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REVIEWS OF Mr. Lube IN Alaska

Brandon Hill

Had a truck inspected pre-purchase here, company claimed 4 simple things were wrong with the truck totaling 550.00, bought the truck and took it to a shop to have the problems fixed , found out two of the things weren’t even wrong with the truck but actually there was 4000 dollars worth of repairs, and a laundry list of things that were wrong with the truck. Good luck and hope you don’t have my same misfortune.

Amus Evans

Great job fixing tired

Sharon Groomer

Thank-you so much for being very helpful.

Kevin saechow

Hourly rates are decent but charge too much for the parts. I didn't tell me that they can't flush my transmission in the first place but they tell me after they done. I wasn't too happy about it.

Arthur Mahan

So I made an appointment to have my tires changed over today at 9:45am. To get there and find out they dont even open till 10am. Whatever no big deal it's only 15 min. The owner tells me as we wait to be checked in "just let the girls know you have a 9:45 and they will get you in when a bay opens up." So I get to the counter to have the lady behind the counter to inform me they dont do appointments on sundays. I'm like no even the owner acknowledged I had one. After she makes 3 trips back to confirm this was ok they finally print my paperwork. And then I'm told "well idk if they will slide you in or put you in line I'll let you know." I gave the benefit of the doubt because at this point it is obvious this place is unorganized. I walk to get a cup of coffee from kaladis. As I leave and return I see my car in the bay. But when returning I see it's not in the air. I go inside and I wait for an hour and 15 minutes to then get up and go out to see my car back outside and the same tires I came with still on. I go back inside and ask how much longer it's going to be because i had an appointment and i keep seeing people who came in after me leave. I was informed the Tires i set the appointment for were not there and had to be picked up just down the road. Mentally i think well thanks for the heads up. So i wait again and at 11:50 am 2 hours after my appointment at this point I'm told again this time by the lady owner "they are working on yours now. They had to go get the tires and stud them because for some reason they disnt come studded." At 12:20pm I was then informed by the same lady owner that my car was being pulled out. 20 minutes later my car gets pulled out and I see them bring keys and paperwork up. My wife goes to pay and expresses her frustration (for once not at me lol) it's the little wins that count

Jay Easter

I gave a 3 because, I had good service and the young counter girl with purple hair I had was great. Nice and very professional. However the young blonde was very out of line and unprofessional. I watched her piss off three customers in a row who all yelled they would never come back when they left. I would suggest more training and possibly a job change if she can't handle speaking to customers in a civil manner. Also talking about them after they leave in front of other customers is uncalled for.

Danielle Schramm

Went there on Saturday bought brand new tires and also an oil change. Everything was fine I drove home which is about 5 miles from mr lube parked my car. Sunday the next day (not even 24 hours after purchasing) my husband noticed I was missing a lug nut on the front passenger wheel, had a random one on the back wheel of passenger side and my tire is completely flat and sitting on rim and holding no air. So I called me lube and explained to them what is wrong with my car and they tell me to just put air in and drive it in and they will see what is wrong, well it's pretty impossible to drive a car in when the tire won't hold any air and isn't even on the rim!!!! I will never ever be going back to them with the kind of service I was just treated with after paying 580$ in one sitting for tires and a dang oil change!

David Avugiak

So I brought my truck in one day, you know how there’s usually a line of cars, so I parked my car in line. I come in and ask for a full service and a oil change. After that as I was waiting people came in after me, later on the people who came in after me, there cars were already done. So I look back where I lined my car up and somebody, I guess people who work there have moved it to another line. So I don’t know, I just was confused and made me wonder if there business is not doing the right thing of either taking things like parts or I don’t know. So also as I was waiting the person who helped me when I first checked in seemed like he knew so he left the front desk and as I was waiting another front desk worker which was a girl came in. Seems like he didn’t want to hear my complainment and after that there was only those young girls there, I explained my situation why they took forever and why people who came in after me were already gone! So all she said was sorry it’s inconvenient.

Joleene Baird


R Blodgett

Got our tires swapped out from winter to summer and as far as that goes these guys were Fast and the staff was great. 5 Stars when everyone else with a tire machine were closed.

Miguel Perez

Just found out ownership changed . Don't think customer service is too bad . Just think time management is a problem. With the old owners I'd get myself in and out with an off the car tire change over max 2-3 hour wait for full set changed sometime even instantly wheeled into the shop and out in 30 min for a single or pair . Never have I had my tires sit around for more than 3 hours .dropped them off 8 sharp . I give it to them they are a tight shop but I'm on hour 5 for a single tire change over

Alisha G

Fast oil change and nice people.

Cecil Haverty

I went thru the car wash, a good job.

Bobbie Ann Niehaus

Trust them.

Olivia B

Amazing vehicle work, great customer service, pretty cost efficient especially for the work being done on your vehicle, same owners- so they must be very professional and productive. Don't have to worry about personal items being stolen out of your vehicle, first come first serve basis- which makes business go by better.

