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Eric Skytte

We bought a pre-owned Volvo with the help of Gene Kaganovsky. The experience was great. Gene was knowledgeable, professional, not pushy and simply pleasant to work with. Gene is worth seeking out if you're in the market.

Laura Richardson

We bought a used car for our daughter. Obviously looking for something safe but that wouldn’t break the bank with a teenager having it. We had a great experience but needed to take it in to BMW for a recall notice. After a bad experience at BMW and then posting about it on Bortons website with some misinformation they had given I was contacted almost immediately by Drake Jacobson. He talked through everything with us offered his cell phone number for any other questions and concerns we may have. Talking with Drake I am feeling confident this issue will resolve itself and glad they helped us through our concerns making us even more likely to continue recommending them

Paul Martin

Strange experience. Went there fully planning on purchasing a vehicle from them. Researched their inventory prior to going. Went there attempting to find the pre-owned department. No signage. Got out and eventually someone pointed to the other building. Went to the other building. Again, no signage. No help. Walked around in the building. Most rooms were dark. Some people talking on the phone. Didn’t even feel like a public business. Like they have no actual interest in selling vehicles to people that just stop in. I left, bought a Volvo from another Volvo dealership the following weekend. I went significantly out of my way to go to another dealership and got much, much better service.

Gaylen Livingston

Wasn’t pleased with service that I received. Wasn’t done as scheduled, scheduled items were not completed and item was broke on inside of interior that was not before dropping off. Brought concerns to manager however nothing done except they said that is not who they are, and wanted me to return again. Will be looking elsewhere for better customer service.

Rocky Olson

I purchased my 1st Volvo in 1981..used..I was hooked..I purchased Volvo's for over the next 2 decades..Love how they handle..Borton at that time had a dealership near my house, it was easy and convenient! Loved the staff..The last salesperson I had was Drake, (not the singer) and of course he is awesome! Always helpful..Love Volvo..(just wish they had an SUV with huuugggeee cargo room!!

Your Lashbar

“ Excellent Experience Overall” I would recommend my friends and family to see Bradford Wright at Borton Volvo. Brad is very professional and went above and beyond to accommodate my needs as he allowed me to take my time with the test drive. He also answered all my questions with ease (I had a lot of them) A excellent experience overall.

Hernán Cabrera Guerra

Good service, I wasn't pressed by any sales person

Brian Warpinski

Easy, honest and efficient effort with a Drake, Tristan and entire Borton Volvo team. I honestly don’t know how it could have been a better experience. My family thanks you!

Brad Hokanson

Great personal service and done much earlier than estimated.

Jody Cohen Press

Yesterday, I went to Borton Volvo to buy touch-up paint for my just-over-one-year-old Volvo S60. The car had its first "door dings" and I was hoping that I could blend the paint and make the door look like new. I saw my salesperson Tristan and he said, "I'll take care of this for you." In a matter of a few minutes, he cleaned the car door surface and applied the paint. He then made a note in his calendar to contact me in 10 days to come back to see him so he could apply the clear coat. Tristan doesn't just sell cars; he takes care of his customers long after the sale.

Sarah Britney

My shopping experience lead me to come in and work with Gretchen. She was really fun to work with and helped me get all the answers to my questions! I really enjoyed my first visit to a Volvo dealership!

Jack Robertson

I'm not one to typically write reviews, but i felt inclined after dealing with the service department here. I've had the unfortunate luck of having to deal with them on two different occasions. First, I had a check engine light and wanted a quick diagnosis on what the problem was (and if the vehicle was drivable). The service department refused to be of any help. Claiming its a huge task to get a code reader and plug it in to the OBDII port. They said they couldn't help me unless i had an appointment, i understand that i was a drive-in, but i did not expect for this to happen and i need to use my car to get to and from work. Then recently again i was low on oil, and i needed to know the manufactured recommended oil brand for my vehicle. They couldn't even help me with that. Absolutely useless service department. Find another place to get your vehicle serviced.

Emma Page

I wanted to say how delighted I was with the service at Borton Volvo. From the moment I drove up to the moment I left in my (washed!) car, everything was perfect. I didn’t actually even mind waiting in your lovely waiting area. I was going to Kline Volvo in Maplewood, and I NEVER felt the warmth and personal service there like I did at Borton. Consider me your new customer for life! Thank you to everyone there who made me feel like a valued client.

Ryan Benning

Amazing group of people! Always helpful and willing to go the extra mile! Every Volvo I buy will be from Borton! Thanks for all the help Drake!

Rob Sorgdrager

Well I am a tech there so of course I'm going to give it a good rating. In all seriousness it is a very good place to work and the attitude towards quality work is very positive .

Kevin Draves

Wanting to get out of my lease I went over to Borton Volvo on a whim. I met with Drake Jacobson and Duane Kukral and, even though the numbers didn't end up working, I was treated like I mattered. I'm a younger guy so when I walk into dealerships of higher end vehicles I always feel like I'll get looked down upon, but Drake and Duane quickly made me feel at home and answered all of my questions with sincerity. There was no hint of condescension or talking down to me. My lease is up in just over a year and I KNOW my next vehicle will come from Borton.

