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Heidi C

I paid a lot to have the extras done to my car. I got in my car to come home and the front window (inside and outside) was still dirty and I was told something about a wax job ,usually $44.00 I think he said and they were running a special at $15.00, the guy that did it had a bottle of something that he sprayed on my car and then he would wipe it off, some of the fluid shows some drips down the side of my car. Also, the drivers side front floor was still needing to be vacuumed. The people were very nice but for the money that I paid ...

Jason Weiss

Special shout out to Ted at the Finish Line (end of tunnel) and Matthew at the starting point (tunnel entrance). As a self-serve customer, I appreciate that these associates always are always polite when they greet you and Ted always "tips his hat" when he sees you. He doesn't have to, its not in his job description but he adjusts your mirrors out and wipes them down after the wash and offers to replace your antenna mast that the starting associate removed. I frequently skip the vacuum since I do it later so it's nice to be able to drive out and leave without stopping. Otherwise, I have to exit and do these things myself. Matthew is always the same personality and never seems to have a bad day. I'm in the tunnel 2-3 times per week and can honestly say that every experience is consistent. Not found in many establishments these days.

Roni Keller

This is a really nice carwash place! It's clean and they give really nice service! We used to go to the one on the corner of Baseline and Stapley, but that one was awful! The wonderful people at Cobblestone are so much better! Good prices too!

Daniel Acosta

Every now and then you find someone whose work shines above all the rest. Ted at the Southern and Higley location is one of these people. He never stops working and always finds something to do. Lately he’s added drying the outside mirrors to his bag of tricks for the cars that are coming out of the tunnel. Ted is certainly a shining star who makes this location the example for everyone else to follow. Thank you Ted!

Jason Keyes

Excellent service and staff! Thanks guys... and gals

Kevin Banks

Always excellent service and attention to detail provided by Ben! I come in almost weekly bringing in several vehicles and Ben is one of the main reasons that I keep returning. He cleans the wheels, wipes down the door jams, his attention to detail is unmatched. He is dedicated, always respectful of any slight request from me (a picky customer) and shows he really cares. I recently had a minor issue with a ticket writer (to go unnamed) and I brought it up with the manager Matt, I must say that Matt made things right immediately and I also give high marks to him for his professionalism. Thanks to the team, keep up your good work and dedication. As a business owner myself, these are the folks who make it!

Manuel C

Would of given it 5 stars if they had not forget my air freshener the last 3 times I've been here. I had to go back each time

Ricki Sanchez

My experience today was awesome. I will continue to have my car washed and detailed. The staff from start to finish paid attention to detail. Talked with Patrick or pat the manager and let him know . Thanks again

Shaun Hodgman

I come to this car wash once a week to take care of my baby. The one thing I will say is that staff is extremely nice and out going with me. I really enjoy that about this location. The funny thing is no matter what day I show up, one of the site managers Ben takes great care of me and for some reason always ends up with my car haha. Awesome job from the staff from the time I pull up and get my ticket to the time I pay and wait to receive a perfectly finished car .

Ryan Cote

From arrival to departure, had a great experience, my son had fun watching vehicles go through automated wash. I will be back for next service interval.

*Adriana .T.*

This is probably one of the best car spas I've been to so far! The workers here are very nice and welcoming, while I waited the chairs were very comfortable and overall, the whole building was clean (although there was a little bit of popcorn on the Floor) It took a long time for my car to be ready, probably 3 or 5 hours but the wait was worth it! My car looked like it did when I just bought it!

Eric Woodard

When another Cobblestone waxed over water spots on my vehicle twice. Couldn't get them out. Wasted my points on two details. Mike not only got water spots out. He detailed & honored what I had already paid. Thank you

Rodney Stewart

Need to bring back the 3dollar wash. Lol bit pricy at 5 bucks

Sherman Bush

I have been to this facility several times. Each time, I spend a good deal of time finishing what I paid for but did not get. Last time, the back seat area of my crew cab was not even vacuumed, there was trash and litter still under the seats. This time, I spent $40 for a less than 15 minute visit. There were tooth picks and litter still in the front console (which had not even been wiped down). My outside mirrors were washed "around". The "restored" black finish was only on the easily reachable areas. I had a conversation with the tech before I paid for the detail and explained my previous concerns (apparently to deaf ears). I called and spoke to a manager to express my displeasure, apparently again to deaf ears as the only words he spoke was "have a nice day". There are too many options available for vehicle cleaning to have to deal with such incredible poor service here. So, Mr. Cobblestone Manager, you have a nice day as well and perhaps some day you will learn the true value in pleasing your customers.

