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Lorri Johnson

First visit today. I had purchased a Groupon for headlight restoration. My headlights on my 2005 van were awful and it had become difficult to see well at night because my lights looked so dim. Even on high beams no one flashed their lights at me because they were so dim. When I picked my van up about 3 hours later, the headlights looked brand new! Very shiny and clear. Also, to my surprise, they washed and cleaned my van inside and out as part of their service today. Awesome service and very friendly staff. My family will definitely be using their services again! Thanks!

Greg Miller

First visit and really satisfied! The dealership that I bought it from said that they detailed it for me however after leaving today from On The Spot Detailing my SUV was nice and shiny. I would recommend calling ahead to see what the wait time will be as I stopped by on a Friday afternoon and the 1.5 hour time told ended up being over 3 hours however I had nothing else to do and very happy with the basic $30.00 fee. My only concern is that when they place your vehicle in line behind the others they leave the engine on and idling until they get to it and finish (3.5 hours). I am however a satisfied customer and will be back.

Cody Gothart

Ok hang on for this one. This was going to be a one star review first but let me just tell you about their customer service. I was quoted 5ish hours wait time for window tint. Got a call my car was ready, went to pick it up and they hadn't started. Ok, that's fine I guess. It happens. They tell me to come back in an hour. So we kill even more time in town waiting on the car since we live 35 minutes away. Go back in an hour and the manager tells me it'll be another 4 hours. Now I'm irritated. But she made everything right and apologized for my trouble. She added a banana cream wax for free to make up for my wasted time and even said they could deliver my car when they finished because I lived so far away. I don't know about you, but I prefer to give business to companies that have excellent customer service. These guys went above and beyond to fix their mistakes, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for detail work. Plus my car looks amazing!!

Ronald Lucid

This is the best car detail and wash business I have ever been to. They areally all very courteous and make you feel at home. I bring all my vehicles here. Awesome is all I can say.

Angelina Todd

2.5 hours for a 30 min express wash...I'm so disappointed. I wanted this business to win and was so into it. As an AAMU alumn because I remember the beginning, but customer service and service times are lacking now. This wasn't my experience in the beginning. Right I'm sitting outside with a man who's been here since 8am, it's currently 1pm.

Cindy Coffey

Great Detail shop for your car. They offer everything from washing, detailing, cleaning your upoloestry, waxing to tinting you windows!!!

Kristi Caradonna

Great experience! Waiting area was comfortable and staff was very friendly and helpful. Will definitely be returning!

Curtis Norris

Once again, On the Spot in Madison continues to impress. I don't allow any other car wash touch my car. They take special care to make it look it's very best!

Eunice Paige

Great service! I liked the fact that they are opened at 7am Mon. thru Fri. I will definitely be back again.

Angela M

I took my vehicle to get the engine detailed. It was running fine when I brought it in, but was heavily misfiring and I had to get it towed away after they were done cleaning due to an excess of water in the engine. Called and stopped by to talk to the owner and keep getting the message he will call me back. It has been over two weeks now and he has not returned my call.

Yolanda Black

Always a great experience, now going on, 10 years as a loyal customer. The attention to consistency in their work has never failed me at any location. I was excited about the Madison 72 location. Thank you Nathan!

Shane Franke

Clean atmosphere in the waiting lobby, Sara the receptionist is very kind and helpful. An excellent wash and wax on my SUV, 5 Stars

Steve Henderson

Had rain damage in the finish of my car. "Fluff n buff" by On the Spot did a perfect job of bringing back the beauty. Perfect attention to detail. Need your car done right, bring it to On the Spot.

Marvin Jenkins

Charles Garner is the manager and he goes out of his way to make sure that the work is done and done right. You can't ask for anything more in a detail shop.

Robert Whiddon

The only reason it isn't a one star is because they did in fact clean the inside very well. The puddles of water left in my car that I'm still trying to get out is insane. I've gone through 4 towels and my floors are still soaked. And this is just the driver side. My amp is tacked to my floor under my seat. I hope I get it all out before it does damage to it.

Charles Wright

I love this location tiffany and tyrone are awesome! !!! The service is out of this world!!!

