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REVIEWS OF Cobblestone Auto Spa; Mesa - Signal Butte & Baseline IN Arizona

Stoney Smith

When I went in to get a full service wash Martin was very polite and friendly and was able to help me out with all my questions. The site was very clean and the staff was friendly and I was very happy with the car wash I paid for. I will definitely be going back in the future.


Thanks for asking about my experience at Cobblestone, the truth is that the experience was not good at all. I felt cheated because I paid $69.00 for washing my card and when they told me that the car was clean and I saw the doors on the bottom were dirty and in the back seat someone ate and it was dirty. I hope you correct those situations for the good of the business.


I had the worst experience at cobblestone. We went in for a car wash and detailing. We paid over $ 200. The car looked the same they did such a bad job at detailing and washing it. Not to mention our car wouldn't start. The only reason we found out was because all the employees were surrounding our car. No one would come and speak to us about our car. Until we asked. They told us out car didn't want to start. We spoke to the manager who was rude. About how our car was fine when we took it in. Never had we had this problem at any other car washes until this one. We didn't get no where speaking with the manager we just ended up upset and frustrated. In the end we had our car towed to the dealership. Which they mentioned water might have gotten in. In the end this carwash cost us alot more then it should have. Never again would I go here again. The manager was rude and the whole situation was frustrating.

James Willard

Everytime I come in John Conner greets me with a smile and ask how my wife and dog are doing. He is so great at managing it that it’s one of the reasons I keep coming back to this location.

Billy Ward

They took the time to make sure my truck was perfect

Kwad Daddy

The car wash did a horrible job on my new car, I choose the premium wash and when I came out it had soap spots all over it! It took me 2 hours at the house to get all the spots off, basically I had to hand wash the entire car. I’ve had $7 car washes do better then this place! I will never go back!

Leon boom

I've never been to a car wash with so many friendly faces, I had been greet abruptly by nick as I pulled up to the wash letting him know that I needed the inside of my car done and the outside, but I wanted to make sure the underbody was hit! He offered "the works." Wash and then proceed to tell me for only a few dollars more I could get the ultimate!! I recieved the ultimate wash and he told me I can pay inside, after entering I then met Dakota at the register who not only welcomed me verbally at the door, but with the warmest smile I had ever witnessed, after check out I had only waited 15m for my car and it's never been cleaner!! 2star experience from start to finish, I will definitely be returning!!

Robin Contreras

I never leave disappointed, they always do an excellent job!!

Don Weese

Just added moist towels to help in finishing the detailing in the self service bays. GREAT ADDITION. Use them and return them to the dirty towel bin so we'll continue to have a fresh supply of clean towels for our use. Thank you Coblestone!!

Jack Lape

Actually thought this was going to be a good experience !!!!!! Cobblestone Auto Spa turn into a NIGHTMARE on Signal Butt Rd. First I have had the oil changed and of course I didn't notice that the filter was not put on properly.Until my Following Oil change.When I went to get my next oil change at another facility, that service writer informed me that the housing for the oil filter was damaged by the previous person that did oil change which was Cobblestone Auto Spa!!!!!! the last place to change the oil.Now they want over $200 to fix their mistake because Cobblestone refuse to fix Their mistakes Cobblestone oil lube manager said they had 16 cameras and there's no way they were Responsible for it. Then I proceeded to have my car washed Where they broke the dashboard speedometer benzyl a plastic covering that trims out the dashboard. They finally fixed dash, Halfway piecing the dash together but it looks like some 5 yr. Old kid did it Poor job . Word of Mouth spreads quickly whether you get good service or poor and not very happy with Cobblestone at this point.....

Paul Webb

My first time here. Not bad. I've had a better wash for less. Employees were friendly and helpful. 06/10/18 UPDATE: Gave this place a 2nd chance. I was driving home, and it looked like the inside of the windows were cleaned with a greasy rag! If I was not on a time schedule, I would have brought it back to show management. I also asked them NOT to use Armor-All... And they did! Will NOT be a return customer!

Joe Sturman

Don't go here for Uber Inspections--the glass guys there try n get every dollar they can out of you. Even if you've had chips in your windshield filled in already by someone else they'll point em out and tell you they can't pass you on the inspection unless you spend the money w them and have them fix em. Val Vista/Baseline location is the way to go, the guys there treat you w respect.

Maria Dolores Belanger

My husband took our Mustang in for an oil change and coolant flush. Corey has excellent customer service skills he took GREAT care of us, and not to mention we got an excellent deal. I recommend you to ask for Corey

Zoey Jaxon

From beginning to end, I felt well taken care of. I love the location and things to do inside and out. Great price on top of it. Highly recommend.

Charisse Baca

I paid for the $12 shine and wax wash and it was just like the $3 basic wash. No difference there. As i finished the wash and was coming out the of the end, I noticed a chip on my mirror. We just purchased this car a week ago so it's brand new and i know that it wasn't there prior to the wash. I asked to speak to a manager about it and the GM Gustavo (?) not sure if that is correct, came out and looked at it with me. He stated that there was nothing in the wash that would do that to my car and that was that. So the car wash chipped my mirror and I'm screwed. I have been a loyal customer here and I will no longer be coming back. ****UPDATE**** I sent an email to the email address they responded with and no one has gotten back to me. Either it's not a legit email address or they just don't care.

Carlos Chance

Had my car detail By Henry he was very polite and respectful very hard worker and does excellent job

Kevin montagna

These people are amazing. I have gotten my truck washed and serviced here a ton of times. Always had a good experience!! Today I locked my keys and phone in my truck. I went in to tell them I was leaving my vehicle to go get my spare. The lady at the counter said we can help 2 guys came out and got me back in my truck. I offered them money they declined. Super great people here. I so appreciate it and thank you.

Alfred Martinez

Should be 5 star, very friendly staff, however, I have been going there for over 2 years and just recently noticed they are not doing as good of cleaning. Both times they missed cleaning the dashboard, on the previous visit they missed vacuuming the rear seats. Also, I had just stopped at a store to buy 12 bottles of speciality wine, then stopped in for a quick wash, when I arrived at the event I only had 11 bottles of wine in the box. Can’t figure what happened to the 12 bottle, must of been the heat!