Rebecca Ballesteros

Worst customer service we have ever received from this car wash. We paid extra to have the tires cleaned (didnt want tire dressing) because we drove down a sirt road and the tires weren't even touched. When my husband brought it to their attention, the you girl copped an attitude. She didn't cop an attitude to charge extra though! A gentleman by the name of Juan was nice enough to finish the job. Last time we visit that car wash.

Kelly Fortier

Definitely Not Happy with this Cobblestone!! The very few times I’ve come through here the Wash leaves a residue all over my windows! I Pay monthly for the fast pass on the best wash and this Location is Terrible. I have been through the other two locations and it never leaves a dirty residue on my windows. WILL NOT BE BACK AT THIS LOCATION.

Amanda G

I called the store today to tell the manager that the man who works outside (at the end of the wash) is always doing an amazing job. I see him every time I get a wash and he is so on top of his job AND HES ALWAYS SMILING. He seems like a great employee. The assistant manager old me his name is Camerin. The car wash itself is great too, I choose this one over other ones that are close by.


They always do a great job, especially Ben! I come every Saturday. Thanks for taking care of my cars!!

Larry Faria

I was using this location for 2 years then moved to Crismon and Baseline I started to use the Cobblestone on Signal Butte. But it doesn't even come close to great service and better equipment then the Southern and Higley location. I will use the Higley and Southern location forever, good staff and very prompt getting you through.

Billy Randall

1st time inside a total car wash system my cousin uses often for his soirts car.

kyle prettyman

Had a $20 oil change and wash coupon... They have vacuums in the oil change bay to help get your car through faster! No complaints on the oil change and the car was job was spot on (or spot off lol) .

Robert Ketchen

Great place to take your auto to get it clean . I have a 2019 Dodge Journey and they take excellent care of it . Prices are second to none !!

Pure Elegance

Patrick and the staff at Cobbestone Auto Spa went out of their way to take care of me and my car!! EXCELLENT and friendly customer service. Definitely recommend these guys!!

Mark Griswold

Just had my Wife’s Honda S-2000 detailed here! Outstanding Work! Brandon your crew ROCKS! Thanks again for a Job Well Done! Mark and Kathy Griswold

Ben H

Had an awesome experience here as usual. Patrick and Joshua and the rest of the team did a great job cleaning my new truck and made it look like I just picked it up from the dealer. Will definitely be a regular here!

Dana Potterf

Got there early Sunday morning for the early bird special car wash was $25.. original price was 27.. outside of the car look great but the inside.. let's just say it wasn't worth the money..

Pat Carney

Great service bespeaks great management by mike. Particularly pleased with the detailing on my 02 suburban. Looks like new! Highly recommend this operation. Jordan did fantastic work on the detail!

Krista Pepper

I have had a fast pass for about 6 months now and I love it!! I love all the amenities they offer. There’s towels for you to dry your car with after it’s washed. And they have wet wipes to wipe down the interior. It’s all included. Mike the manager is awesome! He helped me wax out a scratch on my truck and was very helpful. Definitely recommend this car wash!

Rudy Garcia

Ben has great costumer service. He is always making sure everyone’s car is done right!

Jerry Latschar

Worse experience ever. Was told 45 mins to be done, after an hour my truck wasn't even pulled in to be serviced for an oil change. If I would have to told upfront what the real time would be I would have gone somewhere else but no, I waste and hour of my time for nothing. Never coming back here again

Rick Clark

Staff here do a great job from wash sales to service personal to the cashier. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Will recommend to all my family and friends

Robert Moore

My thanks to Cobblestone. My car is cleaned very well. Yesterday, Ben, took the time to make certain it is just right! I appreciate that.

Tommy Gonzales

I love the people there at cobblestone, very friendly always going over and beyond their job duties their car washes are awesome. I would recommend them to anyone or better yet everyone.

Bob Cates

2 years ago I gave this car wash a 4 star. Went there today and will give a poorly 1 star. The last 6 months this place has been getting worse all the time ! I sat and watched them finish my car, they never touched the inside of my windows. When he said it was finished I asked him you don’t do the windows anymore, he said they did. I opened the door and had him look through them, needless to say then cleaned the windows. Should I have to ask them to do this I thought it was part of the service ! This car wash is close to my home ; but if I need to go somewhere else I will.

