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REVIEWS OF Monster Wash IN Alaska

Fletcher Johns

This place has pretty much the same prices as any other touchless car wash and cleaned our truck pretty well. It used to have a laser light show, but I guess that was taken out like 8 years ago which sucks. Anyway, it also has a pet wash that a lot of people and some of my friends say is pretty good. That's one of the huge pluses of going to this place is getting your car and pet washed. If you don't have a pet and happen to be close to this one thought, I definitely recommend it.

William Letchworth

Will is the man! Best wash in town! Will always does such a great job i dont take my truck anywhere else to be washed!....thanks monster wash and thank you will!

Abatch Hamilton

Good touchless carwash

Rick Morrison

Will is the best. He cares about his customers.

Jason Tomberlin

This is generally the best fully automated car wash. The quality of wash isn't 100% consistent but reliably better than others in town. Alaska does a number on cars with mud and snow so no auto-wash is perfect.

MadTurboFreak Passion For Speed

Best car wash from all I have tried in town, the dog wash rocks too but sometimes some functions in the dog wash don't work or the solutions are out.


does not clean as good.

Jennifer Stone

I live to take my dogs to their dog washing stations and then get my car done. They go The extra mile with customer service

James Van Brunt

Wil is the man, he’s not only good at his job but a great person, truck always comes out fresh. Thx Wil.

Paul Jones

This place sucks go somewhere else. I got the most expensive wash expecting good results. There is no difference between the $11 and $16. You will get water spots either way. Two out of the three vacuums didn’t work at all. This place is a dumpy waste of money.

Alan Lokke

Did a good job of cleaning up the truck. Seemed like strong sprayers. Blow dryers sucked! They had buckets of rags at the wash exit to hand dry your own vehicle.

Andrew DiRoma

After you pay for car wash they Supply microfiber cloth to wipe down your car. It is a very nice car wash.


Been using them for a few years now. Generally use the extra service bay and Will has been doing a great job for me. He is attentive and courteous. I have never had any damage from the washers.

ken connor

25 dollars to was your puppy ,plenty of time to wash two or three dogs.

willis tapscott

They have the best rain-x wash in town and the wax they use really repels water and shines.

mama africa

Chris and wil did excellent work on my vehicle, I will definitely recommend them for your services, job well done, I will always come here.

Jelena Jankovic

Hmm. It's cool ,and cleans pretty good . Quite expensive tho . And ,doesn't do the job done all the way . Leaves out back of the car ,under the window . I'm more for clean your own car person anyway (cheaper [3 times ],fun ,and quite quick [less than 10 mins ] ,and thorough.

Moria Rogers

Will is awesome. His smile reflects from my perfectly cleaned rig with the brilliance of a sunshiny day. Thanks Will.

Alaska Family Guy

We always go to the deluxe bay. There’s a young man there who goes out of his way to do a great job. He’s friendly and knows customer service. I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for him, we might be doing Magic Wand instead. He comes out to great us every time and always has a happy demeanor. He obviously takes pride in his work.

Luke Case

These guys always take good care of me and my truck.

Alyssa Gritten

Used the dog wash station there and could not believe how cold the water was. The water to wash your dog with was as cold as glacier water. I didnt have the heart to torture my dog with that cold of water. Waste of $25

carl Little

Always does a great job.

Sara Cagle

This is definitely the most thorough car wash I've ever been to. I will absolutely go back!

EliBourd 245

Great car wash and will get the job done.

Christina Crockett

I go out of my way to use this car wash. Most of the Laser washes in town don't maintain their equipment. I live on the East side and drive across town because I know I will get my money's worth. Both the wash and the vacuum. Highly recommend!

Jerilyn Glenn

Good cleaning

Lusiano Coronado

Love the place, only place ill go to wash my big Bernies at!

AK eXpeditions

Been coming here for 10 years with my trucks and RVs. They do a great job and if by chance the machine misses a spot, they are glad to rerun it and make it right! Will in the big bay always does a great job, friendly respectful, they are lucky to have them!

Jesse Batac

Sometimes the wash doesn't work

Jack Baiter

Will is the man, truck is clean and the customer service is top notch!

