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7411 Greenback Ln, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bubba's Car Wash IN California

Ruth Bradshaw

Very fast. My car was pretty filthy and it came remarkably clean. Next time I’ll bring a towel to get the spots missed. The vacuum was easy to use and powerful. I bought the $11 service.

Ismael Garcia

Great monthly pass

Linda Bizeau

Great Car Wash

Brandie Gomez

Really liked this place in the beginning (only a few months ago) however last couple times I come through they told me and my mom on separate occasions to come back another day because they were too short staffed to do inside of car. I look around and see SEVERAL guys wandering around. I ask does your manager know you aren't servicing customers? He says no but he guesses they could do it, if they have to, just take like 45 minutes or so. With no one ahead of us and lots of employees, they were definitely just too lazy. Originally I favored this place, but can't bring my business somewhere they keep refusing me. MANAGER CAN YOU REMEDY LAZY EMPLOYEES? 5/29 Since the beforehand review I did return and was treated better, an employee named Gabriel was helpful and kind.

Stuart Davis

Had the Ultimate Wash and was very pleased.

Bridget Lagade

Friendly n quick on drying ur vehicle.

Barbara Wnorowska


Carlos Arriola Monroy

Es unlugar perfecto palinpiar tucaro y pulirlos


love washing my car here. cheap and they leave it nice and clean

It’s games Here

It’s so good

helen marty

Vacume dont always work need to wash car twice sometimes. Only one side gets washed

David Hulse

The scrubbing drapes are newer and better maintained when compared with older wash locations. The employee prewash is more thorough than other locations I've been to. The lack of high pressure nozzles however left small debris on the hood. $15 wash was chosen. I do appreciate using the vacuum without needing to constantly reset the button. I was happy with the value.

Lucy Farias

(Translated by Google) Very kind employees and great service. RECOMMENDED (Original) Los empleados muy amables y servicio buenisimo.RECOMENDADO

Rebecca Weaver

Clean car wash. Nice lounge area.

AE. Adkins Sr.

Best monthly pass I ever got and I do use alot

Joe Hawkins

Nothing to great here. Have been disappointed with their staff and customer service more than once. Greenback is way better than Madison. I used to have membership but alas wasn't satisfied with staff.

Joe Evans

They need more workers and customer service training for the ones that are there

Michelle Edge

Excellent wash

Aaron Funk

Good drive thru car wash.

me mine

Vacuums suck!! Hahahah no really they dont work well at all.. and they dont have the air compressor blowers like they do at quick quack wash place.. i took my car in and still had to go home and wash it to get some bird poo off it.. i mean i know its not all going ro be perfect all the time.. but even cheverons car wask gets things cleaner on outside...

Jordan DeCourcey

Wash is good but poor drying that leaves spots from their "spotless rinse". Prices keep going up.

Dorothy Bell

Great staff and so helpful.

CB Horton

Only complaint, they spray 75% of your car but not the passenger side at all.

Sean Lo

Good fast wash worth the money.

Adrian Castillo

For $18 I could go to a mom and pop wash and get better than what I got

Ashley Brooks

I like their monthly special. I drive for uber and its worth 25 bucks a month to go however many times you want. (They have different specials at different prices) I like their vacuums too. Free with carwash and they're more powerful than my shop vac at home. They also have trash bins at all the vacuum spots which is convenient.

Price Johnson

My go to car wash spot. Left and right side vacuum car ports make detailing your car easy.

Becky Padilla

I had been on a road trip when I got home my car was very dirty. I went to the car wash and purchased the $18 dollar car wash, the attendant then told me my car was dirty and he would need an extra $5 to pre- wash it. Upon leaving the car wash the my car is still dirty. I would have received a better car wash from the gas station at half the cost. This was my first time there and my last, I will drive the extra miles to my regular place. Very disappointed.

