they date stamp till you get a free regular car wash, its better then nothing.

cristo freire

The manager ross , he dont do a good job And you never can win with hin they broken my window


Car is clean for cheap.

Maria Mora

I had my car washed and dressed. They did an excellent job!

Lawrence Odom

A couple times the workers noticed that my car hadn't been cleaned well and took it upon themselves to run it back through the wash. One of the main employees is a loud with the profanity around children.

Fabian Beltran

Great service and car wash. The wait is sometimes long when you want more than just a wash.

Juan Robles

They're employes always get my truck carpet dirty with they're wet shoes

Jaclyn Alvarez

The service is a rarity nowadays. They do a great job full service and the prices can't be beat!

Adrianna Arroyo

Nice place to get your car wash !! Hard working people

Paul L

The one in IB is better.

Jose Villa

This car wash workers do tha best wash and details

Ben Sholl

They stole the tire iron out of our car. Also, underneath the back seats is filthy as well as the top side of the sun visors. Paid almost a hundred bucks for interior detailing and there was zero attention to detail. And now I have to buy a new tire iron.

Sam Giordano

Best value full service car wash in San Diego

Roland Cota

Great value

Brook Logan

Very busy but fast. Maybe too fast because interior could have been cleaner and they forgot the air freshener.

Meme Villa Rivas

I went in earlier today for a car wash I had a job meeting and 4 of my coworkers would carpool with me I decided for the 2nd time 1st time was about 2 months ago I didn't leave happy but i was in a rush and business dressed i didn't want to wash it myself so I decided to stop here and let them wash it my car was done real quickly I saw 3 diff employees go near my car close the doors and go to other cars one of the employees semi dried it and they said my car was ready as soon as I go in I find my car still a mess from the inside and the outside still had a lot of water I didn't even bother complain I was in a rush and so disappointed 2nd time here and horrible experience

Hector Coronado

Went In for a wash specifically asked to have the carpet well vaccumed they were quick with the vehicle but once they delivered the keys to me the carpet was still a mess and the dash underneath the radio wasn't even touched all dirty still

Chris Peretti

Typical car wash can have dirty stalls every now and then! But other then that has good water pressure and nice soap supply so I do recommend this car wash


I love taking my cars here to get washed. After 7 washes you get a free car wash. The cheapest wash its a little bit over 8 bucks, and the staff still takes their time making the cars look nice and clean.

Garry Bernardo Jennings

Get rid of the Black Manager. Very rude snd not worth my time.

Asia Brown

I love having my car wash at National City Car Wash. They do a great

Francisco Guerra

Always a pleasant experience...

Jurmy Vicente

I know sometimes you might be in a hurry and the closest place seems convenient. Don’t go to this place if you are looking for quality. Although the prices are cheap, you get what you pay for. Bad customer service and car service over all. Save you self a moment of sanity. You have been warned!

Joni Gilmore

They cracked my windshield and now they are giving me a hard time to fix told me if I brought it to a garage and the garage said otherwise they would fix it but still giving me a fight

Arlene Salvador

I have been coming here now for 4 years. Unfortunately in the recent 4 months I have been having horrible experience. Stop hiring people that don't care about their job. So many in need of a job and will take pride in it. My car used to always look so good and now I have to clean my car after I just went into a car wash? That doesn't make sense. Then to top it off down the street only charges $16 for unlimited washes and do yourself vacuum and dry. I am seriously considering it since I have to clean it after I just paid $15.00 so I wouldn't have to wash it. I hope management really takes this serious. This place went from a 5 to a 3

Cesar De Santiago

Patrick always on point with the details!

Dan Cayas

I like this place. I took my vehicle there for a wash, it was stained with dead bugs from a long drive that I took, they made sure the stains were out. They even took it in thru the wash a second time to make sure the stains were gone, the other places didn't do that!

Yayra Simpi

Best place to get your car washed in National City. They do an awesome job.

Keith Raymond

Awesome an ex charger owns this great inexpensive car wash..... Always a good option if in area ty N.C. Car Wash for your work

Kayla Clarke

I got the super delux... Full package pretty much .... Slow as hell waited over an hour when they told me my car was done mats weren't even put back and seats didn't even looked vacuumed... So made me wait even longer... Unacceptable... This has to be the busiest car wash because its pretty cheap

Graham Young

Russ is awesome! I go there for the great car washed and Russ' hospitality!

