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4301 Debarr Road, Anchorage, AK 99508, United States

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REVIEWS OF Alaska Laser Wash IN Alaska


One of the best washes in town. Washes real good.

Melissa Zavala

Fetaiaiga Tivao

Rahilah Taylor

Machines dont always work here to accept cash. Cards work better. Quick and easy location not usually busy or full where you would have to wait to wash your car. Pricing $

Andrew Nowa

Kaochanh Saechao

Paid $10 For a wash I never got. As I was pulling in, i forgot to take something out of my trunk (drive a pickup) and pulled out real quick to grab it and when i drove back in, it didn't start. Tried calling the number and I couldn't leave a voicemail and it hangs up If there is no one available

Cheryl Wisher

Ok job

Raymond Bourdon

You can get a pass for a month and wash every day

Carl Wetzel

Katie Halvorson

Pretty awesome. Most of the breakup sludge washed off with just the basic wash, and I didnt even scrub my car with the brush and bucket they provide first.

Joseph Balogh III

John Doe

Elizabeth Ashley

Farid Sanouvong

The wash itself isn’t really enough to clean the crooks and crannies of my car. Wasn’t expecting too much, and got what I expected.

Christina Brewer

Natalie Carachuri

Angel Holloway

Nice car wash. The vacuums aren't as strong as I need them to be, but hey its free.

Anita Hernandez

Great place to get a car wash.

Jake and Lindsey Wilkens

We purchased a basic wash. When we exited the manager stopped us and informed us that in cool winter conditions, one must purchase a deluxe or higher to remove the frozen grime. He insisted that we return to the wash bay for a free deluxe wash to get truly clean. Excellent customer service is hard to come by these days. Well done, Grime Fighters.

Xavien Phillips

Seems to be always crowded when I come :-(

Windy Lightning

Best deal is to get unlimited...

Ray Cox

Paid for wash, automated voice said pull in to begin wash but the door never opened. And it just kept telling me to pull in. Called the phone number for help and it was disconnected. Great way to run a business.

Miriam Aarons

Perry Hunter

LOLOLOLOLOLOL been smoking in this carwash for a minute now and the hose in the bay to the farthest left stays on. Bring some soap tho because this crap is expensive.

Rachael Crawford

Did the do it yourself wash. The soap hardly came out to wash, then time ran out. When I went to rinse more soap came out than when I selected soap. Then time ran out. Then water finally came out to rinse. What a ripoff.

Chris Perry

6 car wash bays and only two of them are working? Summer just started there's four cars in line every time I go because 75% of the facility is not working. Go after midnight and there may be no line, but there will definitely not be vacuums either, I believe they put those up around 5 p.m..

Delfy Monks

paris stevens

Busy, but priced as expected and gets the job done.

prg MacGyver

Clean good not like Before

Tim Ivanitskiy

Danny Auge

Absolute waste of $!!! Dirt still all over my vehicle... and it's not just me, watched the next few vehicles come out of different bays and same outcome.

Jordan Conway

This was a nice newer system carwash. I bought the $15 clean and protect it was very good but at the end it did a quick rinse and there were still some suds left but i dont know if its suppose to be that way or not but the suds came off when we went slow through the dryer.

Kao Thao

Cheap and fast

Nelson Montalvo

Awesome place. Get day car wash

Rufus Scott

Georgio Ramondos II

Angelitron 5000

Cyndi Street LeTourneau

Brandy Butcher

Stopped by this car wash last Friday morning. Paid the 10 bucks went in the bay. Car wash started and sprayed 1/2 the car then quit and the door opened and the dryer started. I have tried calling several times never pick up and voice mail is full.Super annoying... Wash your car somewhere else. Bummed this is usually our family’s go to place.


Dryers start counting down before the doors open

AJ Dandino

It's hit or miss at this place. Generally, they clean well... Not great though. Also, their credit card machines are really unreliable and u may have to insert cards multiple times for it to work, if at all.

sabrina kern

Ellen Michelle

Edit, the nice guy called and got my car washed. He said to call if something is wrong and they'll fix it. I appreciate it, thank you I was there yesterday, paid $18 for water. I called the company, left a voicemail and they haven't called me back. The machine only sprayed water, no soap, only water.

