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3410 S 74th St, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

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REVIEWS OF Splash Express Car Wash IN Arkansas

Kiki Endres

paul mclure

Good car wash

leo carmichael

Great place to get your car washed

Billy Coleman

They are washing by hand because machine won't clean. Very expensive


Reynaldo Zuniga

Chill with Manny 420

Friendly staff great prices

Fallon Sealund

I love this new splash on college!! It’s great and there’s excellent customer service. I never have to wait in a long line!!

Jazmin Sanchez

Ricky Kilgore

Fast and easy! Free vacuum, too!

Larry Robbins

These guys go above and beyond to get your vehicle clean.

yesseniia Maadrrigal

They give good service Miguel a staff member its very helpful and nice good place really

Andrew Sharp

$22 for basic wash. No thanks.

Mary Roddy

Always friendly and thorough! We don't take our car and truck anywhere else.

Michael Anderson

First time here. Got called a version of the F word by one of the young men because I didn't have it in neutral.

Ryan Mitchell

Best automated carwash in the area. The employees are always ready to help out and do a great job keeping the place clean. Have been coming here since the opening and not once seen the prewash water/brushes dirty. The vacuum area is conveniently large allowing plenty of room for backing out without the worry of hitting something or another car backing out on the opposite side. They also have the most powerful vacuums I've seen in awhile be sure to pick up anything u do want off your mats it WILL take it.


Best $5 car wash and vaccuum around.

Brandon Rehak

Best car wash in Fort Smith. They hand wash your car and then you are taken through the spot free rinse tunnel and then hand dried post tunnel. Made my car shine beyond belief.

Ivonee Vazquez

Pamela Lessnau

Jennifer Bales

Car was scrubbed well before going through rinse! Awesome job!

Timothy Lamoureux

They had 4 guys out front, prewashing your car before you enter the touchless car wash,

Lil G DntTrip

Alex Castillo

(Translated by Google) I like this place because they have good options in their memberships (Original) Me gusta este lugar pues tienen buenas opciones en sus membresias

Dulce Vega

Kim waters

Victor Prado

Jeff Billings

Ahuva Reuveni

Nathan Pippin

Frank Waldrop

Stacey A

Gene Malcolm

With the price of a car wash sitting between 20 and 30 dollars now who can afford that. This place is a $$$ saver. You can drive out or go to a covered area to detail and vacuum your car with very powerful vacuums. I would like to give 5 stars but it doesn't do a very good job on the wheels, so you'll have to do those yourself.

Tia Wigton

We had to cancel our membership. We were having damage from rubbing on our tires and our paint was getting too many Marks in it that now have to get buffed out.

Yesenia Salomon

Great place to wash my car!!! Very convenient!!! First time customer at the Splash in Santa Rosa Ave and happy to have one right in my neighborhood on College.

Laurie Smith

I like the new one on College Ave. It seems stronger than the one off SR Ave; my wiper on the back was pulled up and standing out away from the glass when I exited. Possibly because it's a 2005. Love a clean car!

Loi Quach

Good car wash

amdie little


Always go to this car wash for my cars!

Drizzt Do'Urden

Nikki Garrett


Marquita L. Simmons

Great place to get your SUVs and cars washed ....need more everywhere!!! Great prices!!!

Anna Mullis

They did an AMAZING job of getting my suv spotless! They were able to get lots of mud off of it that was still left after another car wash. I love that they basically hand wash it and no brushes are hitting my vehicle!

Lee Ebbs

The workers obviously have a bad attitude. No sign to say "when you pay"!! So I asked "do I pay at the end?" and he just said "Pay here!" No please, thank you, nothing! They don't want to be there. They did a poor job. Just used brushes and missed a lot of grime. They take no pride in their work. Then they just sit down and mumble and act like they don't care. When I was young I worked at a car wash and had fun. I will not go back there. The manager obviously does not know what he is doing if he allows this to happen.

Wangai Ndungu

Nice job

Stacie Myers

I love the new location! Great drive-thru car wash! First couple times the vacuums worked great, unfortunately the last two times I’ve come the vacuums were out of service :-(. Be back soon to get a wash and hopefully be able to use the vacuums too:-)!

Eva Haley

Fast, fun for kids to go through. Did good job, and the dryer for the car worker fairly well, they had someone dry it off at the vacuums for us, nice touch. Free self serve vacuums that really clean well, one for each side of the car with hoses ling enough to do the back of a mini van. We pulled in because someone splattered red soda all over my cousins white mini van. No problem, they presprayed and cleaned it, then sent it through. Came clean the first time.