Alien Robot

It was wonderful. They had a giant truck-size wash. Also, competitively priced.

Frances LeLava

Worth the drive, my younger girls still aren't fans of a car wash yet. Staff is a bit rude but pass that the car wash is good.

John H Burton

I utilize monster wash because of the excellent service and courtesy Will delivers.

Kevin McKinley

This place gets my ar so clean.

Zori Opa

I always get a great clean wash! My favorite car wash in town

Thomas Greenman

I really like this place but there are seriously long lines whenever I come through. It's common enough for me to have to wait 30 minutes or more. But if you can get past the wait, it's a decent enough car wash. You just can't see the lines from the street until you've driven to the back and depending on how big the lines are, you may just have to wait to get out.

Philip St. John

Expensive but adequate. Only does the outside, but vacuums available at additional cost.

Angi Dandurand

Will and Chris have always been super helpful anytime I’ve stopped by for a wash. Very happy to help take care of my vehicles, and keep them looking their best!

Kevin E

Wil & Chris always do a good job in the deluxe bay. It's worth the extra money.

Melonie Rieck

Recommended to go here after having my car washed at Toyota and still had sap covering it. Went to Monster Wash talked to Wil and Chris inquiring if they could get rid of the sap. Without hesitation they assured me they could. I was not disappointed, my car came out looking about as shiny and clean as when I bought it. Great customer service, wanting to please.


Online says it has a self serve section. It does not. Also the large RV Bay is closed @ 5, apparently because someone dumped their sewage tank in there. So apparently they can't deal with the same stuff every other RV wash deals with. Here's an idea, put a black-water disposal thing in there. I won't even charge you a percentage of the extra money you'll make if you do!

Jennifer Frysz

I bring my car and truck here. If you have any grievances, then they do their best to fix it.

Vikki Ellison

Great experience with their SELF SERVICE DOG WASH!! soap...clean towels...all provided. Room was very clean!!

Josue Dominguez

$30.00 minimum for self serve. Brush bristles were worn like it has never been changed since they opened. I ended up paying $40.00 to wash my own car. Will be sticking with Mountain View or magic wand from here on.

Christa Hardwick

Monster Wash is awesome! If I am ever unsatisfied I call and they make it right! Wil, in the hand wash bay always goes above and beyond getting the bugs off my truck!!! Great customer service!

Holly Swabb

Great wash, needs improvement on tire wash

Shannon Sickle

Wil was very nice, knowledgeable and helped me select the best wash for my dirty truck. He guided me in the right direction and worked hard to get this truck looking sexy again. Thanks for your great customer service! One happy customer. I will be back for sure.

Richard Hitt

Will did a great job on our super dirty Jeep Grand Cherokee. Had a lot of tar and grime. Highly recommend.

Natasha Washington

I always come to wash my car and dogs here. It’s super convenient to have both and one location! The pet wash is usually always stocked and it’s a self serve type of place so you can bring your favorite dog wash.

Toney Sargenti

The monster wash is the best wash in town hands down. The staff there are Very courteous and professional thank you Monster Wash and staff keep up the great work . I highly Recommend the Monster Wash .

Jessica Thomas

Will and Chris were great and attentive when explaining that certain things wont come off in a car wash. They quickly fixed the issur and I'm very happy

Svetlana Reid

I only go to the employee assisted wash here and I love it.

Trevor Jones

Will’s a great guy, very friendly customer service. Only place we go. And fits my trucks!!!

Ron Frazier

Great job on the car wash where there's a staff tech there to manually pre-wash the post-winter grime. My only gripe is that I didn't see any machines for chamois or drying rags that took credit/debit. I may have just overlooked them, but I walked around a couple minutes looking like a doofus and then gave up and "air dried" my truck with a slow drive to Kincaid.

Tyler Remkus

The dog wash is super convenient in the winter!

Scott Thomas

One of the best touch-less car washes - if not the best - in Anchorage.

Peggy Larkey

When ever I go to Monster Wash on Dimond I Use the Touchless Tunnel 5 and my friend Will takes great car of my truck and makes it look awesome! Thank you Will!

