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REVIEWS OF Ultra Car Wash - Mobile IN Alabama

Katie Aitken

Currently looking for a new service. I have been enjoying my membership up until a few weeks ago - the track for the washer is off and my car is essentially hopping the side of the machine track every time I go through. I let it go my last 10+ washes. Just thought it was weird that the staff notices the problem but either management or ownership simply doesn’t care. That alone says a lot about this business. And then today I went for a wash - and the machine seems to be in further decline, no soap was dispensed and the wash stopped midcycle. Sure maybe my car was cleaner than prior to entering the wash (even when I was stranded for about a minute when it shut down), but why am I paying a membership for a less than mediocre wash, vacuums that don’t work, and the manager doesn’t know how to wear a belt. Yes. The manager realized the fault in my wash and upgraded me to run through it again. There is still an error with the machinery and until ownership spends their $$$ to make corrections I will drive to a further location and pay more for a wash rather than continue to have membership with this company.

Elizabeth Guzman

We love this place! Both of our cars have the sticker to go thru fast and it's not expensive since we go thru it at least three to four times a month. Worth it! Love it.

Matt Ward

I ordered the $10 wash, including wheels and tires. It left black tire dressing (I guess) all over my wheels and no hose or other way to get it off. The rest of the car wasn't clean either. Two stars were for the vacuum.

Melody Bagwell

It is very hard to get a wash and a vacuum here. They are always crowded and they are closing off more and more of the vacuums as time goes by. Sunday, there were only two or three of the vacuums that reach the whole car, open. The only ones they seem to like for you to use are the ones that do not reach the whole car. This makes the over-crowding even worse. Then there is the smell of pot and the thumping music. This is the closest place for me to go as I live in Midtown. I am an Uber driver and keep my car very clean, so I am disappointed in having to cancel my subscription with them and go somewhere else. This is the decision I have made, even if it is a drive.


Amy Boyes

Car wash is not bad. Employees are friendly. But they don’t open until 8 when they should open at 7 or 7:30 for those of us who pay for the monthly package, but can’t go through on our way to work because they don’t open until 8:00 am

Shanethia Phillips

Ray Frye

Needs improvement on the wash. Rinse is not good. Leaves soap on you car

Tereance A Coleman

Denise major

Joshua Bryant

Yes the customer service was great and dashawn does an excellent job at running the place.

Anthony Davis

Tatted mama

The carwash does not wash your car properly and the vacuum cleaners suck and not in a good way like they do not suck they don't even vacuum

Jeanriques Corbin


Chris Murray

samuel brown


Mykeida Perry

Recco Smith

milton wilson

$15 you can wash your cars everyday in an entire month

Michael Robinson

I said it my place love it

M Wilson

It’s the movie Blak

Sheria Johnson

Toriana Pettaway

Clean car yay

Vakeisha Rodgers

Christopher Langham

Kevin Norwood

Rosalind Sashner

kenyetta young

Wendy James

Just okay.

kala Burgess

Ok place


This place is shady and/or incompetent. I cancelled my subscription with them on their website, but was still charged for monthly subscription fees afterwards. I am resulting to disputing the charge with my credit card company and getting a new credit card number. Huge red flag right there.

Jayboy Jackson

Good wash

Meredith Washington

Car was suck and vacuum no pressure you pay need a total maintance completely over due losing customer

Gary Eanes

3 months ago I needed a wash and found this place. Was told about their $10 deal for unlimited washes and signed up. What I wasn't told is that it was a recurring charge. Two months and $20 later I noticed the charges and asked to be refunded. First manager tells me he can't do it. He gives me the number for his manager. His manager tells me he'll get me a refund and call me back to let me know it's going through. No word no refund. Just called him again, he says he'll call corporate and call me back. That was over 2 hours ago. No call back so far.

David Jonas

Yesterday was my first time to this location, having gone to the one on Schillinger several times. This car was is obviously a bit more limited as far as space is concerned, but there does seem to be the same amount of equipment. This automatic car wash, unlike Schillinger, requires you to drive out and through the blowers yourself due to the proximity to the curb, I assume. That caught me off guard, but certainly not a big deal. I cannot speak for the power of the vacuums as I did not use them this time around. I intend to return and try them. Hopefully they'll be more powerful than the other location.