Jay Garland

I frequently use Cobblestone and this was my second time coming to this particular location. First experience was pretty good, everyone was super courteous, my wife and I actually got an oil change/ car wash on one vehicle and just a wash on another. This time I didn't even bother to have anything done due to several staff just standing around staring as I pulled up. After a moment I was greeted and advised that it would be at least a 30 to 35 minute wait before the vehicle could be serviced (not a problem). I was then asked to fill out the paperwork regarding the vehicle info while the same staff stood around using profanity and not even bothering to see if I needed anything (HUGE problem). I don't do too many reviews unless my experience was either really bad or really good. These guys definitely dropped the ball today and the odds of me returning to this location are slim to none. Hopefully this was just a one off day and others have had a better experience.

Charlene Hogle

Great place for an oil change and wash

Debbie Garcia

Paid 31.00 for an ultimate wash and we left with water spots when we came back the attendant did not want to help us, told us the water spots needed to be buffed out. We went inside to speak with a manager and Izac assisted us and told us, he would run our vehicle thru again. He saved us having to find a new spot to run our families 5 vehicles thru. We have given five stars after our second visit, and then headed home and when I let my daughter get in the back seat. I noticed they didn't even vaccum or clean our back seat. Definitely not going back a third time for them to fix this again.

Mommyhead McGee

I just had a pretty bad experience here. Bought a car and wanted it detailed. Was told 2-2.5 hours. Took almost 4!!! At aroung 3:45 I was told "Your car will be ready in 10-15 minutes. We had a big rush." Um, ok, but I was here first. Why did everyone who came in after me get done and get to leave while I sat there waiting? Not only that, it wasn't even a good job. As I'm driving home, I discover there's still a big tape mark on the windsheild from the pricing sticker. And when I got home, I got out to look in back to find out where my mats were only to discover they had taped down the temporary license for the car wash and didn't remove it for the detail so I now have a big strip of tape to get off there, too. I saw them stop working on my car, I saw them like inspecting and getting little spots. I went from taking money away from the tip to adding it back in thruout the half day I was there....waiting (they knew I was waiting for it). Ended up when I was finally called I just handed them what I had in my pocket without thinking. Wish now I'd kept the whole tip. Update: Got worse over time. Oily splotches all over the dash, scratched and torn up window tint, and the ceramic coating that will make water bead off...not. At least not on the rear bumper or the roof which stuck out of the carport and were covered in spots after that little rain we had on Sat. And those mats I found in the back...they were piled on top of each other in a heap of wet. Why were they soaked and the cleaned seat were completely dry? Not even sure at this point that they actually did clean the seats. A couple spots are gone but overall, not that great looking (or feeling) as far as clean goes. Reached out to wecare email expressing how upset I am and how could they possibly 'make it right' with a coupon for a free car wash and never heard back.

Izzy Diaz

This location has a lot to be desired. First the service is slow, it took them about 10 minutes of me waiting in line before I was able to let someone know what service I needed to have done, 2nd it seems they were understaffed because there were a lot of cars waiting to be dried. After my car was "washed and cleaned" I noticed that they didnt even wipe down the dash (I had paid for the supreme which includes a wipe down) apart from that the streaks on the front windshield were very noticeable. I think this was missed due to them being understaffed. From now on I will be using the Cobblestone location at Val Vista and Baseline, they do a way better job.

Jeff Gonzales

Worst experience ever! Paid for a $250 full detail, wax and polish and interior shampooing and detail. Let’s just start with the fact that nothing in the interior had seemed to be touched at all, the seats still have stains on them and when we went to pull the plastic off the seats to look around, there were still crumbs and loose dirt that seemed like they didn’t even do a good vacuum job! THEN, they broke the cover for my shifter and Mike claimed he would get it fixed and call me back the same day which was yesterday. Never got a call and now it is 1:20pm the next day, today. I ended up called only to be told that he is to busy to talk to me right now if I’d like to leave a message. Another thing I’ve noticed is there are still a few spots on the car that they completely skipped over that could have definitely been waxed off or cleaned off with a cleaner. I also had to come back and point out a bunch of scuff marks all inside the interior that they didn’t even bother touching. All the cup holders still had dust in them along with all the door pockets. Opened up the trunk to look at the floor matts they “Shampooed” and right off the bat could tell they weren’t even touched and the trunk was never cleaned or vacuumed out. I will be going there today to get my money back as clearly they didn’t do anything I couldn’t have done myself at a self car wash. I don’t know how you guys are still in business with all the bad reviews and horrible quality of work you all performed. and do keep in mind people that this is a 2015 Nissan that was kept in good condition and was expecting a completely new car feel with how little they had to do, definitely a waist of money and should have hired an actual professional to do this job right the first time.