Tina Simpson

Excellent service and my car is shining

Sherry Slaten

Best car wash ever. Dont go anywhere else! They completely wash it before u go in.

onekillshot 86

Have always went to this car wash and a good one but today I received a free birthday wash couldn't figure out how to use it the lady that help was very rude and told me it can only be used one my month of birth which I received this on the 3rd of this month over all after my experience today I will no longer use this car wash

King comb

Great car wash and good customer sevice here. I don't care much for the Santa Rosa Avenue location but this one is much better. Unlimited wash package is a fair deal if you like to wash your car a lot.

leonard bradstreet

Rodney Davis

Marite and her magical world torres

(Translated by Google) I really like to wash my truck with you. Your staff is very nice And kind thanks for everything (Original) Me gusta mucho lavar mi camioneta con ustedes. Su personal es muy agradable Y amable gracias por todo

Attila gero

really quick and efficient car wash. At first i felt pretty uneasy about putting my car onto the track and just letting it take control but i got over it after my second wash. Ultimate package definitely makes your car noticebly clean and shiny

blake richards

They broke the power mirror on my truck and won't do anything to make it right. Do not go here

Lynn Buck

Best my car has looked in a long while. Super friendly workers really put in a great effort on every car! It's like a spa treatment for my car!

Luis Vargas

Got fired for no reason.

FaZe MjX

I love splash everyone is nice and the free vacuums are the best!

La Barca.

(Translated by Google) This service is very good ... and I would like you to have a monthly membership without limits to spend more often .... I hope that one day they will have it then it will be the best place par excellence to wash cars ... thanks ... (Original) Esta muy bien el servicio...y me gustaria que tuvieran una membresia mensual sin limites para pasar mas seguido ....espero que algún día lo tengan entonces será el mejor lugar por excelencia para lavar coches...gracias...

Juan Garcia

(Translated by Google) Fast and ecological (Original) Rápido y ecológico

carrie ingle

Could brush your car down alot more. I ususlly have to come back or clean what the machine did not clean.

Randy Smith

Bob K

Gwendolyn Carter

Like it.

Megan Brown

Jane Pritchard

Good carwash for normal dirty but not great for bug juice.

Lisa Martinez

The $30 monthly deal is awesome. My car was always spic & span. The free vacuums are nice to have available and the nice employees that prewash your car and at the end dry your windows are great! Thanks for a good service.

Mary Cruz

Strong-free vacs

Franklin Crane

Ralph, the owner is the best. He and his crew really care about your cars appearance and will do what is necessary to get it spotless. I would recommend this carwash to anyone.

Johnna Barton

Manuel Mosher

Bill Bartholomew

Ron Alexis

Clean and very spacey no over crowding.

Ryan Dill

The actual car wash is not very good. It only seems to slap your car with some rubber and call it a day. The hoses that are around the side though are great and reach really far.

Christopher Roberge

Juan Becerra

Roy Stone

Great service

Claudia Alcantra

Always quick to get through

Kimberly Endres

Dan Winter

Keith S

Best wash in town

65Larry Polizzi

Good price ther


Went today for the first time in a couple months. Looked like all new people working and one yelled, "That's all I want to do is wash another F'ing truck". Heard it again with the truck behind me pulled up. They started scrubbing my paint without wetting it down first. F-bombs the whole time I was there. I will never, ever go back here again. Started telling people about it and they all mentioned cases of scratched paint from this car wash. Stay away!

Miguel Moya

Leslie Hofelich

Good car wash love their vacuums. Buy two get one free

Justin Davis

Lori Synoground

Car was not clean when finished. Young guys were not friendly or professional by any means. I wouldn't recommend this unless you want to feel ripped off afterwards.

Chris Hembree

Really clean facilities!! Works wonderfully!!


Dale Flowers

Excellent, reliable service with personal attention shown to customers.

Kathy Badger

Always great wash and the vacuum system is amazing. Staff is always nice.

Antonio German


I had to do two runs through the car wash for it to get some basic dirty spots on my hood and side of my car (it didn't get it, so in the end I took a towel and a few easy wipes with a towel got the dirt off). At $35 for the "ultimate" car wash there are way better options where people actually put time and effort into ensuring your car is clean. With how easy it was for me to wipe the dirt off, there's no excuse for the car wash to not get it. This is just a glorified basic gas station car wash with the price of actual hand car wash. I see how people like the ease of it, but if your car actually has dirt on it and needs to be cleaned, this is a bad place to go. If you're looking for a basic rinse, that's what this place provides but is too expensive to justify.

Mr Paul Wagner

Love this place great service friendly people awesome machines.

Zohair Mofreh

Arman Javid

Elyse Montgomery

The best in Sonoma county.

Meghan Call

I went to this location of Splash for the first time tonight. It was incredibly convenient, there was no line and there were plenty of vacuum stations! The lights inside the wash tunnel were great!

Tim Romero

Quick and easy

Patty Hathaway

Elizabeth Lozano Torres

Tom Youngblood

Ellie Rivera

Vanessa Cole

James Neal

We enjoyed our experience, the colors were great. Did I mention the car came out very clean

william branter

peggy hooper

Nicholas Cormier

Eric M

Stacy Rutz

Niels Dahl-Jensen

Awesome! Car was hella clean!

Bellxs Vlogs

Love the hand dry service now offered!

John Robert Cunningham

Good car wash for the money! $10 and had 4 people scrubbing away before going through the rinse tunnel. They did a good job and were friendly and enjoyed their work. Definitely better to have the hands on wash compared to other completely automated systems.