Christine de la Creme

So easy and convenient! A regular wash is fairly priced and they do a good job. Gets really busy in the afternoon and especially on the weekend--driving through stretches the line out to the cross street because of the setup of the plaza. Pretty efficient; they vacuum as you get in, goes through a wash, and they wipe it down as it comes out; all in around 10 minutes. The time, cost, and quality have been worth it for me. They also have a frequent buyer card with a free wash! Sometimes they remember to wipe my dash which is nice when they do; but I do wish they included wiping out the cup holders. I've stayed for a more premium wash; they're very thorough, detailed, and hard working, but I would plan my time if you want to get a longer wash.

D T35

Good prices and service

Sofia Hernandez

Fast service

Agueda Nunez

My dad brought me here one time when he used to wash his car. I loved the service he received and now I bring mine. Always very professional staff. Thank you Patrick for always doing a good job on my cars!!

Nadia Pineda

With the many options of other car wash places around National city, one would think that it would be hard to pick a spot but that’s not th case. I have been coming to this location for a couple of years now and the service never disappoints. It’s relatively quick (depending on your service, if you have more detailed work it will take longer) my car is always very clean and If i see a spot where maybe I want them to give it another touch, they do it! The blue cards are good too. You can earn a free car wash once you fill out the squares. Only once did I encounter an issue where the staff member did not want to clean a portion of the carpet but all it took was for me to ask for the manager and the problem got fixed :-) I am a very satisfied client

montana hegedusich

The best car wash I've ever been to and I've live across the US. The best deal for your dollar they do magnificent job I highly recommend them. I try 20 minutes just to get my car washed by that. The staff are nice and suddenly very helpful and make sure that the job gets done the 1st time.


They still hand dry your ride!!!!

Kelly Woodward

great place to go to get your car washed!.

ali kazar

Deluxe wash left debris between the seats

Mary Gorman

For $10 I got a full service vacuum, wash, and dry. Ask for their military discount. In bringing my car here regularly from now on. You can't find better service and value.

Man Bird

THEY STEAL THINGS FROM YOUR CAR. I got my car washed here yesterday. Shame on me for forgetting something valuable in my vehicle. But shame on CARLOS for stealing it from my car. I’ve seen theft mentioned in other reviews too.

brian james

Super inexpensive. These guys are fast and effective. I'll definitely be back.

jose galvan

Never again to this place, you got thieves, I took my uncles car to wash and I put everything away in his middle compartment including a bill of 50 pesos. I was going to tip 2 Usd but I saw how many people really working and try to do their best so I tip a bill of 10 Usd , i was feeling good because I know it will make them happy to know that somebody really appreciates, well when I got back home I try to put everything back to where my uncle had it and the 50 pesos bill was missing. Damn shame because of that one guy. I make sure people I know not to go there. Thanks to the rest of the hard working and honest.

James Cothron

I love their service!!! I have one suggestion: please use clean rags to clean car windows PLEASE Thank you

Rhonda Antoine

Sometimes it's unorganized chaos at this place. Especially on the weekends. But, it's reasonably priced and a decent job

Bruce Denny

Great staff!

Richard Hayes

Its a hour and 15 minutes until closing, i ask for the super deluxe wash. They tell me they cant do the detailed wash, only the cheap wash and dry with vacuum rudely. Maybe they should have that advertised that they stop doing a certain wash at that time. They didn't dry it fully and half vacumed my car. I'll never go back to this place.


They didn't vacuum the carpet good and they left the seat like this they took it off also they took the mats and didn't put them back

RVF Store

The employees that dry the vehicles do not do it with encouragement, they left everything dirty and many stains, the dashboard all dirty and did not vacuum anything from the pieces of trash that were in the vehicle. I paid 17 dollars to wash my vehicle, that included several things, including dashboard clean and perfume. They did not do any of that and they also left the vehicle dirty on the outside. My vehicle is 2019 and anything that does not clean well is very noticeable. They will not see my face again.

Josh E

They are rarely open because of closing due to even the possibility of a cloud in the forecast.