Dayle Reed

Nate and crew are always professional. I have not had any problems with the service here that they were not willing to take care of.

Chris Hunsberger

Very slow. Good job though

Emilia Canseco Diaz

Best Hand Carwash in Alabama

Christina Boatright

A whole bottle of weed killer spilled into the backseat of my car. We called the weed killer company and they told us what to do to get the smell out. It didn't work. I took it to On the Spot and now my car smells amazing!! It looks brand new as well. They also have great customer service.

N Sen

Outstanding service and attention to detail. This is the place for your auto care/cleaning needs. Both of our autos are done here.

Colleen Cooper

They tried to sell me another $120 worth of services on top of the regular $40 to clean my SUV. I told them to just clean it like regular. When I picked it up, I noticed that they didn't wipe down my doors, I.e. Use a wet washcloth and get dirt and smudges off the doors. I realized the next weekend when I went to put groceries in the cargo area that he didn't even vacuum there. They did a horrible job! I will never go back! Update: Nani called yesterday and offered to make it right and offered me another car detail for free. I will update further, once that cleaning is completed

Bruce J Scott

Car looks great! Leather interior with a convertible can be tricky, but they put enough on it to do a great job quickly.

James Layton

Each time at "On The Spot Hand Auto Detailing" I have been attended to promptly by a warm and friendly staff!! During the minimal wait I am grateful they provide lite refreshments in a clean and "living room" comfortable waiting area.. "Large Marge" my Chevy Suburban always comes out looking and smelling like she drove off the showroom floor and I Will continue to utilize them for ALL my SUV cleaning needs and you should too!!

patches little

Great experience. Very professional.

Deb in Alabama

I originally had a Groupon I purchased for an "Express Car Wash" back in 2017. Unfortunately, I never ended up using it. I thought I'd "lost out" on the money spent. However, when I stopped by to get pricing on window tinting, I found out I could still use my Groupon voucher ...even though it was more than a year later. I not only used it towards a car wash, but I also had the windows tinted on my "new" (used) car that I purchased from my family. On-The-Spot went above-n-beyond in helping me out with pricing on the tint, still honoring a more than 1-yr-old Groupon voucher & giving me a ride home while they worked on my car. Additionally, I didn't realize I had a "follow-up" FREE "Express" car wash to use that included vacuuming. However, you had to use it within 30 days. I provided an email that I don't check as regularly, so I missed the 30-day mark. They still honored washing the car, but were unable to do the vacuuming, which is fine. They did a fantastic job overall from beginning to end. I particularly give a BIG KUDOS to the following 3 employees: PATRICK, who worked on my car doing the tint, as well as the follow-up wash & BRITNEY, who gave me the ride home while it was being tinted. There were others who helped out, but I apologize, as I didn't get their names. They helped with the car wash/detail they deserve a BIG KUDOS, as well! I just interacted more with Patrick & Britney. There is another lady that deserves a KUDOS, and I believe her name is KARLY. She helped out with getting approval for the "follow-up" FREE car wash -even though it had been more than 30 days. SO A BIG KUDOS TO THE EMPLOYEES HERE & TO MANAGEMENT FOR HIRING GREAT EMPLOYEES! Be sure & check them out ...even if you don't have a Groupon! Thanks much, blessings many!

Nick Denny

Look, they did a good job detailing the inside of my car, it was quite dirty. However, I was not happy with the service as I was fed a lot of contradictory information and charged extra for it. I was fine paying $200 for what was listed at $155, but the reason given initially as the need to remove seats, didn't happen, but when I asked if I still had pay, I was given many excuses. It was also very unclear how long I would have to leave the vehicle, which ended up being 4 days and it still was wet. I also had three tears in my 12 year old headliner that weren't there before, understandable with the age, but when I asked, I was immediately met with reverse accusation that I did that and the steamer couldn't ever do that. I just warn that if you have a car that actually needs to be cleaned, prepare to pay more than what you see online and also don't even bother asking why or how long it will take. They did a good job cleaning, but customer service stunk up the car....

