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REVIEWS OF Anthony's Full Service & Express Car Wash Hoover IN Alabama

Sandra Accardi

The outside was very good, shiny and bright. I would have liked a little more attention to the inside, particularly the upper dash and console. I'll surely go back!

Nicole White

It's okay for the price they could do better cleaning the inside of your vehicle

Elisa Baskin

They did an amazing job on my car, great prices for the quality work on the inside and out

Melissa Martin

I wasn't super happy with the detail job they did in my cargo area of my SUV, thanks to my black lab who rides there daily... it can get well, hairy. I pulled into a stall to do some extra clean up and the manager came to check to see if everything was okay. They took it back and redid the whole cargo space and gave me some tips & how to make the hair not "stick" so bad. Aka static guard!! Big thumbs up for making it right for me.

Wesley Jarrell

Best car wash in town by far. The brothers that started it, Lawrence and Anthony Serio, are amazing people. I've got the paramount of respect for them and the good Christian values they have instilled in their business and in their sons that currently run this one and the one in Vestavia. The management team, especially Benny and Justin, are second to none and the owner Cris makes sure the buck always stops with him. He always makes a point that the customer is respected and leaves satisfied. They are the best so they quite often busy so I go in the daytime before 3pm. Ask for Roland and Cynthia. You will not be disappointed. God bless.

Brennan Shea

Wash was ok service was awful and the guy that cleaned the inside of my truck reved the piss out of it. Very disappointed.

Threeper keeper

I have had Anthony's wash my cars for years. Normally I go to the one in Pelham, but I've visited the Hoover location a couple times. I've been disappointed every time. I normally call back and tell the manager and they normally ask me to come back to get the wash again for free. But I never go back because I've already left that side of town and don't go back that way for weeks sometimes. But this past wash was terrible. I have a Tacoma truck which isn't a huge truck. They didn't even touch the middle half. It was clean on the outsides and dirty in the middle. But I blamed that on the car wash itself not the people. Then I looked further and found the bugs still on the windshield and stuck to the bumper. The dash has clean steaks in it like they rushed it, which is strange because it took 45 minutes to do. I saw several people come and go who came after me. For $30 I thought I would get a decent wash. I won't go back.

Gene Garza

If washed my own cars for over two decades. I'm very meticulous. I tried Anthony's based on their reputation, but the job they did on my car was really lazy. There was dust and dirt all over the interior. I didn't buy their most expensive package, but what I got was just lame. I'll just have to make time to do it myself again.

Kevin Crosby

Great car wash

Brooke Yarbrough

I’m usually very impressed with the customer service and quality work. Today, however, I came in and I’m assuming they are in a transitional phase. They appeared to be really short staffed and the attendants asked me to see my receipt three different times as if I hadn’t paid for the full service wash I was receiving. Very unfortunate and unwelcoming. I won’t be making the commute over from Pelham again.

Kerry Roberson

Best automatic car was I've been thru! 5 stars!!

Megan Miles

Spent a good amount of time crawling in and around my car for a "light interior clean" that is way more than that. My car was filthy too, admittedly. And it's only $25! Great service and I recommend it highly.

Brittany Nettles

They have good groupons. It's just always packed and hard to get in and out. But washes are good

Kendra Royston

My usual spot in and out. Always a vacuum available. Decent service.

Valencia Anderson

Loved it. Great customer service. Price and your in and out in no time. They are always staffed and they do a great job.

Kim Evans

I got a horrible cleaning

Dennis Turnbaugh

I have been here many times with my Older vehicles And never seemed to have or notice an issue. However I just recently purchased a new vehicle and revisited Anthony’s car wash and purchased the monthly full service $49.99 package. After that I continued with my wash and the full-service cleaning. The experience was OK however there was a few dirt smudges left around the lisense plate. During the cleaning process I seen several employees hand drying my car With towels. The next day I noticed hundreds of little scratches all over my car due to them and drying my car with dirty towels and the scratches were not there before! I haven’t had a chance to go back by there but I will be doing so very shortly and we will see what the managers proposal is. Drivers beware of this issue. These employees should probably be trained in this issue because now I need to get my car buffed.

