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REVIEWS OF Low Cost Cars IN Ohio

Charles Lemaster

Will never go back. Got a van from them and a week later trans went out. Warranty I was told we had to purchase didn't cover any of it .Now you know those shady sobs knew what was up .

Shaneka Brown

Got a care there had it long enough to get my hard plates and the motor locked up on me while I was driving...

Chris Wages

Heather Hollingshead

Prior to coming to this car lot, I had driven a 2001 ford explorer. I loved this car, paid 5000 for it at Valley ford in Waverly. It had 37,000 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. I drove it for 7 years, but I was rear-ended and the suv. was totaled. Insurance payout was 3000. I went to this car lot and purchased a 2002 chevy trailblazer 171,000 miles with the 3000 dollar payout. It's been about 1 year. After driving it for about a week, the problems started and have never stopped. This is the 5th vehicle I have owned and by far the worst. I paid about 2000 too much for it. I would give anything to have my explorer back because I can't stand to look at this car anymore and they never said a thing was wrong with it.

stephanie Stephanie

Hi I had purchased a car here and I love it everyone was nice I thought it would be hard because I never financed a car before I am pleased and happy I did it an pleased with the car its been a month since I had it running great I would send ppl here and I recommend ppl to go here fast and easy thanks everyone at low cost cars

John Doe

STAY AWAY AND KEEP YOUR MONEY!! The car I "purchased" has a $4,000 repair bill, which also is about the same value as the car itself. Just steer clear!! Trust the negative reviews!!!!

C.G. Ayling

Mohamed Hussein

Worst dealership I have ever been to. Bought a car and 3 days later it's vibrating and won't get any acceleration. I call them only to be told off. Well, we'll see about selling junk to people and am reporting this to the BBB. Location is off 23 southbound before Circleville.

Jennifer Carter

Omg total joke they get auction cars they lie about car fax reports trust me when I say move on

Rick Barker

David Washington

Jimmy B

I haven't bought a vehicle yet from them but when I called and told them my situation they were great. Broke down prices, vehicles and what I'm looking at for a down payment. They want to help get you into a car or truck or an SUV and will make sure you have all the info ahead time. I'll be coming in soon to buy this truck I have been looking at.

Mush Brain

They lie about mechanical problems.

Joe Spangler

I just bought a 2007 Chevy Impala. They sold me a great car that runs well at a reasonable price. Come in and talk to Christina or Eric. Both of them were very helpful and I highly recommend them!

Ally Wooldridge

Listen... buying a car can be intimidating. If you're like me, you want to try your best to get into a reliable car backed by a reliable dealer. I bought my car last Saturday; had a great buying experience... the staff was awesome and they got me into a car I felt great about. Got it home, 2 days later the battery died. I reached out to the manager Catherine. So was incredibly gracious, understanding and more than willing to make sure I was happy. She reimbursed me for a new battery and kept a line of communication open throughout the whole ordeal to voice any concerns. These people truly do care about providing quality cars to their customers and doing what they can to make sure you're happy. Fair prices, nice selection and best of all, amazing staff. Thank you so much guys!!!! Would definitely work with them again. Worth the drive to Circleville!!

Kathy Mahley

David Hatcher

Alyvia Blankenship

Le Stephanie

Craig Campbell

Everyone at Low Cost Cars is fantastic to work with! Cat helped us find the perfect truck and it's been rock solid. I highly recommend Low Cost Cars, and can't say thank you enough.

Heather Walsh

Chad was very helpful, friendly, nice and patient with me. I had a lot of questions and he answered them fully. No matter how many times I changed my mind. Catherine was super friendly as well and took her time to make sure I was happy with my paperwork and payments. This is my third car from here and I will go there again when I want another one.

David Larason

Tabitha Dumm

Tracy White

keith mccann

Jan Kubiak

I purchased a Toyota Rav4 from this dealership. I am very satisfied with this vehicle. It had a few cosmetic issues but are easy fixes. Runs great and over all great little vehicle. The staff was very friendly, answered all my questions and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend this dealership to friends or family.

