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REVIEWS OF Car Wash City IN Arkansas

rick alberts

I got to meet the old man that works here the signs telling you how to get into this place suck and when I suggested that he gets better signs to let us drivers know where to go he told me to get the F out of here

Bat Cat

The owner is pretty cool but the guys who washed the truck didnt do the best job, definitely didnt get what I paid for.


Very fast trailer wash out , owner super cool, lots of spices , bbq sauces and hot sauces for sale inside he even lets you sample them ! Prefers cash than Comdata be prepared. A rare gem in this area, i’ll be back often even if I don’t need a wash out, just for spices and sauces and great conversation.


My only complaint is the amount for a sanitized trailer wash out. Other than that, it was a good experience.

Paul T

Only Big Rig wash available in the area.

Jesus Recinos

Old guy that runs the place was very rude. I was using my own brush to wash so the brush they got doesn’t scratch my paint. And he came at me cursing like if I was stealing something. Told me to get the f out if I didn’t want to use his brush he paid 60 bucks for. Wouldn’t recommend anyone to give him their money. Take your business somewhere they appreciate their customers. Definitely not here!

Gavin p

IzZzY Santana

Sean Macy

Poorly kept. Machines don't work properly. Card reader doesn't work at automatic

david sears

Friendly staff always helpful and they go above and beyond to make sure you have what you need. The spice shop is awesome!!

Marc Moyer


Awkward to get into but a friendly place to get trailer washout

Nate Dixon

They did a good job washing out the trailer but it's very hard to get a big rig in there and when it didn't happen perfectly the first shot he was very demanding and rude about my backing abilities. I will avoid coming here again if I can.

william simpson

Need trailer washed out this is a good place to go need your car washed still a good place to go


Ricardo Aguilar

Darin Witty

Friend's needed a wash badly and did the job

Shun page

SHUT IT DOWN. At least don't allow them to monopolize the market. There's a meat house 5min away with no trailer wash station. I encourage your towns ppl to build a better trailer wash with better service.

life roller

Had no problem with this place the owner is nice and has the best pens in America

Tanner Watkins

Went in to have trailer washout, the man there was nice and told me all about the different seasonings he sold. Had to wait a short while for the guy to come off lunch to wash out trailer but the man was very accommodating. The washout was also quick and my trailer was clean. Will definitely be going back.

Joe Patton

Wash ate my quarters. I was looking for an employee to help me get my money. Saw an old man drive up in a golf cart. I was thinking great someone to help. He then started cussing at me for leaving the vacuum on the the ground, and accused me of trying to use nickels in the machine. I told him he could go eff himself and left.

orion nilson

always do a great job washing my truck and trailer

Jerry Bowers

Very friendly staff. Trailer washout was quick and thorough. Only 4 stars because of tight lot. Check out the sauces in the office. Bought some pickles and some Moonshine Pepper Mash. I'll be back for sure.

Kiona Bailey

TERRIBLE !!!!!! I have came here one or twice every two weeks for the last 2 years and have never been approached or greeted or welcomed. But it’s right next to my work so I usually go there and clean my car during lunch. However, today when I was cleaning my car and hadn’t yet gotten to the vacuuming YET!! when this old man came running out yelling and cursing at me telling me I better pay for vacuuming or get out of there. I’m honestly in shock. I will never go back there and I will make sure everyone at Jb Hunt and locals know how terrible the service was as well!!!

Aaron Litwiller

Friendly staff and reasonable price on truck washout. Also gave me a free pen and had quite a unique selection of various hot sauces and dry rubs. Really nice spot.

Wookie Koll

The individuals here was nothing but polite and courteous to me. The owner let me taste some BBQ sauce and even gave me good directions to my next stop. If I have to get a trailer washout again I will definitely be back.

carmen munoz

James Garza

Douche bag

Christopher Callagher

Love this place and the people...the guy behind the counter knows his bbq rubs and sauces too...and that bad review...that guy doesnt have a clue...probably a new driver has no idea what crappy truck washes are like...i go to a truck wash after every load and car wash city is one of the best

JT Love

Really small turn in for semis. Staff is friendly and engaging though.

Shawna Thornburg

Cody Moore

630 in the morning and there's no one here to washout my trailer

Suzzan Sunday


Mike Maddox

the nicest man I have ever meet. Staff very friendly also. Has some good bbq rubs inside as well!!!!

Rick Carlton

Likable gentleman that runs this place but his prices are out of the Milky Way galaxies! Yes he's the only one in town so he's got you where he wants you!

Shane Ruechel

Wow. I was completely caught off guard by the elderly gentleman everyone else is reporting on these ratings. Not only did I experience his evil attitude myself, but I witnessed him confront a woman in the wash bay next to me with negative racial and sexist slurs. I have video and will be reporting this to the authorities and my attorney. This can't continue unreprimanded.