Heather Schlafer

Alaska Laser Wash is probably one of the best car washes in Alaska. Thank you Alaska Laser Wash

Joseph Lomman

Self serve wash was down but the laser wash was good

Edward Bowden

Rocky Hensley

Good pressure..lots of soap

Ty Kon

Expensive and not a good wash. Even on lightly dirty vehicles, it would take two passes to clean completely. Now mind you, that's the $10 wash. I've never tried the others because I don't want to pay more money for a terrible job. Also, trying to get a vacuum hose is nearly impossible, so bring your own.

Kristen Crain-Robinson

When the door didn't open after I paid for the car wash (there was no one in the car wash ahead of me, the sign saying "pull forward" lit up, and I waited about 5 minutes), I searched for an attendant. No one. I called their number and no one picked up. This wouldn't have been a big deal, but I was unable to leave a message as their voicemail was full! I finally e-mailed asking for assistance and no one replied. Customer service is obviously not a priority here.

Julie Rose

Only driver's side of my truck was washed. Water barely hit the passenger side and the soap only covered half the hood.

Marie Toothman

Great new deal for car washes!

Tiffany Blue

I got robbed by this car wash. First it took my payment and then it didn't wash my car so I went back and paid again. The second time worked but the car came out as dirty as it was and wet

Alice Bushey

gotta wash my truck

Chris Rac

Wash? What wash? My car came out still dirty? Old equipment and way overpriced for what you get. Better off washing it yourself in the middle of winter in a blizzard while wearing a speedo.

Michelle Simer

art stan

Ripe off no pressure take way to long to was so by the time your done its like 20 bucks for just a wash

Patti Davidsen

Cynthia Astrup

Worst "wash" ever at an automated car wash and I actually paid $15.00!!! Back, sides, front, didn't even look like it had been washed. Went through at 10:30pm. No one answered phone number when I called to express my dissatisfaction and I got message "the mail box is full". Guess that means they have a lot of unhappy customers. After I got home and looked at other reviews on this website I wish I'd have checked them out before hand. Only one good review in the bunch. I will call again in the morning. If I don't get a satisfactory answer I'll be adding to this review!

Rose M Meneses

I use it almost every day.. as I'm a Lyft driver

Jose Ortiz

Worst car wash I have been to. The machine does clean your vehicle the card slots do not work to do the manual cleaning. It looked like someone smudged the dirt all over my car very sad they should close the place it's a waste of space

Al Kalig

Lots of parking areas to detail your car. It's a brushless car wash so keep that in mind

Loren Hovis

No waiting automatically ran

Gia Jean

Bad staff he threw a bucket of water at my feet

J Baker

Worst car wash experience of all time. Avoid at all costs. Vacuum stole my money, car wash did not clean my car (couldn't get any soap), high priced, no attendant on duty.


What a waste of $15.00.. My truck looks like a zebra with stripes of clean, dirty, clean, dirty along the sides, and the tailgate looks like it only got a light mist. Giving one star is an exaggeration by 50%. I will not be back!


Patrick Rozas

Came here and paid $15 for a car wash to turn around in the car not be cleaned up for them to give me a deluxe Car Wash which is 11 and not give me the car wash I paid for horrible service I tell you I'll never come visit here again

Katherine H

First two times I drove in, it briefly sprayed my truck, then told me to exit right away. Thirty minutes and $18 later my truck was finally “washed” except it really wasn’t. It was a streaky mess that took me another half hour to hand wash. This is a huge waste of money and time. For the money I spent I could’ve gone across the street to the parts store and bought a sponge, soap, and bucket.

Jenn Conlon

Washed my car well.

breck Rumley

Process cleans the vehicle, but doesn't remove grime. Use the brushes outside the wash.

carly ranger

Joseph Travis

Free vacuum

Emilee Hogins

Tyrone Palmer

Great job at keeping my vechicle clean !!!!!

