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7310 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock, AR 72207, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ducky's Little rock ( Car Wash & Detail ) IN Arkansas

Arianna Hinton

Accident....Never Shopped there!


Service has gone downhill and the prices have gone up over the last few months started adding additional fee's for vehicle size and tire shine

Sue F. Lopez

My favorite carwash location.

mohammed shahare

Great work, friendly people, great prices.

Leslie Purdy-Hoyt

They did a nice job. Pricy.

King Dolo

Mauricio Vargas

Tiffany Rogers

I recently visited this location and they have terrible service and when I got my vehicle detailed it only looked like they half vacuumed my car and wiped down my console. The workers didn’t speak English and when I asked about my car he just threw his hand in the air like he didn’t understand English. I will never use this business again. Over 200.00 for a basic wash job...what a rip off!

Mlee302 GT TP

The most luxurious car wash I ever been in, been looking for a hand car wash ever since I moved from California, I have been to many different hand car washes in California but never seen one this luxurious, and California is supposed to be the car capital of the U.S. This place is AWESOME, the cost is almost double of what I used to pay in California but it is totally worth it, they did a great job on my truck and can't wait to bring my toys to have them pampered by Ducky's. If you care about your car give this place a try. You will love the job they do, highly recommend this place to anyone.

K Lynch

Took in my '14 Tacoma for a thorough detail on a Monday. Right up front I noted that they seemed to run a clean and well organized shop. I was promptly greeted and they gave me a personalized quote for exactly the service in requested. Emir personally examined my vehicle and asked intelligent questions. He also demonstrated high attention to detail and made helpful suggestions. Overall, he quickly grasped exactly what I was looking for - which was not a standard package. Nevertheless, he was courteous, accommodating and easy to work with. He did not push unwanted services on me, rather he listened and noted WHAT I wanted and HOW I would measure success. We agreed on a price (which turned out to be exactly what the final bill was. No surprises.) When I picked up the truck three hours later, it was immmaculate, AND done in the way I had requested. Emir then took the time to do a thorough unhurried walk around, verifying that each and every special detail I had requested was fulfilled and that I was indeed satisfied. He was quick to assure me that if I saw anything unsatisfactory, I should bring it to his attention. I found nothing amiss. Overall, a thorough professional job. By the way, I noted a few other "iffy" reviews about this shop. My advice is to stop by and judge for yourself. I was exceptionally satisfied, and I am a stickler for details on my cars. Maybe some of the low reviews are sour grapes from former employees and not based on actual customer experience? Anyway, this customer gives a five star for Ducky's.

john green

My car looks amazing. The were friendly, thorough and fast. I'm not familiar with the shop under previous ownership. The current team is great.

Aaron Hoyt

Took my one-of-a-kind car in for Ducky's to detail, and the car has never looked better. They were extremely conscientious, and their prices are incredibly competitive--even lower than most others. I was so impressed, I immediately brought my pickup in to have it detailed. It received the same care as the car. A hand wax and clay bar treatment are unheard of these days. I'm a believer, and I'll be back.

Steve Hardeman

Mauricio has a fantastic business

Elizabeth Mcdaniel

Saturday I brought my Nissan Maxima in to get a full detail that I scheduled with a nice gentleman on Friday. I thought I was at Hog Wash and the guy assured me I would get a better job than the company up the road. Being a new company I gave them an opportunity to detail my vehicle and when I got my vehicle back my vents and dash weren’t cleaned and I had trash under my seats and not only was my floor mats not cleaned properly but my carpets were wet and now I have a foul odor in my car. My headliner wasn’t cleaned and my seats were half done. I will never use this company again. I wanted to bring it back to see if they would redo my car but no one answered the phone. I would not recommend using this company; Futhermore I should have listened to my friend’s recommendation and just taken my car to Hog Wash.

Omega Harris

Bad quality rush threw

David Smith

Today I brought my white Suv in to get it waxed and And a Hispanic guy said “no wax!” I asked could i speak to a manager and he said ok wax. I picked my vehicle up laterr and it had streaks down the vehicle and the top wasn’t washed and still had mildew. I never using this business again...Bad service; I could have cleaned it better running it through a tunnel wash.

Ben Wold

Do not trust this car wash.

Max Lulky

I had a key made at this place in no time! This locksmith has great service and and friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Allison Atkinson

So quick and efficient, we called and they worked us in right away. Reasonable price and exceptionally kind service.

