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Brant Stuns

This place has to be actively trying to be this bad at this point. For one, the whole experience feels like being at a car dealership as it’s impossible to ask for anything without the employees trying to sell you on things you don’t need. I had them tell me my brand new car with 400 miles looked rough and needed a detail when I was trying to get the basic car wash. Next, I’m pretty certain management tells employees to tell customers half the expected wait time... look at other reviews. They always say details take an hour and it ends up being 3-5, every time. If you have a whole day to kill waiting for them to detail your car this is the place for you... the rest of us not so much. Finally, the last time I went I watched one of the employees driving my car almost rear end the car in front of them in the line... they locked my car’s brakes up and everything. This is the worst business there is. Paying the kids in your neighborhood to wash your car will be at about the same quality and take half the time without any risk of crashing your car. Also, the owner is a criminal who has done time for fraud and identity theft... look it up.

John Lindsay

Busy place. This location is top notch

Elena Asunsolo

I decided to get a car wash today and wanted it thoroughly cleaned since it was full of sand on the outside and inside on the rubber mats. I would say they did an average wash on the outside and did basic vacuuming on the inside. The mats are still dirty and even purchased a detailing job for the next time. I am confused as to how I bought a $40.00 car wash so that I can go home and have to also clean it myself. The staff was friendly and helpful outside

kristie caban

This place was amazing. Friendly workers and fast service. David was super helpful and friendly. Ill come back for sure!!

Salvador Lopez


Christi Miller

Just another scam of a car wash where they pressure you into things you don't need and charge you for things they shouldn't. They wanted to charge me $10 for a 'mud' charge. Never heard of an extra $10, there was little mud so I refused to pay the $10 and said I would just leave instead. The worker got huffy and said he wouldn't charge me this time. Now upset and feeling like I was being taken advantage of, I asked the cashier how much it costs to have mud removed from the wheel base. She said "um like 2 or 3 dollars". Bottom Line: Just another car wash where they try to upsell you on things you don't need like detailing, windshield replacement, mud charges. Feels more like a used car lot with their high pressure sales tactics and off the cuff add ons

Mindy Shock

Holy Cow.... After 5+ minutes of haggeling I had to stop the second pushy sales associate and basically ask him, “are you going to give me the car wash I am asking for? Because if not, I am leaving now.” I have never encountered such pushy upsellers. No means no.....The car was itself was “ok” my third row wasn’t vacuumed out... for $22 I’d think they’d get in and do it. Won’t be returning.

William Brazie

VANDALA was awesome! So nice to my boys! A+ service

Mary Stein

Came in for a quick wash, my car came out good from the wash, great customer service at checkout, will definitely come back .

gary m

I used to always get my oil changed here but never again will they touch anything of mine they broke my steering column first they had to work real hard to get keys out of ignition because they didn't have it in park then ignition got stuck and wouldn't turn they told me it wasnt their fault then they broke it with a hammer and screwdriver my tilt lever fell out my shifter is all wobbly a guy named david threatened me more than once wanted to fight me said my truck is a P.O.S anyways so whats it matter. if you had a hard time getting keys out should have told me not break it then say its not your fault then tell me your doing me a favor by doing even more damage I called Corporate they said will get back to me in 2 business days its been 9 and NOTHING David is a real piece of work has no business in customer service will be going to corporate in person this place is very unprofessional stay away from these pushy LIARS!!! I will post everywhere I can Shame On You Jacksons I see you do this to many people

Sal Aviles

Came into the car wash today, great and speedy service thanks again guys.


Paid $65.00 for a $12.00 car wash...terrible! Need to bring back the Hispanics or illegals. Going to south phx next time...Totally unhappy!

Leonardo A. Gem

Vándala, (front desk clerk) greeted me with a great simile & from start to finish was a very positive experience.

Ryan Cahill

I understand that usually only unhappy customers would write reviews. Having said that, I do feel necessary to pass along my experience this afternoon. I paid for the most expensive car wash service and came out to find my car still dirty and left unattended with the keys in it for at least 25 minutes. I noticed my car off to the side and thought I would hear my name called soon so I waited. As stated previously, 25 minutes go by, I went out, was able to flag down an employee who then told me, yes, my car was finished. At which point I became even more disappointed at all the bird dropping residue still on my hood and on the top of my car. What they did clean was an improvement, but I’m left to wonder if after paying for the highest-end wash available I should expect to have my car forgotten and still dirty? Everyone I interacted with was professional and courteous, but I’m still very disappointed in my experience because I could have done an $8 drive thru wash for the same results. Barring intervention from management to help rectify the situation, I will never be returning.

Summer Raine

Lovely staff and had really good service with David!

chris kelly

Can’t give 0 stars or I would On 10-3-19 they roll down my window and send car thru Then the conveyor belt stops. They back up car & try to send thru again - I’m quite upset & they tell me I’m not making this easy for them. This place is the absolute worse / when they first opened the did a mediocre job But whole time it is about up selling you on other services. Now they screw up big time and not one employee could even say I’m sorry What’s next scratching the paint and charging for a pin stripe STAY AWAY FROM HERE

Eva Sarmiento


Matthew green

I go to this Jackson's car wash all the time, great customer service and the car always comes out super clean.