Yolande Caradine

I got my vehicle washed today, And Derrick did awesome job. I love how he did my vehicle

Kevin Thomas

Safe and clean

Dedrick Pouncy

Staff is nice. Car wash does a good job.

cheniah yamoto

Not a good dryer at the end. Left grime on my windows. Just ok.

Melanie Hecate Draken

Klaas Smith

The Best car wash ever Eat shrooms and look at the colorful bubbles

Toho Bin

I think our car was dirtier coming out than going in. Also, I'm not sure where the third color of the tri foam was. Perhaps it was the brown left on our car after driving out?

Frankie Dupuis

Samuel Klein

visited today and purchased a $15 and my car did not look much better than when I got there. I was in the lot complaninig about the wash to a man and woman who where talking, i proceeded to call the number where a man answered, who said he was the one on the lot THAT WALKED AWAY. I left the lot faster than I should have but the man proceeded to call me an idiot and jackass. Great example of customer service, will not go back.

Linda Wall

My kids love the car wash and we use these ones in particular because they have this cool purple/blue light at one point during the wash. Lately however the quality is going down, there is less soap than usual and the water looked rusty, might be a mechanical issue or just over use since it is summer. Hopefully it gets fixed since its a convenient spot, we go usually after a Costco trip on the way home


Wont get your car completely clean with winter build up and nasty road spray, but for the price and selections it does the job. Free vacuums are a big plus and it's in a good area so being outside your car vacuuming isn't as sketchy as some areas.

Philip and Naphtali Mleschnitza

I just signed up for unlimited monthly washes and it gave me a QR screen to show the attendant. There was no attendant anywhere to be found. So I had to go to another part of town to get my car washed.

Coco Willis

Had old equipment in all expect one, went to the one where a car just got out of cause the other one wasn't working. First wouldn't take my card, then put two fives and one one in and it wouldn't take the last dollar. then got 11$ in quarters back, then put a $20 in and gave my change and took my $12, the door wouldn't open. No attendant was there when it said Monday and Tuesday there is an attendant there, called the number and no one answered. Ridiculous.


Oh the mud! Mid-March, mid-breakup in Anchorage, AK and my black car isn't black. I'm not that picky about having a clean, shiny vehicle but visibility out the windows was really bad. SO, I went to Laser Car Wash, one of multiple branches in Anchorage for the first time. And so did half the town, this dry and clear Saturday afternoon. I watched the car in front of me get the under carriage sprayed and so chose the wash for me. Having already researched the process some, I new no scrub brushes would be grinding the dirt in to my car's paint finish. I didn't get why folks in line where lathering and scrubbing away on their dirty cars waiting for the "laser washer". When my turn came to enter the machine, the floor sprayers didn't come on...... after sitting there too long, the attendant ran over and urged me to drive forward before the main wash timed out. Pouty me, I did so, then was amazed as the washing system made my car look new! Since the line was now very, VERY long, I accepted the already written chit for a free, upgraded wash at any Laser Car Wash location in the future. The attendant apologized for the floor sprayers not coming on, said it rarely happens. Break-up isn't over: I'll be back!

Reyna Fdz

Cathey S

Mark Jensen

Too expensive for the quality

Mister Moose

Danielle Hansen

Machine got stuck. Called them no answer. Had to pull forward to stop the machine and get out to get to the button on the wall to get out of the damn place. Wish I looked on here to see reviews. Wasted $15. Sucks. NEVER going here again!

Ann Watts

Poorly maintained,, and my car didn't come out clean.

Antonio Monterrosa

Lenny, the attendant, is very friendly, cheerful, and has a great work ethic. He had buckets of hot soapy water ready for use, and helped me scrub my van prior to washing. Only reason there aren't five stars is because the automatic car wash can't handle all the February dirt and grime perfectly, but Lenny's manual washing efforts helped tremendously.


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