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2540 High Point Pkwy I-15 Exit 178, Barstow, CA 92311, United States

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Where is Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Barstow, CA?

REVIEWS OF Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Barstow, CA IN California

Jaehoon Song

08/07/17, truck wash

Tom Curley

They do a good job but sometimes they leave soap on the truck

Murtaza Sherzai

Amazing wash. great staff, they really took their time in cleaning my black tractor/trailer. amazing shine and hand dried.

izzy brown

Best blue beacon wash. It had been 4 months of continuous driving which included snow and these guys got my truck spotless.

Oliver Ostrikov

Best truck wash in USA !!! Friendly staff, chrome is shine, tires shine, hand dry!!! Thank you Blue Beacon

Christopher Ramirez

They always do a better job here than any other blue beacon I have stopped at. They also offer hand dry for the tractor.

Shawn Wilder

Fast and professional

Josh Rickards

I was going here for a little while because I liked that they do the Blue Coral wax however that will likely stop after my last visit. One of the guy's in the wash bay blew my turn signal marker light out and didn't want to say anything! Should've at least reported it instead of me pulling to the Flying J and coming back fir them to deny it as if I don't own the truck and inspect it every day

Howard Thompson

Hit and miss at this Blue Beacon. Sometimes there awesome and sometimes they suck.

Bill Roberts

Awesome job. Very clean truck.

Richard Blount

The best blue beacon across the US...seriously...they the only place where I tip

Tracy Gross

Courteous and efficient. A bit of a wait.

Welile Dingayo

Very friendly and they do their job properly.

barlas pinar

Love this location. Always great wash

Amy Street


Tony Somohano

Lacks in customer service , make u feel like they doing you a favor, they lure you with one price and on the register is another . The register guy at night time 11pm ( on 6/10/19) needs to work at the zoo not with people ( bad attitude)


Fast wash.

T.B Harris

Outstanding, excellent service

Eddie Felix

Always always do a great job. Keep up the good work!

Allen Harms

Three stalls, took over an hour to get done

Scott Hillen

Good customer service. ☺

Dena Reinhard

They didn't brush the truck down so the truck was still dirty after being washed.

Donald Murray

Long wait times. Wanna charge you even to wipe the windows outside.

Demitrius Berry

This is why I get my truck wash every time I read them if five-star cuz they do pretty decent job

Jimmy Bass

Best Blue Becon I have ever been to. Great job people. Barstow Becon rocks.

Tommy Poe

Just a streaking beacon none are great none are bad

Ron Martin

I've always got a fairly good wash job at this location.

Charles Webb

A clean truck finally...,

Ian Bottomley

Boarder to boarder, coast to coast this outfit is hands down the best. Cheers

Thomas Peterson

Best blue beacon in the COUNTRY

Jeffrey Baird

Best wash I've had put here in my 26yrs experience at a Blue Beacon, Josh did an excellent job on the wash and the dry was thorough.

Eldridge Smart

Friendly enough but they didn't get the grease off the side of my truck.

radu Danciu

Day shift does a terrible job.... At night much better

Kevin Jones

Very friendly staff. Just make sure you take a good look over your truck

jose Ramirez

They did a great job, came out and inspected my truck twice to make sure it was done right.

Marlana Rorick

I had a bad experience there.The idiots that were there when I went broke my windshield wiper on my motorhome.then they used high pressure hose when we asked them to use a brush.There are only three people there I trust my family and monurva

Let get Money

They wash your truck very good

Jagdeep Sandhu

Really good truck wash. Other truck wash should learn from blue beacon.

muhammad waqas

The wrost ever experience on this location Rest u can see in photos I talk to supervisor and he said that best i can.i never face that kind of poor service on blue bacon. I wish i can give them zero.

Clinton Hurley

They did a great thorough wash job on my tractor and trailer. A true team effort with several people working hard to make it a quick experience as well.

J Koptis

Blue Beacon did a fabulous job of cleaning our very dirty truck and trailer. These people are great at their jobs, and are hard workers. Highly recommend.

