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REVIEWS OF Genesis Auto Wash IN Arkansas

Shane Walker

DO NOT USE!!! If you care about your cars finish go somewhere else. This care wash will damage your car with no remorse. This car wash scratched my car finish. I filled out an incident report and the owner said they were not responsible. Terrible customer service. They have a camera system that shows nothing. I know it does not happen every time but you could be the next one to get you car damaged and have to pay out of your own pocket to fix it.

Kristen A. Bandy

Great car wash and staff. Love using this place especially during pollen season!

Ronny Hutchins

Always leaves my car spotless.

Jason Self

Bonita Fordham

I purchased the $45 monthly gold unlimited wash/vacuum. PROS:The employees are super nice and I feel safer vacuuming my car in this area compared to other car washes. I love the vacuum and compressed air. Membership price comparable for the weekly washer. CONS: I have washed the exterior of my car 3 days in a row and there are still bugs and grime on my front and rear bumpers. I would understand if my car had a build up from not being washed regularly, but this is not the case. I bought this plan because I was already spending this much per month by washing my car weekly at another comparable car wash. I just don't want to go through the wash every single day to get the same level of clean. UPDATE: I went back through the wash today. I spoke with Eric about the bugsplatter remaining on my bumper. He was more than accommodating and willing to fix the problem. I am very pleased with the commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you to Mike and Eric for always providing awesome service.

Lynisa Manor

HANDS DOWN BEST CARWASH IN LITTLE ROCK! I highly recommend everyone to go to this carwash! It’s in the most relevant spot in town and they even offer free vacuuming! You can pass that up!

Mark balsam

Great wash always clean

Rebecca Collins

WORST and MOST EXPENSIVE!!!! THE ONLY REASON THERE ARE ANY POSITIVE REVIEWS IS BECAUSE THERE IS A SIGN INSIDE THE CAR WASH, SAYING THAT FOR EVERY POSITIVE REVIEW YOU LEAVE, YOU GET A FREE GOLD WASH. This is the first and only negative review I have ever left a business. The wash itself is decent but I paid $18 and was expecting to have spray and towels provided to clean the inside of my car, because there are pictures of that on the site. Nope! When I asked to use it, the worker said “We don’t let people use those, that’s only if you pay extra for our detailing service” What?! I paid $18 and I can’t even use your towels and spray? Then I told him the vacuum wasn’t working well and he said “Well not all of them work the same, you have to go test them out and find a good one.” So I tried but even the best one I found still didn’t get the dog hair up. He told me it’s not meant to pick up dog hair. But every other vacuum I’ve used at car washes picks it up. Cheap basic wash is $8, middle is $13, and best is $18 and I’ve gotten better $5 washes than what I got for the $18 I paid. Awful.

Donna Armstrong

Never will I take my car there again. Never never never. To expensive and car still dirty. I was so upset because I wash my car regularly and thought getting this car wash would make it look even better never again. I'll stick to the car washes I know that does well and don't cost this much.

Kent Skiles

Great car wash in West LR! Excellent job cleaning my truck. Definitely like having someone go over the front and back with a hand brush before I enter the wash as sometimes the automated wash doesn't quite cover those areas as well due to the size of my truck. And the free vacuums are always a plus! They offer monthly memberships at different prices levels for those families/businesses with multiple vehicles!

Olivia P.

Really loved the gold wash. I can't usually tell the difference between the washes, but here the hold wash DEFINITELY made a difference. My car hasn't looked this clean and shiny in... let's just say a while. The unlimited vacuums are a great bonus as well.


Great wash for an automatic car wash. Nothing beats a hand wash though.

Katie Burgess

Left a bad review on Yelp bc this place didnt clean my car and took paint off in multiple places, among other issues. Owner tried to bully me into taking the review down. I won’t be back.

