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REVIEWS OF TNT Car Wash IN Arizona

Hipolito Lizarraga

Very, very disappointed with the job they did. For the amount of money

Craig Burkhart

These guys always take care of me great prices and great work have NEVER had any issues they do good work

Raymond Hensley

Last car wash I bought the polish as well. Cost was $70, figured I'd get a really good wash and polish, not so. I had to vacuum the trunk area myself after they said they would, Polish took all of 5 minutes. I was still sipping down the dirt spots after I got home. Worst car wash I've ever gotten there and it was expensive.

kim moore

I have been going to TNT for over 10 years and was satisfied with the service. Lately though the service has gone terribly down hill. For the last year I have had to point out bugs still on front of truck, dirt missed on inside of door, dash not wiped down, cup holders not wiped out, poor vaccum, etc. I don't consider $18.00 a detail service but I do however expect to get what I paid for which should include all of the above. I took care of what was missed AGAIN when I got home. I'm sure I'm not the first and won't be the last to take my business elsewhere. Customer Service is obviously a lost art form this day and age.

David Buettner

Paid $200 for a wax job that was described as a 1 year wax. I went back a month later to tell them that the wax they put on my car, was gone and when I washed it (hand washed) the water was no longer beading up like it should.. I was told that I would have to pay $200 again. They told me that the 1 year wax job was supposed to last for a year but there was no guarantee. It is really a shame that businesses scam people like this. Whatever happened to standing behind your word and your work? I can't believe they are still in business. I have had my car washed here several times but I refuse to go back and support dishonesty.

Cheyann Paulk

My car was still pretty dirty when I got in it. If I wasn't in a rush to get back to work(I wasn't rushing them) I would have went back and complained. The outside doesn't look bad it actually looks nice! But the inside of my car was still dirty even though I paid for them to vacuum etc

William Woolstenhulme

My headlight lens covers were extremely bad. Alex Villeda , the sales manager said no problem. 45 min later and a full car wash, both lens were like brand new. What a great job. Thanks to the guy that cleaned them. He did a great job.


This place has changed. SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW! I’ve been here again over 45 minutes and my car still isn’t washed. Time to go elsewhere.

Jacob Chernov

Worse than Cobble Stone. The inside of my car was dirtier than when it came in. How is that possible? The windows weren't touched and they wanted me to pay for an upgrade? Will not be returning at all.

Alex Ruiz

Great service. Plain and simple.

Leigh S.


michael reid

Sucked and I'll never go back.

Joseph Sweeney

Locked keys in the van no management on site very unprofessional I will not be coming back

robyn johnson

I have to say that the employees who washed our truck and 37' 5th wheel did An AWESOME JOB. It was done in under 2 hours by 95 percent by Victor and during drying a couple of guys helped also. Ramiro, was the first to greet us and was knowlagable and even though we wanted a wash and wax he explained in order to do a good job, another treatment was needed before. Thank you for saving us money!! I believe it was Alex, was nice enough to bring our 12 yrs old bulldog cold, cucumber water which he loved. (Now I am going to have it for him :) ) Thank you all and while we are in Arizona we will be back!

Paul Micu

Do not get a detail! They charge too much for the lack of work don't to my vehicle. If I paid for a complete interior, I expect it to be spotless. Not to forget to wipe the mirror or seat belts orclean a small stain. Three times I've detailed here but this was the last. Stay home and do it yourself.