James Ray

Sucks. $16 and it didn't clean most of the truck. Then $5 to vacuum only to learn they are better and cheaper with free vacuum just down the road.

Chris Houghton

Will is the man! These guys a super professional and my truck is spotless every time!

Jeff Farr

Great job. Will provides excellent set and does an excellent job prepping the car.

Dixie Newbill

It did a very good job of cleaning my SUV except the sides of the car. But when I returned the next day they wiped off the sides at no extra charge, which I really appreciated. However would like to get it all done at one time.

Linda West

Worst car wash ever. $15 dollars I spent and my car is still filthy. I have to take my car elsewhere and spend more money to rewash it. My neighbors seen me pull in after car wash and started laughing. No joke

Drew Clavelot

It always gets the full rear window on my vehicle. No other automatic carwash in town I've tried does!

Gail M Petrucci

So nice to be able to wash your dog & not worry about messing up your house. Also safe because you can lock the door once inside.

Teresa Ramsey

Will did an amazing job getting us pretty again after our road trip! Keep up the good work! You always do an amazing job!

Justine Sanders

Pulled up with my husband's huge truck with a sled-deck on it and wasn't sure how to get through. Will was amazing, super helpful, very friendly and got me through no problem. Truck looks amazing!

george fahrenbruck

I got the middle choice of car wash and my jeep just didn't quite get clean... I don't think it got any wash love since early Fall. An employee saw my car and gave me a free carwash! They were awesome! Super helpful! Will definitely go back.

jackie reinstedler

Went to dog wash and plugged in 50 dollars before realizing machine not working. NO OUT OF ORDER SIGN . Went next door to second room, plugged in 25 bucks, and it worked. Called attendant. Finally showed up. Have not heard back. Not happy


I have been coming here since day 1, love this place! I have a bigger truck so I have to use bay 6 and Will in bay 6, and who is always there by the way, is so pleasant and very kind. He ALWAYS goes that extra mile on your vehicle. He has that old school personnel business mentality. Which you don’t see that much anymore. After the wash they always have towels for you to dry your rig off and plenty of room to do so.

Christopher Zamora

Cleans my car up nicely

Kathy Bisonic

I do not recommend this car/RV wash for large RV's. We are 40 feet and even in the biggest bay the hoses were too short and hard to manipulate. Even with the long brushes it was hard to reach the full height of the vehicle. The process definitely requires two people. Although we are cleaner than when we started it definitely wasn't worth $30+. There is no audible warning when you complete the 30 minutes and it continues to charge your card until you press the stop button or it reaches $40. The manager was helpful but the assistants were rude and condescending.

Andrea Nesteby

Will and Chris on Diamond monsterwash are awesome!! They made my subaru look brand new and did a thorough job. Very much appreciated. Thank you!

Amy Cuaresma

Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting an employee named Wil (with one L). Everything from his customer first service to his down home Gorgeia accent made my experience worthy of recognizing his efforts. My vacuum sucked and not in the way you would like..the suction was poor. So I informed Wil who was busy spraying down a bay. He immediately put it down and came to my rescue by fixing my vacuum and giving me more time than I had originally paid for extra three minutes goes a long way! When asked how his day was he replied "Great just enjoying ya'll" in his southern drawl. He was also very efficient in mutlitasking as he was approcached by three other dog wash customers while speaking to me. He troubleshot each concern as they arose. What a really excellent employee! Little things make a big difference to the customers experience.

Jia Hui Sim

Life saver! If the time could goes a little longer for drying bigger furrier dog like cookie. Plan ahead before starting anything helps. Heated, raised dog wash is gonna help in the winter but too bad there is not many of them in Anchorage.

Mark Haller

Great wash!

Jason Pickens

Gets most of the car clean, just needs a couple touch ups

Max Steele


Josiah Marks

Better job than the laser wash

Thomas Llanos

My truck never gets fully clean

David Waghiyi-Rouse

Dog wash rooms are convenient and good for 2 dogs in one full session

Bill Payer

Not very clean for the money

Aaron Dial

There employee Wil always does a great job prepping/pre washing my vehicle before the final wash. I also like that they provide quality, clean towels free of charge to dry and finish my vehicle. Thanks Monster Wash!

