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6066 Reseda Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91335, United States

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REVIEWS OF 3-2-1 Carwash IN California

Devorah Teyer

DO NOT GO HERE! They damage your car! I brought my new car for a wash and they piled one car on top of the other. My car smashed into the truck in front of me ruining the front plate and scraping up my tire rim. The owner, Dimas never called me back to address the damages. They don’t care. I’m calling the BBB. BAD CAR WASH. Don’t take the chance.

Michael Koss

Eduardo Correa

Alan Tooma

Gokul Naik

Yadira Araujo

Rene Orellana

Free Vacuums and good clean for cheap especially when using the monthly service

Linda babyblue

Vu Mark Nguyen

Sal Alaimo

I am sorry to say that I will not be returning to this car wash, and the reason for that is that the only time it's run the right way is when Eldon's there, and since he is the company's team leader, that makes sense! Otherwise, I just think that a large part of the Hispanic population, in Southern California, has an attitude of entitlement, and I'm not sure how long that's been going on, because I'm only 31 and have never lived anywhere outside of the Valley and AV. But one thing I can say is that that community has been carrying that attitude around for a LONG TIME, and when you go to a place like Metro Express, that attitude just really seems to shine through sometimes. Not ALL the time, but some times! :-\

Shahram Shahram

Looove this place. 15 bucks a month and my dirty car problem is solved.

Mike Frank

Spent 17 $ for what should be a 6$ wash I sant believe it. It's ok if you pay 7$ for the basic wash but don't pay for "the works" smh

Hailun Guo

Fast service with low price, the regular car wash is $6, and there s one time I went there around 8:20am, they even have “early bird” price as low as $5.

ben or

******* stay away ****\\\\\\\ Runs by kids how don't know what safty is ... Needed to back up my car not to run to stacked car a had of me in the tunnel ... The kids that run the place had no safety skills....

Ramsess Khosravi

It’s a joke! One vacuum for all the cars , and that one vacuum is broken and doesn’t work properly!

Moe Fard

The Mashine are cheap and making lots of scratches on the car specially if your car is blsck.

Mikhail Neyman

There vacuum service not good,so much weak

Marette St. John

Car wash monthly membership is good. Scanner doesn't really read the tag.

Carlos Castaneda

James Mcgee

cliff simons

LOVE THIS PLACE!! Great customer service! I will totally be back! Thank you for all your help!

Ni Xin

Fast and good price

Daniel Winkels

I got a monthly membership for $15 because I'm in B2B sales and I drive to my calls the whole day. I didn't want to show up in a dirty car, so I got my car washed every few days. For $15, it was a great price for having a clean car for a month. They also have vacuums to clean out your car, which is really nice. The one downside is that they had an issue with getting my account set up. I paid and filled out the paperwork on the first day I got my car washed. Then I came back a few days later on my way to work, and I had to sit there for about 10 minutes because my account wasn't in the system yet. The guy was nice about it and gave me a free week to make up for it, so I feel we're good. But if you buy the monthly membership, just hold onto your receipt in case they mess up in getting you into the system. I noticed a few more scratches on my car recently, but that could just be due to just being in LA for the first time and parking on the street every night. I'm going to see if I can find a touchless car wash for $25 or so per month, but I may try them again (especially with all the birds around here). Overall, great value for the month!

Lauren West

AVOID AT ALL COST!!!! Their horrible car wash nicked the paint off my brand new car in 3 separate places (at least that I can tell so far)!!! I've had my car for 2 months and this is the first time I've had it washed, so I know it was done by this place! I am in shock that they are in business! Clearly this isn't the first time this has happened to someone here--while I was waiting to vacuum my car I saw another customer pointing to scratches on his car to the employees and when I went to complain and then leave my information to have the owner get back to me, on the same sheet that they slid away were other customers' names, numbers and car information. What a scam!! I will not rest until this owner has paid to have these scratches repaired!!

Armine T

jacob kamarzarian

I wish they were faster as the name

D char

Naor Gigi

Its looks like they trying to save water & soup

Reed Clément

Free Press

Great carwash! Staff super friendly!!

Jacky Dela

It's cheap and good service

Running with Jordan

This place is the bomb, the prices are cheap, & you get great service. The store manager is super cool, & great looking. I give it 10 stars....

Matt Olsen

Ebrahim Dadvarshargh

Captainkirk124 Captainkirk124

Great deal


Price is high, quality is 0. Many days of month they closed for maintenance. Be aware: Unlimitted is not "unlimitted"

Stocks Huskies

Been here twice. They don't get your car clean, no matter what level of service you use. They spend a lot more time on cars in line that they 'like' than everyone's car. I was going to give the low level worker a $5 tip for JUST spraying tire cleaner on my tires, but he said he didn't have time ... had to 'keep the line moving. But he spent 10 minutes wiping down a Ford Focus in front of me. Suffice to say, will not be back.

Bingnan Han

mike reed

i love this carwash. i live a block away. i wash my truck at least once a week. its convenient, the wash is good and i pay $15 a month unlimited. i used to pay $18 per wash with tip before i switched. i hope they never shut down.

Yadira Vanegas

Gary Dalie

We left Tarzana in August and have left numerous messages to cancel our account. No one answers when we call and they continue to take money out of our bank account.

Richard Davis

Drive through wash with attendant service to prep your car for a wash. I'm a regular customer washing my car 5 or 6 times a month. Sign up for their monthly plans and save money.

Angy Angeles


Paul Sirisuphang

Best machine car wash in the Valley. Even better than many hand wash places and the cheapest package is only $6.

