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(Translated by Google) First and last time you visited this place. Very bad service, I do not recommend it. In my experience ,,,, when I arrived I asked for the 30.00 wash and the owner put a $ 20.99 wash on my car ticket, which I realized later because when it came out it was washed and half dried and then they were telling me that It was finished ... I complained and they gave him 2 more minuros of detail, according to the completion of the 30.00. HOW AWFUL!!! I found the car with finger marks, super dirty wheels and vacum very bad .... I do not return to this place anymore. Neither friendly the owner is ...... !!!! (Original) Primera y última ves que visitó este lugar. Muy MAL SERVICIO, no lo recomiendo. En mi experiencia,,,, cuando llegue pedi el lavado de 30.00 y el dueño puso en el ticket de mi carro un lavado de $20.99 lo cual me di cuenta luego porque en cuanto salió de lavarse y media secada y luego me estaban avisando que ya estaba terminado... Les reclame y le dieron 2 minuros mas de detalle, segun para acompletar los 30.00. QUE HORROR!!! Encontre el carro con marcas de dedos, los rines super sucios y la vacum muy mal.... Ya no vuelvo a este lugar. Ni amable el dueño es......!!!!

marillion 4th

Horrible job! Dashboard was cleaned with a dirty rag thus left marks all over, vacuum done so poorly and windows have soap and dirt marks.

loretta dean

Sandra Humphrey

Been using this place for years love it

Kennia Kimura

We are getting ready to give our car to our daughter and decided to get our car detailed..Casino carwash did an AMAZING job!! The interior looks better than I've ever seen it look and was also reasonably priced!! Definetly recommend to anyone!!

Rani Kurtz

david roberts

DO NOT TAKE YOU CAR HERE! I always give businesses a second chance, this is one time I wish I hadn't. Nothing has changed since my first visit, over priced and horrible service, I've gotten better car washes for $6 at the gas station drive thru wash.

Dave Krekel

OK,this place is slow, but do a really good job. If you are trying to get a quick wash, this probably isn't the place for you, but if you have a little extra time, I think they do a good job on washing a vehicle.

liane Wilkinson

B Way

I almost didn't go to this car wash yesterday bc of the bad reviews, I'm glad I decided to come inspite of so many bad reviews. The staff here is very friendly, the customer service was great. Their prices are very reasonable. They did a really really good job on my car today. My car was filthy on the inside & out. I was really embarrassed with the way my car looked. I got the Super Ultimate Hand Wash for $29.99 It looks like a brand new car & it smells really good too. I am very satisfied with the job they did on my car yesterday. I will definitely be back again.

Rodney Lowry

Adrian Marquez

Richard Win

Andy Bennett

Nothing like paying $35 for a car wash and having 7 employees sit and watch one guy dry my car for 30 minutes. Funny how all the signs say “under new ownership”. Apparently the new ownership cares even less than the previous. Won’t be back!

Zule Vander Velde

Never coming back...... I had to vacuum my own car here after I payed for that service. Then I told manager that they didn’t vacuum my car well and I showed him how they left it and he said he couldn’t do anything about it.... also they scratched up my car with the air vent things

beast killer

Wow I'm so disappointed in what this carwash has become, there is a lobby full of people, about 20 vehicle's and about 6 employees. I've been here for about an hour and just saw my vehicle get vacuumed. 30 dollar wash. Wow I recommend any other carwash what a way to start the day. NEVER COME HERE PEOPLE IT'S NOT WHAT UT WAS 3 YEARS AGO

Blade McCloud

kevin simpson

amber thornberry

Wow, they did a great job...truck was filthy...shout out to casino car wash! You got a customer for life :)

Janet Gutierrez

Garbage is the only word that describes the costumer service and the quality of the service.

John Trenary

Getting my work truck detailed to sell... These guys did a great job. It took a while (1 hour, 10 minutes) but the results were good. Will definitely come back again.

Ron Hill

Was very pleased with my suv ,complete details.

Wilfred B

Jessica Aliberti

Great detailed work and great price!

Dulce Rodriguez

Steven Benoit

Isaac Cortez

Take my car for detailing here. Always comes out bright and shinning.

