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REVIEWS OF Pinnacle Car Wash IN Alabama

Amy Biko

Great service. Reasonable price to get the sand n salt out n off of your car.

Ethan Seratt

This was the absolute WORST car wash my wife and I have been to. $18 for soap to be left all over our brand new car, the vacuum hose broke as we were using it, bugs all over our mirrors, the tire shine came out in one glob on our tires, my gosh, how do we pay almost $20 for something a 7 year old could do for free? My advice, wash your own car and save your money. This was a complete waste of time and money. Thanks for NOTHING

Peggy Parr Wright

I paid the the 12.95 wash for undercarriage. Lights never went on and I never felt the undercarriage clean like I do at other car washes when I asked the attendant he said lights never come on and it's not really a clean it's a light mist. But I paid for a clean. Also the mat cleaner doesn't really clean. I went to 2 different vacs...and they weren't even picking up leaves. Seems to me maintenance isn't a concern for this group. I'll go elsewhere.

Melissa Franks

Love the service

Sharon Brown

Hey! They do a good job for $5. Much better than others.

debby mcnicol

Great place to was your car

Janie Stilwell

Pat Colson

Wilson World

Jerry Walters

Mike Salter


Mark Naugle

jim Shaw

Can't beat the price.

Brittney Nicole

Amanda Hand

My mother’s tires got slashed by the machine there and they are not answering her calls or taking any responsibility for it.

kitty cahoon

Good car wash. But it seems the vacuum i used may need service as it wasn't as strong as I remembered. Still a great place.

Paul Neenan

Que Mixx

Jason Hurley

Did a great job paid for best wash car was clean and they did a great job cleaning the Inside

Walter Riggs

Good place to get the salt spray off the car

Raymon O'Keefe


I've been coming here for years. After the rudeness of the employee today, I will not be back.

TONYA Medina

My fav car wash.

Gacha_ LilTinyGirl

Great service

Sondra Kilgo

Very well maintained, excellent Free vacs, Friendliest Staff you will find. Wheels do need to be wiped as it doesn't quiet get all of the crooks and crannies. If you have a rear wiper on SUV, they tape it down so be SURE to Get the TAPE OFF, :)

Randy Englebert

The best carwash in Gulf Shores

jerimy Powell

Larry Nix

Robert Stauffer

Good wash club

Dr. Seuss

Greeted by very rude young men, dirt lines left where I paid extra for brush scrubbing, and first vacumms I went to didn't work and when I moved to another set neither had much suction. Big ripoff for price. Won't be going there again.

Lisa Greene

laszlo Halaszi

Good job fair price great vacuums.

Real Science

nice place to get your car cleaned

Darnelle Lewis

Charles Miller

Bought an unlimited basic wash package for $15, when I returned to use the voucher for the second time it was invalid. Called business and left response after 5 days

Jeremy Walker

John Witkamp

Nice wash the attendant help me work the credit card machine.

Tijuania Odom

I have been to Pinnacle and purchased the $4.95 Splash and Dash wash many times in the past and never had any complaints. I went today for the same wash and was very disappointed. For starters the the attendants seemed to be aggravated because I came for a wash. Second, halfway through the wash it felt like my car had come off the track and the wheels were just spinning. I had to put the car in drive to move forward or the car behind me would have run into me. Once out of the wash I got out to ensure that my rims had not been scratched and noticed that the back of my car was still covered in soap. I informed one of the attendants and he offered to wash the soap off but he didn’t seem to care there was an issue with the track. Although this was my first bad experience there, I probably won’t return. It’s obvious that maintenance and customer service are not top priority.

Andrea Struijk

These guys are very helpful

Dean Hauser

This place did a terrible job. We stopped by yesterday to wash our tow vehicle as we just came from Illinois. Wasn't too far in we noticed the left side spinning brush has missing brushes on the too so it left most of the dirt on the car. The right side wasn't much better because it was hit or miss leaving dirt. The wheel conditioner was all over the running boards and the rinse left soap all over the back half of the car. I talked to one of the young men who offered to rinse the car but I said no, he didn't offer to run it back thru if that would have even helped. People need to keep up on their equipment when charging for a service. Will not go back there

Erica Hevner Heim

Great place

Daniel Benson

Becca Plosczynski

Patricia Page

Very easy to get too and they give you cleaning supplies too.

James Manning

Good place to get your car washed

Stephanie Fulton

David Pardue

Drove from Styx river area just to have car washed, Paid for full service wash and a full Hand wax. Pulled up refused to wax car said would wax it lost clear coat, explained just been under trees, still refused service I paid for. Worst business ever

Karen R

Awesome car wash! Service was great! Especially like how they scrub the bugs off the windshield and bumper before entering the car wash.

