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Francesca Komarek

Someone broke ito my car while it was there for service ( I can neither confirm nor deny if it was an employee or not) but all the change in my console was stolen as well as a "nutribullet" that was in my back seat. I paid $3000 for general maintenance and got back a filthy car that had been parked next to a dumpster and there was bird droppings all over my vehicle. This is my 3rd Volvo, maybe its tome to move on.

Casey Crawford

Great Service

Jason Brown

Had my C70 in for service. Upon pickup, the driver side window had been left cracked open and the car was parked outside overnight allowing water in. The interior of the car hadn't been cleaned following service. The replacement antenna that I paid $75 for was sitting in the passenger seat instead of being installed. The passenger floor light hadn't been replaced despite it being on the list of things to do, and the wiper blades that I was charged for probably weren't replaced based on the performance of the blades. The condition of the car was so poor I'll now need to take it to MAG to see if the $2000 worth of work I was charged for was even performed. Followed up with Shawn after the fact and he wanted to me to bring the car back in to look at the wiper blades. Those were the least of my concerns.

terika Zimmerman

I absolutely loved the service I received from Byers Volvo they treated me as like I was family! They worked out a great deal for me and I walked out of there 3 hrs later with my car! I will always get my cars through them!

Martin Hughes

Very customer focused. Always deliver.

Jace Stickdorn

The Service department is Top Notch! Bob and Sean always provide great service and make the ongoing service experience exceptional Thank you! Jace Stickdorn

Charles Clark

Promise you the moon until it is time to deliver. Found a used truck with dry rotted tires and wouldn't deal. Pre approved for one amount picked out something for lots less and then they still wanted money down about 15%. This is a dealership for the people who want to over pay for a new Volvo only.

Steve D

Friendly staff and sales worked to get approval with poor credit and no money down. Kept monthly payment about what was requested..... next vehicle purchased will be from here as well

Andrew Yee

My wife purchased a beautiful XC90 at Byers. We drove all the way from Pittsburgh for a great price. Dustin was super responsive by phone and email throughout the whole process and even after when we had questions. Highly recommended.

bigR Productions

What a joke

Jon Lofton

Screw them, they will try to under pay you for your car then try to over price their cars

Karen Johnson

We worked with Dustin when purchasing our Volvo. He was extremely knowledgeable about the car. I know what he said was on point because I had researched the vehicle. Excellent Customer Service after I requested that the carpet be cleaned. They scotch guarded it too.

Chris Shurelds

E Marie

Great Service as always!!

Desiree Barber

The initial person, Courtney, I dealt with was nice and courteous. The "closer" though was rude, condescending and just unpleasant- maybe I was there when he was having a bad day but if hadn't been in need of a vehicle I would have left. And still never received the owners manual for the vehicle nor a copy of every paper I signed.

Damica Campbell

I would give this place a 4 out of 5 stars. The only thing that stopped me from giving them a 5 was my car was sold to me for 1 price, but once I got to the paperwork it was 1500 more. Im glad I caught "the mistake." After I said something, it was corrected. Also because it was a used vehicle, after I got my car home I noticed some small minor chips in the paint. They offered to fix it for me with no hassel. Everyone I spoke to told me I got a great deal. I love my Honda Accord. It rides very smooth. Thank you for helping me get into a nice new ride. Hard work pays off.

iwannabeunderpar .

Service manager is clueless! Beware of the B.S. that he will feed you.

Carmale Henderson

Huge shout out to Ryan, Courtney, and Derrick you guys rock!! Probably my most peaceful experience at a car dealership to date. I certainly appreciated the nonaggressive sales approach. I have to admit I was taken back for a moment just because it was such a different experience. I don't have the best credit, but they were still able and willing to work with me. Although I purchased my car a month ago I am still able to reach out to Courtney and ask questions. He never displays an attitude of being bothered or annoyed. On top of that today I came to get my first car wash and before doing so Courtney got me together and helped me put on my new plates. Like I said you rock! #customerserviceonpoint #definitelywillreferfriends&family #eventheserviceguyspersonalitywasawesome

Jules Do

Courtney Smith at Byers Volvo was prompt in answering my inquiries for a new car and helped make the car buying process as smooth and seamless as possible. Thanks Courtney and Byers Volvo!

College Car


Chad Bartlett

Great service and very friendly.

Jenny Phillips

We purchased our XC60 at Byers in 2016 and have been servicing all our Volvos at Byers since we moved to Ohio in 2014. We have always had a wonderful experience with sales and service as well as all employees we have come in contact with. We trust them and highly recommend this dealership!

Monica Washington

They treat you well at Byers, they care about the customers.

Theodora Cowans

CJ Morrow

Everyone is real nice

Kenny Halfpap

It has been my dealership of choice cor the past 17 years. Wonderful staff and management team. Volvo is a great brand.

