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160 S Sarnoff Dr, Tucson, AZ 85710

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REVIEWS OF Car Wash IN Arizona

Elizabeth Bukovsky

With the unlimited car wash I can vacuum, get in, get out and get on with life. Works for me!

The Rookie Card King

Horrible experience in Pueblo Colorado. Their car wash literally tore my bumper off and I was then told by their “regional mgr” Mr. Salguero that he would not replace the bumper because in his opinion it wasn’t his bumper was fully intact before entering the car wash. I’m currently pursuing legal action vs this company and Mr. Salguero.

Parikshit Patel

Exterior cleaning was pretty ok, but the basic interior cleaning for the car was not so good. Was not happy with it. May be you get better service if you opt for some premium tier interior detailing.

Harvest Glacken

I went in today and paid $18 and didn't get a tire shine .took like a minute And have water spots all over. No scents anymore either with the excuse they melt .Was better before the change .

Brannin Hill

Melissa Lopez

Fantastic! They made sure everything was spotless!

Ramon Garcia

They usually do a good job. Two months ago when I went to wash off mud from my trip to Westcliff they didn't get under the wheel wells at all. I called and they said to come back to redo it. Went, still had mud in wheel wells. I gave up. They do a pretty good job on my wife's car.

Trev Or

Terrible job.. paid for wheel shine.. didn't get it.. fingerprints and smudges weren't even cleaned on glass or body panels by car wash or by employees who wiped it down.. I had to wipe it all down myself and I did a way better job than two employees did in the same amount of time.. had to wipe down my rims because they weren't cleaned at all.. it was just embarrassing to look at afterwards and was laughable.. worst car wash I've ever recieved... also no option to not get an undercarriage wash while getting wheel shine(which I didn't get anyways even tho I paid for it) which nobody wants if it isn't winter.. I could have seriously cleaned it better myself in the dark with a single bucket of water only no soap and one paper towel it was that lazily done..


Good car wash

Thomas Brown

Octopus was my favorite car wash went there 2-3 per month . Since Mister took over the service and quality went way down, Price went up. Now go ther once every 2-3 months.Last wash was no better than the local convenience store wash and cost more. Looking for another car wash. Wish Octopus would come back. Would gladly pay more for the better service and quality.

Lkescha Mack

I paid for a full dollar and they didn't clean the insides of my doors...did a rush job. I had a better wash for only $20...I expected more

Jeff Brown

Always out of soap

Sun Brite Gel

Got to love it free vacuums

Kathy Medved

In and out quick

Richard Torres

Very efficient way to get your car washed and dried.

Carrie McNemar

Good place! Free vacuums and fast wash! The monthly package is the best for us but good folks!! #tipsareapprecaited

b Adkins

Excellent Car wash. Free Vacuum cleaner sucks good

Patrick Medley

Quick and efficient, beat up my car a little bit, would like a softer option but good for a cleaning.

kaybee dubya

Update 9/19/29: lowered my rating from 5 stars to 1, because the people wiping the cars at the end (they dry your car) are GONE! I can get a wash anywhere! I will not return here.

Chris McGinnis

Just lost $7 dollars because I choose a lane that nothing I mean absolutely nothing worked. Things to know before putting money very broken now

Shawnee McAninch

We paid over $700.00 for car wash tickets that we ended up not using and returned. After speaking with the manager we mailed the tickets back in return for a refund. The refund never came and a few weeks later we were told the envelope was empty - notice they did not call us with that information only used it as an excuse. All told we are out $1,400.00 in currency and merchandise. We went through BBB to try and resolve and all they did is continue to post they couldn't get ahold of us even though we were in constant communication. Add this to the abysmal service they provide and it equals a buyer beware scenario. We miss Octopus! Thankfully they are opening a new car wash in Pueblo West because Mister Car Wash sucks!

Richard Koetting

Ran my vehicle through twice and it was still dirty. Went to the manager and asked for a refund, he said they normally don't do refund but would this time. He took my receipt and disappeared. Only take your vehicle here if it's not dirty.

Richard Ortiviz

Like unlimited vacuum use and the car wash cleans fairly good. Worth the price. They also have a great value pack if you live in Pueblo.