Keith C

Mr. Lube is the best place around to get a good deal on the tires that you want and they are efficient, fast and honest! I would give them 5 Stars any day of the week!

Karrie Murray

I was given a estimate on fixing my water pump and timing belt on my car. I was given an estimate on the total cost buying the parts through them or I could bring in my own. I found the parts for a quarter of what they were going to charge me. I brought them in on repair day with my vehicle. I got a call in the middle of the day saying it would take 8+ hours to fix (so another $150. Labor) over my initial quote, because the water pump I brought in had a couple extra seals with it. $950. To fix it when I had the parts. Smh, won't be back.

Thew Brown

No BS, just quick, competitive maintenance. Not much of a waiting room, but they're much faster than the other shops I've visited.

Brad Ames

Well. I wanted to leave 5 stars and they were great when they changed my tires in the morning. Quick, nice and appropriately priced. But then going back that afternoon for an alignment was a completely different story. Toe only front end alignment requested. After awaiting 1.5 hrs with my car on the lift and watching the mechanic James hangout and chat with other employees for more than an hr of the time my car was on the lift sitting. I was then informed they couldn't perform the alignment due to reasons that are not acceptable. They didnt know as a professional mechanic myself working in the trade for over 18 years and raised in an auto repair family for 35 years similiar to this place I was not only educated but experienced in everything they were doing. A job that should've taken 20 to 30 min and was only adjusting the front right tie rod. After 1.5 hrs I listened to what they said and was disgusted by how badly they'd abuse their position as a mechanic, someone's opinion you're supposed to be able to trust. I looked over the computer printout and every tire on every aspect was within spec except for the front right tires toen which is a very simple thing to change by adjusting the tie rod end. To be told I need over 1800 in repairs in order to fix this one adjustment to the toe is mind blowing. This is exactly what give mechanics a bad reputation for taking advantage of people for unnecessary work and overcharging whenever possible. I wanted badly to give them 5 stars and was so happy this morning with them. I've now left disgusted and after talking with the owner, I'm even more disgusted at her responses. As the owner said there are many many other shop within a few miles. They're more than willing to do what they can't. I'd say support them and stay with the small shop still ran by the actual owners, but its shops like these that give the other honest ones a bad name. Pick any other place locally Response to owners reply and James. Tell him to take a night course at the college for auto tech if he wants to learn something cause I'm not gonna give a free education to your 40 something year old mechanic on how to adjust .4 degree of toe on a Honda, thats amateur hour stuff. If he really cant do that simple of a task or just didnt want to because he was busy talking to the girl half his age, that's his problem and yours as his employer. Theres no resolution once you blamed my vehicle for your mechanic's incompetence and inability to perform the requested task of adjusting the toe, the only one out of manufacturer spec according to the printout you provided. You, your company and employees already put their best forward, I'm only letting others know how that went so people who may be less knowledgable on these topics will be less likely to use your shop. Have a great one.

angelina wellborn

The carwash attendant was not there upon my arrival. I thought it may have been automated so, attempted to drive in. Had to back up and look for assistance when the washers did not go off. The owner came out right as the attendant did and apologized profusely. Then, insisted on giving me a free wash for my wait. My car was shiney and the owners rectified the situation promptly and professionally even though I was not really upset.

Mathias Weinberger

Fast and affordable service.

Kevin Wolfe

Always great service, I've been taking vehicles there for over a decade.

Serenity L

Called in for an Appointment in 2 days for Drum Brakes and they told me Friday Morning when they opened. Got there at 7:45am and was second customer in door at 8am. They told me 1.5 to 2 hours. Came back in 2 hours and they said my car was done just waiting on paperwork from mechanic. Came back in 30mins, sat in lobby for another 15 just to get told I wasn't on the schedule and they haven't done anything to my car yet and the one mechanic that was suppose to work on it was full for the day. Wasted almost 3 hours of my time and lied to me. Will never go back to them!

Jodi Grant Swofford

My daughter was so excited about a recent purchase of an RV used of course that she went to Mr. lube here in Wasilla to get a tuneup, tire changed oil changed etc. she made sure they understood that she had company coming from out of state so the if any thing that would take longer than a week after dropping it off would have to. Wait and she pick it up and rerun it once company left, No problem replied Mr.lube Wasilla understanding Summers in Alaska’s and finding some where for a family of 5 to stay in big lake..Let me add this is this the first family get together in five years since the tragic death of the Sister, my daughter went by to pick up Rv today and the lady tells her it’s not ready in fact it’s not drive-able we’ve ordered a part and it won’t be ready till Monday !!!! Not good not good at all they should get any stars...

