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REVIEWS OF Marc-1 Car Wash IN Alabama

Jacob Walker

Terrible. The entire front of my car did not get washed or even wet for that matter. The rain does a better wash then this place. Complete waste of money.

Azure Drk

The guy at the automatic car wash was helpful! When I get my truck I'm definitely buying a car wash membership

Marshall Mooney

Marc-1 is a great way to wash a car.

Little Caesars

I recently borrowed my father's cadillac, and decided to stop by here to clean it before returning it. I pulled in to and started vacuuming the vehicle, when I realized his power antenna was stuck up, and would most likely mess up in the car wash. I approached a lady working to ask if she had a pair of pliers I could borrow to remove the antenna. she was very rude and said no. I said okay, then out of the blue she says "Ill call the Hoover Police, its a $250 fine if you don't pay" I tell her I'll gladly pay, but I'm not going to run his car through the wash as not to ruin the antenna. Her response "you can't pay for the vacuum, you have to pay for the wash!" okay, no problem i said. I finish vacuuming the car, then walk over to pay $5 for a car wash that I will not be able to use. She approaches me again "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!! YOU CAN'T JUST PAY FOR A WASH WITHOUT RUNINNG YOUR CAR THROUGH!!" umm, yeah you just said I have to pay, so I am. "YOU'RE MESSING UP THE SYSTEM AND YOU HAVE TO RUN YOUR CAR THOUGH, YOU DON'T HAVE AN OPTION!!" My, yes, I can, watch me. She then again threatens to call the police. I ask her to please call them..i paid for the wash, and didnt even use it....what's the problem?!?! she causes a huge scene and says that me and my piece of $h^t car are never allowed here again. I ask to speak to the manager or owner, she initially says no, then that she is the owner. Pretty sure she wasnt, but I have never been treated so poorly before in my life. After paying, I handed my carwash ticket to the next person in line, and she flips out again saying I'm stealing from her!!! I did the opposite of stealing...paying for something I never received... and I was okay with it! Kinda BS, but I understand so I paid, but then she made this whole ordeal about it and was degrading towards me with her comments and tone. I will never set foot near this pathetic business again. One of the most ridiculous things i have ever experienced. The lady working here is a disgrace to people everywhere, and perfectly fits the bill of white trash. Any Finebaum listeners, just think: Tammy's long lost sister running a business. Scary stuff. Hope this place becomes a victim of the economy.

Shannon Meads

If my husband would not have used the bug brush beforehand it would still look the same after the $20 wash. Do not waste your money here.

jerome johnson

Best value for a wash 30 a month isn't bad for unlimited washes

Tyler Thompson

Good car wash for a great price

steve mbugua

Quick and detailed

Charlie Graham

Samuel Meja Mwangi

Has all you need for that xtra buff shine...,those wash cloths of theirs,streak free man!....even the basic wash is fye!

Cynthia Jenkins

Sheila P

Nicholas Parks

Laughably terrible. I've been here three times, as I live a few blocks away. Each time, I have to clean the outside of my car when I get home. This carwash gets none of the bugs off my mirrors or front fascia. Today, they're leaking wax, or some other white chemical, as it had dripped all over the left side of my car at some point near the end of the cycle. Additionally, the attendant directed me forward, forward, forward until both of my left side rims dropped off the bar. He grimaced as this happened. In essence, any coin wash where you have to operate the spray and brush is far superior to what you'll get here.

Matthew Hust

Very clean, athey even have a pre-assembled station with soap and a brush to get the hard stuff off the car.

Ed Key

Attendants always courteous!! Every location! Greensprings, Hoover, Pelham. I frequent them all on a regular basis!

Jackie Leonard

I love this place

Andre Woody

Cool place to get your carwash.

Mysterious Woman

The best

Kat Wright


Asher Murphy

You should go to Marc-1!

Suzie Gonzalez

Marcus Wright

The staff is always willing to help even when you don't need it

Shannon Sudbury

30 dollars a month, unlimited washes and free vacuums!

Ronald White

This is an awesome place to get your car washed. Quick and easy very convenient at a good price to have it done

Matt Stuenkel

Service is fine and all, but they don't open when they say they do. Google says 7am and the automated message on their phone system says the same, but multiple times I have driven by or tried to get a wash before 8am and the place is locked up tight. Don't say you're open at a time you're not prepared to be open.