Eduardo Hernandez

Had great service beginning to the end, I think this will be my new favorite spot to get a car wash. Keep up the good work guys!

Jolene Allen

Workers tell u they have vaccum until u pay for a car wash and then ask where they r and then tells u they dont have them. Tells u goodbye. Went the manager working there. Explain. They dont have vaccum for Express wash and then tells u if u paid for Express wash 10 bucks the one I did. Says if u spend 14.99 u cn used the vacuums. All rideshare drivers dont come here!!

Journey With Jemima

Such great, quick service. Very friendly and thorough. Free wifi in the waiting area.

Jonathan Roeder

They do a decent job on the car washes which is why I keep coming back. A little heavy on the upsell for windshields and if you do oil changes there which is always annoying. A little expensive but pretty in line with most full service car washes these days.

Jennifer W

Went in for the normal VIP wash. They did the normal upgrade selling of things to get done. No problem, I get it. I opted for the oil change which was 79.95. Still fine as I need synthetic. I usually get or done for (59.95 at my regular place) but since they would give me the car wash for $10 it still works out the same. Fine no problem until the bill came. It was over $110! I’m reviewing the bill and supposedly I needed a special filter. Ok no problem. Extra quart of oil. No problem. Labor $19.99. Who the hell chatges labor on an oil change! Never had this happen and I guarantee it won’t again.

anthony mosquera

I had a great experience, thank you David and team for really caring for the customer. I felt amazing going there. Great customer service and amazing attention.

Brittney D.ORDA

A phoenix staple! Thank you!

Kayla Calderwood

Great customer service through out the entire experience. Also enjoyed the Vandala conversation and friendly attitude, love this place

Marcantonie Caban

The customer service here is great. I needed a wash. Bad the manager i think his name was david helped me out he gave me exactly what I asked for I had a great experience here and I will recommend to others.

scott whitney

I scheduled a glass replacement and they never showed. I then rescheduled a few days later and waiting 3 hours and when they got there they didn't have the right equipment. how many times can you screw this up? I get my car wash here all the time. This wasted so much of my time that I think ill go elsewhere.

Eli C

Clean place, Services was better than I anticipated. David was definitely helpful. Id come threw again forsure.

Stephanie Villafuere

I paid $100 for them to leave my cup holder dirty. I took an Uber to school and back because they needed more time just to leave me car dirty. I paid for a full service. I am very disappointed. I’m a college student and for them just to take my $100 was very disappointing. I will not be going back here.

Areli Carmona

I love coming to this location in particular because they are Professional, Fast & the customer experience is excellent from start to finish! Vandala, who cashed me out was extremely helpful & made me feel welcomed. I will be back :)

Tracy L

The worst. Never fails every time I pull up I end up in the slow line and there’s 5 cars that go ahead of me. Today I said something to the managers outside and they apologized and said they’d do my car before the 4 other cars that showed up after me but somehow were vaccumed right away. Kid you not, my car came out 7 cars later and they put me in a lane for drying where no one works. It felt intentional! Makes no sense to not have order here and keep track of who showed up before others. I’ve been here now for 30 min staring at my car that seems to have been forgotten. Great

Random Name

⚠ Warning. Unless you want to have to tell someone 15 times you don't need something, just stay away. This place does a decent job at car washing and details. But the sales men at the begening are extremely annoying, and apparently hard of hearing. You pretty much have to get into an argument with them if you don't want what they're pushing. Also the price keeps getting lower and lower as you say no, so the original price is a complete rip off. Also I've always had to wash the insides of my windows again when I got home because they must use dirty rags to wipe them down. I don't think I'll be going here anymore. It's not worth the headache if you just want a simple wash to argue with some dude about not wanting a detail, or having your window chip repaired that day. If it wasn't for the sales guys at the begening this place would be much better.

Angelina Viloria

I always have a positive experience at Jackson’s. The space is always tidy and stocked. I don’t mind browsing the store while getting my vehicles serviced. No complaints here! :)

Jay Van Spyker

Always a great job. Keen attention to details. And if there’s anything you are not satisfied with they’ll make it right no questions asked.

Cameron Riahi

Of all the Jacksons I’ve been. This one is by far the best. Everyone is friendly and they wash cars well. I am very picky so sometimes I do have them touch up some areas when they are done. But they do anything happily. The store is also clean and well packed with lots of things you might need or want for your car or to snack on. My last visit Sergio was welcoming when I arrived and Vandala very friendly and efficient when paying

Jack Jackson

Great place to get your vehicle cleaned. Vandala always greets you with a smile.

Davone Ford

Great Customer Service from Vandala!


Came in for a quick wash, I had great customer service from beginning to the end of transaction. The cashier Chris was awesome, he has great personality and quick. The workers outside did a great job on my vehicle. Vehicle looking clean and smells good too, will definitely come back.