Rich Koutchak

Pretty disorganized! Service was good but your prices went up!

slime crazy

Stopped in with a blown out tire, must have hit same thing everyone else did... They were closed but hadn't locked up yet and said since they didn't lock the door they would take care of me and get my family safely back on the road! Tire had "sidewall buble" and couldn't be repaired! They actually went and found a tire for me to borrow, put it on and got us on the road. The owner called her friend's shop in Anchorage (where we are staying), arranged for us to go to them the next day and get our new tire which they ordered to be delivered to the other shop and would get their "loaner tire" back another time. I was in and out in a little over an hour (a couple folks were there with the same issue ahead of me) and they only charge me $25.00 and had soda and snacks complimentary while I waited! Now that is community and customer service! This place changed my mind about the valley being trashy! Thanks to Keith, Gretchen, Ashley and Don (at Eagle in Anchorage), for taking the time to care!


This business is extremely caring about its customers safety and the quality of work they provide.


We have been long time customers and had great service for years , until today . Apparently they have new owners and prices have gone up drastically. A service that used to cost us a little over $30.00 is over $73.00 ( labor only ) now . Now that is hard enough to swallow , but today was by far the worst customer service we have had to date . I’m sorry to say but we won’t be returning.

John Foster

Very fast and reasonably priced

John Dlabal

The kindest and most friendly staff ever. I know nothing about cars and they were more than patient with me and genuinely wanted to help out. They repaired my tire, and I was shocked at how fast the service was. I'm only visiting, but Mr Lube saved my trip from disaster for sure. Seriously, thank you!!

hans vasara

Had an appointment and sat there for 1.5 hrs and they forgot my appointment.... Also it seems that the tire techs are guys in their early twenties and inexperienced... I ended up going to diversified tire and got very good service and professional help....couple bucks more but they sure know what they are talking about...


First come first serve, havnt had any problems yet

Billy Simpson

Got a call about 4 hours and 50 miles after I got a oil change that the technician "doesn't remember if he tightened my drain plug on my girl friends van." And they needed me to come back in because "he was second guessing himself, whether he did or not" people shouldn't have to worry about things like this with a lube shop. I only brought it in because we are super busy with having a baby and I needed it done. Last thing i need in the middle of winter is a seized engine with a newborn and my girlfriend stranded. ..... thanks mr.lube. I will not be returning for any tire or oil needs in the future. Update - oil pan plug was found hand tight, technician said it would have completely fallen out in a couple days. Engine toast..... I'll let you decide to let these peoples attention to detail determine whether you trust them with your vehicle.

Ange B

Efficient & overwhelmingly busy

Christine Carper

Courtesy and speed of service is great.


I've been going to Mr. LUBE since I was 16 when I was old enough to drive. I am 32 now. Went to wash my car today waited patiently in line 4 cars ahead of me paid Gold (Most Expensive) $14 car wash car was still dirty. The guy couldn't lift his arms to Lazy to scrub the wheels, went through for free second time this time they paid for it. I specifically told them I want the wheels scrubbed as usual with brush. The guy still to lazy and had an attitude. After second time going though car was still my wheels were dirty. I didn't want to wait another 20 minutes for the 3rd time waste my time. Looks like I am looking for a new car wash :)

Crystal Fierro

I used them for 8 years and was always happy. Now they have new owners and don't seem to be doing as well. I dropped my car off for an oil change and asked them to replace the spark plugs I supplied. They said I needed to make an appointment for that now and they would call me when the mechanic was back. Great! No call. I called them the next morning...they said sorry, the other clerks dropped the ball and didn't call me back. Fine, lets make an appointment to do the spark plugs. They said they would get it done that day and call me. No call and its Sunday, I need to get to work on Monday. I stop by and they said it had been done for awhile, sorry they didn't call and they were closing 2 hours early, at the very moment I was picking up my car. $400 bill and they can't tell me why. They said they would have the mechanic write up a detailed bill and call me back. Never called. Sadly, its time to find someone new. These new owners do not care about honesty, customer service, or transparency.

Mike Robinson

Speedy and the entire staff know what they're doing. Polite, to the point, cost effective. Recommend these folks without hesitation.

Pat Check

Mr.Lube has always been VERY fair and honest with me. I got 2 estimates for repairs on a very old car and they were by far lowest. AND suggest I wait for the expensive one given I don't drive a lot of miles and it could wait. One time they rescued me by driving down Bogard to my stranded car, taking off the bad tire, going back to the shop, found a tire that would fit since mine was ruined, drove back and installed it. Total cost charged $28. I have taken 3 of my cars there over the past few years plus a few of my friends' cars as well. Never had a bad experience.

Chik ka

Fast friendly service

A Knorr

Service as requested, price as originally quoted. A busy, busy place.

Cedric Conner

Got oil changes for both of my family's cars done within two hours. They were also cheaper than anywhere else in town including changes with synthetic oil. Great place. I will continue to go here for all of my automotive needs in the future. I cannot reccomend them highly enough.

Hayley Hooks

Awesome people awesome service

Porter Martin

Zen and cooper are the best. Really friendly and great customer service.

Donald Myers

Tire swap faster than promised.

Jon Knight

Just bought a set of used tires from these guys best price in town mounted and balanced definitely satisfied

Maria Ming

Fast, easy and nice workers. Good location to spend time while waiting for your car. Places to eat or get coffee.