Carlo Mondragon

Great service great prices !

Jose Bueso

Got my wife's car washed here to surprise her. They stole a Samsung watch charger. There was no chance for a mistake as it was the only thing in there. I won't be coming back as I don't do business with thieves. Too bad, because the car wash was decent but I won't risk being robbed for a convenience service.

Amelia Richards-Malave

Best deal in town!


You get more than what u think u are paying for! This service is way more than expected at the price I’ve paid double to four times this for car washes in San Diego and I have never had or seen this much pride taken into cleaning someone’s car for this cheap! I will definitely be back! FYI the price when I went was a couple dollars more than what the pics show but $27 for this wash is still cheap for all they do!

Felipe Fajardo

They do a good job

Wesley Moody

I was kicked out of line by the black man who claims to be the owner to allow his black friends that arrived after me to go first, then he claimed it was for traffic reasons but less than 2 minutes later I saw others in line just the same and he did not care. He is a races peace of trash and I will never do business with them again

cliff brown

Ok place to get a wash

William Phillips

Good service I always enjoy talking to Russell

Butch Salcedo

The do a great job. There detail shop is 110%.

Jeffrey Alavarado

Keep my focus shinning

Steve Crown


Brandon Moore

They do an OK job and just ok , nothing to brag about. I personally don't know any car wash that does a good job in San Diego so I put up with this one plus it's just down the street from my house, I do however appreciate the fact that they have a military discount and I get a $1.00 off every time I get a car wash.

Jesus Compean

Fast services, good prices and everything is clean 2 detail!!

mike parsells

My go to. Easy, fast and a pretty good job.

Stony Gwynn

they charge extra to wipe your leather/interior. shameful. how do you accept payment for a car wash, get in someones car, vacuum, and leave leather and wood dirty. its like washing the outside of a dirty cup, and sticking it back in the cabinet. swirl marks, and extra cash for air freshner. how do you charge someone an extra $2-5 dollars to dress interior, and add a fresh scent AT A CAR WASH. i used to like this place, now they just get over on you. avoid avoid avoid

Jose Garcia

Just had a bad experience at a good place. 3 stars only because the super deluxe wash failed to vacuum the inside of my SUV. Since I was unhappy I tried to do it myself to show that dog hair could be vacuumed lol... Sorry I know dog hair is annoying but that is why we pay right???? So this place is usually 5 stars but this time they let me down half way. The rest of the car was good.... Ohhh and they forgot to add the air freshener. Smh

Kliff Pacheco

Its a cool place accept Russell is wack dont kno how to vacuum

Flor Cardoso Estrada

This place is amazing.

David Conant'

The gentleman who owns this car wash is a wonderful opptimist. For over 35 years he has extended a hand up to many people needing a job, not to mention he always has a smile. Thanks Mr. Washington.

Emilio Marquez


Fr. George Awad

The best management, very very good service. Reasonable prices & It looks like the car stay clean longer

Wayne Maciejewski

Very good results, friendly efficient staff, great value, quality wash


I had a $100 visa gift card in the storage compartment of the door of my car. One of the workers who was vacuuming came in to the lobby where I was waiting and gave me my gift card, because he saw it lying there and wanted to make sure it didn't get lost. Honesty goes a long way with me. I tipped $25 that day for my $12 wash

Yolanda Alarcon

I love this place..all the guys are hard worker..

April Stokes

Best carwash in Diego. Complete detailing for under $30. Super Deluxe wash..but prepare to be there an hour because they are thorough.

Angel Navarro

Great car wash cheap clean all vacuum's work great air hose powerful clean the car with great water pressure can ask for more hopefully they won't raise their prices like jos bubbles

Carol Pope

It's ok. Will go again.

Antonia Grijalva

Best Place to Have Your Car Wash

Car Ley

fast great service!

Xerdan Canlas

Great service

Eddie Red

I love their services, always come here. Gave it 3 stars because one of their employees had stole a necklace that belonged to my wife that was sitting right on the dashboard. They all denied it even the boss. They did nothing to help me. Called police and everything but nothing was done. Be careful with personal belongings

Elizabeth Salmeron

It's always busy. My biggest thing is just to have my car wiped up clean with no water dripping but it always fails. I always have to end up telling the staff to please wipe down the back side where my trunk lifts since they always miss it. They should focus more on the quality so that customers want to come back. Needs improvement i will keep coming and hopefully they don't rush and do things right.