Frosty Frost

Took my motorhome to them on a Monday morning, was quoted $700.00 to do a full detail, buff and paint protection. Was told that the person doing it had 30 years experience. Was told that it's a two day job. Then I was told that I could pick it up Thursday, hmm, four days instead of two. I had a trip planned Friday morning so I said Thursday at 5 p.m. would work. It was explained to me that I would have to pay up front because they don't have inside storage for an RV and past customers have driven off before they open without paying. Understandable, but big mistake. I should have found another shop that could accommodate rvs. Thursday afternoon I was told that it wouldn't be ready until 6 o'clock. We showed up at 6 and you can see in the pictures what their "detail" looked like. I was shocked to say the least. They didn't say that they ran out of time or that I should bring it back to have it redone. They would have let me take it off of the lot like it was. I complained and only then did they offer to redo it and "make it right". Since I had a trip planned the next morning I had to take it as is for now. While camping I had a good opportunity to look it over. Aside from the poor job that you can see They had ripped off one of the rear reflectors while buffing and had ruined an accent decal with the buffer. There were spots where the rubbing compound had been burnished into the paint. Many spots where the compound had not been removed indicating to me that it the paint protection had not actually been applied. I returned the RV after our trip. I spoke with the manager, Alex Villedo. I had buffed out and polished the mess that they left on the rear of the RV. So I knew that it could be done right. It looked great where I had done the work that they should have done in the first place. Over the white fiberglass the oxidation was still there and looked horrible. I pointed out the broken reflector and ruined decal, they did not offer to fix or repair either. I then showed him all of the spots where their work was poorly done. I was firm but fair with my complaints. I was told that no partial refunds would be given, period. I pushed the idea and he said that he would talk to the owner but not to expect anything. I reluctantly left it with them to "redo" the detail. Since they had my money, I felt like I really didn't have a choice and now they have a chance to do the job as it should have been done in the first place. I told them to take the time that they needed to do the job right. We shall see. I hope they do and I can amend this review. OK, it was ready after having had it for five days. We waited until the sixth day so that the manager would be there when we picked it up. It was finally done the way that it should have been done in the first place. It looks great and I am very happy with the job now.

Julie Calvert

When I paid $18 for a car wash I expected at the very least to have clean windows when I left. No such luck. Also, they didn't even wipe down the dashboard and they didn't vacuum the interior. People are friendly but you better ask what you are going to get for your money.

Delbert Bolles

This place just keeps going down hill understaffed and poor quality!! Don't waste your Time here

Alex Groh

Mark AZ

Extremely happy with their service, very friendly staff too. My headlights look like new!

Lenny Kramer

Very dissappointed in the customer service took my brand new 2017 truck in for a quick wash to remove dust and it came out with a deep scratch in the driver door. Manager Alex said no proof it was their fault . just letting you know if they damage your vehicle they don't take responsibility. It deserves no stars but had to give one to post

Latasha Smith

Best car wash deals... the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. My car always comes out beautiful!

Stacey S

Closest thing to a brushless carwash I can find in the Sun City area. Quick drive-thru wash is only $5! I wash my car a few times a year so this meets my needs exactly!


THE WORST EVER! I have a Brand New 2016 Truck and I literally had come home and rewash and windex!!! I felt bad for them because of the construction and went out of my way to get the worst car wash Ever!!

Marguerite Bankston

For as unbusy they are, they could careless how your car looks.

Jeff Ormond

If you want a car wash that takes an hour from start to finish this is the one for you..never going back here. Ok job but my God an hour!! Hire some staff!!

RT Avac

Surprised at some of the bad reviews? We've taken our trucks and Rv here for washes to full details and have been happy everytime. When we're in the Phoenix area we use always use TNT for one service or another. Also wanted to add the staff is very welcoming. Thank you

Greg Horner

They usually do a great job however lately it has been hit or miss. Took our 2019 Equinox in today 2/10/19 for the ultimate car wash. Interior was horrible absolutely no attention to detail. Looks like they just smeared a dirty rag around. I guess it depends on what crew is working that day. There are only two other cars there so they weren't very busy.

Steven Fain

They let another car hit my wifes car coming out of the automatic car wash, when we tried to speak to the person in charge there was very little he could do for us and there 3rd party glass guy kept getting involved being extremely rude and used profanity towards a friend of ours who was there when the car got hit and we keep getting the run around with the owner saying he's not going to give us his insurance info because he wants us to take it to a auto body shop he knows of instead. Wish I could give them negative stars

Faith Taylor

Don't waste your money on the extra services here. Paid for the interior clean as well. Will have to vaccuum and wipe down myself. Like the inside was never cleaned whatsoever. Not worth the money at all. How are these people still in business?

Tyler Huss

Frank Martin

Excellent work. They take good care of their customers.

Jonathan Sipek

I have taken all of my cars and trucks here and I continue to be amazed by the work they do. I have a kid with severe allergies to dogs and cats and they got every trace of both out from a used car I bought. I highly recommend them.

