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2620 Congo Rd, Benton, AR 72019, United States

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REVIEWS OF Splash Car Wash & Express Lube IN Arkansas

Tom Allison

Great service, a job well done (inside-outside) wash. And a pleasant staff that makes you feel like #1 while your car is serviced.


They are kind, courteous and do a wonderful job!

John Drake Alstadt

Robert Williams

David Evans

This is the without question the best auto car wash there is.. this is my second time here the service is absolutely outstanding. The masses haven't found it yet hurry in before the waiting begins

Troy Jackson

Daniel Eissler

tori adcox

Went and paid for their unlimited monthly plan it includes an oil change every 3months and unlimited car washes! First time there they lost my floor mats! Told them before I even left the location. The guy I talked to went to look for them but couldn't find them anywhere so I am guessing they gave them to someone else!! Was told they would replace them. Still waiting!! Will change my review after they make it right!

Edward Wilson

I got unlimited car wash plus free splash towel.

Lori/Tim Temples

Not worth the prices I got a wash about a month or so or go the Basic or cheapest wash and today decided to do the 16$ wash and it was NO better car still dirty for the most part I will have to Hand wash and wax to get the clean I expected for 16$ there Wont waste the money again

Kyle Crain

Great wash. My wife has a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and we usually use the drive through wash in from of the Bryant Walmart or the one in downtown Bryant going towards the High School Both of those would miss random places on the back doors and front fenders and most of the back. This wash off Congo is a newer type and it got the entire care clean. I only give 4 starts because I have not used to detail shop next door yet to be able to rate it properly. Apparently they do interiors and will also do a hand wax.

Deb Gemignani Gomez

Car did not get clean even tho we bought the top wash costing $42!

Amber Worley

Fastest service! Knowledgeable staff and good prices!

John Skorupski


This is the best place to get a car wash, the people are as friendly as they come. They take very good care of your vehicle, and this is what it looks when you're done! With the unlimited Car Wash you can get the inside and out of your car washed anytime you want it usually takes less than 15 minutes to do the inside and out, also you get a free oil change every 3 months! My wife loves it too!

Miriam Lesh

For the price of $19 I can go 5 min down the interstate to Bryant, AR and pay $5 for the exact same service. The plus side is Bryant’s self vacuuming machines have great suction power. So for my first visit review since I drive to Little Rock from Benton will be to stop in Bryant for the exact same service and better vacuums for less. Sorry Splash you made me work harder to clean my vehicle after a long days work the they do in Bryant by Wal-Mart

Kristen Thomas

Ashley Rowan

Denise Gordon

Lynnette Rancifer

I love the monthly plans and we recently found out that if you have a plan there is a discount on additional services, such as oil changes. There is a family friendly waiting area that helps keep my girls occupied. The staff is friendly and responsive. I highly recommend splash. Your car will thank you!!!

Lisa Harding

Johnnie Claunch

Very Good Car wash!

LeeAnn McDaniel

Great service and loved how super clean my car turned out.

Philip Stinnett

Malcom X

Holly Hill

Business Affiliated

Michael Davis

Full service car wash and express lube facility. The car wash is NOT touch free, but appears to use soft fabric spinners instead of anything too harsh. Customers have the option to head out after the automated wash/dry tunnel or take car to the secondary interior cleaning tunnel. The interior side consists of vacuuming, wipe downs, glass cleaning and tire shine all done by real humans so it will add some time to your visit. Overall, reasonable prices with monthly plan available, swift and competent cleaning that leaves your vehicle looking it's best and all done by very friendly staff.

lanora lovell

Kim Hairston

Great fast and cleans like no other

Robert Finnell

Great clean place ,But they need to slow the auto wash down, it misses to many areas. Especially the back. For $11.00 I get a better wash in Bryant.

Shawn Thomas

Larry Hurley

Was easy and did a great job on my truck taking my wife's jeep their next week to get another unlimited pass highly recommend this place compared to all the others in this area

Brandon Crabtree

Great service, really appreciate the hard work they put in to make my truck dog hair free!

Petra C. Hess Wilson

Debbie Johnson

Damaged my car on July 3rd, was told I would hear from them in 72 hours about my damage and what they would do to fix it. I called last week to get a status update and was told I'd get a call that day. Well I didn't get a call and still waiting for a call! Guess I'll go get my car fixed and send them the bill!

Geoff Erwin

Awesome work they do!!!!!!!!!!