Cecilia Allen

I took my car in to get oil gasket done and the manger said we need spark. So they put in spark in. Well the car is not working now. I had to take it to another place. Because the corporate manager like said it has nothing to do with it with them. Well the other place place said they put in the wrong spark plugs and there is oil where they do. So it will signal all the lights to go on the dash and for the care to miss fire. They were not of any help. I would not go to this place when they mess something up corporate will not even help. Please do not go. I also put in to the BBB. I will make sure as many people know to stay away from this place. As this is my only car I have and live in Casa Grand and work in Phoenix. They left me stranded. Boo on this company to do something like this.

Noah Barnes

Came in this weekend had great service, I do think the ticket writters are a little to pushy with their sales pitch but overall had a good experience.


Jackson’s always does a great job. If I need a good cleaning, I bring my car here even though it is far from me. If you’re lucky enough to have Vandala working at the counter, she is a pleasure.

Kandra Ellis

If I could give zero stars I would do it. I just had the worse experience you could have at the car wash. I have been going to this car wash for years. I would have overall a good experience. However today that ended. I was in a rush to get my car wash and continue with my day when I got back in my car. I didn't realize that my spare tire cover was missing until a couple of hours later. I called and after being placed on hold they verified that my tire cover was there. I said I would be by later to get it. I come to get my cover and it took over 20 minutes for the on duty detail manager to be located. I literally had to take my tire cover and go locate him. I then realized while waiting that my cover was cracked. I pointed out how unprofessional his unresponsive action was and showed him the damage. I asked what will be done to make this right. He told me it's common for spare tire covers to fly off in the air dryers. And some owners take their's off and put it in the trunk area. I asked why isn't that the standard if you know it could lead to damage?! He told me it was nothing he could do. It took everything in me to not yell a big ole f u. I then went and cancelled my subscription. I will never in my life go to another Jackson's car wash. I don't care if they offer it for free! Their lack of attention to detail and take ownership of their preventable damaging cars is extremely problematic. I now join the one star raters!

Joseluis Garcia

Great place to come in for a car wash friendly environment

Shari Adams

They do not have enough employees in this establishment they need more car detailers and a quicker crew and when you pay for your car to be detailed interior and X terrier they do not do a good job I have been with Jackson’s Car Wash now nine months I drive for Uber and lift and get a car wash at least three times a week I would not continue going here if it weren’t the only car wash near my home full service I just wanna update this. I have talk to the managers I have gone back several times. There used to be a girl Melissa working at this car wash that was so good at what she did. She would do an excellent job on my car every time she did it. I don’t know what happened to her but you need to But you need to get her back. She was a Besty Taylor that you had.

Brian Hatfield

The absolute worst. Will never return. Over an hour to get a wash. On the front end, they had 3 different people up selling me. Not enough people vacuuming or cleaning. This place infuriates me

Alma Mayoral

Came to this location and I am really happy with the service that I received. Chris the cashier was so helpful and kind. Definitely coming back. Best Car Wash Ever!

Mark C

Purchased a full service car wash. Car wash advertises 20 cents off per gallon with purchase of cash wash. They charged me full price for fuel and when I asked manager about the discount, they lied and said it was the price discounted. This means this car wash is charging 40 cents per gallon higher than surrounding dual stations, staff is untrained, or they’re lying. Either way, DO NOT BUY FUEL HERE!!!

Daniel Romero

Came here for the first time and I have to say this place is not bad at all. I don't know how people complain about the awesome service received from the service lines, those people do a great job outside in this hot hot summer!

Miranda Rodriguez

Very friendly customer service from beginning to the end. Very busy location but manage to get in and out fast, feel bad for the workers outside since they are outside in the heat. Clean inside store and will definitely be back.

Tyler Stapp

I'v been going to this location for over a decade at this point and well before it was Jackson's Car Wash. my experience with the services provided has been nothing but efficient (the guys washing the cars work super hard and hustle all day to make the service as quick and seemless as possible) and pleasant. Every interaction I'v had with employees range from normal services interations, to cheery small talk that i personally appreciate. My cashier today was Vandala (if Ispelled that right or it was miscommunicated, I apologize. But if not, then good on your parents for blessing you with a cool name.) and she was cordial and funny and made banter that I appreciated a lot. I wish i could have got the washer guys on the main floor area because they really do work very hard. Being outside all day and straight up sprinting back and forth and doing what they do, all the while being good sports about it, is impressive.