Kirstie Ferguson

Just moved to the area and we were so pleased to find a place who hand washes cars! Our cars are immaculate when we leave and the staff are so friendly and inviting! They have a nice waiting area with a tv to keep you occupied while you wait! They do a fantastic job at On the Spot and we will continue to keep coming back!

Jonathan Spurling

I have come to on the spot twice now both times was a great experience. I like the job done they clean inside and out very well. The waiting are is clean an comfortable will recommend to others. I will keep coming back.

Matthew M.

Mobile service was not great, almost left my cars worse than before they started. Better options in the area, ones where attention to detail matters and actually make your car shine.

Ron Reid

Completely unreliable. Scheduled me for service online with email receipt. I didn't hear from this company so I called the day before service and they told me that someone would call right back. The day of service someone calls and says that they have no availability for a week. How do you have no availability for an entire week when you already scheduled me in advance? I stated that my car needed to be washed and it was more than reasonable to have this done in far less than a weeks time especially since I've already waited from advanced scheduling. Therefore I would have to take my money to another business willing to make my time and money important. The company representative said ok and then promptly hung up. I will not conduct business with a company that doesn't respect the time and value of potential customers.

Harvey Fest

They do a good job they need a specialist just on windows then it will be excellent.

Michael Muriithi

My Car is my baby, basically part of the family. I never let anyone clean it or basically drive it (except my wife)..I was hesitant to take it to someone else but time in my schedule was not letting me give my car the attention it deserved. But let me say this...ON THE SPOT DID AN AMAZING JOB!!!! Shout out to Patrick!!..even though they were busy he did not rush anyone, he treated everyone with superb customer service. Definitely bring my car back for a max detailing.

sue helms

I trust my car to no one else. These guys are and my car love them. so happy they are finally open in their new location in Madison!

james parker

Nathan was extremely attentive to my needs and exceeded my expectations in terms of getting the hard water deposits off my black car and getting it done quickly. He all but dropped what he was doing to appease my need to get back to work asap. I am a fairly patient person, but this day I was a little rushed, and as some lesser folks in the service industry can easily be put-off by such a request, Nathan understood me to be sincere and personally drove it to the back and washed it (Not sure if this is normal because he was running the office too). Anyway, it was quick, and it was beautiful when he was done. Nathan displayed a great attitude and demonstrated great business acumen, not only with me, but others i observed. I am happy to have discovered this place and will use them exclusively going forward.

Dustin Borden

Unbelievable. We was talking about having the seats reupholstered and decided to have it cleaned first. We thought it was ruined. We was wrong. On the spot Madison AL location made the car look new. I wish we had pictures to show the job they did. 10 stars for these guys. Excellent job.

Arthur Banton

Customized a service that was not on their price list...but it should be. Great job.

Elia Lorenzo Canseco

Me love this carwash

Gabrielle Coleman

I absolutely love this place. The staff is friendly. I love the glass window they have that allows me to see my car being washed. My vehicle had a really ugly scratch on it, and they got the marks out and now you cannot tell I have a dent on that side of my car. For the price, location and deals they have I encourage anyone to go! I'm new to this area and I recommend all my college friends and colleagues to check them out!

Darlene Turner-White

They did an awesome job cleaning my car. The customer service is delightful. Thanks

Mike Melancon

After reading mostly positive reviews I decided to give it a try so I could free up some weekend time for myself. They didn't live up to their motto of no spot untouched. Keep in mind I have a brand new F150 with 6k miles on it. They didn't wash the bed liner, rims still have gunk on them, center console cup holders not cleaned, rear view mirror smudged, bugs still on front grill, no air freshner, vinyl mats not washed, tops of windows not cleaned, etc., etc. Now I will have to reclean it myself. Waste of time and money.

Doug Parker

Great place with great service. They always do a great job. No matter what you drive they treat it like a new car.


The staff are very friendly and professional. I plan on having my car fully detailed. I love the music. Please inform staff on how to access the rate and review area I asked several times how to get to the review site the receptionist had no clue. If customers ask question employees should.know the answers

Niecei Gayden

I have been meaning to try this place since it open. Now that I have, I am going to continue to come back. The staff is friendly. The service was great. It is closer to my house. So I am very happy.