Joe DeVree

Id love to leave a zero star review because I went to get air in my tires because there is a sign that says free air. I was told that the lube department was too busy to help me with only 2 cars in the shop. I said ok I'm going to get my truck washed and I'll come back. I finished my car wash and parked at the vacuums and was made to leave with out getting any air.

Jennifer Craig

This is the closest car wash to my house but in the past I haven’t had very good service at this location but I really needed a car wash so I decided to try you all one last time. I’m glad I did. The guy who sold me my Fast Pass, Christopher was AWESOME! He made me feel like a valued customer, he was super friendly and approachable. I had some questions about getting my car detailed and he answered all of them. I feel very confident that when I come for my detail that it will be well worth the money. With all the choices of car washes I will defiantly be using Cobblestone on Signal Butte because of Christopher. Four of my neighbors have returned to this car wash and bought passes from him as well. Thank you

Makayla Turner

Every time I come here, I leave with a very clean car. I can always count on the managers here for good customer service, but David really takes the cake. He will always go above and beyond to help fix any problems that may arise, and really takes the time to listen and carry out what I really want for my car. Best service ever!

Tanya Clark

Came in for an oil change on an old car with 140k+ miles . Cory and Logan were the ones that helped me, they did a thorough check on everything needed which was a lot because honestly the most I’ve done with my car in 7 yrs was oil changes, they got me everything I needed while staying in my budget.

Jordan Kern

Love this place! I come here for all my oil changes car washes and all, I can run through the express if I’m in a hurry or have them do the full service if my car is really needing it! Highly recommend this location.

Zach Francisco

Went in for a professional quality full service car wash. Ended up with my wallet getting stolen out of my car by one of the employees and a nasty taste in my mouth after being confronted with a rude uncaring and very unhelpful staff. This was my first time ever at cobblestone and the last unfortunately. There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind it was stolen from my console. After they reviewed footage I even had to argue I didn’t drive my car into the car wash. They eventually found where I handed they keys over. I was told this happens all the time, apparently guns even get stolen from customer cars all the time too the employee said to me. A manager wasn’t available and nothing can be done about the situation I was told to go home... they said to “call the police if you want but it’s not going to help, they will take a report and nothing will happen after that”... I’m sure a generic copy/pasted response from a “manager” will be posted to my review just like all the others showing they don’t care. Thank you for the reminder to hand wash my brand new car.

Lesley Rodriguez

This car wash is truly amazing it’s quick and your car will always come out clean I noticed when they got new management “Gustavo” he changed the place around. The only reason why I would wash here before is because they had an amazing supervisor “Daniel” at the end of the wash that always made sure he achieved my quality goals. Everyone should stop here and admire there quality in profession

Paul Phelps

They do a pretty good job at what they do. The prices are a bit high in my estimation.

Darla Gartenfeld

This Cobblestone has great customer service! Gianna is especially good at her job. She is quick, friendly, and very efficient. She makes it a pleasure to go in there because she always has a smile on her face and goes above and beyond to make sure you're well taken care of and that your experience is a good one. I highly recommend Cobblestone on Signal Butte and if Gianna is there, you'll definitely be in good hands.

Jesse Dahl

They just can’t seem to finish the wash with much effort.

B. Valenzuela

Sad to see that Cobblestone no longer honors the military and veterans as it used to on selected holidays as today. This is what made your car wash above all others, when you show gratitude towards those that are currently serving or have served their country! As you have chosen to no longer offer this small token of gratitude towards the community of military and veterans, I too will choose in where I take my business.

Coree Silvera

I took my Jeep to Cobblestone after getting my oil changed elsewhere and then having car problems because they’d spilled or overfilled. The other place denied it & tried to charge me $450+ to repair. Joe, the Assistant Lube Manager at Cobblestone, was beyond helpful! He took the time to try & clean up their mess, and try a few things, but my check engine light stayed on so I ended up having to take to the dealership. ($265 repair) I’ve always trusted the guys in the lube shop at Cobblestone. They’re honest, helpful, and always have my back. It’s hard to find someone you trust, but I did here!

Cassie A

I had the 140 dollar detail on my car last week. When I got it home, I noticed a lot of things weren't cleaned. Including the inside of the center console, seat belts and some of the head rests. The cup holders were still very dirty as well. Now, my car was pretty gross inside. I have three kids... however, I expected a completely clean car when I got it back. I give an honest 3 stars for the work done. For the most part, it looks good. Definitely better than it was before! However, I had to complete the job myself, which is upsetting. I probably won't go back to Cobblestone for a detail in the future.

Jon Ford

I get my car washed at cobblestone at least once a week since I have their Unlimited Wash package, and every time I go the manager Dakota goes above and beyond to make sure every visit is better than the last. Excellent and friendly staff at this location! I’ll always be a repeat customer

Deon Smoyer

Don't waste your time or money. Dash had one 5 x 5 inch section touched by a cloth. I can't tell if a vacuum even went inside. The manager said I could bring it back, so I did and JR started to tell me they just do a quick wipe down of the inside. I stopped him from running his mouth and pointed out multiple areas that didn't even get a "quick wipe down". Wasted an hour of my time to bring it better be right or he will be doing it again. No offer for a refund or any other compensation for my time wasted on their crappy service. Stay away!!!! Brought it back. Still a mediocre job. JR gave me a card for a free Supreme wash and I told him I wouldn't be coming back, that he had lost a customer. POS actually had the nerve to ask for the free wash back. What a joke!!!

Jenise Davis

I have been going here for years and have never had a bad experience. Excellent service for a great price. Lisa (the store manager) is great, she is always very friendly and has gone above and beyond to make sure that I am satisfied. I highly recommend going there for all you car wash needs!

