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6741 W Latham St, Phoenix, AZ 85043

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REVIEWS OF Danny's Big Rig Resort IN Arizona

Steve Willms

Danny's is always good. I've been coming here for years and have never received anything less than great service. It's always clean and security is tight. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

john Wittstruck

Payed $120.00 for parking asked if they could throw in a free shower was told no at the very least thay could have gave it to me half price. When I come to get my truck The Door reads 24 hours 7 days a week but yet They are closed at 4:30 a.m.. Used to be a pretty cool truck stop years ago has always been paid parking Overall condition is run down and no money has been put back into the truck stop to keep it up too good condition I guess they feel it is OK to treat drivers like rolling piggy banks. Only positive I can say is they've got a great security guard to watch the trucks. And I do mean that is the only good thing

Kari Sangha

This is one of my favorite truck stops. Clean facility, cozy tv lounge, awesome patio, friendly staff... oh, they are pupper friendly too

Ed Clark

Stopped to get truck ac and other items fixed. Anna in service dept was awesome, and wife said restroom was cleanest she has seen. Lounge was clean & comfy. Best place I've been too. Will definitely be back if need be. Thanks

April Litzenberger

There claim that they have a large menu that covers anything you're hungry for is VERY inaccurate, minimal parking even less covered, no lights in the back lot. Has great potential, does have a lot of promise and some cool items and a few services but def not what I'd consider a resort.

jaime fernandez

Worst service I ever had from any truck wash . First got my truck wash pulled out of the Bay notice grease all over my driver side fender ask the gentleman if he could clean it and he got a little attitude with me so I blew it off walked around the truck notice passenger wheels never dried water spots all over and dirt still covering my lug nut covers. Guy that's in charge of the wash bay came out and gave me attitude he told me I needed to polish them told him it's only been 3 weeks from the last time they were polished that they were just plain dirty and if he could we wash them. As I looked up notice both passenger and driver mirror covered in bugs still. All I can say lousy service I will not be back

Darrell Love

Still a great place to eat and chill, but will never get a wash there again.

Behind The Scenes

The man with tattoos on his face put our fuel filter gasket upside down & didn't adjust our trailer brakes. If you see the man with tattoos on his face, go somewhere else.

Elia Glouman

Nice truck stop with the best truck wash

Lee W

I hve mix reviews of this place.. wash bays very good overall price is good in my opion.. polishing is good on rims but doing trim is very exspensive prices very on their mood that day food court is a little overpriced its a hit or miss thing depends on who is cooking that day.. you would think if you spent alot of money in wash plus polishing they could give you a shower for free just my opion.. chrome shop is very exspensive way overpriced... parking they charge even if you spend big dollers nice employess most part.... fly j across street...nice secure lot security on top of things

diane darnell

Best place to get Chrome and scales

Karen Sargent

The Reuben sandwich and tots were great while we waited for the RV to get washed

tom ranes

Clean,, friendly people. Burger and tots was excellent. Will stay here whenever im in the area again

Travis Fly

Very help helpful and friendly staff. Always clean and full of great food.

Margaret Turner

Excellent service for buses and trucks.

Steven Malguin

The polishing is over priced for what you get 1st and last time having it done here hard and expensive lesson learned.

Rick Graham

Awesome wash. Nice people

Semay u deretey

I'm satisfied by just looking at it...clean place enough space we need more shops and truck wash like this in every state...keep up guys.

Christopher Brown

Just had to use the scales these because Duncan and Sons have an account with them so it's nice not having to pay out of pocket for scales. It's only $10-$11 but still lol. Staff is always friendly so that's a plus too, don't find that too often

John Bell

Just went in to get something to eat. I had heard the food was supposed to be really good. Nobody behind the counter. Then the girl that was outside smoking or talking came in. Walked right past me and went to the far end of the counter and stood there looking away from me. Didn't say hello or can I help you or anything. I don't know, maybe she was mad she couldn't finish her smoke or talk or something. All I know is , if they don't want my money I won't be going back and interfering with their time again.

Jesse Palm

Great place! Always stop in if in the area.

Patrick Finnegan

The company I work for is Lucky Star carriers. My name is Patrick I had a starter put on my truck and I also had to use tires put on as well. The mechanic that worked on my truck his name is Eric and he did an amazing job he went above and beyond the Call of Duty and I want to say thank you

Jaymes Loderaon

Nice people. Great food. Cool chrome shop. Plenty of showers. Clean bathrooms. Will be back!!