Herbert G. Rogers Jr

joselita kemp

Jerry Persons

Great wash, great attendant onsite , very helpful

Troy Killings

Quarnitra King

I went there today because my money was tooken off my car for an monthly pass which i never signed up for the manager was very rude and telling me my moma was the one who swiped my card when she is handicap and doesnt know how to drive nor own an car all i wanted was to know how come my miney was off my card and i havent been up there in 2 months nor have i ever used my card poor customer service rude workers well mangaer who was on duty today and got mad when i asked for my money back

Abigail Ybarra

Great deals as far as car washing goes. Vacuuming your car is free with the purchase of a machine wash. I recommend coming here on a not so busy day like Saturday. Cars tend to line up and it's awhile before you can get out.

aeon 6,000

Love this car wash

Trevor DSouza

Get the 10$ club unlimited wash. Works on all days except Sat.

Environmental Department 1


Nicole Duncan

Love it

Harmony Thomas

My car is white, we have lots of magnolia trees, white car, black tree funk...= constant struggle to keep my car looking white. I tried the Ultra Wash at the loop while waiting on my pizza, from pizza hut, next door... I chose the 10$ wash, it has all the usual procedures. For an extra scrub, throw a 5 or tip of any amount, and the employees will scrub the hood, roof, tires, and whatever else they can fit in, before u enter the automated part. Once you're finished, and possibly according to the wash u bought(I'm not entirely positive about this feature) once out of the car wash go left to vacuum area and clean the inside. This place is clean, well ran, and fairly busy...

Gdawg Steppin

Don't waste your time... NOR your money. I went for the $20 super duper clean job. Dude barely even touched the car with his brush and there was just one dude. Only did the driver's side. No hood. No roof. Went through and sure, lot's of pretty colors. Reminded me of a time when I could enjoy that kind of thing to the fullest ;) But came out and it may as well have been driving through a rain storm. If it wasn't $20 I would've just wrote it off as lessoned learned. And almost did anyway. But went back around and she was like I can run you through again. Ok :/ Maybe it just need that first one to dislodge the dirt :/ At least this time there were two dudes there. I pointed out and asked if he could get the hood and roof. He "laid", not scrubbed over even wiped, the brush on the hood and roof. Yeah, STILL not cleaned.


Great customer service

William Manders

susan brabham

Did not get my car clean

Pipe Johnson

Johnnie Lett


Jeryl Jones

Love it

Alex Yancy

Waste of money.

Jimmy Clark The Midtown Farmer

Great deal on a great car Wash. They had to run it through two times because the car was so dirty, but they didn't mind at all and did it with a smile. The car came out looking fantastic

Matt Riales

Does a decent job even with the cheapest wash. Wish it did rims better, but I think everyone does.

Kim Eager

Jennifer Linke

Really quick service and did an awesome job! Another plus is that they weren't expensive, which is good for those that don't like to spend a lot of money just to get a car wash. Friendly staff! Definitely will come back to Ultra!

Justin Lasiter

Really nice manager! Car didn't come clean first Time and he allowed me to go back through wash!

A. B.

Buddy Johnson

It good

T shirtwetter

Great place to get your car vacuumed and washed!

Kathy Metz

Leaves soap on truck. Dryer doesn't dry good.

Antionette Ellis

Kim Wiggins

Owen rocks!! I just left the car wash on Government Street in Mobile Alabama and had the pleasure of dealing with Owen. I really appreciate his excellent customer service. He addressed my problem quickly and with a smile. Hopefully one day he'll get blue seats for his Mustang!!! Lol.

Lisa Peacock

Good place

s l

Great bigggg car wash. I needed to just vacuum my car. The young man allowed me too use their vac for free.. I thank u guys for this..

Carl Wallace

$6 carwash and free vacuuming

Sean Rogers

Wayne Pendleton

Alicia New Praise Brown

Michael Muhammad

Their System doesn't work as well as I expected it to be, I'd rather wash my own Vehicle.

Karen Hubbard

KC Case

Always do a good job. If something gets missed they’ll send you back through free.

Chip Hittson

V. Wayne Thorpe

Good - 8 wich they would hire staff that wants to be there. They all walk around with frown on their faces.

Garry Adkins

Reasonable price, does a great job getting my car clean. Much better than the "touchless" places.

Stacey Steiner

Pam Ward

Van Jackson

Stephanie Gage

Very good place

Amber Huff

Stephanie J Taylor

shantrail smith

The guy who suppose to direct u in the wash wasn't paying attention and the machine leave oil spot that came from the machine on my car when I pull out.


Gregory Clark

Great car wash


Paid for promotion and have stopped by to find car wash not working or some parts not working . Last visit I received no soap today blower not working . Willing to work with you but our time is important too. Peace hope you can reset service.