Reginald Butler

This place is nice and convenient. Around $8 can get you a car wash. But with that is free vacuum for the inside of your car. They have a floor mat cleaner as well. Also before you wash your car you can pre-wash it with soap n brush to help remove bugs n gunk from your grill and windshield. They also offer membership for unlimited washes starting at $16 a month. Can't beat that!

m davis

Went to get a carwash and ended up purchasing a monthly pass.

am0220 am0220

Good. Reasonably priced, free (strong!) vacuums and can prescrub.

Paul Hinnen

My car is clean

David Eller

Gregg Stuart

I have the Buddy’s Best monthly package and I love the ease of getting my SUV washed, that being said I really wish they would do something about the fact that there is always a line waiting for the vacuums. I often wait five to ten minutes for people WHO AREN'T EVEN PAYING FOR A CARWASH to drive back out the wrong way for me to be able to use a service I pay for every month. Please post signs or have your employees ask people what wash they are buying. Or just designate 2-4 stalls as reoccurring membership only vacuums.

Carlo Simpson

Very nice employees and helpful!!!! GREAT PLACE

matt Wheat

Lyndsy Alesce

Sean C

This is the best wash ,with the best Service in Alabama. Free Vacs, Free Towels and Free Glass Cleaner with Any wash Package.

Craig Winn

$30 for monthly membership for the top of the line wash. This is a no brainer. Seriously even at 12:30 with 15 cars in line takes less than 10 min to run thru the wash. You don’t even have to roll your window down. Just pull up and it knows you have a membership automatically. Has prewash station with brushes and post wash towels and vacuums. Very pleased. Looking forward to checking out the multiple locations. I think there is one on 280 also.

Joshua Ramsey

Super fast way to get your ride clean. Free vacuum and helpful staff.

Kelly Fuller

Good value


LOVE it! Excellent customer service!! Highly recommend it! Super easy, quick and convenient!

Desiree McCarty

Decided to try this instead of Anthony's. Not impressed. My car was still dirty after going through the wash. All they do here is spray the front of the car. At Anthony's they have someone do a quick scrub on the front end and windows to break up the road debris. Definitely dissappointed.

Joe Schillaci

Great wash. Fair prices.

Sean Davis

I went through this car wash and it didn't get any bugs off my truck using their highest dollar wash I would not recommend this place for anyone

Lindsey Pharo

Excellent car wash in and out. Highly recommend

Pramit Shrestha

Most of the vaccum doesn't work. Sometime foam doesnt work and needs to re wash the car. Place is too compact.

Crystal Thierry

Missed some spots for a 17 dollar wash and they dont push in my mirrors and getting out back on 65 sucks


Alex Njenga

Great promotional discounts every now and then. Love the free vacuums


Great service and prices!


The facilities are always clean and the staff is very attentive to all customers.

StevieD and AshleyC

If you need to get your car cleaned, this is a great place to go. The pre-wash cleaning area allows you scrub down the car, mats, clean out inside, before going through the actual washing area. To be clean, you clean the inside yourself and then go through the machine. Like all automatic cleaners, this ones will miss several areas and so I say to is just average to any other I have every been through.

Fernando Valdez

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Scott Barrentine

Nice staff and great facilities! Actually gets your vehicle clean.

Angelina Nelson

Great deals

Edward Cowan

Clean es my van very good got all of the red dirt off of it.

Jonathan Ray

Went to school with Marcus-----Hes got a great business going!!!!

Rich OC

Good place for a wash during a drought. $15 not bad.

Sea Hag π

Great place, convenient, and well managed. Jan

Tonya Fields Frym

Juanita M

Quick and easy.

Love from Alabama Jenny

Have everything you need to clean your car, Free vacuuming, towels and window cleaner. Very affordable options as low as 7.99

Ladd MacDavid

Free wash! Car looked great.

April Roberts

Joe Joe

Erin Walton

Love the vacuums and mat cleaning stations before the carwash!

Destiny Fitch


Faith Kemmler

Fast and easy!

Rodrick Hilson

My side mirrors didnt get folded in. Other then that good job

Theresa LoRusso

Strong vacs, provide towels and fast wash

Dantrel Robinson

You come for the car wash but you come BACK for the excellent customer service.

Kara Smith

Love this car wash! It's inexpensive, and gets the job done!

Theresa Ricchiuti

There were two men there Jon an James spoke to employee. Horribly

Lloyd-Janet Mize

Good wash

Captain G

Brooke is awesome! Best car wash and customer service in town!

