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REVIEWS OF Grime Stoppers IN Alaska

jameson corbin

I paid 14 bucks for my truck to get tiger strips in dirt... last time I go here.

Melvin kilgore

Don't waste your time or money.

Jason Nesslage

Expensive compared to similar washes, but it gets car clean

R Blodgett

Great Car Wash.

Matt Rustin

It's been quite awhile since I last tried this car wash ( problems before ). Tried the most expensive wash today $16.00 once again I was reminded why I do not go here, the drivers side basically looked untouched as did the rear panel and taillights. Bay 2 this time. Horrible car wash! Best I have seen so far is Monster wash on Dimond Blvd. and Laser wash on Old Seward and O'Malley both in Anchorage.

Michael Vanhorne

Good job on my wash.

Melissa Larsh

Cars clean


This is the worst car wash ever. automatic wash equipment is generally useless. pulled in to the self wash bay, used credit card, couldn't figure out how to shut it off, got charged $25, owner Wesley said tough luck, instructions are posted. (went back to look, found the instructions are posted a few feet to the left of the machine, duct taped to the concrete wall) never going there again, ever

Deborah Walser

Stevce Blazevski

I does an ok job it removes most of the dirt just you will need to wipe down your self after wash to remove slight water drips from the dryer and left over dust residue

Rebecca Hicks

This do it yourself car wash costs $5.00 for 4 minutes. There is no change given. Most of the liquids do not work: the tire/engine cleaner, the soap, the foaming brush, the triple shine conditioner, the clear coat protectant. The valuable 4 minutes is wasted from the machine spending approximately 20-40 seconds switching between modes. The water is at a scalding temperature, hotter than espresso is made. The machine doesn't beep to warn you you are running out of time. You must put in $5.00 to make the machine run. I called to let the owner know what was going on. Yep, I cussed in my message. I spent $15.00 and almost all of the modes didn't work. I was putting money in while it was flashing for the time running out, and the machine didn't recognize until after the time was up. Nobody from this car wash returned my call. I went in person to talk to them. The owner, who won't give his name for whatever reason, stared at me with a deer in the headlights look the entire time I was talking to him. The only thing he said was 'you were the one that left the vulgar message.' He had nothing else to say. He didn't apologize, he didn't offer a free wash, he didn't offer a refund of any kind. This car was has always had problems, but when this person didn't even return my call, I drew the line at this. being unacceptable.


Doesn't wash well

Olga Moza

Updating my 3 stars to 5! Before, with different management, it was a place of a nightmare experience. Now, new management is doing their best to put customers first! Love everything about it: quality of service, location, and management response in case of any inconvenience. Very recommend! Come and see yourself.

Matthew Vos

Palmer needs more options for car washes. This place has repeatedly been horrible. I've tried to give them a chance due to the convenience for me but today was the last straw. Paid $16 for the best wash they offer. Halfway through the wash the machines stopped working. After about 3 minutes of sitting there wondering what I should do the system must have reset and continued. After it went through the cycles, in which there was still soap all over my truck, the blowers only came on for about 10 seconds. They dont even have a counter to tell you how long you are supposed to have. They've lost my business.

Darren Smith

If I could give a 1/2 star I would. Don't expect your vehicle to be totally clean. Save your money and go to Splash and Dash in Wasilla or Mr. Lube.

Thomas Youngblood

Mandy Jones

Every time I go it seems one thing or another doesn't work to clean my truck and it is pretty expensive at $16 when it's not doing what it's supposed to do! I came out one day and my tailgate had not even been touched I watched it it never sprayed it at all! Another time the door wouldn't even open after I put my money in it! So I never got my truck washed at all!

Lavonne Sanford

Lost my money took a week to get back when someone finally answered my call

Corey H

Payed $16 for their top of the line automatic wash and the bottom 2 feet of my car was never even touched by the sprayers. I had to re wash it myself. Go to a Laser Wash instead. I've never had a bad wash there

Jasminne Johnston

Matthew Boswell

The rainbow was half assed. It didn't even go all the way.

Nol Mor

Worthless.. nothing works.. wasted 10 bucks to have vacuums not work and self serve had no soap to spray.. go anywhere else..

Dena Norman

I highly do not recommend going here. During the drier mode, the garage door opened. I proceeded to move forward. The garage door then closed almost on the hood of my car. The dryer continued for the last minute. The garage door never opened. I was stuck in the car wash. I honked my horn for 5 minutes. No one came to open it. Of course, this was the one time I didn’t have my phone on me. I then got out of my car and pushed the emergency button to let myself out. After all that, my car was still dirty. Avoid wasting your money here.

Patrick clinton

Excellent car wash there soap cuts the effort on my truck

Stephanie Roy

Freedom Evenden

Natalya Ross

Michelle Simer

Charles Howard


Kirk Byron

Convenient but doesn't taken the Glenn crime off very well

Lizzy Bee's Tax & Accounting

Surprisingly really good wash. The only think it lacks is a little better of a dry..but otherwise I didn't even know it was there! It's great to have something local in palmer

Erik Hermon

Chris Breck

Ryan Stafford

I didn't see any brushes, so I believe this is a touchless car wash. The spray jets are very powerful, but let's be honest no car wash will remove every piece of dirt. The Grime Stoppers car wash did make my truck look brand new, so I think it was worth the money. I dropped off a tire to get fixed at Midas and by the time I was out of the Grime Stoppers car wash the tire was done. I think you'll be in and out quickly too! If this review was helpful please click the Like button.

Fred W

Basically theft. This so called "car wash" is poorly run, poorly maintained & the idiots that run it are pathetic. Complete waste of money.

Robin D Middleton

Lloyd Nieman

The last three times I've gone there it's put water on my truck and that's about it at best, the last time it stopped halfway through on the first wash and told me to exit. I called the phone number to get my money back or a real wash, impossible to answer or return calls!

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