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REVIEWS OF Bebo's Car Wash IN Alabama


Bebos is a great place to get your car clean and detailed, Mr Austin and the other team members are cordial every time, thanks team members

Christina Clark

This is hands down the best car wash in town. And there is no comparison to their friendly staff and clean facilities!

Meredith Rund Jonathan Arias

They have cleanning stations that allow them to clean two cars at the time by for people. However they only have e on person working. On a Saturday. Very short staffed,

Katherine Ward

I'm addicted to this place!

Angela Sanctified



Carl Spence

Quick carwash, only ever self service my vehicles here.

Victory Reliable Services, LLC

Best of the chain, perhaps because is the original, it gets pretty busy for detail on weekends and sunny days, good automatic car wash with monthly unlimited washes deals. Most workers are friendly and some fair with a good "get it done attitude" boss is watching. Don't forget to tip. Full convenient store with cold beer and table wine, there's also shoe shine service. I wish Foley car wash attendants were half as helpful.

Paula Helmly-Parker

God car wash away a good price.

Alexis Nobles

I used to love this car wash until the day I went in with a very dirty car. I already understood how dirty my car was, hence why I came to a car wash.. when I refused a buff to get pine sap off my car the attendant was very rude and condescending, acting as if I'm just some unintelligent girl who doesn't have common sense. I explained to him that I did not have the money to pay for anything more than a $5 wash and would have someone else help me at home. The conversation angered me so much that I do not feel comfortable going here anymore. How can an employee treat people so rudely. His advice was irrelevant any ways because my car was spotless when I got out of the car wash. The car wash itself is alright but the customer service is not all that great. Also, I got stuck inside the car wash for 5 minutes for some reason.

Tracey Williams

I said the last time I got my car washed at BeBo's I would not be back but I needed my oil changed so I said I would try them one more time. Never again!! I paid $100.00 for a oil change and carwash inside and out and it was pitiful!! My floor mates were not removed, I still had dirt on floorboard, my cuphoulders were not touched, and my seats still had crumbs on them were the kids eat in the back. Never again Bebo's !! Never again!!

Xian Zheng

Went there for car wash today. Passenger side mirror got damaged. Went talk to one of guys, look like a manager there. He dennied it before even questioning me or his stuffs.

Debra Colbert

Slacking on the soap

Kristi Emmons

Bebo's has the absolute BEST customer service! It's been so long since I've had services on my car & had great interaction with every single person!!! Made my day. Thank you!


The only reason this place is surviving is because of the lack of competition. Invest your profits back into the company bebo. You have to stay quality before you can expand. Riches will come for you and the quality cannot compare. Watch it!!!!

Jonathan McConnell

This place is great. Just make sure that you inspect what you expect.

Todd Phillips

I stopped by the Bebos gas station on airport blvd. The store and restrooms were very clean. The cashier Robyn was super nice and seemed to really like her job. Keep up the good work and customer service!!!! RTR

Chris Gartman

Its Bebo's

Michael Robinson


Brandon Davis

kendrick kim

Worst place ever then the girl who works the counter was horrible when greeting ppl and they mangers be robbing the place blind

Angel Kae

Well Bebos.. I've been coming to this store for 20 years. Never an issue. Something seriously wrong here now. I bought a fast pass. No problems the first 2 times through but every time since then there has been an issue. I'm again sitting in the vacuum area because my pass didn't work. I'm usually sent inside to correct the issue. Just want a car wash not anything else to solve in my life. Now I'm on hold ... so "they" can again see what is wrong. I'm over it. Cancelling. Disappointed

Karate & Jujitsu 4 Kids at Fitness CF

Love my crew

Latonya Thompson

Ruben Ali Fuenmayor

John Keith

Aiden Clarke

It's a good wash, except it always leaves some weird residue on my windshield that makes it incredibly difficult to see in the rain- even when just doing the cheap wash without wax or anything. I have to give the windshield a really good scrub every few weeks to combat it, but it's worth it for the ease of just swinging through for a quick car wash in the evenings. The free vac is a great addition. My wife like to get the scented paper chips to put under the seats in her car. I think they run maybe a dollar or two and you can get them from the folks manning the sign in machines.

Marlin Pettway

Good place to wash your car

Louis Bird

Great job their service a improved lately big time

Hattie Brown

Cynthia Nelson

J DBBrown

Robin Kline

Does a fine job

Nessa Love

Paying high prices for detail jobs that aren't worth it and we always tip on top no more for this family we will use another place to spend our hard earned money!