Hannah Fay

Extremely confused how this establishment even has a 3.3 rating—until I noticed employees had been writing 5 star reviews lol... My Tacoma needed an oil change and a wax. Convenient to accomplish in one visit—so you’d think. I fully anticipated making the pricier investment given the location and services, but this place was a joke. No means no. I don’t need my windshield replaced. I have glass coverage and any half brained consumer knows if the damage is under the size of a dollar bill it doesn’t need replacing it needs repair. Is this an insurance scam? Not to mention the shmoozer who runs the detail side gave me anxiety. Anyone who says “I’ll make you a deal” should be banned from any sales position, period. Two hours and $265 dollars later (no clue in hell how this total came to be) my truck had only finished its “15 minute oil change”. I told them to take off whatever they hadn’t finished because I needed to leave. They told me they would stamp my receipt and I could come back. News flash: you’re losing business because your customer service sucks and your execution is terrible. I started reading the reviews while I was waiting. Disappointed I didn’t do it first. Two huge thumbs down! Pro: the actual laborers are very sweet, he apologized repeatedly and scrubbed the weird writing on my window off put my antenna back on and located my keys.

kristoper barker

Location is terrible. David (the store manager) was rude and confrontational from the start. I had taken my truck to another location and they missed a few things on the back end. So I stopped at the highland location to get it taken care of real quick. Instantly David got defensive and stated “he won’t fix it.” and asked me “to leave his property” because I stated that I would call corporate to educate them about his customer service skills. After multiple calls between myself and the first location (which I frequent about 8-10 times a week for clients vehicles) it was ran through the wash again and haphazardly “prepped” still not fixing the issue. The highland location is absolutely not the location to go to. If you’re in North Phoenix take the extra time and visit the 3rd ave and Bell road location.

Marcus Allen

Worst customer service ever, recently had my car detailed here and it completely looks horrible. Workers were rude and not very detailed oriented. Manager on duty didnt even check the work when finished. I paid $70 for interior and still the performance was poor. I'm taking my car elsewhere to be detailed properly.

Savannah Sanchez

I paid 40$ for my car to be washed. I added leather cleaner and everything and my car still looked just as dirty when I went to pick it up. There was still dirt and sand in my seat. This has happened once before and I for some reason came back. The girl at the front desk was rude. Not coming back to Jackson’s.

Melissa Stern

Great service, super fast wash, will come again!

D Cameron

Awful! Went to the camelback location twice today. Albeit the first time the cars were wrapped around and I knew I would wait for over an hour so I decided to come back later this afternoon. I arrived and was greeted by the guy who tries to sell you the oil change .. no thank you just a wash I said. He said the guys in the red shirts can help you.. great I said. Now I should interject here that there are absolutely no one in front of, to the side of me or in back of me... and I wait... and wait... and wait (10 min I know because I checked the clock) Finally a vacuum cleaner dude came out and wanted to start. I explained I hadn’t been helped yet and he just looked confused (probably as much as me)! I told him never mind and went to the market. This location service has gotten so bad in recent months. I’ll be calling the store manager as well.

Frosty ochoa

Speedy, polite, nice job. Interior needs a little more detail.

james valbrun

Can't say enough good things about this place, I received great service from start to finish. Awesome customer service from cashier Chris , great job from the guys outside who worked on my car in this hot heat , will be back again for my next wash.

Christopher Clements

Jackson's has been around for a long time but gets backed up frequently. They have too much going on between the oil change, car wash, detail, and gas station. When they get the wash right, it's fantastic, but you typically wait 30 to 45 mins for that to occur.

Donna Van Wyk

Car looks great! Very happy with cleaning service. I went in to get to gas and saw they did detailing so checked my car in for a full interior clean. I got back 2 hours later and they were just starting on my car. I did drop it off at 9am on a Saturday when they were really busy... So I guess I couldn't blame them for taking a while to get to it. The waiting room was clean and comfy so I waited about another hour. The staff were really friendly. After reading previous reviews I checked in on the guys cleaning my car and they explained how they clean the seats, by hand. I was surprised at what a great job they did cleaning the interior (my car seats were really dirty) and the exterior. I guess they should get a 4 star review for the long wait. But I'm giving them 5 as I was really impressed with the overall job.

Cierra Gutierrez

Best costumer service I’ve seen with a car wash. I’ve been to numerous car washes where the employees don’t pay too much attention to the customer they rather just get the car done and brush you off. One of the Jackson’s employee in the grey shirt (Cameron) was so attentive and friendly. I could tell he was stressed because of the heat and how busy it was, but he made me feel so welcomed and did a PHENOMENAL job on my car! Highly recommend coming to him and Jackson’s car wash, they are so detailed with cleaning cars.

Andrew Molina

I personally love it there. The service writers are decent but the services are awesome. I was in and out in 20 minutes and my car looked brand new. I definitely recommend going there for a wash and oil change. They are the best

Peter Rosewood

Came in for a wash and got the VIP, at first I wasn't sure about getting it but decided to do it anyways, and I was very impress with the job they did, despite all the bad reviews this location had I decided to try out for my self and it was well worth it. Great job, I will be coming again for my next wash.


At first my car was swarmed by people trying to upsell me. Telling me I need a serious detail, windshield replacement, etc.. Now I realize they are just trying to earn extra money or bonus points. I did get an oil change. That was quick and Dallas did have me get an air filter. He brought me the old one and explained why I should consider that. After the initial arrival, everyone was great. Now I will return! The cashier Grace was great. She explained the app and told me about offers available. Thank you!