Rob Trimmer

Amanda Lopez

I am going to start with one star but maybe this will change if Byers holds up on their end of the deal

Justin Mumma

Be sure to ask for Aaron Finley at Byers Volvo! We previously purchased an S60 in 2013 and an XC60 from MAG in 2014 and never experienced the quality of service Byers offered us. Aaron Finley was our sales specialist- he was completely honest, hardworking and accommodating to our schedules. Aaron even came in on his day off so my husband could test drive the car (XC90 T6) and to answer all of the same question I asked earlier in the week and throughout multiple emails. Aaron also took time to go over all the information for each XC90 on their lot and was honest enough to admit when he wasn't sure about something- to me, that spoke volumes about his character and it was reassuring to know the correct information would be relayed. We were also looking at three different XC90's; one at Byers, one at Mag and another out of town- Aaron knew all of this and never once made us feel pressured, nor did he say anything negative about the competition (unlike the competing dealers). Everyone at the dealership was very nice and helpful- we will definitely be back! Thanks again, Aaron!

sveta li

I would like to share myexperience at Byers Volvo. Unfortunately it was not a very pleasant one. I went in and found a car I liked, so when I decided to take it for a test drive the sales person Chris made me feel a little uncomfortable, because he insisted to drive with me and my family twice. We wanted to do it on our own so we can feel more at ease and discuss things. So that seem a little weird, like they didnt trust us. I happened to like a car so we purchased it same day. I asked for a discount, but we were told that there are no additional discounts and we bought at a sticker price. I asked about interest rate on financing, which I was told previously that with an excellent credit it would be as low as 2.99%, but eventually I have been told that it will be 4.99 unless I want my credit run multiple times. My credit score is 822, so I know I could have gotten much better interest rate. It was just a sales pitch. Chris was nice at time thats why I gave one star. Once he turned us to his finance manager, it was a slightly different story. He seemed happy to talk to us at first, however as soon as we politely declined to purchase any additional warranties his whole demeanor changed and not for the best. I had few questions regarding financing, but was abruptly interupted and told that I can contact them myself, when ask about contact info, I was shortly told its in folder. He just was eager to get rid off us, as long as we sign the pappers. I thought it was a kind of unprofessional and rude. We were not there late, it was about 6 pm. So it left a sour taste in my mouth. However, I decided to forget about it and be happy with a new car. Right before we left, I realized that they did not give me a second key. So I went back and asked Chris about it and he told that he ll find it later and call me back. I waited for a week and Chris never called me back. So I called him and left few messages, than send him a text. He responded to my text saying that they are still looking for a key. He ll contact me when he finds it. Another two weeks nothing happened. I decided to give him a call myself again, fortunately he picked up a phone and told me that he did not find a key and at this point there is nothing he can do for me, and if I want a second key I just have to pay for it. I explained to him that I don't feel that I should be responsible for something they lost. He reassured me that he ll talk to his GM and will call me back next day and see if they can make me a key at no cost. I think the motto of this dealersip is: Overmpromise and Underdeliver. Another week goes by and no phone calls no messages. I patiently waited. So I decided that at this point I will contact General Manager myself , Derek Sino. I left him 3 voicemails in the period of few days, explaining the issue. And guess what never heard from him either . At this point, I persistantly called again and asked if there is any way I can get a hold of him. They paged him and he picked up the phone and put me on a speaker. I introdeuced myself and asked if he had a chance to listen to his voicemail in the last few days. The asnswer was no, so I briefly explained whats happened and pretty much was told just too bad. We dont have a key and don't make them, so if you want one than get one yourself. I tried to explain to him that I have been getting nothing but run arounds, so I was hoping as GM he can step up and resolve the issue in peaceful and timely manner. He was very rude and abnoxious on the phone, acting like a king of the world. It wasnt our first time purchasing a car, but by far the worst experience ever. BYERS BEWARE! Just a draw a parallel between two experiences, I want to give you an example of my coworkers experience, who happened to purchase a car three days after me. She bought at dealership in Delaware, they gave her $1800 of a sticker price, she had no credit, so her relatives financed it for her and they got 1.99% interest rate. They came and picked up her car from work and delivered it back to replace a small dink in a window. Danny

Scott Rohlck

Service and people are great!

Todd French

Enjoyed working with the staff.

Marla J

The Service Dept is awesome! They are experts at what they do! And they are honest and give great explanations. And Mark G. Is the Best!

Saul Bleaeck

Smooth auto purchasing. Very personable reps who are helpful with answering questions, offering test-drive and completing the process. The sales and service areas are very clean and display new rides (and baloons). Not sure how long the process usually takes (first time buyer) but it wasn't speedy; that said, the wait wasn't bad - drinks, snacks, television and comfy seating. Thanks Buyers, we love our new car!


They give you a quote on Kelly blue book . You go there and they give full of crab . Low balls offers.

Ron Rucker

I found that everyone working at Byers Volvo were very helpful in answering all my questions and made the purchase a used car very easy. I got a great deal and interest rate. I was able to bring it back the following week and have some minor touch up done on the car. The only reason I didn't score them with five stars was I thought the car was not clean up as well as it should have been. The windows, interior, engine and car needed more cleaning done in those areas.

Ian Heyman

Dustin does an amazing job! He is a great asset to a car-buying process, and delivers everything you could want from a dealer. If you're looking to buy a new Volvo, find Dustin!

Linda Taylor

I have been a customer for 16 years and have had great experiences. The service department is efficient, trustworthy and helpful, and the sales staff has always given me a fair deal without hassle. This is the best dealership I've ever dealt with.