Don Jacobs

They have been very dedicated to, "Customer Satisfaction " on every issue or problem I have had. Their prices have been far less than any of many other Businesses of the same repairs. Even if they couldn't repair my vehicle, they referred me to another reputable Repair facility.

Terrance Aldridge II

Was a really good experience! They were pretty quick with the service! Gretchen was really good about explaining changes in the economy, very transparent which is rare! Overall really easy oil change!

Jesse Cannon

Fast friendly service will keep coming back for years to come!!!

Scott Johnson

I've been using Mr. Lube for several years, for oil changes and repairs. I've never had a bad experience. They have always been courteous, professional, and competent. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Obviously everybody's experience may be different, but based on my own experience, they do a super job. I should also add they are fair and reasonable in what they charge for repair work. On one job, replacing a bad fuel pump, they saved me about $300 compared to another shop's estimate. I was frankly surprised that there were three negative reviews and no positive. Just based on how busy they are (there is often a wait of a week or two for a repair), I have to think that a lot more people are very satisfied with their work than not. But you wouldn't get that impression from a quick look at the Google reviews. That's why I am writing this, to add at least one very positive review to the mix!

Caroll D

Mr. Lube in Wasilla is fantastic! We have been going here for many years and they are always fast,friendly, respectful, and always meet there customers needs. Oil changes are always fast and if there is a wait they make sure they get you in right away! My cars are always taken care of from the best people in town!!!! Highly Recommended!!!

Ray Woolfolk

Great people and service at a reasonable price. It's first come first serve but they're very fast and realistic about how long your job will take.

I Pl

Good for oil change, line goes fast

Oliver Dillard

Not like it use to be

Tabsnak Marie

Amazing customer service and grateful for their accommodation

Jaime Darnell

I have done there in the past when it was Andy owning it and loved the service but as soon as the ownership changed to Keith the customer service went down the drain. I now go to midas in palmer for services and haven't been disappointed once.

Buck Jones

Good folks good service fair prices

Meghann Lipse

We’ve gone here for a long time and they’re always great! Today was an extra fantastic experience, we were only there a little over 20 minutes for an oil change and everyone was so friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend them!


They have anything you need or they will find out where you can get it Very good people

Viena' Vertefeuille

Went for the trifecta! Oil, tire change and carwash! Wow what a great way to bust into spring! I drive out from Anchorage and will keep doing so!

Tammy Helf

Quick and hassle free!

Reliable Paul

My 98’ Expedition needed some tires. I called and spoke to Crystal. She was very patient and informative. She gave me options for Uniroyal’s and then Michelin’s. The quote for a set of Michelin all season discover tires was right at $820 Installed with their warranty. I felt that was a bit expensive so I called a shop on Old Seward in Anchorage to price check(I work in town so I could drop it off if needed). They quoted me over $1000 for the same set of tires installed. I immediately called Crystal back and asked her to get the tires. I dropped my truck off Monday evening and by early afternoon the next day they called me to say the truck was ready. When I picked it up the total ended up being less than $740. I couldn’t be more pleased. I save ar Und $300 and kept the business local. Thank you for being a quality local business!

Neo 3.p.o.

CAR WASH ONLY: Went here and paid for the gold car wash. The equipment seems to be poorly maintained and more run down since last summer. I do not recommend using this car wash right now if you want a proper wash.

Lynn Nordland

Thank you Mr. Lube for fast and great service and for friendly and thoughtful employees. I appreciate the attention to detail in making my car come back better than ever!! I'll make sure that I recommend you to all my family and friends!!

Cole Justice

I had a very poor experience during an oil change a few weeks ago. They had multiple issues during that day. Got my vehicle mixed up with another, rude office staff, waited over an hour for an oil change when I was the only car in the line, and charged much more than ever before without any explanation. I was upset when I left and was going to write a poor review. I learned from reading other reviews that Mr. Lube was under new ownership and multiple people had recent issues. Instead of writing a Poor review, I called the Owner (Gretchen). I explained what had happened, she offered for my next oil change to be free. I get it there's always kinks in a new business. I decided to take her up on that offer today. After my oil change was done I got a bill for full price. The front desk girl called back to someone in a managerial position to ask about an account credit for my bill. After waiting fora while the poor office girl was just told to give me $40 credit without any further explanation. (Less than half off). No one from management would come speak with me. I tried to call and text the owner (Gretchen) with no response. Learn from my mistake. Take your business elsewhere.

Doing Duo

Very nice people, and the oil changes are cheap and fast! You can walk to carrs across the parking lot and get a drink and they're basically done by then!!

Lilyan Pearle

The new owners really put transparency first! I wanted my brake pads changed and a rotation. They came back and showed me I didn’t need either but that I had a bad tire. They saved me over $400 from my original estimate by being honest. I’m sold for life!

Steven Hensleyf

they are oky

Jacob Mann

Affordable and quick. The owner likes to hire young, presentable ladies- marketing strategy?