Ravone Long

vandalas awesome I wouldn’t come here if she didn’t transfer from Northsight

Jessica Bartine

Clean location, quick, fast and affordable. Great Customer service from Chris!

Ava Hall

Talk about great service. I came in for a wash and the cashier told me about their special offers and I got a discount on my wash, I will be coming in every Tuesday when possible! The wash was awesome, the people were great, I appreciate places like this. You are my new favorite spot!

Baldomero Dominguez

They do a good job I met David and they left my car looking good and smelling good too.

Helen Santilli

Save your money and go elsewhere! I paid an exorbitant amount for a detail - which understandably costs more than your average wash. I was promised that it was worth every penny because when my car was done, it would be so clean a dealership would buy it! I was told it would take about 2 hours. OVER FOUR HOURS LATER, I called to check in and was told they had lost my number, but that they were almost done. When I finally got my car, the windows had not been sufficiently cleaned and were streaky. They did even bother to wipe the areas in the back because they were still covered in the dust and mud that had been there previously and they did not clean various cloth areas (which I expressly paid for). To top it off, when I went to pay, the price had miraculously gone up $40, with no explanation. The cashier was very accommodating and did speak with a supervisor to correct this - but given that the receipt was printed twice and I expressly stated the quoted price, their tactics seemed shady at best. I will not go back. It was not worth the money. I highly advise you avoid this place.

Malory Knutson

Worst mistake of my life coming here. Came for a basic oil change and they haggle you that your car needs this and that... they didn't tell me how much it would cost... all said and done I left with a $540 bill. When I came in for a $30 car wash. I don't even know what to say other than they completely take advantage of people and I will NEVER return here. Waited FOREVER too.

Adrian Watson

Great Customer Service at check out, and the wash was clean. These guys work very hard outside in this heat.

Mark Anthony

They did a great job on the polish and interior. Went in for a quick wash but they (Sergio) recommended a polish and clay bar. Definitely worth it. Felt like a new car. Waiting area has a lot in it for the wait.


AVOID AVOID AVOID - DISHONEST SERVICE WITH A POOR ATTITUDE! To start out I was forced to give this establishment one star, there's not an option to leave zero. Upon arriving at this location I was greeted (unpleasantly) by Sergio Fernandez, who is a "service advisor". Aside from being rude, a fairly standard interaction at valley car washes the individual up sold a detail package and promised that it would be done in 2 hours. I explained that I had children to pick up from school at 230pm, once again I was promised that 2 hours was all he would need to detail a two door truck(no backseat at all). Returning 3 hours later to find the pickup still sitting with nothing but a simple wash done at this point I attempted to find out what was going on. Sergio was nowhere to be found and none of the staff knew where to find him. The staff available at this time said that it was going to take AT LEAST another four hours to complete. The expectation when you come to a business is that they over-deliver on what was promised, especially when you make it known BEFOREHAND what your expectations as a customer are. They have failed greatly - real shocker how this place is in business. Do not let this convenient location compel you in to using their poor services, literally hundreds of car washes in town to choose from.

Stephanie Hooper

I took my car to this location in spite of the negative reviews because I believe everyone deserves a fair shot. I now regret this. They did an incredible job on my car, however, I realized after the fact that a cup that has pretty significant sentimental value had gone missing. I called the next day, was told that they did have it and that it would be waiting at the gas station service center for me to pick up that evening. It was not. When I dropped my car off, I told them that it was not necessary for them to go in my trunk because it was filled with items to be donated and there was not much work that could be done back there. This request was disregarded. My wet floor mats as well as a wet sponge had been placed inside. This was not discovered until three days later, and now all of the items I planned to donate have to be laundered again because they and my entire car smell line mildew. Not only that, but the mats and sponge had been stuffed in carelessly and were blocking the locking mechanism to my trunk. This caused my key to break off in the lock and I now have to come up with the money to replace it as it is now useless. Overall this was a pretty frustrating experience that will end up costing me more than the wash itself.

Sean Davis

Great location , the workers always due a great job. These people work very hard and it's disappointing to not see the familiar faces because the employers are not appreciated like they are suppose to. I like to come in and be greeted by the same personal. keep up the great job guys!

tanya garmon

Thank you Jackson’s car wash for the great service. Every time I come every one is so polite and helpful especially David. My car always looks amazing when it’s done! I would highly recommend this location when you need a car wash

Maya Rain

I have never in my life been more impressed by a businesses general lack of customer service, inattention to detail, and worse stretching the truth to get business. I was originally told it would take 2 hours. After no call, I called at 2.5 hours for an update. The respond was literally, "oh... we haven't even touched it." Ok... how much longer than? "Oh, I don't know, 2 hours?" ...Alright... after an additional 2 hours I call. Still not done, they need another 20-30 minutes. Turns out to be another hour. Six hours. Six hours to detail the interior and clean the exterior. When I arrived, no one asked me what I was there for, no one bothered to see why I look frustrated. When I voiced my displeasure the clerk went into, what I assume, was the GM's office. He didn't even bother to speak with me about why I was disappointed, just asked the clerk to page the detail. department. Then... to top it all off... finally get to my car... there's buffing compound all over the body, they didn't touch the insides of the cup holders/console, and the front was still littered with bugs that I could remove with my thumb. Save your money, save the frustration, and most importantly... save your time. I'm blown away...