Gabriel Broida

I find this car wash to be the best in water pressure and soap quantity.


Nice for an automated car wash. It is much better than the laser wash for removing dirt low down on the sides. $12

tom yeahright

Hey, been coming here since they opened. Always great service. And, to add, chris and will are awesome.

Keith Boice

Chris and Will take great care of my truck every time they and are very helpful. Great employees and service. Thank you

Colin Martin

Better than laser wash.

Thomas Gregory

Average at best Alaska Laser wash is better.

Thomas Cooper

Will and Chris are great attendants. The only car washing town that takes care of oversized trucks. I just think they should open one more full service Bay for this community.

Tana Klunder

Always a monsterly good wash

Ryan Kauzlarich

Best car wash in town, including Johnson's Tire. One day I went to Johnson's Tire thinking since I was in the area I would get a "good" car wash. I got home and they missed huge spots. So I went to AK Laser and the spots where still there! I went to Monster Wash and my car was finally spotless. Their wash got the areas others missed. I joined their Monster Wash Club and love being able to go any day or time. Well worth it.

Jaredisbeast 907

Love this place!! Never have to go through the car wash twice, no matter how dirty my truck is!!

Matt Wiens

Will was great! He took great care of my truck. Great customer service!

Trent Ralston

Thanks Wil! Did a great job cleaning the most dirty car in Anchorage! We had of dirt and wintertime grime on the car they were able to clean it out!

J Lee

I have been coming to monster wash since they opened and i have had nothing but great experiences. Their staff is wonderful and have always been friendly. Will and Chris both were more than happy to help Me out when the quarters were jammed in the vacuum coin slot and instead of making me wait to fix it, they set me up on another machine and ran the vacuum for me on them. And today when I came in, I was going to get my wash like Usual, but Will recognized my vehicle from the last time I was in about a week prior and he came up to My at the bay and told me that he noticed my truck didn’t get clean the last time I was here and that this one was on the house. That is their guarantee and they stuck to it! I highly recommend the car wash and their pet wash!

LJ Zeedar

I had a pleasant experience here, i went in and got a car wash but my truck had some pretty dense dirt built up, the first wash didn’t do the perfect job that i was looking for, so, I went back around and found an employee who was working on a Sunday, he washed my truck by hand and even quick solved the body for a amazing shine. They were quick to correct the issue which was something I admired about this business...

Mr. Brett Kirk

Quick, clean and efficient. Costly for a decent scrub but worthwhile.

Tina Osgood

We go to the Monster Wash to wash dogs. It's amazing! From the soap to the water that's just the right temperature to the clean towels, to the tub that's just the right height. I've heard people say that there's not enough soap. Nope, it's just right. And what goes in must come out. More soap equals a lot more rinsing time.


We LOVE this place! It is so convenient for our employees to get their car washed or for their dogs to get a wash! It's super close to our Dimond location, so many of our employees go get their vehicles washed during their lunch breaks, or even after or before work!

justin bartholomew

Monster wash is the best in town! Go see will at bay 5! Always super helpful and takes care of all the needs of my truck! No matter how dirty or how many bugs stuck to it! Always comes out clean!

Lynn Tutt

Monster wash always does a good job on my vehicle go during the week a lot less crowded than on the weekends

Rick Whitbeck

The only car wash I go to in Anchorage, and it is clear across town. Wil takes exceptional care of my Dodge 3500 each and every time, even though he is a Charger fan and I root for the Broncos! ;) The top-notch service is worth every dollar.


Great service. I was short change to vacuum my truck out and the guys working straight up gave me money to get the job done. Wil especially does an amazing job in promoting your business and bringing back customers. One business owner to another, cheers.

Michele Moya

Best way to bathe your dogs in Anchorage! The Pet Wash is amazing. There are 2 seperate private rooms for use. The car wash is great and there are stalls for larger vehicles too. The maintenance workers are on site every day and keep things stocked and tidy.

