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REVIEWS OF Bubba's Express Carwash IN California

Wayne Chapman

This location does it all from a quick wash to a full detail Tom has his staff on the ball come check out there their other location on Madison and 80

Lindsay Rosie

I paid $12 for a car wash and it didn't get all the dirt off and it left hard water marks on my car. Not happy. Not going back.

Taylor Yarnell

Great carwash.

Philip Trotter

I w Ish i h

Clint Marshall

What can I say. It's an automatic car wash. The staff was great and seemed like they really enjoyed being there. Very helpful. Car was washed.

Patricia Sanchez

Good and fast,service

Janice Chung

Mykola Shpak

Not a good washed

Markie Hiatt

Horrible car wash & to top them off the guys drying my truck off (including my plastic mats) forgot to put one back in. When i called the next morning to see if they still had it. Of course they didn’t.

A Hines

Alex Glazov

nice friendly service

Ettore Moreno

David Avet

Good/friendly employees! However came out of the wash with twisted side mirror and missing roof mounted fin style antenna cover! Had to come back to find missing part! Was told that it happened due to manufacturer's defect!

jina woolley

Gene Hughes

The boys when we pulled up by the car wash said it was $275 to get your car washed there and wax in the in the inside cleaned sorry got it done for $75 and the guy that does it was at lunch so that's what there was two boys said

James Lawhead

Andrey Agiy

Rip off and no service. I got their medium grade wash for $17 (16.99) wich includes tire shine. So, I went through the car wash machine which, automatically, applied tire shine on the rims and tire bead, most of the tire did not get tire shine. I asked the worker if they had the tire shine in the spray bottle so I can apply it properly because most of the tire area did not get sprayed, he said no, sorry. Ok, I said, do you have a rag I can use to wipe tire shine off the rims? He said: we only have new ones you can buy for $3. No thanks, I already paid $17. I asked: do you have used rags? No, sorry. Do you have a towel to wipe mirrors - no sorry. So I found a rag in my car and wiped the mirrors and rims, still did not have tire shine on most of the tire area. There is no service, rip off only. And you have to vacuum the car yourself. They want money for everything while not giving you what you paid for. This car wash should be $5, (still washed the car) at least then you can say "get what you paid for". $17 just to run the car the machune is not worth it. I'd rather pay $25 for hand wash and tip the guy.

Rhima Blenkhorn

Penney Goodwin

Kinda rude and chatting on ohone. Not mt favorit olace, yet car was clean.


Amazing place and service keep up the good work.

Tori Cincotta

Went to Tahoe for the weekend and hit Bubbas on the way home. No line and she was sparkly clean! I'll be going back soon.

Scott Hayes

I like that they do a quick handwash as your vehicle goes into the machine to get the heavy stuff off first.

Michelle Whelan

Terrible job, they refused to redo to get bugs off window and the smear they made on the back of my vehicle. Made four waiting customers back out to let me out of line because they wouldn't let me go through again to do it right. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!!! I WILL NEVER BE A RETURNING CUSTOMER EITHER! Poor quality, poor customer service, poor attitude and plain RUDE people.

Jennifer Dilly

I liked it in the beginning and wouldn't ever think of leaving a low rating like this....but...lately when I go there's very little effort given on the prewash, the staff talks about their personal lives very loudly and even made me wait for service before they were done finishing a conversation (with me right next to them)! Today was probably our last day, unfortunately because there's a lot about this place I like, but today I kept hearing staff using the F word loud enough for my daughter to hear in the car as I vaccumed. There were also 2 young guys sitting out front, glasses off, and CLEARLY stoned out of their minds. The environment of this place has seemed to change, the quality too and as a mother, I don't take my daughter to places that have people like this sitting outside for my daughter to notice and hear language like this that is so unprofessional and inappropriate. FYI!

Jim Stilwell

Recently changed to almost no staff on site, quality has gone down some. Was disappointing.