Anastasia Vdovichenko

Took forever (like two hours) to get a full service oil change, but it's done with good quality

John Nothacker

Great shop

Regina Muai

Great and fast service. Our vehicle was in and out no more than 20 minutes it seem liked. Very happy with the service provided by Mr. Lube.

Elisabeth Blackburn

These guys had me in and out in no time. Great service.

Joshua Wilhour

Been coming here for about thirty years. Good people, quality work.

nina groenke

They were fast and did a great job, thank you Matthew!

Levi Nonofyourbusiness

Got a oil change. Didn't check my oil level after, thought i wouldn't need to. Got home parked the wife's car. Moved the car out side to warm it up the other day noticed a oil leak in the garage. Car is 2 years old. Never missed an oil change. Always got the full synthetic oil change running almost $100. They lost the oil fill cap. A cap I was able to find and replace at the store next door. They took 2-3 days to tell me they couldn't locate one and I would have to order it from the dealer ship. A $10 part mind you. Didn't offer any compensation for something that could destroy a vehicle. It's an oil change. The only reason i didn't do it myself is that I hate dealing with oil. But now my entire engine bay is soaked and not one of the employees made a real attempt to fix the problem. They asked me if i drove that car in. I'm like no it's parked once i noticed the mechanic or QC failed to do a simple job of putting a cap back on that needs to be screwed. A oil fill cap that sits right next to the oil filter on my vehicle. Do yourself a favor, inspect everything these people say they do. 2 stars are only because this happened on the 3 rd visit. Other two it was fine. But we are talking about a $32k vehicle brand new. Some one really didn't care.

Mary Donath

Always great service!

Laura Holman

Mr. Lube truly goes above and beyond for their customers! The new owners really value safety and customer satisfaction above all else, and I will always bring my vehicle to them. If you’re looking for someone who cares more about people instead of money, this is the place! Really recommend!!

Andy B

Watch out, they're scammers! Be careful!

Larry Hartley

Mr. Lube tried to HUSTLE my wife. She was given multiple quotes for the same work. Once the first quote was questioned they gave her a new quote with lower pricing. They told her where they had gotten parts from so she called and got a quote for the same parts. Mr. Lube had marked up the parts by 250% on the new reduced quote. My wife brought this up to the owner Gretchen she said that they had to make money and that they mark up parts. The owner was rude and tried to imply that my wife was looking for some sort of handout. This was a good honest place BEFORE Gretchen became owner.

Brooke Jackett

Great service! Very fast and efficient. Would recommend(:

Sergey Kharchenko

Home of the $96 dollar oil changes! Pretty shady of you guys to take down your prices that you used to have posted on the wall. This is exactly why businesses go under. Wasilla is a small town so it won't take long for folks to notice the change. I had my cars serviced here for 2.5 years since I moved up here with outstanding service and price. Today I took in my van in for an oil change. Not only did I have to wait for 4 hours to get it done (mind you it wasn't as busy as it normally is either) you guys decide to charge me $40 extra for the same oil change I have been getting for 2.5 years. Guess this was the first and last time you guys get to do that and that's how you loose customers. Guess the dealership it is from now on.

George Lopez

Long time sour dough customer, Well it not the same Mr. Lube as we know it. I went just to fix a slow leak on my tire on the vechicle. IT TOOK 2.75 HOURS. I don't understand why the shop dosen't have a employee for quick fix on a one tire repair ? I wasn't there for a tire change over !! Unfortunately my other vechicles were being used so i did have means of transporting or a ride . So i was stuck there waiting . So anyone going to fix a flat tire plan head before you go.

Jesse A

Was so sad to hear that Andy was leaving later this year, but I can understand how sometimes people get to a point where their focus in life changes, so I hope the best for he and his family. It is truly hard to find a mechanic shop that you can really trust - and Andy is the absolute best, most honest, and practical mechanic I have ever worked with. And when he's not sure, he tells you. He doesn't blow smoke, or just recommend systematically replacing all of your car parts in hopes that the problem will magically go away. And he listens, and tries to sleuth things out when they are not obvious. He is also very honest in reducing or not charging for services where his shop clearly made an error or oversight. Both Andy and Margaret have made Mr Lube the success that it is, so if the new owners can mimic what they have done, and to somehow be able to instill in their employees that same honest and customer-focused experience, they will remain successful. The blueprint is there, and although you can never please "all of the people all of the time," they have shown that you really can do the right thing by people / customers, and still be successful. Some of biggest companies in the world haven't figured that out. One of the most helpful parts of going there is that Mr. Lube actually gives customers access to the mechanics, so you can give your input on the process / problem, and ask questions of the person actually doing the work. Although I have suspected at times that that access comes with efficiency challenges, there is no substitute for that type of communication, and I still think it is a net positive in the end for all parties that they allow that exchange to happen. Anyway, I have met the new owner, and I am optimistic that he intends to keep up the tradition of this iconic Wasilla business. Wish him the best in that endeavor. I would hate to lose this valuable resource, as would many people in Wasilla who have come to rely on Mr. Lube for their car care. I just thought it might be helpful to give the new owner a customer perspective as to WHY so many of us have chosen to trust Mr. Lube with our business. Good luck!

mike spivey

I bring all my trucks to get serviced at MR LUBE. Always on point quik fast and customer service is always great!