Russ Baker

Chris and Will have my truck looking like NEW after a muddy, road construction filled trip from Kenai. Well worth the $20. Buy these guys a cold beer, it's hot.

Marie Sundholm

I've been to a lot of other car washes in town and this is the only one that has actually gotten my vehicle clean. Other automated washes always left a lot of road grime and the self washes didn't do a good enough job with the sprayer and the brushes left horrible scratches in my paint. I've come to Monster Wash countless numbers of times and not one complaint. It can get really busy in the afternoon/evenings but thankfully they're open 24 hours. If you get gas at the Holiday station next door you can buy the car wash there and get a one dollar discount.

LeeAnna Springer

Great place to wash your dog. Clean, new, and easy to use...they even have towels for you to use.

Doug Hodgson

Will did a great job

Kevin Carlson

I love the laser show

Eric N

A bit spendy. Pressure on the wands could be higher. The scrub brush was broken in the bay I went into. The positive was that it was a huge bay and I could still use the scrub brush even though it wasn't pumping out foamy solution. It was disconnected from the hose.

Northern Technology Solutions

Always great service. I have a 3/4 ton Denali and they are great at helping me keep it clean

Gabriel Larson

Better than Rain Maker, and Alaska Laser Wash. You really get what you pay for here.

Jayson Hughes

Best car wash I ever had especially for the price

Betty Crain

Will goes above and beyond to make sure my care looks great. Thanks for the extra touch, Will. BC

Jonathan T

Brought in my old dirty pickup covered in tree sap. Chris and will did a great job getting her all clean and rusty again. Took the time to pull the sticks and leaves from around my wipers and get the bed cleaned up. Good stuff.

Jessica Rentz

Chris was great! Super friendly service; this is my mom’s favorite place in the whole state.

Deb Dombovy

Leaves some streaks on car

Billy Heresa

This place always is busy the service was good had to wait 20 minutes cause all bay doors had a long line

Ron Leddy

Great place to get your vehicle cleaned

Kenny Mcfarland

Will does great work. the touchless machine even holds my super duty at 22 ft long and 7ft tall!

Alex Oshesky

Only place my 7ft truck will fit

Millie J Johnson

Mr. Will always has a great attitude, knows you by name, and treats your vehicle as if it was his own. I have never had an issue with the cleanliness of my vehicle and may main reason for going back there over other car washes is because of Wil's positive customer service. Mel

Yenny Santos

Best lazer wash in Anchorage

Shannon Buterin

It was ok; but I didn't have time to inspect, my vehicle was still dirty.

Christina Cope Hendrickson

Used the dog wash. Private room. $20 for twenty minutes. Warm water with cool/warm dryer. Towels and even an apron available. Attendant checked on me. Great for 70 pound husky/malamute. Clean, secure, and easy in and out. Will definitely use again.

Trexjake 8

I absolutely love this place. I really feel this it is the best wash in town. I recommended it to everyone. I use their hand prewash bay because their guys get the car really clean which sometimes the automatic regular wash leaves residue.

Leroy Porte

One of the best car wash in anchorage. A human pre washes your vehicle and the the machine washes it for you. Great price

Carlin Starr

I have been coming to Monster Wash for awhile now, the reason I always choose Monster Wash is because of the service. I get the premium bay wash were they power wash your vehicle before you go through the wash. Wil Chris always takes care of me and goes above and beyond everytime! He has a hard job and always has the best attitude. I highly recommend giving them a try.


Chris and Will did a great job and was super friendly

Vivian Brantley

$10 Wash does great on my SUV, complete dirt free!!!

Andrew Mitton

Not a very thorough wash. Left a bunch of dirt on rear of my truck.

Marian Dunlevy

I was drying off my car when the manager approached me and offered to have my car rewashed. Apparently Anchorage uses a deicing chemical on the roads and my car was covered in it. Monster wash bay 5 had a solvent to dissolve the chemical. I really appreciate that they were able to clean my car completely and cared enough to point out the less than perfect results from the first wash.

Bryan Hawkins

Best automatic carwash in the Anchorage area. Clean, professional and does the best job at washing my vehicles. The extras such as, drying towels at the end of the wash and the employees spraying prewash your cars before entering make me continue to return.

