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REVIEWS OF Fast Trac Car Wash IN Alabama

Nathan Biggs

I purchased the $9 car wash, and for the price the wash was great. There were a few things that I noticed: 1) The water smelled VERY bad. I’ve been to this car wash multiple times and this is the worst the water has EVER smelled. It was almost nauseating. 2) The first vacuum that I pulled up to had no suction. As it was not very crowded when I went (early in the morning), it wasn’t hard to pull up to another vacuum that was working. 3) The vending machine that has cleaning products in it was not working. The machine was on, but would not take any money. However, the lady that was working at the time was quick to come to me and ask if I needed any help. After showing her the issue with the vending machine she was quick to get the key and get what I needed. These were just a few minor things that made it a little inconvenient. Overall, it was a quick and inexpensive car wash. Will go again.

Brian Pouliot

Great value! The assistant really scrubbed our car down well before we went through the wash. For $9, we got a pretty dang good wash and vacuum! :)


Went the first time and the manager Leah was helpful and did a phenomenal job on our truck. Went again and the staff worker Breona was so happy and also did a great job...we will return. The customer service is above the norm and the truck sparkles.


Great wash for cheap prices. 5/5 would definitely come back.

Jessica Stubblefield

karen szymczyk

I think the power and management are top notch!

Annie Dunford

The staff was so nice and helpful

Deborah O'Neal

Donna Newby

Timothy Wyant

Clean and nice. Fast and job well done. Will sure return again.

Patricia Thomas

Great service

Jason Glover

Good car wash ....

richard tobey

Sarah Buck

Jesse Graham

Jimmy Ryan

James Hughes

Does a good car wash

Erin McGinty

Jerome Pineau

Ulrich S.

Jason Wehn

On Monday, 11/19, I took my relatively new car (2017) through this wash and one of the automated brushes tore off the mirror cap on the driver side. The employee on duty was able to find the missing piece, but the paint was scuffed up and one of the attaching tabs broke off. The supervisor was kind and responsive and had me fill out a damage claim form. She said their Operations Manager would be in touch about replacing the mirror. I have not yet been contacted and am disappointed with the experience.

Bobby Lupo

Michael Hesse

Attention to detail for everything. Could use a few more options to clean car (different vacuum extensions) but overall very good.

Ali Nichols

Kevin Geary

I've taken my vehicles here from the time you guys opened...I liked the convenience of not having to go over the hill to wash my vehicle...except for, the attendant on site used the broom head to fold in my passenger side mirror, instead of doing it the correct way. No damage that I could see...maybe you were having a bad day...maybe I won't be back for a while...

Cynthia Benjamin

Douglas Chamberlain

Feel like i have to wash the whole car myself. Never cleans wheels.

Megan McClellan

Ruchi Maskey

Maven Patterson

Macy Chapman

Christine Stewart

Scott Rickert

The staff is friendly but they do not do a great job on the car. This is basically a drive through and then do the rest yourself place. If you ask me they are charging way to much for what they provide. I went there and had to take my car to another car wash that an employee there told me about. It only was about $6 more for a full detail at the other places. However if you just want to knock the dust or pollen off and vacuum out your ride then this will be great for you. They also provide free air for your tires, not sure if you have to get a wash to use it anymore though.

Richard McCollum

Rude attendant. I asked if I could pay to just vacuum and not get a wash. Was extremely rude. He said the cheapest car wash was $7. It is a loud place, I asked if I could just pay to vacuum. He turned his back to me as if he didn't have time for me. No problem, my business is going elsewhere!

Melissa Brister

Very good service. Decent quality wash and good prices. Always busy...especially on nice days.

Trama Cook

Fast! Efficient! In and out in under 10 minutes and that includes stopping to vacuum!

Charles Bozeman

Friendly and courteous staff

chris rayford

Staff is always nice

Dave Rinker

William Morris

This car wash has always worked well. The vacuums are effective and the staff helpful. If you need to air up your tires they have a free air pump and wiper fluid fill station.

Brad McClellan

Fast and kind of beats the car to cleanliness

Christian Eichelberger

Staff are eager to assist you. Free vacuums with any wash. Just a little pricey.

Michael Lang

Guy didn't scrub half the car before into car wash also didn't get the extra stuff for 19 dollar wash. Also when I called to complain couldn't speak to a manager and the person I did talk only wanted to argue and swear up and down that he did scrub the right side of the car. Only thing he was proud of was the fact that he had been there longer than the manager and tried to tell me that dirty water stains on a window from rain was from the car wash itself. The place is a joke. Update: I was contact by the manager and a person from operations and they apologized for what happened. They also took internal measures to ensure that it doesn't happen again and offered me a free car wash. Seems the place is undergoing new ownership.

melissa keen

Tammy Smith

Free vacuum!


Johnny Payne

Willie Bachelor

Paula Dickerhoff

I love this car wash. It's cheap. Free vacuums. I go here a few times a month.

Jamie Engel

After washing my truck 20+ times throughout the years I was denied service because, suddenly today, my truck was too wide. Now the truck is covered in pre wash chemicals and I have to rush home and hand wash the vehicle. I was thoroughly embarrassed in front of countless other drivers while I had to turn around in the wash lane and leave.

Mark Moore

Betty Smith

Ari's Channel

Paula Lindon

Great service, friendly staff, love the look of my car when finished.

Timothy Hastings

Mary Ann Townsend

Lisa Stapler

Teresa Carlson

Max Stephenson

Canine Justice

Decent wash. Great vacuums.

Joe Cramer

Andrea Williams

Leah was so helpful. She took the time to find a piece of my car that was sucked up by the vacuum.