Robert Long

Terrible service

Peteryln kleckley

Good customer service


Complete rip off!

Mark Humbert

Overall experience was enjoyable. Sales rep Aaron was was to do business with. Friendly and courteous.

moe H

Amazing translation. This was by far the best experience I had when buying a car. Very efficient didn’t take minutes and they even offered to deliver the vehicle to my home. Dustin was great person to deal with.

Wendy CH

Bob did a thorough review of my concerns and as a result all the repairs were covered by my warranty before it expired. As usual, everything was completely explained regarding all repairs. Bob worked to ensure I had transportation while I was waiting on the warranty people to approve the work. I was kept informed throughout the process. Bob is the absolute best!!

Henry 1231

People here are unfriendly, never make eye contact, felt uncomfortable the whole time I was there. The guy I talked to was a liar, who has gone back from his words. He wanted to cheated me out of $2000, I then gone somewhere else and got a much higher offer. They are not honest nor have any moral. Please imagine what your mother would think if she knows of what you did. Now this review will forever be on here.

charmander gaming

Very nice place. Great customer service. Very helpful ND focused. Easy to find. Nice merchandise but expensive and no deals kind of hard to find the office but it's okay place

Randy Beavers

Great service in a loaner car to!

Kimberly Lanier

This is my 3rd purchase from Courtney Smith at Byers Volvo. He has always gotten me a reliable car, at a great price. He is honest and trustworthy. The entire sales staff is very friendly, and will work hard for you. I always have a great time when I stop by

dimzon1936 .

Prices very affordable. Volvo dealer wants for the keys more than I paid for whole car. Love it!

Drew Evans

I have just bought my second vehicle from Byers. My salesperson for both vehicles was Dustin Stygler. He was very helpful and answered all of my questions (I ask a lot of questions). He made me very comfortable and was not pushy. I will be reaching out to him for future vehicle needs.

Ryan Brown

Had the good fortune to be put in touch with Dustin Stygler the Internet Sales Manager. He helped me start to finish, even though I didn't buy from them, it's a place I could see myself doing business with later.

Danielle Thompson

I have now leased three Volvo’s with Byer’s and I could not be happier! The staff is always very helpful and provide great customer service. My sales person Dustin went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my new purchase! Highly recommend if you are in the market for a Volvo. Also have to add the new redesign Volvo has rolled out is fabulous!

Rebecca Albers

I have been a customer of Byers Volvo for many years and recently traded my 2011 XC60 for a new one. My sales person David was very knowledgeable and walked me through all the new safety features of my car. I even took it in to have my new plates put on. Excellent experience.

Jenny L

2nd lease XC60 from Byers Volvo. Dustin was great about keeping in contact with me through the 1st lease and got me some great pricing for this one. Service is excellent. I will always drive a Volvo from now on. Most comfortable car and has great safety features.

Dinia Smith

Chad Thompson

Fast, convenient, and understanding of the customer's needs. I transacted almost every aspect of this deal online because of how responsive my sales rep was throughout the process. Thanks Byers.

Miguel Palacios

Great experience overall. Fair pricing, good selection and great salesman.

Chelsea Green

Had a wonderful experience with Dustin. We live an hour away and he worked very hard via email to get the vehicle we purchased in the price range we gave him so no haggling had to be done once we made the drive to the dealership. Very pleased with our experience!

Mary Curry

Jennifer Williams

AWESOME customer service!!! We live 2 hours away & drove there to buy our new volvo!!! We have never been there before, nor do we know anyone hat had. They had the BEST price around and i will say their customer service was spectacular!!! I would 100% recommend them and i would definitely go back if I ever decided to purchase another volvo! We did all of our communication on cost of car via email/phone. We drove there and literally did nothing but signed paperwork and was shown the options in our new car. Everyone was great and super friendly. Too bad we live so far away as i won't be able to have my car serviced there. Oh and by the way...i ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE my new car. Thank you all!!!!

Latoya Adams

I have nothing but great things to say about the Byers Volvo family. Dustin Stygler is an amazing salesman he took his time and was very patient with me even though I was hundreds of miles away, and was able to get me in the vehicle I wanted. If you’re ever in the area and looking to purchase a vehicle Byers Volvo is where you need to go!

Slava Luchianov

Friendly staff, no pressure.

Bintu D

I left here three weeks ago very upset, angry and left out of options with my vehicle. Not knowing if I would have to buy a whole new engine or get a new vehicle. I believed Byers couldn't assist me anymore and washed their hands clean of me. However, after hearing my concerns Tom bread went out of his way to make sure I came back in to receive the proper customer service I deserved. I left there today feeling happy, cared for and respected as a customer. Id like to thank Tom, Joe, Derek, Eric and staff for your exceptional service today, it meant alot.

Jerry Potter

I recommend this place. They had the best price for the vehicle I was looking for within 100 miles of my home. Dustin was very helpful and straight up with me throughout the entire process. Very smooth transaction. I just received the last of my paperwork in the mail, so I am very satisfied. I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Marie Smith

My salesperson, AJ Salls, was exceptional! He was extremely professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about the Volvo S80. In looking for a new car, I went to multiple dealerships and test-drove various cars. I felt rushed to sign a deal and get out the door. On a whim, I went to Byers Volvo. What a fantastic choice! AJ took the time to answer my questions, he explained the advantages of purchasing a Volvo at Byers, discussed the safety features on the car, he took the time to listen. Never did he pressure me and that made the difference! At delivery, AJ spent hours explaining the features and controls. He was so patient and kind. My whole car buying experience was wonderful. Thank you AJ Salls and Byers Volvo!