Miquel McMoore

Bradford Wright is the best! He is honest, knowledgeable and very helpful! I gave him my parameters -- he called me within' two weeks with the perfect car for me! I am more than happy. I'm ecstatic. Thanks Bradford for leading a great experience.

John Walsh

Coffee is always hot and the people are always warm.

Zach D

Tristan was helpful and patient -- what more can you ask for? I'll be back for my next car.

Kiki Jean

My daughter had been driving my old car for many years. When it finally reached the end of it's rope we headed out to look for her "new" car. After trolling through many dealerships to see what she had been looking at online, she saw the listing for a used car that she wanted to see at Borton Volvo. We never did see that particular car, but the friendly salesperson, Tristan, led us into the used car showroom where one particular low mileage, sporty car took her eye (and mine!). A few hours later, after driving it many miles--including to her bank--we excitedly returned to Tristan at Borton where she made her first major purchase. The entire experience was so relaxed, thanks to his professionalism, experience and pleasant personality! The same can be said of Michelle, who led my daughter through the paperwork to close the deal --and of the two other employees we spoke with at Borton during this process. I was so impressed at how everyone focussed on her, the buyer, with such respect. It was great to feel like I was "along for the ride!" As her new, used car was being filled up and washed, Tristan offered a car wash for my own car--you bet I took him up on it! Thanks again for such an all-around great experience :)


Actually I’m taking my good review back! After a week with my vehicle I’ve notice they covered up the paint chips on the wheels, I’ve noticed one of my hazard lights don’t work, and my window wash does not come out. Tried to call Todd he answered, as I told him about these things he panicked and said he was busy and told me he would call me back. Which he never did! Super disappointed on the the actual condition of the vehicle when they said everything is working and sound. Specifically asked about the wheels and they said they were great condition as well! Also I replaced the alternator and put brand new tires on it already! Don’t buy from Todd or quiet frankly don’t buy from Borton Volvo!

Kristin A. K. Knight

We worked with Tristan. He helped us over several visits narrow in on the perfect car for us. He was incredibly kind, extremely knowledgeable and patient with us. He treated us with great respect and it was a joy to work with him! I would highly recommend Tristan and Borton to anyone!

Don Nguyen

Bought my first used car a few days ago, Kevin and his team did an amazing job breaking down what I could afford and what I needed in a car. In the end I left very happy. I will be returning to Borton Volvo in the future for all of my automotive needs.


I walked in ready to make a purchase. The salesman was too busy chatting with the desk girl and had no interest in dealing with me, as if I didn't belong there. I was so upset I went accross the street to the Lincoln dealership and bought a brand new Lincoln mkc instead.


Not enough workers, no one at the reception desk and no one around the sales floor. We saw a new 2019 xc60 that we were interested in but because we couldn't get any help, we decided to leave and go to another Volvo across town. We even walked across the parking lot to the used car lot to see if someone can help us but was told that we have to go to the new car sale area and ask for help from the receptionist. Unfortunately, there was no one at the reception desk.

Bob Narveson

Gene Kaganovsky helped us buy a 2015 Volvo XC 60 and we could not be happier with the car and his service! Gene had our best interest as a key part of the purchase, spent a lot of time reviewing the car and its features and we will be return customers. Its great to know your customers needs come first!

Sigurd Rishovd III

My wife purchased a XC90 from Borton last year. The process from Sales/Finance to Service has been great. Pat Sutter the GM really knows what he is doing. This is the best car buying experience I have ever had. Thank you.

Karen Lindemoen

The dealership has a great building filled with many personable employees. I might also add knowledgeable to that sentence! They always treat you like family and the work is always completed correctly and on time.

Souls Church

I know everyone’s experience can be different, but my intent on sharing this review is simply to let others know what we had experienced, not to smear a business. We had a very disappointing experience recently at this Borton Volvo Dealership. Last week I came to look at, test drive and was very interested in a pre-owned vehicle they were selling. I called the dealership about a used 2009 Toyota Highlander which they said was available to see. I came in the next day at 12:30pm to test drive, etc. Loved it, told Vad I would like it and and that my wife would be by to look at it at 6pm as it is a car for her. They said great, Vad said Drake (used car manager) would be here. My wife got there at 5:50pm, and a guy was already in financing to get the car we came to look at and purchase. Bottom-line, we totally feel the team sold a car right out from under us, even after I told them I wanted the car earlier and my wife went all the way out there (50 minute drive) to look at it with the purpose to get it. They knew she was coming, yet proceeded with another buyer. I understand when a car is for sale, it is still fair game to a point…, but what about common courtesy and respect, especially when someone expresses great interest in a car, and is just waiting on his wife to test drive it as it’s going to be her car. It could have been handled much different. I was not told about any option to hold the vehicle, etc., or that someone else is interested, etc. – or I would have done that, put money down in a heartbeat. I was told earlier in the day by Vad that it has been here since Dec and they just need to move it off the lot. We were under the impression that my wife coming a few hours after me, would be perfect (this car has been here for a long time). I even got a very weird and very unprofessional text from Drake the used car manager later in the evening. Shortly after this situation, I got an email from the president of Golden Valley Borton Volvo - stating they didn’t see anything odd about his used managers unprofessional text to me, that they offered me a different car of similar value (not true, it was actually 30% higher than the other car) and no question or explanation as to why my wife heard one co-worker day they called this other buyer to come in for the car my wife was coming in to look at. Something was off. I work in retail. I understand customers. But I also understand customer service and doing the right thing. I understand integrity and common courtesy. When a car team knew we were interested and coming to look to buy a vehicle and it was sold as we came to look at it, we walked away completely feeling like there is no integrity or simple ethics in used car dealers to say to the other person that came in before my wife got there - “someone else is actually coming in to look at it and after they see it, you can have a chance!” Ps: when I talked to the President of Volvo, and while a sold car cannot be rectified, they defended the unprofessional actions of their employees who said things that were dishonest (saying they told me to put $ down to hold a car, they never did say that) and saying they don’t pay attention to Yelp reviews, yet I would suggest they listen to feeback of things that could be off. We get it, stick behind your team. But it’s not right when people misprepent the truth and even lie about what they told me. I just don’t get it. A simple, “I’m appears we were unprofessional and want to make it right next time” would have gone a long way. Instead email and phone excuses is what we were given. Even co-workers that used to go there, were appalled at our experience and the text message the used manager sent me. While we won’t ever be back at this dealership – for new or used, our experience and perception was something is definitely wrong in the way this used car team dealt with and communicated with us! If you do visit, I’d just say proceed with caution. I hope this experience does not happen for other guests. -DC, Disappointed Customers Sent from Mail for Windows 10

