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5637 Santa Anita Ave, Temple City, CA 91780, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bellagio Express Car Wash IN California

Thomas Davis

Quick. Easy. Cheap.

Gabriel Favela

Pretty good place to shine your car. A little too crowded for my taste, but all in all they deliver.


I love taking crazy windshield photos through the wash.

Office Elders

This place is the bomb! Great prices, and super fun to go through! Lights, colors, good smells, shiny car, what more could one ask for at such a great price? Good vaccums too which helps clean the inside better. Only minor inconvenience is that the vaccums couldn't reach quite as far as other places I've been to. So I couldn't do my trunk but small loss. Still great.

Nicholas Chew

Quick 6 dollar car wash, just know that you have to tape down your own windshield wipers and antennas.

Salvador Gonzalez

This place is awesome, I see an upgrade on the business on every visit! Affordable! I have no doubt this will turn into a successful chain.

Robert Echauri

fast and efficient


Nice staff and very supportive. For car wash I’m not satisfied as it didn’t cleaned properly.

Art Hernandez

For a fast car wash Just pay drive and wash you don't need to get out of the car.

Robert De La Cruz

Great prices that includes vacuum!!

Michael Lai

They insisted I run the vehicle through one more time because it still looked dirty to them. It was pretty filthy to begin with.

Tasha Kirksey

Affordable. Great Carwash

Peppy P

Great simple and fun car wash. Reasonably priced! Don't forget to vacuum the insides for free afterwards!

Carol Caldwell

This is as good as hand wash! Always a pleasure to go there.

Jonathan Lezama

It was my first time going with my old man to wash his car and I actually like it... they got vacuums as well, which is so helpful

Alberto Franco

Good place free vacuum

Bobpickett Pickett

Is a good place to go for a cheap car wash

Michael N

$6 for basic wash plus free vacuum. Bring a cloth to dry your car.

David Glassburn

Good place @ opening; Asian customers IGNORE THE 5 minute of vacuum USE; They version the Drying Area as a DETAIL SHOP (Self Service).

Freddy Perez

Great monthly plan if you're an Uber or Lyft driver.


Best car wash in all LA area.


Very rude staff. Need help dealing with customers. I will not return and will not recommend. Forget the term spot free rinse. Not wrth the money.

alberto carrillo


Myrna Miranda

I have been to this car wash many times, I like the convenience and prices, which did go up $1.00 a year or more ago. I would not recommend going here if you want customer service, they don't offer any. If you want help with a situation that may arise, such as a broken item that was cause when your car went through the wash, you'll be S.O.L. bring your own tape!

Ellen Robinson

This is drive through car wash. After you drive through there is available parking and vacuum for you to clean the inside of your car.

jasmine unknown

Good car wash and close to home

david contreras

Good carwash service; employees deserve to be trained to offer good customer service.

walter pelayo

It's fast, convenient and the staff was nice and helpful but ultimately it just doesn't provide a good car wash. I put my car through twice with the premium VIP level car wash and it still came out dirty.

Nai Yang

Good: The place just got new vacuum installed. Just $6. Not so good: back of car is always still dirty and the car is always still wet with suds.

cara valentino

Cheaper than a car wash

Memo S.

Great easy drive thru car wash. Clean!

Beryl Fok

Best for when you're in a hurry!

Raymond Gunawan

With $6, can get expedited car wash. Free 5 minutes Vacuum.

Xanath Casaos

Definitely like this place the only thing is that their car washes don't remove tough spots on your car.


Clean car, happy owner.


Good wash fair price

Dancing Fingers

Great car wash. Just too crowded!

Castor Phan

Basic car wash price up to 6 bucks but still worth it for the time it takes to get in and out. Weekends are busy, go during a weekday, and when the sun is down for best results. The 13 wash is also worth it and may prevent you from washing as often (coat of wax and other protective layers). Wish the staff were a little less pushy with your pulling up your car, bumper to bumper with the person in front of u. We get it, you want to maximize the run time, and speed up the lines. This is an Asian area with Asian drivers, word of caution lol.

Johnny Guerrero

good place to wash and vaccum for free

E Reyez

Drove my car through the stall upon exiting noticed the machines damaged my car took totally ripped off rear side moldings went inside told the guy with a careless attitude, poor customer service that was working there he did not care what had happened to my car. He went into the washing bay area and retrieved my rear side moldings from my mini cooper. and just handed them to me. I told him that I needed to file an insurance claim and he said for me to email the company he gave me no other information or help I asked to speak with a manager no one returned my call or helped me. I have tried several times to get in contact regarding this problem. Left him my information. I Never received a call or email Damages cost me several hundred dollars to repair at my own expense.I will never go back to this place or reccomend this buisness to anybody.