Devoyal Crook

Real good

Rick Krigbaum

I purchased a used car that they had posted online. First I was shocked that they actually had the car they advertised so many don't. (It seems to be a common and accepted bait and switch tactic) A tactic not used by Byers which told me I was dealing with a reputable dealer. The car was as advertised and a very good deal. I was treated with respect and was ask if I wanted to hear about their extended warranty not forced to set through a hard sell like at other dealerships. I agreed to buy the car on the spot for the price advertised online with only one request which was for them to use their ionizing air and fabric cleaner to remove the remnants of cigarette smoke from the car. They kept it overnight and when I picked it up the next day the odor was gone. I could not be happier with my purchase. This was my first experience with The Byers Family of dealerships but when I find myself in need of a vehicle in the future I will go back them first.

Pete Coe

Excellent experience with Dustin Stygler (sales) and David Kotlan( finance) from the Byers team. Ive done some business with the Byers brand in the past so when my wife was in need I reached out to David to see what was available across the Byers lots. David set me up with Dustin and that guy killed it for me. Dustin was super accommodating and an excellent listener. Even when I had to reschedule multiple times he was ever pleasant and full of information. I went across the state and city looking online and in lots and I always came back to Byers and the service and great feeling I got. I am super happy with the purchase and secure with the car and the service now and down the road. Look all you want, just make sure you hit Byers Volvo and ask for Dustin Stygler.

Leon perry

Sandeep Srivatsa

Went in for a test drive and Courtney Smith was really helpful and courteous . Will definitely recommend this dealership and amazing staff.

Belinda Wells

Nice cars, thinking about getting one real soon.

Seth Duffy

Mike Smith

This was normal scheduled maintenance - pain free experience loaner car was provided so I didn't have to wait - great experience overall

Brad Kinkade

Awesome people!

Sean Kelley

Chris was great Thank You and your Team

Neko Ichigo

Don't send fake loan cards. Don't need that trash in my mail box. Ty.

Jerry Knapper

I just purchased my second S60 from Mark Geeding and Dustin Stygler. If your looking for a Volvo please go and see Dustin. He was very professional and he had my vehicle and paperwork ready once I arrived to the dealership. Mark always comes and speaks to me like I'm family. Pleasure doing business with these two gentlemen.

Justin E.

William Johnson

Bob Schneider is awesome. An asset to the Byers family.

Mary Shisler

This was such an amazing experience! I will definitely go back.

Guapo McFly

GREAT DEALERSHIP !!!! I purchased a 2010 Cadillac CTS-V from Dustin almost a year ago. I live half way across the country and I was very hesitant about purchasing a car driving it 1000+ miles back. Dustin was more than helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. I highly recommend this dealership. They are trustworthy, professional, courteous and great to work with. I hope to buy another car from them in the future. Thanks again Dustin!!

Sheriff Ceesay

As a starting customer, I'm quite happy with the service they provide. It makes me wonder why I had never been there before. The customer/repair service is second to none!sa

Christine DeVol


Kristi Rayburn

Fast friendly service Courtney had the car we were looking at ready for us when we got there. There was no hassle getting a test drive. They didn't keep us waiting for an hour while they went to talk to the manager. We got a fair price in a reasonable amount of time.ryan, the finance guy who helped us was knowledgeable, funny and not too pushy about the extra warranty. My daughter and I actually kind of had fun buying a car that day. Which is very unlike the last experience I had at Ricart. We were there for 6 hours one day and another three the next trying to buy a $9,000 car. The next time I'm in the market for a car, Byers Volvo will be the first place I check.

Kim Pick

I would highly recommend Byers Volvo. It was a fast and easy transaction from start to finish. Dustin was very informative with showing us the car which was much appreciated.

Brian Kirkpatrick

I bought a used care from them. First of all they had the best pricing in the area for the same make, model, mileage and condition of the car I bought. Second, they were up front with pricing break downs, warranty information and even shared the profit margin for the vehicle I bought. Now I’m not much of a numbers person but it appeared that they ended up taking a loss on the vehicle by selling it to me. Third, they were honest about my trade in price and gave me a reasonable offer on the vehicle despite its condition. Finally the process was fast and easy and I felt comfortable the whole way through it. It was not like other dealerships I have dealt with where you feel like your getting a bad deal or don’t feel comfortable with the sale. Any question I had was answered with a well informed, friendly and professional answer. While I don’t ever see myself buying a Volvo in the future, if this dealership respresents the whole Byer’s family of dealerships, then Byer’s has a customer for life. I hope this review helps others looking for a new or used car in the future.

Rex Chambers

Working with Dustin and Alysha was a great experience. The best purchase experience I've had buying an auto. I'm 57 years old. That means I've bought quite a few cars in my lifetime. The best part, I have no doubts about my decision regarding the dealership. I traveled 139 miles from home to buy our XC90. They assisted us nicely, yet professionally. Thanks guys.