Marcella Scroggs

The people at Mr Lube are great! Always take my car there. Got to time it jus right to get a quicky oil change, but the service is great.


I love the kindness of the office ladies and they get it all fixed for a great price and not that long of a wait

Shawn Woodhead

I really appreciate the customer service from the new owners. I appreciate the follow up. I have been a customer for 10years. Great local shop. Thanks for you service.

Danielle Hoff

Fast service and competitive prices

Anonymous Person.

Keith the new owner gave me some Excellent Service,was on time and did everything he said on time. I have been going to Mr Lube for 15 Years,and I will continue going for all my vehicles lube tires and mechanical. Ron R&D Tile

Rocky Burns

Best place in town.

Robert Royce

We buy our Excursion tires here they are fast knowledgeable and the stock Michelin tires.

Helene Mark

Very happy with a tire being changed over on a sunday

Andrew Natekin

Could communicate better with their customers/ had to keep pushing to get answers on what they were doing with my car.

Joy Stouffer

The place is ridiculous. I dropped my car off at 8:15am to get winter tires put on and came back at 5:15pm and they still weren’t done. They pushed doing my vehicle back because they knew I was going to work for the day. Plus there is no where to park! I am not going back!

Rico Mcgrath

Best oil changes in town

Susan Maxson

Was there for my appointment in advance vehicle didnt go into shop for over an hour after appointment time said hour /hour and half to fix it charged me half hour overtime Cashier said she would have owner contact me they still haven't contacted me

The East's

Fast friendly servive

Mr Lube

Never had a problem yesterday, today or in the past... Change is hard on everyone, but hardest on the ones changing.

Justin fisher

I read a review about a guy complaining about how his custom valve stems were lost...first of all STFU. Second of all your such a "Bro" custome valve stems...? To the point, we called around 8 tire shops and this was the most reasonable price for tire change over $60! Great deal, everyone else was between 80-120 for tire change!! #Winning

Pamela Sather

Had a GREAT experience at Mr. LUBE! Counter lady was very helpful and went the "extra mile" for me answering all my concerns! Will definitely continue going to them.

Jeremy Alaska

I think it's a great place the people there are nice and to technicians are always working hard to make the customer happy

Dennis Owens

Amateurish. Took over two hours for oil and filter change. New ownership. Guess it will take a while.

Oscar Whaley

So get in your car do you hear to get worked on is almost impossible Andy so good it's backed up forever but the cool thing is is that their oil changes or Tire changes everything goes very fast it's very well price live always have me very well

Joseph Cadello

Brought my car in for a oil change and brake job. I asked for synthetic, they put in regular. They quoted me 320 for all brakes and oil and at the end said nothing was done to front brakes because they were still ok but charged me the same amount. Curious... I said nothing at this point realizing how clueless this place is and walk out with my keys. Get in my car, low tire sensor warning, brand new tires. No issues until I take it here. I go in to ask them to inspect the tire and they refuse due to it being a "slow leak" because I only have to fill my tire every other day before it goes flat. I was told come back tomorrow.... Point being, this is a Mickey mouse operation. Avoid at all costs. I'd rate a 0 if I could but ill just cut my losses and move on. Do not go here, do not let people you love go here. Dont even send your enemies here.

Greg Shepard

One of the most efficient and friendly staff in the valley to do business with.

Loren Breshears

They were slammed the day I went. My truck needed a flat fixed and, while the flat was fixed well, I did wait for nearly 3 hours. After all that, the tire pressure monitoring device was messed up and not reset. The tpms was working before, not working immediately after. Price was fair, staff was friendly, but I don't like the fact that I will have to take my truck somewhere else to be reset and spend more time doing so.

Beverly Gleason

I have been going here for years. Never ever had a bad experience. Allways very helpful.

Romel Cabrera

I've been a regular client for eight years. Never had a single issue with their services, products or staff. I love this place and their people. Highly recommended!


I have used this place couple times and they are decent. But i really like the car wash. Its the best in the valley with fair prices. Very friendly staff. Fast services. Fair prices.

Jade Hartley

BEWARE NEW OWNER This place is CROOKED!! They marked up parts for my car by over 250%. They made the mistake of telling me where they were getting parts for my car. I told this to the owner Gretchen and she said she had to make money so they mark up parts. BEWARE they are CROOKS!

Caitlyn Gawley

The mechanics are know their stuff and are very helpful. I wouldn’t take my car any where else

Griffen Mackey

Amazing place with great customer service and quick movement!