Terry Chisenga

Great service

Donald Gerigk

Bart Willis

Quick and clean carwash with monthly specials

Xexo Xs

Let’s start with the owner you are the worst ever your just a bad individual who treats their employees like crud where is the old crew they were better at running bubbas express carwash second why the new management change where’s Tom and Nick I bet you drove them away so called owner Danny is great but why do you owner down play yourself and why are you so mean to your employees and a guy named Gaberial running your store what’s with the silver and gold teeth and on top of that doesn’t clean cars right where did you get this guy my interior was still a mess and your vacuums are trash your carwash is filthy I can see the gunk on the walls and on the metal around the brushes and your dryers won’t dry what is going on is this a joke to you is this your get rich quick scam or something the place is trash and so is your judgement for management where is the old employees where is the old magament and let’s not even start with your over priced car washes seriously how many times are you gonna up price the washes make up your mind do you even know how to run a carwash your ride to your employees you over charge everyone your a bad business owner the place is trash and I do hope your giving your employees the respect they deserve they may not be the old crew but I would hope they get what they deserve cause I see they work as hard as they can to please you but I bet you don’t car it’s all them same with you owners that start a business but don’t care about the people anything for money huh typical for a carwash like this I bet your just a jerk who only cares about money how bout you start caring about your employees more and stop being so cheap and start making bubbas great again I mean your the owner right where’s all that money going to I hope for a good cause and not just yourself promote more buy to fix up the place why don’t you care bubbas used to be a happy place and you really need to call the employees back and help this place revive again AND SHOW RESPECT PEOPLE WORL FOR YOU AND ALL YOU DO IS DISRESPECT THEM ORDER THEM AROUND LIKE ITS MONOPOLY if I was you so called owner I would promote invest for better equipment fix up the place and more benches there’s no where to sit and it’s cold and when it gets hot I hope there’s a break room for those hard working employees you make them work like a Chinese sweat shop making pants maybe if you thank them for all the little and big things they do maybe you would see how much they do for you and be more appreciative to bubbas employees hang in there guys Danny great job your doing great boss man keep it up and someone please pull them silver and gold teeth out the other guys mouth guy named Gaberial oh yeah and this guy doesn’t clean cars well and way too unprofessional he’s as bad as the owner how did this guy get the job oh wait let me guess owner you really need to think twice with giving a general manager position tosomeone who hasn’t been there long enough to fully grasp the needs of this car wash bring Tom and Nick back and the old crew how desperate are you to keep this place alive recap invest to fix up the place respect your employees more get back the old crew and management cause they did great better job taking care of that place now I’m scared to go there and get rid of 2 chains cousin this bad owner you gotta really just appreciate what you had now you lost it bubbas carwash is set to fail.

Angela Anthony

Decent prices. Friendly staff who hand dry car when wash is complete. Usually not a long wait. Multiple vacuums available.


Nice place for a car wash, how, depending on who washes the car, sometimes they leave uncleaned spots.

Alesia L

We wash our car here almost every week. Pretty good and discounted.

Jose Samano

I have went to bubba's twice. The employees here go above and beyond, taking care of your vehicle if enough time is permitted and they're not in a rush. I enjoy making Bubba my exclusive automatic car wash for my vehicle.

Say' Less

Chris Lagos

Wash is fine, vacuums however are a coin toss as to whether they'll function properly.

Rick Kivela

I went to Bubbas to clean bird turds off truck, got basic wash and the turds where still there!! I complained and the only thing they offered was a rag for me to clean off myself. Night manager was terrible!! Tried to get refund of multi car wash card and was told NO REFUNDS!! BEWARE OF THIS CAR WASH!!! Customer service sucks!!

randy peterson

Price Johnson

Not my favorite Bubba's location, but the most convenient as it's on my route home (I-80 and Madison Ave)

Darren Peterson

Nice young men here. Truck looks great

Damien Alexander

Fair prices and quick.

James Hayter

Quick and efficient wash for a good price

Brandie W.

So I usually go to Quick Quack but this was on my way to work so I checked them out. Few dollars more but let me tell you why it's worth it...they scrub the back of your vehicle with a soapy brush and the dryers are higher powered. Other than that pretty comprable. Plus the San Juan/Greenback location does full detailing.

sherri nahhas

Eloy Sanchez

Anthony Allen Phillips

It's a car wash

James Castaneda

First time visiting bubbas, the atendant never was explained how there packages value worked. Payed $48 for a was that I tough included cleaning the windows and inside but no that was and extra $28. Never again

James Day

The staff here is friendly. They have come to know my car. The monthly plan is the way to go... For about the price of 2 washes, you can come back every day of the month. I haven't noticed any scratches or dings that some washes can give, that is a big thing for me.

Sheri Knopf

We come here regularly, they always do great job. Price is reasonable

Vanessa Salcido

Andrey Rassikhin

David Newcombe

Helping Hands for Humanity Mason Valley

Be careful. Monthly car washes auto renew

Michael Wiltse

Does a great job

Seth Wills

Trash, bugs still all over my front bumper $12 for nothing and I want to say they left me with a cracked windshield

Mariah Harrell

Jim Blankenship

brian imamoto

I went back after talking to manager Danny he made my car wash experience here better and took care of my problem I had with the car wash

Tyler Traynor

I don’t feel like they’re services are worth the price. I paid for the package that is one above their lowest package which was $15 and it did not clean my car well I still had bug stains on my windshield. No person to do a quick wipe down with a towel after the wash is over either so I’m not sure why their prices are above average. Also want to add the vacuums are weak. Only good thing is it’s right next to an In-N-Out burger so when you’re sad from the disappointment you can try and cheer your self up there.