Tracy Tiongson

So far my go to (when able) for a car wash. Decently priced with great options. Free spaces to do extra cleaning with vacuums is big plus too :)

David Joe, Jr.

Always crowded, ok

Guy Blatt

Great price. $6 starting. Includes self serve vacuum.

Alinda Tian

100% recommend

Michael Ng

quick $6 car wash

Dorothy Hu

This place deserves 100 NEGATIVE star! Damaged our brand new car and refused to take the responsibilities and most disgusting thing is they accused us that we had the damaged before the car wash?!!! The whole rear bumper came off caused by their equipments, and the dirty place said they do not have insurance to cover their Axx?!!!! I am taking them to court! Be very careful with them and DO NOT go there!

Lawrence W. Fleischer

Even though it ended up raining I still took my car to get it washed I love going to that carwash place I'm glad I'm a member

Linda Martin

It's fast, efficient, thorough cleaning & Courteous Staff. Please consider putting one in Pasadena area.

Harry Emerson

Great Car Wash for the price which includes unlimited time on do-it-yourself vacuuming.

marquette corona

Clean cars are the best

Cesar Hernandez

Great deal for your money they have unlimited monthly car wash membership witch makes it worth it if this place is near your commute. The automatic car wash machine cleans your car quite nicely and the vacuum machines are free to use. I would recommend coming here early since this place does get busy later on during the day.

Gladys Flores

I absolutely love this car wash


This car wash always leaves my car nice

Jesus Gabriel Huerta

Nice clean service, a bit Pricier that most competeors... Nice people come here on Saturday mornings...

martin gudino gudino

Excellent service

maurilio gordillo

The price is fair the only catch is that on weekends is to crowded and the employees are by your neck telling you to move on so is you want a good car wash this not the place there are better places and at same price

Lynne Sigler

Very nice car wash, good prices, cleans my car like new. Only problem is the amount of cars waiting to enter, due to the amount of cars, it causes a huge problem with traffic. Waiting to enter several cars will block the intersection.

Tom Banh

It could be 5 stars if not because of peak hours. The place needs more vacuum spaces. There appears less washing and soaping steps on busy weekends.

Cyrillic K272016

Reliable and fast. Enough space for car vacuum

Cuitlahuac Dominguez

Friendly service and they always get my drink right.

Lisa Peterson

Car Wash is the best i have ever had! Thank you Bellagio Express Car Wash

Tom Ma

By far the best car wash for you money in SGV area. Wish they would open a bit later tho.

alex chandra

Inexpensive car wash. Just bring your own towel

Joah Park

For $6 you get a decent machine car wash which will remove 90% of grime.

Tesfa Clacken

Great first experience, $10 of impressive work all by machine. Vacuum is self serve but free with any wash.

amanda g

Easy to go through. Very fun colors!

Edgar Cortez

There are many locations like this in Washington state and there needs to be more like them here in California. Very convenient and affordable. Downside is that there are so few of these car wash locations that makes these very full. Try to go once they open to avoid the mad rush. Still love it.

Eddie Meneses

Regular(basic) car wash $6.00, Top car wash(wax,undercarriage wash) $13.00. Not a hand wash but a drive thru wash. You can also purchase a monthly pass for basic at about $24.00(For unlimited car washes a month).Top wash(unlimited) for about $54.00.

Dianelaine929 truthbetold

Bought the VIP,"Unlimited'' pass at $55.00. Tho you can only go 1x per day.But That's not unlimited! IJS.. False advertising!

Jayme Thompson

My Car Shines Coming Out of there for their $13.00 Wash!

Thomas Chen

Fast and efficient.

Elvia Hernandez

If you are looking for a fast carwash this is the place, just don't expect it to be 110% squeaky clean and spotless. Remember, it is a carwash, not a handwash. You drive up to the paying machine - cash, atm and credit cards welcome - and you do NOT have to get out of your car. Drive to the rail that will pull your car, and when the attendant (or the light) tells you, put the car on neutral, take your foot off the break and violà. At the finish line/green light, switch to drive, and if your car does not need vacuuming just drive away. I am giving it 4 stars because I find it so convenient. How is that for fast!!!??

David Earl

Awesome place to wash very responsible monthly packages.