Cummins Sunshine Bear

Bought the $55 wash and they barely vacuumed out my car and did an okay job on the outside. Huge waste of money plus the girl at the front stayed on her cell phone the whole time.

Jeannine Hamilton

Sax Johansson

Larry Hartley

This is the worst place to work ,or get your car/ suv,/truck done ..I worked there 4 days and have been detailing and washing cars for over 25 years ..never ever had a problem with any customers or any carwash I do...I go there to work and people get upset cause they pay for 30$ to 300$ to get the service and don't get what they pay for ..its all half of the dream the experience.. The " managers say oh.I'm sorry but they "train me" to do half a$$ work .then I do it like they say and you the people aren't happy .and the employees get bi##ed out cause its not right ..don't work there don't take your vehicle there ..unless you like just throwing money out the window ..give your money to a homeless or vet..

Allan Tapia

Eric Amy

$120 hand wash and wax...not worth a $25 drive through. Interior was sticky and streaked. Bugs still all over the windshield and front of auto. The lady checking us in stayed on her phone until we asked her to come check it out...she wasn't very happy about that. Several customers told us the service had gone down. I will give kudos to the young man that tried to help out at the end.

Ahmad Tarawneh

The staff was very friendly and they cleaned the interior very well using the steam.

Chris Kemp

Zach Foster

I do not recommend anyone to pay the additional ~$20 for the "interior wash". My exterior wash was fine, but my interior wash was only a quick vacuum and "wipe down". Grit was visible in the base of all seats and the back cab was not vacuumed at all. The back seats were not well wiped down, the cup holders were not cleaned, and my car's exterior still had spots from not being hand dried completely. For a $39 price, I expected much more. I suggest you wipe down your interior yourself and pay $1.50 for a car wash vacuum. Pictures are attached.

Levens Lovato

Best Car Wash In Little Rock. Hands Down...

Ismail Y.

LR Construction, LLc

I brought my companies cars to get detail and wash and it was great. enjoined the customer service and the pick up/drop service.

John Kepner

I just had my small SUV detailed w/ their best "Platinum" job. They did a fine job and I am very happy. The owner came out to inspect things, and even touched up one thing. The actual person who did the detailing came out too, and wanted to make sure I was completely satisfied. Then, at my request, he removed a couple of old political stickers that were still on my car. I will go back.

Adonica Dotson

Michelle Ortiz Ruiz

Michael Golinko

Roshada Taylor

Great job on my moms SUV. Super friendly service. The gentleman even stayed after hours to make sure my mom was satisfied with their detailing on her vehicle.

Star Crossley

I have been working here for almost 2 weeks and I have gotten first-hand experience in the best and worst sides of our boss. Working here requires the understanding that customers come first in all cases. Hiring someone who ends up neglecting responsibilities, has no place at Duckys. Personally I love this job, the workers, the customers and everything in between. Being as though we are human and do make mistakes, everything can't always be perfect, but mistakes allow for correction.

Wendell Brown

I parked under a tree today at work, when I came out my car was COVERED in bird droppings (see picture). I though about running the car through an automatic car wash, but after using the entire contents of my windshield washer, I decided it wouldn't be enough. I've been wanting to try Ducky's out since they opened, but just never got around to it - so I stopped and got the $10 hand was and dry. The staff was incredible and the wash was amazing. Highly recommended!!

Greg Armstrong

I set an appointment with them for a detail job. They finished earlier than promised and my car looks great. Thanks guys

Sherry Flynn

Took two cars in asked if they could do one then the other, so we were not stuck sitting in their waiting room all day. Owner said yes several times. I checked and double checked they would have time for BOTh vehicles. He said yes. We come back EARLY & are told NO they cannot even wash and vacuum the 2nd vehicle because they have taken ridge vehicles in KNOWING they had promised to do both my vehicles today!! Then they didn’t even apologize or care that if they had simple been honest and told me they could only do one vehicle then I would have taken the 2nd car somewhere else!!

Holly Kemp

Jessica Rivera

The inside of my car was great, but sadly when I got home I could tell that they used dirty cloths to clean or dry my car— it now has fine scratches in circular motions all over it. Will use them again for interior cleaning, but not for car washes.

Grace Conner

Not one bad thing to say about this place. The sweetest family recently bought this place and it has GREAT service now. you are definitely missing out if you aren’t going here for a car detail!!!

Will Stevens

Spencer Blasingame

Steven Walker

Well worth the money.

Erica Bilello

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