Erik T

Salesman David N. was friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Thank you for working hard to get the deal I needed to get into my new XC40!

Khaled Abdelkader

Worst customer service. They won’t keep their word. I was inquiring about a Toyota Camry 2016 when they suggested a different one within the same price and mileage since the first one was sold. After agreeing to come see it and made an appointment within an hour, they called back trying to sell me a third one saying the one I wanted is sold. Very unprofessional and disrespectful.

Christina Dodd

I had a great experience. I went to the location on Hamilton rd and the people there are friendly and the process was quick. I walked in and less than 2hrs I was driving away in my new car. Thanks to my sales rep Anthony Salls and Byers Volvo. I’m a satisfied customer!!!!!

Pipe Valves, Inc.

Dustin and David were a pleasure to work with. They found me the car I was looking for and got me in and out with a trade-in and newly leased vehicle in under 2 hours. Great experience!

Tina Brewer

Bill Shaw

Friendly people at service.

Josh Zeigler

Had a great experience leasing a new Volvo XC40 at Byers this week. My salesman, Tom, was awesome. I highly recommend.

Rob Skoglund

My sales consultant Dustin was extremely helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had and sent me quick responses via email, phone and text message.

Michael Drakulich

Excellent personnel from customer service, to scheduling repairs.

Michael Young

We had a great experience working with Dustin Stygler and the team at Byers Volvo. They have a great selection of vehicles and we found the exact car we wanted on their lot. Dustin is extraordinarily professional and very responsive. I cant recommend him highly enough.

Chris Bloom

Sean King

While the gents in the service department are exceedingly courteous, their communication skills in concert w/organizational prowess were the difference between a good & marginal experience. Being told 1hr for a warranty repair turned into 2hrs & a car which hadn't been fixed properly went on from there w/other timelines given, and my having to learn much later I was accidentally forgot about again; I wandered around to find my completed paperwork on a vacant desk. Timelines provided can be amended, however if they can't be met, simply inform the they have jobs too.

vinay maganti

I am very pleased to buy my car from Byers Volvo. The reps were very welcoming. The whole process from seeing the car and buying the car jus took me only two days. On top of it I got a very good deal for the car which I like. I have been to three other dealers before buying the same car. And I have seen a price difference of $1500 less when I bought it from Byers Volvo. I would definitely suggest my friends to go to Byers Volvo at N Hamilton, Columbus, Ohio for your next car.

Sebastian Rozo

Highly recommend this place. Best car buying experience I’ve ever had. Dustin was exceptional, he was really helpful and ultimately found the perfect car for us.

tricia miller

Visiting Byers Volvo was an incredibly disappointing experience. The vehicle was certified used yet had a crack in the windshield directly in the driver seat view. The certified used sticker been placed within 3 inches of the sticker. We had notified the dealer two days prior to our visit and the vehicle wasn't even cleaned. These factors led me to doubt their ability and attention to detail required to truly verify the mechanics to qualify the vehicle as certified. This is not the service nor treatment expected of a luxury car dealership. It's a shame and portrays Volvo very poorly. Don't waste your time!

Gerhard Stellrecht

Excellent service. Great car wash for Volvo owners.

Matt Baer

Read the reviews; all these complaints are for a reason... I am taking the time out of my day to write this because simply put I am unhappy. I purchased a car for almost $20,000 dollars and the carfax was clean. However, within a week of having the car I noticed some paint chipping off the rear bumper cover near the quarter panel. Next I notice the bumper cover is not fully connected to the rest of the car. Then, I see in the rear fender-well that it's been dented and put back into place. The quote to have this fixed was $700 from Dent Solutions. I called in to Buyers and asked about it and of course they don't know what I'm talking about and can't help with anything. This little thing was covered up by either the previous owner or the dealer but now it's my problem...sweet The 2 stars is because I enjoy the car despite my feelings about this dealership.

Marilyn S. Davis

I enjoy the way they take car of my car needs.

Roger Chamberlain

Top notch dealership with friendly people. I brought my Volvo down there as a homecoming of sorts as it was originally sold there new 23 years ago. I bought a hat to commemorate the visit. Should I ever be in the market for a new Volvo I will likely come here for it.

Blake Windeler

Recently had the best car buying experience I've ever had at Byers Volvo. The individuals with whom I dealt, Mark Geeding & Dustin Stygler, seemed to have both absolutely bent over backwards to 1. Find the specific car I wanted, 2. Arrive at the most competitive price on said car, and 3. Make the transaction and delivery process streamlined and thorough as we're all busy, and time is lacking these days. Of all the high-line dealerships in Central Ohio I'd dealt with when we lived there - Byers is hands down the best. They exceeded every expectation. It says something that someone who lives in Denver, Colorado will go to Columbus, OH to buy a car! Highly recommended, and will be back for another Volvo. Thank you!