Gabriel and Cindy Canul

Love it when it's not packed. Go early or else.

monica andrade

I came two times and it's closed

travieso bautista

Cool place to go get a car wash and affordable too...

Janet Rochlin

LOVE the car wash. I LIKE to go around 7:00a.m. in and out.

AJM Marc

Self service. Low prices. Newer state of the art equipment. Attendant to make sure get through okay. Monthly passes available.


Damaged hood of my car, June 28th 2019.


The $6 express wash with free self-vacuum is free it's at! Some people an linger at the vacuums causing a wait for the limited spots but no one seemed to have to wait that long (signs say 5min limit).

Tatiana Mendez

This place always gets the job done! I'm here almost every weekend

Alex Turner

The best Express Car Wash in the area, Los Angeles and the state of California! They put out such an amazing clean car and super dry! it is worth every penny!! I strongly recommend this car wash! You will fall in love


The quickest for our limo fleet, Lina is awesome & helpful.

Ruth Chen

Some employees and customers are real bitchy.

Dilcia Moya Moran

My favorite place to get a car wash for under $10.00

Leticia Ortiz

Great job and fast. Never too full.

dave L

Best deal in town ... Car wash starting at 24.00 unlimited monthly free vacuum available

Steven Zuniga

Good car wash that leaves your car spotless. Save your money and go here instead of those 20 dollar places.

Elvin Raganit

Awesome service.

Miacruz Adriana

This car wash is a great place I do recommend tray it you will love it ✌️

Eric Conway

They have gotten a little to fancy for a car wash. But I still use this spot if I'm not washing by hand.

Harry Joseph Emerson Lucky Lallas

Great prices with free vacuums.

Raciel Jacinto

Good car wash fast and ready just the eay i like it.


Chose the $8 option. Affordable! Quick! My first car wash ever. Thank you. Love the pretty water and soap colors

Armando Gonzalez

Can't beat a $ six dallor car was , where you just sit in your car as the automatic machine does all the work .


They might break your back wiper off and they won't care.

Cathy Esparza

Very nice

Mark Thompson

Price is great.

j delgado

Good car wash!..

Martini Linn

Inexpensive and fast wash, I clean my car weekly here, highly recommended.

Jay Sharma

Drive in and out! Usually I get out of the car wash within 10 minutes.


Great place

George Chan

fast car wash

Edgar Lopez

Good and cheap carwash thats my spot every friday

Ignacio Muneton

Great place for a quick and thorough car wash. In and out in less than 5 minutes unless you do the self-vacuum or dry the car yourself.


The brushes they use don't work very well to clean front windshields and if you request a do-over they will say no. The manager guy is too busy trying act like Joe Cool instead of working and caring for customers.

Michael Arvizu

The express wash here is so good! Really good prices and honestly for the price the express wash does such a good job. Quick and easy. Also a free vacuum after the wash. Perfect, highly recommend

Jason Lau

Open early, close late! Cool car wash, select, pay, drive in, and wash, and then after that, self service 5 min vacuuming, so cool, must come again, bring friends and fam! Note:Best view is in Driver and Passenger, and you must be careful that the car behind you doesn't rear end you(vase/versa), because this case happens sometime

Michael Freed

Ok car wash, not a great dry system. But the reason I gave it one star is that late in the day the glare from the Sun makes it hard to see the corners of the buildings. I came very close to hitting a building twice.

Joshua Carreon

Good place and I wash my car here often. Affordable prices for automatic wash with free do it yourself vacuum system. This place also offers monthly passes which good for those of us that prefer a clean car and wash the car often.

Saida Diaz

I love this car wash

Ranma Saotome

I always come here to wash my car once a month and its the best car wash I've been too. Been coming here for years.

Vincent Paseri

Good place to get your car cleaned in a hurry

laura woods

This car wash is very convenient. I always get the lava & love it. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the drying. Other then that the employees are great.

maurilio gordillo

Great and cheap car wash

Brian Childers

Best drive thru wash ive ever been in. It even does armor all to your tires inside the washer

Israel Hernandez

The place has multiple tiers for the type of Car Wash you want. If there is no line you are out of here in 10 min including the vacuuming time.

Lea Byun

Fast and efficient car wash. Vacuum cleaner it's strong enough to get most of dust inside of your car.

Dora C.

The wash wasn't done very well, the car was rushed through because of how busy it was.

Milinda Halahackone

The best car wash in town... friendly staff.