David Chrisman

Went in for a VIP wash, after paying I walked outside to watch my car being loaded into the wash tunnel. An employee then notified me that my car was smoking when I asked why he shrugged and said I don't know. The employee who drove my car to the wash tunnel, a total 20 feet from where I last had it parked, managed to overheat my clutch so badly that the clutch was stuck and had to be serviced by my mechanic. I spent $40 to have my car poorly washed and my clutch overheated and damaged. Even worse was the fact that I had to take time out of my work week to have my car serviced due to their drivers negligence. I cannot fathom why their driver did not ask someone more experienced with manual transmissions to move my car. The employee who reviewed the footage said several times "I ain't calling you a liar" while another employee commented that "we have new drivers and some of them suck at driving stick". If I could give zero stars this establishment would warrant the rating.

Colin Yardley

If you every wondered what it feels like to be the only woman in a bar full of drunk guys, this place is for you. Seriously, back off on the up-sell. I pointed out that my car had slight body damage from being rear-ended and was about to be fixed and painted, but these guys persisted and tried to sell me a $250 ceramic paint coating."Sure bro, let's slap some lipstick on this pig. And now that I think about it, let's get that $100 oil change too. It has been almost 500 miles since my last one." I had to say, "no" probably 10 times. I wanted to just get in my car and leave, but there were already 2 cars behind me by the time I reached my breaking point. I would also strongly recommend this place for anybody who wants to get an up-close view of prison tattoos. There aren't many other options in this area, so I would suggest pretending to not speak English to anybody who is forced into having a non-consensual car wash here. Going forward, I'm just going to wait until my neighbor's sprinklers come on and park my car in their yard for a few minutes.

Ulia Nor

I decided to give this place a try. Big mistake! As you can see on my receipt I ordered the works which includes vacuum, interior and window cleaning. Left the place with a bad taste in my mouth. Windows were not fully cleaned, the interior was definitely not even looked at, but the vacuum was the worst. I understand I didn’t pay for stains, but goodness all my car needed was a vacuum. I am better off going to Clean Freaks. I did speak to some gentlemen about it and Gus said he would take care of it. Thing is I waited an hour, and I didn’t have time to stay to get it fix. He offered a free car wash next time which was very kind of him. It is not about getting a FREE car wash. It is about customer service and doing the job correctly the first time. No thank you, I will not be returning for a FREE car wash nor any service.

Nathan Weintraub

This is an awesome Jackson's location. I've been coming here for months now. If there are any issues I just speak to the manager David, and he makes it right. Nothing can ever be perfect especially with so many people working in one place. David does a great job keeping it as close to perfect as possible. I would highly recommend coming to this location.

John Cracchiolo

Spent $124.00 to have my back mats stolen, pay check stolen, medicine stolen and didn't even clean my interior. Salesmen mentioned his girlfriend had the same car, now my back mats are replaced with one unmatched mat. What a complete joke. Do not go here.

Nick Klusmann

They DONT even clean the inside of your car! $15 for nothing!

Steve Blackwell

I've been here for over 5 hours for a detail job they told me would take 2-3. They had one poor woman working on my car most of the time. After 5 hours I told them to wrap it up I've got to go. That's when one of the detailers, Luis, asked me to give him just 20 more minutes because he wanted to have it done right. If it wasn't for Luis and his dedication i would have left with a half finished detail job and been even more upset. If this place was run by him it would get 5 stars.

Paige Malizio

I had a $500 dollar volcera for my job, and after leaving here I don’t. You can’t even make money off of it unless your an employee with the healthcare system. Manager said he would look at the cameras and call me back, but he never did. I had to call him back. They didn’t even clean my car that well. I will be filing a police report, continuously letting everyone know how crappy this company is, and I will never return. Based on all the other reviews it looks like I’m not the only person. Start listening to your customers before you lose all of them.

Juan Magana

I am very un happy with this car wash. I went to get an oil change and to get my truck washed and when they were done i noticed that my back light was broken. I called the manager over his name is david castillo and he didnt care i will never go there again and wont recommend any one else.

Moriah N

Sadly, I can only give two stars to this car wash. One star is specifically for the manager who gave me a discount for my next wash after my auxiliary cord mysteriously went missing and after a pretty horrendous interior cleaning job the FIRST time around. Went back to get my free carwash and, although they did a better job cleaning this time, no one was paying the slightest bit of attention to me once my car was done. I was literally able to walk past everyone washing other vehicles and grab my keys from the cart despite making eye contact with multiple employees who chose to ignore me. Once someone finally noticed and asked to see my receipt (at this point I'm literally climbing into my vehicle) he lectured me about making sure I ask before taking my own keys. Perhaps you and your team should pay more attention to customers. Will NOT be coming here again. It used to be a great car wash I don't know what happened...