Fredrick Jemison

Seemly the best car wash in Mobile

Jackie Robinson Jarrett


Robert Howell

Marti Thornton

Good vacuum cleaners as long as its not full. The prices are pretty good especially after 5pm

Elizabeth Guzman

Car wash fast and easy! Very friendly too!

Dilip Nandy


Curt Brewer

UPDATE 4/22/2019: They have a very dangerous situation on their hands. I'm dropping my writing down from five stars to 4 stars. Mainly because of two reasons. 1. I went through the car wash. I pulled out and turned left out of the wash tunnel, and then right and then left up the little Hill This is a very highly traveled Side Road along the interstate. As I started to pull out, my back tires just spun and threw me out into the intersection but would not get any traction due to whatever wax they use in their car wash. if you get your car washed here, please be aware of this because I had several people that had to dodge me because I could not get traction coming out of the parking lot. Very dangerous. Sounds like a liability! 2. They closed down there oil change shop. I'm sure it's because of financial reasons but I'm really disappointed that they will not be servicing Vehicles anymore. ________________ When it comes to maintenance on your car, it doesn't get any better than this! Great value! Great service! You can get your oil changed at a reasonable rate, and then you can get your car washed and they even have free vacuum cleaners. Or if you want to spend a few dollars more, they have people that will clean out your entire car for you. It was well worth the $8 I spent on the interior cleaning.

kitty Dixon

Jennifer Fancher

Jeannette Bennett

Did a fine job on my vehicle

Pauly Cupcakes

The ginger dude is weird and rude

Willie Howard

Linnea Washington

The car wash in Saraland it gave me a free wash in my receipt I was willing to pay for the upgrade the manger was so rude and nasty until it didn’t seem real with the things coming out of his mouth but I ended up going to the bebos at Springdale and they treated me much better and with better respect

Jacob Seals

I just went through the car wash, and when I pulled out I looked at my car and noticed scratches and nicks on the back door that wasn’t their before. Im really upset about this and will not recommend this car wash to anyone.

Benny Woods

Really great place to wash your car Knox employees at a reasonable price


Wayne Simon

Great service every time.

Dale Williams

This was a clean and quick car wash. Big place of business and courteous employees

Winnie Lynn Post Anderson

jacqueline taylor

Jenjerbek Crumpton

Agalean Clemons

The guy whom did my work was nice but overall the manger and the who swiped my card were a piece of work.. The guy who swiped my card told me for the 60.00 wash i would .Get my seats shampooed..THAT WAS A LIE i asked him for times would i get them shampooed n he told me yes but when my car was finished it was not done.. N the mager wanted me to give him 40.00 to get my seats shampooed..never coming bak

William Jones

Back to the basics y'all when I really want my vehicle to be pampered there is only one place to go! Hey, I really mean it. Ya know that aggravating dirt just behind your gas door? I didn't even ask the staff at Bebo's to take care of that, they just did it. Now that is service ya can't get just anywhere, ya have to go to Bebo's.

Betty Williams


Does a great job

Kathy Scott

Josh Cocoris

Automatic wash isn't bad if you're in a hurry. Go with a hand wash and wax, full interior if you want to get the best.

Danny Sirmon

Reasonable pricing and great service!

Jacqueline Taylor

Harold English

Do good work, get you on and out.

Holy Sugar Demon

it was spoky there

Shellie Miller

Their car wash is about the best around and I love that they have free vacuums.

Anna Hinton

Jessica Fritts

James Crawford

katina ealey

LaBarron Davis

Reshundra Tilley

Car don't come clean like it should price to high for a simple wash


Naveen Kumar

Waited for 2hrs. Worst service worst cleaning. Guy asked for additional 20 dollars to finish the clean up at the end. For interior cleaning better to clean at home than wasting money and time here. Will never go here again.

Cole April

We enjoy visiting this location. The staff is very friendly and the service is good, never too crowded.

Michael Norris II

Quick fast and friendly

Clay Mcdaniel

My wife and I have been a monthly pass holder for over a year at the Saraland Al location. Recently my wife carrier her new Nissan Maxima through the wash only to have a piece of trim snagged on brushed and blown off by the dryer. Management states that the video shows the piece being blown off. This is a new car and no damage was on the vehicle prior to entering the carwash. They refuse to pay for the replacement part. I have cancelled my pass and have challenged people in Saraland to do the same. I will never use Bebo's carwash again.