Heather Klassen

I bought my very first Volvo from Kevin Nikiforakis at Borton Volvo, and he went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly the car I wanted (and I was pretty specific about what I wanted). When he got a car in that fit my description, he called me immediately, even before they had the car ready to show on the used car lot. Kevin was meticulous in making sure car was refurbished perfectly, right down to the rims. He was also very responsive whenever I had questions. My Volvo S90 T6 Inscription is a beautiful car. Great experience overall!

Tomi Giwa

Worked with Vad Fridyland at the Pre-Owned department. Excellent sales guy. Process was very straightforward and transparent. Got great value for my trade in. Will definitely go back to Borton for next vehicle.

Richard Lipke

Great dealership! Gene Kaganovsky gave us a smooth buying experience!

Susie Faue

Excellent experience buying a used XC 60! Joe Schad was great to work with, he patiently showed me the inventory, answered all of my questions and never pushed me throughout the process. Joe and Borton made the often dreaded car buying process easy and pressure free. Thanks Joe and Borton!

Jeff Hovel

Had them do an allinment, my car handels so much better. No more " pulling to the right" .

Alan Keeler

I need my key fob replaced but after being transferred back and forth plus 35 minutes on hold...nah. I just hope Kline will be more respect of my time.

Jolene Coggan

Love Borton Volvo! Everyone is friendly and helpful. Wonderful lounge area to wait for my car while in comfortable, you could almost take a nap!

Carol Kaszynski

Want to say "Thank You" to Duane and Todd for assisting us with the purchase of a certified-used car. They were professional, helpful and helped move the process along quickly and smoothly. Will return for future purchases.

Randall Bockoven

Best Sales Experince I have had. I have bought two cars from Borton Volvo and both times I felt like family was taking care of me. Cannot give a better recommendation and will buy again from Borton.

Hunter Bolte

This is a great dealership with good staff, an awesome building and the best vehicles. The indoor car room is great, with lots of seating and a variety of Volvo's. The staff can help you with questions you have and are quite knowledgeable. The interior overall is almost perfect, with lots to look at including an 1950's-ish Volvo off to the side. I haven't purchased a car here so I can't say what that process is like, but I know of several people who have had very pleasant experiences here.

Todd Barkus

Knowledgeable. Thorough. Scheduling seems a little iffy, as far as length of stay required.

Rebecca Philipps

This was a top notch experience with a 5 star dealership from beginning to end. They responded quickly to my inquiry and were very informative and not pushy. I purchased the car I was looking at from out of state and worked with Andy. He was very professional and reliable and made the process painless. There was no double talk or hidden/surprise fees. He was reliable for call backs and next steps through the entire process. Thank you Andy for a job well done and a great car!

Carol Weitz

Bradford was wonderful to deal with. He was very patient and he took his time and I really appreciate it since this car is very complicated he also told me that I could call anytime and I may have to so thank you Bradford great experience

Alina Nguyen

The service department is great! Love the new location and I’m always able to get in when I need to in short notice, they always take care of me!

Mike Peterson

The sales Staff (Kevin) was very informational and did an out standing job of showing us what was available as far as packages within the model we were interested in. We also felt he did a great job explaining our financial options. Also, the vehicle we were most interested in, he found in their inventory actually on a boat at the time. His estimate on when it would arrive was spot on. We also really liked the Tech (Matt B) that showed us our car before we drove it off. I have contacted him a couple of times since and he has always been great about getting back to me and answering my questions. All of the staff we met with at Borton Volvo from Sales, to Finance, to the technicians were all wonderful to deal with.