Cruz Alex

Always a job done right

Outdoor Dave

Always a great job.

ronald williams

For truck driver only,if you want a clean truck then this is the place

Joshua Reynolds

Amazingly fast and friendly service. The team that did our truck did a very good job, and paid attention to the little details. Our truck after 4 months of 5200 miles per week of winter build up looked great. We'll definitely come back to this Blue Beacon. It's also great that they have multiple wash bays as Barstow can get pretty busy.

Robert Mays

Always a great wash.

Holly Parker

There's always room for improvement.. however, this Blue Beacon should teach other branches what it takes to make customers happy.. They do charge a little extra money for the mud... More important, Attention to detail and quality of wash.. thank you.

Kurt Musland

Excellent place

Teodor Suveica

For first time Truck Wash was great as a costumer experience! I can't compare a quality of work, but it was good to me :)

Sergio Herrejon

Did a good job

Sharon Ann Richardson

They try hard and do a good job

Laura Ritchie

Good job .... cleaned up the truck first time through. Was covered in salt

Paul Orser

This blue beacon does a great job cleaning my truck here will be back

Don D

They Did A GREAT Job

Glenn P

They always seem to miss a part of the truck. It looks like they are always in a hurry. Every time I go they miss a spot. Note, walk around your vehicle before you leave.

Jimmy Saliu

That’s a great place to wash the truckThat’s a great place to watch it tonight

Mark Greydanus

Wow..only 47.00 and 10 minutes and done...feel like a NASCAR pitstop

Lamar Robinson

Great job

Michael Cleary

Good service

Nigel Ciappara

They did a great job and paid attention to the details.

Vlad Grechko

Good job.they know why 3 stars...engine of the reefer wasnt washed, just made a look like they washed it and i dont like how the rims washed,the rest work is ok


Get the towel dry service. You will have a new outlook towards the "streaking beacon".

William Manning

Workers are very nice and they do very well in the extras you ask for got the hand dry and tire dressing and they had it done pretty quick

gary mote

My truck is always clean when I leave here.

Alison Voight

Got truck clean. Pleasant workers.

Dan Schools

I have never been so pleased with a truck wash, including hand washes. These guys did a fantastic job and I was in and out of there very quickly. Cannot recommend this place enough!

Thomy G

The Guys here are doing an excellent Job,are very friendly and helpful,and so it was a nice stay here. Thank you..!

Edward Silva

Worst wash job ever

Patrick Callahan

Good place to wash an RV.

Kelly Anderson

We told them there was a problem with the company account (on their end AGAIN) and to hold off washing until we knew. They didn't even hesitate..just went ahead and washed the truck anyway! BTW...WE HAD NOBODY WAITING BEHIND US...extremely unusual at any blue beacon. We were going to just pull through but they pulled the doors down and just washed away. We ended up paying out of pocket! The company we work for is a major, world-wide corporation but they can't seem to get the account straight! This place is a joke!!

Nathaniel Russell

I have never been this happy with a truck wash. They were excellent! Did everything I asked without hesitation! I will definitely be coming back!

Melanie Wilson

Always satisfied with these folks.

Bradley Pierce

The worst wash I have gotten at a Blue Beacon. I'll not come back. Paid $83 for wash with extras, and when they were finishing with the wax and dry, there were still bug guys everywhere. When I told them about it, they wiped at it for a second and said "you can use dryer sheets to get the bug guts off." So instead of washing it correctly, you want a customer to do your job for you, and use something that's likely going to leave swirls or scratches in the paint of my truck!? This is a terrible excuse for employees, and a terrible excuse for a truck wash. Don't waste your time and money...I should have just gone to Little Sisters.


Best Blue Beacon, and I've been to most of them coast to coast.

Tammy Gilbert

Did a great job!!!

Gary Me

This blue beacon is probably my favorite location. They always have a line but I find they always do a super job. Get your truck washed dried off get them tires shined all at a price but they do a good job I wash my truck every other week at this location.

ed Lee

Just get the wash. Hand dry hand wax option is total waste. They spray liquid wax and let it dry by itself. Only place they hand dry was front grill and driverside door area. Giving 2 stars because wash is good.