John Collins

Good staff and Catherine was great to work with.

sharlene jones

Rodney Watts

We didn't purchase a vehicle from here, but did inquire and filled out credit app. for a vehicle that cost $6999. When the finance company called me they said Low Cost Cars sent paperwork for the same vehicle but with a price of $7999. The vehicle price jumped up $1000!! I'm sorry if it was an honest mistake but I do believe I was being scammed. I wouldn't trust them. Just my opinion

Faith Lanum

Sabrina & Tammy James

They are very friendly while your trying to buy a car,but they will sell you cars that are dangerous and rip you off. Watch your paper work and the numbers. Your down payment,and purchase price.

Charles Miller

Joshua McNeil

Staff was courteous and nice. Very accommodating, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this place they WILL take care of you. Super happy with my new car!!!

Andrew Harden

Will NOT return. Super high pressure sales tactics and crappy cars. we were there for a good couple hours after we saw an Isuzu online we thought we would like. we test drove it after filling out a finance app and we told the sales man we didnt like it. he then suggested we try another vehicle so we did and we did enjoy that one but when we went to drive it the gas light was on. We came back, told him we liked it and sat down and talked for a bit. They were under the impression for some reason that we were definitily gonna buy that car...actually they were under the impression that we were absolutely gonna buy the Isuzu. Because at one point he tells the finance guy "oh they swithced cars they dont like the isuzu so they switched to the Santa Fe. We did say we like the Hyundai Santa Fe and after they told us what rate they could get us we did say we could buy it and we wanted to buy it. Now we needed some pay stubs that we didnt have with us so they said just take the Hyundai back to where we live and get the stubs and when we return the papers will just need signed and we'll be good to go. We agree and go to get the papers but the gas light is on in the Hyundai so he says "you may wanna stop for gas" We stop for gas and the car wont take gas. it acts like its full so much to the point that it spit gas back out onto the ground. We drive back and tell the sales man and he says he'll have a "mechanic" look at it. The big fat mechanic comes and fiddles with the keys for a few minutes and the sales man comes back inside and says they gas gauge is broken. Instead of offering to fix it he says "you'll need to get that fixed but you can just use the trip meter for now" I tell him i am not interested in buying a car that needs repairs already. He talks to his boss and says "oh we have this other Santa Fe. Same car just lower miles. We ask what the price difference is and he says 5 bucks. (meaning 5 bucks a payment) and as were walking out tells me quietly so my wife cant hear "and on a 48 month loan its just a 5 buck difference" The original car with the broken gas gauge was on a smaller loan. So this time we take the low mileage car and were headed to get pay stubs and i say to my wife "yeah its 5 bucks but he said its with the longer loan." She responds with "when did he say that?" I tell her and we decide its not what we want. The same car yes but a longer loan isnt somthing we want even if the car has lower miles. SO we go back and say "were gonna pass on that." and He says "Well what can i get you in instead?" I said "were really looking for somthing that would be in the same price range and payment range as the first Santa Fe" So he runs out and gets in this huge Ford Explorer. Fully Loaded Leather, Heated Seats and every power option imaginable. He says this one would have the same rate and everything so go ahead and take it to get our stubs. We drive it and we agree that its way more than what we are looking for and we have had enough. We go back again we tell him "ya know its just not what we want - Its a little too luxury and i dont like the way it drives" He responds "too luxury?" and i say "yep. Id really just like my keys and my van so we can go now. Weve seen enough for today." He comes back with "Well what about that Isuzu? You liked it right??" and i said "nope not really -- we just want our keys and van so we can go." he says ok. goes inside and tells the finance guy "they said its too luxury." and the finance guy says " Well what about the Isuzu?" and we again say "Just give us the keys to our van so we can go." The end result was we did not buy anything from them and we probably wont. They HAD to make a sale that day and were SO SURE we were buying that they were calling finance companies about seeing what rate we could get on an Isuzu we didnt even want! I wouldnt reccomend anyone go here and feel the pressure we did and have to go through a selection of crappy cars and high pressure sales.


Out of town buyer interested in a specific vehicle. I had them run a credit report and had them help me get financed for the vehicle. I was approved for the vehicle but when trying to contact the loan/finance department i couldn't get anyone to return my calls. After 3 days of being told I would recieve a call from someone in the finance department I got tired of waiting for a call. After countless attempts I finally got through to the finance department just to find out they were avoiding me because they sold the vehicle to someone else after getting me a loan lined up. Now I have a useless credit inquiry on my credit report bringing my credit down and I still have a specific vehicle in mind that I want to purchase which will now be harder.