David Juan Pascual

Dominique Schneider

Paid for undercarriage wash but did not get it. Seems like it must not have turned on.

Scott Avant

Love the new owner and management team.

Kimberly Turner

Mimi G

I've washed my vehicles here and my dogs!! It's an excellent car and dog wash! The staff is very helpful and this place is well managed! I take a vehicle there weekly!

Jonathan Ford

Hello, I couldn’t find any way to contact the operator of the Hampton Cove Alabama site but today while using the wash I observed multiple heads where the spray foam and soap comes out completely not working or barely working and missing the car entirely. I’ve noticed the last few times the quality of the wash is going from good to fair. Can someone please fix these issues?

Jennifer Liddle


Ingrid Daymond

Bad experience my car tires looked the same as when I entered the car wash. The guys told me that I had no option. They did not even spray or put anything on my tires prior to the wash. I purchased the Ultimate wash and it was the Ultimate in the worst car wash so I had one option to give them a bad review which they must not be thinking about! #dontgothere

Adrienne Fujihara

Amy Carter

My car looked great but at one point it sounded like the power washing was destroying my car. I looked, no damage, but still was unsettling.

Michael Chunn

Presley Weems

Car wash was great! I bought the $7 wash and was able to vacuum afterwards. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because customer service could have been better. First time to this car wash, so I was not sure how it worked. Pulled up to a Lady and she guided me to where I needed to be then started spraying while also talking to me, did not hear one word that she said so like other car washes I put my car in park. Come to find out it needed to be in neutral after the lady was rude about it and gave me bad looks. BUT before I left, while I was vacuuming, a younger guy walked out to my car to see if I needed any help. So overall the car wash was great. Not sure if that lady was just having a bad day or what.

Dan Stephens

I have used this car wash since they opened new. I made a point of noticing the little things in the beginning. Now I notice the water smells VERY bad and my truck does not come out looking as good as it used to. Also they are using summer, (young) employees and they don’t do the job as well most of the time. I guess my alternative is to wash my truck at home so that’s what I will do until they get things right. Sorry about that as it was most convenient.

Erik Wright

Best car wash in town! Staff is very friendly & the manager always goes above and beyond.

Anthony Harris

Get very good service from them


Good place to get a cheap car wash

Alex Younes

Jamie Young

This is a great location for a quick wash. Really like the vacuums and love the pre-soak wheel wash. They are always friendly and give great customer service. The touch free wash is state of the art and does a really good job cleaning your car.


A great place for a quick car wash. The $11.00 service choice to me is the best inexpensive car wash and wax. They also have car matt cleaning machine. You can't get a better car wash and wax. Great place and the employees are very helpful.

Aaron Gregory

steve branning

Bought the $19 wash . I drive an SUV . At other car washes the personal wash the wind shield , running broads , front grill and rear hatch with brushes to make sure it gets clean . At this location they did nothing . They acted as if I broke up the party . No thank you just a cold we don't care attitude . My car did not get clean . I can say that I will never use this was again . .

Evan Terrell

Machine breaks down often. Tire shine wasn't working the other day. Vacuum wasn't working either. Pretty disappointed.

Christy Martin

Reginald Owens

Good wash. They should offer a monthly rate.

Scott Hutchins

In Dec 2014 my daughter took the family SUV though this Fast Trac Car Wash. The SUV's rear lift gate window trim plate broke in half on the way through the wash. My daughter heard the noise it made coming off & after she exited the wash she pointed out the damage to the car wash workers. They stopped the car wash & retrieved the broken piece - it was pretty big. The on-site manager was clearly not happy about discussing the problem with her, but had my daughter fill out a form and said we would get a follow-up phone call about it. After waiting a month for Fast Trac to call us, we called them. Got the same on-site manager & same customer friendly (not) manner as he told us it was not FastTrac's problem because 1) our rear window was already cracked when it went through the wash. Huh? Where did that come from? What does he base that on? That comment is simply made up and not true. And 2) our car is over 10 years old and Fast Trac is not responsible for any damage to any vehicle that old. That part at least is true on its face. I checked and Fast Trac has a sign at the wash entrance that so states. Why manager-boy didn't ask about our vehicle's age or notice it on the form & point that policy out to my daughter a month ago I don't know. Anyway, I don't like it, but I understand Fast Trac does not have to compensate for our damage given their stated policy about older cars. But we not return to Fast Trac. We will take our business & 4 vehicles elsewhere. Not because Fast Trac will not cover the damage their car wash did to our vehicle, but because the 'manager' at this location pretty much had zero skill about how he dealt with it. The home office needs to invest in some coaching for this guy or get someone else to deal directly with their customers.

Robert Allen

Scratches my car both times I used it. I wash by hand now

Sonya Byrd

Rhonda Bailey

Cheap prices , got to vaccume all I wanted for free , clean safe place to take the kids.

Andrew Carlson

gone fishing

Always great service - Thanks for all you do!!

Danny Caudle


Patrick Snodgrass

William Pilkington

David Letendre

The car wash does a great job. Very powerful vacuum. A HUGE COMPLAINT is that the Simonize Wheel treatment leaves your car dirty when you drive away. There is so much of this treatment that is sprayed onto the tires that the side of your car gets sprayed with black dots for days. I have even tried wiping off the excess and it still splashes all over the side of the car and the wheels. DO NOT get the wheel treatment.


The only car was we use. Staff are friendly and helpful and it's always clean. However things have changed. Paid $19 for our carwash and they were out of towels and air fresheners. Staff didn't seem to care and just suggested to get a cheaper one and buy my own air freshener.

Paul McSherry

Jason Young

Quick car was service with self vacuum option. No additional interior cleaning services offered.

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