Karly Flanigan

Really awful, I didn’t get the expensive wash but There is no reason my car should look this bad after a “wash”.

Izzy602 Martinez

Omg first time here and I wanted an oil change plus car wash and I drove into the car wash lane. Some guy asked what I needed and I told him that I wanted a car wash and oil change. He was about to hand me a receipt that showed $24.99 and I asked him about the oil change and he yelled at me "go inside and someone will talk to you" I'm like what and he shouted at me louder to go inside then ran off and didn't even give me that receipt. So I waited for another guy to ask what was going on and it appeared alot of the workers ran across to a parking lot. Someone on the loud speaker ordered all staff to "come back". It's too hot to be waiting around for someone to help me or figure out what's going on so I came inside. I talked to the cashier to explain to her what happened out there and some guy came in from outside and finally got to tell someone what I needed done to my car. What an experience!! First time & last time I come here!

Virginia Maya

I came in at 9 this morning. Asked for a complete detail. They quoted me 2 hours. I called at 11:30 to find out how much longer it would be. They said that it had been sitting because they didn’t know what to do with it. They asked me what I requested I told them what I paid for and was quoted an hour and a half. It’s now 2:56 and I’m still waiting. The manager said sorry and he’d talk to his employees. And that was it. I’ll never be back here and I’ll spread the word.

najib ngadi

Worst care wash ever. They didn't clean the windows and the windshield properly. Water spots all over the hood. Wasted my time and money. Will never come back and I don't recommend it.

Cal Little

Approx $100 stolen from center console. Manager looked thru cameras and claimed couldn’t see anything. Obviously they don’t have adequate cameras to prevent this and now looking at other reviews it is an obvious problem st this place. Manager also lied and said he never heard of any theft from employees Response to owner: you have several reviews going back several months/years claiming theft of personal items from vehicles from your establishment. Do you really expect people to clear out ALL their valuables every time they go there? Why the heck would we do that when there are other seemingly more trustworthy washes with zero reports of crime? You have an obvious crime ring going on and yet you DONT do everything you can to resolve case and point lack of security cameras. Otherwise you WOULD have caught the employee(s) who opened my glove box and center consol.

Latin Diva

Love this location, l like to see similar faces when I come in for my car wash and that they offer discounts.

Raymond Ferralez

I had an awesome experience Vandala was so pleasant with a beautiful smile .

Mitch Medeiros

Things I like: They’re relatively conveniently located. Things I can live with: The cramped waiting area for the cars. The numerous upsell attempts. The fact that it’s really busy on the weekends. Things I don’t like: The inconsistent quality. The focus on increased sales and number of vehicles rather than on customer satisfaction. After washing my wife’s car on Saturday, I came in on Sunday to wash mine . I got the “basic” which is an interior and exterior wash. I typically don’t like to inspect the finished car with the employee waiting on me to point out flaws as if they’re my subordinate. I just tip them, thank them, hop in my car and leave. I’m writing this on Monday (the day after the wash) because the sunlight this morning revealed a whole lot of missed spots. Other than one swipe on top, the dash was completely untouched. There’s dust on top of the dash, on the radio, on the steering wheel and turn signal levers, and the center console is still a mess. I took a quick look in the back and noticed that it wasn’t vacuumed on the passenger side. I went out of my way to go back and show them what was missed and I was dumbfounded at the response from the employee. I pointed out how much of the interior had been missed and one of the first things he says was something along the lines of “Have you ever thought about taking care of those seats? We can clean them up really nice.” No apologizing for wasting my time. Nothing about rectifying the mistake quickly. Once I turned down the offer on the seats he instructed me to continue wait in line. I was already missing work so I backed out and left. There’s no way that I’d wait in line again, much less buy more services from a place that didn’t see the value in doing it right the first time. Never mind, fixing their mistake with some sense of urgency. At this location I’ve had good experiences, mediocre experiences, and bad experiences. If you choose to come here you’ll be taking your chances.

Rustin Reidhead

Very detail oriented. If noticing anything before taking off, they go above and beyond to correct it and make sure your car leaves looking amazing. Great waiting room and lots of items to browse to kill the time.


Scuffed up half my rim. Was clear as day there was no damage when arrived. Argued for hours. Multiple employees confirmed it was fresh. Was called a liar. Got cops involved. Don't trust them with your ride. Also never made good on agreement to cover cost of rim fix.

Kenneth West

Bought a $40 fast pass. They denied that I did. Said it was for other services. I didn't go there for the wash just to renew my fast pass. At first they said they couldn't find it. Guess they like to scam people who are loyal. You have lost my business.

Galo Xavier Lara

Terrible experience. Express wash damaged my range rover evoque, management refused to take responsibility. DO NOT GO BY ANY REASON to this auto wash. Terrible customer service and way of handling damages they make on their property.