Fumiko Uribe

Every week I drive a little out of the way to get Nor wood. Truly an all hand car wash. Service is awesome. Everyone smiling and very friendly. After trying quite a few "Bubba's Express Car Wash" companies I think I've found the best. I won't even attempt to look at the competition. Thank you Nor wood, and I'll see you in 2 weeks!

Sean Murphy

Sqeaky clean

ВыБиРаШкИ Love ME

Bad service my car still dirty payday 11$

Marie Pickett Raines

Damaged my car.

Алан Гиоев

Kenneth M Bailey

Gets your car clean and there vacuums suck good

Michele Isbell

This is not a full service car wash. I bought the ultimate package which included hand drying. That wasn't the case. I was disappointed with the experience.

Branden Bruce

One of the only carwashs in Sacramento that actually cleans your car. Looks like you washed it your self which is rare to find

Charles Sherwood

Best carwash in town and the best customer service.

Larry Brown

Run through twice as first wash didnt clean the car. 2nd still left dirt on the car. Dont chance it and spend yoir money elsewhere.


Altangerel Sukhdorj

Timothy Shockley

Pretty good car wash at a reasonable price

shandra clark

Quick & Fast service

Xaxu X18

Latest news bubbas is at an all time fail as owner lost one of their awesome manager Danny I’m sorry your gone Danny you will be missed your customer service was perfect not only have they lost a loyal employee owner has fired several of their wonderful staff members I have wrote a similar review like this and like the last I’ll say it again the owner has no idea what they are doing as far a im concerned the the happy wonderful place known as Bubba’s Express Car Wash has finally fallen into ruin at this point it’s well better off being shut down even I can run that car wash better than the owner can sorry to say but I wouldn’t waste your hard earned money at a place that’s lost it’s employees vacuums are still broken the tunnel inside is still messy and looks out of date too no point in buying full services when theirs not enough employees the place is trash now even the homeless sleep their at night and it’s a mess the next morning and what’s the general store manager doing about this huh Gaberial absolutely nothing still has that gold and silver teeth and still can’t wash cars right this is a sad day for bubbas carwash owner you have failed us all anyone who reads this post I encourage you to find a better carwash that can serve your needs of your car .


Careful, Double check your car for scratches!, they got them fixed right way so it's all good.

chantile lewis

Awesome Spot. They Cleaned my car so Spitless

Stephen Riddick

Monthly unlimited is the way to go. I wash every time i pass by lol get youe money worth.

Joe Johnston

Car wash cleans your car well, but sucks at drying your car. And leaves water spots

Scott Lance

$18.00 premium wash. Car hammered by freeway bugs. Windshield simply needed attention by wiping down with window cleaner because elbow grease and dry microfiber towel wasn’t getting it done. Had to ask if they had window cleaner. They found some and wiped down the drivers side leaving passenger side alone. The bad attitude was included in the premium price. Never mind. I’ll just take 20 seconds at home and wipe down the glass. Nobody wants to do it right anymore. This place used to be staffed by people that were pretty efficient with detailing. Now it’s just an overpriced car wash. Hint for owner: Train them to clean the entire windshield even if they gotta run down the Windex. If I’m looking thru clean glass then I feel like I got my $18 worth.

Howard Burke

Pretty good and quick

Matthew McMullen

Linda Cooper

Free vacuum with an express carwash.

Ed Armitage

Great monthly rates.

Andrew Salveson

Vaccumes never work. Sometimes they prescrub, sometimes not. Go to the one in Citrus Heights for a much better experience

Whalen Sweat

Great customer service and deals on car washs.

Sandra Sepulveda

Gary Morse

This was my absolute FAVORITE car wash in Sacramento. Raved about it to everyone and only trusted them to properly wash my car. I visited yesterday since I got my car back from the dealer near by after a long repair (SUPER EXCITED TO GET IT ALL SPICK AND SPAN!!) They had all new prices with added features when going through the tunnel. (tire cleaning etc. However it didn't do a good job like an employee would. Usually you'd go through the wash and park outside of it for them to dry off, clean the wheels and tires. This time around I went through the wash, and none of that was done. I vaccummed my car and that was all. From absolutely raving to disappointed. It seemed like they replaced some new tech inside the wash and to get an ROI they increased prices by $2 and it seemed like fewer employees were staffed because the machines doing it all. For their best wash you spend $20 for it to wash your car no better than that of one at Shell/Chevron but for nearly 2x the cost. (because it removed the human eye on attention to detail) I hope that something changes to get back that connection that my vehicle gets cleaned properly and if not, then that's a bummer and I'll have to head to the pavilions. Staff was friendly during the brief interaction, but the whole process really killed the vibe on what used to be.