On The Spot is an amazing place! The atmosphere is welcoming, staff friendly, and I wouldn't trust my cars to any other place after going there! I have experienced the best no need to try the rest! Trust On The Spot!

jewlani rodriguez

Excellent customer service not to mention the complimentary drinks and treats. You will always see luxury cars coming through this place. Ferraris and Lambos and all!!! Strongly recommended for those of you who just bought new cars. They offer ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tinting, rim repair, buffing, emblem changes, vehicle wraps and plenty other care and protection packages. In all my years ive never seen a cleaner more luxury carwash or detail shop! The wait can get pretty long especially on weekends as it is 100% handwash but the cleanliness of the car and the way they make ot shine is totally worth the wait. But if you dont care to wait on it there you can drop it off and they will call when its finished. Ive gotten picked up a few times and occasionally ill just go catch a bite to eat while my car is being serviced. Definitely worth every penny!!!

B Rich

I have always enjoyed an excellent experience at On the Spot. That is why I am a repeat customer.

Jillian Chappell

They did an amazing job! I wish I had taken before and after photos! It was SPOTLESS!

Linda Coulliette

Friendly staff and comfortable waiting area. They provide snacks and drinks while you wait! Very happy and will be a repeat customer!

chris butler

Great service all the time will never go anywhere else.great staff great location they always cover everything

Canan Tas

I have decided to try as per to the reviews I heard and I am really pleased with the cleaning they did. Car is looking sharp and like new!!! I liked the aquarium at the lobby as well.

Kyle E

Today was my first time ever using On The Spot car wash. I am 50/50 satisfied about my visit. Tiffany at the counter was very helpful and all the Gentleman who worked on my car knew their stuff when i asked them on touching up a few things myself on my car till my next visit. I have looked over my car yesterday before bringing it in today to get the Supreme Wash & Wax-Car option and thought i would get everything from top to bottom washed. Well i noticed yesterday front driver side bottom body trim behind wheel were black marks and a feather stuck to it and i have noticed the feather and marks are still there. i am happy with the people working there but the quality of the wash i am not happy with not clean as i thought it would be, next time i do visit the car wash i will defiantly let them know about hard stains on the car and they are very noticeably by the naked eye when you are standing next to the car and from a slight distance. overall not really satisfied.

Derek Breton

I was told to drop my car off at 10am and it would be ready by 5pm. Then they wanted to keep it overnight to properly dry it. I figured while it was there I’d add an exterior detail to the interior detail. They told me it would be ready 9am the next day. I called at 10am and they told me it would be between 3 and 4 pm. Then when I called at 6pm they said they were still working on it! I had the car around 8pm still very wet inside when they dropped it off. I still had to pay for the delivery. They said the compensated me by removing some paint transfers but the only ones I’d ever noticed on the vehicle were still there. They did a great job cleaning the seats and floors. It hardly looked like they touched the headliner. The price ended up being higher than what they advertised which was already a premium price. Sadly not a premium service. I’m giving them 3 stars to be nice but I’ll never choose them again.

ni smith

didnt get my money worth

Larenzo Simmons

Great service & friendly staff & atmosphere

Wanda Glover

This is my first time here! I am very impressed! I will return.

Navaneeth R Selvaraj

Great experience. Customer service was good. Great car wash.

Michael Pace

Excellent service and clean comfortable waiting area. Top notch!

Randell Richmond

On The Spot always does a great job on our vehicles. Great atmosphere and customer service. Tiffany and Tyrone are very professional and courteous.

Dharsunn Gunaseelan

The service was great !

Patrick Franklin

The waiting room is nice!

Tam's Organic Solution

Great place very clean and professional. My dad told be to come here. Great choice..... Love my car!.....

Joni Swaim

Great job. Catch a sale.

Markus Parsley

I travel the US by car regularly and visit many Detail Shops. Nate runs the cleanest most professional facility I’ve ever frequented.

Jasmine Richardson

They do a great job! There so precise in cleaning and making your car look like it just came off the lot!!! Would recommend them to anyone!