Rakshit Ramachandra

Robb Goodwin

I went to the service department to ultimately set an appointment to get a few things checked out, and one thing fixed before winter hit. When I walked in, all the service associated were eating or about to eat. I get it since it was lunch time. One person finally said can I help you. I started to tell him about my issue and he said I needed to schedule an appointment. (while he was eating) I smirked and said, enjoy your lunch and walked out. I guess me wanting to "show" him my problem on my car and also what I wanted him to check out was asking too much. I guess I can't compare this dealership experience to the ones I had at Toyota or Mercedes. They at least "acted" like they cared and walked with me to my car while I showed them the problem I was having, (you know, a conversation!!) then I set my appointment to get it fixed. To top it off he then came to my car (while I was trying to leave) to explain that he knew what was wrong with my car. How could he if I didn't get a chance to explain everything I needed to get fixed!!?? Just an overall lack of customer service from a dealership that sells a car I love to drive!! Probably would have cost me AT least $500 to get my issues fixed (no problem for a car I enjoy)... that's AT least $50 for each chicken nugget. Hope it was good!! My past experience with the parts department, 100%, Grade A service. I'll be back for parts, NEVER service.

Willie Thomas II

alan moon

Feels like family every time I walk in. Drop by, tell Chris Green what you're shopping for. He'll show you great options to meet your needs with no pressure at all to buy. The vehicles speak for themselves. Quality at a reasonable price.

Augusta M. Wott

The place that treats you like family.

Rachel Martin

Illegally sold a vehicle without a title in hand. Sold a vehicle to someone while the title is still in the name of another. Do not use this place. It’s all scam and bs. They can’t even keep their story straight. Can’t keep workers because they won’t deal with the scams they pull.

Stefan Till

Execellent employees and wonderful customer service :)

King Empire

Nice friendly service, no "pushy" salesman pressuring you to buy a vehicle

Nate Rausch

Never get your car fixed here it is a joke. A few months I had a s40 in for a new clutch plate because it was worn, it was fixed after a few days. As soon as the car was brought up to speed, the car started to have a ghastly rattling noise, because the mechanics at this shop had somehow messed up the wheel bearing when removing the driver's side front wheel(the clutch assembly is behind the wheel), they proceeded to charge us 500$ for their mistake. A few weeks later the shift linkage broke(manual transmission) and I do believe that they had something to do with this fault too, but I cannot prove anything.

nate berrier

Had been searching for a Corvette for months. Found this one online and sent them a message with the email form on Truecar and Dustin replied. I told him my requirements for purchasing and what I expected to pay for the vehicle. We were able to reach a deal with no haggling and everyone was accommodating as I was buying out of state. The in person process amounted to small talk and signing papers. One of the best car purchasing experiences. I attempted to buy from several dealers and did not receive this kind of treatment. It should be common sense, but anyway, if you're looking for something with a prancing moose, you're in good hands here!

Utuber1951 .

Bob and Stacy and wonderful, accommodating people, who treat customers right. Byers is definitely the place to go for service. They can set you up with a loaner and get you back on the road. Bob and Stacy took great care of my 2015.5 Volvo S60.

Adam Bryan

We love byers volvo!! They take amazing care of us:) Dustin I would highly recommend to buy a car from! He takes his time with you & is very thorough! We have bought 5 cars from him! David the finance manager is awesome! This is your go to location to buy or lease a vehicle!!

Nick C

Demetria Harris

I love their customer service.

Joseph Murray

I had a great experience at Byers. Dustin was super quick to give me all the information I needed to make a smart choice. The experience couldn't have been better.


We had a geat experience at Byers Volvo. Sales staff was very helpful and friendly. Both managers worked us out a deal that fit our budget. I would recommend to anyone.

Jessica Torres

I'm now on my second Volvo XC 90 lease. Dustin Stygler (Internet Sales Manager, Byers Volvo) has been a pleasure to work with. He found me all the features I wanted (and then some) in a new XC 90. The team at Byers has exceeded my expectations. They're prompt, responsive, respectful, and trustworthy.

David Gao

Great service and I got a really nice car with a good price. The agent Dustin even followed up on help me getting through a cheaper insurance and other stuff post purchase.

Jennifer Meadows

Excellent people... Excellent service! Done right the 1st time without alot of time.

Chris Philipsen

Dustin Stygler is the go-to guy for efficient, thorough, and straightforward dealing. I intended to lease a new car and had a plan to visit several dealerships. First thing I did was look online for specific sales rep reviews and saw a few good ones about Dustin. I contacted him directly over email and he replied within 10 minutes! We made a same-day appointment and he had the car and information all ready to go. He then presented me with several straightforward lease options with no hidden costs. After sleeping on it, I decided I was not going to get a better deal, car, and most importantly sales experience than with Dustin, so I contacted him and we closed the deal. I picked up the car a week later and he had everything absolutely ready to go. It was the single best car buying experience I've had yet. Thanks Dustin and Byers Volvo!

Thomas Hall

Catherine Pic

they schedule my appointment in less than an hour. Great service.

Paula Buehrer

This dealership has been nothing but awesome to me. I've had several emergency repairs on my older volvo in the past 9 months and they have always worked me in to their busy schedule and provided the best in service.

Fawaz Hamoui

Kyle Frabott

Dustin is always extremely helpful getting you into the right vehicle. Extremely welcoming staff and Dustin works his butt off for you. Working on purchasing our second vehicle through him.