Tarek Khaled

***The Conclusion: BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!!!*** I was sold a car that had a clear carfax but it was obviously in a serious accident(s). Not trying to get anyone in trouble but fair is fair... *****The Details***** As someone who buys cars out of state this was bound to happen at some point; but its my duty to the consumers out there to inform you of what happened. I was in the market for a Macan S for my pregnant wife (I told them that) and Borton had one that matched our requirements. The sales rep was very nice and pleasant and involved, after all this was a 50K check that I was writing, not exactly peanuts! The car fax said no accident, I took a leap of faith and bought it. Car arrives and I immediately start noticing certain imperfections. The passenger side front door GETS STUCK a bit on open and close. The door seal on the bottom of that door is DANGLING. I look closer and I see that the door sill HAS BEEN PAINTED AND BADLY no less, you can see all the dust particles that were painted over and the paint is peeled. I start looking all over the car. One of the the back parking SENSORS WAS SHOVED IN so I look into it and its being held in by DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE!! I look more and notice that the FRONT HOOD IS NOT FLUSH, not even close, from both sides with the rest of the body. It was CRYSTAL CLEAR that a bad AFTER MARKET HOOD WAS USED TO REPLACE THE ORIGINAL. I drive it, the speedometer reading is 5 miles over the actual speed of the car!! I reached back out to inform them and the rep said they'd relay the message to the manager but I didn't hear back from anyone. I paid an extra 5k on top of it to get this car fixed. *******My advice, do not buy from them remotely and if you decide to buy in person, take someone with you that knows cars********

Kohman - Kwiatkowski

Grossly disappointed! Purchased a Certified Pre-owned XC60 earlier this year - it's had a few issues and it seems like every time it needs to be dropped off for service, it takes a few days to get it in. Today the low battery warning came on in the car - called Borton for service and was told the next appointment was a week out!! It has a low battery - how will THAT work out? Reluctantly I set up the appointment and received the reminder in email showing there'd be a $350 charge. Did something I haven't done before - I picked up the phone and called Kline Volvo. They explained that the battery isn't always covered with a CPO, but my vehicle was still under the factory warranty and the battery would be covered in full. Oh - and they can get me in day after tomorrow. I booked that appointment, cancelled the one at Borton and guess who my new Volvo dealer is!!! When I'm looking for my XC-90 - I bet you can guess where I'm starting my search! :-)

Matt Klimek

Why wife & I bought our last 2 cars here and have been very happy with them. Duane has been great to work with!


Tristan was great! He showed us what we wanted to see. No high pressure BS. In, out, done!

Stephanie Shulman

Always professional, always willing to help me when I have questions about my car. Great place!

Autumn Lee

My favorite thing about owning a Volvo is Borton. I know every time I go there that the service is going to be great AND honest. I feel cared for and they always are very clear about what my options are for repair. Also, and most importantly, I never feel talked down to as a women. Often at dealers I feel mainsplained to - that never happens at Borton. When I bought my Volvo they talked to me and not only to my husband, as I was the one buying the car. SOOOO refreshing!!! AND I really value that they hire people of color there. The whole environment is inviting and warm and EVERYONE is truly welcome there. Keep up the good work, Borton. You have a customer for life! {***the coffee machine in the GORGEOUS lobby is a win***}

Luther Ranheim

Our Purchase Experience was absolutely Outstanding! Tristan is really as good as it gets when purchasing a vehicle. He provided the highest level of customer service and treated us like family, which we almost are after years and years of working together on purchases. To anyone thinking of purchasing or leasing a new or used Volvo, Borton and the entire team are the way to go. I highly recommend this best-in-class dealership! This purchase experience and delivery was made special by not only Tristan, but by Michelle in Finance! She was so great to work with as we figured out our options and we are so grateful to have had such a seamless transaction. Way to go Tristan, Michelle and everyone at Borton! We are grateful, life-long, customers!!

Forrest Brandt

Duane and the sales team made the purchasing experience very comfortable. I never felt pushed or rushed. The pre-owned vehicle I bought was in fantastic shape. Each time I've been back for anything the staff has been very friendly, and has taken the time to wash my truck. Would recommend them in a heartbeat!

Chris Nowak

We just picked up our new XC90 last night. We were very impressed with the service we were given by Derek Camuel (sales), Mary LaMere (sales mgr), and Michelle Rice (finance). Derek was not your typical salesperson. He was not high pressure and sales driven like a few other dealers we visited. He took the time to listen to our needs and get us into the right vehicle. Mary was also a delight to work with. She took the time to listen to our concerns with the pricing and took a vested interest in making sure we were satisfied with the deal. Michelle was very helpful as well. She did not push the aftermarket things we didn't want like other dealerships we have bought from and took the time to explain the things we were interested in. She was also very thorough and thoughtful of our time when it came time to sign. Thanks Derek, Mary, and Michelle! You made our purchase an enjoyable one. We can't wait to enjoy our new XC90 and come back when it is time to purchase another vehicle. We will definitely be talking about your service with friends and family and recommending Borton Volvo to others.