Tim Jones

Very well satisfied with the value for the buck.

Amber Pryde

Randall Allen

If was fairly smooth, drying car was little longer than bebo' service.

David Nedoff

Friendly staff gets the job done.

jean buse

I pushed the wrong button on car wash and after I told the man who directs your car on the track he grunted like in disgust. It's not like I meant to do that but it is easy to do. I just think any time you work with the public you should have more patience. Also ,my car isn't all the way clean on the outside, especially the roof of the car.



Did a good job car look nice when I left there

Heart2 Heart

Car wash was adequate but the young man was rude and very disrespectful to us.

Joel Patterson

$24.95 for a "full service" car wash ??? They soap the front of your truck then you go thru wash. That's it ! When you come out, you must dry and finish washing your car . Then you can use the "free" vacuum and clean the inside yourself . I won't be back.


Pleas Halsell

Angela Wingard

The vacuum cleaners suck....but not in a good way lol good carwash though!

Beth Murray

This was my first time at Pinnacle Car Wash. my car looks great, and it got all the chemicals off that ALDOT used during our recent ice storm. Next time I will take a towel to wipe it down, and take advantage of the free vacuums.

Jerry Smith

iOS Burner

Pay the better part of $15 for a car wash and after I exit I still have to stop and wipe a bunch of soap off the back of my car. This has happened all three times I've been there.

Ernie Ashbaugh

Marcus Wimberly

Great Wash!!! Cleanest my Truck every looked and I got the cheap carwash

rob francis

If this is the best car wash around, according to other reviews, then I better do it myself. I got the full service package, which was a waste of my $25.00. My truck came out of the wash still dirty, so I had to wash it myself which not only was a waste of my time, and that was the whole point of going here in the first place, but I just washed off all that wax and wheel stuff that was applied going through the wash. Now I have the pleasure of waxing it myself, another time waster. The interior was no better, the windows and doors were still dirty, so again, I had to do it myself. Total waste of time and money, do it yourself and spend the money on yourself as a reward for a job well done.

Patsy Kitchen

Dakota Boothe

Carwash buttons press themselves and glitch out. Cars go out of order. Vaccums have no suction. Attendant walks over and snatched the garbage bag up and straightened it in the can and told me to watch how I was throwing garbage away.

Lisa Wilson

They do great detail work and with exterior it only cost $50.00

Pink Ladies Farm

A clean car is always better than a dirty car. You know you need to vacuum back there, and under there. Free scents and vacuum.

Brian Terhune

I was not impressed at all for the price they charged. The vehicle was hard water spotted and still very wet afterwards as their blow drying system does not do a very good job. The payment screen is like a touch screen from 20 years ago and takes forever to recognize entry touches. Get with the times and update your facility. I won't be back, I know that for sure. Wish I could get my money back.

Stacy Jenkins Colburn

Angie Palmer

Edward McMillan

Very fast

Melanie Rhodes

Always wonderful service! They pre-rinse and scrub the bugs. Tire spray before the wash helps tires look shiny and new. Free vacuums and mat cleaner are awesome, I spend lots of time vacuuming with worrying about having quarters and running out of time.

Randy Alabama

Self serve is descent, but vacuums are weak. Full service is a joke. You'll be lucky to get out in an hour and they don't do a good job.

Travis Arnould

Heather Falls

Best place to get your car washed. %100 service best prices and the staff will make your beauty shine like new ! Best carwash experience ! Get your car there before 6pm!

Bettie Morales

michael monteleone

Donna Riley-Lein

Free vacuum and great was. Full serve available but $

Tracie Reeves

Great people

kayleigh Ponder

Randy Engelbert

Best carwash on the beach

Jeanna Foote

Robyn Elisa

Nice and easy.

Colleen Ellen Schielhl

Good car wash Gets your car clean

Gene Jackson


David Knowles

Phil Duke

Carwash is okay, but the vacuums are terrible.

Shela Brewer

We are here on vacation and needed to wash our car. Went in with 4 inflated tires and came out with 3, some part of their equipment ripped a hole in the front drivers side tire. Not a pleasant experience to say the least. So we are sitting across the street waiting to get the tire replaced. I’ll wash my car at home from now on.

Chris Maragos

Barbara M

Best wash ever. In and out totally worth the price. Looks new!

Ryan Beverly

Samantha Lynn

I love this car gets my truck pretty well cleaned besides hand washing it...after you go through the wash they have vacuums and cloths for you to wipe down your car and if you dont want to do it they got people there to do it for you...its always a clean place when i go there and the people are always friendly

Bob Campbell

Rose Strotman

The most amazing service! I got the inside and out ultimate service. My car looks and smells new again. And it was disgusting when I arrived. Thank you so much!

