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REVIEWS OF Bebo's Express Car Wash- Foley IN Alabama

Nipun Gadhok

Not worth the money. Their machines are old and the doesn’t even cleans your vehicle properly. Their detailing guys also don’t really do a good job and use dirty cleaning cloth which leaves mark later. I just canceled my monthly unlimited wash subscription. Will never go back here.

Raymond Booth

DON'T hate it just don't like it

Ron Quilhot

Pumps never work right won't accept reward cards. Car wash $$$$$

Victory Reliable Services, LLC

Worst of the bunch, I just go there to Shell gas fill up. Half of the time management don't let me wash truck bcs a ladder rack and when they do I get no tire dressing, I ask about it and they do hand apply it with bad attitude, no problem at all at any other location.

Fawn Wiley

Quick reasonably peiced oil change and free car wash. Got to live it.

Loki Laufeyson

Just got a phone call from there boss bugging do not call me back I am never going to use this place. Wants me to take this down. If I am not happy I am not going to give a good review.

Catherine Cardenas

Slowest place in town

Josh Church

Great car wash. Detail service is OUTSTANDING! Will come again.

Diego Carmona

Aweful customer service!! There was 2 young guys running the place with a F horrible lazy attitude, like if I was doing them a favor!!

Antwanette Ingram

love this place they treat my car good. always do a good job and they do the work fast but very efficient

Savannah Jones

Great service, great employees, and great management!! People at the car wash was nice and the detailers were very respectful and kind. I will be back all the time!

Veronica Watkins

Always friendly

Keith Combs

Great place to go my truck looks new again inside and out thanks to the entire crew especially the managers that had everyone on top of everything...

Jay Jennings

Try and hit them up on Wacky Wednesday for their $2.95 car wash

Gary Wasko

Did good, miss the top of the cab on the truck.

Roger Southerland

Nice people. I use it all the time.

richard chambers

Awesome experience as always with the oil change a fill up and a car wash in the same location. I love you bebos and wish there was one in every town

Chris Allen

I stop by and let the guys do my headlights for me and they turned out amazing. They do great work and friendly employees. Always an amazing expert when I am in town!!!

Michelle Frank

VERY disappointed yesterday. First, the 2 kids at the front were cussing and had attitude because there were about 6 people in line. Second, a guy at the vacuum station proceeded to tell me that the inside was extreme! There was no trash just a lot of dust and dirt. He then told me that I needed to tip very well if I wanted it cleaned or he could get the manager and he would charge me $30! BS! Mind you I paid $22 for a Deluxe pkg. I've never been so insulted! And third, the windows were so streaked that I have to clean them today when I vacuum my own car! I'd recommend going to a do it yourself car wash. 1/4 the price and your car will look much better!

Bob Lawler

Thanks Danny & James, and the rest of ya , it was nice detail job on my work truck

Arlee Culp

I got a Carwash, detail, and wax for $40.00!! From the beginning to the end the experience was great, and they all did an amazing job! The place seemed to be well ran and maintained. They take pride in what they do. I highly recommend Bebo's to anyone in the area or stopping by on vacation.

Amy Ward

Was recommended to stop by this location on my way back from my gulf shores vacation, and WOW! My car looks amazing! Got the wash, and the detail. Employees were very perfessional and the manager (Jake I think) double checked all the work, which was done perfectly! I sure wish we had a wash like this back home! A++++ Bebo's, Foley!!!

Listen Shake

The whole crew was great! Zack was the contact point and he was awesome.

mary sabal

Paid for full service wash, wax, etc. Broke side mirror during wash cycle(yes, a warning was given beforehand that this could happen... but still frustrated me). Had to ask folks to wipe chrome down w DRY cloth...(to get rid of spots from mud which hadn't completely washed off). Ugh...

Maggie Concepcion

Wash is great. Interior is hit and miss for a good job.

Colby Turner

My wife took our new to us Subaru Tribeca through the car wash and came out with a huge gouge that runs almost from the front headlight all the way to the rear taillight on each side of the vehicle. Bebo's refused to accept any responsibility for the damage. The scratch is all the way down to the metal on both sides. Definitely not a good look on a vehicle that we bought less than a week ago.


Equipment works. Almost always a good job

Nikki Cook

Good workers

Iulia S.

I have washed my car here before and everythink was good. But today 02.19.18 customer service by phone was awful. I made a call to make sure I can use a cupon and the lady on the phone said that I better don't show up today but come tomorrow because she has no ideea how to do the discount. If you don't know it, you ask for help but don't tell anyone do not come and use the service. Verry disappointed.

Delta Gaming

Best service I’ve ever had the employees are so friendly and just all out outstanding definitely coming back more

Sharon Bogie

Went through the car wash and it ripped off a piece of molding. Did they cover the repair, no! They said it must have been damaged before we went through the car wash, which it was not. They said they very rarely have cases of damage, but as we drove into the car wash we saw someone standing there with a piece of molding from their car, of course Bebo’s said oh his car was old and that is a known problem. Nice how it is never their fault. They offered us more car washes, really so you could cause more damage to our car and not cover that. So if I were you I would go down the street to the next car wash since there is something damaging cars at the Foley Bebo’s.