Chris Fenne

We purchased a used XC60 over the weekend and were new to Volvos and the dealership. Our experience with everyone from the time we walked through the door from the time we drove away was outstanding. We worked with Sales Consultant, Gene K and I would highly recommend him. Once I expressed interest on the website he contacted me on his day off to find out what I was looking for in a car. When we met he had several options for me and was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the product. He gave us all the time we needed to make our decision and guided us through the the process expertly. George in finance made the paperwork painless and Product Specialist Matt made sure that we had thorough training on the new features. This is a dealership focused on the customer and Gene's passion, knowledge and commitment represented Borton Volvo very well.

Diana Rodriguez

Nice salesman, great cars and good service ! I would have given this established all 5 stars but they never asked if we wanted personalized plates and to be honest I didn’t remember to ask, I had 2 children with me we were tired, it was late on Saturday and I just wanted to drive off ! But they should have remembered to ask ! Other than that I had a good experience.

Joella McNeill

Best staff ever! Leased my S90 and couldn't be happier.

Zac Jesser

Volvo is an excellent place to buy and service a vehicle, will definitely go back again!

Mike Oelfke

Borton Volvo treated me like I was part of the family from the get go. I can’t stress enough how happy I am that Tristan met us at the door. Tristan could be the best salesman of all time. Tristan never made me feel like he was selling me a car, it felt like he wanted my family to have a great vehicle. Wait...... there is more! I had the pleasure of dealing with Michelle in finance. Michelle is the most down to earth person I have ever met and treated us with the utmost respect. Tristan and Michelle earned my trust today and I will definitely buy another Volvo from them. Thanks to Tristan and Michelle for making my pregnant wife happy!!!

CoreyNichole Norcutt

Recently purchased from borton. They did a great job on my 07 range Rover I purchased. Prior owners didn't do a great job on upkeep and borton went above and beyond making it look great. Recommend talking to Drake and gretchen over at borton used for anything you would need


I have purchased over 15 cars in my life Bmw you name it this dealership is the best I have ever dealt with!!! Fantastic people five stars all the way!

James Robertson

Tristan - Borton Volvo's sales professional is exceptional in how he engages people, creates the customer experience and represents the spirit of the Volvo brand. He's brilliant as a Brand Ambassador - and I would strongly recommend you (Volvo) capture & learn from what he does so well... and see how you might replicate this across Volvo (Globally).

Dennis Biggs

Recently visited Borton Volvo with interest in a pre-owed vehicle. The sales service and professionalism I received from salesperson Gretchen T. was amazing. I was able to receive detailed information regarding the vehicle, service records and potential payment information in sufficient time. I will definitely recommend other to this dealership because of the experience I received! Simply amazing.


Great services! If you want to have a good time and buy the car of your dreams, Ask for Kevin. Kevin was very helpful and tried everything in his power to get me the car I wanted/Needed so bad. Thank you guys for the great services and patience you had.

Stan Stevens

Warning: steer clear of this company. This is my first Google review so that should tell you something. Unbelievable. The worst customer service I have ever received - EVER! They disrespected me and my family, which I will never forget. The people we unfortunately dealt with were Patti Sutter, Joseph Petrusa, Drake Jacobsen, and Gene Kaganovsky. Drake is an extremely disrespectful person who would not even shake my hand after I called him out for selling me a vehicle that needed a lot of work. They even fought with us over $200. The story is so bad that I do not have enough space to type it here. The only nice part of this situation is dealing with Corporate. I ended up speaking with one of the company's VP's on the East coast and he reimbursed me for my troubles. He asked me the names of the individuals I dealt with and once I named them, he responded with what felt like he was smirking as he said, "oh yeah, I know them."

Brian Fierke

Awesome service! Bought a used minivan from them. I feel they treated us the same as if we were buying a brand new Volvo! Made the car buying experience fast and painless!

Anthony Turk

The staff at Borton Volvo is amazingly knowledgeable and friendly. I did not feel pressure to buy. All of this goes a long way with me. I would recommend this dealership to anyone!

David Senner

Borton Volvo continues to impress me as the best automobile dealership and repair service in my experience. Volvo engineers an impressively safe and quality state-of-the-art vehicle, and Borton's staff provides outstanding customer service. I am thrilled with leasing my 2018 S-60 and am grateful for sales agent Tristan Grobel's attentive expertise and humor. It was fun to be matched with this marvelous car.

Collin Conroy

If it takes me almost two weeks to get the earliest available service appointment, why would I. There are plenty of other import specialty shops in town, or Parents on 36th, that can get me in sooner. I will not be back.

Grace Justice

These guys are real Pros! The Sales Manager at Borton was incredible. When we couldn't find exactly what we were looking for onsite, he went to work for us. He called us later in the evening and had OUR EXACT MATCH, detailed and delivered within 24 hours. I'll definitely be buying from Borton for years to come.

Kienan Mick

The only place I’ll take my Volvo to be serviced. The staff are always knowledgeable and friendly.

Danielle Wilkey

Just purchased a gently used Volvo S60 from Gretchen at Borton Volvo. Would highly reccommend this place, and Gretchen specifically. She took the time to understand our wish list, inform us on different cars that met our price point, and was personable (not pushy at all). Would definitely purchase from her in the future.