Leilani Laguna

Jason Johansen made my very first time using Cobble Stone Auto Spa a very fun and welcoming experience! I will for sure be coming back! Thank you for all your hard work! Keep being you! - Leilani Laguna

Robin Scalzo

Poor detail service!!! There's no way they buffed and waxed my car with bug pieces still on the body. Armorall splatters on the interior and windows, door jams not wiped among other issues. I stood in the heat pointing out all the lack of detail to my detail and sick to my stomach that I paid $200. Tired, hot and frustrated, I left and called management the next day. After explaining that I had to finish the job at home, All he could say was sorry. Not even a comp car wash for the trouble.

sherrie davis

First time customer. Worst experience ever. Got there at 11 was told they are not busy so would only take 1.5 to 2 hours. Bought the full package. At 1 we asked the shampoo and wax manager approximately how much longer as out car had been sitting, waiting to be shampooed for over an hour. Was told as we are getting the works it would be another 1.5 hours. Ok . We went to lunch , came back an hour later and they still had not touched the car. Now they was working on cars parked behind our car. We demanded a refund and left. As we was leaving there was another customer with the same problem so seams to be a pattern with them. Manager could not even be bothered to apologize. Don't go there.

Alex Sohn

My experience at Cobblestone was well worth it! I got my oil changed and car washed. My car tech, Brian informed me and showed me physically about my fluids and checked the oil on everything, Very professional. Most car shops don’t show you common check ups like that, I really did appreciate that! Thank you Brian for making my experience a good one!

Heather Hartman

Dallyn was very friendly and helpful! Great customer service!

Joselito Santos

I was stucked at the gate but James Swanson helped me get thru the gate while he was doing the paperworks, excellent job, James. Keep up the good work. Employee like you makes people keep coming back for business. Thanks.

Johan Sanchez

Very good service.

Brady Morris

I purchased the unlimited car wash "The Works" package. I pay $40 per month, and I get unlimited car washes here. (There are other less expensive packages that are unlimited too). I went the first week i Had this package EVERY DAY. It does not matter. You can go every day of the month if you really wanted to, with the unlimited car washes package. If you go when they are busy, it takes a little bit of time, but its worth it, they always do a good job drying it, and putting tire dressing on. I have a brand new car, and i want to keep it looking great, so i will always go to cobblestone, they are AWESOME! You cannot beat the unlimited washes package anywhere else in town. Believe me I have checked around.

Carlos Garduno

Locked my keys in the Car and Adrain was awesome came to help right away and Fixed the issue! Kudos for his customer service!

heather ford

I have been a 3+ year monthly member at Cobblestone Auto Spa. I have enjoyed the way that Manager John Conner has greatly improved the quality of the service and the cleanliness of the entire facility. I used to bounce around the various locations, but the friendliness and professionalism of his staff has caused me to become LOYAL to his location only! Great job improving the store JOHN!!!

Mary Schulz

All the employees stand out but MARIO has customer service down to a tee. He is always helpful and takes care of us and our vehicles which we are very particular of. His attention to detail and pleasing the customer is outstanding!!!!!

cole repp

Jason helped me out today and did an amazing job, came to get a fast pass for 2 cars and Jason went above and beyond to make sure I had a great experience and super efficient. Single handedly the best customer service I might have ever had.

Tiffany Ros

I bought a deluxe car wash, but no one was there to explain what it was going to do. It didn’t tell me on the screen what each option was either. I drive out of the wash and pull over to ask one of the guys cleaning a car and asked, “what makes the car wash a deluxe?” He gives me this look like I have some sense of entitlement to have my car cleaned by them and tell me, “You vacuum your car by yourself.” I was irradiated! That look he gave me did it for me and the fact that he didn’t even acknowledged my question made me more upset! Plus, I’m sure he could barely even speak English! I’m never going to this place again!

Paige O'Daniel

Horrible car wash. I went and they convinced me to sign up for a car wash plan. Got the plan then soon after I drive off my tire blows on the freeway. There was a full slash in my tire, which my car is only a couple years old so I am pretty sure this car wash slashed my tire and didn’t tell me. That’s the only logical explanation. Now I have to figure out how to cancel this plan....

Cindy Quigley

They do a lousy job cleaning and vacuuming. I even paid extra for leather conditioner and still had dust on the dash, visors and console. I had to re-vacum myself because it looked like parts hadn't been touched. The only good thing about this car wash is the Express wash you do yourself and the free vacuums!

Night Ryder

Friendly staff and good detail is fantastic I will return.


I had my car detailed by Sergio last week. When I dropped my car off, my car was filthy dirty. When I picked my car up, it was like brand new off the lot. Thank you Sergio for your hardwork. He did an amazing job!!!! I will definitely be coming back.

Lorena Hernandez

Really nice surves and having a costemer apritiation day

Junk Bench RC

My anxiety is pretty high right now. Just paid my third visit to cobblestone; does not look promising. The gentleman that was trying to reset my blank radio display, unpluged my radio for about 5 minutes stared at it plugged it back in, started the car and started fidgeting with buttons. After the radio display would not come back on he then proceeded to sit halfway in my car, undergoing "Google that stuff" troubleshooting, looking for other options to fix my radio or blame damage on the manufacturer. The Hyundai dealership told me that the damage was probably due to having too much moisture around or behind the screen. this cobblestone location is refusing to accept responsibility for the damage done to my vehicle and explain to me that they will not be paying for the damage but they said that they can get me a good deal and they "know a guy who can install my radio" I went for a $150 detail instead it might cost me $1,500 or more. Happy birthday to me. This is the site that pops up when I enter the wecare@ site into my Google search there is no option to share my experience accept with Mr. Jason Dyer from headquarters. I haven't gotten a reply since the 18th tho. And I've reached out to Micheal Cahill but I certainly doubt I'll hear from him (busy guy as I can imagine). It is sad but it may be easier to get ahold of Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Your reply, is actually the first Cobblestone has reached out to me, and that is embarrassing. When I came in to talk with John Conner on the 18th, he told was very polite, tried to help me get the radio display working again. When we couldn't get it working, he instructed me to get a quote from the Hyundai dealership and the store would correct the issue. After seeing what it costs to rectify the damage, the story changed. The photo below is from right before the screen went blank following the auto detail I purchased. I am now being told that it is a coincidence based on a Google search and an online social forum for other Hyundai owners. I was also told that my radio could be reset by an unfolded paperclip. Upon further inspection of my radio, it was discovered that my radio has no "tiny reset hole" and makes me suspect the research was describing a radio system from another model or trim package. I'm having trouble understanding why any of this dismisses the responsibility. Finally, and it took being contacted by the Attorney General's office, the carwash came up with a solution. An eBay radio that worked, installed under a shade tree of the back parking lot. Got quick service with little eye contact because I assume you are embarrassed and had a "talking to". Told you you'll be hearing from other people; just saying. After all, I was about to be proud of you both for stepping up and trying to redeem your carwash in the eyes of a few would be loyal clients, you left my car unlocked parked in front of the your establishment. Shame. Hope you learned something from all this, your former client, Thomas Y.