Sepehr Aghasoltan

The monthly fee was 15$ but right is 28$ without any changes

jeanette reyder

farshad mohamadi

Good service good price

kevin fernandez

Mahdi Zohari

Nancy Ly

Awful, crowded, disorganized. Avoid it if you can. Ran by the village idiots.

Oomi Pammit

Crazy awesome! Customer service is incredibly courteous, and my first time there was a breeze. Cheap prices, no stress, and free vacuuming service :)

kiji koo

free vacuum

Medford Deforest

Shiva Jalili


Ron Luckerman

Great car wash. Good prices, great service and nice people.

Cassidy Stark

Free vaccume. Overall they do a great job!

Amit Kadosh

sageel hameera

sok wow nice place

blitztransportation Ben or.

The service done by teenage kids how don't care. Almost crash my car inside the tunnel when the car in front got stack the kid that runs the place didn't know or care... I needed to force myself back in back. ****** watch out. **********

Christian Payne

Nice place, cheap and my car looks good. Can't complaint. Can be as low as 5 if I'm remembering correctly and up to 12. Still not bad. Akseralyan

I drove to the car wash because on Google it says it closes at 8 on sunday and at 730 it was already closed

roozbeh monjezi

Every thing is perfect and they are so friendly

Tom Kosh


Dmitry Kirzhner

Membership $42 Ridiculous


No More Metro express for me. More expensive for even less service doesnt make sense. A year ago this location was my favorite where I'd get out from the car wash literally wouldn't need to do anything except just the tires and the vaccum. Now They lessen the amount of soap used, much faster to get out, the dryer doesnt dry most of the water like before. I'm picking somewhere else where they do more decent job for a reasonable price.

Daniel Meza-Rivera

sonido littelnoise

I like it is very good if I recommend it

Robert Blueducky

Left the car wet.

Sergii Gulievatyi

I have been using this car wash for the past 3 years. But the quality has became worse over the past 3 months. Friday 09/27/2019 - this was my last time. The guy who supposed to water my car before washing wrote SMS on his mobile and ignored me. At least half of the brushes inside the car wash do not work at all. Water did not work on some rinse cycles.

Ramin Khatami

Very good service, and you get alot for your money

Harold Black

Leonard Mucciacciaro

Excellent Value!

Kenneth Yacharn

This place is great, the guys that spray and scrub your car take their time before it enters the main wash. This is the only drive in car wash I've been to that dries your car the most. Even if it's still wet, their spot free rinse had got to be the better kind out there, which leaves the least amount of spotting that I've noticed.

Raoul Molina

Quick wash service with a smile

Eddie Correa Jr.

Really cleans your car. Never disappoints. Fast service.

Jose Vidal

Paula hopkins


Cheap, quick, and helpful

Genesis Van cleave

Perfect.. Employee sprays two sprays from left to right. Ehind the car and alightly scrubs tires as your car is being pulled in. Vaccumes are good. Only thing is hardly anu parking space... Only 3 vaccume ports and one other double vaccume n 4 parking spot when u come out... But my car came out super clean with the 12$ wash.

Albert Levitt

I wash my car here a two years and it is a good car wash, but when Mr Jose start work there it dart to be an Exelent ! No more, no less :-)

Kayle Dye

In & out

houman foroughian

Pickle Boi

Bruce Schramm

Chucc Heffna

Great place to get your car washed

Wes S

andreas rosen

Great and affordable place love the free vacuum

Benjamin A.

Very fast service

Val Gal

Do not use your credit or debit or you will be charged even if you ask for 1 month canceling in not easy

Kim Ly

It's a great deal and very fast. Glad I found this place.

afshin Farahmand

Haley Williams

Cheap and fast, my car always looks good after. Only reason it isn't getting 5 stars is that there aren't enough vacuums. Last few times I've been there have been giant lines to get to one

Geof Greenway

Shahab Hajighasemi


Jessica Lee

Decent place to get a wash

Frank Max

Navid Shafiezadeh

Service is so bad.i go at 6 pm 3 times and guys Saye is close. My car is black after wash over there I have too much scratch in my car if you say open to 7:30 PM why are you close at six ?is a bad customer service .service sucks chargh me one time $10 and he does geve me the $2 Chang.he tell me no money in the mashin.

Henry Martinez

Alonso Noguera

Lilian Fittipaldi

Rayee Roded

Awesome car wash. Very quick machine tunnel. And you self vacuum yourself. No lines on weekday and all for 6 bucks basic wash. Cannot ask for more

Andrew Grant

Tito Padilla

Great deal with the monthly membership. Access to vacuums included.

Jesse Crawford

I have the monthly pass for $30.00 which gives You the ability to take your car to the car wash every single day of the month. I obviously don't do that but I go probably twice week. If I were to go to a different car wash I would easily spend triple that for the month

Angel Arias

great prices, great service , the manager Jose is THE MAN

Timur Yerbalin

Rick Lugliani

Not that great

Valida Guliyeva

Monthly rate for basic was&vacuum only $15

damiano migani

Got the top wash (12$) and wasn’t too impressed. There were many spots left unwashed or not properly dried.. the wheels also were left dirty. Better go to a proper hand car wash in my opinion.

Mario Manriquez

David Henderson

Pie 4life

Equipment seems to have been "less loved" than before . I can find 2-3 noses not working when inside the wash and at the vacuum station it's missing the blue cloth that stops it from sucking in air making the rest weaker. The lights aren't all on inside the vaccum stations at night too . I do love this place and it's prices I hope they expand but not turn into a "cash cow" where the place gets run down. I see it happening a bit but it's still keeping me coming back daily . I would say it needs a day of maintance to clean and fix everything.

Nayeli E.


Katie Miller

Roxanne Shaw

Ibrahim Mekhail

Great value for great service. Thank you

Scott Wayne

By far the best around

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