Jimmy Harris

Scam artist and dbags

jason Teehan

I didnt read reviews for this place till after I bought my truck from them. I'm glad I didnt because I most likely would not have gone there. I wanna start by saying Catherine and Brandon were great to work with. Niether one was pushy, and I never once felt pressured to buy from them. I enjoyed my experience with them, and was happy to do business with a couple trying to make a living selling cars. I read more than a few reviews with people complaining about the vehicles they have purchased here. There are a few things you should know when you are buying from a dealership like this. One is they usually buy from auctions, put the least amount of money into them and sell them for what they can get. It's called business. The second is if you're buying a vehicle with over 100k miles expect that at some point in the near future its gonna need something. The third thing you should know when buying a high milage vehicle is how to work on them! I bought a 2006 lincoln mark lt with 101k on it. I test drove,brakes were good, and everything I thought to check worked on it. It had a noise to it in was unsure of, but sure i could fix it and a tick that sounded like an exhaust leak that didnt bother me either. If either did i would have not bought it, but i bought it knowing it need some love and no one forced me or pressured me into. I have put 16k on the truck since I bought it. I put wheel hubs on it thinking that was the noise I was hearing, but it ended up being 4x4 actuators. Cost me 200 bucks to fix it and 4hrs of my time. The exhaust tick turned out to be two loose spark plugs. Didnt cost me anymore than an hour out of my Saturday. I realized after I got it home the rear window wouldnt open. Took two taps on the motor with a hammer,and about 2 minutes of my time to get it to work. All in all it has been a good truck and I'm very pleased with the whole process and purchase from low cost cars. A few years ago I purchased a used truck from a reputable new car dealership for 27k. It broke down about 20 miles from the dealership and was a 3k repair bill. I had 10k into the truck within 2yrs before I offed it on someone else, and in those 2yrs I only put 4k miles on it because it was always at the ford dealer. Point to that story is it doesnt matter where or who you buy from, if you buy used, do so expecting you may or may not have issues with the vehicle. I would recommend this place to anybody to go to, but I also recommend anyone that goes there, or to any used car lot to check the vehicle out before you buy it. Most will even let you take it to your mechanic before you buy it. If you buy a crappy car that falls apart it is your fault, not the dealer. They told me I'm buying as is and never once said they did any kind of 100 point inspection. I did however get a truck with brand new tires, and every truck I test drove had new ones as well. That's more than you get from 90 percent of any other used dealer! Thank you Catherine and Brandon. Sorry it took so long to leave a review, but wanted to get some miles on the truck before I did. You two were great to work with and helped me out of a jam

Rachel Dinkins

Christian VanSickle

Low Cost Cars was awesome to deal with. They take the time to get to know their customers and treat them really well, not to mention the great prices. Brandon and Kat are great people to deal with

Samantha sayre

I'm very pleased with this company. I took my mother to see if she could get approved for a suv. And let me say she is on a fixed income. And I was very happy with the service she got. They treated her with respect and got her a suv. To fit her budget and even put some gas in it to make sure she made it home. I would recommend this company to anyone. Very nice, respectful, helpful and all the staff is wonderful and willing to do whatever it takes to make the customers happy. Thank you all so much and I’m sure you will always have our service.

Rex Haddix

Friendly staff and just an all around great experience.

Sharon Knadler

worst car buying experience I have ever had. I contacted the business to tell them the garage found that the whole front frame between the front tires was rusted out and gone. and I should not even be driving it. I was told there was nothing they could do for me. this cost me $1700 to get the frame rebuilt, then the garage informed me someone had peiced together the brake lines with compression fittings that cost me another $1400 to get all the brake lines replaced, then the dash lights wouldn't go out and they found 3 sensors completly burned out, that cost me $500 to get them replaced, then yesterday I went to open the drivers side door, and the door latch fell off, so now I cant open the door, so I will have to take it back to the garage to get this fixed, cause I can't open the door now. and this was all before I made the first payment on the truck.. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS BUSINESS, THEY DON'T STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS...

daquann Williams

I just bought my second truck from them, they're friendly and very helpful and always makes my car buying experience great! Thanks alot guys

Lance Collins

Family owned and operated very friendly staff would recommend to friends!!

