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REVIEWS OF Car Deets AK IN Alaska

Dustin Silva

Aaron Clark

Unbelievable! I have a 2 year old that is in my truck all the time! You would never know after the detail!


Poor quality of cleaning. Lots of areas missed and no response from company to my email or call regarding these concerns.

Amy Macpherson

We were extremely impressed by Jim and his crew. Professional, fair and courteous.

Michael Buck

Car Deets just finished up on my wife's Jeep. They applied their ceramic coating which does all this sciency magic to protect the exterior and keep it looking like new. I didn't think it could look more shiny than when it came from the dealership buy Car Deets proved me wrong! They were pretty quick too. I dropped the Jeep it off on Thursday afternoon and got it back Friday afternoon. I am super impressed and would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to keep their wheels looking awesome!

river richards

Jessica Clark

Car Deets did a fabulous job detailing my Jeep. There had been a funky smell for sometime and, despite all my efforts and searching, I couldn't get rid of it. To make matters worse, the smell had started during the morning sickness phase of pregnancy. Every time I smelled it (months later after having baby), it sent me back to those long, nauseous days!


Car Deets made our truck look better than new with their buffing and paint correction techniques. Once it looked incredible, Car Deets applied Llumar paint protection film on the entire hood, front fenders, bumper and grill. Then they applied the Ceramic Pro Gold Package, ceramic paint protection to the entire truck. Ceramic Pro will make my truck easier to clean and make it stay cleaner longer. Best of all... Ceramic Pro Gold package includes a lifetime warranty. I am now a lifetime Car Deets customer and can hardly wait to get the rest of our vehicles looking better than new and protected for life. Thanks Car Deets.

lela sieler

Raylene Murr

I took my car to Car Deets several months ago for the first time after learning that they employee local teens to help them learn a trade skill and give them the confidence to better themselves and their situations. Unfortunately, the day I took my car in they were short staffed so the detail was incomplete. The manager was very professional and they offered to re-do the detail which I accepted because sometimes life happens and I appreciated the obvious pride that goes in their work and the willingness to complete the job. I brought my car back in many months later due to my busy schedule and it was pretty messy. I have two children and pets and with the use my car sees it gets pretty gross. They vacuumed the interior, wiped down all surfaces and shampooed the floors and seats. Overall they did a very nice job leaving my car much cleaner and fresher then it was. I would definitely recommend you take your car in to see the guys at Car Deets.

Marion Dünn

The young men who helped me were professional and friendly. I am happy to recommend them.

Joshua Buehner

Excellent job by positive people making a difference in our community. We HIGHLY recommend!

Stephanie Burns

Craig Lovelace

Tou Yang

Jim Beach, President of Cardeets clearly has shown that he cares about the customers and willing to go the extra mile to ensure his customers are satisfied with their products and services. Jim reached out to me personally, was friendly and professional. This is a place that will take care of their customers unlike some of the big retail chains. Thanks Jim and thanks Michael Dukes of 700am kybr for referring this place!

Kat Henderson

Awesome service. They have always been very reliable and quick, as well as diligent in giving you an estimated time on when they will be done and then calling you once the job is finished. Plus our dirty as heck truck always comes out looking new.

Anie Johnson

Anna Harrison

I purchased the PFD special via the mobile service. I was very pleased with the service. It was very quick but also very detailed. My car is beautiful and smells great! I will be planning on getting my car serviced at least annually from now on!

T Sund

Everything was well cleaned and I appreciated the quick service!

Prudence Plunkett

I bought a gift certificate in last year's radio auction that my husband ended up not being able to use, so he gave it to me. It was $249 for ultimate service, but I wanted the mobile unit, which costs a little more, so got the premium which was fine with me. Since it was windy in the Valley, they called and asked if they could pick up my car and take it to the shop for detailing. They were right on time picking it up, came into my business to get the key, took it away and did a fabulous job on the detail. I picked it up as that was convenient for me, but they would have returned it had i asked. Service was outstanding, and my car has not looked or smelled so good since it was new. I could not be happier. Well done.

Nancy Wold

Friendly workers. Great job in cleaning out all the "gunk" in my car from transporting all my kids and what we accumulate. The carpet had never looked better! Great service. Thoroughly cleaned. THANKS!