Brandon Irish

I will start off by saying i've worked with a lot of dealerships and automotive shops before. I have never had service like this. After stopping in to get my radiator fluid topped off i inquired about an issue i was having with a rattle in the right door/speaker. Dan Keiser let me know that should be covered under the warranty if its under the 50k mileage. I was has 49700. He said lets keep it here and get it fixed. While my car was in there they completed two software updates as well and fixed the rattling issue which ended up being a speaker. They let me borrow a loaner to use during that time. Dan called me daily to update me on the progress and what they have done so far, which i greatly appreciated. I just bought this car from there and my first Volvo ever and im already impressed with the service and communication. Keep up the great work.

Michael Johnson

Borton Volvo has made me a customer for life! The service and personal attention I received while there is second to none. Joseph Petrusa and Joella McNeill were absolutely a joy to work with and really listened to my needs and concerns while moving through the buying process. I highly recommend everyone visit Borton Volvo regardless of if they are interested in a Volvo or not (trust me, they are pretty great cars) just to experience how a first rate dealership treats you. I am completely happy today because I made the choice to stop in so if you are interested in a new car, you absolutely owe it to yourself to visit Borton.

David Muller

My wife and I recently purchased a new XC40 from Borton Volvo and Brian Stave was our Sales Person. Brian was the consummate professional, he was detail oriented, patient and made us feel like valued customers throughout the entire process. He was great to work with and I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a new Volvo.


We bought a car from Borton Volvo with the help of Gretchen. She was absolutely wonderful. She gave us the time that we needed to consider our options, and when we had decided she was more than happy for us. Gretchen was nothing but amazing and so helpful. Overall the experience was great!

Ray Dehler

Bought a used Audi from Gretchen at the end of April, had a really nice experience, and I love the car! Gretchen really helped me out and took care of me through the process, especially after seeing how interested I was in the vehicle. Awesome experience, would absolutely recommend!

Byron Blaine

Friendly sales staff that is knowledgeable and needs focused. Dealership is straightforward, no tricks. Clean and inviting environment. Look forward to working with the service department.

Chip Jenne

Heidi at Borton helped me get a great and extremely fast outcome on a parts recall for my older model Volvo. All around excellent service and a sleek, efficient, highly professional sales and service operation. They even washed my car gratis. :)

Heather Niemeier

Mark Fuzzey has made our first Volvo buying experience the best! He convinced us to try their Overseas Delivery option and we can't wait to do it again!! What a wonderful way to enjoy Sweden by driving your own brand new Volvo! We highly recommend Borton Volvo for their friendly staff, accommodating services, with a pleasant and easy-going purchase process. Mark has went above and beyond to make us a very happy Volvo owner. Thank you so much for all you've done! :)

Gary Renick

Borton service consultant, Chris Moist, and the service director, Brett Dahlgren, were persistent in getting a complete and thorough analysis and resolution. 30K mile service, updates and add-on service items done complete and thorough. Service techs are really gaining foothold on experience with Hybrid system and technology - not to mention the routine service.

Danny Sutter

5 STARS!! I purchased a used XC60 from Borton Volvo and the staff made buying my first vehicle a very enjoyable experience. The service/parts department is also top notch. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and honest! I highly recommend Borton Volvo!!!

Nick Kenning

I had an excellent experience purchasing a used vehicle at Borton Volvo. Bradford was great to work with and easy to communicate with. He helped me to have a great car buying experience, and my wife and I look forward to working with Bradford at Borton Volvo for future purchases.


Not a Volvo fan but employees here are friendly and treat you nice with pop and clean bathrooms.

Vicki W

Best ever experience buying a car. Used car, not a brand new Volvo. No pressure to upsell...sales guy just did what we needed. Ask for Lars Lindstrom. He's great!

Joseph Hager

Tristan was a wonderful sales person and Michelle in credit made a usually very dry experience enjoyable. Best car buying experience I’ve ever had!

Drew Richards

Very happy with the service we received. If you go ask for Andy and he will take good care of you!


Place was very clean. Very knowledgeable staff, especially those I spoke with. I would purchase a vehicle from here. I would also have my vehicle (or any that I own) work done here with no hesitations! Highly recommend Borton Volvo Golden Valley.

Tyler Berry

steer clear of this place if you are looking at buying a used car. we bought a used car that they never serviced after they got in on trade. since then we have had the car in for service 5 times for the same thing. we were just in there Friday and talked to the used car manager Drake and he said he was going to look for a different car for us that was comparable since they had nothing on the lot. well i talked to him today and he seemed to forget our conversation. all used car salesman are the same!!. this is the second bad review that i have wrote on this place. i was asked to take the first one down and they were going to make things right. they haven't and that is why i am writing this one!

Marty Flanagan

Great service department they go up and beyond and are very professional. Not to be to harsh but most the sales team in here don’t seem to care much about helping out.

Robb Haluk

The whole staff at Borton Volvo made us feel welcomed from the moment we walked in the front door. The Receptionist greeted us right away we told her we would like to just look around. Our request was honored unlike other places we went to, we felt like we were attacked as soon as we walked in. After walking around the showroom looking at the vehicles for a bit we went back up to the receptionist to let her know we had few questions. Our Salesperson Nick McGovern came over and introduced himself. We sat down he asked us a few questions related to our needs and identified that we were a fit for a smaller to mid-size SUV. He showed us the XC60 and the XC40. Both were beautiful vehicles and my wife wanted a smaller vehicle. We decided to order a XC40. Nick was excellent, he listened to us, and provided solutions to our needs. We have never experienced a more pleasurable shopping process for a large ticket purchase before. We will be referring our friends and family to Nick and the whole Borton Team.