T Ash

Jorge I Arroyo

I always forget to have cash for the drier dudes' tip. Don't be like me. This place is great as are their prices and people.

Tony Amaya

Not as good as the Patriot was. No one to take off your antenna and no one to dry your car. Also no fragrances handed out.

Jacob Budden

So quick and convenient! It's been great to have the membership


After wash car had scratches on the driver side. I was told you could see the scratches before on the camera although my car was very dirty. I find that very difficult to believe, they where not there a week ago. I was not going to sit and argue, but I will spread the word. Very disappointed my car had just been fixed from the hail, so I know those where not there prior

Patrick L

Easy, affordable, and convenient way to get that car washed!

Bhodi Li

Beautiful Street Art Carwash... Owners were here checking on customers, making sure all was working. Water pressure was great, everything worked well. Love the grafitti art. Very unique carwash.

We Care

Fast service. Thank you.

Jeannie Vallejos

They don't drive the vehicle very good


Terrible! tore up my windshield wipers and then told me the automatic wipers were on. But the did not come on when entering the carwash? Very belligerent GM!

Richard J. Chaparro Sr.

Best in town for your car

Lorenzo Revilla

Jae Quintana

Left swirl marks on my Jeep.

Joshua Taylor

Paula Martinez

Awesome Employees.....Gabriel is my favorite

Jessica Hubbard

Barry Tucker

(Translated by Google) THE (Original) AZ

Steve LaFehr

Carrie Silverman

Second time it stole my money. Gives no possibly refund and no one is on site that works there. ☹️ Literally they are charging to vacuum and have no hose on there. More money wasted. Crooks!


Free vacuum and decent wash.

Anthony Archuletta

Its ok but kinda pricey

Jeff Dawes

The young man who took care of me (Tom) was extremely knowledgeable and answered every question I had, which were many. He convinced me that he and I were in the process of developing a lifelong relationship that would help me become whatever I wanted to be in the area of photography. I call that great customer service!

Beth Colligan

Vaccume free!

Yesenia Cardona

Love this Carwash! My 2 cars are happy to be squeaky clean every day

Kim Martin

The best fast (as quick and as thorough as the customer wants to make it) local drive thru car wash in my opinion in Pueblo County.

Joshua Bruno

These guys have a vacuum that is just angry. It will suck up anything you put in front of it including full sheets of paper. It works great. The vacuums are free and you can use them as long as you want. So when your detailing your car and makes it so you can take your time. When you go through and actually get your car washed it is a great job. The only place I go to clean my car.

Connie Medina

I like this place better than the different places in town

Ed T

Great vacuum access. Acceptable wash.

Marcus Kaprone

It was clean this time I was there

Zantrell Williams

I really like this place. If you go for an oil change, you get a free cat wash. They used to have free vacuum for people who purchased the car wash but the last time I was there, that area was not. They're a very friendly and hard working staff as they allowed my car to go through a second time (no charge) when my car just wasn't quite clean enough. Theonly reason I chose 4 stars is because the free vacuum area is no more.

Misses J

They need to be trained on how to work through a problem better

Jenny Arant

I used to really love this car wash. For the last year the quality of the wash has slowly gone downhill. Now they quit hand drying the car when you exit the wash. So, I am left with spots all over my glass and paint. I guess I will be moving all of my cars to the new place in Pueblo West. Who runs a business like this? The least you could do is provide a spot free water system and better dryers. Oh, don't bother with the canned response I have seen you send to all the other people who are complaining. I'd rather you just say you don't care than to tell me you appreciate my feedback and will share it with other employees.

nick polise

Way too expensive for the low quality carwash provided. Half the time I don't think they really do the tire shine.

Ashley Martinez

Would give it a 5 star but soaps usually aren't coming out to coat entire car. Usually have to go through 2 or 3 times.

zeke fonseca3

Platinum wash could be better. This is immediately after the wash today. Will give one more shot tomorrow

Paul Thomas

Monthly subscription, unlimited washes - well worth it!