Everyone is very nice and polite!

Jerry Collins

Home Loan Pro

had a fast pass on two auto, just bought a 2013 S550, the spinner actually hit my gas tank, which is simply push to open, and broken the small insert to keep it close, the owner said that I must had done it before I got there, or it was open before I went thru, needless to say, to small claims I go!!!!!!

Zachary Thompson

Took car twice in two weeks, since it was a brand new car I didn't notice the first time the floor mat on the driver side was missing, blaming the dealership I was given another. Took it immediately again to be washed directly from the dealership, it was missing again by the time I got home. Manger doesn't have it so either they threw away both floor mats or stole them. Windows were done in a pitiful manner both time and on the second time I had to explicitly tell them to do the rear window. Will take to Rich's next time or do it myself, horrible for the price and service is terrible.

Vanessa Pierce

Love this place....

Disco Dingo, LLC

Love Bebo's. Best car wash in town and free vacuums afterward. Sadly, my convertible will not go through their machine without leaking, but they are great with the Civic.

Kiki Dee

Nice car wash. Wish the vacuums had stronger suction.

Carl Griffin

David p

Rashid Hardy

Richard Shaw

So I show up and say to the lady that was out there I wanted the wash with the Interior/Exterior detail package that is listed at the website. She says the wash selected does all that with the hand wax. I try to explain that I wanted the package with the Interior shampooed and the exterior buff waxed. She wouldn't listen. So I quit trying to explain to her and just go thru the car wash. I drop off the car for the guy to vacuum and wipe down the interior. The windshield was still dirty. The door step was also dirty. While wiping down he had hit the hazard light button and never bothered to turn it off. I had to mention it to him and he didn't seem to care. He just stood there saying the car was ready. The only thing about this that was right was going thru the car wash. I used to go here every year. I don't think so any more.

Dana Prine

Clean cars good just to expensive

Louis Carter

Good car wash

Angela Martinez

Ray Mckenna

JN Black

they did not do a good job on my still had sand all in it.took it to richs this time and they did great.

Taylor Livingston

I've been going to Bebos for many years and always had a good experience with customer service and always satisfied with the detailing of my vehicles until the past several years. I've watched it begin to decline in all ways possible. Today was the worst! The cashiers were rude and unaware of their duties, the "Fast Pass" (Which I pay 360.00 per year per vehicle) has never worked properly without physically grounding the windshield sticker by sliding your finger across it to activate. The back of my SUV was as dirty as I exited the tunnel as it was when I entered. Mr. Klyce ran this place like a carwash palace and it is now an embarrassment to the City of Mobile as you pass by with rotten torn hanging awnings. I do not recommend this place to anyone any longer though I do recommend to the Klyce son who took over to step up and bring it back to it's glory or move it to a less desirable area. Not in front of our beautifully remodeled mall. It is now a DUMP!

Mengu Oktay

Gizelle White

Oksana Alabama

Karen Hubbard

Kristyn Brinkman

Amazing Grace

Not what it used to be


The manger by the name Hunter is running this company to the ground. Customer service will take you a long way. He's very argumentative even when it's proven the company or the employee is at fault. It already looks awful there along with a terrible attitude is just not a good thing. I suggest everyone gives Riches a chance. Riches is like chick fila of car washing. Bebos is like Wendy's when it comes to car washes. Bebos should be your last result. Ive never spent so much money with a company and have them to speak and carry on like Hunter has. Bebos should be ashamed of themselves. M. Turner

Clifford Waite

Amazing service! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

john sykes

Always pleased with the wash and detail they do here.

Samia Shreim

Maudette Witherspoon


Walter Sanders

Their car wash is awful it missed all kinds of stuff from the bugs on the front grill to dirt all down the sides if you don't want to have to get out and finish cleaning your truck after a car wash then don't choose bebo's

Linda Chestang

The young men do great work

Chris Butler

Turned away a paying customer cause they “can’t break a $100 after 6pm.” I was asking to fill up the tank. Won’t go back here.