Melissa Schmitz

Great experience! Had my Subaru detailed before we listed it for sale. They did a great job and we sold it the same night we listed it.

F Per

Miranda Johnson

Charity Lovelace

I have used Car Deets on several occasions and was completely satisfied with the results every time. The employees are professional, friendly and hard-working. The products used are effective. The steam technology provides maximum results without abrasion. On one occasion they were able to remove without trace an entire crockpot's worth of Shrimp Gumbo that had spilled all over the carpet in the back of my Lexus. An affordable luxury!

Lance Jervis

Ceramic pro plus was the best thing I ever did to my car. The shine is unbelievable and to know I’ll never have to wax my car again give me a great peace of mind .

Amy Schooley

Thank you Jim and the rest of the crew at Car Deets! We were so amazed at the awesome job you guys did to remove some hard to get off paint spots off the jeep we brought in. We will be sure to recommend you all to everyone we know. Thanks again. God Bless!

Lynn Daley

My daughter has used your services many times and is always very happy with the work done. How can I buy her a gift certificate for the $149 pkg for Christmas?

Ashley Bales

Sasquatch Nets

Cant say enough about how much I love seeing my truck shine all the time after getting Ceramic Pro. These guys have a great product and even better service to back it up.


We have had our 2014 Ford Expedition detailed at Palmer Car Deets twice now, and both times have been an awesome experience! They do a fantastic job and are very friendly and professional! Our car comes out looking brand new and beautiful! Thanks so much to Josh and crew for the great job!

Lloyd Nieman

Got the ceramic coating done by them for my car and it looks amazing, definitely gives the paint that extra "pop" now!

Daniel Sypult

Top notch service for a top notch value. Car Deets has the best prices in the valley and provide the best service and quality. If it involves anything centered around cleaning up any motorized vehicle, they can do it thoroughly. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to get their vehicle cleaned up to visit Car Deets, or call Car Deets Mobile.


Detailed Review: I want to give a detailed review so I will outline my exact process I contacted Cardeets through the online portal, I received several text messages and a phone call outlining exactly what was wanted to be done to my vehicle. This included a detail inside and out, debadge, tailgate film and ceramic pro. It was all scheduled, then I though of some questions and they responded very well through text messages. Prior to the service I warned of how dirty my vehicle was inside and out, mostly dust and moderate dog hair. Day of the service: I dropped the vehicle off, there was some confusion when I arrived, I guess it wasn't fully communicated from the person that I talked to and the person receiving the vehicle, but they took it in stride. Day 2 I got a call letting me know that since the vehicle was not brand new there was areas of staining on the OEM PPG film. I said that would be ok and I stopped by to take a look. Total I dropped it off on a Wed and vehicle was done on a Sat Morning after I got a phone call I came to pick it up. Interior: they did a pretty good job cleaning the dirt but quite a few missed spots in common easily missed areas, like the front of the gear selector and door handles/sills. I didn't see any evidence of steam cleaning the upholstery which would have made more of the dust clean off the seat Exterior: Definitely clean and no swirl marks or scratches, though there were not many prior to bringing it in, the 1 area I pointed out of a chip was half filled in, I spotted two other areas that I didnt spot before but were not filled in or fixed. Areas around the door edge protector and edges had a dust/left over chemical, but didnt bother me too much I made sure to follow the 14 day hardening curing process, basically almost no water or rain, garaged and didn't clean or get any chemicals or bird poop on it. Stopped back at car deets for 1st car wash after curing process that it took about 1 hour or less. Now I have yearly follow up appts Light cleaning weekly with water and minimal soap So far looks to be beading up well and cleaning off easy, TLDR Summary: 1. The interior detail was a little lacking, several common areas that were completely missed or not cleaned at a high standard. This is ok, the car was quite messy prior even for a newer vehicle. 2. For the price would expect the complete exterior to be cleaned, but little areas like the door sills and under the door frame are completely neglected. 3. The paint correction done on this 1 year old vehicle was not bad but several areas definitely missed and not mentioned by the detailer. 3. The Ceramic Pro seems to be holding up ok and the vehicle is definitely easier to clean, Ill be interested to see how it lasts for several years as per the warranty claim. 4. They didnt try and sell my any snake oil and just recommended Johnson baby shampoo,

Jenni E.

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