I am mechanic and working in Florida away from my garage. Had to have my girlfriends oil change done. Spent the extra money for Mobil 1 synthetic but these professionals have done a very thorough job. They also took $15 off the oil change and wash. Very reasonable for level of service and quality. They checked everything and tested prior to releasing car to the wash. They even caught the air filter needing replacement and it was actually cheaper than the parts for a higher end filter at the parts store. For certain better than the dealer or a quick change. Thanks guys and Happy new year!

David Oreol

I’ve got an unlimited monthly pass for the ultra wash. The machine does an ok job, but it never does a good job of cleaning everywhere, especially the rear of the car. More than once I’ve gone through and one or more parts of the car wash aren’t working. They do seem to fix things fairly quickly though. They staff are all very nice and friendly. Overall it’s still worth the money to me to keep my car cleaner.

Esmeralda Hernandez

Ryan W

Absolute worst car wash I’ve ever been to. Change machines don’t work, when they do they give you half tokens back which the slots don’t accept so now I’ve got $20 worth of useless coins. & why even have coin slots if it costs you 10-15 bucks to completely wash your vehicle?? Upgrade to dollar/card machines! Foam brush dripped on me the whole time from above & ruined my shirt, spot free is a joke, my truck looked worse than when I brought it in. There’s only one or two vacuums that work. Just find another place


Got most of dirt and grime off my truck.

Cerra Guins

The employees are super nice .... they explained all my options for the oil change service was quick and easy..... I will definitely be coming back for all of my oil changes ... plus they have free coffee

Jake Bertuglia

Very worth a monthly subscription if you are in the rideshare business and certainly helpful if you keep a tight ship - or car. Very friendly staff, usually always a place to vacuum no matter the time of day although the was line may occasionally get long around lunch and after 4pm.

Tara Hansen

I love the free vacuum no matter how long you need to use it and that the pressure/suction is amazing!!! The customer service is good. The wash gets the vehicle pretty clean and if you aren't satisfied, they will wash it again for you...can't ask for much more than that, right?!

Jerry Moore

Good place to get car wash

Spencer Shepherd

Don't use this place, change machine will give you 3 quarter for a dollar and the card machine will over charge you big time, it looks really cool but looks can be deceiving. Save yourself some trouble and hit the one down the road

Robert Ritchey

Free vacuum's understaffed did not dry my vehicle

Roy Raines

Nice place to wash car, great staff; they'll hand wipe at end of wash, plenty of vacs and parking.

Zack Stanifer

Best car wash in town

russell r

I’ve Been going there since the day it opened, I just canceled my monthly membership and started going out to the Cyclone wash in Pueblo West, they actually dry your car off there, and it’s the same price.

Sharon Basgal

Loved my clean car

Julian Morris

The quality of the wash keeps getting worse and worse. Now they rarely spray the windshield and front bumper to remove the bugs and since they don't dry the car anymore, I leave the wash with spots all over the windows and down the side of the car. I was just getting ready to get a monthly plan but will go to the new one in Pueblo West instead. So long Mister Car Wash!

Jillian McCleary

SUCH a fan! Unlimited vacuums! And they also offer an unlimited monthly option for $20!

Blaine Dionisio

I ask for no tire shine every time yet I still get it. I end up having to go and rewash my truck because my tires fling black spots all over my truck body. It is very aggravating.

Brandon D

No v good


The whole point of going to a car wash is to end up with a clean car, but I’ve noticed that our windows seem to be getting spottier and streakier every time we go here. We thought maybe it was because they quit hand-drying or maybe that it seems to barely rinse your car, but when we got out and looked at our car, there is a buildup of junk all over it. I think every time we go through their wax is just building up on our car. It doesn’t look good, especially the glass, and I recon it’s going to take some serious elbow grease to get it all off.


Wish it didn't stay so busy.


Has gotten worse after the name and ownership change. Prices have gone up, seems like they may have sped up the line or reduced finish detail employees, and I didn't seem to get any wax that I paid for. Octopus was worth the price for an exceptional clean and actually receiving the services you pay for. Mister is not, will go elsewhere in Pueblo.

Peter Dunneback

The only thing good is the vacumes. The worst car wash$16.00 that I ever had. No dryer's windshield and body covered in spots. I will not be back!!!!!!!