Tosha Collie

Tiffany Philpott

Terry Mcclennahan

Great experience.

Zack Cowart

Usually go here becaue I get a "free" wash when I do my oil change at the place in Benton. Decided to go to the new place they built. Pulled up and chose a wash. Asked my a bunch of options and I chose what I wanted. Nothing special. Basic wash and some wax protection. $49 freaking dollars!!! I was like ummm help but nobody was there. I pulled through thinking ok maybe they are gonna do something special. Told the kid working at the drive in. He guides me on the automatic wash conveyor and that was that. $49 for a dang car wash and some pink suds??? NOPE! I WONT be back. I'll give my "free" washes away from now on. Absolutely ridiculous.

Shea Decker

Kristen Felder

I absolutely love coming here and the car wash is just a side bonus. Staff is friendly and always working.

Cindy Corbitt

Friendly folks, great atmosphere, clean car - I am the clear winner here!

Ann Orender

Stephani Ellis

Acog Abuser

Excellent service

Lori Ross

Always fast, clean and easy access!

patrick rowell

Very clean wash powerful vacume nice friendly employees!

Dj R

Great service but pricey

Lori Flores

Staff friendly , everything is clean and nice. Staff very friendly

Vicki Blues Music

Loved car looked brand new!! Had my oil changed as well!! You have to go and see for yourself how AWESOME this place is!!

Melissa Nalley

Splash car wash, what can I say about them? First, let me say I visited splash for the first time about 6 months ago(December 2018). Benton, Arkansas has a splash car wash that washed your car inside and out, which is what I, for one was looking for, but when I went there, they informed me they no longer offered those services so they sent me to their other branch that did. When I first arrived there, I was greeted with a very big smile from a young women named Sierra, she was and still is, one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She is always so helpful, and genuinely seems to enjoy her job. The second thing I noticed was the chocolate chip cookies( fresh out of the oven)they smelled so good, and the cutest little popcorn machine, not to mention the verity of drinks they offer. So I sat back and had snack and visit with Sierra, as she went over the prices of the car washes. I have to admit that when she first told me the price i almost had to stop them from doing any more scrubbing right then;$45 for a single car wash, granted it was inside and out.But, when my car was finished, which only took about 20 min, it looked AMAZING, which I soo needed being Christmas time and all, I certainly didn't have the time to clean it myself.

Pamela Vivian

Mad Gnomie

Fast service at a decent price. Take care in paying for a detail, the workers here need to have better quality control. A few areas in cabin not even touched such as arm rest, center console and seats. These are not small oversights.

Tammy Mickler

Krista Franklin

Went to get my oil change, everyone was very nice and helpful. I've had leaks under my car for a long time, and most oil change places just write "leaks" on the paperwork. The manager took the time to list out where my leaks were so I could get them fixed faster by knowing what to replace. Even tho I had a bit of wait when I first got there because there was people ahead of me and only 1 worker for a bit, I still recommend this place because of how quick and polite they were when I finally pulled into the bay! Thanks Splash, I'm a fan now!

Jamie Carter

My car was very clean. However, about 2 weeks ago, I had something that got sucked up the vacuum and was told it happens, but in the past people had called to ask about getting their items from the vacuum- and results were successful. And the staff member assured me they had retrieved items in the past. I thought “GREAT!”. When it came down to the staff doing that, I was discouraged. The SAME day I lost it, I called and was told to check bk after they closed. So the next day, I did. Basically I was told there was no time to check the vacuums that same night- but said they’d do it the next night. They didn’t.. Another time, I spoke to a manager, no results. Needless to say, I never got it back! The sixth and last time I called I was told they NEVER check for lost merchandise, and she wasn’t sure WHY I was told that? Wasn’t a lot, but very expensive brand of this item I lost.. I needed someone to look for it! IF you go here, take ALL LOOSE ITEMS OUT BEFORE VACUUMING! Mine was under the floor mat..

Jimmy Lynch

After a Friends remarks about how good your unlimited service was at the new Congo rd. Location I decided to try it.....I'll have to say that I was disappointed with the results. It was a half hearted attempt at best which is a shame because it is a super nice Facility. Most of the crew were huddled up talking instead of working and the couple of guys that were working did a half hearted job. Road film residue left all over my vehicle, floor matts were put back in wet and windows inside and out not wiped down properly. I guess I expected a little better quality from you guys. I didn't expect to get a professional detail but this was far from that. I Hope this review helps others before putting out that kind of money. I gave you guys 2stars because there is potential to correct this problem.