Ndiaye Kane

I just hate how they tryna screw u up in any possible way to get a dime from u. I brought my car up there for a key programming the initial quote they gave me was about $100 after parts I ended up paying almost $500 for the extra bs they typed on the paperwork plus i had had electrical issues since then that they wouldn't see me for...

Sydney McLafferty

Bob in the service department went above and beyond last week. With a last minute dead battery late on a Friday afternoon, I was able to get the car started and just drove it to the dealership to avoid a tow. I was told over the phone I would just have to do a night drop. When I arrived 2 minutes before closing, Bob was kind enough to not only check in my car to get it repaired the next day, but he also located a loaner car for me to drive home. Truly appreciated him going above and beyond!!!

Paul Gundrum

My experience with Byers has been wonderful since the day I bought my used 2003 Volvo S60 from them! The Service Department is without question the fairest, most professional, and trustworthy that I've ever dealt with in my life (I'm 42), and I say that having worked in a Lincoln/Mercury & Kia Service Departments personally. A intermittent issue with my A/C was the reason for my most recent visit, and Tim & Bob were outstanding in empathizing with my frustration regarding the issue. The stellar Techs found the issue, and also found an issue that I wasn't aware of while preparing to replace my tires. Although I was in a panic, scared of what it would cost me, they were able to help out a little on cost, and now I am confident that all is well again with my Volvo. Every person I've ever met or dealt with at Byers Volvo, and their used car Department has been cordial, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend anyone looking for a car to check them out first! Thank You Bob, Tim, and the great Techs at Byers Volvo!!!

Julian Jackson

Always have a great experience here

Hector Castillo

Bad, dishonest sellers.

Jessica Shank

I was long in the market for a new car after mine suddenly hit the dust. Found one online at Byers Volvo that was within my price range. I met with Dustin, he was very friendly, energetic and answered most the questions I had. That's the positive of this story. After making the decision to purchase the car, I dealt with Eric in finances. First they tried to talk me into going with Wells Fargo at a higher interest rate than what my bank had promised me. When I questioned them they said there was no way I could get that interest rate. I went through with the purchase but didn't feel good about it. It kept nagging at me so I called my bank the next day and they said they had no problem going with the lower interest rate. I called Eric and cancelled the purchase through Wells Fargp and had to go back in to sign all new paperwork. Then after purchasing the car, I come to find out it only has one key. Frustrating yes but not a huge deal until I find out that the keys for the car I purchased are computerized and the previous set controls that do not allow me to turn my radio volume up over a certain level, won't play the radio unless my seatbelt is buckled at all times and dings annoyingly every time I reach a certain speed limit. The catch is, I can't change the settings without another key which I come to find out is $300. So i am already putting money into my new car. Two weeks after purchasing the car, my check engine light comes on (this car is a 2017, not old). Something needs replaced, again not a huge deal but no one wants to take their car in to get fixed after just buying it. Especially after being promised twice that the car has been thoroughly checked and in good condition. I let Byers know of the issue and received no apology or recognition of the issue. Then a month passes since buying the car and I receive an email from Eric asking for my social security number, there was an issue with my application. Again no big deal but no explanation or apology for inconvenience. Then I go on vacation to the mountains (not a lot of service or wifi access). I was able to receive emails but no able to respond. I receive another email from Eric saying I need to come in and sign paperwork. No details, explanation or apology. First day I get back from vacation I am able to go in and sign paperwork but my temp license plate expired because of the delayed paperwork. Did Byers offer to pay for the new temp tags cost? No, they told me there was nothing they could do about it and that I needed to go to the BMV to get new tags and pay for it myself. I understand things happen and don't always go smoothly but the lack of communication, support and just a simple apology for the inconvenience of everything just has really made me disappointed in Byers. I would not recommend buying from there no matter how great the deal. **Just spoke with the General Manager David Johnson. A really nice guy. Apologized for all of the lack of communication and the run around. He offered to pay for my new key for my car. Really appreciated his help**

Patricia (Patty) Hanna

Request Michael Aronov as your Sales Associate! He is knowledgeable on every vehicle on their lot. He will help match you to the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget. He will also make you feel welcome as his hospitality and customer service are world-class! I have only wonderful things to say about the staff at Byer's Volvo in Columbus, Ohio. They really went to work for me! I had an appointment with Michael at 9:30 am, and I drove out of the parking lot at 12:30 pm in my new vehicle. I was happy as a lark! They gave me a fair price on my trade-in, and they did absolutely everything they could to help drive away with the lowest possible monthly payment. After you request Michael as your Sales Associate, make sure you ask for Ralph Marcum to work on your financing. He really made things happen for me! Thank you to the Byer's Volvo team- you took the pain out of the vehicle shopping and purchasing experience!!!

Charles Norris

Byers not only gives a good deal on selling you a car but a good deal on buying your car . they're worth checking out .

Ben Campbell

Ashok Varma

Alice Straus

Christine Salibi

Dustin was great to work with. Never felt pressured. Instead he did what he could to find a deal that met my needs. Overall pleasant experience.

nard ber

Good people. I bought my car there and they were honest about everything. Thanks guys

Lorean Mitchell

Jason McMillan

Very helpful, sold them a car

Jack Vang

Avoid like the plague. I inquired about a 2002 Honda S2000 they had listed on AutoTrader for $16,990 and threw a lower offer to see if they could accept it. They came back saying $18,500. I could not make this up. If you want to be scammed buy a car at Byers Volvo!