Amanda *

Fast service. Great deal on PM, and technicians KNEW stuff. Very impressed with lube/oil change. Grabbed hot food from deli/cafe Good food, but pricey

John Tedder

Best truck wash in America. Little pricey but worth it.

Theron Goad

Very nice place very clean and everything you need for your truck plus great food and more .A must stop

Joshua Morton

Gouged my 4 month old truck and was told there was no way they did it

Vadim Olari

11:45pm and nobody is here to work, I asked someone and was told there is one person to work at night and he made me wait for about 45 minutes so then he can go to a road call... all I needed was just to balancing 2 steer tires that's it, and then go to your road call that can take the whole night... I left not needing their service anymore. First time there and with this attitude for sure is the last...

Jeff Jeffers

Worst truck wash. My aluminum looks terrible and there looks like a nasty film over the entire truck. This is a new truck with only 20k miles.

David Gillespie

Worst truck stop ever . Cb shop closed. Took 45 min for the restuarant to make a simple cheeseburger. And to top it off after spending 100 dollars at the store inside they charged me 12.00 to park . Then at 9.05 am only 5 min after the parking expired they had a guy out in the parking lot collecting info to tow vehicles . I will NEVER shop or stop there again . The restrooms were nasty as well. They should treat paying customers better. I mean 5 min ? Really?? I had to park 5 min walk from the restroom upon my return noticed the guy at 9:05 writing my info down to try and tow my truck. Boycott this place if you have the choice

Esad Bektaš

Was satisfied with the truck and trailer wash, bit high on the price but good. Parking in the back could use some lightning. Food was trash..

Christy Mann

First time stopping here and really liked the place. Very clean and the staff are very nice and friendly. Nice comfortable drivers lounge. Lots of sitting room. And really liked the oasis out back. Very relaxing. The food was good and reasonably priced. Didn't do the truck wash so can't comment on that. But overall a nice place.

Jesse Audette

Called ahead and asked about polish shop and Cb shop. Was told yes they polish in the wash bays and the CB shop is open til 2am. Git there at 1pm and was told polish is all booked for the next 24 hours. Went in later to get my cb fixed. Cb shop closes at 6. Next morning, I figured I would try to get breakfast. 615 am there restaurant is not open and the tables were not cleaned from the night before. Grabbed a cup of coffee over 3 dollars?! The staff was nice enough and they did a good job On the wash but seriously, it's not a resort.

D. D.

Good food good gas prices convenient

Brian Smith

Used to have the best wash hands down never had a complaint. Was off the road over a year. We stopped in the other night and got a wash. We did not get what we paid for. We paid for services that we did not get. No wax no brighter the drying was no where near done and there were spots everywhere missed in the wash. What happened?????

Andrey Lisichenko

Straight to the point: When Flying J on exit 137 gets full, go across the street from it and park here over night. Parking: $12 Shower: $10 Food:$10 If you go on looking for a free parking good luck! 1. You will waste more money on fuel circling around full truck stops. 2. Havent showered here but showers look big and great (well you can walk right across the street and take one at Flyikg J for free) 3. Great food menus for $9 and $10. $14 for steak and eggs. (Nowadays fast food to fill you up will cost over $10) Great lounge, probably the best I've seen, couches and sofas will make you not want to get up. They have truck wash and oil change+lube, but I have not had those so I cannot comment. Overall great service with some music :)

Samantha Hunt

I like coming here when my husband gets his truck fixed but there is alot of bad Customer Service. I came in and the cashier in the food section, i said Good Morning and he did not reply. Then i went to the Service department where my husband was and the employee Sean has a real bad attitude towards Customers and Employees. An employee went behind the counter to get something and he told him to get away from the back counter and the employee said Sorryand Sean said u do It all the time and rolled his eyes. Thats just so unprofessional and disrespectful. If he has an issue with what an employee is doing then he should talk to him personally instead infront of customers. My thought is that Sean should be fired. Anyways this makes it to where customers dont want to come here. Overall its ok


Awesome place fair pricing on truck labor rates. It's really hard to find a decent repair shop. I'm glad I found this one. Big Thanks to Kyle my tech and the service writers. Paul Yim