Alaura Shamblin

Sales people were nice. They rushed through all of the paperwork and got irritated with questions. There was underlying issue with the 2008 Jeep Patriot I had purchased. Stopped running after not even three days. They wouldn’t take it back and were super rude over the phone. Had to put about $1,000 of work into it. The service contract I purchased didn’t cover any work needed and I am very unsatisfied. Would not recommend.

Bella Hatcher

Service is great and so are the vehicles. They were there when me and my family needed a reliable car

Mori Benjamin

With a smile that illuminated sky, Chad Bartley came out of the office waiving as we pulled into the lot. I was like coming home to a family reunion. He and the other staff members were very kind. It has been almost a whole week now and I must say that I am very pleased with the vehicle that I purchased. I needed a car, I saw a car, and I got a car...all made possible by Low Cost Cars. So, ride by and give them a try! I'm glad I did :-)

Angela Kenney

Catherine was very helpful had fun test driving

nevaeh damron

ashley tainer-harp

Danette Osborne

I bought my Ford Escape "As Is" from Low Cost Cars and the next day my engine died. They towed it back to the lot and fixed it for me when they really didn't have to. I appreciate the friendly and professional staff and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Ethel sims

Eric Palmer

Ronald Castor

Prestige Racing

If I could leave 0 I absolutely would. Please if you care for your life and the people that are in your vehicle with you then don't go to this car lot. I went there on 6/10/16 and bought a car now I know that it's all "as is" but I asked multiple people do you inspect your vehicles and EVERYONE said yes we do and we replace what's needed. Well that's a huge lie when I took the car on a test drive I noticed some antifreeze leaking so I looked and there was no hose clamps on the car so when I got back to the lot I told them and Catherine said we will take car of it but nope I let the lot and went straight to the parts store to buy a hose clamp but no big deal on that one because they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WORK ON CARS THERE. Anyway I went on driving the car and at just over 500 miles the lower control arm on the passenger side broke off and caused me to go off the road and break the driver side tie rod and ball joint so I had to have the car towed to my house and take the day off work and spend 400$ for parts for the car. And they wouldn't do anything all they said is bring the car back we will give your down payment back but I would be out about 800$ for parts, a tow and missing a days work this is a terrible terrible car lot they are VERY shady people plz I urge you to not go here and if you do have your car checked out by a REAL mechanic not there back yard special

Joseph Nimon

Costumer friendly and one of the easiest purchases I've made this year. I bought a 1999 Chrysler, and under the hood it is perfect. I bought it for under 15 hundred! With very little body scratches and rust spots

Courtney Clemens

Professional, knowledgeable, and nice people. I recommend them to everyone!

Angelia Hicks

I will be back after i pay off my suv for my next purchase and you guys got me approved when nobody else couldn't very nice and friendly people and i would definitely recommend you guys to anybody that asks me where i got mine from in Circleville Ohio

Robert Burns

Nice people. Easy to work with

Dan Knight

Darin Alspach

I saw they had a nice looking truck on there website so made the call, got approved , set a time to go in and made the 1& 1/2 hr drive. From the start very friendly staff welcomed me and gave me the keys to test drive the truck. Paperwork is WELL as fun as paperwork can be, took a bit because of my insurance company but all in all Very Happy with my experience and this beautiful truck. Thanks Low Cost Cars sincerely Darin

Taffy NNAL

Great people! The car we gpt is paid off and still running beautifully 2 years later! Thanks Low Cost!

Kent Coleman

Dont want to make a deal

Destyni Lucas

Monique Brewer

Horrible. Don't shop here!!!!

David Gautier

Tammy James

Bought a car from low cost cars could expect it a little bit more out of the vehicle that I bought from them a little disappointed good people though

Brandon Schemmel

Highly disappointed. I was in contact for a few weeks about trading in a vehicle, and found out some information on mine and decided against it, but still wanted to purchase a truck from here. I was told to fill out a application for financing, and was told I wasn't accepted and need a cosigner for this truck. After bugging my friends and family, I get someone to cosign, just to be emailed and told this truck is up for sale for CASH ONLY?!??!?! Why send me through the trouble of trying to finance just to tell me it's cash only.... Also, after trying to be financed for this truck I was told it's a mechanics special ONLY AFTER I ALREADY SUBMITTED THE CREDIT APP!!

Angela Ott

We bought our daughter a car from Low Cost Cars. Everyone there was amazing especially Cat! We got the perfect starter car at a great price!