Jason Bolick

The auto glass guy just opened my door after I told him no thanks! Usual high pressure sales pitch. I immediately told him no thanks, not interest and shut my door. He opened it again to tell me that they own USS, the glass company. Who does this?!????!? Called the manager., JR. Totally patronized me. Never going back. Neither should you....

Mark Jobin

Still can’t figure out how to get the dirt and bugs off my vehicle... gonna go elsewhere next time...! Keep at it though... maybe some day you’ll get it right...!?

Keith & Nancy Petticrew

Don’t trust any time estimates they give you. I stopped in with no one in the detail bay. They promised me 45 minutes max and it took 100 minutes. My schedule for the day was ruined as a result. NEVER AGAIN will I use them. I don’t do business with service companies that lie.

traphouse gang

My car was detailed by Sergio yesterday and I was amazed at the job he did. My car looked brand new. He was very friendly and professional. I will continue to bring my service to Cobblestone and I will be sure to ask for Sergio again. Thank you!

Fernando Sanchez

The one and only best car wash experience I’ve ever had; all their employees were very polite and attentive with me. Their new GM, Gustavo, goes the extra mile to make sure your experience here is 100% and no less. The in store manager, Dakota, was especially helpful when answering any and all questions I had about their washes, detailing service, and monthly plans. Dakota I thank you once more for your excellent customer service, will be seeing you again soon.

Dulce Rosales

The workers here were great! I had an unfortunate problem with baby spiders coming out of my air vents and they were so quick to help me out. They went above and beyond with helping me out. And I’ve washed my car here in the past as well. Really great service, I highly recommend them!

christian clausen

This is the place to come if you like being disappointed and wasting money. Save your self the hassle and pay a kid from your neighborhood to wash your car. Chances are they won’t scratch it and you’ll actually have a clean car.

Kevin Robinson

No longer a $3 car wash. No longer a customer!! Demand of the economy ? LOL !! You already have the highest priced gas in the area supporting your “demand of the economy “!

Tom C

Terrible car wash. Paid 150 for full detail and buff. Went and watched a movie came back 3 and a half hours later and they JUST started. The finished my 3-4 ( hour ) detail in 1 hour AND forgot to buff my car. I just keep finding more and more spots they missed and honestly it was the WORST 150 bucks I ever spent. I feel bad for all the old people getting ripped of by these guys. Your job is to wash the car, that easy.... these guys can’t handle that.

Stephanie Fuchs

I have never had a problem unit recently. They said my car would be washed, waxed, and interior detailed within 2 hours when I dropped it off. 3 hours went by with no phone call so I got a ride up there and they had literally just barely started. I was furious because I had to go pick my child up from daycare so they stopped it and offered me to come back another day with the receipt and offered some free washes. When I got home I went to reach for my sunshade for my windshield and it was gone along with a can of febreeze that I just bought to keep in my car. I called up there and got hung up on and that happened about 4 times. By that time they were already closed so the next day I went up there and I wanted a refund due to my services not being completed when they said, being hung up on by rude staff AND MY BELONGING BEING STOLEN. I got denied a refund due to “corporate “ policy and then again got offered more free washes. I then asked where my things were and nobody could find them and I got offered more washes. Free washes DO NOT replace my property that these employees have stolen. I don’t suggest anyone to go here. This staff and facility are crooks and corporate will be hearing from me. I had to take my receipt to a different location.

hershell smith

Fast, efficient, and reasonably priced

Gabriella Quintana

Walked into cobblestone after not being there for months and it was very clean everything very easy to access. The staff was super friendly and nice. The manager Lisa was very knowledgeable about different services and was super friendly. She engages well with customers and not in a hurry to get them out of her face like other convenient stores.

Jodi Bershad

Love this place! Daniel is the best. He always makes sure I'm happy and is always pleasant.

Levi Shill

Thanks for the new towels at the vacuum stations and the complimentary wipes at the pull through. Awesome to see you guys adding more services for your customers in a time when a lot of companies are taking away these added touches. Thank you!

ssn chao

Went to this car wash for the second time and same as the first experience I was so disappointed and mad after leaving this car wash. I paid $35 for the carwash and it was done within 30 minutes. I was very surprised that it was done so quickly so I thought well it was not busy at all so they probably had multiple people cleaning it. My car was still dirty inside, it did not look like it was wiped down at all. Seems like they only wiped down where the driver side was at. The center console still had dust on it and dirty. Never going back and hope anyone do is well aware of their work.

Tiffany Renae

I had a great experience. I will definitely be back and be sure to tell others!!!

Patrice Saunders

I love this cobblestone better than other i’ve been too! Customer service was amazing! Edward was super helpful and patient after there was minor confusion about the wash i was getting and Elliot was also helpful! Will definitely be coming back regularly! Highly Recommend this location!

Brenda Lane

My son just left your business and after hours of having his car there for a detail that only covered a shampoo of his seats and doors (charging him $82 by the way) only vacuumed the floorboard!! 4 hours to vacuum his car that he could do himself! Then you advise him you will take care of it and make him wait another hour and rush through it and STILL charge him $82 for a sloppy rushed job. Your company sucks and I am a super loyal customer and referred him to you and totally REGRET it! You should’ve comped the mistake but no you didn’t do anything to make it right. Your company needs to hire better management!!!!

Brandon Bonillas

We dropped our truck off after we sprayed it down at home so that it wasn’t to bad from the first monsoon rain. They had our truck for 5 1/2 hours and said it wasn’t done because they wanted to make sure it was done right.... we sat there and waited. When they said it was done we walked out to find things missing from the truck (wasn’t worth much but still) and they left an oily towel on my $600 custom seat covers. It doesn’t even look like they took a hose to the truck. For $200 my 12 year old could have done a better job! Can’t wait to speak to corporate.