*** UPDATE*** So it's been 3 weeks since this place replied to my review saying the owner will call me. Well still haven't heard anything from anyone. I guess this is just inline with how this place works, as in making promises and not standing by them. Thought I would update since the company made it seem like they actually cared and we're going to try to fix it... I wish I could make this a 0 star rating... This is pathetic! ***Original Review*** Nothing like spending $100 to have your vehicle hand detailed, and a few hours later you find out they actually didn't do much other than make the outside pretty. I made an appointment online, so it's not like I just randomly showed up and they didn't have time to actually do what I'm paying for. The $100 option for an SUV is supposed to be hand waxed and every part of the inside cleaned... They apparently decided cleaning the most of the inside of my vehicle was a waste of their time but didn't have a problem charging me for it. This is my first and last time ever going to this establishment and I will never be back

Brandon Hewitt

Be very aware! This place damaged my vehicle (scratched the bed) and refused to take responsibility. After calling the police, the owner outright lied about it, and tried to hustle me and the officer about his cameras not working. Even after several witnesses have verified that the damage was done at this facility, the owners refuse to take responsibility. Furthermore, he even tried to hustle me by stating that he would pay for half of the repair costs, or to let him repair it himself at his paint shop (which is plainly an admittance of guilt and trying to get off lightly). The officer bluntly told me that he was lying, has had this problem before, and that I should take him to court. That is exactly what is happening. On top of that, my company, who paid for us to take our vehicles there, will no longer be using his business. Just lost over 100 customers. So, if you are thinking about taking your vehicle here, please do yourself a favor and find a professional establishment. Their quality of work nowhere matches their pricing anyway. 3 consistent visits and all of them had issues. In response to your reply, I called and spoke to the detective. She never returned, and no footage was ever retrieved. Just another lie and refusal of responsibility.

William Rosa

I'm sitting here watching the service to my car, it honestly looks better, shiner, and just clean then the day I bought her. 5/5 for staff!

Abigail Clemens

Always have our cars detailed here. They do a awesome job and we won't go anywhere else

Amy King

I drive an hour and pass other car detailing companies because their prices are reasonable and staff is friendly.

Jack Brown

Outstanding business. Your vehicle looks like it is brand new when the team at On The Spot Detail finish.

Isaiah Morris

Back window not cleaned, rims dirty, bird poop still on the truck from before it was cleaned, a thick film on the instrument panel, film over headlights, engine not cleaned. Supposed to be a $125 supreme wash and wax service? I doubt it. Not even worth the $65 groupon price. Stick with a dealership or someplace other people use that do good work. Not this place.

Patrick Haralson

Consistenty professional, thorough and friendly service - my go to for cleaning all our rides!!! Highly recommend!!!

The Chance Family

Paid $169.99 for a interior detailing. Left the vehicle for 3 days to ensure a good job. Returned to find the front passenger seat torn. Employee agreed it was done at the business. Left the vehicle for a week to have the seat fixed. Picked the vehicle up and the air bags were deactivated. Employee told me to take it to the dealer for checking. Dealer told me my vehicle was unsafe to operate due to all air bags being disabled from a malfunction. Left vehicle at dealer for 3 days and they confirmed the error occurred when the torn seat was fixed. The air bag sensors were not replaced properly. Took the $60.44 bill to the business and the manager wouldn’t talk to me. Had an employee photocopy my receipts and stated they would mail me a refund. Never got a call or a refund. The experience costed me almost 2 weeks without my vehicle, $230.43 and the gas and aggravation of getting my vehicle repaired. What a bad business. Wash your own car or go somewhere else. I am not a person who only writes bad reviews. I write more good reviews than bad. Stay away from this business.

Animalhouse TX

Been taking my 2008 Viper here and never disappointed.

Ryant2 Campbell

Their prices are quite high for a car wash I think. Also when I told them that I wanted my mats to my SUV cleaned because there was some grease or oil on it and wondered if they could get that out for me they said that shouldn't be a problem so I asked how much to do that he said $29.99 which was also vacuuming as well. Then I thought that was a good deal to do all that I was wrong when it came time to pay for the service the lady told me that would be $44.02 and was thinking what I he said $29.99 which was right but that was just for the floor mats. Then for the vacuuming was $12.99 which to me I think is a lot so I think this place is a rip off.