Daniel Montoya

Great prices and service

Toran Grays

Not bad

armando hueso

Good JOB

Joe K.

the car was washed, but the the interior was never wiped down. dust still on the dash board & stereo, console left dirty, it was a half ass job.

Erika Quillar

I love it they do all the work while I snack on the treats from the mini market inside.

Holly Erevera Santos

I been coming here since I was 18 yrs old and I'm turning 28 in 3 months and I have been getting great service. The only complaint I have is that I had $10.00 dollars taken in the front of the car and sometimes they don't always clean it well. It really depends on the employee and I been seeing different employees every year. Since this business helped me during my early college days it still helps me out since I'm a single mom with a messy toddler. If you're not from National City area and your picky of how they clean your car then I don't recommend it, but like I said it really depends on the employee cleaning the car.

James Greene

Does a great job

Mari Martin

This place is good if you don't have time to wash your car your self, they are fast and because they are fast they are not very detailed when cleaning and drying. Sometimes they forget to dress your tires or add the air freshener, so make sure they do that before you leave. Price's are reasonable, just try to go early in the morning because it gets packed after 10am.

Darius Fryar

They do ok bit I always have to go behind them and clean up what they missed or did not do

Adrienne McCue

They always do a great job with my car. Very quick and not very expensive.

Greg Attaway

Owned by former SD Charger great Russ Washington !!!!! Great wash ...

Cristian Roman

Best service


Sometimes I have to tell them to clean this or that, here and there. But it's a decent car wash.

Roman only 1


Fidel Arcos

Always good. A very popular place to get a car wash!

Anthony Villarreal

They really clean your car. The superwash is what I recommend.

Juan Rubio

Service is OK. The tall black guy can be rude. I asked for air freshener and he instantly became hostile and said it was already added. I asked him to go check it out for himself and just repeated himself. So I just walked away and as I was walking to my car he kept yelling "what kind do you want?" It is obvious he cared mostly about being "right" rather than helping a customer.

George Paulino

Been going here for years and love it. Quick service great team here , they have military/police and senior discounts here

Ramon Martinez

I have been coming here for many years. I find the service is good and the people to be friendly. The owner is also upbeat and very courteous. I was surprised to find several negative remarks from s few customers. I have noticed that some of the people that come are not the nicest... they forget they are getting an acceptable car wash at a cut-throat price. I assume they are hoping to get the $25 car wash w/o paying for it ;(.

Germanos Soklarlopoulos

These guys always do an amazing job on my car ,it comes out looking like new every time I highly recommend

Dmitry K

Prices are low, which is appealing, but so as the quality. To save a few bucks and get your car back with dust on the dashboard and in other places is not worth it, in my opinion

Sjr$ 4contractor

Excellent service great value

Shanna bradley

Quick service friendly staff. My car is sparkling and doesnt stink

Cobra Lopez

Ask for is oscar

shane petrashek

Cheap and they do really good work

Lloyd Yamauchi

Russ Washington is still a modest, humble man who leads his team with an ethic of hard-work. Instead of sitting comfortably in an office he's out working with his team. An ex-Charger, he's more concerned about you being happy with your car than other car washes that only think of profit.

Erin ORourke-Brady

Support a local business! They honor seniors and veterans!



Karina Quilalang

Don't get your car washed here, stuff was stolen from my car today.

Stacie Bray

This car wash is AWESOME! A little on the expensive side but sooo worth it

Abdurrasheed Thaheer

They always do a great job on cleaning up my mess.

Project Entry

The best car wash in San Diego! We always choose the "super deluxe wash" for our Dodge Ram each time when we come here for our car wash. Only $27.99, our car gets inside out clean and new car fragrance! Compare with NYC, it will cost me more than $45 to get the same services

merle rodriguez

They don't take their time AT ALL, and I paid for the super deluxe and couldn't even get a good experience with it. Never coming here again. I could've done a better job myself

Michael Nunez

I used to take all my cars here but at some point they stopped caring about the customer and they do a sloppy job.