Michelle Ramirez

Best carwash around the area. The only downfall is that it's always really pack. But worth it for the prices and the machines really clean your car. Plus free vacum!!

Joe Padilla

This place is great the price is good after the blower dry the car you can compete drying your self go during the week weekend's are very very busy..

Andrew Villalobos Jr

Cheap. Quick if it's not busy, but it does get super super busy

Gin Yu

I had a very good experience at this car wash. I will definitely have my car washed again!

Ray Shieh

Wash is very poor quality, a lot of grime will not be picked up by the machine, the dryer doesn't work properly and will leave water spots everywhere.

Robert Viscaina

Talk about a quick easy car wash for a good price

Sean Garcia

The price is great the wash is prety good to state of the art car wash for sure.... problem is the people camping out at the vacuums clogging up the place so you cant get in or out !!! This part of the experience sucks. It holds up traffic for people just driving by because "this clog up" pours out into the street. There needs to be a time limit at the vacuum area's....

Phil Horton

Can't beat the $10 wash which includes armor-all on the tires. Only downside - when it is busy, there may be no vacuum spots open.

Negra Sarabia

Price is cheap vaccum is free most of the time is packed but it goes by fast nd smooth, haven't had a problem.

Kerry Breveard Sr.

Nice car wash

Daniel Moreno

Fastest car wash in my life . Great job on the wash i was surprised. Never seen a automated car wash do such a spectacular job.n the do it youre self vac is great.

Kenny Lu

Affordable and fast. Entrance is short. When it's crowded, the line runs out into the street, blocking on-coming traffic.

Norma Macias

Good prices,to wash the car and they have a new vacuum to clean in side.

Sean Liu

Cheap $6 wash. Can get real crowded.

Jerry Nista

Place can get crowded at times. Wash is very quick and does a great job. Only reason why 4 stars is because of lack of customer service. You dont always see employees around if you need help or have any questions.

Mix Music

Good price, fast, good service.

William Morgan

Would rate as 5 stars except it's close to a major intersection. Careful getting in and out.

Anna Marie smith

Car wash is great don't pay extra for tire cleaner doesn't make a difference I paid for VIP car came out clean except my rims looked the same

Randall R. Luo

Good car wash. Very convenient and quick.

michellyn russell

But too small of a location super busy

Nathan Phan

Quick, easy, efficient. Would recommend

Ricardo Rauda

Cheaper than a regular car wash and they do a decent job. No tip required.

Stephen Li

Great experience. Clean and great value

Anton Naperstak

Nice newer machines. Wash the car pretty well.

Mr. Black

Very good, hands-free machine. Almost fully automated, even at the pay machine. Free vacuum after the wash, do-it-yourself.

Ron Ben

Best place to wash your car ,price is cheap, car looks amazing after washing, just bring your own towels to dry your car. I drive a 2015 Stang and I love how fast and easy is to wash your car here.

Carlos Rodriguez

6 dollar wash free vacuum

Elizabeth Romo

I love coming to this car wash. Price ranges from $6.00 and up depending on what you need for your car. I always get the $6.00 one but will be trying a higher price since the yellow scum from mosquitoes does not come out with the 6.00 one.

Oscar Arroyo

Number is n1 car wash in the area, I like the fact that you can vacuum at no extra charge and you can finish small details in the same spot. We need more car wash like this in the area, unless you want to drive all the way to Baja is a few of this type of car wash in Mexicali BC

Joseph Smith

Fast when I went. No problems here.

Roselyn Ann Merluza

It is okay. It is just too hot during the summer since there is no shaded area to do the drying. And some of their vacuums doesnt have much power anymore

Eddie Cabrera

Quick and ery economical options

Alice Wang

Very fair price and convenient vacuum to clean your car.

mark hung

Used to be 5$ a car wash and now it's 6. None the less, great cheap place to get your car wash

Jose Soto

Simple, easy, and quick. You're the boss of cleaning the inside and, on busy days, there is a5 minute limit on using the vacuum cleaners.

Maggie Me

Love the under 5 min wash Does not remove all the water with the air at the end of the washing cycle so be prepared to take a towl to dry the sprinkles left on the vehicle. You can vacuum your car for free at the end of the wash

Alexandr Volosevich

Fast cheap good quality car wash my recommendations

Claudia Zepperi

I love this carwash, it does an excellent job compared to many others. The suction on the vacuums is totally awesome!

Carla Rivera

Absolutely my favorite car wash!!!

Art BanDit

They really have a good price for you to pick from and the best vaccums afterwords. Love it.

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