MsGlowran Phillips

I had to make them go back and and clean it over my car for $40

Andrew Jump

As far as car washes in the Hoover area go, this one has proved to be the best. Well staffed, clean, and I've never had any damage or issues with my vehicle. The only thing I don't love is that occasionally there is some guy who stands after the pay kiosk and tries to sell you windshield repair services. Some people might appreciate this, but I'm not one of them. Otherwise, top notch service, and my car looks great.

Brian Clemons

They were great. We drove through road construction on vacation and our car got covered with tar. We were a little leary of letting somebody wash it as we wanted to make sure it all ourselves. The guys at this car wash worked hard to clean it up and they got it all off. I would completely recommend.

Rory Chrane

The best nice employees. Great wash result every time

Tess Blackmon

Today was the first day I brought my car to this facility. I'm very skeptical about automatic car washes. However, the service was excellent!!! I couldn't have asked for more. The employees went the extra mile to vacuum and detail the inside of my car. I love this car wash and will definitely bring my vehicle back here.

Trisha Akins

Not sure if I will be returning to this establishment. Employees seemed unwilling to help. Awkward moment!

Jessica Coleman

Was not pleased at all with the detailing of my vehicle. Interior wasn't vacuumed well and windows were smudged. It also started raining and worker didn't close my door, so my driver seat was wet. Never again.

Steven Moore

Great full service car wash!

David Beckham

Prove my windshield and said they were not responsible for the damages. They will not pay for it.

Jonathan Edwards

If you buy a full service wash ask for Sped, he does amazing work!

Susan Wiggins - Simpson

One the best car washes I been to! Does a great job, doesn't damage car, has unlimited vacuums and the premises is clean and employees helpful and nice!

Erica Glover

Highly pleased. One of the guys came over and helped dry my vehicle off and wiped the tires. They have towels and windex to use as well as vaccums. Will definitely go back!

Loving Mother

This place is awesome! My daughter loves going here, she's six, and we love to go through this car wash it has multi-colored lights and soap and it smells so good when we come out of there. The wash that we usually get has a free vacuum so we always come out smelling good. shiny and clean car. polished wheels, the whole 9! We love this car wash!

Courtney Ryals

All of the staff here is incredible, especially the manager! They know me by name and are always so helpful! My car always looks great after leaving.

Randy Toffel

These guys always do an excellent job on my truck!

Liz Logan

AMAZING! We have been taking our cars here for years and each time we receive outstanding service! The staff is friendly, prices are reasonable for services provided, and business is family owned! Would never take my car anywhere else for an oil change or a wash!

joseph sowder

Got my windshield repaired quick for pretty cheap. Good service.

John Walker

A great job done by some handsome guys... it is always nice to watch them work!

Shaiema Joseph

The monthly unlimited wash package is very convenient and affordable, paid for in two washes. Family owned so customer service is great.

Donald Barger

Good car wash - I like that I can detail the car myself.

Luanne Bondarenk

the attendant was les than useful when soaping truck up. must have had a bad day

Sharon Cassum

Good car wash detailing service

Justin Marden

Great car wash with competitive prices, the only downside I can think of is that sometimes a few of their vacuums just don't work altogether.

Captain Mars

I like it. Abthony's offers several packages. Great place and very friendly staff. I will definitely go back.

jimbeaux hillard

they'd be the best car wash in town...if they were in town. by the time i get back to civilization from those backwater forests my rims and tires are dirty again. maybe they put them in the dirtiest areas because that's where the dirtiest cars are? cars in the cities (birmingham, irondale, clay, fultondale, chalkville, tarrant) need cleaned, too.