Debbie Straub

They do a nice job. You can pay with credit card and have it automatically use it for a month at a time for unlimited washes but not more than once a day and it will automatically renew unless you cancel. Great vacuums to clean your car out.

Deliteful Quintana

Not as good as octopus, I miss them.

Renee Hoschouer

Great managers, car wash is awesome but the managers took care of me when I accidentally locked myself out of my car too! Thanks guys you did awesome.

Louisa Herrera

Great vacuums!

Chelsey Dunlap

I live how friendly the workers are and so helpful!

david harris

Since they changed ownership from Octopus my vehicle has never been decently clean after my visit, even going through twice doesn't help. Can't wait for my card to be used up. They run you through bumper to bumper at twice the speed as before and more expensive

Jackie Gundelfinger

I have been coming here for months and the customer service is excellent. Great value for your money! I definitely take advantage of the limitless washes and free vacuum. Much better than any drive through I've been to here. My tires look extra bright and I love the hand dry on the windshield and mirrors.

Andrew Legg

Great always really busy, long wait times

Ruth Stieb

I wash my car here quite often. Clean, average prices and offers on site management

Kathy Bacca

It's a pretty good place to wash ur car

Margaret Maddox

Good place

Dominic D'Agostino

Average wash at best, not worth $31.00. Worst part was they stole all my toll quarters from inside my truck's console. Very obvious theft, clearly a dumb employee to not know all those quarters would be seen missing instantly. Management was cordial, yet didn't seem to care too much about the theft. All they did was refund my car wash, didn't even offer to replace the stolen money.

carl taylor

Just an okay location. Equipment needs upgrading and maintenance.

William Rudloff

They do a good job. I like the fact they have an oil change facility attached.

Ron Torbert

They did an amazing job cleaning my car.

Michael Cheney

James Rumbold

Need to do a better job wiping vehicle

Abdul Dickson

My vehicles are black, so... Use to be my favorite location for touchless wash. However, equipment has not worked properly for quite some time now. Pretty sad really.


Paid $20 for their platinum wash which is supposed to be their best (displayed at least). Tires were still very muddy as well as wheel well and bumpers. Get a better wash with $5 at a do it yourself wash.

Geraldine Vigil

I have the unlimited wash which is good however I miss when they use to dry the windows and vehicles by hand at the end.

Yvette Allen

Love the vacumms and the way our vehicle just shines after leaving this car wash.

Josh Sprague

Damaged wife’s vehicle and then denied responsibility. Not a business I would spend my hard earned money supporting!

Tara Pearl

Just remember to vacuum first! A lot of car washes like this you vacuum after, so we messed that up and didnt end up vacuuming the car this time around. Next time!

Tim Gutierrez

Good, clean place to clean your vehicle. We paid for the monthly unlimited membership for our vehicles. Wifes mid size SUV, 19 bucks a month, and 28 a month for my full size truck.

Tami Whigham

Car wash did a good job but was real expensive. $9 for the basic cheap car wash.

Giovanna Barrios

The whole staff is great. The supervisor, Amir, went above and beyond with a great attitude. He clearly gave great direction to the other employees- focused and efficient. I felt like my maserati was in good hands with him. Thanks Mister car wash!

Bruno Gonzales


Victoria Griego

Appreciate the wash club and free vacuums great deal and makes it easy to keep my car in tip top shape. Staff is always friendly.

Tammy Barker

Love it! First time going and my car wasn't clean enough so they sent me through again for free!


Can't say I like the so called art, more like graffiti. Good water pressure, however soap didn't work very well. Last visit the vacuums all had broken or missing hoses and the trash cans were overflowing. I've been to worse and been to much better.

William Lobus

Best carwash in town

Rachel Bass

Friendly staff and good carwash.

T marie

Trash everywhere super nasty and the stations dont work the foam soap us broken

Brandy Allison

Best Car wash in town!!!

Prestine Menighan

Love the vaccum for free

marion guerrero

Plenty of vacuums, good car wash

Happy Dogs CBD

Did a good job washing the truck.

cathy frasquillo

Like going and don't have to get out of you're car, convenient for us since we live close.