Kayla Mitchell

I've been coming to Mr. Lube for years, I loved the old owners. I went in for a tire change over, and was told they do not give time estimates, which I thought was a little odd, but I went with it, I mean it is the busy season. I dropped my car off at around 4:30 and was told it would be done by 7pm and to please come back by then if they haven't called to say it was done. I came back at 7 to pick up my car only to be told I would need to come back to fix a lug nut part that was broken while changing over my tires, this fix would be free of charge. Yeah, free of charge but a waste of my time. I came back the next day to have it fixed and explained how unhappy I was, and how I think the situation could have been handled better. I asked why I wasn't informed of the mistake when it had happened and I was told that the person who changed over my tires was new and he just didn't want to get in trouble. If it were my business I would have had someone stay overtime to fix the problem, or give some type of reimbursement for the time I had to spend getting my vehicle back to the shop, spend another hour waiting for my car due to a problem they created. In my time waiting there I overheard other issues from other customers as well. The impression I got for my first time coming to Mr. Lube under new ownership was not a good one. It seems like there is a lot of inexperience, new employees, and poor management. After asking around from friends, I have found that I am not the only person who has had a negative experience. I will be taking my business elsewhere for future oil changes and tire change overs.

Herschel Frantz

I've been bringing my vehicles to this shop for about 5 years and if I hadn't moved I'd still be bringing my vehicles here. The owner is stand up and they'll do you right. I hope I find a place as good as this where I live now.

Rick Deswood

Small town business good old boys & galas friendly people who care to get it right the first time from are town to your town and back agen

Jeff Blair


Edward G

Best tire prices and shop in the area.

Clayton's cell 666

Great staff good tires

Jennifer Seutter

Reliable, yet slow service.

Haley Barve

A month later and never gave back my battery not only did they not fix my car they gave me the run around for 2 1/2 weeks Gretchen was kind but in the end its still unacceptable not to mention they didn't air my tires up

Michaelxc Chafin

New ownership I'm not impressed I have been taking my vehicles here since 2005 it used to be 5 dollars a tire to change over at tires recently took my atv tires in and was charged 13 dollars a tire, and then when I went to drop the tires off the worker was trying to tell me I wouldn't get my tires back tell the next day.

John Rockwell

Best service in town

Robert Vaughn

The staff was very courteous while handling an extremely large number of customers. I was in and out quickly for the number of cars ahead of mine.


Service was quick and done right.

Mike Harris

Transferred owners i was told. I never get call backs for repairs.

Brittney Kallai

They will go above and beyond for any issues you may have and do there best to work with you! Amazingly helpful and on top of what was needed.

John James

Great customer service and speedy response.

Ryan Mollnow

If looking for service with a smile, you won't find it here. Front desk peeps are not friendly. With that said the mechanics get it done. The new management needs to focus on good customer service.

Chad Baxter

Great price too

Sheila Aay

Dissatisfied with carpet cleaning. Unhappy about extra $15.00 to reset engine light on top of oil change charge. I will not be going back.

Alexis Lochner

Review and testament of Mr.Lube in Wasilla: Yesterday Billy took my van in for an oil change before the arrival of our baby. Aside from being way overcharged in my opinion ($109.85

Timothy Moehring

I brought a tire to them to have them put on and they refused so I had to do it in the parking lot myself while they watched me

Lynn Hamilton-Krueger

Always great service!

matt c. provins

the lug nuts on my rear passenger side were not tightened down. I ended up hitch hiking half the way to work. the other rear tire never held air(bead leak) they still charged me 14 dollars to fix their mistake. NEVER going back

Andy Kappel

I have a fleet of 10 vehicles and I use Mr Lube for everything. The prices, service and the quality of the products are unsurpassed. Yes, I have had to take a vehicle back, but the response was pleasant and they were johnny on the spot in making it right. I recommend this company to all my friends regularly.

Shawn Hollandsworth

Above and beyond my expectations. James came in on his day off to do an alignment on my Jeep. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Service was exceptional. 10/10 would recommend to a friend and will return for services that meet my needs.

Marcia Lane

I have always gotten good service at Mr Lube

Deborah Price

Front desk was amazing this morning!!

Craig Rechin

You guys are great. I will be back for other services.

Timothy Breeden

Totally awesome customer service, patient staff! They went the extra mile when they could have just as easily turned me away. They were genuinely concerned about my potentially driving to Anchorage on my donut, and worked late to make sure I make my meeting tomorrow am!! Thank you staff and Tech! "Captain Awesome"

Pooh Gotti

Horrible shop... snotty little girls at the front counter, probably children of owners is why they feel so free to be rude. If you have an expensive car or custom rims do not go here.. tire guys lost custom valve stem caps and bolts to rim inserts and tried to act like they did not.. type of shop that will improperly balance your tires and just slap them on the car anyway..


Best car wash in Wasilla!

Vera Kojin

Used mr lube for years and loved them! And since the new owners, things went downhill fast! Over priced and bad service. My husband asked for a regular oil change and they poured synthetic on two different occasions and charged us for it, also poured oil all over the engine and didn’t clean it up. The oil burnt onto the engine and the whole trucks stinks now. Basically never going back again.

