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REVIEWS OF Broadway Carwash IN California

Jose Luna

(Translated by Google) It's a very professional place. (Original) S un lugar muy profesional.

Jason M

I’m not sure what the 1 Star bad reviews are about but I’ve been coming before for 5 years and they are fine.


Terrible Carwash Run by Crooks here! I paid $38 for Manager's Special (don't fall for it) and it was the biggest waste of money ever. I was so pissed off I took off instead of asking for a refund. There are still cherrios on the floor in the backseat, the door panels have marks and dust on them. The center console did not get wiped even when I left it open. These guys sprayed armoral all over the car and did not wipe it properly, so I got spots all over. The rims did not get clean either. I wish I could post pictures here - I do have a fairly new car so it wasn't too dirty to begin with. Oh, and no air freshener as the sign for $38 carwash suggests, but that is the least of my problems. This was the most expensive carwash I've ever had. In San Francisco you pay $28 and your car is spotless inside and out.

Guillermo Hernandez

Price is to high for the low quality work.

Samrawit Ghebremicael

Shuni Li

Sean McMullen

They are all about quantity and not quality. It's a good idea for customers to take 10seconds to have a quick look inside. Rear windows, cup holders an door pocket. I hate being that person to point it out. I don't think I should have to. Everyone there has a specific job. I'd expect them to do it.

musaed al

This is the worst car wash in the bay area

Amusing At best

I have to agree with A Google user here. Also Just plain rude to costumer and others who are waiting for the bus. unprofessional Do Not Go Here to wash your car!!! Never again!!

William Freeman

Brought my wife's new car in for a wash and left with three scratches and a fairly dirty car. Paid for the highest level of service/cleaning and it was a joke. I'm not usually one to leave a negative review but the public should be warned. DO NOT GO! Use tower car wash in the city.

Brittney Robinson

Despite how busy it was they got to my car pretty timely. I ordered the managers special. Umm I felt like they did a rush job. After inspecting the car I had to ask for my vanilla scent which should have been included in my package. Also included in my package was the interior. I had to ask a guy to go over my passenger door again because they missed a spot. They also left some kind of writing on my front windows. I had to ask them to go over that as well.

Eric Sorensen

Quik, efficient and reasonably priced

Guilherme Jacinto

They always have affordable gas, and there's usually not a line.


The car wash should not damage the car !!Brought my 3 week old, new car here; it came out with paint rubbed off, speckles on the windshield and windows, many dirt spots left all over the car and even some of the trim pealed away where they got some kind of cloth stuck. I kid you not. I am amazed this could have happened. Brought it up with the manager and he was flatly evasive.

Abdulelah Alolefi

Ana Gachero

Quality of work is very low, paid $36 and still had to go over the many areas they missed.


Missed many spots on the outside. Felt like I did not get what I paid for.

Monique Mackey

I've been going here for over 15 years for car washes. Service is usually quick even when busy. They take $2.00 off the wash when u get gas and show receipt. If there's ever a problem the staff understand enough English to figure out what ur complaint is also, cashier team is capable and willing to address any problems. They are very friendly. Restrooms are clean and available.

Urban Archaeology

Go to Ken Betts Suds Machine on Piedmont instead. Stay away from these losers it’s a Rip Off. They tried to charge me $100 for a clearly advertised price of $38. My car was dusty from off roading (they probably tried to charge me a burning man tax, that’s a stereotype and you are discriminating) I told them I’d be happy to pay the advertised price, and they told me that I should just leave. I went to Ken Betts he took one look at the car and said $32 inside and out. They did a great job, didn’t try and charge me a ‘whaaaaa it’s too dirty!’ Tax . You run a car wash, wash cars and stop whining.

Albert L.

Alright for being service station, but that's it. Couple of workers look eerie like they just got released from being locked up. I did everything myself from walk in pay in cash, pump gas and cleaned windows. Too many people congregate near the car wash area. Mind your own business and do what you need to do and leave.

Richetta Bottom

Car still dirty when washed 32 dollars for a horrible job had to spot clean when I got home

Arthur Jimenez

Avoid this car wash! I spent $38 for the worst car wash service. Seriously, do yourself a favor and stay away from this place!

Martin Sanchez

Decent car wash. Don't buy gas there. Sometimes you must ask for further cleaning.

shebelaw Tafese

Do not even try it. The worest managements ever. The price is too expensive and not worthed at all.

Allan Nathan

mike herbert

I brought my truck in at 9:15 on a Friday morning for a exterior only wash. They we a little busy but not that bad. I waited and waited. It took 30 minutes for the truck to make it through the wash. There were only 3 cars being wiped down by then. Someone tossed a pile of rags on my hood but no one touched them. One guy came by and put the tire shine on my tires. It must have been break time by then because no one bothered to wipe down my truck. After 45 minutes of waiting, I figured I was supposed to do it myself. So I did. No one said or did anything. I threw the rags on the ground and left after I was done wiping down my own car. At least I didn't have to leave a tip.

J. Lê Jowett

They take long and don’t do a good job. Do it yourself or go somewhere else to avoid the hassle of Broadway Carwash.

Adar Schneider

Madeline Gibson

Went by there and it looked like they were closed when they were supposed to be open. Not sure if it has closed down. ???

Tyrone Wade

They charge like its a mini detail but did a rush job i got some mud on my floor mats and my door still there 32$ later the carpet still signs of debris

Arowa Dobashi

Went there yesterday for a car wash ,This is the worst car wash in the bay area never again.

Dibaba Abdi

Harold Sneed

This group is tight and work smart. If you have an issue let them know and they’ll help make it right.

88 Sands

This car wash shop deceives customers

W Lynn

I just took my brand new car here for it's inaugural carwash. My car came out of the auto-wash really dirty. Do you know what happens when you dry a really dirty car? You really, really scratch the F out of it. So, inaugural carwash equals inaugural scratches, plus those roller brush marks I'm so very fond of. My ex took his silver car here and you couldn't see those roller brush marks, however on my perfect, new, black car these roller marks and swirls are bold and not so beautiful. You know how maybe the most important thing to clean on your car is the windshield? Well, my windshield is covered with bug splatter marks. Still. Did they even use any soap on this car? The front of the side mirrors remain untouched with all their original bug splatter as well. Did they just briefly hose it down when I wasn't looking, because pretty much every stain on the car is still present. I had also asked the attendant if I could pay more for extra vacuuming as there was a bit of dog hair inside; he said no, so needless to say most of the dog hair remains. Did I mention that this is a brand new car? For a dirty car, it was really not that dirty; it was as clean as a dirty car can possibly be. If I didn't live in an apartment complex I would have washed it myself. I feel robbed. I had changed a ten dollar bill at the cashier and had a wad of ones as I walked over to hand the dude my receipt and tip. I looked at the car and because I feel uncomfortable leaving no tip, I handed him $2. He looked at me in disgust and walked away. Do you really think you deserve more???? This place is a joke. If you want to throw away your money and basically pay someone to scratch your car, this is the place for you.

Cami E

Good if you have a new car.

King Mak

Jay Bryon

Not sure why all the bad ratings, I’ve been getting my Tesla washed here every so often and they get it clean every time, despite all the bugs on I-5 could do. This time I had bugs from 3 different states on it, and spotless as usual. They might miss the occasional spot, but I haven’t seen a car wash yet manage showroom clean for $15. They do a good job, if you stick to the exterior wash it’s not that expensive. Important for Teslas is that it’s touchless.

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