Craig W

Crazy old man working here. Do not offer any business to this place. I mean seriously, if you have almost as many one star reviews as good ones. All saying the same thing. Someone needs to step in and relieve this guy of his business. Time to retire. You can't scream and curse at customers for no reason.

Alex Mink

Angela Arnold Rizzo

The people are overall nice and did an alright job with the trailer washout.

Dwayne Phillips

Very friendly people also has good bbq supplies for you while you wait. ✔ him out.

Damien Dunn

In my 7 years of OTR driving I've never experienced such amazing customer service. Place is easy to get to, enough room to maneuver if you know how to drive halfway decent. Quality wash. Will definitely make this my designated stop whenever I come through.

Beefy Wiff

Great people, Great service!

Nelson Slinkard

I have been using this car wash for some time and finally happened to use it when the manager was there. As I pulled in with my trailer he started shouting orders at me. I got out to talk to him and he was still shouting and I asked him why he was being so rude and he continued shouting that he wasn’t. He then told me to go use the end bay and I told him someone was in it and he argued with me that no one was. There was definitely someone sitting in the bay so I will be taking my business elsewhere. All he had to do was stop shouting and been friendly. From reading other reviews, this seems common.

Firmy Rod

Ricky Walker

Steven Smith

Best place you'll ever wash your car at.

Rose Murphy

James Burley

Good people,especially that long legged goomer named Richard that does the trailer washouts.

Gary Thompson

Nice people fair prices

Edward Gammel

josue de la vega

Breeze Morrell

Yvonna smith

Granger Waldron

Devar Tete-Google


Great wash. The only thing that could be better is more foam and less water in the brush.

Travis Milberger

Nicholas Dobbs

Friendly service and fast working systems.


Excellent trailer wash out. Try some hot sauce if you dare.

Ed Cooley

The wash is ok but the people that run it are super rude and obnoxious. They won’t get another dime from us.

Hubert McCauley

yuri Parry

The dude inside was a jerk when inside I went inside to ask for help cus the water would not come out the hose on any setting and when I went inside to ask for help he replied that I should lesle how to use his place of business. So I left without getting my car clean and after I used my my money to start the thing that didn't even work so the place basically cheated me put pu my money I'll just go to a place that has more friendly people

Brik SOAB Logistics

Trailer washout here Go around the building Truck Entrance Excellent customer service Thanks

Bobby Everett

Matthew Head

Jason Fedele

Under new management so go check them out.

Always Late Productions

Some of the bays have weaker pressure.

Monica Hartman

Staff is always amazing, and if there is ever a problem they fix it immediately!


Kate Garland

Roger Holley

More than once I have showed up just before guys went to lunch. Owner told me to come back by 1 and they would wash my truck. I would show up 15 mins before 1 and they say I have to wait in line because its first come first serve. I assumed I was already in line from before lunch time. They don't really care about long term repeat customers.

Finders Keepers

The owner here is a rude man. I pulled into the truck wash station (because it's a truck wash) and this guy drives up on his golf cart screaming and cursing at me for no reason. I asked him what was wrong. He said I wasn't backed in straight enough Haha. Just looking for something to yell about. Guy doesn't deserve to run a business. I'm serious, if he wasn't a hundred years old this wouldn't have ended pleasantly for this guy. Don't give this guy your business.

Bill Swing

Friendly, prompt service

Tyler Buckley

Great service and great crew

Tammy Elsey

My favorite car wash

Weldon Broyles

Marc Langille

Older but good power wash bay setups. It's handy to have when you want a touchless car wash option.

Mike Jeffcoat

28 quarters for 10 minutes of wash. Yeah definitely more expensive than the other places

Gabrielle Black

Denny Mounce

Nice clean and friendly service. Believe it or not they also have a great selection of BBQ spices and rubs that's right rubs and spices . I didn't believe it either but it is true. Some of the best rubs around that you can't find in some places.

Shawn Stewart

This place is horrible!!!! The man who runs it gets mad and yells curse words at my girlfriend and I. All because one of his machines took our money. Will never come back to this place again.

Breanna Freeman

Do not go here. Very rude. I was cleaning out my car and was going to vacuum and wash but as soon as the old man in his golf cart started cussing at me saying his place isn't a dump (it is) he told me to get the hell out of there. So I did. Can't talk like that to people who are going to pay to use your services especially when they are way over priced. Boomerang is not to far down the road and way cheaper and nicer people. Will never pull into this place ever again!!

Janet Avelar

The owner is racist.

Gary Talley

Easy in to automated car wash. Free vacuum.

Jeepsterdaddy 37

Robert Gallagher

my friend Matthew lawless been here

r trucking

Thomas Neubecker

alfredo rodriguez

Nathan McGuire

Got directed there to get a trailer washout showed up they were closed owner came asked if I needed a washout told him yeah he called someone in to do it. Was grateful next was two hours away.