Michael Levan

I bought a 2008 Mercury Milan from Catherine and she gave me a great deal and even worked with me to help financially. I can’t thank her enough and she is the first person I would refer to anyone looking for a car! - Michael L II

Rob Barnett

Angela McKnight

The buying experience was wonderful. Everyone was very helpful and patient with us. We never felt rushed when test driving several vehicles. Paperwork was explained throughly and in terms that were understandable. I would come back if I would ever have the need to again in the future.

Elena Aiello

We had a great experience at this place. The salesmen and women were extremely kind and not AT ALL pushy or forceful like most sales people. They were up front and honest about all the cars we test drove and we got a great deal on our car. Its family owned and operated and and the people there were genuine. I will recommend Low Cost Cars North to family and friends.

Joane Curtiss

My husband n i bought a hyundai elantra and we are very happy with the car that we got. Catherine was a great sales associate she had a very warm welcoming attitude and very friendly. the Tatman family

Sasha Depew

Zackary Cain

!!!!!!!DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!!!!WORST CAR DEALERSHIP I’VE EVER SEEN!!!!!! PART 1 of 2. I have recently bought a car here and it has been the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life. Has caused so much stress, wasted time, and wasted money. I bought a 2006 Chrysler 300c with a little over 120,000 miles on it. About a week before buying the car I came in contact with one of there cars sales men through text and phone calls talking to him about the car and over the week period assuring me the can ran great and the only things wrong with the car was the Tire Pressure monitoring system and a little cosmetic damages. He told me when the got the car the only thing wrong with it was the bald tires and they already replaced them so I’m getting a good deal and I should come in and see the car in person if I had any more questions. I ask them to have everything ready so I just need to rest drive the car and sign for it so I can be on my way. I get there and the pictures they sent were very misleading and looks like it was in a accident and I ask the salesmen if the car was and he said one and so I ask for the car fax. Turns out it was in 4. I take a test drive and I notice there’s no check engine light but the Tire Sensor is going off. I asked the salesmen if there’s anything wrong with the car again. I heard something from either the transmission or the engine and he assured me everything else was running as it should on the car. they just don’t replace tire sensors there or do any electrical repairs. I find out the radios broken so after they tried to bait and switch me with another car. So I left and wrote a nasty review but the end up texting me on my way home apologies saying they can take $500 off and clean on the car since it wasn’t even cleaned when I test drove it if I took down my review. I get there and I finally get the car and start to drive home it being around 6 at night. I end up getting pulled over for having a head light out but thankfully was let go with a warning.

Laura Baker

Deceitful; shyster. Dont believe the adds. Over priced and rusty. Not willing to work with you.

Lynda Baker


Tim Reed

nice cars

Walter Sexton

Amazing place great customer service man them guys are awesome

bjay jay

Good place but not a buy here pay here car lot.

verlin sweeney

Johnda Sullivan

Wayne Saunders

Jessica Campbell

The vehicle was completely different from its online photos. No warranty, as is. Large rust spots that were hidden in the pictures. Extremely overpriced.

Larry Ferguson

Very helpful staff! I test drove 4 vehicles and ended up picking the first one. I have now driven it for 3 months and it has only needed minor repairs( normal wear and tear). I am very satisfied with my choice.

Brandon Walker


Great customer service. Very patient and helpful salesman named Joe. He ran back and forth for keys all afternoon till we made a final decision. Brandon was also very helpful and made the entire process as painless as possible. Will definitely be a return customer. Thank you again gentlemen.

Jesse Ward

Just got off the phone with the salesman won't mention any names but the worst customer service I have ever heard just kept telling me there was nothing they could do for me I make pleanty of money to afford the vehicle I was looking at and I told him I could shop roof of my income from both jobs and kept telling me nothing they could do for me I refered two people to this car lot and as soon as I got off the phone with low cost instantly called the people i refered and told them to never call this place. I make over 6 grand a month and this vehicle would have been paid off in two months but there is nothing low cost can do for me. Awsomr must not need to sell cars bad enough. (Get some better salesman)

Jasmine Rager

Great experience overall. I didn't feel pressured to buy and no one made me feel stupid for asking questions.The staff was knowledgeable and very friendly and did a great job of getting me financed. They delivered what they said they would. I couldn't be happier with my car or them. I will gladly refer my friends.