Gary McKinney

Paid $18 and had to wash the lower third of the car myself at home. I won't be going back. I miss Octopus

Logan Gamble

This place used to be great but now its so so, prices are too high and they got rid of the towel drying at the end. I don't want to pay more and get less... Disappointed

Steve Midkiff

They need a multi car discount, they keep talking like it will happen but it hasn't. Quite a few times we don't get the prespray on our windshield, and the end of wash the passenger side windshield never gets wiped down with the same fervor as the drivers side. Always seems there is residue or water left on passenger side.


I've been a customer of The Patriot but, now that Mister Car Wash bought them out, I like it a lot more!

Cole Wakasugi

I like this car wash it offers free vaccum and the wash is good. They have bug removal solution that works reasonably well. I like the speed. There can be a substantial line and I haven't been more than 20 to 25 minutes.

Ken Berkley

Not as good as it used to be. They don't have guys spraying vehicles before they go into the carwash anymore. Car doesn't get as clean. Also the tire shine undid the wash I paid for. After I drove away from the carwash the tire shine flung off my tires splattered all over my truck.

J Da Messenger

It's a great place too get your car washed and detailed too the max. They have a great business out here. And the worker's show so much Customer service at it's finest. So will always come back again.

Adam P

Great place and nice owner/operator. He had recently fixed a vacuum and gave us a free cycle just in case there was an issue. Very friendly person

Mari Thurmond

This place is poorly maintained. The first stall I pulled into the foam wash brush did not work. In the second stall I tried, there was a leak in the foam wash brush.It sprayed on me everywhere. In the third stall, the air dryer did not work. When I went to get quarters from the change machine, I only got three quarters/tokens instead of four. In the vacuum stall one of the vacuums ate my quarters and did not start. The second vacuum I tried was all taped up, and the suction was poor. The vacuum nozzle kept falling off. Would not recommend this place at all.

Daniel Duran

No place better to wash and vacuum your car. They surpass the other places in town.

Anna N

Great car wash. Fast and efficient. The basic soap and water wash is $8, and the super deluxe is $18, with a $29.99/month unlimited plan available as well. Only gave four

Adam Main

Can't complain. Cool art

Clara Hernandez

Its a cheap place to wash your

Margaret Anderson

When I go to a car wash, I pay for a clean car. It wasn't everywhere. They want you to buy the: $19.99 per Month OR $29.99 PER MONTH. WITH the concept that "with unlimited drive through Your Car will get a LITTLE CLEANER Each Time." to the unlimited members fast line.A young Manager actually said that to me. Then the car will slide threw clean every time you make A Trip to the Unlimited Members fast lane. WOW. Really? I think I saw 2 cars in that very long line that passed me that wear shiny clean when they went by. And judging by the Ad on their door. They probably Drove Through Most Everyday Once.

Jessica Rodriguez

I used to love this car wash, being that they were the only one with hand dry off. Iam not too much of a fan anymore. It’s sad to see dry off go, Shame on you corporate !!!!!!!

W J A Williams

$3 wash.

Allyson Harmeling

Love going to mister carwash, free vacuums and the environment around here is awesome they are helpful and great prices for great carwash services they wipe your mirrors down when your done and all.

Felicia Fajardo

I have paid for the unlimited plan since it was Octopus. The customer service has always been great but the wash quality has been getting worse. They no longer use enough water to rinse all the soap off. They stopped towel drying the whole vehicle and now quickly wipe just the windows. Wouldn't be a big deal if they had rinsed the soap off right because it dries and leaves soap marks.

Carol Rider

Now that they don’t hand dry the cars, there are always spots left on my vehicle.

jeff stern

Had better but price is good

Stephen Mason

It's hit-and-miss with the tire shine . Sometimes it works sometimes it don't!

Jessica Davis

Love the self service vacuuming! Always quick for a wash even when it is packed

Cona Kidd

Nothing works

Alexa Griffins Special FX and ect

Did a pretty good job. Staff are friendly.

Nikki Smash

Best car care place in Lake Mary- hands down! As a female, I've had some pretty bad experiences at car maintaince places, but the guys and gals here make you feel so welcomed. I got my oil changed and a full interior/exterior clean in under 45 minutes. It was great! They treated my little BMW well. I will definitely be back.