Mark Acosta

SUV $30.00 bucks. A little over priced for the service.....Than a one hour wait! Only 5 cars on the line! Well since they are the only game in town they win...

Amanda Keyser

Armando Martinez

Terry Jones

I went there about a month ago. I paid $32.00 and told them the interior was most important. The vaccum job was terrible, the dash was poorly wiped down, the rear window didn't get touched on the inside. The exterior was OK. I called after I left to complain and the guy they transferd me to barley spoke English. He did tell me to bring it back and they would re-do it. Unfortunatly I did not have time to come back.

Kenneth Legrice


Went to this place a few times and was never completely satisfied with the service but i was hopeful every time I’d go back. The 3rd time I went back I paid the 70 dollars and my windshield got 3 chips. Very unprofessional and didn’t try to make it right. I will never go back. I won’t recommend to anyone either.

Brian Chilton

EBenjamin Reyes

Good service

Marty shaughnessy

Samantha Ihara

This place is great!!! Affordable and they do a great job! I love this place the most because they don't mess with your stuff! I have tissues in my car for a reason and this is the ONLY place that doesn't throw them away. Customer service is perfect, they even let you lounge inside and the desk lady let's you know when the car is done. They've got snacks and beverages inside for purchase, but limited car supplies.

Robert Mathine

This place is horrible TIME TO FIND A DETAILER Saturday about 11:15 am 1 hour and 10 min to vacuum it is FINALLY entering the wash bay. They are a little busy about 15 cars but come on. Didn't expect to spend the day here. Been coming here for years just like everything els getting worse. I will never come back I will just wash my own truck or find a good detailing guy.1/28/2017 wow finally done and only 2 hours great job B S

Chris Chakos

Awesome service for your $$!

Pam Russell

Did a good job but they were slow only had one guy working thought I would never leave

stefanie san angelo

Paid $30. To have a car wash. !! Ridiculous.. !!! Then I leave only to find all the same spills on my doors inside, windows still covered in finger prints had to wash down dash before I left car wash. Dirt on back bumper, dead bugs still on front bumper.. just curios. And no one to complain to since they were closing and owner left. !!! Will not use this car wash ever again !!! Wish I could Post pics.. horrible

carlos villa

Horrible service and half the crew has terrible customer service\attitude.wheres the owner when needed or even a manager.DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL

Nicole Berendowsky

This car wash used to be so good! Now it’s horrible. They don’t even wipe down your seats if you have leather unless you pay for a detail. And they try and upsell you on everything possible Ridley by the way. I never complain but I’d save your time and money and support a better business. I asked for the basic wash and the guy went and printed a ticket for a superwash trying to sneak and charge me more than what I asked for. Place is a joke and they’re rude. Won’t be back.

Saul Munoz

Waist of 50 dollars, they honestly don’t do a good job

claudia rodriguez

Best car wash ever. Good attention and best custumer service. They're detailers are professional and do a great job. Car washes come out great and really clean. The boss its a great person and respectful just like employees and managers.

Cherokee Freedmen At-Large need a change!

This car wash is excellent, they let me know right up front it will be a 45 min wait I totally appreciate that, they explained the rates didn’t try n sale us the most expensive one the rates were reasonable, the atmosphere is chill, Taco Bell is down the street we walked there grabbed a bite to eat came back the car was just about finish, when they finished the car it was absolutely beautiful !!! Clean in the inside and outside, when I went in I was hesitant due to all the negative reviews but I’m so glad I wanted to have my own experience, because I found a great car wash that I will continue to go to!

Michael Osborn

Chuck Gilmore

I give them 3 stars because every other time they have to redo it nice people and takes longer then you would like but this is where i go Update: They have gotten much better and always very nice

Misty Anderson

Always have to have them do something over again they never do it right the 1st time


I’m A regular, I’m extremely picky and they always do an amazing job! Ask for Emmanuel to dry your car he’s the Best!

Melissa Witt

Patty Quick

Great service. So far the only car wash I do not have to go back a couple of times do have things fixed. Great service thank you so much

Travis Lopez


John Henry

Omar Farhad

I was there just this past weekend. They wanted me to pay after they wash the car and told me the price is determined according to how dirty the car was! It is like going to a restaurant the attendant asks you "how hungry are Sir, I am going to charge you depending on your hunger" or driving to a gas station " How empty is your tank because we charge depending on how empty your tank is!" I will nevee go there again and advice everyone to stay away from Casino car wash!