Roger Ziliak

They do an outstanding job. Especially if you get one of the older gentleman. I always tip well because they work it hard

Kristin Willis

Got full service exterior and interior wash. Paid extra for hand waxing. Not satisfied with the job. After the guy was done with my truck I spent another 20 mins cleaning what he missed. Not worth the money.

Leon Belmonte

This is the best place in Foley Alabama to get your oil changed and car serviced. They are honest and friendly and won't sell you anything you don't need. On top of that you get $0.15 off a gallon of gas you next fill up and two car washes

Gee Brenea

Went there to get a basic car wash and detail. Car wash was great but detailing, they didnt even wipe out the cup holders and left water in them and theres still dust everywhere. Do not recommend.

Edward Fortner

Clean, staff very helpful

Nan McDonald

Went while on vacation. Couldn't use free token but nice thought.

colton mosley

Went through the car wash. Attendant was very nice and it cleaned my car very well. Barley had to dry any water off the car and vacuums are exceptional. Place is very well maintained.

Michael Handley

Do you like cleaning your car good place to go

Courtney Ables

If I could leave no stars I would. The cars they are "washing" are coming out still covered in dirt. The manager told me to shove my 5$ when I asked about vacuuming my vehicle the whole time I was vacuuming it the workers were flipping me the bird and rushing me out .terrible service and the vaccuum suck but not in a good way .

Nina VDub

Discounted Wednesday basic car wash is great! Prices on gas are usually higher than other places unless you sign up for the Shell rewards program.

SuperVW 5150

Wait time for a detail is way to long.

Stephanie Joyce

Great service! Danny took care of me, super nice man, very thorough! Look forward to coming back.

Dorothy Mcghee

Best carwash in town

SamCrafter 07

Awesome!!!! Shoutout to Danny, Adrian and David. They are the best!

Alex Vasko

It takes a few minutes but they do a great job

Mike Williams

Did not get the bugs off

Lisa Petree

I just spent 9.95 on a car wash, my car is still dirty, wasted money there

Jack Webster

Not much for friendly service and way over priced but they do give a pretty good car wash. The brushes are pretty hard on antennas so if you can, take it off before you go through the wash.

Stephen Byrd

Love this car wash! Great service and friendly workers.

Hailey Baumann

very friendly did a great job at detailing my car. make sure to tip

Peggy Roy

When you have to be somewhere and your ride needs to look fly!

Raymond Steuber

It's a drive thru car wash with reasonable prices..

Dustin delong

great service and one of the longest running gas stations around

Skylar French

This is the only place I go to get my car washed and oil changed. The staff is always super friendly and efficient!

Default System Profile

Great car wash and service center.

Kel Moy

I've seen this business yet I've never paid for someone else to wash my car. On the occasional times that I've washed my car myself it was at home or at a coin operated car wash or an automatic car wash. I think people are stuck up for having someone else wash their car. But people really need jobs. I need a job too. At least its warm weather in Foley to work in a car wash.

Kelly Bagwell-Waite

Hmmm...The gentleman in the van directly in front of me just had his front tire pulled off the rim and sidewall cut by the carwash machine at the Bebo's Carwash in Foley, AL. What a shame! There wasn't a manager on sight at this location. The lady at the cash register gave a Mobile telephone number to call. When the gentleman finally spoke to a manager, a quick reply was given, "We know why you are calling. We have watched the video, and your front end must be out of alignment. It's not our fault. We will not pay to have your tire replaced, BUT we will are willing to give a free carwash." The situation could have easily been handled differently .This wasn't even my vehicle, but it's the last dime Bebo's will ever get from me!

Colleen Ellen Schielhl

The guys work fast and hard The wash itself is one of better Ones. Get full package detailing. A really great value. The only bad thing is you have to Sit outside and wait. There is a Shell Station next to It so you have bathroom excess A place to buy drinks and food too They need to a covered shelter for those who are waiting.

Tony Weaver

Fast and reasonably priced. Discount if purchasing gas and wash.

Anna Carden

Very friendly staff ..they are always good at getting people in and out quickly !!


Yesterday the machines were working as they should, for once. I had my car detailed and the 2 young men did the best of anyone in a long time. I usually have to go home and finish the job. I only gave 3 stars because of bad past experiences.

tina eaves

prices are fair. friendly service. ethanol, no marine gas. went in for bread beacause it is a food store however, they dont carry bread.

Terry S

Stopped for an oil change. Got a free car wash and the second free car wash later, and a discount on gas purchase that same day. Friendly fast service. Definitely a good choice for us.

Local Business

Good car wash. Problem? Call their office in mobile. They will help with any complaint. I go there twice a week. Staff outside the front door smoking. Ick!

Kevin Mills

I have been there multiple times, they never check fluids, my washer fluid is always Bone dry, also one tech keeps his personal motorcycles in oil change bays right in the way. Guess owner doesn't care..Techs look dirty and unprofessional …

Renee Taylor Livingstone

Half assed my car detailing....will NEVER EVER go back

Jill Bell

You get a good car wash but make sure they dpnt double charge you

The Truth Always Hurts

Great place to get your car detailed or custom detailed. Ask for Walter or Darius, they are the best at the job and very fast and efficient.