Cheryl Sanchez

Everything to clean your car available

Vaping Noah

Not to bad, was kind of rushed but they was busy..

Jennifer R

Good Car Wash!! Staff is friendly and very helpful! Vacuums are always available and they work great!! I love that the vacuum is included with the wash!! Car wash is fast and it cleans my car good every time!! Especially love the hand towel dry at the end!! I liked it so much I bought a monthly package!! Reasonably priced and well worth the money I think!! I would recommend Mister CarWash to everyone!!! The reason I only gave 4 stars is because they don’t sell any extras like air freshener or armorall or glass cleaner. Would be nice if they did, so I wouldn’t have to carry around my own cleaners for the inside of my car.

Courtney Hoffman

Probably top five worst car washes I’ve ever been to. I purchased the $15 one and it didn’t wash the bottom or the back of my car! Took the receipt and went back not ten minutes after I was there and they told me there was nothing they could do!? I asked to even let me go back through again for free since it didn’t do its job the first time and they said no! Won’t waste my money here again

Joy Willis

Always need to wash a second time right after going through. And my car is usually just a little dirty. Also why are the employees at the end of the car wash if they aren't going to towel dry and wipe off your car as you come out? My windows are always dirtier coming out of their car wash than it was going in. I'm disabled yet have to limp myself out my car to wipe the windows just so I can see as I drive. Which wasn't a issue when I first got there.

Alvin Isaacs

Okay, I am on the top monthly plan which is hard to complain about. But the over all quality of the washes keeps going down. Octopus was great, Mr Car Wash is getting to the point where it's better than a dirty car but not that good of a job. It seems like the final wipe down is done with less than clean towels since it leaves your windows streaked. But hey, it's unlimited so... Update 2: Last three times I have been there the car comes out with water drops all over it that dries, leaving spots. Quality of job continues to get worse. I will cancel my wash membership when they start spraying mud on the car. Rating went from 3 stars to 2 stars. Next update when the service hits 1 star. Update:. Eliminating jobs so they don't wipe off your car at the end. Still better than a dirty car or washing in the driveway

Hilda C

Very good vacuums

Google User

I am almost hit by this businesses customers everyday, multiple times a day! All the wax on the road outside your place doesn’t help! Your business WILL kill someone someday!!

Can Oliva

Keeps our family vehicle clean


They don't tell you the price until you are already in line and have to back all the way out and drive the wrong way through their parking lot to get out.

SoCali Gurl

Great value. Either pay $18 for one car wash or $19.99 for a month truly unlimited. A manned drive thru car wash. Free vacuums. Everyone was extremely polite. A breath of fresh air

Bob Bob

This car wash should be ashamed of itself. Visit it for yourself to see their idea of "Art". DO NOT spend money there. The artist is a punk and with any luck another punk will tag over it compelling the city to force the owner to cover it up.

Brian Arant

I would give them 4 stars if they still hand dried the car (they stopped doing this a week ago). Now I have to carry around a towel to dry the car or live with spots all over the glass. It seems the quality of the wash has slowly gone down hill since Octopus sold the business to this company. I will be looking around for a better alternative for the 4 cars I get washed here. They said they would be adding a reverse osmosis system to get a spot free air dry. When will this happen?


They don't dry your car at the end and leaves water spots on your car

Cameron Jacober

The vacuums work better than before. However the car wash does not get your car completely clean. Went through and my car was still dirty on both the front and back. Asked the guy what they could do about it and he walked off. Very disappointed in the outcome of my car.

Hellcat 5000

The previous operator known as Octopus did a fantastic job. Mister Car Wash does a terrible job. I pay a higher monthly fee for service that lacks severely. The previous owner dried your car with hand towels and Mister Car Wash does not any longer. The employees don't care when previous employees from Octopus did. They have cut corners in equipment maintenance and staff and it shows. I know there will probably be an apologetic response saying that they will pass on my comments to management but I doubt anyone at Mister Car Wash cares at all.

ginab C

Cathy Cortese

Love this place!

