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2599 Bayshore Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94134, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bay Shore Car Wash IN California

Lisset Rivera

Duane Duty

I am a Lyft driver and I wash my car everyday. This is by far the best self service car wash in the city. However there is one problem that affects everyone that uses your facility. You have 4 vacuum cleaners. Which are limited. But people will park next to the vacuum to do everything in their car but vacuum. Please make a sign in front of the vacuums explaining in English and in Spanish that this area is for vacuuming cars only. Not drying the car, not cleaning the car out. But vacuuming only I have been waiting almost 10 minutes for a vacuum while three cars chase kids, clean out trunks, and do everything else but vacuum. Please help with this problem thank you

Melina Navarrette

Very busy

Dosia Franklin

sandra calderon

Brandy Radford

Wang Nianbang

(Translated by Google) The price of 2 yuan, but a lot of people queuing (Original) 价钱2元 ,但很多人排队

Jeremy Y

after clearwater increased the price, this is my favourite place for my cars. 8 quaters for 4 mins, u cant beat that. Water pressure is powerful enough, and not very crowded during the night. Good business practice of not changing my 20 into all quaters; gave me $5 worth quaters and three 5 dollar bills. What a good place to be

Tony Godshall

Long lines

Tim Lim

Chinarut Ruangchotvit

High-pressure soap available for a 4-5 min touchless wash! Machines take quarters thankfully with a low minimum to make it a quick job. Be sure bring microfiber towels to blot yr car dry and use the area away from the vacuums on the side.

Ron T

One dollar gets you four minutes with the shopvac

Peter Busalacchi

Burden of Proof

Its usually crowded. I spend about 6 dollars every time. Area is not too safe. But never had problems before.

Alan Li

Mikel Mcwhirter

Wasn't happy with it

Kim Winkelmann

Unkown one

All the coin machines ran out of money. Really disappointed.

luis diaz

Igor Santos Galvao

Byron Carballo

Krystyna sereda

Nice clean place. Over priced

Antonio González

James Salinas

Pablo Cubas

Alara Goktepe

Tony Welch

Abner Juarez

(Translated by Google) All right (Original) Bien

Thinh Lam

Andrew Barela

Do it yourself car wash really cheap only $2

David Velas

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Josue Hernandez

Armando Ortez

Queen Jones

Huber Barrera

Los Pena

Closed now

Henry Roa

Mike Sison


Shanda Smirh

Yonas Hadera

Giulia Defant

Nicolas G. Delgadillo Garcia


Marvin Romero

Eliberto Claro

Aaron Tan

Zeny Roman

Zach Hilbert

Cheapest in sf

Minette Eugene

aisha sillemon

Mark Allen

Aaryn Harrison

I was amazed at how busy this little 4 bay car wash was at midnight! My friend and I were returning a rental and went to go clean the vehicle after using it. There were 4 cars ahead of us and there was hardly a moment when any of their service areas were not in use. Unfortunately, there wasnt any lighting in other areas where detailing could be done, so as soon as the wash was done, the only area that was lit well enough was the 4 vacuume areas and one of those units was nonoperational, so we were unable to vacuuume or adequately clean the interior.

timmy zhu

christian zuñiga

Ahmed Gamal


(Translated by Google) Bad attitude (Original) Bad actitude

HKevin P

Brenda Perez


One of the best self service car wash place in SF. Everything works perfect. New equipment. It takes quarters so you don't have mess with tokens and you pay as much as you need to wash your car. Cheap price. One minus:often you have to wait 5-10 minutes in line.

Olga C Rivas

(Translated by Google) It has an affordable price (Original) Tiene un precio adcesible

Karen Perkins

Good cheap carwash. A great location to people watch, lol. Last time saw a lady with house arrest ankle bracelet on.

Elvis Ramirez

Rob Rack


Javier Pacheco

Rosmeri Gomez

Faitala Togiaso

Great vacuum, but the car wash is a bit pricy for me.

Daniel Renneisen

Taz Maney

easy access n exit

Alma V

Nick Ku

November Byrd

Horacio Gonzalez

Nancee Sanchez

Calvin Perez

Karime Fernandez

(Translated by Google) Not all machines are used (Original) No sirven todas las maquinas

Tone Montanna

Easy fun car wash

Xavier Romero

$2.00 wash if ur fast enough!

Salvador Garcia

Judy R Paige

Joan Martinez

I would suggest a different place because during the day this place is full

Chaya Singh

Why do ppl say this place is to good for ppl watch? ppl go to wash they cars there not to be watched. I go here a lot to save money and I think this place is the cheapest it can get compare to other car washes. Weather it’s self wash or pay! Car wash company’s charge way to much to clean for you I mean what happen to 29.99 nowdays it’s like 59.99 to start off with.

rui wu

At 6am,Too much people ,wait for long time

James Pike

It actually takes quarters and as of 6/13 only takes $2 to start a wash. It gets busy, but you can go anytime so it's all good.

Allan Tong

This place was in the hood but if you're ok waiting and being in the hood then you can get a cheap DIY car wash. $2 for 4 mins and $1 for 4 mins on the vacuum.

Geoffrey Chen

Alejandro Guzman


Robert Warren

Ej Rider

This place keeps my car clean!! 24hr and only $2 still!!! Can’t complain with that. Except the long lines during a hot day

Dora Ortiz

Always very crawled you have to wait over 20 minutes

Muriel Reese

It's a convenient location, however some of the functions don't always work, but my car comes out for the most part clean, I do have to go over it with a shame. You have to vacuum yourself and that's about $5-$7 extra but there are vacuums on each side of your stall so it's efficient. Overall, it does a good job and I am happy with the end result.

Rashmi Biswas

Yimy Castro

it's no bad


One needs to practice alot to have good results i guess

Tina Tjahjadi

shakir sharifi

It said $2 and I used my card and then it was only for 3 minutes then stopped, now I checked my account and it charged me $10 and there’s no contact number to call...

Raquel Leonberger

Arsalan Khan

You just gotta be fast here ,$2 for 4 minutes it's get the best job done by your self .

AlsharrifOmar Zaa'bi

The only problem is the only one

the grim reaper 2.o

(Translated by Google) It fulfills my pleasure. (Original) Cumple con mi agrado.

Jimmy Li

Hector Rodriguez

Bryck Flanagan


Shay Batte

Alex Yuan

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