Steven Klusty

Caitlyn Roberts

Great group of people to deal with!!!

matt mullen

Carol Sweazy

WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Started out loving these people! Not so much now! Originally left a great review but we have purchased 2 vehicles from here and it's costing us thousands! One vehicle is a Jeep which has major transmission problems, we've only had it since March. The second is a Jetta that we have had since June and it just blew up its second motor supposedly! The first motor blew 2 days after making the first payment. They sent us to their mechanic who ripped us off. Said they put a replacement motor in it but within 50 miles that motor had blown! The car is a backup for us so it hasn't been driven but about 50 miles since the motor was supposedly replaced around the beginning of August. A couple days ago the motor blew up again after driving for about 15 minutes. IF YOU WANT AN HONEST CAR LOT GO TO C&A MOTORS IN CHILLICOTHE.

Melissa Hahn

I wouldn't recommend this dealership. The agent was rude and tried to sell me a van that actually leaked oil and had mouse poop inside.

alexi meilstrup

Be aware these people are dishonest, they just turn over cars, they do not do safety inspections. They will be more then happy to sell you a car that will fail on you in less then a week. I bought a Car from them with a alignment issue. No big deal I can fix this however when I took it to get fixed, they found most of the bolts on the frame was so lose to the point they was close to falling out. Then it seems they sold me a car with a failing transmission the transmission shop I have the car at tells me they had to of known they was selling me a car with major problems. I will never shop here ever again

ctlengcol46 ctlengcol46

Friendly, vehicles are junk

Eric Stewart

Bought car from them in August. Employees were helpful and friendly and did not use any pressure. They were willing to negotiate a little on the price as well. I have now driven this car to New York and back and to Utah and back, putting several thousand miles on the car with no problems! Great transaction!

John Post

Went there today and test drove....well....attempted to test drive. Out of 4 vehicles 3of them had check engine lights, made the warning light chimes. The third one had the engine light on but ran great took it to autozone and it was something simple so we went do the paperwork and the guy that handles the initial application completely treated us like we were trash and talked down to us. Not very professional considering the customers are the ones who employ tool in my opinion

Zach Clark

Car was described accurately on the ad... The issues the car was made clear multiple times so I was fully aware and they did not attempt to hide anything... They lowered my price on a already fair deal... Overall nice and friendly workers not pushy but rather helpful. Catherine is recommended for those interested. I did buy from them and would again.

William X. Lee

Excellent service. These guys did everything the right way. Highly recommended.

Kianne Downing

Wasn't up front with the proper procedures. I couldn't comply with the paperwork they needed at the last second. Due to them not informing me correctly. Felt insulted by a comment as if I could only produce shut off notices which I don't have any shutoffs in my life I work six day a week a. Don't have a shut off electric bill. However he said don't bring one. I felt so out of place I wS there to purchase a car I thought I was his customers. Not there for judgment. S

Chase/Mya Gilbert

Nice place to go calm cool and collected I would recommend anybody to them they're nice people

Stephanie Frint

chris decker

dillyn kramer

Bought chevy s10 from them. It broke down within a week due to transmission fluid in radiotor. Old fat Dude said it was to clean it before I bought it. I called and asked them about it all they did was refer me to a machanic and tow truck service. I can't help my ignorance at the time but The truck I still have from them had blown head gasket right after that along with a bunch of other issues constantly happen as well as I'm still paying on the truck. Way to over priced for junk. The Worst buy here pay here place iv seen. Poor vehicle inspection and really unprofessional. DO NOT GO HERE. Truck was $3999. Turned into 7000. Thats without fixing it.


Sheila Flood

Christina Augst

Great service and we drove out in a vehicle we've wanted for a long time at a good price! The staff was super nice and accommodating!

Herschel Green

No pressure, very friendly. Best part in my opinion was all information regarding the vehicle, financing options and costs was very transparent. Also uses Carfax.

Justin Fain

Really fast and friendly service and a huge selection of vehicles. I came in knowing what I was looking for, but there was no shortage of variety if I had still been undecided. I drove 5 hours round-trip to buy from them and it was totally worth it. No frills, no up-selling, just a genuinely painless transaction.

Amy Marshall

Joe Smith was a great salesman for me. Cat Bartley did great on getting me financed at a low rate. Quick, Easy, and Painless experience. Will shop here again if needed.