Nathan Brewer

Roger Smith

Have a monthly pass. Wash is always good.

Broad Street

This is my soot clean car inside and out!

Isaac and Regina DuBose

Tris Davis

Brian Buckelew

You get your money's worth

EZR LLC VendorMail

Robert Kennedy

I give this place five stars because if you are having a problem the employees are quick to come to your assistance when I drive through the car wash my car is clean they provide Rags if you don't have any for you to do that extra touch up on your car and if you're not satisfied with that first wash they will even let you go back through they will make sure you get it right the first time

Daniel Ellis

Mo Boykin

flaco M

Monika Loving Me!

They have old equipment that constantly breaks and the vaccum suction is forever weak! The owner needs to step up

Daphne S.

Ma Th

Derrick Smith

Great car wash

Anhkiet Rodriguez

Great monthly car wash plan and good vacuums. Washes really well and wait times are low. The one in West Mobile is better than the one Downtown.

Lulu Belle

Evan Jackson

James Hastings

The monthly pass is a good deal. The service is usually very good and they are quick and detailed.

Margie Odom

Verdell Walker

Ashley Grandberry

Phillip Smith

Christopher Ragland

Fast service, easy access to the location. Reasonably priced.

Jim Necaise

It's getting better.... The brushes still miss alot of areas due to the curbs on the truck.

Danielle Griffin

MrSmith at the car wash on Government Street was a pleasure to work with. He displayed excellent customer service and was a great help. I will definitely be returning.

Bee Bee

Tameka Morris

Vanessa Eddie

Miles Linda

Philippe Lacoste

Was once a great carwash and super convenient location for me. Now it has really gone down hill. The vacuums never have suction anymore! I asked multiple times and I was told they need to be cleaned and that is not done until Sunday. What kind of answer is that! Besides the vacuum, it seems like there is always some piece of equipment broke in there. My last two trips there I've had to complain and go through the wash twice and my truck still was not clean. I hope that they get some new management and figure out how to maintain their systems soon because for now I will be driving an extra 15 minutes out of the way to get my truck clean!

Carol Spates


Was lied to on several occasions

Josey Wales

Best in Mobile

arnold b

Shubham Jaiswal

Cheap and good place for car wash

Mary dyess

Vacuuming does not work good

leelee Coleman

Matthew Riales

I would not say it is the best, but it does pretty good for an auto-wash. Employees always ready to help. Some more than others.

Kenyon Johnson

Carol Bryant

Aaron Leashore

Anita Fulkerson

My car still has dirt on the front and on the windows!! What a waste of money.

Clifton Sons

Myrna Reed-Waller

Nbkg Eric

Good car washes

Judith Williams

Reschandra Wheeler


I was a big fan of this car wash but lately they have been going down hill fast. Broken vacuums combine with an aging car wash equals a less than desirable experience.

Kenisha Williams

Valessa Carr

Staff is always friendly and pleasant

Donna Larner

Mezy ward Finley

Evan Elliott

Quick and high quality.

Scott Davis

berthamay taxi


Anthony Welborn

So reasonable when you join

Stoney Rogers

Paid for the top of the line wash. Attendants at the entrance were too concerned with something on the track to pre-scrub the car. Then when I get home, I notice streaks of dirt down my back window and door.

J Smith

Been a member for a while, now! Love the job Dexter, the new general manager, is doing of hiring the right employees. Juwan, a new employee, is doing an excellent job pre-scrubbing the vehicles. I appreciate his hard work! I am thankful we Midtowners have a great place that provides quality washes at low costs to the customer. Become a member... You will love it!

fritzi Oliver

I am very displeased with this car wash. I purchased an unlimited car wash package special and when it was over they continued to charge me. I went back to let them know I was still being charged so they made it good by allowing me so many washes to cover it. However, they still continued to charge me $15 and I just noticed it. I went back to the car wash and was told my money would be refunded within 24-48 hours. I still haven’t received my money and now I’m feeling violated bc they’re just stealing money from me and I’m about to take legal action.

Cheryl Singleton

Great Car Wash, nice people that work here as well. Always helpful and friendly

Patrick Marquis

merideth holden

Justin Cooley

Great staff

Tanisha Marshall

Member since open Fast speedy service great Customer Service

Matt Campbell

One of the best car washes I have ever been to. The employees hustle , the wash is spectacular, and the management is always friendly and full of concern. Thank you Ultra for hooking me up with the manger special !! Wonderful carwash!

Sharon Scudder

Car was never really clean

april pasley

It's a car wash, always a good experience

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