Mike Bailey

Gets your car clean good vacuum s

Kathy Houlihan

Paid 18.00 and was not thrilled. Spots on windshield, and tires left streaky. Don't think I will go back.

chris drummond

A good wash and with a card you can wash all you want

Ray Kay

Alright wash although it didn't get everything clean. I'm used to the high pressure stuff that gets things clean properly. Staff seemed attentive enough but it's all automatic nowadays. The vacuums were good, hence the 3 stars. Not very crowded on a weekday afternoon.

Ryan Kent

Fast service, very friendly and helpful staff, $35/month includes hand drying

Emi Churchill

The worst car wash and the worst customer service. Took my RAV4 to have it washed and the machine tore off the spare tire cover that was part of the car cracking it completely into pieces. Didn't receive a phone call from the manager until I called 4 days later. He manager Tom Tilford kept repeating the same standard statement "the car is older and the elastic must have been worn". We have never had a problem with it before and when I asked for compensation to replace it he offered a few free car washes. Are you kidding me? Would I ever go to that car wash again? NO!

Dianne Tuthill


Mark Drives

They let you use their vaccumes for free. Not like other places. I still pay for a wash here and there. But it's nice to use a quick vaccume if you need it.

Russell Jackson

It's a drive through car wash that does a pretty good job. Good for keeping you car looking clean between details.

Bill Keen

The monthly pass is well worth the money.

Lisa Weaver

My children love the light show! It's like going to an amusement park, sans the high cost of admission fees.

seyed mohammad hoseyni

Orderd $12 carwash and I got charged 20 _called them and they told me I have to go back so they can do something about it.

Balentino Sereda

This place and this particular location is my and my family's favorite carwash. Very quality oriented service. Nice staff. Very talented young people doing their job above and beyond expectations. They deserve raise and good tip:)

Geri Plummer

I wish they would clean the inside of your car also. The staff was awesome very friendly.

The Word became flesh

Paid $18 for them to also do my rims, will never again come back

Josh Utter

Been here a handful of times, seems almost never staffed properly to perform a full service wash. Good value, there are higher quality more expensive carwashes in town. This one is generally most convenient for me.

Nicolette Negrila

Great vacuums and great car washes

Gene H

Quick and easy car wash with reasonable rates. Staff is always friendly and helpful

Skarleth Navarro

(Translated by Google) Very good and fast service (Original) Muy buen servicio y rápido

Eunice Cintron

Gabe and Oscar did an amazing job with my car !!! I am sooo happy with the results ! This is the place to go for a car wash ! They will not fail you


Danielle Nichols

The staff is always very friendly and they do an excellent job and have a friendly greeting waiting for you as you pull up. There are many options to choose from that are all well priced or even cheaper if you get the membership. There are drying off options and hand vacuums that are coin operated. It us the best drive through car wash in Sacramento, our car always comes out sparkling clean.

Roy Ingram

Great wash, free vacuum

A. B.

Best car wash in the area

Ryan Hitchcock

No Complaints

John Kibbey

Fast efficient.

Wanda Cummings

Love it! My favorite drive thru carwash☺

Kenneth M Bailey

Gets your car good and clean Vacuum suck good

Charles Sherwood

My favorite carwash!

Oleg S.

Free vacuuming can't beat that

Alex Babchanik

Always use this to wash my big suv car.

Aaron Nygren

Wash was fine but the vacuums don't work. Main reason I came here. Won't be coming back

Nunya 3KP

Good price for the monthly wash.

Stephen Riddick

Go with unlimited wash its worth it do the math.

Tammy Jones

The car wash was good and the colored foam was awesome

Joe Johnston

Great for a fast cleaning

J. Brian Hennessy

Lots of vacuum stalls. They do finish work after wash

Ronda Wilcox

Dawn Bammel

The wash is usually pretty good, but not cheap. I went to get my car detailed, but the guy I was supposed to talk to wasn't there. Nobody asked what I needed or even cared. By the time he got back, about an hour later, I was done and on my way out.