Delphine Fano

It's ok BUT... Bubba's vacuums are WEAK. Unlike "7 Flags" Carwash (on Sunrise Blvd) n wi "powerful transformer vacuums, Brushes that almost grabs your vehicle" to power-clean it! ....So, I hope next year, Bubba's will improve their vacuums etc etc etc. Give us customers a Reason to make Bubba's a "one-stop" service. Keep the detailing..... Peace Out ..

Shelby Harrom

Went and paid for the premium wash for 18 dollars. The reason its more is because they hand dry and wash and shine your rims and tires. First off when the two employees, supposedly the manager and a guy named Ron. The two proceeded to argue and curse eachother out while they dry my car. Mind you both my young children were in the car and can clearlyhear them. I then got out to check my car and the rims were still filthy. The "manager" told me they were stained because of the break pad heat. I know about cars and that was the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I took a napkin and cleaned the rims myself and the "stains" came right out. I asked to speak with a supervisor and another employee said the one who cleaned my rims while cussing out Ron was it. Ron over heard me and said have a nice day while flipping me off. This place is a joke all the way around. Car wash horrible and the employees are unprofessional. If the real manager sees this you really need to hire better people.

Jeffery Robinson

Did a good job on moms camray

Doomsday Gourmet

I'm a monthly subscriber, they've always gone out of their way to be accommodating, recently updated the wash run to apply additional protections and clean tires and wheels all at once with the car.

Venus Sample

So I got a free monthly 30 day trial when I bought my vehicle from Future Ford located directly across the street from this bubbles carwash and this young lady that is an employee at bubbles car wash who is fairly new with blond hair told me I couldn't use my free 30 day trial from Future Ford because she didn't know if I've made a copy of it or not I asked to speak to her manager or supervisor and she claimed that she was the manager/supervisor. She did not allow me to speak to anyone else or use my free 30 day trial from Future Ford because she didn't know if I've made a copy of it or not. I thought she was extremely unprofessional.. I don't believe this girl was a manager or supervisor simply because she didn't even have a name tag along with how unprofessional she was at that time. Ever since that first incident every time I come through she gives me dirty looks and seems like she has a problem with me for some unknown reason . And also there's a young man That asked for $5 EVERYTIME I come through and get dash wipes with my car wash. I know I'm not the only vehicle he does that to just to see if he'll get away with getting $5 for wipes. I hate this bubbas car wash if there was another one closer to me I would definitely go to that one versus this bubbles carwash on Madison and date. It's disgusting!

Tim Gerbel

I bought the 18 dollar wash and waited like 15 minutes and nobody even came to hand dry and tire shine my car!


Horrible service today. Got a car wash and the employee told me to park the car and told me to wait he will come wipe it .I waited for 20+ min and the car that was behind me was all wiped down and done. Left without my car being wiped down .

Margarita Morales

(Translated by Google) It's like any other place where lavasú Carro. (Original) Es como cualquier otro lugar donde lavasú Carro.

Emma Work

Good car wash and affordable prices, but they NEVER stay open until 8 pm! So mad! I sometimes come at 7 and the place is all closed down!

Vlad K

I have a tall true, about 7'-4" The clearance on the entry said 7'-6". I have been going to this car wash a lot but today probably a new guy been total jerk and didn't let me have a car was done. Was very disappointed. Try to call the manager and voice mail only. Crappy service. Yuck!

Brian Fohl

Sami Perry

Lucy Valderrama

My grandson and I go once a week he loves this place.

steven concrete

Did good job

Geneva Ohlsen

A fun car wash with a friendly staff! Very cool rainbow colored soap! No water spots

Brannagan O'Brannagan

Free cards (washes) are great!

Julie Dixon

Always love going to bubba's. Great service and my car looks amazing.

1 12

JoAndrea Rushin

I felt comfortable. Typical job for a young person.

Oksana Konstantinov

Not convenient opens late closes early. And more expensive.

Tamara Cascarano

Worst wash ever and employees do not care....

Christine Crooks

Good car wash..bigger inside than the duck, its important for me as i have a large suv. Lots of vacuums to. Always clean.