Ray Brenner

Came to have my car wash the other day the car turn out.great But.I notice somthing the employés had no drinking water with a company so big why do not take better care of there employés i. Did not see any water container's at all it was 111 out!! I'm writing a Up date on my review that. Emily the(Owner)wrote I saying Wow you mean you cant even give your employees water they have to buy there own water. Way to go cobblestone your company making money off its employees how sad is that and Emily you said at some locations they have some water stations it should be at all locations!!!

R Smaaland

I’ve been here twice and each time my car has not been rinsed properly!

Ann Lopez

Always a good clean car when I go to Cobblestone on Southern, just east of Higley.

Erica H

Nice employees and hard working. The end finishing people are incredibly hard workers, doing a fantastic job never leaving water spots or missed areas. Opportunity for improvement- Vacuum front and back seats consistently. Often, the driver seat is done but not passenger seat. Or only front seats, not back seats and not very thoroughly.

aleister fiend

Too much pressure to upgrade requested services. Techs did not notify me when truck was done,instead left it unlocked with keys in ignition in random part of parking lot. Techs couldnt drive my standard truck into bay with out stalling it.was not shown empty bottle of Lucas treatment. Currently looking for a new place for next oil change.

Antowan Lee

I used to take my Caddy to Superstar wash. They give horrible service! I wouldn't send my worst enemy to that place. But Cobblestone has proven to be the best. I absolutely love this place!! Mike, the General manager, Jordan, the Detail manager, and Garrett, the auto spa technician are just awesome people. They go out of their way to not only clean my car, but take the time to advise on tips and tricks to save money in between washes. If you baby your car like I do, I highly recommend the Higley location!

Susan Galloway

Love getting my car cleaned here. The staff is amazing. They remember me each week, and are always friendly.

Chase Frost

I Went in for an oil change and after I picked up my truck, it was running like garbage so i took it into a mechanic, turns out they added WAY TOO MUCH OIL, LIKE THEY DIDN'T CHANGE THE OIL, THEY ADDED NEARLY 5 QUARTS MORE. it spilled oil all over my engine compartment, all my belts, my alternator, everything was covered. What was supposed to be a 15 minute oil change turned into well over hour out of my day. I wasn't going to write this review until i called to let them know what happened and give them a chance to correct and improve but the "manager" who i got on the phone couldn't have cared less. No apology, literally, just said ok, followed by 30 seconds of silence. The car wash is decent but the service department is clearly run by people who don't care and pay no attention to detail.

Larry Trapani

Always friendly and helpful. Also, no waiting. My vehicle looks great when it's through the wash, and the vaccumn and rags are a nice touch.


I feel like this company is professional and quick with their service.

joshua mcckiney

Be aware! This location is very nosy! I just wanting all of the mud washed off of my vehicle from a recent camping trip. I still had old beer cans in there and they actually notified the police! Thankfully, they realized I hadn't done anything wrong, but what an inconvenience and embarrassment! I will never return to this business.

Gabriel paul Rivera

One of my favorite parts of my week is taking my truck in to get washed!!! I love the fact that if I need an oil change or want my truck detailed , they got me. Ben and his crew take care of my vehicle as if it were theirs. I am a loyal customer to this location and I'm happy to continue doing business here!

M Schulzy

The cobblestone Auto spa was friendly nice clean place to sit while your car gets a toil changed and car wash. Overall the price was competitive and a very comfortable waiting room to wait while your service was being done. Overall I would recommend this place and I would use it again.

Charles Schroeder

Ben does a wonderful job making everything sparkle on my Hybrid. I spilled a protein drink in the cup holder and couldn't get rid of the awful smell. Ben put something in the cup holder and it took the smell away 100% in about 30 seconds. It smells like a new car again

Rob B

My experience with this location has been exact opposite of Mr Jay Garlands. I am ALWAYS treated like Family at this location. Truck always comes out amazing!! You get better service w you don’t act like an asshat buddy!

Jane Ogle

Professional, friendly and knowledgeable service! All of the employees went above and beyond to assist me!!

Debra Driscoll

Incredible place! Great staff! I will not go anywhere else!

Ryan Erik

Cobblestone is the go to for all your car needs from wash to oil. I won't go anywhere else. All of there locations will serve you with excellent service. I use to be an an employee at Cobblestone I can assure you all of the employees are well trained especially in the Oil and Lube department they are required to take classes so rest assured your vehicle is in safe hands.

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