Kerrie Kosmides

New in town and found Bubba's car wash for my work car. And the vacume works

Aurielle Lewis

it clearly States that they close at 7:30 online, but when I was there, vacuuming my car and tried to get a wash. They said they closed at 6 o'clock PM false advertisement

Ron Huston

Clean and fast price is lower than quick quak car wash

sharon p

Gregory Awrey

Friendly staff that go above and beyond. Had spilled coffee all over my car and they really went the extra mile to help me get it cleaned up! Bryce you’re great and they are lucky to have you. Keep up the good work and making people’s day. :)

Vicky Kimball

Paid for hand dry but they failed to inform me that the wash didn't remove all of the bird poop. Not happy

Vadim Afonin

Good place and nice workers

jerry kolling

Great job

Андрій Михайловський

(Translated by Google) Very everything is organized conveniently and easily. The price is also normal. Liked one word (Original) Дуже все організовано зручно і легко. Ціна теж нормальна. Сподобалось одним словом.

Marat Solovyev

(Translated by Google) I like this washing (Original) Мне нравиться это мойка

SYLVIA Conable

Prices keep going up

Lisa Keating

Love this place. They do a great job keeping my car sparkling clean and they are affordable!

Jacqueline Love

Eh not the best place ...lemme tell ya

Alicia E

Water smells clean and lightsvare entertaining for the kids. Free vacuums with wash and no need to use tokens.

Chris Froom

Employees are very curtis and extremely fast to attend to your vehicle

Roberto Toffoletti

Great place for the occasions when you don't have time to do it yourself!!

Mike Sayre

Great service

Rhonda Witter

Great prices, fast & friendly staff.

Tyler Francis

I work for Uber and Lyft, this is the best way to start driving with a clean vehicle. They offer monthly plans so you can come back every day you drive for a reasonable price.

Christine Crooks

Nice place, newer location. Plenty of vacuums. Good prices

Jason F

Robert Sydnor

They have an excellent unlimited monthly pass for only $20. This is a good value during the dusty Summer months. You can cancel during the rainy Winter months, then restart in the Spring. The monthly pass is for a particular car, and a bar-code strip is added to your upper-left windshield. So it is *not* a bearer pass, like a credit card in your wallet. A family member can add their car for only $15. This is a good deal for husband & wife for two family cars. Bubba's uses your credit card to debit it on the first of every month, so you do not have to renew in person each month.

Mustafa Abo-Tabik

Why do you put a phone number if you guys never respond??? I canceled my monthly membership and I find out later you guys still charge me!!! And no one pick up the phone

Ryan Carter

Always friendly and efficient, thanks!

L Baranda Larin

Wide menu of services @ a fair price. Water is recycled so I feel it's better to have my vehicle washed here than doing it @ home & having the dirty water go into the storm drains.

Rachael Hutton

Nice place to get car washed. Prices arent too bad but I wpuld rather no have to be vacuuming out my car. If i go pay for a place to do it i would rather have them do it.

Brenda Kendall

Great Service.

Sue Krempp

Excellent service

Jane Hoff

Always positive, always quick

April Ovalle

The staff was very friendly and pretty good but I had to vacuum my own trunk and clean the inside of my gas cover and center console

Jeff DeGroot

Great car was just don't go through if you have a nice bike rack the spinning machines will grab your rack and try and rip it off the car

Gregg Kennedy

They wash your car! It is great!

Yurito Mestre

Pésimo, cierran antes de la hora señalada , el servicio no es bueno, y los empleados no tienen respeto por los clientes

james Haury

Carlene Miller

Nice place for car wash and vacuum. Clean

Diana Ball

Prices are great and friendly people

Karen English

I pay $18.00 monthly automatically for endless carwashes. What a great deal !

Alicia Carroll

Awesome customer service! I will Definitely be back thanks to Lilly

Olga Ramirez

Good service

John Campasano

Real great for a low price.