April Nguyen

Samrat Roy Choudhury

It's terrible. We tried the place, for its cheap rate. The service was very upsetting, car remained dirty even after the 'gold package' wash. You have to put huge effort to make the interior vacuum. The floor mat cleaning machine doesn't work. Finally, when I asked for some glass cleaner, the stuff behaved very rudely. No more visits to this place

Garrick S

Best service in the area. Never have to wait more than a minute and free vacuums!

Timothy Trulove

Earl Clark

Jeff Pierce

We always get the Gold Wash, and it's really good (for an automated carwash). They "pre-wash" the front grill/hood area and windshield, and the rear glass, bumper, and license plate (basically some of the more commonly missed or heavily soiled spots). The free vacuums are also nice. Not terribly expensive, but if you get your car washed often, definitely go for the monthly plans. You'll save a lot!

Brian Koss

Andrew Davie

Super legit Carwash!! I was greeted with a smiling face from the staff and felt like the price was very fair. Very nice that they pre-scrub the front of your car to loosen bug matter. Carwash did a great job on my vehicle. I also love the fact that they have compressed air to clean out the little nooks that you usually wouldn’t be able to get to. Overall I would highly recommend this Carwash to anyone looking for the best wash and service in the Little Rock area! Great job Genesis!

porsha thompson

TISHA Hatley

E. Cuillier

Kristian Lehner


(Translated by Google) good (Original) 좋음

Tomalene Martin

(Translated by Google) GTEST (Original) Gtest

Richard Torti

I got a car wash which was exactly what I expected and wanted. Perfect for the price.

Jan Ingram

Great car washes. Very dependable.

Cathy Bradshaw

Best car wash in Little Rock. Great staff and services!!! Great value

Christy Andrews

The front of my car is still covered in bug matter after spending $18.00 on a car wash!

Michael Robinson

I love it! I do the monthly plan. $45 a month and can wash my car as much as I want to. They have plans starting from $22 a month to $45 of course you can also do pay as you go. It's a great carwash and it actually cleaned my car.

Wayne Trout

Great staff, quality wash for your money membership is a awesome deal!!!!

John W

Great customer service and good washes! I have the bronze subscription and love the convenience, price and quality.

RJ Maguire

David Ruszler

Nanette Jenkins

Casandra Hannah

I would give them 5 stars if they had an employee on both sides of your car doing the preclean scrub. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Mac H

Friendly staff. When they see my kids in the car, they always try to give them suckers...which my kids love of course. The vacuum stalls are a big plus as well!

TJizzle 05

Solomon Graves

The wipers on my wife's car were off. However, one of the blades was broken off when the attendant pushed a brush under the blades . The supervisor on duty refused to even acknowledge the damage.

Kristofer D

More expensive than the car washes I usually go to in the area, but they do a much better job cleaning my car.


Peyton Ward

Blake Stansbery

Monthly member. The guys always are on it.

alexia dominguez

Very nice carwash and really good vacuums

HR Hayden

Great car wash & free vacuum. Worth every penny!

Janie B-C

This is a well-maintained car was facility. The vacuums work great and my car comes out pretty nice after going through the wash.

By C

We took our vehicle thru for a "silver" to find to date! We'll be doing business there, very pleased, car looks great!!!

Nikki Henderson

Truman Cooper

My wife loves this place. She goes two to three times/week sometimes!

Dave Sorge

Best car wash in Little Rock. Much better than Zips.

Dana Hughbanks

I have the monthly membership. Great value!

Tina Becker

First time there. Did a fantastic job! We have 3 cars, we will be back. The car wash is a sudsy light show too!

Shena Foltz

Yar Nunya

Jacob Cole

Elie Tran

Impossible to contact and to be contacted. We can’t make appointments for our car to be detail clean through calls because they never pick up or answer your voice message. Thanks for addressing the problem!

Matt Fendley

Mike Gramsch

Bryant Warr

Asst Mngr. Victor Wynn really cares about customer satisfaction.

Robert Lyons

Worth it.

arlrmh arlr

Sherry Lamkin

It is a great Car Wash very convenient and easy on the wallet.