Billie G.

First time here, last time here. I don't understand why the younger generation wants to be paid more and only do 25% of the work. I had to finish the job before I left the property. If I wanted a $10.00 wash, I would have went to a $10.00 wash place. Not a $40.00 wash place for $10.00 wash job.

violeta vivas deyra

Adam Sinasky

Jessica Hunsanger

I’ve been here one time - so far. They did such a fantastic job on my truck. They are pricey, but I usually go to Corona, wait forever, and end up underwhelmed with the wash. These guys and gals were very detailed to the point they actually cleaned the steps on my truck, not just wipe them off with a chemical that dries streaky. I’m hoping they’re still open today, I heard they were going to change management and I’m really hoping that doesn’t make the service suffer.

Audrey Young

Great service!

Emirhan Samanci

Car washes come out great and really clean.

Melisa Wadley

Stay away from this place! I would give them a 0 if I could! Ok, let me start this off by saying that I am very picky when it comes to car detailing. When I wash my car myself, I spend at least 4 hours on it. I went here for convenience since lately I haven't had the time to give to washing my vehicle and someone said they do a decent job. I absolutely regret this decision! The interior of my vehicle is covered in a film. I'm not sure what this is since they claim they do not amoral the interior (which I have never armoraled my interior). My guess is they used the same microfiber from the exterior of my car on the interior.....huge No No! I now have to wash my hands after driving my car now that my steering wheel is covered in this mystery coating. In addition, I have high gloss black plastic components on my dash and doors panels that now have permanent scratches on them due to their carelessness, which is what upsets me the most. Then there's the vacuum job...they can't even get that right. I have a manual transmission and the boot around my shifter still had the dust in it from when I brought it in and the cup holder wasn't touched. Regarding the outside vehicle, all windows were water spotted and smudged. There was grime still splashed up on the side of my car (It's white so it's really easy to see). The inside of the door handles were still dirty. The front still had bugs smashed on it, and the black plastic didn't get armoraled here, just the back-end did. In addition, the wheels were still dirty anywhere the surfaced faced downward. Basically, the car needs another wash...I wish I hadn't been in a hurry so I could have been more observant and addressed the situation then. Highly disappointed, I call the following day, Monday at 2:20 pm, to let them know how disappointed I was. No one answered so I left a voicemail with my contact information. I didn't get a call back, so I called again today, Wednesday at 2:17 pm. The girl who answered the phone was very nice and the only good thing about this whole situation. She let me know that the manager was not available but I could speak with the assistant. Well, as I should have expected that didn't go well. He started by answering the phone with a simple "hello" and didn't identify who he was, I had to ask who he was and for his name....unprofessional! BTW, his name is Angel. As I was letting him know about my car, he interrupted me! Not how I would treat my customers! However, he did offer to rewash my car, but what I was the most concerned about were the permanent scratches on my interior panels. Angel didn't even offer to look at the damage. He said that they were not liable since I didn't say anything when the car was done and before I drove off. So, I declined the free wash and now I'm letting all of you know what happened to me for I don't want you to end up in my shoes. If you're ok with less than mediocre results, then you'll be happy here. However, I have seen better results for less in a gas station drive through. I recommend staying away from this place, they don't care about the quality of their work and they don't care about their customers. It looks like this new management is no better than the old. I would post some pictures for you, however, I do not currently see how I can.

angela martinez

Alfred Camarena


Blown the hell away could not be happier with the detail job these guys did on the inside of my car. I'll never go anywhere else again

maria urzua

Troy Ham

Very pleased.

Saeed Khokhar

Good wash


Amanda Freyre

A little pricey for what they did. I payed $25 and they didn't really scrub down the interior as much as I wish they would've but it was decent. Not great but okay.