Enrique Albor

Jennifer English

As I was in the final stages of the car wash I heard a thump at the back of my car. When I got home I saw large scratches on the drivers back hatch and over the top and back of the door. Never go back there again.

Sandy Brake

Fast and cheap.

Ginette Gerboth-ney

Its convenient and easy to wash and vacuum. Everyone extremely friendly

Mike Born

Clean place

Mary McCourt

Just spent $14 on a car wash. My SUV is only one month old, so no grime. There are still bug spots on the hood, front grill and bumper, and the windshield. There is soap residue on my grill. At least 4 Guys were cleaning my vehicle from different sides with hoses and scrub brushes. I could’ve done much better at the car wash myself and spent four dollars. If I could give them a zero I would. If there was a spot for me to post a picture to show you, I would do that also. I’ll never return.

Janice Frye

Bryan Tedrick

Liz Hooper

Not to shabby

Willie Coleman


Darnell white

Easy and painless and quick! PS. ...... and inexpensive

Juanita Nava

Andre Dews

I love the idea that I could pay once a month and go as many times I like

Robert Coltharp

Wendy Davis

There was actually a fist fight between the employees while we were waiting in line made us feel very uncomfortable

Marti Zolo

Great car wash

Tonie Scaife

Subrina Sutton

Excellent customer service fun carwash, the water doesn't stink . Everyone is so nice start to finish . I was recently told the vacuums are down . But love to find out if that is true . I would recommend people to go .

Darren Rodgers

Great place! I do the monthly pass and it is a great deal!!!! I am picky about washing my car but the machines do a great job!!

Ashley Shepard

The DIY wash works great, it's clean, and safe area. $3 you get good basic wash, $5 and you can real get into the details. Vacuums are OK, not the best but they do the job.

Thunder Wolf

No other car wash leaves cars as clean as they do

Jerry Koshi

We like it. Gets car clean quick and friendly staff.

Antonio Quezada

Stephani Alfonso


MaeBeth Kelley

this is the best car wash that i have ever been to!

Benjamin Flores

Isaac Gentry

Ken Jones

Sorry, but I can't put a ZERO here...Paid $18 to go home and clean my car and windows and tires all over again. What as a RIP off! DUMP!!!

Heidi Nordh

Quick and nice clean job.

Jeronimo Acosta

(Translated by Google) It is all good service. Very friendly and with amazing technology! I recommend it!!!! (Original) Es todo un buen servicio. Muy amable y con una tecnología asombrosa! Lo recomiendo!!!!

Chuck Willhite

This carwash cleaned my car very good.

Jose Saldana

Kyle Buttone

Worst one I’ve been to scratched the car and put 3 separate dents and has yet to call back on my complaint and management actually took of part of my tail light walking around it when makeong my complaint

Joseph P

Great Car Wash

Gwen Grice

Julio Fernandez

Amy Nichols

Zachary Lawson

Really neat store they have a neat program to help keep prices down by having the customers keep the carts in the cart corral. Also the way they inventory things it's large quantities allowing much longer before the staff has to restock. Can I also like the way that they allow the cashiers to sit down and relax knowing that they could be there for a long time. That shows they honestly care about their employees. Everything there is not name brand but you save lots of money and you can't hardly taste the difference.

Geri Tapparo

I love Splash Express. It's the best automatic carwash I have ever been through. Car is sparkling. The vacuums are an added bonus. They even have someone to wipe down your windows while you're waiting for the vacuums. If i have to go somewhere else I'm always disappointed with the results

Davida Harris

It was great

Noah Cushman

Freddy Ojeda Garfia

Lupe McClelland

Like the lights

Michael Chernizer

It was just a great experience the vacuums were powerful they did a great job

Francisco Quezada

Chrissy Dorsett

For the price I paid for this wash, I am very disappointed. I had to clean left on dirt from the trunk, doors and wheels. To top it off, the vacuum we used didnt suck at all. They were very rough with the hand dry and none of the employees seemed happy to be there.

May Walker

Chris Hanson

Good deal

Jose Ortiz

Josie Fish

Love splash! So easy!

Patrick Duboise

Pat Henry

The best car wash, hand scrub it first before they put you through the tunnel, well worth the money!!!!

Kirsten Pruitt

Tina Brown

Kenjie Iglesia

Patricia Mcdonald

Jaime Hall

Seriously, BEST car wash in fsm. The automatic one is great, & they always have a line waiting. They personally hand wash your car before driving through the tunnel, for a second wash! Highly recommend!

FutureMrs Zatarain

Under body wash option!!!

Lee Morris

Worst car wash ever. Smart mouth kid running it, no adults around anywhere. Truck is filthy and paid $22. Do not use them!!!!!!

Pierre Mares

Steve Carlisle

Best Car Wash in Santa Rosa!

Danielle Comb

This is one of the best drive thru car washes I have been to. However, I noticed that within the last 2 weeks, their prices have increased. As someone who is charged monthly for the unlimited wash, it would have been nice to have been notified prior to the increase.

rick morris

What a great job these guys did on my car!! The best!!

Craig Wilkinson

angelica chapa


Very nice wash

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