Jonathan Bennett

Robert Cross

Cheryl Magandy

My mom had her mini van detailed here and she noticed her back car Matt’s were missing. She contacted them and she was basically told that if they are there now they weren’t there before. My niece and I went back to physically ask someone and was told the same thing. They didn’t even go look.

Jon Hargrove

Beverly DuVall

William Metais

Good value, even though the prices have increased.

Janet Pickens

Tried to get the machine to take my credit card and it kept saying it did not go through. Employee was watching ND never came to see what was wrong. We finally backed up and left. This place is more interested in selling some kind of club. Will not be going back.


I feel like this place doesn't wash my car good enough. It left my windows streaky. Plus I noticed some dirty spots the manual car wash didn't get. The vacuums don't suction well enough to get a good clean for my car. I rather wash it by hand.

Joel Weidinger

Free vacuum!

Terry Nichols

Love the personalized service, no matter which washing options I choose and you can vacuum for free or choose to detail. They do an excellent job. I will always go their.

Ashley Cannon

The washes are good and the location is great

Antony Reese

Visited with the cousin


Great wash for the cost.


VERY GOOD CAR WASH! I have been through a lot of carwashes before, but this one is like none other! After you go through the carwash you can pull into a vacuum area and vacuum your car/truck for free. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

David Harrison

Donald Fabich

Did a good job, free vacuums were great plus glass cleaner and rags

Glenn Gaines

They stand behind their carwash quality, they washed my truck twice for me. Great car wash.

Drew Given

A really nice car wash for a decent price. The staff member that ushered me into the washing bay wasnt paying as much attention as he should have been, he kept motioning us forward while there was still another car inches in front of me, but other than that it was a great experience. They also have free vacuums you can use to clean the interior of your car as well, which is nice.

Bryan Harrison

Great service

Karl Heeter

Purchased the "Splash and dash" $4.50 wash with no extras. I was satisfied with the service.

Christopher Finch

Karen S

Splash and Dash.... $4.95. Well worth it for a fast wash. And having free vacuum and rags to clean glass was a bonus.

Ryan S

First things first, this is not a touchless carwash, so I would not use this wash for a sustained period, or you will get swirl marks in your paint. I got the Ultimate package at $16, and while my car was pretty filthy before hand, it did a great job of lifting most dirt. The tire shine applied did overspray onto body paint, so I recommend bringing a towel to wipe off excess. The free vacuums are also nice to do a quick tidy up. Overall not bad, but if you truly value your paint, I'd hand wash it at home with the two bucket method.

MattAndMistyAdventures Edmondson

Brian Wilkinson

Wish we had one of these in my town.

Tom Moreau

DO NOT USE THIS PLACE TO WASH YOUR VEHICLES! I used to go to Pinnacle car wash a lot when I lived in Gulf Shores. Needed a car wash on Feb 27th, 2018 and stopped at Pinnacle because I was on Hwy 59 in that area. Was in the same vehicle that I have many times previously went thru their car wash in and regularly at the Canal Road ones in Orange Beach. About 2/3 the way thru the car wash I noticed that the last big rolling brush that does the front and top of the vehicle sounded like it was a little rough. Well it tore off the factory bar on the back of my Nissan that has the 3rd brake light in it and a rear tire mud flap was hanging by 1 of 3 screws! The attendant had to go find the light in the car wash and said that he heard a lot of noise. A quote from Nissan indicates a $340 to repair the damage. Pinnacle general manager told me that they don't fix damage to vehicles like this that are over 7 years old and that was it. No sorry of nothing. They release this and other liabilities on some hardly noticable sign with all kinds of ways they get out of damaging people's vehicles. DO NOT USE THIS PLACE TO WASH YOUR VEHICLES!

Bob Scidmore

They did a okay job. Car wasn't perfect but acceptable. I will go back again.

David Lloyd

Great service and good vacuums. Just what I needed.


Sissy Olney

They have everything you need to get your car cleaned! I cleaned the inside myself! However, they will clean the inside for you! The price is a little bit higher! When I'm in a hurry it is well worth it! Very clean place!

Tresa Stein '

The worst ever. The young guys do their best but they are not in charge and the manager is far below par.

Pete Willhite


After years of using this car wash, their line malfunctioned while my car was on it. Tore 2 plugs out of my rear tire and scratched rim, split front tire and scratched rim. Attendant saw what happened and had me fill out an incident report. Spoke to manager, he acted as if he could care less. Told me that while it happened in their car wash, they would do nothing about it. Stuck paying for this out of pocket. BEWARE..... This company has made thousands of dollars off of us for years, and manager could care less about us or his car wash. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DR Jeffery Lehman

Shine and bright

Hilary Polinski

Best place in town to get your car washed! Love the frequency cards!

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