Ashlee Beardslee

Worst experience I've ever had! Paid for full detail with wash and extra for an interior conditioner for the surfaces. The conditioner was not done and the interior was only partly wiped down and vacuumed. They never even opened the back of my truck! Called to ask for an explanation but won't answer the phone!

Michael Puthuff

Friendly people

diane dunham

Wen Shook

Super friendly and car wash options for every income level.

Ron Ellis

Great job inexpensive no people involved....

David Mann

Great car wash in Tracy. There's always a line. Good clean car. Nothing better.

Roxanne Wilson

Only place you can wash your car for 2.00.

Don Falloon

Good for what it is, quick and convenient. Free vacuums. Be aware there's still a lot of stuff basic washes won't remove (bug guts, tree sap, bird droppings, bullet holes, etc.), but they do offer additional service where someone will personally clean your car beyond what the automated system is capable of achieving. Of course, it costs more. Nice people, and unlimited monthly wash subscriptions available.

zerah Rufus

Great staff.

dude vanbogart

Junk.... got the top dollar car wash and my cars still filthy...


Reasonable prices and good service. Vacuum services is free.

Kristine Seguin

Love this place. They do a fantastic job keeping my messy car looking clean

Brittney B

So I actually was all about the Quick Quack Car Wash until I came here. I bought a I want to see a $11 wash, they first spray down your car and do a minimal scrub before you go into the actual Car Wash. I was told that they do this to prevent the paint from chipping because it will be wet already going in, I enjoy this place a lot. They do have people that can detail your car is if you pay them or you can just do it yourself the vacuums work pretty good! I go every time i need a wash!

Darni tron

Car is squeaky clean

Cheryl Storms

I'm sorry to say but a car wash is a car!! Why the heck do they charge $30 for a month pass!!! Or $13 to get your car this just absolutely baffles me I think that the prices of this is terrible. It's just soap and refurbished water. I guess we're paying for the people that works there as wages

Петров Алексей

(Translated by Google) Quickly and qualitatively wash the car. I recommend washing for $ 15, excellent chemistry laundered old dirt and plaque! 5* (Original) Быстро и качественно моют авто. Рекомендую мойку за 15$, отличная химия отмывается старую грязь и налет! 5*

Panther Pilot Car

Closed on rainy days


Mike Abney

Great staff. Good value.


Fair pricing

Tracy Sewell


Caryn Perry

My cars always clean

J. Williams

I paid for the top if the line. They did a very poor job.

Carrie King

The worst mistake I made was bringing my car to bubba's .I now have paint chips ,scratches and no shine left to my once beautiful gold metallic car. Then,when I brought it their attention I was yelled at and called a liar even though I had before and after photos. The GM was so menacing I felt the need to call 911.I waited for the policeman to show up and when he went and spoke to the GM,he changed his story,admitting to the officer that the car wash could have and or did cause the damage to my car. I have made numerous attempts to contact the owner or Corp. For this company and they have not responded. I have filed a report with the BBB and now my only recourse is file in small claims court.

spencer barrett

Awesome staff super nice, simple car wash, 20$ an my car looked brand new. Great job!

league of winners low

Best place for a quick wash and the vacums are always working. Great staff thanks guys keep it up

Anni K

Quick. Staff is on it!

Karen prieto

Quick and easy car wash drive-thru

Vyacheslav Egorov

Good service!

LuLaRoe Alicia Breana

I love Bubba's on Greenback. The staff are so friendly, accommodating, and good at their jobs. My car always looks great. I always do the full service hand dry and have never been disappointed. They even ask when they are finished if it's good enough and if they can touch anything up. I used to go to another local full service but they aren't as competitive in terms of price or friendly service!!

Ciprian Tanase

I have a monthly plan here.The only thing I dislike is the fans.Does not remove all the water from the car after you wash it.

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