Don C.

Great service and prices.

Neicy Sims

Excellent Service today.. Quick and great customer service even though they were busy (as usual) this morning.. The manager is awesome and the attendant that washed my company van was really nice..

Esau Cuevas

These guys are courteous and very Fast they have a friendly environment always glad to stop by and get a good car wash.

linda johnson

Love this place they do acgreat job!

Miguel Rojas

They were really busy, but I was able to get in and out in under 30 minutes for the Super Wash. Price was reasonable at $14.99

Armando luna

Overall its an okay car wash. BUT I am noticing every time I go here, I am getting more and more swirl marks. Last time I went I guess they had some new kid working and he was drying my car all wrong, he kept going up and down forcefully compared to the rest who dried it in circular motion. Previous times I wouldnt pay attention but I was bored and just observed, so when I saw this I had to go up and tell him he was drying it wrong creating the swirl marks/scratches. Other workers drying apologized and I complained about the quality of work especially paying close to $20 bucks. I rent a room out so only way to wash my car is get it washed or go to a self car wash. Both are bad, this car wash is BAD for your paint job FYI due to the chemicals added to their recycled water. Same goes for self serve car washes. AVOID!!!!! I didnt realize this until further research on how these car washes function, mechanical brushes in the car wash damage your cars paint job. Will have to find an ACTUAL hand car wash which are hard to find!

Oscar M.

Manager is very accessible and they keep their staff on their toes.

Tim McClain

Hands on crew tackles every care. Good price on regular wash and great prices on premium services but your going to wait.

rolan manalo

Its always busy here so they're always in hurry. They miss some spots...

Emmanuel Flores

TRASH ! its so bad I'm here giving a review. NC carwash USE TO BE GOOD. Recently its under new management or ownership and they did the worst job. I was thinking maybe they were super busy that specific day, so I went back the following week. Again TRASH ! I should have gone to a gas station carwash.

Mike Torres

I always have my car wash in this place and I never have any issues but today this is what happened, in the picture. I came back just to let them know so that it won't happen again to any of their customers. I wasn't complaining and I'm just giving them a heads up. Manager came and told me that it's not part of their job. Damnnnn end of discussion and I just left. Wrong answer for a simple solution. I'll just take my business somewhere else then.

Daisy Martinez

Ever since we lived in National City we have always enjoyed the great work and fast cleaning. But recently an employee has stolen a gold necklace and gold ring from our vehicle and the manager did nothing about it. I would not recommend this place. Safer to wash it at home than here! Never comming back to this dump.

Mercydes Oliva

I came here to get my car washed everything was fine up until i realized a crack on my windshield after driving through the machine. immediately after i realized the crack i brought to their attention and they were able to let me speak to the manager. When i told him about the crack all he could tell me was that they will not be held accoutable for it, so basically that it was tough luck... not only am i upset about my experience at this place but now im out 200 + dollars to get my windshield replaced and also the 14 dollars i paid for this"carwash"...

Gary Himaka

Great Car Wash. Great people.

Brendan Rojas

Super fast, reasonably priced and at last count there were 8 people wiping my car down! Nice nice!

Olivier Hippolyte

Found a legitimate car wash with actual human interaction and quality, this is now my permanent spot, "God bless," and tipping the workers is worth it.

Greg Martinez

After an aggressive upsell attempt at a competitor I came here to get a quick no hassle car wash for a great price. I will be back.

John Foxx

This is my 3rd and last time coming to this spot. The first 2 times my car came out immaculate but that was 2 years ago. This time I paid for my usually package of carpets + seats shampoo'd and delix exterior wash...after waiting nearly 3 hours I finally got my car back, tipped the guy a $20 and then realized they didnt even shampoo my seats. Then I brought it up and they gave me the "oops wrong paper" excuse and had another guy shampoo my seats after trying to charge me another $20 to do it. What happened to the old guys who worked here?

Luis Lopez

Fast service with reasonable price...

Rachel Cook

Great quick car waah

Galileo Somerville

They do a great job

Steven-lois Damo

Well Done, My car Looks Clean And fresh #Brandnewlooking

Teresa Quintero

Best in town

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