Grandma Lola

Always excellent service! Sometimes the wait may be a little longer than expected, but they are always friendly, courteous and professional.

Doreen Simmons

The On The Spot staff are very professional and I have always had a great experience at both locations.

brandon hewitt

Be very aware! This place damaged my vehicle (scratched the bed) and refused to take responsibility After calling the police, the owner outright lied about it, and tried to hustle me and the officer about his cameras not working. Even after several witnesses have verified that the damage was done at this facility, the owners refuse to take responsibility. Furthermore, he even tried to hustle me by stating that he would pay for have of the repair costs, or to let him repair it himself at his paint shop (which is plainly an admittance of guilt and trying to get off lightly). The officer told bluntly told me that he was lying, has had this problem before, and that I should take him to court. That is exactly what is happening. On top of that, my company, who paid for us to take our vehicles there, will no longer be using his business. Just lost over 100 customers. So, if you are thinking about taking your vehicle here, please do yourself a favor and find a professional establishment. Their quality of work nowhere matches their pricing anyway. 3 consistent visits and all of them had issues.

Matthew Pugh

Awesome job on my car. Looks new.

Curtis Buehrle

They do an excellent job, took my 2019 in and they made it sparkle. Better than off the show room floor

lakera carter

Clean nice environment. Hidden secret!

Kim Ouattara

This place is really nice. They did an awesome job on my car. I will be returning to this location. Also this is a great location. I got a punch card as well

Fred Hedgecock

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT go to this location to have your windows tinted. I arrived 15 mins early for my 10:00 appointment to have the front two door windows of my F-150 tinted. They quoted me a estimated completion time of 2 hrs and 15 mins. After 3 hours, I had to ask how much longer it would be. Was told 20-25 minutes, an hour later I asked again. They told me it would be another 15 mins, 45 mins later they finally finished for a total time of 4 hours and 45 mins to complete a window tint on 2 windows. At no time did a manger ever speak to me about my service. The receptionist did go speak with the manager and offer a free cleaning of their lowest cleaning package. This tint job caused me to miss 5 hours of work, $110 for the tinting, and a meeting I had at 2:00. They completely missed the mark on their mission statement of "long-term commitment to continuous extraordinary satisfaction". Never again will I step foot in the place nor recommend it.

Ashley Green

They do a great job. Very friendly

Jay Myers

Very disappointed in the job done. I don't think a customer should have to point out wax being left on the car or the wheels still dirty. Especially after paying $125 for a wash n wax.

Bill D. Peters

Very clean environment, great attention to detail. I'll be back.

Cabrina Felton

They are the best. They clean my car from inside and out. Leaving it fresh and clean. They take their time to make sure my car looks brand new.

Jerry Pritchard

I brought my wife's Mazda CX-5 in because I saw a sign out front indicating they did "Paintless Dent Repair". I had dented her door by closing it with my butt when both hands were full of grocery bags. I was pleasantly greeted at the door by an employee. When I inquired about dent repair, he went to get the manager. The manager was also very pleasant, polite, and knowledgeable about what I was looking for. I made an appointment for the next day. When I brought the car in around lunch time, I was greeted by a young lady with a warm smile--also very polite and business-like. I left the car, and came back at 5:00 PM to pick it up. It was ready, and it was impossible to tell there was ever a dent! And the car had been washed and cleaned for no charge. When I checked out the young lady cashier was also remarkably pleasant. What an overall positive experience! Good people make a good business.

Damion Lopez

As busy as this establishment is, it’s impressive how quick they operate. Always a quality wash and reasonable prices. Appointments available for detail washes and a comfortable waiting area with refreshments. Strongly recommended

Nakia Hancock

Their good for a car wash, but nothing else. This has honestly been the worst service experience I have ever had. They took days longer than I was told to fix my bumper, and I never found out about delays until I called thinking I could come and pick up my car. Every day was another issue, and when I finally was able to get my car back 1 of the 2 issues they were supposed to fix hadn't even been done and I was charged for it. Nathan did issue me a refund for the service, but the communication between customer and establishment is terrible, and to top it all off someone stole all the change out of the little change purse I always keep in my car. That's probably on me for forgetting to take it out, but the last thing I expected was for them to be going through the panel on my driver door. I had high expectations for this place,but I was let down on every corner.