Dustin Newland

Excellent establishment, high pressure vacuum, good people who actually care about the outcome of your wash. Well earned 5 stars

Darr Danley

Good place to clean your car, but miss the hand dryer's. It just like every other car wash now. I think that's why I really enjoyed this wash. Price went up! And service went down. I used to always tip the guys. What's the point now. There all like robots.

Light Dragon studio

Did its job $18 car wash premiums and $9 basic car wash

Rosalenda 1

Just went through the car wash and finally was pleased with the young man who sprayed the front end off. Very thorough and right where needed, but WHAT HAPPEN TO THE DRYERS??? No one there to dry off the car when exiting the wash.


$16 for a self service car wash... Seems a little step and they don’t offer air fresheners like the businesses before them.

Renaldo Gutierrez

Equipment works well staff is friendly and they take the time to dry your vehicle!

Marcia Lance

Nice kids that work there

Kristen Williamson

It used to be a good car wash, but I was disappointed my last visit to find out they no longer have people do the hand drying. I have an SUV and there are areas such as back window and mirrors that need hand dried. I pay for the monthly unlimited pass. If they take away a service maybe they should adjust the cost. Bring hand drying back!

Mark Rudnik

I went to Mister today (9/18/2018) for the second time since changing hands from Octopus. This is the second time I was disappointed. I thought I would try again, in case they were so new before that they just needed time for improvement. I was very wrong, as you will learn. I decided to go with the platinum, as I was hoping that the wash would be better than the last time I went. The entire wash took less than one minute, including the "drying" at the end. I get a longer, better and cheaper car wash at a gas station car wash! There is a pre-treatment at the beginning (I guess that's what it is. That's what it was with the previous owners). But, the kid that did it barely waved it over my windshield, therefore not even touching the heavy soiling that pre-was is meant for. The ink they put on the windshield didn't even run! Went through the car wash so fast, the brushes barely touched my car. I thought that I was mistaken about the time being less than one minute, so I didn't say anything at the time. When I got home, there were still bird droppings all over my car. I went back and showed a young man that my car was still dirty. He was very kind and said he would be glad to send me through again. Nice boy. Back to the pre-wash. The kid merely gestured with the washing wand this time. This time, I timed the wash. My clock said 1:59 when I went in and 1:59 when I came out. How can that possible be effective in cleaning a car? The pictures I have posted are after the second wash. Still bird droppings! $18 for a platinum car wash that didn't even get my car clean after 2 passes through the wash! Octopus had: scents, available window wipes, and at the end there were 4 people to clean your tires and wipe your car down. Mister: No frills, more money, only two people at the end that barely get the rags on your car. I won't return, and I'll be sure to save everyone I know on facebook a lot of money! Shame on you Mister!

Jeff Nolan

It's an ok car wash, their unlimited best washes for $29 makes them pretty awesome. I live on a dirt road, so I go through almost everyday, great value.

Elizabeth k.

Called to get info on seat wash and the girl was just plain stupid! I told her what I needed then she says hold to say something else to someone and asks me what do i need again? Really so didn't pay much attention huh? Tells me its $70 to wash seats and other stuff but if cloth they can't do it.. So what they only clean easy stuff? Now I see why I stopped going there!

Marlene Phillips

Great service locally but DO NOT sign up for unlimited monthly unless you understand you will be AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED every month. Try to cancel! Took almost 3 weeks to have charges reversed the second time and I was told twice the account was cancelled. Then they turned around and charged me again twice!!!

C Trujillo

Love their services and the fact ANYONE can go and vacuum their vehicle for FREE!! The membership fee is also worth it for UNLIMITED WASHES!!

Mick Mccormac

Not that impressed. No more hand drying!

Joshua Groch

Coin machine didn't accept half of my coins and wasted time. Spot free rinse is a scam, not even spot free. Dont even bother trying this place.

