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8215 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99518, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pink Elephant Car Wash IN Alaska

Mitchell Stivers

Best car wash in town

Elgin Dean

Leon Bridges

Tucker James Anderson

This place is awesome! You get a great wash and they hand dry it too! Best place to go for a wash.

Thomas Williams

Best car wash in town

Glen Collinsworth

Sky Money

Best wash in town

Phyllis Evans


Kayleen Norris

By far the best car wash in Anchorage! It cost a little more then the others I have been too but I believe you get what you pay for. They spray and brush your car before you go in and then dry off the whole car and inside the doors after you're done.

Dumitru Tighineanu

Jason Tomberlin

Pretty good job, a little pricier than most. It is a classic brush and squeegee wash.


Awful place. Don’t go there unless you want to be jelled at by car wash people. I left in a hurry because the hostility was so blatant that no way I’d trust them to touch my car.

Jim Kelly

They did a solid job but failed to look my car over so they had to rewash it when I noticed several spots not well done. They also failed to return my mats back to my car resulting in me having to return to pick them up which was a 38 mile round trip for me. The detail itself was good.

Alexis Hart

Tiffany Hansen

Cynthia Klusmeyer

Michael Gardner

Ronald Geisert

Linda Holthaus

Ru Tec

A little pricey and sure wish it had a much better underbody wash since the winters here are really rough especially for cars. But still the best car wash in town thou.

Thomas F Haas

Best in town

Candace Ferguson

Caleb Jordan

Arsal Nawaz

Teagan Presler

They do a great job with car washes, and is my go to place. They prewash the car by hand before going through an automated car wash, then someone hand dries your car for you. It is nice!

Adam Link

Excellent car wash for the price. Best in town with real people.

Northwoods Nest

The term "you get what you pay for" is pretty hard to prove when it comes to car washes since most are pretty spendy. But I can say at this place, you def get what you pay for. They are outstanding from start to finish. I LOVE the classic touch/scrub car washes. Would be great if they opened another establishment on other side of town. If you truly want a CLEAN vehicle, go here! :)

Matt Cope

Great car wash very thorough in getting your car clean the first time thru

Kizzy Brown

Great touch less Car Wash for a decent/good price.

Louis Mifsud

marc sherman

Sarla Thal

Very unimpressed. Back end of the car still dirty - only front end of the car dried off. Expensive - we should have just spray washed the car ourselves. Better job.

Rob Finke

Linda Malutin

josh stewart

solid carwash. little to no comebacks

Marita Allen

I enjoy Pink Elephant car wash the attendants and service providers are very honoring. When ever and not often if ever dissatisfied the entire staff is very compromising and honoring your request. Recommending for a quick satisfying wash.


Whitney O'Malley

I went there not too long ago they did a really awesome job much better than any other car wash

Robin Berry

Great service

Anxious Fur

This place is top-notch! Got the "basic wash" $12, they got all the ice off the car! The car was more clean & shiny than I've seen it since it was bought! They even hand dried it after the washing, inside the doors & everything! I feel sorry for the guys working in there tho, it's gotta be damn cold! This will be the only car-wash I'll be using from now on!

Molly Schwenk

Bobbi Jo

T.J. Haas Jr

Robin Kent

They hand scrub then you go thru the automatic cloth carwash then they hand dry. Always go here they get the black grime off my white car very welk


Rav4 was extremely dirty after breakup. Really took their time and made sure it was spotless.

Alan Rozsnaki

Chris Leniear

Best car wash in Anchorage.

Ashton Cloer

Dedra S

Lei Kiana

Great place. I get the 10 car washes on card and it saves me money. Just dont lose the card haha

Christina Salazar

Favorite car wash for sure

antoinette lee


Bruce Templeton

Best car wash in town


Touch clothing wash and good washed

Terrance Aldridge II

Brady Kuenning

It's fun having the human element still.

KellieDawn Collins

Made my new car look awesome

Alan Flanagan

Dave Giancoli


Stephen Zella

Rob Stapleton

Good job cleaning and washing grungy AK cars. They will put you through again if not pleased with your wash!

Austin O'Neill-Koch

best car wash in town period

Archie T

Best Car Wash in town!

Jack Fisler

Great place to get your car washed

Randall Keyser

They dp a really good job.

Sharolyn Wyeth

This is by far the best car wash in town!

Princess Peach

Christian Penn

Sabrina Hoepfner

The best car wash in Anchorage Alaska ! I recommend a trip to Pink Elephant Car Wash. The employees are very friendly and treat you like family.


Ashley Barns

Lady at the counter was a b**ch and the car wash sucked and was over priced. Not impressed and wouldn't recommend it.

Chantel Shouse

Ico Spawn

The first few time was great, and it depends on who is working. The last crew did a poor job at drying off the water, and missed a whole spot on the pre-wash.

Heather O'Neill

Cleaned my truck top to bottom, worth ever penny.

Sean Crites

Kolin Smith

Best car wash in all of Anchorage, detailed form start to finish and hand dried. I have taken all three of my vehicles here and everytime they come out looking brand new! Only place I will go.

Devyn Herrick

One of the best car washes in Anchorage

Jay Lanti

Will be good if 24 /7

Robert Smith

Steve Lanz

Richard Hopwood

Nice wash, however, for the $23, vacuum should be included.

Keyser Söze

My truck comes out shiny and clean every time. The only car wash I’ll pay for in Anchorage.