Starlivia Kaska

Very disappointed customer. We wanted a simple wash on the outside and then detailing on the inside. Took all day to do the detailing inside and they told us to come back the next day to finish the wash on the outside due to a bad job done. I came back and still takes all day to wash the outside. Two days to finish and I feel ripped off for the price we paid. I will not be coming back.

Enrique Acosta

I've been coming to this location for the past 4 yrs always fast friendly service I highly recommend this location

Collin Kane

Please take a moment to read: We really wanted to like this place as it's super close by and we get gas here all the time. However we are very upset with the poor quality of the detail, clean, and buff. We chose the top $300 package and were promised results that were not delivered. First, we came back and noticed that the door handle was damaged and pulled away from the car. Most of the windows were covered in smudges and not cleaned on the inside. The car mirrors were not washed and had dirt that could be easily wiped away with a washcloth, but we expected this to already be done for the price we paid. There were many areas inside that had drip marks from the cleaning solution and the entire dashboard is covered in the oil/polsih that makes it very greasy to touch. The lady inside was did not even acknowledge us when we asked for a manager. She looked straight down and did not respond after making eye contact with us. We were also not given a receipt with what has been done/cleaned on our car. Zack, the detail manager spoke to us and made us feel better when he let us know that we could come back and re-clean the car. He was very professional and acknowledged the mishandling of our vehicle. If it was a $50-$100 clean we would be happy, but we are dissappointed in the lack of service for the price we paid.

alexandra poston

Antonio was great! He does my car every time I come, I am always thoroughly pleased!

Thomas Clonts

David did really job and really friendly to everyone. He know how to get a job done right away. Always have good positive way like always have his smile on his face.

Katelynn Clouse

They went above and beyond even in the drive through. They cleaned all the items and debris out of our truck which was unexpected but very appreciated. Please guys don’t forget to tip these guys too! They work hard and so a fantastic job! Keep up the great work guys!

Jonathan Schewe

Always very helpful and quick. Vandala was especially friendly and helpful!


Known theft problem at this location. "Regional Manager" lied and said he has been there 7 months and never heard of a theft complaint... might want to check the other reviews. Also, the cameras apparently can't see employees while they're in your vehicle so you'll have to file a police report. I've also witnessed vehicles crash into eachother due to employees not paying attention to exiting vehicles from the car wash. Save yourself the stress and just drive 10 mins to a different location. Still undecided, check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Lehem Ghebre

Ditto to all the 1-2 star reviews on here. They consistently do a poor job of vacuuming and wiping down the interior and exterior of my car. There are plenty of other car washes in the area that offer the same thing for the same price.

Colleen Gauna

Wish there was a way to upload pictures because they did such a bad job. Sides of car still dirty (on passenger side so I didn't notice until I got home). Paid extra for floor mats, which looks like they just vacuumed and didn't scrub so they're still dirty. They didn't clean inside - cup holders and change area still sticky. Basically paid $30 for something I could have paid $3 express wash for. Very disappointed.

Dienna Garcia

Sales men are ridiculous with trying to upsell you. The service was lacking as I watched the staff linger around joking around and talking as I’m waiting for my car to be attended to. They forgot the air freshener they didn’t clean the Inside of the car which was included in the package. And they lost my hubcap Find another. The manager offered me a free car wash

Melissa Watkins

Waited almost 2 hours for them to half a** wash my car. It was $50 and all they did was “shampoo” my carpets without even scrubbing, evidently. The only indication that they had been shampooed is the fact that they were wet. They don’t look shampooed at all. My seats weren’t even vacuumed and my dashboard and center consul weren't wiped off. I will never return. TERRIBLE service.

Elizabeth Reynolds

This place could care less about customer service or your time. I arrived at 8:30 and asked for a basic car wash. The associate saw a detail that I had purchased a few month ago. I asked him how long it would take because I had a limited amount of time. He said 90 minutes. Here I am 2 and half hours later still waiting for my car. Do NOT waste your money or your time. This place needs to be shut down

Tessa Mackiewicz

Everyone here was super helpful and accommodating! The cashier Vandala was very helpful with the coupon I had. All the washer’s were very friendly and had awesome customer service!! Will definitely be my car wash of choice from now on.

John Schwartz

Be prepared to get bombarded by the used-car salesmen approach here. You’ll be walking out with a $300 tab if you’re not careful. When I questioned why things were so much, the employee was demeaning and rude. I ended up needing to talk to a different person just to pay $24 for a mediocre car wash.

Augustine Villa

Took my truck in for seat cleaning and vip car wash but the truck came out having more streaks and water marks than before i brought it in. The guy doing my seats even admitted that they did not dry it completely before bringing it out to him to work on the seats in the sun. The manager blamed me for tge spots and did nothing to try to remedy problem and suggested it would take a $100 car wash to get rid of waterspots that they made?? I complained online and got NO response!!

Richard Aldana

Great customer service from Chris, this guy is quick and fast even when there's line out the door, great to see familiar faces here. my car is always looking fly thanks to these guy working hard outside.

Alba Caban

I always go to Jackson's they are super cool especially David. He greets us all the time. We are like family.

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