Ruben El Gijoe

Sucked I'll take my star back

Johanna Eggertsen

I had issues in the past (with the previous owner) and told myself I’d never go there again. When the new owners took over I told myself maybe it would be different. And wow was it ever. Amazing service and the new owners are amazing people.

Lori Flowerdew

Went to Mr. Lube to get studded tires changed over to summer tires. There was no wait for tires, per my own visual and per the lady behind the counter. At an hours time I asked how much longer. She went out and checked and said they were working on the car as we spoke. Current status...still waiting (20 min later)! I will never come back here again! I said that the last time we were here, but my husband thought it would save us time rather than driving all the way to our usual place, G-Force. I will never recommend Mr. Lube to anyone!!

K. C-D.

Andy is a great person and a fair mechanic. I love all of his employees, and they're all very fast. I will go no place else to get my car washed in The Valley.

max kraus

Amazing experience, and customer service. The front desk was so polite, and helpful with all my question. Amazing job coree, and Alyssa!

Sonya Freeman

Always excellent service!

Jyri Larm

Fast friendly service as always. AAA++

Hannah Mccone

This place used to be always a 5 star. However recently when the owner sold it it went down hill prices raised and quality went down. Probably wont be back.

Sandy Walker

Have only been there once so far since new owner... Don't really know yet

Louise P

Where we tried to get I try to fix

P Murph

Unfortunately I'm going to have to give it very negative account to this company. The fact is after receiving and paying their services of a pre-purchase safety inspection that ended with the technician telling me directly there was nothing wrong with vehicle with exception of the suggestion of replacing the battery, topping off fluids and replacing a reverse light. I had to return with a problem the first thing the next morning. A major problem was found "missed" (brakes), the general manager tried to deny I had even been at the shop! Convenient claim since I had informed her in the morning call that I had agreed to pick up the work receipt that day because the office was so busy. Interesting there are and have not been ANY mentions of denials from any of the office people that I directly had conversations with while waiting the first day. After seeing so many comments from the new owners asking for fair opportunities to show who they were, I called and spoke with Gretchen. At first she seemed very sincere and concerned even while out of state. She even seemed especially apologetic after sending her video of general manager admitting she would not provide the names of the people at the counter nor consider giving a price discount that would have otherwise been shared with the seller if the issue had been presented prior to the purchase. After informing Gretchen that I had immediately taken the vehicle to a nearby shop after being told by Ashley to leave, Gretchen seemed confident that a fair compromise could be met. Unfortunately later that afternoon the second shop found quite a few other items that were not mentioned after the first inspection, nor when I brought it back. This included two items that the second shop stated were considered URGENT. I sent that information to Gretchen, who's tone unfortunately changed immediately. She stated that the same inspection I received from the second shop would have had to have been specifically requested. After informing her who I had made the specific request and appointment with AND included such a request for a previous vehicle I was considering purchasing just 10 days prior, she (Gretchen) then asked for the paperwork that I had already informed her I did not have and I gave her the specific person who could account the fact that they were grateful I was content to comeback the next day to pick it up. She then seem very absolute that there was no record of me or the vehicle being seen and in fact stated that "Frankly", the new system would not even print out an order without a customer's name and license plate being entered in first. Pretty definite, until I gave her a picture of the one slip of paper I happened to leave with; the battery scan slip the technician had given me as he stated, "I would buy this truck", along with the three items he did state needed attention. The paper just happens to have Mr. Lube's information printed on it as well as the exact day and time. ******Crickets****** Gretchen gave a final statement hours later that she would be back in town in a couple of days and know more by the end of the week. So, over a week now and nothing. (Even after giving one final benefit of the doubt and reaching out to her on messenger that shows she received and opened it with no reply.) What is to be learned? Beware of this shop (AVOID) and I would highly suggest any work you have had done at Mr. Lube be re-checked somewhere else. **Update** Copy and paste of ACTUAL response from Messenger prior to owner Google response. ("Agreement" was last Friday, and "3 days" is June 28-July 8th) July 9, 2019 @ 7:10am Gretchen: Paula I only returned at 2am on the 4th. And upon my return was terribly ill. I apologize but I have barely been functioning. I will absolutely look into your situation this morning, however I would request you remove the google post until we come to a final agreement. If you choose not to do so, well then I won’t waist time trying to work with you as you made the choice to libel us without allowing us to do what was agreed in researching this.

Kevin Edwards

Dropped my vehicle off on Wed, had to make an app with a mechanic to look at it. The soonest he could was next Wed, so I left it a week. They called me to tell me there was nothing wrong with my car, an it drives well, the mechanic took it out for a drive and it was fine. Then they called me back, to tell me that was a mistake it was someone else’s car that was fine. Mine was still being towed into the shop. When they called me for an estimate isai go ahead and do it. It was done by the following Wed. I came to pay ($332.00) and went to drive away when I noticed the power windows were not they fixed it in a few min and I drove away only to stall in the street within 5 min from the shop. I am now waiting for them to tow it back and fix it again.! Not at all satisfied!!

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