Annie Feliciano Rivera

Shiny car ,Yay!!

Dennis McGowan

Will did a great job washing a very dirty pickup with a cap on the bed. Friendly and through service.


Chris and Will were awesome! We will recommend Monster Wash to all our friends.

Adam S

They will let you go back through if the car is not clean. Customer service is descent and the wash is usually great.

noxious byproduct

This car wash is a touch less wash. And clean our truck became. The price is average for the area and other car washes, location is a convenience for most. There were 3 cars in 4 lanes the day we went which took a little time to get through. Quite a few people did not have the time to wait and left. It took about 25 minutes for us to was and leave. To be honest, these touch less washers do not have my confidence due to poor washings in the past. but I was happily surprised to find the truck clean when we were finished and the rain-X treatment at the end sure made a difference. Definitely going to give them another try with the other truck.


Customer service was excellent at the car wash off diamond by Fred Meyers. Will, the car wash technician on shift, provided a thorough cleaning with a friendly and professional attitude. Glad to do business with these folks.

Mel S

Have had good experiences with this car wash.

Peter Montanelli

Was warned not to go here. Regret not listening.

Lee wally

Does a fantastic job!

Lawrence Agosti

I always use bay 6 and Will has always helped me out. I seriously appreciate the work he puts in to clean my car and ever since the first time coming here I have been here since. He deserves a raise! Thank you!

miguel Olmo

Wil and kris the best truck detailers ever ever, a 7 hr trip from fairbanks to anchorage, i must of hit ever bug possible, its was a bloody mess, wil n kris worked on it hard , my truck never look so good . Thanks alot fam.


Great for fast carwash

Darrick Futrel

They do a awesome job. Go threw the the touch less tunnel Wil will take good care of you. Great pre treatments, no more using simple green in the parking lot before washing, he makes sure to get all the tar and bugs off. Monster Wash Give This Man A Raise!!! Thanks Wil your the man.

Iva Williams

Will did a great job on our Tahoe. It was a mess after our camping adventure. Keep up the good work Will.

Aaron's Adventures

Prices are extremely high but it gets the job done

Robert Phillips

Will and Chris did an excellent job. Customer service was top notch, and the wash comes out better than nearly every other car wash I've tried. The personal attention to detail given each vehicle with the deluxe wash is the only way to go. I will continue to be a customer of this wash. Hands down the best value I've found in Anchorage.

Richard Dougherty

Never quite gets your car clean. Automatic washes are great for winter grime, I was using their monthly unlimited pass to keep the winter off my car but that plan has since been canceled and I had to move to another car wash.

Mike Brooks

I come to the monster wash every week because of wil. He does such a great job with customer service and making sure we are all happy and clean. I love this place! Thanks so much Wil!!!

Nicole House

Paid $16 for a car wash (their top of the line) that didn't even get my car clean. Wand washes are still the way to go if you want quality. Edit - the manager contacted me and had me come through again (on them) and had me go through the bay with the attendant. That baby is the one to use. It's worth the extra few bucks to get your car super clean.

Deneb Viens

best place in Anchorage in my opinion to get a car wash, besides doing it yourself. vacuum stations and a big bay for large vehicles such as RVs

dex christensen

Just ran through monster wash the second time in two weeks Chris and Will always very very helpful and go out of the way to make sure everything's taken care of my trucks been on a lot of road trips and they make sure that everything gets scrubbed off the truck were road debris get stuck on...,Their preferred car Wash I love to go to no one else does a better job right now

Robert Hedrick

Didn't get the car very clean. I know we could have gone back but no time. If I have to make several trips to get it done I might as well do it in my driveway

Deianira Watts

I pulled up to get my car washed (I had A LOT of tree sap on my car) and two very kind men, Wil and Chris, helped me out by giving my car the extra TLC that it needed! My car is back to it’s shiny self and they made my experience a whole lot better! Thank you so much guys! I will be coming back again and again!

Sherry Nicholes

Excellent friendly service. Good dog wash

Steven Miller

It wildron't favorite car was location ....

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