Zackary Taylor

!!!!!DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!!! WORST CAR DEALERSHIP I'VE SEEN!!!! PART 2- I don’t drive the car for about 2 days. I drive to my buddies house and on the way there it 5 engine codes pop on and I blew a hose and loose all oil pressure. I have it towed back to my house so I can take a look and it looked like they sold me a blown up engine. the sound I heard on the test drive that the salesmen assured me was normal for this car was the engine getting worse and worse. I took a look through everything and it looked like they tried to do short term fixes like putting head gasket sealer in it so it would run just long enough for the customer to get home. I see it has a misfire so I don’t drive it and contact the dealership. since I probably only drove it less than an hour or so in total they said they’d go 50/50 on repairs. Before I had it towed the engine bay would produce white smoke, it would loose oil pressure, and have a constant misfire. The dealership got it and told me the second day they see no problems with the car and it runs just fine. In fact he said his Mechanic let it run for about an hour and a half with no issues. This I know is impossible due to the condition of the car when I had it toed. A couple days go by and they tell me they just seems to fix the radiator and a couple sensors and a exhaust leak and the car will be fine. They told me they didn’t do exhaust work there but when they found the leak they would tell me where so I could get an idea of what I need to do to it after I pick it up. I pay half of what it cost and they tell me all I have to do is fix the flex pipe and I will be good. I leave with the car and about half way home an other check engine light comes on for a oxygen sensor in the exhaust and also the constant misfire on 1. I wait for Monday to have a exhaust shop come look at it and instead of it needing just one small part replaced being around $45 to $80. I need to have half my exhaust fixed. I also find out the reason why the exhaust was so bad was because of how long the engine has been running with a constant misfire. At this point I know they knew When they sold me the car, it had a blown motor and half the exhaust needed replaced. I called the dealership again asking if they could help me a little with the exhaust like they did with the rest of the issues and they told me they will no longer help me anymore and I should have been more careful before buying a used car. They then told me if I needed anything else I could talk to there attorney and I could kick rocks. That’s why I am here leaving you this review so YOU can be careful and not by from this dealership. WOULD RATHER BE A PRISONER OF WAR, then buy a car here again. At least being a prisoner of war you have hope.

Michelle Sears

I got an 06 Chrysler van from this place, the van had so many mechanical issues it was ridiculous. In the first year I had to put in over half of what the total cost was! And now that I paid off the vehicle I'm struggling to get my clear title! When I call them they say oh that has nothing to do with us...even though they selected the finance company! These people are the worst! Don't do business here! Never did I scream any profanities at anybody, now you can add liars to this review and I will be filling a BBB complaint against your company. And I recorded Both conversations that I had with your people. I will never do business with you and I will tell Everyone I can to not do business here either!

Aaron Eddlemon

Bob Fox

As with any used car lot nothing there that I would by myself. We test drove almost every car on the lot and ended up buying a vehicle for my son and later that night it was acting up. The next day it was having all sorts of issues. We also spent $3,000 on this car. Save your money and buy from a private person or a reputable place. Sometimes buying a $800 car that needs some work from someone and putting $1,000 into fixing it or $500 into fixing it up or whatever is much better. I'm spending $3,000 or more on a piece of junk with so many miles on it that it doesn't last a month. Use your head people

Tabitha Warren

Travis Copley

sold me a lemon and they hate old people

Sandy Hommes

Found the vehicle I wanted, at a great price! I'd recommend them to my friends and family.

Ashley Woods

Of all the many places that I went to and vehicles ive test driven, Low Cost should have been my first stop. They went out of their way to help me and got me into something even better than I had picked out myself. On top of saving me a headache. I love my new to me 2014 Acadia! So do my kids! If you have damaged credit, dont listen to the hype on the radio. Try low cost first! Hands down, the nicest people ive dealt with and I couldnt be happier. Thank you guys for working with me and helping me as much as you did.

Charlie Simmons

Excellent people, very helpful and patient! People need to understand that this is a used car lot. Anything can happen with a used car. They are salesmen not omnipotent mechanics. They cant see a problem that may or not exist after you purchase and drive off. However they were incredibly helpful at fixing any problems that were present at the time of purchase. Thank you all! Btw my car has had no problems, and I love it.

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