Edgar Vigil

I paid $9.50 for a cold old tortilla breakfast burrito and it was served as you see it in the picture. The woman told me I can go warm it in another place

Raymond Smith

Inside washbay guys laughed at me and outwardly made fun of me for going to the wrong bay. I needed washout bay. First time there. Cashier was certainly unhappy that I was using a commcheck. Washout guys were fast and polite. Even shook my hand. Restroom was clean.

cruzer cruz

First time here....came to get trailer tore and trailer dot inspection. Staff is friendly service was fast. Showers are very clean tv room spacious comfortable parking spots are easy to get into. Guard on site. Food is good at dining room. Showers are $12.00 and so is parking but worth it....

Paul Reynolds

Would like wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Vicki.

kathleen bognar

Always a great stay. For all my chrome done. Perfect as always

Larry Martin

Beware the chrome shop.... Do not expect the chrome shop employees to know what they’re selling, know for sure yourself that whatever you’re buying is what you want and that it will work on your truck. Even if they tell you it will fit and you purchase it and take it outside and find that it doesn’t, they WILL NOT refund your money, even if they told you it would work. I wished to purchase a stainless steel two license plat holder on hinges that uses the existing center bolts on a Texas bumper, no need to drill holes in my bumper that way. I asked the employee 3 times if the mounting plate was pre drilled for a Texas bumper, every time she said yes, she was wrong. Management refused to refund my money, telling the employee over the phone that it was a universal mount, I did not want a universal mount, holes must be drilled to mount a universal mount. They will offer store credit, but I don’t travel down to Phoenix often, and they had nothing else that I wanted to exchange it for, so you got me for $120.00, be the last penny Danny’s Big Rig Resort will ever see from me again, ever. Teach your employees what they are actually selling, or better yet, provide some customer service.

David Anglin

Great mechanics. Always solves any issues I have...

Calvin Ballard

Went in there yesterday to look around, and ended up buying some really cool t-shirts... Kevin make you feel like you have known each other for year... He had my cousin and myself come to the back room where the shirts was at, and let us pick out whichever we wanted... So today I went back and took my truck to get a front end alignment done, that was an great service as well... So then I decided to grab a bite to eat... The food and service was great as well...

J Rock

If I could give ZERO stars I would. Got a tractor wash only. Seems like they didnt bother with drivers side, wheels were dirty never washed. Wheels were polished a week prior in Vegas. These idiots burned front wheels. Drives look ok. They blame it on something I drove over. Back deck was dirty along with frame. Very inconsistent. If you cant wash a truck right you ain'tca doing any maintenance on my truck. No excuse for lack of attention to detail. It's not the first time they screwed up. Place seems to be going down hill. This use to be the spot years ago. I got the manager and they washed the wheels but you can imagine how dirty they were. I usually tip 20. Go to Sisters in Barstow. They are decent and way more consistent.

Miguel Santana

My favorite place to visit when I’m in the area People are friendly the prices are reasonable Joseph the wash center manager is a great guy Over in the service department everyone is great

William Whiteley

Love this place, clean, good food, paid parking. It beats the Flying J across the street

Jeff Radoll

Always happy to get my truck washed here fast and great service

Steve Rudder

Got just the tractor washed. It was better this time than previous visits in the past. I was not impressed by anything, just an ordinary wash job.

george fenick

Pulled into the bay, asked for a 3 axle alignment. They sent a technician out to inspect my truck. Was told they would not warranty an alignment due to "drag link out of spec. Spring bushings shifted and out of spec". Then handed me a bill for $76 dollars. That is the exact steps. No warning on a bill prior. Directly took the truck to a dealership. Was told that there was nothing wrong with my truck and no bushings shifted nor was there anything wrong with the drag link. So, paid the dealership $300 for time and effort. Beats the $3000 I was told that it would cost to press out front spring bushings and replace drag link. So, for under $400 in total, my truck was fine. Will not return for any service at this location.

Ali Yare

They do a pretty good job.

Danny Hernandez

Love coming to this place, cant resist to buy chrome stuff for my 18 wheeler every time im here, truck wash is good and afortable.

Calvin Miller

Stopped here many times not bad place to stop

Jericho Tinsley

Customer service is ok. Some of the staff are too flirty, and the a.c. barely works.