Aashna Farishta

Best car wash in west Little Rock

Savannah Waldman


Kimberley T


Alyssa A.

Quick wash for a reasonable price! I really enjoy that you can vacuum your own car afterwards - that way you can take as long as you'd like (for FREE!); which is great if you're like me and need ALL the crumbs to be gone...).

Joe Maldonado

Went in yesterday to get a re-wash because I paid for a gold wash the day before and it rained and came back to get it re-washed...! The attendant wouldn’t let me through...!!!...I was so upset that I crumpled up the receipt told him I would never come back... I’m very appalled at his behavior and lack of service...!!!

Hackin Fu

I love this car wash!

Ahmad Tarawneh

the best car wash.

Nicky Austin

I love this car wash

LaFonda Caison

Mark Garrett

Love it! Car wash club is worth it's weight!

Marwan Darnell

Nick Mitchell

This car wash is a great car wash! I wouldn’t pick any anywhere else to go get my car cleaned. They help you out with anything you need and it just such a great environment. 10/10 i 100% recommend this car wash!


I’ve never had a bad experience. My car comes out looking brand new each time!! Best car wash in town! It is the best one I have ever tried (I’ve tried so many) and this one doesn’t even compare to others. Now that I have a new car, I only trust Genesis to wash it without scratching it up and keeping the new car look.

Levens Lovato

Best car wash in town.

Rob Evans

Henry Jones

Kevin Andrews

The wash does a good job and they have 3 options for monthly car wash packages. The vaccums have good suction and they have a floor mat cleaner (have to be carpet mats). They even have compressed air for the vents and hard to reach crevices. The car wash itself is kept very clean. I live close by and bought a monthly package and plan on using it often.

Brad-Hunter Heird

In my opinion the best car wash in Little Rock. The “Best Bang for you Buck” place. Not only are you greeted with a smile upon entering, you also get a nicely cleaned car with tires that are shiny around the entire tire. The vacuum’s work great! They value the customer for sure!

Charlie Osburn

Great car wash! My truck is clean and looks great!

Charles Brown

Couldn’t ever get anybody to return my call. Live out of town and just wanted some information on there services that I could get from the website.

Tasha starks

I went there today as I traveled to Little Rock this weekend and had lots of bugs on my car. First the attendant was rude, rushing me to pull into the bay, I guess he was in a hurry since there were no other cars behind me. He starts to wash the windshield and grill, so I can't see the screen that tells you to put the car in neutral, so my car gets lifted and then he yells to put it in neutral. So of course, his attitude is bad & so was the prewash. I left with bugs still on the vehicle. I will not return and to that attendant, if you don't like your job, find another one!!! $13 waste of money!!!

Jim Davis

Jairo Romero

The best car wash in the city! It does an amazing job on my old vehicle which comes out looking brand new. I refer everyone to the place.

hannavas eel


Employees and vacuum suck

Glendon Lewis

John Cooper

First class service for your car with free mat cleaning, vacuuming, and compressed air to blow the dust out of the crevices. It's my "Go To" place for a good cleaning.

Brother Moshe

Great experience and friendly staff. Does a great job on my truck. Thanks

Donna Elkey

I took my new Chevy Malibu to be washed on Saturday 4/23/16. Following the direction of the employee, I was directed to back up as my car was not properly aligned. When I did this, the rail caught a piece of the undercarriage tearing off the wheel well protector and damaging my bumper. The employee said there must have been so Ethi g bent under the car to make it catch like that. I called the manager, Norman, who said he would review the Video and call me on Mo day. When I hadn't heard from him I called leaving a message when I still didn't receive. A call, I contacted the VP of the company who owns if. Norman finally called among me to bring it to let him see it on Tuesday. When I did, he informed me that the owner decided it was my fault as I was the one driving and therefore they had no responsibility to repair my vehicle. Obviously this is a business which places profits over people. Definitely no integrity. Be aware that even if you follow what their employees direct you to do, you enter at your own risk.