JT Wright

Daniel Hernandez

This place sucks. A year ago it was cool and every time I took my car in they did a decent consistent job. For the past few months the quality of the work and what I pay for is not there. The past couple of times that I've been there I've payed for the fireworks wash which is the 15.99 wash which specifies that they are to clean the dashes, or wipe them down, clean the windows and vacuum which they did not do. I went back this one last time to give them another chance to see if I was being too picky or critical, but no, they're just not doing what they are selling. I am not the type to complain, I work in the hospitality industry and know what customer service is about, but I would not recommend anyone to this car wash. Some might say that I should have spoken up or complained, but at the same time I would have had to have waited double time when they should have done what they were supposed to the first time.

Aaron Kemp

Was very dissatisfied with the work. I had to spend 3min AFTER was to get trash out if the SEATS!!! THEN another 18mim RE-VACCUMMING THE CAR. I POLITLY ASKED FOR A REFUND OR A REWASH AND THE "MANAGER" REFUSED. All I wanted was a car wash in the car vacuum not perfect I just wanted the trash and it back you like any paying customer would like.

David Baugh

Ramon Figueroa

jennifer daniels

Arisbeth Fraire

Renee Mihld

They are friendly and helpful, but they just do not do a thorough job. One day I had to remind them that they had written something on my window and it still hadn't been cleaned off. There are lots of staff, they are just usually talking to each other and not paying attention. The people in charge seem to be at the front of the line, and don't see the finished product. It's a good location, I just wish they tried a little harder.

Morris Yonan

Have been dealing with Alex for couple years is service and integrity and his professionalism is top shelf. I recommend this car wash over the ones on bell. The ones on bell are overprice,treat you like you are a SALE and not like a person. Alex has reasonable pricing he's flexible and very Professional he treat you like a person now like a sale. Ask him anything about deals he will work with you. Had 3 cars detailed there am very pleased. One time i was not happy how my back seats looked. Took the car back asked Alex i was not happy. Without Hesitation he redid the back seats never question why. He just wanted me happy.

Eric Mangham

Fantastic, Sid (Manager) hooked me up! Military members more then welcome there, even fixed my windshield dings while i was there, 20 mins in and out fast. Keep it up TNT!

Derek Marlatt

Disappointed to say the least. Apparently I should have read the other reviews before spending $40 on a hand wash....

Damon Allen

TNT has really good deals! They kind and the car washes always are consistent and do a good job!

Stephanie Shoemaker

If I could leave 0 stars I would! I took my RV in for a wash and wax. $264 later, my before shiny RV came out dull and ugly with circular patterns, excess wax that wasn't removed, and rubber molding was rubbed into paint. I Now I understand why Alex said I had to pay 1st before job was done. I even questioned the cashier....what if I'm not happy with service after done? She just smiled and blew off my question. Apparently people have tried to leave without paying .. now I know why because they do a crapy job!!! Beware poor poor service and quality of workmanship!

James Hayward

The quality has gone down drastically. This review is about the full service car wash, not the full detail services which I can not speak to. When I first moved to the area TNT was recommended to me and I was impressed with the services. I knew when my vehicle was so dirty that I was willing to pay to have it cleaned, they would do an excellent job. This is not the case anymore. In the last year the quality has fallen dramatically. The last time I went I was not satisfied and spoke to a manager who apologized, tried blaming it on the nearby construction causing them to lose workers and gave me a coupon for the next time. This time the quality was far worse; while the dash and center console were wiped, many smudges and spots remained. The rest of the vehicle, anything that wouldn't be seen if you simply sat down and drove wasn't touched at all. I asked the attendant to wipe it down, not sure if he understood a word of what I said, but when I pointed he grudgingly wiped it down half heartedly. Knowing I wouldn't get anywhere with them I went around and spoke to the one manager who has been there since I first started going. I asked why so little was done which he brushed off and wouldn't reply when I said they used to do it. Sad to see a place I used to trust and even recommend to others go so far down hill. TLDR: used to be a great place that I could recommend. Quality has declined dramatically and they're not willing to fix what they slacked on. Will find another place from now on.