- grandrsn

After a lifetime of buying a car for family or work, I finally wanted to buy a car for myself. I had the good fortune to meet Andy Jensen from Borton Volvo at the Mpls auto show. After explaining the Volvo Overseas Delivery option, I ordered the new XC40. The factory delivery trip was a life experience. Andy is a total professional, knowledgeable and the most ethical new vehicle salesperson I have ever worked with. I could not rate Andy Jensen and Borton Volvo higher and the XC40 is an exceptional and affordable luxury crossover that is fun to drive. Greg Andersen

greg haywood

We purchased a car from Borton. We had the pleasure of working with Gretchen, who was phenomenal from start to finish. Not pushy. She was informative, and all in all was (and still is) a great person. Relaxed demeanor. Infectious smile..... The other sales people that we encountered after our test drive at Borton, seemed like such a downgrade. We were happy to go back. She assertively got a deal done at a price we were happy about, and we walked away from that experience being thankful that she was there to lead the way. Thank you Gretchen!

Branden Patten

I was approved for a certain interest rate on financing through my bank, we finalized and agreed on this. Everything was great. However, I didn't want the unnecessary add on's and service contracts to be financed at the cost of an additional $3499. Since I did not want to include this, they told me that my rate had to go up a quarter of a percentage point. This was false, they tried to make me go underwater on this and owe more in the loan than the car was worth. This was after putting down $5,000 right away! When I called to ask about this I was accused of "chirping" because I had asked why this happened. TERRIBLE way to converse with customers. BE VERY CAUTIOUS!!!!

Robert Lietzke

Very professional. If something isn't right they fix it.

Lewell Leuterio

I recently purchased my very first Volvo just over a week ago and I'm absolutely loving it! We stopped at a different dealership before making our way to Borton Volvo and were greeted by Gretchen Tellock who showed me the XC60 I was interested in. I had to come back the next day to be able to test drive it and we were running a little late but Gretchen waited for us. She's an absolute delight to work with: friendly and professional, very laid back - she made the entire process easy and stress free and did not try to push anything that I did not need. She's been my goto person when I have any questions about my Volvo and she's always quick to respond which I greatly appreciate. My only 'issue' is that I was not told or made aware that there was only 1 set of keys for the XC60 as I had assumed that like with most dealerships, they would supply 2 even if it's a used vehicle. Had I known about that, I'd have asked about getting a second key. But other than that, the whole process from viewing and test driving the car, to getting the deal worked out and financed was smooth and easy. If you are looking for a new vehicle, speak with Gretchen -- she's really great!

Leslie Ruth

I’ve owned 2 Volvo’s (one purchased at Borton) and they have exceeded my expectations. Their service Dept is amazing! I whole heartily trust Dan and Adam. They have guided me through repairs like I’m family and have had the patience for my endless questions:) I trust Borton for their vast experience, expertise and honesty. I also must mention Andy in sales. He did a great job helping me with my latest Volvo purchase.

Marcus Hedlund

Actually I would give Dan K 5++ stars because he always has been very attentive with our service needs. He has a great personality and makes all customers feel important. I don’t feel that warmth or concern from Many of the other service people. Dan goes above and beyond My complaint is that we have bought at least 4 Volvo’s from Borton Volvo. One of the perks was we could always get free car washes! Well now when we stopped to get a car wash there were is a sign that states, “ car washes with service only” when did this change and why didn’t we receive some type of notice? We were told that customers complained they had to wait to get their cars in to be serviced. Well I’m complaining that one of the perks I was promised is no longer a perk! I would think there could be a line outside of the drive in area for car wash request to park. I would be ok to have to walk in to request a car wash. We had always felt that Borton Volvo was friendlier then Kline Volvo when we were shopping for a car, and of course it is much closer for service. I hope you reconsider the perk of free car washes, not like we can send it every week or even monthly, but if we were in the area we would use it.

Michelle Thompson

We had an awesome experience there yesterday buying our car. The facility was impressive and looked spotless. Everyone was friendly to us. Our saleswoman, Gretchen, was knowledgeable and fun to work with. She made making a great deal so easy. Their finance guy, Paul, was thorough and I loved using the new desktop document pad for signing all the paperwork. So cool! I'd definitely recommend Borton Volvo to everyone!

Cheryl Ericson

Recently, I purchased a pre-owed 2016 S60 from Borton Volvo. Gretchen Tellock guided me through the process. She was very knowledgeable and answered my many questions. She showed me several options. It was a positive and fun experience. I would highly recommend Gretchen and Borton Volvo.

Jeremy Janzen

I have had the opportunity to work with Drake, he is prompt with communication, very detailed and knowledgeable. Searched and found what I was looking for. Great experience. Highly recommend!

Tanya Simons

Exceptional service and staff throughout the process from sales to financing to delivery. A truly fun experience!