Josh Cronin

Severely disappointed 2hrs and 15 minutes and 40 dollars later got our van back half cleaned half vacuumed. Dont wate your money buy the 3 dollar wash and finish yourself, your going to have to anyway.

Margo DeJaynes

This am 4/17/19, Gustavo and his crew did a better job on my Tahoe than has been done for months!!! I’d driven to Tucson recently & the guys got all the windshield bugs off, all the dog hair out of the back; it looks great & I really appreciate their hard work! Thanks guys!!!

Jonah Foree

I've been here several times and don't let them upsell you any other wash, because whether you pay $20, $30, or $50, you get the same wash.

Maria Valenzuela

I’ve been coming here a long time and they always do such a great job. Jae (he’s from Chicago) went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my car. The man who set me up with my detail was awesome too but I didn’t catch his name. The only thing I would say could be better is the vacuum detail in the beginning of the process. They can get that down better would be awesome because I always have to have them redo spots missed when I pick up my car. My car always comes out great tho. Thanks guys.

John Dodd

Fast, efficient, reliable, and professional service.

Edward Lee

I have been having my car washed here since December of last year. The staff is very good most of the time, as is the wash service . Mario always takes care to make sure I am happy with the car. Is it perfect , of course not no place is but most of the people there seem to try hard to make your visit pleasant.

Jessica McCoullough

We received a free wash with our ticket stub from the Renaissance Festival. It was our first experience here and was very nice. The indoor facilities were clean. The wash worked well to get the travel off our car. And the staff was friendly.

Stone Hendge

When I went in to get my car detailed I was very pleased with the customer service I received by Martin. He got me what I needed for my car and the detail came out very good I will be bringing more cars in the future.

Blake Steele

I love this car wash. It does a great job and at cleaning and drying your car. The free vacuums and air hose for the interior is very convenient. The employees are very informative, and when I've seen then detailing cars they look very experienced. When I can afford it im definitely gonna get my vehicle detailed!!!

Ray Morelos

As I sit here and write this review. I asked the attendant why with the pre-pass they don’t give out the air freshener he said he didn’t know that they were giving them out anymore I’ve been a customer for a while now and have not received one I could pay less at the three dollar car wash and receive one every time I go in this place has poor service and don’t do a good job for what you pay for will never be back in canceling my pre-pass today

Gayle Walkup

Wash and Wipe down was very Poor trunk Still had BIRD POOP on it. Interior detail work was Great

Mark Atherstone

I just wanted to say thank you for the great service I received from this location. I've noticed an Improvement in the services offered over the last 6 months. The attitude of the staff and management it's really great and it is a pleasure to do business with this Cobblestone location.

Jaime Burton

Went to this location yesterday to get a deep shampoo and a wax! My car came out way better than I expected. I am a mother of two kids who destroyed the inside of my car and it looks brand new! The manager went above and beyond to make my car look new and have zero water marks which I had a bunch and the water marks were pretty hard on there! I am definitely coming back! I’ve never had a team work so hard for me like this team did! Way to go! Keep on the good work!

Saifur Rob

Update: Since the reply from the owner few weeks back, I have e-mailed them at the specified e-mail and no response from them. That is just a gimmick to post on here showing to other people that they truly care by asking you to e-mail them. Reducing it from 2 stars to 1 stars. I got the Ultimate wash (their most expensive one, not the detail). After getting back home, I check on my floor mat to see that the there is still dirt in there. What is the point of getting the most expensive wash to still have the dirt on the floor mat? Upon checking further, the passenger side floor mat wasn't hooked back in and was just throw in there. I guess since it was around closing time, they did a half a** job to get out of there. On top it, no air freshener was provided even when I had requested it in the beginning. They get 2 stars for this experience, without those issued then it would have been 5.

No Way

“You guys are funny.... I’ve emailed and called your customer service numerous Times to see how you were going to make this right and have heard nothing back...” I’ve been there 3 times and all have been nightmares... The first time they charged my credit card twice for a detail and it took forever to get the money back on my card. The second time they forgot to put a few things back in my car when they finished and I didn’t realize they were missing until I got home so I had to drive 10 miles back to get them. This last time was the worst though... I took my truck in this past weekend to get it washed and when I got home I noticed my change tray was empty. Today I removed my floor mats to clean them and noticed when they took them out they didn’t remove them correctly and ripped my carpet but didn’t say anything.... THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE!!!

Chris Sallee

John Conner went out of his way to help me get my car wash and oil changed in the same visit. Great customer service.

Alisa Bingel

Staff is very rude! Watched workers standing around my car for 20 minutes talking before they started detailing it. Car was suppose to be done at 12:45pm. At said time was told oh we just got your car, I said no 20 minutes ago you got my car. Asked how much longer, 30 to 45 minutes. Spoke to the Gm and before I could complete my sentence he says let me guess, standing around talking. I said yes. Never once offered to make it right, never offered a free wash the next time, not even an apology! Still waiting as I type this review for my car to be finished! Now 30 minutes later than quoted time! Will not come back here!

Heather Swartzentruber

I was really impressed with the job they did. They got my car looking like new john and Martin were professional and nice. I looked at the car after they had cleaned it and was very impressed with it. My car did not have a spec of dirt on it. They did a great job. I am going to bring my jeep in next.

Melissa Hoy

TERRIBLE car wash. I would give it -10 stars if i could! I paid for a full detail and was told it would be done in 3-4 hours. We never got a call so we stopped by 4 hours later and they said they just had to wax it, only 20 minutes more. We went home for an hour and came back only to find out that they didn't even wash the interior, wipe down the door jambs. I could have done a better job myself at the $5 car wash down the street. Management basically said just wait a while so we can get everyone in it and clean it and made up excuses why it wasn't done. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SERVICE AND A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY

Christopher Rogalski

Always get a great wash, facility is always clean and I can get a fresh donut while I wait for my vehicle to be done.