Sonja Dockery

starla honea

Dylan Smith

2/14/17 send my son in with a $100 bill to buy gas .....he comes back and says she doesn't have change...confused I go in ask the clerk for 100 in gas and she said I dont have change. .I said I dont want change I want gas 100 dollars worth ...2 people in line tried to explain it to her ...BEBOS WILL U PLEASE HIRE PEOPLE TO SELL GAS THAT UNDERSTAND HOW...I RAN OUT LOOKING FOR SOMEWHERE ELSE..for people that think my truck will not take 100 im driving a Chevy 2500 box truck


No problems

Mike Andrus

Excellent service and can't beat the all the washes you want, one monthly price. That is what I use. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Jerry White

Excellent service


Had car waxed on Friday, Dec 9th. Unbeknownst to me the guy gouged his buffer into the glass, chrome, and paint, and then stood in front of it so I did not see it when I got into the car. I did not find it until the next time I got the car out of the garage. Have sent e-mails to find out who I need to talk to about this. They have not bothered to respond. I would not let these people wash or wax my grand child wagon. It is obvious they don't care about the customer at all. 12/15/16 Finally got back with me and agreed to have repaired. Will report back when repairs are done

Dena knight

Christopher L. Mitchell

Patrick Summerlin

Very expensive.

Sharon France

My car hadn’t been driven in awhile and it was extremely gross on the inside. I didn’t need an appointment and they gave me a fair quote. My car smells and looks so good now, I wish I could show before and after pictures. Really an amazing job.

Steve O

Quick in and complaints

Michael D Wohlgemuth

Ajay Parmar

$3 Basic car was Whole day Wednesday and everyday after 5 pm.

Maria M

Well I paid $40 to have it clean but not satisfied

Woody Yonts

Drexel Fields

Never again I paid 40 for something I could have done myself. My truck is half done

Bradley Dunagan

Marla Billante

Great variety of beer and always a great car wash!!

Mary Wilstrup

Best car wash in Mobile

Rodrick Washington


Dewey Koger

Good place to wash your car

Francisco Riofrio

Sam Deas

The prices and service are very good

Leacy Hamner

Josey Wales


Mark H

Friendly staff Decent wash for a decent price.

arnold b

Scott Gazzier

Paul LePiane

Car wash and basic interior and exterior cleaning fine I give that four ****stars., On the other hand detail work poor. Seems they lack the equipment to perform a deep interior cleaning. if a bucket of water with a scrub brush and then the house vacuum to suck it up is what your looking for, then Bebo's is the place.

Anthony Mahathy

Salesman convinces me that a $40 detail would wow me. What a joke. My ten year old could do a better job. I'll never be back

Kellie Pennington

This is a decent place for a wash. I do know that this type of wash is bad for your paint. You should pay for the hand wash and wax to save the paint on your car every few months. DO ask if the tech is qualified to wax without leaving swirly marks. Let them know you will ask for a free re-do if swirly makes are visible.

Michael M

Cc Dee

The fast talker sales guy at the entry to wash....I explained I was selling my car, had already spent many hours on it, had already conditioned the leather/vinyl......explained I needed it "finished up in perfect detail" Jeff ( i think was his name) told me the car would look SHOWROOM READY. I went into great detail of EXACTLY WHAT I wanted done!! He did NOT relay anything I had told him. i did tell the guy cleaning

Bernadette Fitzsimmons

Quick car wash. Does a good job on cleaning car. Reasonable prices too

pam earl

Charlie Rencher

Tiffany Ingram

They offer multiple options to clean your car. Bebos allows you the option to vacuum out your own car or have the nice workers do it for you. I enjoy, when I have a little extra, to get the inside detailed and my outside cleaned. That offer comes with car freshers! But them trying to up sell can be a bit of a turn off.

Bob Brunson

The best in Mobile!

Senegalese prince

denise Williams


Lonnie Mccovery

June Griffith

Excellent, fast service for my oil change.

Paul millard

Good wash and free vacuum for a fair price


Kelvin Schneider

Lizzie Marcet

Sharon Scudder

Excellent service


Austin went above and beyond on my car detail service today, a very busy Saturday morning around 9 a.m. He was professional, patient, thorough and went the extra mile. Without him, I would have had to ask for a higher up bc I paid $25 for the "best outside wash w/rims done by hand," and the first go-round didn't remove tree sap nor did the workers attend to rims. Austin made it right, almost perfect. Still some grime in crevices of rim, and didn't go all the way through wheel like I do, but decent. Saw a worker shaking head at me though, bc I was getting a do-over. The facility is old and needs update. Landscaping not mulched, missing "carport awnings." Nice they added self-serve vacuums. Love their after 5 basic wash special for daily run-through. Bebo Klyce's past charity work is a plus for this business, Mobile's original full service all-cloth car wash and gas station.

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