Tammy Watlington


Does a good job. Has good monthly program thingy

Scott McReynolds

Very competent car wash facility. Generally a great wash and super fast service. You can go to the self serve vacuum area and vacuum to your hearts content, then pass through the automated spinning brush wash. There are several packages they offer, including interior and exterior detailing. On the entry to the automated wash they pre spot spray your front grille and overall exterior. After passing through the auto wash upon exit they hand dry your car/truck. Nice Facility

John H. Adams

It's close.

denise martinez

Paid for the Platinum package and my windshield was damaged after 2nd visit, as well as my license plate, the customer service was horrible wouldn't refer this place to anyone

Howard Rains

What can you say about a car wash? Well, there is graffiti style artwork on the walls here. Just seeing that makes this place worth going to. I live nearby and come here regularly. There has only been one time that some part of the wash was broken and there was no sign. Rarely is anything broken at all. There is a drive through option here if want that, but I use it to wash my motorcycle and scooters. $1.50 to get 4 minutes of wash time.

Russ Cortez

It's called Mister now, was $19 for a car wash or $29 for one month unlimited. I think $19 is pretty high for a car wash. When it was Octopus they had four men drying your vehicle off. My last two visits because I got the unlimited, their have only been two men hand drying off. So now your bumper and grill don't get dryed off.

Mathew James

Purchased the Premium wash package before going through car wash for the first time. Was pleased to see two young employees wiping the windows and mirrors as I exited the wash. After leaving and driving 45 minutes away I discovered that the car was not cleaned of the bird droppings that were above the driver's door on the roof. It's concerning that the automatic wash didn't clean the car very well and even more concerning that the employee who wiped the drivers side didn't inform me of the poor wash job. When I returned to ask the manager for a refund I was told that they could only refund the difference between the monthly fee and the price of a premium wash. I had to ask for them to rewash the car for free and later declined because they don't deserve another opportunity to clean my vehicle. The manager on duty confessed that negative reviews are common and that he doesn't care because they are just opinions. He also confessed that the employees are coached not to inform customers of the need for a rewash and that it is the vehicle owners responsibility to inspect their own car. Needless to say I am disappointed and felt compelled to share the experience with the public. The photo is disgusting, but clearly shows the quality of Mister Car Wash in Pueblo. Hopefully you have a better experience. On the bright side they have good vacuums which is the only saving grace for being forced to give at least one star.

Dick Bellinger

Had car washed and when got home the front of the car was still real dirty.

Stacy Bitts

Don't really like it anymore since they took the towel drying people out, I have spotsall over my windows and car! So disappointed.

Georgia Romine

Nice. The truck looked great when we were done. Nice clean restroom too.

Isaiah Roepke

Over priced rough carwash. Left water spots all over and the wash sounds like a hail storm on your car. Never going back.

Torben Walters

This place is always really consistent. I have never had them detail the vehicle, but you can vacume as long as you need. We took a Ford F150 through and it did a really good job. It's also pretty quick. They get everyone in and out fast. No complaints.


My first time here. All the employees were very helpful. They were honest and did a great job overall. But I took a star off because I got the platinum express $18 wash That lasted about 3 minutes and I notice my car still had dirty spots on the front and back end as well as the rims were still dirty. I would expect more for a $18 wash but the customer service I guess makes up for it.

Ignacio Sandoval

When it was 1st opened as the Octopus it was a good place to get your car washed and it came out clean. Now a days the quality has gone down tremendously. The system does a poor job yet you'd at least get your windows wiped down. Now, You don't even get that. Not worth the money in my opinion. Unfortunately I plan on taking my business elsewhere.

m k

Didn't wash as good as I thought. They didn't even spray my car before going in(which didn't clean it well) It just wasn't worth $16.

Pointfiter 1974

This is where i go to get the oil changed in my car. They are very friendly and have been very quick getting the service completed. They have even given me a discount when I asked them about coupons. They will try to sell you filters if they see that it's time for replacement, but they haven't been pushy about that. I believe that practice is pretty typical for this type of business. You also get a basic car wash included with an oil change, a nice add on

JD Hollibaugh

Since changing hands, this business has gone to the dogs. Manager does not return phone calls, quality of service is substandard! Vehicle not dried/wiped as before, tires not treated as before, vehicles not being pre-treated as before and definitely not coming out as clean as before. This business has gone from Pueblo's best to without a doubt Pueblo's worst! Plus, the price has gone up for the sub-standard service.


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