Car wash is outdated and dirty. I washed my Corvette there and when I used the spotless water at the end for about 2 minutes to make sure it was good, by the time I got home there were hard water spots everywhere...

Lori Brewster

Ez access in and out but paid 6 dollars for super wash and had to get our and manually rewash when done if u go here wash it yourself

E Ramsey

Wash wasn’t work properly and when asking for help I️ was treated extremely rude. This was a horrible experience and will never go back.

Richard Reynolds

Don't dare come in to this place with a vehicle that had any "excessive" mud on it. Got cussed out by the owner that I was going to clogg his drains with all my "filth". (I drive a 2wd Ranger) Yeah ok cause the small rooster tails of dirt on my truck bed are going to clogg your drains.

Rodney Pittman

Colby Love

It is comparatively cheap and gives a decent wash. I think that I paid for the wax and shine and it skipped that step.

Bobby Lane

Rick Pisco

We all mistakes and when I came in the exit instead of tbe entrance, the elderly gentleman came out and started yelling and cussing at me. I explained it was my 1St time there. He said he didn't care. The young guy did a great job on the washout l, but the other fellow needs customer service skills.

Larry Wells

Great !

Patrick somerville

Old man tells me that I should know what the f I'm doing before using his wash. Just because my truck was to low to enter. I tell to not cuss me again I just want my money back. He looks me in the eye and says "I didn't" . Very rude guy. I won't be back

Robert Wonderly

brett clark

Getting a bit run down but still works.

Francisco Gonzalez

It was a good nice place to get trailer wash out

Michael Faze

Ronald Hayes

Didn’t have a good experience here. didn’t know quite how to pull into the little car wash so I called the guy on the front desk for info, he came out cursing. took everything I had to stay cool. this place is not made for big rigs. so if you need a trailer washout, get it before you get to the Springdale, Rogers Arkansas area. because unfortunately this is the only place you can get a washout up there.

Mandy H

Just left this place feeling super rattled and upset after being yelled at and cursed at by an elderly emoloyee/manager while washing my truck in a self service bay. Now I see that I’m not the only one who has had this experience. I’d recommend avoiding this establishment and certainly avoiding the elderly man who makes light of yelling vulgar things at patrons.

Brandy Ferrari

Mike Reeves

Nice folks. Good washout. Grill seasonings and metal polish accessories.

Alfred Bingham

Andrew Barlow

Been going here for years and all my friends and family always got along with the old guy when you're buying things I had trouble with the automatic wash so went and told him he started yelling and cursing at me using GD and F bombs he's lucky I didn't knock him out will never return and will tell everyone I know not to

Charlie Laplante

James Hines

This is a bad place to go. It is extremely difficult to get in and out of. They do a very poor job. They will over charge you for the smallest item. The workers just suck. There is a much better place down the street.

Pearl Humphres

Great carwash everything worked great

Ismaila Niang

The owner is very nice and I rather come here then blue beacon because in 22 minute I was out however if your rookie or it is not easy place to get in ..

Robert Bang

Easy trailer wash easy life. Billed to Prime. In and out fast. Unique bbq sauce, spices, rubs, pickles and more sold in the billing office.

Joshua Golden

Veronica Baltazar

Misty Dailing

nathan keenan

Helpful staff


The people who run the wash. Are super nice and very friendly. A very assortment of spices and bbq rubs. Great wash out. We will be back again

Estrella Marina

scott baxley

Garbage place, owner comes out screaming and yelling cussing at customers, your money is better spent elsewhere I gave the guy two chances and both times he talks trash to drivers and nobody deserves to be talked to Like that. Truly sad ho that man acts pray his family don’t have to tolerate that mental case!!

Scott Smith

Best price for propane and hot sauces

SaM Your Majesty

The guy that washed my trailer was pleasant. However, the older guy working the register was racist and very hostile.

Rob Shores

Danny zeigler

Good car wash and people are friendly

david silc

Poor customer service, old man need to change his attitude to customers. Chargers extra for washout even tho trailer don't have extra debri in it, I will avoid this location, young worker does a great job and is more professional then old man.

Ruby Star Edens

As my husband and I were cleaning out our car, with our 3 year old daughter standing right there, the owner proceeded to drive his little golf cart over to me and say “are y’all planning on actually buying a vacuum and a car wash, or just filling up my damn trash bags?” I responded “as a matter of fact yes we are” and he says “we I just changed them out and the g**damn thing is full already and a vacuum nots gonna cover the cost of a trash bag”, then started to drive away. I then said “I’m sorry but that is absolutely no way to run your business. I can go to a different car wash where I won’t be cussed at in front of my daughter.” He kept driving away and went and hid inside the rest of the time we finished vacuuming my car. But you better believe I left without getting a wash because that man will never get another penny of my money.

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