3 bays gets trucks done quick

Raymond Noppe

My company got an account with blue beacon, yet at this branch they don't wash our tractors only our company's trailed, comes down to one thing, they not want too much business, untill they chance I won't be stopping here again... either do everything or don't do it at all.

Christopher Wilbourn

The staff is very professional.

Robert Servais

You do a great job washing the truck but there's usually a long line to get it done

sick villin


Wayne Fugel

Good job

Fernando Arroyo

Good customer service & pretty good wash .....

Rafael R.

Good service

Eduardo Valenzuela

Worst truck wash i been to.

Corey Klippel

Awesome. They do a great job

True NYC

The best truck wash

Safety Guy

Way above average. Nice folks.

Walt A777

Dont go in here unless you have all the time in the world. There's narrow entrance and when i got to the back there were 7 trucks /RVs waiting and you cant back up or go around it, you have to go in.

Flashawn Pendleton

Is the best truck wash in town

Marko B.

great job guys!

david butler

Don't bother going there if you got a reefer with the sensitive load they won't wash you unless you turn your reefer off I'm sorry I refuse to lose a $60,000 load for $110 wash blue beacon had my final try I'll gladly pay the $20 extra to go somewhere else get hand-washed hand-dried less attitude better quality of service I'll go elsewhere like a little sisters or something like that from now on. That's what I get for one to save an extra 45 minutes

Devon Steiert

My favourite truck wash in North America!

Robert Morris

Nice people good work

Patrick Seward Jr

Did an awesome job compared to the typical Blue Becon, truck was actually clean. It is Ca so they use that gray water wich makes your truckbstink for a day or two but not there fault it's the state of Ca's fault.

Mike C

Did a decent enough job, but with 3 open bays, it was very, very slow.

Mike Fitch

they do a great job here! they followed some request I had and did a terrific job. money well spent here!


Good prices

Kristine Harrell

This is my favorite blue beacon in the southwest region. 3 lanes, so the line goes quick. They do a good job and they have the extras after wash, like hand dry, wheel polish, wax, etc. Everyone is also really extra professional at this location. Thanks, Blue Beacon!

Dana Westmoreland Sanchez

I agree all the beacons are going to crap so I called main office and complained . I'm tired of telling them No brightner then they do it any way cause they don't want to have to brush the truck so I showed out and made them polish my wheels out . I bet next time they listen to me and cover them up .

Stephen Kelley

Used to be the best builder Blue Beacon in the country..still better than most

Daniel L Castaneda

I believe that something I did pay extra was not doneI I'll talk to someone tonight to see how I can ether my money or the product witch I did pay

ivan pattison

If you get a regular wash they do a half ass job at cleaning it and it wasn't that dirty. Also if your truck comes in with some mud on it they tell you that you have to pay extra a truck wash is a truck wash right.

Jose Ceballos

They do a good job

cody richard sleeth

They wash and polished my truck

Noe Salazar

One whole hour waiting in line... with all 3 bays open. Still killed my lunch and extra time, for nothing. I couldn't even wait to wash my truck... had to roll... worst trk wash... bad for business...


My batteries died while waiting inline so I asked if I could keep my engine running while I got my truck washed and their answer was no sorry after waiting for 30 minutes o well ....

Daniel Liubimov

They did good job on my truck

Don Parvin

It's a blue beacon

Brad Ferguson

Always a good job

john blackfeather

Great job!

Tim Davidson

The guys here always do a fantastic job! The wait can be long, but the quality is worth it

Tony Jew

They did a great job washing my truck. They was very fast and I got out of there pretty quick for the amount of truck that we're ahead of me in line

Kwasi McDowell

Best Beacon Period!

Bill R

It's your usual Blue Beavon

jerry j

The people were very nice....however the wash was more like a rinse....not very satisfied. Didn't even get all the bugs off.but then again I have yet to find a blue beacon that does a good job.been out here 16 years and the one in L.A. and Wheeler ridge,CA are about the best so far.

dahb ranjha

Well all blue beacons are good to have your truck washed. But I liked this place they are very quick and efficient. You take in your truck dirty they will make it look like brand new. Also they do have clean restrooms for drivers.

Mike M.