Thad Voorheis


Cegui Eguiluz

Caution to the wind here They can be slow when doing a wash which could be good But when it came to me and a basic wash suddenly it went super fast I had to ask them several times to finish the windows The side And I had an oil change charge for synthetic and they gave me regular And the kicker so I parked my trailer where they said Left to get a bite came back and someone locked it Yep And I have a load in 30 minutes So have to run back to and show my receipts and ask what ? And they said well you didn’t have a permit sign ? Uh well you didn’t give me one!!!

Michael Rinehart

Love this place. Always clean. Friendly staff. And great food at the diner. Always my first choice when coming to Phoenix

Ralph Macias

Same as all time Quick best place in Phoenix to come too give them 10

Sue Elangan

I took my truck here for low battery warning and fix the AC. So they’ve replaced the all battery and replaced some parts for the AC. At the end truck was ready to roll but the AC didn’t work, and they told me to take the truck to Freightliner to get the AC to work. And they’ve charged me about $1800. After 4 hrs later, my battery went down again and truck fully shutdown, so I called the road service, they replaced the alternator, then the battery was charged and the truck was ready to roll, and AC was working. I believe Danny’s should replace only the alternator. They truly ripped me off.

Sharon Baldwin

Great. It's. Always. Great. When. I. Go. There. That's. Why. I. Do. And. Always. Will

V for Vendetta Mfk

Awesome to park if Flaying J full

Tims Steed

Everybody is great. Until today bought a connex 3300 from the cb shop and a speaker they wasnt very friendly cause i was going to have them set up the stuff with a new antenna and coax to get the full out put on this cb. They didnt even smile or anything. We will take take it some where else that will be willing to set it up and put a amp to it.

Lee Johnson

Used to find this place decent. Was a good place to park, but after the employee mocking customers - no. At that point it doesnt matter what you have to offer when youre hiring people that act that way. Extremely childish & unprofessional. Its just gross.


Truck wash average at best the grill was not much the mystery meat on the tacos had no flavor at all but the polish shop did a real good job

Perri Moreland

It's a great place. The truck wash and parking. The food is great, it depends on who's cooking. The morning cook that's there Monday - Friday is a AWESOME COOK!!!!

Luis Rivera

Truck wash was expensive and they left alot of dirt/residual dirty water on my w900. And they charged $100. I don't recommend the truck wash. Other than that clean nice showers friendly employees, but everything is expensive so I'm sure they're told to be extra nice!

Alexander Frias

I have always come here and received nothing but the best service how ever the last 2 or 3 times have been horrible tonight was the final straw when I called to get wash hours I was hung up on 2 times by the "lady" working the phone then when I finally got an answer on the wash hours I stopped in to wait 45 minutes with no help from any one working then when I finally when inside to find help the lady I spoke with was extremely rude to me so I ended up leaving after waiting an additional 40 minutes needless to say I will never return I am the owner of a fleet and they just lost thousands of our dollars between repairs and the things available there do your self a favor do not spend money here it's not worth the hassle

Carolyn Sluder

Nice clean and quiet. Cheaper than the reserved parking @Flying J.

Francisco Suazo

This place is Awesome!! Need your vehicle washed, bus tractor trailer, heck even your motorcycle. All the washing is done by hand. I drive a school bus and the buses come out Great.

Bill Cutler

Danny's used to be a five star truck resort that's offered any and all truck related services that your heart desired, however, it seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Leslie Kristel

Danny's Big Rig Resort located just off the I 10 exit 137 to west Latham st. is an awesome place to hang the " truck " for the night. Lots of amenities like truck wash scales, truck & trailer services. The 60's style restaurant inside is cool with breakfast & lunch menu's. The staff are awesome.Check out the cool guy in the chrome shop he'll make your day. Well thinks me will stay again when in Phoenix!!

Rubi Lucchese

Nice truck stop

David Handy

Great breakfast.. truck wash the guys were acting a little strange. The morning wash out person was very professional. The others could learn from him.

Victor Castillo

Don't like the fact that you have to pay for parking. Love their chorizo and eggs breakfast. Place has a big chrome shop and a detail shop truck wash they have a full service shop, can't buy fuel though.

Big Dog Rolln

Had to skip Blue Beacon on a trailer wash out. Went to Danny's & in& out no time. I've been going there for years. Its the classy place, good food. Has all the trucker needs

loso j

Love Danny's. They also have a good CV shop.

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