Deena Belcher

I do the monthly fee and get my car washed a couple of times a week at least. I've gotten extra services as well. They are always wonderful and my clients seem to appreciate how nicely cobblestone keeps my car.

Andrew McRobb

$14 for basic wash when I can pay half the price at a drive through corner store wash quality? Why are people going here? -- I'm what they call a 'heavy user' and have at one point been using them on a consistent basis. For a good while I've been driving in my blue Ford Fiesta. I've noticed lots of interior hasn't been touched. Usually I brush this off if their busy. After multiple attempts to add instructions to simply take care of only 'one thing' and nothing else. Like the cup holders. They completely ignore it all the time. Today I drive up in my new white Jeep Patriot.They spent only 2 seconds wiping up the SUV. There was very obviously missed spots on the exterior they didn't bother touching the interior. I know it was a busy day, but when half of your team is sitting around not doing anything, maybe that should say something? Once I given up and went to a direct competitor like Lawrence and Sons. It was seriously like day and night difference quality wise. Granted service wasn't as good as Cobblestone, but I'm paying for quality, not service. But I actually felt the need to tip the people taking the time to clean the insides of the vehicle. Places like Lawrence and Sons are completely underrated compared to Cobblestone. TL;DR: Cobblestone lacks quality compared to other mom/pop car washes. Better off DIY or going somewhere else if you need a good wash for a good price.

Kristin Himes

Had some car trouble this morning when headed to work, low oil pressure and my alert stated my engine was going to shut off. Pulled in to this Cobblestone and had a young gentleman help me figure out which oil I needed for my car, fill her up at no extra cost. Wonderful experience and I look forward to working with them again in the future. Great experience.

Rob Park

Great service, professional and friendly employees and all at a very fair price.

Darren Hafner

Always an excellent and five-star experience with John Conner at cobblestone. Thank you for your continued awesome level of service John! Highly recommend cobblestone

Vinny Salvato

I have three cars set up on monthly, and never have the vehicles cleaned for. It seems if you don't get the extra detailing done, the inside is not cleaned well. I never have been to a store where they don't make coffee. I was told at 7:45 pm that if Dunkin donuts did not make coffee, that there wouldn't be any available. I needed to go to the Dunkin donuts down the street is I needed a cup of coffee. That amazes me

Liliana Garcia

This is my favorite car wash to get my trucks cleaned at. They do an amazing job inside and out each time I go there. I have no complaints whatsoever. Always fast and friendly service, and I especially like Dallyn, he is easy to talk to and polite young man. I definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Cindy Burks

Total ripoff. Could have done a better job myself. Never again.

Oscar Aguilera

Mario took care of me and detailed my car he went above and beyond for customer service and making sure my car was done right I will be back again

Jason Stetz

I've been going to this carwash for years due having a Chevron gas card, today will be the last I will get my car washed here. I payed for the Ultimate Plus, and I should have just drove it through myself. The interior looked like it was bearly touched, the inside windows weren't cleaned, and the exterior had dried water spots and the wheels looked like they just threw tired shine on it and called it good. While the price of the washes go up the quality of work is rapidly declining. When I asked to speak to the manager I was told he vacuuming cars and couldn't break away because they were short staffed.

Rachel Elizabeth

I was extremely happy with the customer service I received from Martin!! He was very knowledgeable, helpful, and polite and the quality of the wash I received exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be returning and suggesting this location, as well as Martin by name to my friends.

Mark Griffith

I did the almost $12 car wash. Not sure what I got different from the 3.99 car wash. I think I was supposed to get the tire shine also, but my tires shine less than they did before I went in. My tires actually look dirtier. The free vacuum that you do yourself is nice. I'm really not too happy.

Gabriel Estrada

Always takes forever to get propane service and employees always have bad attitude when they have to refuel my tank

Trinity Totems

I usually don't go online to write reviews but the service that I received from Evan was exceptional! I brought my Subaru in for a basic wash and expected to get basic service and have to vacuum myself but was pleasantly relived when he explained all of the different services the wash provided and what my car actually needed. I have MS so being able to drive up, be assisted promptly, professionally and kindly surpassed my expectations. Not only did I leave the wash with a sparkly clean car that was vacuumed, polished and smelling great but I also received an oil change service and a quote for a future glass repair. It meant a lot to me that I felt cared for and my experience and wait there was comfortable and convenient. I will definitely be back for my next service. Ask for Evan!

joseph calendo

Everyone at Cobblestone does a great job!

Thomas Tamayo

There was a misunderstanding, but all in all it was a good experience.

Donovan Meeks

Worst car wash I have ever been too. I was called over to my car because the employee said they are done. First thing I noticed was dirt covering the entire front bumper. The employee went a got a towel and wiped it off (did not help much but did remove some dirt). I then looked in my car and noticed some dirt still on the floors and the mats not placed back correctly. Needless to say I had to re-due the clean myself, what a waste of money.

Karen Krueger

Not until I was quoted a price and moved to the vacuum area was I told I had to drive the car myself because it was a Jeep. Ok, but then they should also tell you that you spend a lot of time just sitting in your car since no one else can drive it. I had to finally get out to ask when I could/should pay and told to come back right away. I had a lot of salt on my car coming from the north and had to ask to have the salt cleaned on the inside driver door. I had paid for that but should not have to remind them. 3 of 4 tires were shined. The one person helpful enough to explain was Daniel. A shout out to Daniel and his great customer service. Yes, I now know your policy on jeeps. When I was here last year, it was not in place. I will not return.

Karyn Hott

Love this place. It's right on the way home so I can get my car fueled and then made beautiful!

Arizona K

I bought gas and bought an Ultimate car-wash. When I was walking in to pay for everything the service attendant shouted out if i wanted to buy an oil change book. I told him no that i get free oil changes for being a veteran. He then started making rude comments. I walked away and paid and waited for my car and left. I WILL NOT be going there again since that is the way cobblestone treats there customers and VETERANS.