Russell Fischer

They need to fix their sprayers for the tires. They don't spray enough wax on the tires. I have a big truck and have to fold mirrors in before washing. The mirror glass doesn't get washed at all. The rest of the truck comes out looking pretty good!


Just got my car washed with their "Best Wash" for $16, and my car is still dirty! They didn't soap the tires so my rims are still gross, and they didn't soap the back, so my hatch is still filthy. I drive a Mini Cooper, so it's not like it's hard to spray down or something. This used to be the best carwash in the area, what happened?

Anthony Davis

I've been going to quick quack and I had to go the car wash twice to get clean. Here I go through once and my car is shiny as hell, plus the extra few bucks and they will towel dry, shine your tires and clean your rims

Maxim Kovaliov

One of the best car washes, I use it for a while now, great manager, if I have any problems he fixes them easily without conflict.

misrain Mendoza

What l like this place good location friendly people The only problem l have is always leaves soap on my car

Artur Martyniuk

The came out clean! Helpful staff

Terri Henry

Average carwash but, I have to say the attendant squirted/scrubed my car with much care and detail more than other car washes. Excellent detail

Howard Nevens III

Great place, they also do a nice job of hand drying

Olena Benson

Stephen Mitchell

I always still have soap bubbles on my truck.

lisa sunwaye

Cool place lots of coupons reasonable price. It's my go-to when I'm in town.

Brandon White

Stray away. Paid 26.99 for a bunch of adolescent kids, prolly under the influence to do a half @$$ interior cleaning/car wash. May be adequate for a beater car, but I definitely wouldn't recommend this place if you actually care about your investment of a vehicle. A blindfolded drunken monkey could've done a better job. Close this place down!!!!!!!


Patrick Smith

Alicia Hobart

The wash left soap and bird poop on my car. The staff was the only good part of going there

Ashley Scheib

I've been going here for years! And I love it! My daughter was born in the parking lot! The workers here are like family to me. One of the workers helped me pressure wash my grandma. Washed the cancer right off of her! I recommend this car wash for everyone!

AZTEC Family

Awesome place they leave the trucks like new

Kevin Reilly

Great customer service, and a reasonable monthly fee for as many washes in a month I want (i own a black vehicle).

Loren Lopez

Basic wash

PaHoua Moua

Johnny G

Just your typical carwash. Staff was okay, the wash was okay. Its not like my car came out super clean or anything.

Ivan Kapor

I wash my fleet/work truck here, Its too tall and the racks just wont work at other car washes. That being said, this place has been fine the few times ive stopped by. Accepts my Fleet/Fuel card for payment. Like all of these auto-washes, it does not get into every crevice where the dirt collects, but overall the Premium wash is great. My only complaint Is I stopped by tonight at 5:50P, 10mins before supposed closing and it was totally shut down. Google & Bubba's website has the hours listed til 6P. No big deal, but wasted my time going by this ultra-busy exit at rush hour only to find them closed.

Affordable Flooring LLC

I drove here all the way on Sunday at 10 minutes before 5 p.m. they were already closed

Ken Lewis

Good wash and fast

Val P

Good wash, but closed after 4 pm when I need it the most :/

Tc Anderson

james m

Excellent machine car wash


Car came out dirty still

Billy Joe

Car came out clean adding a free vacume

Chris H

Relatively quick, average price, but also only an average wash

Ira Wharry

Good car wash. Not very expensive.

Kathleen Springs

Been going here for years. Tom the manager is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Nick Wiltse

Alan Berezin

Fast and $11 is worth it.

Laura Ferrell

Car is still dirty afterwards, each time. Thought i would give it another chance. Oops.

Maureen McMahan

Staff is so friendly!

Iulia Z

I'm a member . Wash my car often. Staff is really friendly.

Mary S.

Ivan Dietz

Always a great job!

Panther Pilot Car

Closed on rainy days

Crystal Howard

Expensive but got my car clean

Любовь Андрейченко

Jayme Ross

Excellent, summer hours till 8pm tkx

Renee Evans

Make sure they brush it first


I like going here because they actually use a brush to wash your car before you enter the car wash. Because I have a bigger vehicle, it doesn't always wash the back clean. The only down side is that it's far from me. I try to go through here when I'm in the area though.

Chris Coppola

Jason Freitas

You need your car washed and don't feel like doing it yourself? Bring it here. That's what they do. You still get to vacuum it out, but it's all good.

Karen prieto

Quick and easy. The staff are very friendly. Many options including membership options. Close to the freeway EZ access!

Jeff Baldizan

Great bunch, do awesome details

William Butler

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