Dave Master

I thought I had finally found a place that could clean my car properly, but I later found out that they did not do all my glass especially the windshield which looks just as bad now as it did when I had the car washed.

Leidy Aquino

On The Spot Is the best car Wash to get your auto detailed ! I would definitely recommend to Everyone ! They will leave your car Spotless!!!!!!

Charles Pritchett

Was completely satisfied with the job job well done excellent

Kyle Hicks

They left swirl marks in my clear coat, they must reuse the same dirty soap water for ever car. They also left some kind of residue all over the entire car, from brake rotors to the windshield. They also stole my micro fiber rag I had in my front sit. Receptionist was beyond nice though, that's why they get one star. If I could just rate her she would get 5 stars.

Scott Johnston

Always do great work.

Lyssa Herring

I have used On The Spot 4 times now and have been very pleased with their work. They pay attention to the small details and I have never left feeling as if i didnt get my money's worth. I would definitely recommend.

Monicka Lemon

Very nice people and I got $5 off. The cars out front are shining from wheel to wheel, I'm still waiting on mine

Toni Skinner

Love that they are open on sundays. They are locally owned and ran. Very nice people and very professional. Would recommend them to anyone.

Nolan Grant Posey

On The Spot has always done an incredible job with my vehicles. Their attention to detail is very impressive and I recommend anyone to give them a try.


Very Good and attentive, waiting area was very comfortable and nice staff!


Never have I seen a Detail Shop so clean.. Love the staff. Detail crew did a awesome job with my Honda

Myron Fletcher

Always a great experience. They clean black cars really well! Can't comment for other services outside of car washing! But there full service option is exactly what I need and expect from them! Now the wait is extremely long. For a full service which is wash outside and clean the inside I waited almost 1 hour and 30 min. The wait time can dramatically improve.

Tesha Thompson

The service is great,everyone is friendly and Ms. Tiffany is a boss at the front counter!

Randal Waugh

Ive always been pleased with the people here. It takes a little long sometimes, but overall good work.

James Shorden

Excellent service , friendly staff.

Jimmie Hughes

Perfect!!!! Everything from the customer service to the service of your vehicle. On the spot auto detailing will definitely get all my future service.

Marc Lewis

Outstanding care for your vehicle. World class IMO. Many services available.

Iris Rivera

Today is my second time to bring my auto to Soft Spot. The service I received was fantastic! My auto was immaculate (inside and out). The owner personally greeted me and he seemed to care about people. Tiffany was very cordial and professional. The waiting area was very clean. They offered complimentary coffee and snacks. As long as I receive this great service, I will continue to bring my auto here.

Jane Holaway

Superb highly recommend.

Rick Mixon

They really make sure that your car is taken care of

C Armstrong

I love On The Spot. They do a great job and the prices are reasonable along with Ladies Day on Tuesdays, punch cards for free washes and other specials. I would recommend you give them a try!

Brittany Rowe

Love this place and they do a great job!!

MelaNo JustMela

This is a recap of my first review... After my experience at this location I was contacted by one of the business reps and the owner. Sense being contacted a few things have happened. Mr. Sharp dealt with me directly. He met me to look at my repair that I needed. Assessed the situation. And told me what we could do. Not only did he fix my problem (repair) my truck was so clean I almost didn’t want to drive it. Over all, though it took time and scheduling to get it done. I’m happy with the customer service that I was given and the repair was adequate and to my liking. I have a repair needed to my leather seat in my truck. I called before hand to make sure everything would be in order then I came to the location in Madison. The young lady told me I could bring it in with no appointment. I get to the location and I stood inside waiting for 10 min for the receptionist to come back to the counter (she walked out as soon as I walked in). She returns and I tell her why I am here. Her reply was “ohhh wait let me see if we can get someone to look at it for you”....wait WHAT! So she goes back outside to speak to someone. Upon her returning she tells me “the owner isn’t here and he is the only one that can give you a quote”! WHAT.....I just called YOU! She states that all she can do is take a picture and send it to the owner and she will CONTACT ME! Really! She takes a picture....I then say you need to put something next to it for a size reference. She had no clue what I was talking about. Customer Service needs to be revamped! So I wasted my time and gas! I’ll share this experience with everyone I know to ensure they find other alternative for Car service!