Devin Folsom

I enjoy the quality of work being done here but what I enjoy the most is how knowledgeable and friendly the staff is. I come here for car washes occasionally and recently decided to have my oil changed because it was overdue but I was on a budget and was hoping no one would try and sell me a bunch of things that I didn't need and can't afford. I had a worker Jacob take the time and explain to me exactly what my car needed, he even physically showed me proof of why it was needed. He actually listened to me when I told him what my budget was and gave me a recommendation on what was most important to have done first and what I could come back another time to have done. It was a busy day I could tell there was lots for these workers to do but the fact that he took his time to explain things to me and didn't rush me away just to get to the next customer is why I'll be coming back to this location only for my oil changes from now on!

Clayton De Vries

We had our motor home washed and waxed. They did an excellent job.

Thomas Gade

Martin has the best customer service I’ll be coming back

Tracy Dot Com Collins

I took my retired mother's car to Cobblestone and the results were beyond expectation. The car is spotless and the staff was incredibly attentive from the cashiers to the car detailers. We will be back!

james willard

Love this place. Great service and great people. I’m on the monthly plan and it’s so awesome to know I can run in and get my truck washed after every storm. Dust or rain storms. Lol.

Smith Gaming

I went in a couple days ago to get my car washed and I was very satisfied with the customer service I received from the the salesman Martin he was very helpful with helping me choose the right wash I was wanting. The cashiers inside where all very polite and friendly as well and I was happy with the wash I received.

Melissa Eggers

I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. After waiting over an hour and spending $70, my car wasn’t fully cleaned. There were dirt spots on the outside, the door jams were still filthy (like they hadn’t been touched), the floor still had dirt and dog hair on it, and I later found out that some items had been stolen out of my car!

daniel gomez

Every time I wash my car an amazing job is done the vacuum is excellent and it’s always water spot free. They have the most amazing stafffrom the start to finish thank you for your service

Matt Ekstrom

It's hard to get a carwash in town without being hard pitched for more as soon as you pull up and paying more than you'd think. This my four stars has a lot to do with how I feel about car washes in the valley than how this location performs. While they will pitch something here, it's less of an embarrassment than most places in town. And, if you want a decent exterior and interior wash, expect to pay $40+, which again, is not uncommon in PHX. What this place does well, in my opinion, is a decent rewards program, a comfortable environment to wait with TVs and WiFi, and you generally can feel confident that your car will look as expected based on your order.

Heavenlie Hoffmann

I bought the 30 car wash and was told they clean everything and vacuum out the car. After leaving I see there are still spots on my windows, the car has spots of dirt still stuck to it, and there is dirt and debris still on the floor board and cargo area. I Don't think I will be going there again.

Alexis Schaefer

The staff here is so friendly from the managers all the way down to the girl who is there at night! I’m usually not paying full attention when I grab the stuff I want so I usually miss the signs for sales, but the girls up front always remind me :) The guys outside always know what to keep my baby running whether it’s with a simple oil change or a big detail because my kids. Thank you guys!!!!!

Rosemary Madrid

I drive from Globe to Signal Butte to get my truck washed since Globe doesn't have a car wash like Cobblestone. I like the wash but I notice the younger boys who are suppose to be wiping down the vehicles etc seem to be doing more talking than doing their job so by the time they get to the other vehicles that are waiting to be dried I notice water spots so I have to bring it to their attention. The older men seem to be doing their job.

Russ Ripley

Was supposed to take an hour, it took two & half for the extra stuff I paid for. Work looked fine, just took way too long

David Bauhaus

A good experience. I have a monthly wash membership And normally go to a different location in Gilbert, which I am happy with. This location got my car nice and clean, everybody greeted with a smile, great free vacuums and air for blowing off the car if needed. Overall, a great wash.

issam dahdal

This car wash deserves a good rap. Everyone hustles to get the job done. Turnover is high which compromises the quality of service. The best part is the shop. Adrain is my goto guy. I can always trust his opinion and advise. I'm always welcome to check my tire pressure and oil. I service my car at this location and if I wasn't happy or completely satisfied with any service to a measure, my issue is addressed right away.

JoHannah Mahana

Always professional and clean attendants. And they all speak English!

Kandie Yingling

They damaged my brother's car when doing a detail and have been giving him the same runaround they gave me when they damaged my car.

Michael Kyzer

Spent $37 for an Ultimate+ car wash for my pickup. Was told at the drop off they would rinse the RUBBER floor mats off (the wife spilled hot chocolate on the passenger side). At final delivery mats were not rinsed off, and the Lead say they did not have the facility to do that. Really? At a "car wash?" And they left bugs on the windshield, but by this time I was convinced they were not my carwash so I just left. Last time we did a detail here they ran the battery down on my car. I won't be back. UPDATE: The canned response you see below to "send an email to ..." is not to an email address that they respond to, so many other reviewers have made that point clear. And the fact that they didn't even read my review shows they have no interest in true customer service. Go ask your "manager" on the delivery line if his attitude was worth this kind of public negative attention.

Tim Tuzon

Edit **new managers have given this place an overhaul. If you were one of the dissatisfied people it's worth returning.** end edit. I came here once in 2009 and they did a great job. I recently moved this way and there is no other car washes around. This is the best cobblestone I have dealt with this year. Sat i brought my other car to see how well they do because i have had bad luck with other locations and they did an amazing job without me having to go around it and pointing stuff out. Today i am here with my jeep and they did an exceptional job on the handwash and detail. Thank you!

Michael P

The worst Cobblestone in its franchise! Was in there on 2/22 and had to get my car washed 3 times (I’m a fast pass member so this can be verified) due to me not getting soap, the place was so busy that vehicles got in front of mines and no one was checking to ensure that the right vehicles got the right wash’s assigned to them. Told the guy the 3rd time around and he did not seem to care as it was 6:07pm and I still did not get any soap! If you can avoid this one please do so as the two that are on Val Vista (Gilbert & Mesa) are much better!

Richard Franz

Took my truck in for full exterior/interior detailing. The truck was in bad shape when I took it in. It looks brand new in -n- out when I picked it up. They buffed out all the Az. "pin stripes". The interior looks better than new..! I am completely impressed. The staff was super polite and respectful. TWO THUMBS UP !

Mallory Issar

Got my cars interior detailed. Everyone was very friendly, especially Isaiah. My car looks brand new! Will definitely come back in the future.