Kimberely Shanae' Carr

Don't use this car wash ! My car was scratched, I was billed for some promotion, I called after I was billed, told I would be credited my money back, had to call back a week later, advise that whomever was given the message. My money can't be refund due to some promotion. Please don't waste your money. I ended up spending $40 for 1 car wash basically... I don't know what happened to the customer being right, but this place doesn't practice it. I was told I still have car washes left, I'll never use it. Worst place ever!

Barry Williams

Always good car wash! Anthony's car washes are the best!

Byrdman Byrdman

The car had swirl Mark's from the previous wax job. Took it in for the 5 step exterior, it was well worth it. Will be taking it back to keep it up on a regular, speed passes are the best.

Kirk Leavy

We fled Florida in our motorhome because of Hurricane Irma and are spending the weekend here in Birmingham. My tow car, a Lincoln MKX, was in serious need of cleaning so I took her to Anthony's and purchased their premium interior/exterior package. I am totally impressed and satisfied with the job they did. The staff was friendly and helpful from the time in entered until my car was delivered. I highly recommend this car wash, it's among the best I've used as I traveled nearly 20,000 miles in 16 months seeing the country in our motorhome.

Nicholas Crowley

Excellent customer service and value. Thanks for taking care of your customers.

Eazy-E Ryder

A good job was done washing and cleaning my automobile but not drying it. As I exited the tunnel much of the front of my car was still wet. They need to do a better job COMPLETING the entire washing and drying cycle.

Arthur Roberson Jr

Best car wash in the city. Staff is always friendly also.

Trenton Giles

Sub par wash. Vehicle came out still covered in grime. It looks like about all it did was rinse the car and put tire shine on. Definitely won't be back.

Trama xGen

They do not clean the inside well.

Kimberly Fowler

AWESOME CAR WASH , my first full service wash this evening and my expectations have definitely been exceeded !

Elliot Salzman

I went to Anthony's in hoover right by my house. It cost $20 for a carwash and interior cleaning. I would think the car should be spotless. It wasn't I still had bugs and other stuff on the exterior. They told me it was a basic wash and …

Brian Harvey

They're just SO slow. Three people working on one car and it still takes forever. Completely skipped my car while I was waiting. It shouldn't take 40 minutes to vacuum the inside out.

Marta B

Nice work getting the road grime off my car. The folks are friendly and the service is fast.

Leslie Moon

Great attention to detail, although they did miss wiping down the inside drivers side door last time. Unusual though.

Courtni Poole

Love it.

Kimberly Frost Barry

If this is the location by the galleria, the staff is friendly and I like how clean my car was, but I have to be honest and Say I was a little disappointed. I realized when I got home that my radio button was missing. I later found it in the back of my car window. Not sure why/ how it got there, but for what I paid for the full service car wash, I need all my stuff to be where it's supposed to be. Other than that, good job.

Steve Niven

Always the best service!

Charles Cothren

Great service

Rhonda Crawford

Did not detail well

James Reed

Delivers a clean car, especially if you go for the full service wash.

Alex Soens

I've been using Anthony's for about 2 years and it was great but recently it hasn't been decent. I normally get the managers special which includes interior cleaning etc . There's been bad streaks lately and water spots where they didn't wipe it and the interior was half assed clean.

Misty Weingarten

Went in today got my car detailed. The inside looks great and the car wash did a good job. The windows were not cleaned very well though. You see where they missed most of the front windshield and the back window. The side mirror still has …

Danielle Hines

Slow as Christmas, clearly management does not know about efficiency or logistics. I've seen several employees particularly this one white guy in a red shirt slacking around, as if it's relax and tea time when I can see over 25 cars waiting to be vacuumed. I've been waiting almost an hour and I got the basic package. I would not recommend this place. I would give negative stars if I could.

