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2595 E Huntsville Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States

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REVIEWS OF Portside Carwash IN Arkansas

Stewart Wright

Tyler Showman

Would probably be a good marketing strategy to answer the phone like a non plebian would. Wouldn't even spit in the direction of a car wash that can't answer a simple phone call.

James Ralston

Jose Luis Landivar Scott

Wesley Glass

Phil Morgan

Great carwash and free vacuums

Leon Uselton

A clean place to get your vehicle washed.

Don Easter

Mike Ohr

I was able to get a good wash for one dollar (Toyota Corolla). I'll use them again.

chris smith

you have to swipe your credit card at least 4 times to get through a basic wash, You can barely get the car washed in that amount of time. I tried to bring this to the attendants attention. He told me it was my privilege to go somewhere else! Guess what?! I’m will go somewhere else. Bad place don’t go there!

David Sharp

I paid for a seven dollar car wash and was charged ten

Frank Roggio

Adequate for the price but I have been at places where they do about a job

Ken O

Quick and cheap, automated car wash. The vacuums are free once you're done with the wash, though the hoses could use some looking at, one was cracked and didn't have good suction, and another cleaning head fell off but was easily reattached. Lot seems to be in good shape, owners seem to care about keeping the grounds clean.

Nicholas Brickhouse

It's nice that they have free vacuums and the carwash is really well kept up most of the time. Unfortunately the drive thru carwash is funky half the time, seems they're always fixing it and the old man won't credit you when it screws your wash up.

Brandie Gerlach

I spent at least 15 dollars on washing my suv, and I went to shampoo my carpet and granted it was only $2, however, it didnt work and the boss wouldn't give me a refund to use another cleaner. Poor customer service. I will not be going back. Its the principal of the matter.

Eric Snodgrass

Shannon Heath

Nice good price

Larry Markusson

Free vacuum machines are nice.

andrew civic

Well maintained I.E no leaky hoses or rinse water that's still slightly soapy. Spot free rinse works pretty well too. Ive been too many a quarter wash and while this isn't the nicest or largest, it is really good.

Ryan Hutslar

Wanda Grisham

⛲⛲☺Gotta have a clean car,people

Terry Mercer

Brandon Bowers

Jennifer Hice

My favorite car wash the only thing is the vaccum used to be free now they charge you for it

Scott Miller

Liked it better when the vacuums were complimentary.

Rebecca Lemme

Peter Libby

If you use a credit card it's $2.50 for 5 minutes with the pressure washer. Using cash it's $1.50 for 3 minutes. The touchless car wash starts at $7.00 for the basic wash. The top level wash is $10.00. If you've got a muddy Jeep from wheeling a mix of using the pressure washer and touchless car wash will make your Jeep look like it never was dirty!


kinda dirty. used to have free vacuums but not anymore

Jonathan Chastain

Free vacumes!

Poisoncherry94 !

Good carwash prices are on the high side

Mark Jones

There's no way this is owned by the same people as the one in Springdale. Everything works, but it's filthy as can be.

Israel Jernigan

I had been traveling for months constantly ignoring the voice in my head nagging me to care for my car. Among those cares was a need for washing and treating the exterior. I reviewed all the available locations near where I lived to discover this hidden gem. If you are a lover of caring for your car yourself and never want an automated wash to touch your car then go here to care for it precisely how you see fit. Only downside was that it wouldn’t pause the timer when I wanted to switch between cleaning cycles.

Jackson Brown

Bud Mills

Clean and good working order! Good ratesd

Barbara Doyle

Deionna McCarthy

Everything works hot water, vacuum, carpet shampooer,etc.

Mary Holsapple

Jimmy J

Nice place but annoying to keep swiping card for more time. Constantly!!!!

Patience Cross

Leland Anderson

Very nice carwash and I will come back.

Vanessa Dent

Kodie Patrick

Justin Kasinger

Jim Young

Jackie Mahone

Reese Stanley

This is the last good self-service car wash in the area. I still go here frequently but they changed the credit card system awhile back where you have to swipe for extra time every few minutes. The old system simply had you present your card and would then open up the system for as long as you needed. The new system frequently doesn't work, so I bring cash now which is much less convenient. Other than that relatively minor gripe, the place is clean, the (cleaning) equipment is in good shape and generally works well.

Sammie Jean

Its a real nice little car wash. Just a little expensive

Michael Classen

About the only one you can still wash your car at. Lil’ pricey but everything is now days.

Mark H

Great suds. $1.25 self wash though

Macario Bueno

Every since they closed down the car wash on South school by Nomad's I had to look for another car wash. The closest I found in South side Fayetteville is Portside carwash on 15 street just past E-Z Mart going east on the right. It's alot better and has everything you need to get your vehicle looking good.


Tressa Disney

William Walker

This is one of my favorite car washes in Fayetteville! My reasons for using this car wash: •Best water pressure of anywhere on have been -Biggest selling point •Some of the hottest water I've used at a car wash •Well maintained equipment •Clean facility •Reasonably priced **Update** Vacuums are no longer free

Terri Cash

Free vacuum!!!

Lazaros Molinet

Jimmy Keith

Neil Sanders

Jp 3K

They do not have a free vacuum and I'm pretty sure my car left more dirty than it came

EK Gonzales

Very close to were I live. I use this place frequently never looks ran down and has free car vacuum.

Lily Baltz

Auto wash was no working right. Stoped by and spoke with older man running the place. Admitted they were not working right. Did not give me another was in replacement of the bad wash

Theresa Henry

Robyn Hines

gerald off

Bruce Steele

squentz FtW

Jeff Williams

Johnny Allred

Tucked away a little bit out of town, but it's a good car wash with free vacuums.

Dennis Cozine

I've been there 3 times with a car that had a light coating of dust and it had rain spots on the car. I was not impressed with the cleaness of the car even after I spent $10.00 on the drive trough. I had to hand wash my car after I left! In short because I give 3 trys to get a feeling for how the business does things I'm $29.00 short, money I could have just bought the stuff and did it myself.

Dexter Morgan

Free vacuums

David Elliott

Lucy Faux

Kirk Whiteside

Nice carwash

Mr Crossland

By far the best car wash in Fayetteville. Has hot water all the time and works very well.

Justin Brannan

Good car wash with decent prices, also offers free vacuuming for car


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