Dominique Rena

Always cleaned and great customer service...I recently moved 25 mins away from this area but always come back to this place to wash my car. So worth it

Jeremy Milwood

Great carwash. Amazing staff. Never had a problem here

Jacob Perzabal

(Translated by Google) Good pretty and cheap. (Original) Bueno, bonito y barato.

Jammerson Agnew

Nice and friendly place


Great deals on monthly car wash packages

Gary Griffin

You have to do the work but they give you all the options & equipment !

Pamela Burn

Fast and did a great job on cleaning my car.

Surendra Jnawali

Awesome service with nice vacuum facilities

John Andrew Barnes

Free vacuums, pleasant staff, good wash

J.C. Chiles

Great do it yourself car wash!

ryan musick

The team is professional and helpful. I have a out side sales position and having a clean vehicle is crucial. So I purchased the monthly subscription service for my company car. It was involved in a minor accident. While my company car was being repaired they allowed me transfer the subscription to my temporary vehicle with no problems. They also helped hand wash part of the replacement car that the automated wash could not get clean. Great experience!

Sherrie Frady

Great staff and good value for cleaning my customers car!

Greg McGill

Attendants are helpful and alert to vacuum hose issues and RFID reader issues. If you have a monthly plan, you can vacuum, spot clean and wash in about 10-15 minutes, depending on how busy the stations are when you visit.

Adam Fritsch

Very friendly and helpful, but it didn’t get all the bugs off the front bumper. I took my car back around and the attendant suggested I scrub the bugs off first in their self cleaning area. He said he would just run me back through, but it probably wouldn’t get the bugs off. It was busy so he grabbed a brush and did or himself. Seems like if you’re going to charge $20 for a car wash, you should have the person that waves you into the bay use a higher pressure hose to get difficult bugs, etc. off the front first.

SSAN SportsShowAboutNothing

Best place to wash your at besides at home

Tony Anderson Sr.

I would like to give a shout out to the management staff at this particular location, I lost my wallet at the washer and one of the managers went out of her way to help me try and find it, she checked the cameras and vacuum bins. we did not find it, but the service and wash that I got made my day a little brighter.

ira levine

Great bang for the buck. My favorite car wash for many years

Eric O

Free vacuuming

Darrell Corbin

Nice car wash ,

Sean McKim

I have one of the monthly memberships and it is nice to be able to wash my vehicle every day at multiple locations. Each location is a little different and sometimes the wash package includes different things at the different places. That's not an issue, they all do a good job of getting the car clean.

Vim Basnett

Ashley and Mike are very understanding and helpful. Ashley once helped me get a jump when my car did not crank. The rest of the employees are equally friendly and helpful. I am glad I signed up for 19.95 everyday wash.

TightLines & TanLines

Best car wash around.

Steven Powell

Clean car okay

Jeramy Austin


Great car wash

Denise Henderson

Great wash

olga martinez

Excelente lugar para limpiar tu carro

Myra Bass Austin

I'm currently sitting in my husband's car behind a truck that apparently has all kinds of mess in the bed and this rude driver is holding up EVERYONE! Literally 6 vehicles are in line behind this fool. Poor employees are cleaning the bed of the truck. The driver hasn't even attempted to get out and lift a single finger!!! I'm irate!

Vanessa skripko

Tire cleaner is not ready until about 9 or 10am. My license plate was folded in half by the end. I will try oasis and Anthony's car wash. Nothing about my experience was good here.

Anita Mcdade

Great staff

Carter Fitzgerald

Best car wash in homewood

Citizen Caine

Diann Carlton


Shawn Barrett

Good place to DIY car cleanup


Best car wash in town

James Brittle

Great car wash value and powerful vacuums. Monthly deal cannot be beat.


Awesome, affordable wash with free vacuums and floor mat cleaner. Car looks awesome!

Jason Bailey

Great car wash. Easy, quick and convenient. I just got the membership and I can run my car through as many times as I want. James the manager is great.


Good car wash with various options! Looks just as good as full service carwashes. No complaints here!

Bryan Craig


Chris Swain

Great experience at Hwy 31 Marc-1 Car Wash. Can’t wait til they get the preformed car mat cleaning machine though.

Devin Haynes

Alyssa Gallahan

Always in and out. don't have to wait for a vacuum to comte empty they have alot.. he'll employees also.

Read Hauck

Terrific service , great wash!

Ed Key Jr.

Every location is on point#!

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