Christopher Allison

I paid for a full service wash and interior cleaning. My car is still dirty, streaks all over the windows, door panels not clean, spots on seats, hair in open seat areas, etc. I watched the entire time and noticed two employees only pretending to wipe my car down when their manager glanced their way. The rest of the time they were looking at their cell phones and texting. One of the employees spit on the ground in front of a customer then rubbed it into the concrete with his shoe. I’ll never use this car wash again. Not only was it a crappy cleaning job, but I don’t trust the flunky employees near my car.

David Hunter

Exactly what you expect, full service and self service. I think the car wash does a good job. Towels are $1 and you can keep it and trade it in next time for a clean one!

Denise Bolden-Little

Fast. Affordable. Friendly.

Terry Davis

Great service

elizabeth roseberry

Great place to get car cleans and leather seats conditioned. They pay attention to the details. If they miss something, you just need to ask and they make it right

Christie Jackson

Spent an hour waiting for my vehicle to have the full service and it was only half complete when they said they were finished. The floor mats were folded up in the floor, I had to vacuum my seats, and the dust was never wiped from my dashboard. They finished two cars behind mine before they "completed" my car. Extremely disappointing service.

Hunter Lowery

This place cleans good! But one of the managers started to "Hit" on my Mom. He ended up adding her on Facebook and messaging her sexual and inappropriate messages. My Dad thinks that she was cheating on him and now they are probably going …

Kieys j

Love this carwash

Tylan Hallmark

Fantastic prices especially for the quality of work they do. I usually get the 20-25 full service inside and out and their is never a spot they miss. They clean fantastically and in a very timely manner. Perfect place to get your car cleaned up. I recommend this place over any others in the area like wow. Absolutely amazing in every way

Greg McGill

Wash was good BUT a hat that I had on the front seat was somehow removed and placed in the trash. I drove a few hundred feet and had to return after I noticed the hat was missing. The person that cleaned my car helped find it....but no one seemed concerned about the loss of personal property. I went inside but the young lady working at the desk was uninterested as well. I just don't think I can recommend this place of business. If only someone had owned up and recognized their error.....

David Blair

Unlimited monthly pass is limited. I have used this place for a couple of years. They typically do a great job and spend a good amount of time on my cars. The only complaint I have is the unlimited monthly fast pass is not unlimited. Have a car that had been parked pretty much since March of last year. Went through the wash twice to help get the buildup off. Came back later that day and decided to go through again....the machine said I had exceeded that period’s limit and wouldn’t let me through again. Talked to the staff and they said that’s the way it’s set up. Unlimited should mean unlimited.

Aaron Watts

Reasonably priced and good car wash. The basic service is a drive through car wash, but the best part is the towel dry and interior basic clean option. Not as clean as a full detailing, but more than good enough. They even placed all my junk I forgot to move neatly in my backseat. Will definitely go again.

Justin Bates

The place was extremely busy but I very much like that the business is family owned and they were very kid friendly (my 4 year old even made a girlfriend it seems). The price was reasonable, not cheap, but the job they did on my car was outstanding. I did not, as a couple of reviews before me, have any personal items thrown away but I also know better than to leave stuff in there any time it is driven or entered by unknown people...I really thought that was common sense.

Elizabeth Merrill

1st time ever visiting I had my car completely cleaned out no trash or anything in car. paid for a full service the guys did not move my car mats to vacuum they vacuumed but left dirt still all in the floor they did not vacuum out the seats they did not even clean the side mirrors the cleaning solution they used had a horrible odor they also broke my phone holder that is on my window did not even tell me never will i go back

Balievable Creations

Fast wash but they didn't clean my wheels. I paid for inside and out wash it was decent. New car and they tossed the removable door grip in the trash that sucks. I noticed when I drove off but I didn't want it back out of the trash.

Darrell Corbin

Your car is shining and clean, you can do self service Vacuum and , dry your own car . If you like. The only problem I had was 2 girls in the both , I believe they need attitude adjustment. I have not been back since.