Got right in about 3 am or so. 2 guys originally washing truck and trailer. The guy on driver side was also in charge and did flashlight inspection. He did not inspect his own work thoroughly as that's the side that had an area of road salt and grit still on truck. Unfortunately, I did not notice it until daylight and a few hundred miles down the road.

Tracey Daniels

Absolute Best Blue Beacon in the US...

Khalid W

My favorite

Alexandru Urusciuc

Every single time I have to point my finger at dirty spots.. one point enough for no tips, still soliciting tips on my dirty trailer, sorry but no

Robert Turner

Well I gave these idiots the benefit of a doubt they scratched my truck 2 weeks ago so when I pulled in in told them tonight and we'll now they scratched the hood manager was rude and is protecting his buddies the wash job was horrible also pay to have hand dried and well that seems to be to much work for these clowns .

Chris Simmons

Love BB they are the best. The staff is always friendly and the service is outstanding. Best prices

Ron Koptis, REALTOR

Did a nice job on truck and travel trailer

Gumball Reviews

Nice staff that always seems to do a good job

Jane White

Good service ,friendly people and clean rig

Anatoliy Yakubovskiy

Best Blue Beacon ever

Robert Challis

Clean trailer washout, only 30 minute wait.


They do a great tire dressing and wipe downsm

Shawn Elder

They can make your motorcoach or truck shine! Be sure to purchase the towel dry, as the wind here is always dusty. Leaving the bay dry prevents spots.

Jason Owen

Did a great job on my truck and trailer

Jesus Delacruz.

Good customer service..

Nick Asbury

Good staff, no undercarriage wash, or other services after dark.

William Polk

They did a great job! Fast, efficient and friendly.

Daniel Clark

Great wash thanks

Miguel Vega

truck wash only

Charlie Plumlee

Best place to quickly get your RV washed. Reasonably priced and the techs do a really great job.

Matt Ryan

Fast and great job

Truman Cook

Always does a great job cleaning up my blue baby

Victor Turcanu

One of the best truck wash I've ever been to. Always satisfied with their service.

Kristal Evanson

They work really hard. Great service. My truck/trailer were happy and clean.

Polo Bear

First time getting washed at the Barstow California location and I must say they did a fine job. Thanks Gabe!

Cherry Zhang

This car wash park is clearly open for 24 hours, but there is no staff at two o'clock in the morning, and there is no hint at the entrance, and there is no exit on the site layout, meaning that as long as you enter the car wash You can't help but wash your car. If you want to turn around and leave, it's impossible to make a bad review! Bad review! Bad review!

Ray Weddell

Excellent service

Ismael Rodriguez

Great service. Very friendly staff and clean facility.

Sandy Sparrow

This location usually does a good job but this past Monday around 5 am I did not get a good wash. Paid for engine wash and didn't realize until we we're in Ontario that it was not done. Just not up to par this time.

Matthew Thomas Jr.

One of my favorite Blue Beacon locations. I've never had a problem here. They do a great job and treat you with respect.


Always fast thorough and always friendly.

Allison Russell

This place is always busy so plan to wait a little bit in line. But the staff is friendly and the girls doing the detailing did an awesome job!

Wyld Bear

Thanks for a great job! Fast, friendly service. And showroom quality shine!

Simranjit Gill

Best place to get your truck washed

Hakeem Hasan Sr

Service is better a night in the people are friendlier all of my concerns were dressed in a timely manner finally listening

Hawk Hasan Sr

more attention to detail needed,ie rims on trailer and exhaust pipes.

Branden Wynant

One of the best blue beacon car washes I have ever been too. It a was a bit of a wait but one we were in the bay they got us taken care of quickly. The supervisor was very polite and made every customer feel special. I will be stopping in at this location everytime I go through Barstow.

Ahmed Elghazali

Great service and great people

Jody B

All Beacon Truck washes are terrible but this one is especially awful. If you like the paint on your truck or coach, don't come here. They chipped paint off of my coach and then tried to tell me it was my fault because the paint on my 2 year old coach wasn't cured! No, their employee hit it with the metal water wand

James Hazlett

These guys did an awesome job with my truck. Even though they were busy, they didn't rush the washing process and still took the time to make sure she came out sparkling.

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