Ken Cleesattle

I have used On the Spot several times. Nate and his team cleaned a car that my wife and I gave our 16year old. It was truly nothing short of amazing in the transformation before and after. Now I am a black card member and love it! Highly recommend and this is a truly professional operation where you get exactly what you pay for and expect. Actually more in some cases! Fantastic team and will never go elsewhere! Came back today for window tint on my new truck! Quality!

andrea navarrre

Love this place! They do a great job, in a reasonable amount of time, for a fair price!

Adnan Seljuki

Zero stars... Worst car detailing ever. The car had stains all over the outside and windshield was oily. All the outside glass was unclean. Mats were so soaked, they were still weeping water the next day. Charged $190 plus the guy asked for a tip as well. I went there to try supporting a local business in Madison but was extremely disappointed. On the Spot used be really good when they were on University Blvd near Sams Club. Not any more... I do not expect this owner to stay in business for too long.

Nick A

These guys do an amazing job. I've always went to Lee's magic tunnel but have been disappointed with their work lately. On the spot does an amazing job all by hand. My car came out showroom clean. I'll be going back for sure

Deborah MacArthur

Really great staff! They do good work and they are very friendly and helpful

Lora Barnard

This place is fantastic. Always enjoy coming here. They are professionals and their work shows it. Very satisfied.

Tiffany Caudle

Best hand car wash in the city!!

Savon Santana

Great place excellent job!

Mindi Tucker

They do an excellent job!

Jahbari Jones

great service they have you ready in a nice timely matter and the place is nice so you feel comfortable while waiting

L res

Great place to get your vehicle cleaned up

Mark Hamby

Hood service

sharde hampton

Clean and nice waiting area, I loved the fact that they actually take there time and focus on your car! Gotta come back!

Wrk Hppy

I'm at on the spot and these guys are the best. Tyrone helped me decide on what service I neededicated thank you guys

Doris Harper

If I could I have given zero stars that’s what’s they would have gotten.

Maura Winter

I never write reviews but I am very upset with my experience here. I just moved to the area from Boston, and we drove my two labs in my car. They charged me an extra $20 for dog hair (but said they should've charged me $50 extra). There is no way to quantify how much they charge for the dog hair and I'm sure they get extremely dirty cars that are way worse than mine that don't get charged extra just because it's not dog hair. I get the extra charge for dog hair, but it seemed unfair. Even worse, they charged me extra and my car is not even close to clean. I opened my trunk today to find they didn't even touch the trunk of my car. There's also places in the back seat that look untouched. I paid extra money, waited over 2 hours, and my car isn't even clean. I am very unhappy with the results.

Cynthia Harris

Great day. Come on down...

ron carter

Very professional. Excellent the service. As advertised no spot untouched.

James Clem

I took a Company F150 Truck in to have it detailed, especially on the inside, everything but wax. When I get it, which was a day late, there was dirt along the door jams, under the back seats I found trash, the back of the truck under the targo cover they didn't do anything. The wheels had not been cleaned but they had put armorer all over them to mask the dirt. Very, very disappointed.

Trista Smith

On the Spot is an awesome place to take your vehicle! They did a great job on my car and was done by the time we were done with lunch. Very efficient and very nice people!


I came here for a , Full service wash, inside and outside. I’m very satisfied.

Shonta Martin

Great car wash! Great job on black cars! I would definitely recommend ON THE SPOT ....

John Locke

Came in for a tint on camper top. Was told if I cleaned window of stickers it would be less in price, nice but it's their job to do so but thanks. Then they have to do a Google search how remove and do windows with screens . Not professional

Harry Durr

The whole staff very courtesy, do an outstanding job on cleaning your car.

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