Tirzah Shelton

Best car wash ever. The quick detail option left the inside of the car spotless. Very impressed with the quality of the cleaning

Quinlin Sawicki

Wonderful atmosphere great place to get your car wash!!!!

Ray Hill

Pamela Bjelland

Best carwash I've used. Actual people look over your car after the wash to make sure it actually got clean.

Shane Mecham

Best car wash in Anchorage.

Eric Stoltz

Pretty much the best place in town where some one else washes my car

Cynthia Oskolkoff

Excellent service, the absolute best car wash in Anchorage!

Matt Bolyan

The best car wash in Anchorage.

Geoff Kaestner

Offered me a quick detail for $50. Less than one week later I came back to redeem, but they told me they no longer offer that. As I’m watching someone getting their car detailed ahead, I asked that are they getting? He said “a detail, but they made an appointment “. So I asked to make an appointment, then he said “we don’t offer that service anymore, just outside of car”....again I’m watching someone else get their car detailed in front of me, but it’s not offered?????

Angelina Viveros

JD Alex

Always gets my vehicle shining rightly

Rexann Bassler

Best in town, always friendly and they do an excellent job whether a detailed wash or the quick wash.

Antony Reese

Probably the most efficient cat wash I've been to in Anchorage. The employees were swift and efficient as well. It was definitely worth the above average prices ($12-$24)

Ross Miner

Best in town under new owner ship so everything has been replaced, drive in durty, drive out show room quality. Not happy they will send u through again.. but remember, if you have tons of built up salt and grime, you should go to do it your self car wash to help

Erik Sprungman

Shelby Emmert

The Mike's Car Wash of Alaska.

Abraham Hsieh

Monica Trickey

Quick and excellent service and I love leaving with such a clean car!

Lauren Howard

Will absolutely be returning. Great impressions from the moment we pulled up. Don't miss the cash out lady, the sign for where to pay is kind of small.

Andy InAk

Best car wash in town by far! Their monthly subscription is awesome and they seriously make the car look new year round... I wash it 3x a week for 40 a month... Easy math.


No Nino

Marcy Peterson

Nice product but the lights displaying what you bought most often don't turn on. Some guys push more buttons than others when I buy the same every time.

rick h

Jackie Willis

Probably the best car wash in town. Only downside is the lack of vacuuming availability for you. I prefer pink elephant because the do pre brush your vehicle and give it a quick towel dry at the end to finish up...dint forget to tip the guys a couple of bucks.

Patrick Soper

Best car wash in Anchorage. Quality wash and hand dry.

Ron Eagley

Matthew Amundsen

Great wash!

Gordon Rosser

Gary Schade

Best in Anchorage

Jennifer Townsend

Best Car wash in town

Evan Sholl

I went there because of the great reviews but experienced nothing great about this place. The boy Ryan who did the drying of my car (by hand which was nice if he did a good job) missed a lot and did a terrible job. Ended up going to purple turtle for a better car wash and for the same price.

M. A.

Scratched up my paint!

Austin Graham

Best car wash in Anchorage


Tyler Perry

Hell yeah! Great car wash

Loretta Runion

Love this place, I won't take my car to any other place

Chrystal Galovin

Wonderful job every time! The lines out to the street say it all! Just make sure you take all of the decal magnets off your vehicle before going so you dont lose it in the carwash.

Sara Steele


Marie Chaffin

Fast, friendly and they always make sure that your vehicle is completely clean or they wash it again for free! I love this place! I recommend this car wash over any other in Alaska! I'll drive across town or even wait till I get back to town to wash my car there :) they are more than awesome!! Five stars!!

Petru Crucian

Malachi Thorington


Terri Dukes

Excellent and thorough wash

Tanya Williams

Christina B

Yes yes and yes. Clean car, happy customer. Customer service is exceptional. Had a malfunction the other day (on monthly plan) but they fixed fast and were super great to work with as they worked their butts off to fix and get the line moving again.

Vasili Shushu

Tiffin Mueller

Great service, awesome car wash.

Melissa Thompson

Cheapest place in town. And they will run you through a second time if your car didn't get clean the first time.

Ben Campbell

Best car wash in town! The customer service is top notch and my truck comes out perfectly clean every time. Pink Elephant has a customer for life.


If I could give them zero stars I would. Some employee named ryan was extremely rude. Will not be going there again.

Thomas Johnson


I can't believe how bad of a detailing I got!!! 4 hours of something I could of done in 10 minutes!! DO NOT GO THERE!!

Philip Brower

Worth the little extra that you will pay. I came back from a long trip to Fairbanks and my front end was covered in dead bugs. I paid for the $24 wash and when I came out, they sent me back through a second time for free. The truck was immaculate!

Cesar Guzman

Dao Holloway

Randy Giddings

Probably one of the better car washes in anchorage. Love the light show and the fact that they scrub and wipe down your car. I'm all for the automated but nothing beats elbow grease

Darlene Cullor

Crystal Beardsley

These guys are the best if you want your car washed and dried they even open up the doors and wipe the door trim down and dryer your mirrors they do a great job I always tip them


Paul Harren

Lava wash is great, final hand cloth work not as much.

Mike Grauf

Nicole Fuster


Rachel Moore

Get your car washed

Alaska 507

Freedom Baker

Couldn't say enough good things about these guys! Seriously they detailed my son n laws truck for I think around $50 compared to other area detailers at $200+. They were so nice and done such an amazing job. Nice clean big waiting room and they worked us n2 the schedule last minute as well

trina laughman

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