Staci Horne

My car was terribly dirty (I have 3 dogs) and there were also little scratches on the doors from where our new (but big) puppy jumped up on the doors. We got a full detail with buff/wax and the car looks amazing! The scratches are gone and I don't see one piece of dog fur inside. Will def be back! Only issue we had was a lack of communication from the lady who answers the phone...apparently our car had been ready to pick up for a while but she couldn't find the paperwork so she just decided to tell us it'd be a few more hours instead of going to ask the people who cleaned my car if it was ready. We had to call a couple times before we found out we could come get it. But the car looks amazing so all is forgiven!

James S

To everyone complaining about the wait: did you even watch them wash your car, or just sit in the A/C scrolling through Facebook? My wait was 40+ minutes like a lot of these reviewers, but I sat outside because of how busy they were. For not one of those 40 minutes were fewer than 2 men working at my car, going over every inch with rags and cleaners. Incredible experience. Expert staff. You've earned a customer for life.

Jamie Smelcer

The staff here at the new Hoover location across from the Grove shopping center is amazing. I am VERY pregnant and was vacuuming out my van and multiple staff memebers came over and insisted on doing it for me. They also wiped down my car and were so kind to my kids in the back seat. They were so fast and did a great job. I will definitely be bringing my car to this location from now on. Thank you again to all the staff there!

Rebekah Noel

I absolutely love this place. I frequently take both my car and my husband's here to be cleaned. Not only does it get the outside squeaky clean, but we have 2 hairy dogs and lots of dirt usually inside, and the inside comes away just as clean! Love that I can pay just $30 to have the outside AND inside cleaned for me. Plus the guys who do the cleaning are always very polite and nice. Quick, convenient and well-priced.

Bill Tiemann

This car wash does a great job particularly if you choose to use the detailing service. It's a little extra after you've paid for the wash but well worth it. They have always done a beautiful job on my vehicles. I highly recommend this car wash.

Mehdi Nateghi

Worst time I have been there to the point coming back to correct isn't worth it!!!! Zero attention to detail, zero accountability and when you say hey I want a refund they don't want to. Thanks but with the 100 I spend each month there is NO LONGER. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMER. Spend 40 bucks and get a clean like chevron!!!

Shawn Barrett

Did a great job cleaning my daughter's very dirty /messy car!

Rob Cook

Staff is very friendly and made my car look brand new inside and out. Highly recommend this place

latisa parker

The car washes are great

Chad Conner

Very disappointed in the quality and the service. Looking for a good quality car wash in this area and since this one had several locations I thought I would give it a try. Will not make that mistake again.


Pay for a full service inside and out. Got partial service. Trunk never opened! Never vacumed! Seal /hinge area of trunk never cleaned. Dash half dusted. Front window still had fingerprints on it.when I called after I got home. I was told " you have to ask them to clean the trunk" I will not be back!


Great experience. No complaints.

Adam Powell

Very good car wash. They pay more attention to detail than most other places around town.

Kimberly Ashley

My husband accidentally spilt a gallon of paint sealant in the back seat of his truck, and we brought it up to Anthony's to see if they could help us get it cleaned out. If we could give them 10 stars, we would! It looks like a brand new interior, and the exterior looks just as great. Highly recommend!

Kevin Jones

One of the extremely rare washes with a touch cloth that doesn't scratch up your paint. Purchased the monthly full service basic wash. Typically in and out of here in about 10 minutes.

Bobby B

I have been going to the Hoover location for 10 years. These guys are serious about car cleaning and that is the reason they have grown to operate 4 locations in Birmingham. Recently, I needed to get ceramic coating done on my new car, and I went ahead solely based on Anthony's reputation. And what a fantastic job they did! I was blown away by the quality of work! Also, Ernesto and Justin go the distance to ensure customer satisfaction...great job guys!

Crystal Mabe

Excellent service and car wash is always top notch.

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