Katherine Coronel

If I could give this place zero stars I would. I paid over 20 dollars for a good, through clean....instead I had to clean the exterior of my car while the employees watched me!! wipe down the exterior and interior of my car while the employees watched me!! their employee broke a piece of my car and I had to go to the dealership to have them fix it. I paid for the interior of my car to be washed, I expected it to be clean....nope. I did a much better job at home doing it myself. This place isn't worth the money. Never again will I go to them. "If you paid $20 and u needed to wash interior, that is a detail service. Sounds like u expected a detail. Different expectations are challenging in the car wash business." I paid extra different times for the services. I paid to have my car washed one day and the entire front end of my car was still dirty hence why I wiped and cleaned it myself while your employees watched. Another time I paid, again extra, for my interior to be vacuumed, yea it didn't happen either. There have been several times where I paid more money than I should have and got nothing to show for it. I do have expectations, it is pretty sad when I pay 14 bucks at the 3 dollar car wash and get a much better wash and I get the shampoo and dryer for my car mats for free and able to use it, and I can vacuum it how it should be, have rags available so I can do the job that needs to be done. If you don't care about the expectations that is on you, but I paid for services I never got, several times.

Jodi Anglin

I will start off by saying the attendant who greeted me was great, and the cashier was awesome (like she always is!! )but other than that I didn't get what I paid for. I asked for "The Works" their mid level car wash service. When I got in my car I thought it looked like a couple of windows hadn't been cleaned and that the inside hadn't been wiped down, I would have asked for it to be addressed but had another appointment. Then when I got home to put my mats back in it was evident they didn't even vacuum. My car was fairly clean when I arrived, so either someone thought it was clean enough and just didn't do anything or just didn't even take the time to do their job. I will now go to the car wash in surprise where they have the free vacuum service and return there in the future for exterior cleaning as well. It's too bad as I lived in surprise when TNT first opened and wanted to support them, but you have to do the job your paid for. I rarely give reviews but if you go here check your car over to be sure you get the service you paid for.


They always do a Good Job !!

Gilbert Hernandez

Great service, always out to keep the customer happy.

Ron Ash

Buffed out a 96 dodge pickup and wow it looks like new

John Hurst

Good services

Steve Belschner

took my new truck here for a car wash they did not clean the interior very good, the hood was scratch and the windshield had bugs still on the glass never will i go back

Matthew Denison

Got a full detail on our 15 passenger van and it came out beautiful. The price was more than fair and the staff and level of service is really top notch. We will be back.

gene SW

bought a used car and went here to have it detailed. they were able to get seat stains out from the previous owner, but missed dirt at top of trunk hatch and some odd gunk on the driver seat. they also missed a few spots on the passenger side mirror which they claimed were in the paint but I was able to get with my fingernail. I got a better look at the work done the following morning and found that there was still dog hair in the trunk, pink wax paste on the grill and the hub caps hadn't been touched at all. I called up to explain what I found and the fact that I got this done the day before I had to leave to see what they could do. The "manager" asked if I could bring it back in to which I explained that I couldn't because I am moving and asked him if I could instead get a partial refund for the incomplete work. I was told no and that if I disputed the charge then the owner could call the cops. It would behoove the owner and managers to teach their employees what a civil dispute is and what an actual detail job entails. Even if I wasn't moving I would not consider coming back for another cleaning based on the attitude and lack of attention to detail.

John Thomsen

Very unhappy today with my experience with this car wash coupon of $59 for a "MINI" detail. Left the car at 9:15 a.m. and was called by 11:00 that it was done. (They were closing early because rain was expected.) O.K. The car seats were wet, however, the interior of the car just looked like it had been "dusted" and not even all of it. The back hatch door window was clean and the inside looked like they hadn't touched it. Completely dirty!! The drink holders were still dirty and I had to ask an employee to re-clean them.The car was supposed to be waxed too. I don't know if it was or not, there were areas where I had cleaned off a little yellow glob. I think I got a rush job! Would not recommend it to anyone.


From AZ hands down the best car wash

George Mendez

Great place they are way better than Danny's a block away!!!

Doug White

Excellent fast service with a friendly staff! ‘Nuff said!

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