Cameron Edds

Nice people, quick workers. Fast oil change, stayed in my car. Thanks for the military discount!

Nikki Garcia

Heather Newsam

Michael Fayman

Good place

Alison Lawton

City Boy

I’ve been going to Splash Car Wash on Congo in Benton, Ar. for a month now. The unlimited car wash, I think it’s the basic for $22 a month!!i can go by there every day and still $22 a month. They have different options and your choice of which one is best for you. Get your vehicle cleaned and then they have about 20 hoses attached to a GIANT vac and within a few min your outside is cleaned and that mess you made that day, week or whenever you can get by there. I know I was spending $5 and up going to a coin car wash where it says you get 4 min but it’s like 2 min because that time goes by so fast you run out of change and time usually time first! I haven’t met anyone there yet that hasn’t been friendly or have a smile on there face!!!! Being a rural carrier for the post office my Jeep getting dirty, muddy, and at the end of the day I know all I have to do is drive about 3-5 min or less and get in the unlimited car wash line wait a few seconds and the gate goes up and I drive around. No codes, no money, no excuses not to try them!! If I had more that two thumbs I would give it to them! I can say they deserve more than five stars!!! They also have a website for each location. I don’t work for them nor get anything that I don’t pay for. Just calling as I see it and my experience so far. Thank you for your time and you’ll b proud of a clean car!! I will post some pictures of my Jeep as soon as I can!!

Mandy Fleeman

We were the second car in line to get an oil change. Service manager did ours. Service manager broke our engine cover looking for the air filter. He gave us a small discount and said they will pay for the cover. This oil change took FOREVER!!!!! No cashier at checkout, we had to get someone on detail side, he was very rude! Cashier was cleaning the popcorn machine, she continued cleaning the popcorn machine. Finally she came! She did not have any CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS AT ALLLLLL!!! She said NOTHING TO US except when I asked her how was her day. She was very short on conversation, no smiles. When we got home we checked our oil, it was LOW!!! I called Splash car wash talked to GM he gave the phone to Service manager, he had SO MANY EXCUSES on why it's low! They gave me a 50% off Coupon my next oil change, lol right like I will ever go back!!! NO MONEY BACK!!! After posting this, I emailed corporate. My husband received a call from GM. My husband called me. I received a call from GM as well. GM was very nice and really wanted to make things right. He told me the part will be coming in and I will get my money back. Today (Aug 25) my husband went to splash car wash to get part and the refund. The assistant manager was very nice. This time the cashier was so friendly asking if he wanted coffee or some tea. She was even making small talk which is awesome bc that is CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Money back and we have the part.

Tonya Myers

Always great service!

Leslie Koller

Best carwash in the state. 30$ per month for unlimited washes is the plan I have. They also do a fairly good job on the interior, I think that's 20$ more. Best vacuum cleaners, always free. Very friendly staff. Only drawback is it seems the 3 stations where you select your wash job and pay are always acting up.

Jack Crawford

Excellent wash, a little pricey but great quality for your dollars

Crystal Lynn Arnesen

This place was great. The 2 young guys that changed my oil were awesome. Thanks guys

Nick Fitzpatrick

Chad Hicks

Always Amazing! I have a membership here and I love it! Highly recommended!!

Cindy Gunter

Always on point. Great place friendliest workers ever.

Robert Pfeiffer

People are nice great service

Theron Head

The atmosphere in this car wash was so refreshing. It was very clean and everything was neat and in its place . The Christian music was so uplifting and inspirational. My vehicle was spotless inside and out!! I will be back!! I highly recommend this place!!

Jt Dockins

Kaylee Creed

Lynn Shaw

Pretty great overall. My only complaint would be that my center console wasn’t touched. There was still fuzz and spilled coffee that I had to clean myself. Other than that, it was a fast and good experience.

Cheryl H


Fast and Friendly

Patsy Guess

Kenneth Howell

Does a great job cleaning my truck. The free vacuum helps make it a quick easy job.

Stan Denman

These guys are great.

Summer T. Wind

A great carwash that offers interior cleaning/detailing and oil changing . The Benton location has a customer service lounge with complimentary (free) coffee , iced tea , and popcorn . Watch as your vehicle is cleaned .Clean and a first class facility . I just feel better when the car is clean .

Ron Cloud

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