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Chris L

84th ave location.... l would not recommend this car wash to anybody. They will send your vehicle through the carwash without removing antenna. Antennas are not meant to be beat around through a carwash but the manager says antennas are made to bend. So now I have a bent antenna with a dent in the fender on a brand new truck and they have no responsibilitys to make it right. Well maybe it's a good thing they didn't take it off because the guy that vacuumed to my truck look like you would have sold to take care of his addiction. And they also bring out a heavily tattooed gentleman that tries to intimidate you as you talk to the manager. This is a car wash not a drug deal they need to grow up and learn how to manage a car wash and take care of their own responsibilities like a respectable business. And I know Jackson's Car Wash managers will see this post hopefully you will grow a conscience and take care of the responsibilities that you should and show that the business is a responsible business and takes care of their customers. If any other managers try to contact me don't contact me unless you are willing to pay for the damages on my vehicle.

Louie Vee

Erika chorak

I've been trying to fix a monthly pass issue since April 6th!! Been calling and leaving messages but nobody seems to care!

Leslie Jones

Jackson Car Wash Review A couple of months ago, I took my car to Jackson’s Car Wash for a detailing. My dog had an accident on the passenger seat, so I needed it scrubbed and sanitized. When they were done and I checked the car, the stain was still clearly visible and it still smelled. Also, I found a 2”-long scratch on my side quarter panel. When I complained, they gave me a website address where I could file a claim with the company to fix the scratch. I filled out the form and sent it in. Unsurprisingly, I never heard back from them. Meanwhile, they told me to come back the next day and they would re-detail the car for free. I did so. They did manage to get the stain/smell out, but to my shock I found a 2nd scratch on the car, this time on the driver’s door! I will never use Jackson’s Car Wash again. They are careless, and clearly don’t concern themselves with the damage caused by their employees. Their customer service is a joke. Meanwhile, I’m stuck with a new car with 2 very visible scratches on it. Disgraceful!

Matthew Hatcher

Jamey McNaughton

If I could rate lower I would. We drop my wife's Tahoe of for an oil change and car wash. Someone calls her and tells her that she needs to change her differential oil and flush the fuel injectors. Her knowing nothing about cars told them to go ahead. This was $160.00 more on top of the $217.00 that she didn't need at 50k miles when it was done at 30k miles. The only thing they care about is up sales to fatten their pocket book. I went in to get the same thing done on my car last Wednesday and they tried to do it to me as well. When we went in to pay because the person who called gets the commision on this we had to pay 2 separate transactions. While the girl was ringing my transactions up on the second one for the $217 she charged me $271.00. When I mentioned it she was like did I do that I am sorry then got the manager Richard. I paid with a debit card and they would not give cash back. Told them that now I am out the difference because it takes 5 to 7 days to credit. He said there nothing we can do. Funny how you can look at my account and the charges are there already but no credit. So I asked what was he going to do to make sure I came back and he said give you the difference back and if that is not good enough then we don't need your business. WOW...then he takes my receipt to make a copy because he new I was upset and was going to call corporate. Worst service ever.

Garrett Pickle

I was a fast pass member and I decided to cancel my membership after the carwash left light scratches down both sides of my brand new truck. I also was not told I had to cancel my membership 15 days proir to my billing cycle or I would be charged again anyways, furthermore they charged my account after 3 weeks of service. So I paid for a month of service and received 3 weeks before being charged again. I also had then change my oil one time and they overfilled my engine with oil and charged me an extra 10$ for it. This is the worst customer experience I've ever had and I am very sorry I have ever done business with them. Please don't let them burn you like they did me

Renee Lewis

Spent $150 on detail service. Left car at 1pm on Sat. Thought it was strange they didn't call by closing. Then I went to convenience store next door that had my car at 6pm. The front seats were not cleaned, the windows were dirty, they hadn't wiped all the wax off, did not clean the rear arm rest cup holders, and still had bug guts in front grill. I took it back on Sunday at 12n and reviewed it with the manager. No call by 4pm so I showed up to find the seats still not cleaned, and bug guts still in the grill. Then when I showed up they tried to rush to clean the seats. Unbelievable liars from how they sold me on the service to what they delivered. DO NOT for any reason go to Jacksons Car Wash on Gilbert & Germann in Chandler.

Melissa Crow

I was recommended to go to Danny's by Fletcher's as I was just visiting from out of town. I had an oil leak and Fletcher's needed to find out where exactly it was coming from. I went to Danny's and requested JUST an undercarriage wash but they refused and said the ONLY way to get it washed is if I paid their $49.95 service. WHAT? Anywhere in Idaho is $10 and I couldn't believe my ears! The ONLY way? Well, the worker there said he'd give me the pkg "deal" at $39.95 to help me out. I paid it and waited and waited. My mother was with me and had trouble with balance issues and yet they made us walk all the way accepts the parking lot (over wet spots) to get to my car. Not only did I have to wipe up a huge dirt area they left on my floor but when I arrived at Fletcher's to have them check it out they said oil was ALL OVER the undercarriage! I asked them if it looked like the undercarriage was ever cleaned and Fletcher's confirmed there's no way. The undercarriage was NEVER cleaned much less ever touched! I had to leave that same day out of town and didn't have time to file a formal report but I'm NOT happy and demand my refund of a service that wasn't ever performed! Most people would call it bad service but I would say it goes well beyond that. It was intentional and deliberate to do an illegal bait and switch. What a horrible way to take advantage of a visitor to Arizona. Your response will be expected!

Chris Dirkler

Never get your oil changed here.. like ever. I came here because I needed an oil change and they quoted me a totally different price than previously.. Ok it got more expensive inflation right? Anyways I agree to the expensive oil change since I was over on miles anyways, and they "changed my oil"... Fast forward a month later and my car's oil pressure light lights up, not the oil change light but the oil pressure light which is WAY worse than an oil change light. This means that oil is not pumping into the engine and that the engine is running without oil, freaked out I go to the dealership since I would rather just have them check it out. The dealership checks it out and changes my oil at my request and tells me it was the oil filter which was breaking down and getting sucked into my engine... The only way that happens is if these "professionals" at Jacksons Car Wash did not replace the oil filter (this was confirmed by the dealership). So yeah stay away stay as far away as possible from this place.

ed slott

blah blah Scottsdale lame reviews if u don"t like it wash your own car they did a great job an replaced my car freshener for free ty

larry Shuler

aaron morgan

AZ Sports Connection

STAY AWAY!!! YOU BEEN WARNED!!! Complete and total ignorance serving up negligence is the best possible explanation imaginable...? I took my vehicle in for oil service and the so called manager is who serviced my car and personally assured me everything was in order by inspection, serviced to completion. Well come to find out that almost 3200 miles later and with my cars rapid decline in performance has been discovered as a direct cause from when my engine was over filled with not 1, not 2, but 3 full quartz of oil and now 3200 miles later has now compromised my entire engine that will now require complete replacement of the engine if not the entire car depending if the parts and labor costs turn out to be greater than the cars value and considering my car features the all new upgraded Ford coyote engine which is like $10,000 alone...? Can you say "LAWSUIT" I know I sure can, plus loss of work/income due to all this, and the metal and physical strain and stress caused by all of this from start to finish...WOW!!!

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