Shadavea Morrow

Nice clean service station. Take advantage of their car wash deals. You won't regret it...

Marianne Byrd

I visit Bebo’s frequently and I’ve always been met by friendly, knowledgeable, hardworking staff. I always upgrade my detail package and I’ve never been disappointed! My car looks pristine and smells great!

Sheila Rorer

Great Service and Outstanding Cleaning My Car Today. Very Pleased!! Thank You Zach for doing a Beautiful Cleaning!! God Bless You!!! I recommend Bebos Car Wash Highly!!

Shirley Dillon

Wonderful clean. Tires too. They will even vacuumed and give you a ticket for half of the next visit

Bill Houghtaling

Disappointing. Very basic wash.

Brandon Amsberg

Every time I come here, the service is great and the employees are friendly. Also, if you have a low vehicle, their pit is perfect for an oil change.

Kera DuVall

The attendant had to be "honked" to his post, but not before he checked his phone. He said we could vacuum after wash. Half way through the wash my car got stuck I mean the guidance bars kept releasing/ catching. Did I mention the car in the wash after us.?. I could see the insurance claim now. Once the car exited with no damage, no notice from the attendant. We drove back around to the vacuums that were switched off. When I asked the attendant again on his phone, he told me to just pull the power lever on the side of the building. I mean really.?.? DO NOT GO HERE. Damage to your vehicle, pay $15 for a wash and you vehicle will still have soap and water on it even after the blower, but hey you save $0.20 per gallon on gas. Only way this got one star.

Trish Smith

Wednesday is the day to go. Carwash for $4.00.

William Greenlee

Go standard car wash. Windows are my BIGGEST personal issue so I do them myself. The interior is not always done for the price set. You can tell who is new and who isn't. New guy's require 2 to do the interior when the experienced guys only takes one guy per vehicle.

David Garrard

I visited the convenience store part of Bebo's. It is so very clean!!! Not what you typically find in other convenience stores. And the aisles between shelves are wide, so you don't feel closed in. The associates there are very friendly. I've heard them have warm conversations with their regular customers. I end up spending additional time there just "visiting" with them. Though I haven't used their car washing services, I have noticed that they are always super busy washing cars. Very convenient location in front of Walmart, too.

Nick Kaiser

Needs to dramatically be updated and the employees need to be trained. Very poor experience on many visits , it cannot be coincidence.

Jonathan Mendez

Chill place. Chill People. Clean Car. What more could you ask for?

Marshall Lewis

Went to get my car detailed today at Bebos. Very impressed with the whole staff and quality service.

E Ward

The workers here are friendly and helpful and willing to go the extra mile to do a good job.

Daniel Jones

Been sitting here since 5pm, its 5:40 now, guy talked me into a $40 package at counter. They have one guy outside working. My vehicle hasn't even been touched and been sitting here since 5. This is poor management, walked inside to a empty store with 2 people working the counter, asked if really only had one guy working, said yep and blew it off like was no big deal. This is my last trip here ever.....

canika dade

It's sad you pay $27 for your car to get cleaned and it doesn't there so busy rushing didn't even vacuum up the passenger side floor windows still dirty I would visit at least 2 times a week. Never again

Rob Sayne

Nice staff and good selection

Genevieve Prejean

The customer service is so amazing that i’m definitely coming back. The detailers are so respectful and helped me find my wedding ring. The wash itself was outstanding. I definitely recommend going there.

allie edwards

I got my car washed, Windows cleaned, and my car vacuumed for under $20 that's unheard of! They were quick and super friendly! I was very impressed!

Ryan Duhon

Took my 08 charger there a few times, never had any problems until the last time about a month ago. I'm pretty sure they didnt put my plug back on correctly or whatever, but last night my car broke down. We thought it was the fuel pump, filter, clogged line or something to do with the fuel. NOPE! I was completely out of oil. Anymore time riding like that would have cost me a new motor or more. Friendly faces are not always a good thing. They obviously dont take there job seriously and could care less what happens after you leave that place. STRONGLY advise staying away from the auto care. Wanted to give 1/4 star..

Hunter Price

Very clean fast service your in an out literally...would definitely recommend going to again all new equipment vacuums are powerfull.. I'll be back!!

Tres Murpht

These folks have been in business since I can remember as a young boy. Staff very nice and informative on the process of your choices of washes and there costs . Quick in and out service with a smile. Enjoyed the wait and the service provided. I'll be back .

Ashley Edwards

Always does an amazing job on my detail!

Mary Johnson

Get your car washed and vacuum for just $4.95! Awesome

Karla Thornton

Wonderful detail service...those guys work so well on your vehicle and have it looking like new!

Steven Kershaw

Zach did a GREAT job on my wheels and tires today!

Michael Dier

Got a truck detail. Great service and high quality results.

Ron parker

Great place to get a good car wash and buy gas. They are very friendly and offer full car detailing, oil changes..ect.

Steven Williams

This place has went downhill!!! Using a $300 pressure washer instead of the one built into the wash system, no employee's. You can get a better job online.

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