Derek Benseler

The entire staff at Byers Volvo is fantastic. Dustin Stygler in sales, sales manager Mark Geeding, Dave Kotlan in finance, and Bob & the entire service team make you feel completely at home. You don't feel like a customer, you feel like you're friends. The service you receive at Byers is unparalleled to anything I've experienced. Great team at Byers.

Julia Cochenour

My entire experience at Byers Volvo was something I would not wish on anybody. I inquired about a pre-owned 2013 Subaru WRX, test drove the vehicle and fell in love with it. I drove 5 hours from Detroit MI to Columbus OH to go test drive it and sign off on the paper work/give my down payment and went back 3 days later (another 5 hour drive) to pick it up. The dealership had a five hour notice for my arrival and the car isn't ready when i arrive. I had to wait 45 minutes for the detailers to finish up and the detailer stalled my car about 5 times in front of me. My salesman Courtney Smith promised me the whole world and failed to deliver anything. Promised a Michigan title mailed to my house, didn't deliver. the list goes on but i don't even want to revisit this experience. Lastly, the cherry on top. My car was previously modified (Courtney informed me that the vehicle was stock-which i have in writing), and roughly 80 miles from the dealership the motor experienced catastrophic failure. I call Courtney, no answer. I text him and once i have a guess at the problem (spun rod bearings), he asks if i'm back on the road driving! This salesman obviously wasn't automotively inclined enough to know that spun rod bearings means the whole motor is gone. toast. dead. The company took off the bolt ons and left a tune on the ECU which ultimately made the motor fail with over $4,000 worth of work that needed to be done. The WRX was towed over 100 miles north to my local Subaru dealership to be fixed (with a $500+ tow bill) and I received no compensation on the rebuild which cost me over $1,000 out of pocket (the rest was goodwilled by Subaru of America). I got in touch with Byers Corporate and received less than half of the tow bill which a Byers corporate employee called "more than fair". The general manager of Byers Volvo was arrogant and rude while i was calling and politely explaining the situation, asking for assistance (considering i just spent over $22,000 on this car that didn't even last 3 hours) and basically told me that because I did not tow the vehicle back to Byers that they had no obligation or interest in making things right. Overall my entire experience was a completely horrible mess. Do not spend your money here.

Gabe Frail

Awesome buying experience. Their association with TrueCar made the whole experience very easy, and that would have been enough; however, the sales and financing staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. It is obvious they really enjoy what they do and take pride in their company. It sounds like a cliche, but you are truly made to feel like you are joining a family and not simply buying a product. I have now purchased or serviced 3 vehicles with the Byers dealerships and they continue to set the bar for auto sales and service in my book. I recommend them to all my family and friends, and my most recent experience buying the 2019 XC90 R-Design T6 with the Byers Volvo group has exceeded my already high expectation of Byers Imports. If you are looking into purchasing a Volvo, I highly suggest you consult Byers Volvo. The cars sell themselves, but sales and service staff I’ll make it a no-brainer.

Kimberly Proby

Everyone we worked with was personable and professional. Dustin gave us time to weigh all of the options so I could drive home with the car that was my perfect fit. I appreciated the time and patience of the entire sales team. In the end, I chose a car that was best suited for my needs. I couldn't be happier!

Jessica Waldo

This is my 5th purchase from Dustin. He's the best!!!! I can't imagine going anywhere else. And the service team is amazing. Thanks Byers Volvo!!!

Steven Price

Went in to look at a dodge caravan that cost 20000 an kept telling them I dont wanna waste my time or there's if they couldn't get the monthly payments at or under 400. I sat there for almost 3 hours just to hear they wouldnt budge on 513. This place is a joke! I will never go back to this place ever again!

Amy Nunez

Loved the sales people at this dealership They did everything to make me happy for a car I saw online. I felt respected and like o was important.

Good Samaritan HHC

Went to Byers Volvo because of a recall issue with my car. Called the service department to make an appointment. First problem: It took several phone calls to actually speak with a service agent to make an appointment. Did not return my call when I left a voice message. Second Problem: Get to Byers for my appointment. 4 guys are at their desks just ignoring me for 4-5 minutes. Not one of them stated that they would be right with me. Not one of them escorted or showed me to the waiting room. The customer service at that point just horrible. At least have a protocol or a system when a customer shows up. Ignoring them for 5 minutes is not good. The guy with a cap once he got to me was cordial and nice. However the guy behind him needs to take a course in customer service or they need to regulate him to booth so no one sees him. If you're in that service room you don't purposely ignore people. Just Awkward.

Traci Aman

If there were more stars to give I would! We had the most wonderful experience buying our first Volvo. Derek and Cleve are amazing! Every staff member was extremely nice. In two days we have recommended you all to everyone we talk to about our Volvo, and we will continue to talk about how great you are! We will have the utmost confidence bringing our new little one home in our XC60. Completely get Volvo for life, already planning on trading in 2 years for the XC90. :)

A Banks

My experience was great. Dustin made the process super easy and fast. I told him what I was interested in and he found the perfect car for me. I’m in love with my new car

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