Bryan Loudy

they do an awesome job every time

l opinion

Very slow service. Dirty facility

Brenda Brambila

Every single time I go here I'm dissapointed I have a smaller SUV and get charged additional for it being a bigger car no problem I get it however they never vacuum or even clean the additional part of my car they charge me for i always have to check to make sure the work is done before i leave I left a VM for the manager to call back yet to have heard from them sadly theirs only two car wash locations in lake Elsinore so I really don't get much choice when it comes to taking my business elsewhere.

Kathie Isenberg

Best car wash ever

Sheree King

Friendly manager and staff. Great service and fair prices. Awesome car wash.

Jason Boucher

They don't serve coffee also no TV while you wait. They do an average job.

Adrian Rodriguez

Great Service! I need to get my car washed and I pulled up Google Places and found them. The reviews were not good but I really needed to get my car washed so I decided to take a chance and try them. They were very friendly, it was fast but they did their job right and my car looked awesome. I will take my car there next time!

Richard Tillotson

Great service!

mark esparza

Been going to this car wash quite a while went there today to get my truck cleaned I was unaware it was under new management I paid over $30 to get my truck cleaned in a piss poor manner my nine-year-old could've done a better jobI called to explain I was unhappy with their wash job and they explained to me that under the new management policies there and able to wipe down the door panels are your vehicle I told him that was pretty ridiculous I've had to pay extra for that and that they last a long time customer

Daniel Caluya

I only get my car washed here.. Great service cars look great when done.

Yes Its Me

Fast service everyone was pleasant

mayra camarena

Javier Espinoza

cindi sue

Tom Shaeffer

Paul Santiago

Dorian Hendricks

They scratched my paint, stripped my wax, and whatever soap they used ate through my paint and left streaks and drip marks all over.

W Rossel

Great service touch expensive for trucks

Unal Samanci

Great customer but doing good job

joe shmo

BEWARE!!!! I was recently looking to get my headlights restored and I saw their ad in the newspaper and noticed that they do headlight restoration for $29.99. So I decided to give them a try. First of all, I sat and waited for over an hour! Then when my car came pulling up, I wasn't shocked on how they looked at all. It was just a MINOR improvement. They weren't even cleared up all the way at all AND I noticed a lot of scuffs on the headlights!! I was EXTREMELY disappointed. So I tried to get my money back for receiving such a horrible experience, and waited more, and never got a refund. I will never step foot in this place again. I would consider looking into getting them professionally done for a little more. You definitely get what you pay for!

Daryl Isaacs

They charge $7 extra for a truck bringing the total price up to $ 25. That's just too expensive for a basic wash I will not be going back

Danielle Castorena

Madison Brass

The wash the car good

Caro McMichael

My favorite carwash!

Norma Macias

I have ALWAYS had a good experience here!! They take their time no matter how busy they are. They are polite and always greet me with a smile!!! I refuse to go to any other car wash in L.E. They are precise and cover every little detail. I've paid more in OC and always drove away from there disappointed. Very happy with the service here!!!!

Emmanuel Sampang

AVOID AT ALL COST!! Brought in our new suburban for a full service wash. The wash was just "ok". When we returned home we discovered the rear window defrost connection had be pulled from its soldered connection on the window. However, "someone" had attempted to glue it back into place. Took the car to the dealer who confirmed it was glued and would not function properly since a conductive connection is necessary for it to work. It had been working perfect just days before during monsoon weather while on vacation at the river. When we returned to the car wash, the owner (Larry), denied his business had anything to do with it and belittled me when I explained to him that we used it just days before in monsoon weather even if it was 100 degrees here. Terrible service! Go someone else.


* President

Carolina Santos

Linda Lemcke

Best in the local. They take time to do your car right.

Duke Lawhorn

Charged me extra due to low car, which was understandable but they didn’t even put armor all on the tires like Payed for, bad vacuum job.

Denis Harry

Leslie Deslauriers

they did a great job on my car but don't come here if your in a hurry

Jean Kun

Car was not was well done as I would have liked, didn't notice how smeared windows were until already returned home.


Broke my windshield. Manager didn't care or had the time to talk about it.

Galicia Osuna

E Giddens

Lazaro Guerrero

This place has the worst service and the manger is a freakin idiot workers are lazy and dont even try to do their job

Rich Warren

Good work but not cheap

Andrea Gonzalez

First time at this car wash and was disappointed, and overpriced

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