Bonnie Croteau

I was at the Cobblestone on Signal Butte Road, Mesa location on Sunday, June 6th and I am quite upset with the way things were done, but mostly, the way it was handled when I said something to the man who does the final check and calls the customers when the cars are done. Here is what happened..... My car went through the wash and then was pulled to a front spot for drying and cleaning. I was sitting right there in the chairs about 30 feet away. I watched nobody come over and take care of my car. Then finally a man came over, wiped the inside window of the drivers side and the dashboard. Then a woman came over, and she wiped the inside of the passenger window and the outside of the windshield, then got in the back seat and washed the passenger side window. Then it sat there again, nobody doing anything. Then that same woman came over and wiped down one (1) wheel rim on the passenger front. Then a boy came over and did the tire dressing on all four tires. Then the man that does the final check came over, looked in there, took the paper off the windshield and called my name. I told him that no way was this car done and he said it all looked clean to him. I explained what had been done, he called the woman over and spoke to her in Spanish and then told me she said she did it all. So now, my car didn't get done right AND I am being called a liar. You see, my car is almost brand new. Has less than 10K miles and I bring it to be cleaned weekly so that "YES" my car stays looking clean and brand new, but that does not give them the right to bypass cleaning it. I recently sold my 2008 Nissan Pathfinder and that car was in impeccable condition as noted by my mechanic and the buyer, and that is because I believe in taking care of my vehicles. I just guess that I won't be taking care of it using your business because I want what I paid for and I HATE being called a liar. UPDATE...... I reached out as you requested. He asked what would it take to correct it. I said, I bring my car in and you clean it......correctly..... NO RESPONSE.... So I guess he doesn't want to fix it.

Sara Bullock

The staff is friendly that’s why they get one star! I had dog hair and slobber in my back seat and wanted a good wash so I purchased the supreme car wash. I was putting groceries in my back seat later that day and the only thing they cleaned was the windows in the back seat. I understand dog hair is difficult to remove with a vacuum but this looked like it didn’t get cleaned at all. Slobber was still all over the doors and my middle console did not get wiped down at all. It’s a bummer because the staff was nice... and if I do go back I’m going to have to check everything before I drive off..

Khalid carpenter

THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU!!!!! Went into Cobblestone for a car wash. Left my vape in the armrest. After I left and went into the armrest to retrieve my vape and found it missing. Went back to Cobblestone and reported the incident. I was told that a Manager would have to review video. But that Manager wasn't in that day. Asked for the Managers number, called to follow up several times. The Manager never seems to work. Finally went back up there to see if I could catch the manager face to face, then I was told that, that Manager no longer worked at that location. I was done asked for the District Mgr. number and was told they couldn't give it out. While I was there a cashier ask me to describe my vape. They told me that one of their employees said had one like mine but he no longer works there. What a joke, don't go there if you want to keep what's yours.

Max Carter

The car was cleaned, and that was the most important thing. However, after our car passed through the wash, we had to wait over ten minutes while our car just sat there waiting to be finished. No other cars were being worked on at the time, and most of the staff were just standing around sharing the contents of their mobile phones. Eventually they decided to get to work and finish our car. I'd say the level of service does not meet the price we paid for the wash.

Andre Johnson

I've been going to cobblestone since I moved to this side of town. About every two weeks I take both of my cars on my day off to get them washed and sometimes detailed. I see all the hard work that goes into the guy who work there there manager David H. Looks to be running that location pretty well. He has came a talked to me a couple time to see how everything went and notice me in every couple times. And has shown a can do attitude toward doing the right thing for me I appreciate all the work cobblestone as done for my vehicles efficiently and quick . Thanks cobblestone

Jerry Johnson

11/6/2018 worst car wash ever. Bugs not removed from front of car, windows streaked, water spots on doors, water dripping from tailgate area. For $26.00 you would think they could do a better job. Will never return to Cobblestone!

Angie Christy

This is by far one of thes best cobblestone locations to go to. All thanks to Dakota for making my experience amazing by being very helpful and generous! And The GM Gustavo for being very welcoming and positive! Definitely will come back here soon!

Devon Patterson

The employees were really quick, thorough, professional, AND friendly! Great service work!

Dennis Johnson

John Conner, one of the managers I believe, ensured my car and all the cars that I could tell, were promptly cleaned and returned to the customers. In addition, he had time to talk with several of the customers to explain the high level of care that was being given. The best car was ever.

Terry Hageman

I love coming to this location, great staff even better management and every visit is overall extremely pleasant. We had our vehicle deatailed here and the darn thing came out looking brand spankin' new! Way to go cobblestone, I always tell all my co workers and colleagues to come here you guys do not disappoint.

Jose Escalona

Really nice place. Hosting a nice apreteation costemer day

Adrianne Patterson

Joe and Corey were wonderful! Thanks for always being here for me for my service needs! You guys are the best!

Chris Pointer

150.00 bucks to have my truck detailed an i have to point out spots on the vehicke they missed. U could wioe dirt away with my finger on the exterior and they didnt even touch my center console its still dirty and bugs on the front bumper ... very disappointed.

Joe Garcia

Pulled up to get an oil change. Several men working and about 5 cars in the bay. So not busy. I was the only newcomer. Some guy came out and told me to sit in my car 10 to 15 minutes and someone would be able to speak with me (he was waiving his hand in a get out of here motion) while saying this. So I did just that. I took my business elsewhere. I've seen cobblestone shutting down left and right around the valley. Y'all might want to consider putting your customers as priority when you're not busy. If I could have simply said,"here are the keys, change oil, filter, and fluids. Add synthetic wash it inside and out and let me know what else it needs" $$$$, Then gone to sit down and eat somewhere else, I would have stayed. Instead I spent more money than y'all's advertised price at a jiffy lube simply because the customer service was better. They did not offer as much as you did and I still paid their price. Value isn't in the price, anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Value is in service. I prefer to keep these professional men working. I DID NOT AND WILL NOT REACH OUT TO ANYONE TO MAKE ANYTHING RIGHT FOR ME. YOUR MESSAGE DIDN'T HELP. I WILL NOT RETURN.

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