Rob Wright

Cooper White

This car wash has outstanding polish and shine for my tires and body and makes it look brand new. And the vacuums and condensed air make it even better giving my car a complete "new car" look. It also has a machine for the inside of your car where you can spray it down and have a nice smell for a lasting time. This is easily the best carwash in Arkansas

Brent Scheidemantle

Christopher Hall

Attendant on hand did a pre-wash on the grill and lights to remove bugs, which was a pleasant surprise. The vacuums had strong suction and the concentrated air hose did a good job blowing debris out of the hard to reach areas. I canceled my membership at the "other place" and told my family members about Genesis.

Eddie Sligh

I lost my credit card a few weeks back so it was canceled and was sent a new one i forgot to tell Mike to update my automatic wash. My wife took her car in for a wash and the charge was denied. Mike let her go through and told her to come back the next day and we would get it straightened out. Thanks Mike for taking care the problem. Five stars to you, hard to find great customer service these days


Friendly staff, and competitive wash prices. Left my car looking clean and beautiful. Definitely recommend!

Carissa Frost

Great car wash! Staff very friendly and does great job! Will definitely come back again!

anwarul khan

Bonnie Champion

Quick and detailed! Love the convenience and would highly recommend to anyone in LR. :)

Kaitlin Bilbo

Great place to get your car cleaned from the outside in! Great staff and great service. Highly recommend!

Hillery Crawford

Tanika Pressley

Genesis does a great job with my car. It's always greatly appreciated!

Sharmin Farishta

Love this car wash! The staff is always so helpful and the machines clean my car so well!

Toni Roberts

William Watson

Fast and convenient! Sparkling car and service!

Erica Taylor

Justin Lowery

Better than any other drive through carwash nearby. A few little things would take it above and beyond. A little more effort out of the first guy mopping hoods and rear ends would go a long way. Also, I wish you would sell a few leather wipes!

Gus Robles

Great car wash!

Kevin Hughes

Fully automated with free vacuums and floor mat cleaners. Reasonably priced with subscription options available.


Great customer service! Their mat machine wasn’t working so they helped me vacuum my mats. Then I was a little bummed that I bought the most expensive wash that said it would remove sticky gunk (tree sap) but it did not. So I asked them what I should do and they told me to pull back around and they would take care of it. Jemal power washed it and scrubbed it and let me go back through the wash for no additional charge! Very kind guys working there! Will be back and recommend to all!

Amy Parsons

Allan Griffin

A great car wash!

Mary Sligh

Customer service is alive and well at Genesis Auto Wash on Chenal Parkway. Mike Tilman goes the extra mile. I love being able to pull in any time and have my car washed. Recently, the scanner wouldn't let me enter. Mike came out to help, sent me through the wash, and told me to come back the next day to resolve. The auto pay was on a credit card my husband had lost the previous week and replaced. Genesis had received the cancellation, but not new card information. Easy fix the next day. Thanks, Mike Tilman.


Tim Methvin

Dennis Pearson

Sylvia R

Usually it's a pretty good car wash but last time we went, it didn't get all the bird poop off. Not a big deal but I prefer to not have to work after I paid for a wash. I do like the staff, always nice and I didn't want to make a hassle about it.

Veronica Castro

will not clean well- you'll get scratches to your new car.

Benjamin Haynes

Get the Gold wash every time. Amazing for a drive thru wash.

greg baden

Rick Reynolds

Best automatic car wash I've been to.

Ashley Trulove

A little expensive ($18) for the premium wash but there are free floor mat washers and free vacuums! The basic wash ($8) does a pretty good job on my car.

Jason Hinton

Always a good experience here. I wish the car was a little drier at the end. That is probably the only issue I have. The point of dryness is never the same. Other than that, you're in good hands

Matt Rankin

Vacuums are terrible. Car wash is decent. No towels likes other car washes with the same prices and rating.

Nacosha Sims

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