David Becker

Very helpful Parts Department! Friendly service and the part I ordered arrived a day early! I received a call the morning it arrived and the part was waiting for me at the agreed upon time.

Meredith Klein

We had the pleasure of working across departments at Borton Volvo as Drake and his team helped us trade in our well loved, non-Volvo SUV, for an XC-90. In addition to prompt return phone calls and emails, Joe, Mark and their sales team, were even willing to transport the vehicle we were interested in to our home for a test drive, in order to help us lock-in the end of month incentive rate that was expiring. After just a few weeks with the vehicle, we had some trouble with the electronics system. Without an appointment, I was able to drive up to their service department and have the car checked out, fixed, washed and returned to me promptly while I got to enjoy a coffee in the comfort of their expansive new showroom. The entire experience was 180 degree difference from prior dealerships.

Ina Carter

If I would have written this review in March it would have been VERY disappointing! I was treated very poorly upon my first visit to Borton Volvo. I am a young woman who probably looks like I’m only at a dealership like this to “browse & not buy” I was not greeted when I walked in, and the salesman that I finally asked for help was very rude to me to the point where I left. I already knew what car I wanted to purchase so I called back later that day in hopes that he was not a reflection of the entire dealership, and I’m so glad I did! I got an awesome person named Brad Wright! He was very kind and helpful, treated me great over the phone and once I was in! Nothing short of amazing! He’s young and relatable, but also very smart and professional! Long story short I have been back twice! And now have two Volvo’s between me and my husband! ONLY because of Brad will I be returning again in the future. I am in love with Volvo cars thanks to Brad! I feel like a lot of dealerships pass you over when you are very young and maybe even “look” like your not able to buy from them. It’s very important to treat everyone equally, because you never know who will buy twice from you :) THANKS AGAIN BRAD!

Dale Brose

Here's how a business EARNS a 5-star from me. Which I don't give out often. I went in to get a fog light bulb replaced on my C30. About 3 hours after giving my keys to the service desk, I was informed there was a problem. They either forgot to order the bulb or the bulb was ordered and misplaced. The reason is unimportant. The fact was, I had waited several hours and the bulb, a bulb mind you, had not been replaced. So, I would need to come back. Now, Dan at the service desk was very apologetic about the whole thing. Dan and Borton was good enough to waive the cost of the part and the labor. The last time I had a fog lamp replaced was about $200. So, I came back a couple days later and they replaced it at no charge. That's truly 5-star service.

Stacey Peters

Someone once said " If you make the customer first, they will last" I have lasted over 15 years. My last purchased was my dream car, 2009 C70 Hardtop Convertible. Had it not been for the amazing service from Used Car Manager Drake Jacobson and Sales Rep. Tristan Grobel, it may never have happened. They took the time, on one of their busiest days, to get me the financing that I needed. The 5 star service happens every time I enter the dealership. Their Service team is outstanding. From the moment you hit the doors to the time you receive your car, always warm and inviting. Thank you so very much for making me first!

Tash Casso

Great Customer Service!

Matthew Thomson

Definition of high pressure sales and sleazy salesmen. Joseph made me physically uncomfortable. Came in wanting a volvo and left feeling violated. (Look at the amount of effort these 'bros' spend trying to shame/discredit/harass critical reviewers - these guys don't care about customers).

Trevor May

Gretchen and the whole staff at Borton Volvo were extremely helpful and handled us with no pressure at all. Their new location is beautiful, and my wife and I are happy to become part of the Volvo family (we wound up replacing both of our vehicles the same night)!

Gary Bennett

I picked up my 4th Volvo from Borton Volvo on Friday and once again, Gene Kaganosky provided the ultimate customer experience, even coming in on his day off to facilitate the transaction. Not assuming I knew anything about my new car, Gene walked me through the important aspects of getting started. I know from past experience that he and Borton will be there after the sale, providing top-of-the-line customer service.

Jamie Cullen

Recently purchased a G550 from Dave Bookey. He was great to work with and the process was quick and easy. This is the first vehicle I've purchased from Borton and I would recommend them if you're in the market. Thank you Dave!

John Kelly

We have been busy driving our S80 all over the country. Brenda Heinkel set us up in a vehicle that is the most comfortable, well performing road tripper I have driven. Service department treats me better than I should expect. I have waited for routine maintenance and have taken advantage of a loaner. Either way, the experience is smooth and painless.

Svetlana Dropps

Vad Fridlyand and Borton Volvo are amazing!!...the whole process of buying a car was easy and seamless!...I would recommend Vad and Borton to any of my friends/family

Jenna Klein

Thank you Dave and Tristan at Borton Volvo, you made buying my first car such a great experience! You took the time to teach me the ins and outs of my new vehicle. I personally, have never been a big fan of driving, but this car drives so smooth and is making life on the road easier. I couldn't have asked for a better first car!

Janet Benton

We recently purchased our first Volvo from Borton and it was a great experience! Gene was extremely knowledgeable and worked to ensure all our questions were answered. He worked around our busy schedules and really made the process as stress free as possible. Everyone else we encountered at Borton was helpful and friendly as well. The new facility is really great, too! I would recommend Borton to others looking to purchase a Volvo. Thanks!

Susan Denk

As a first time Volvo buyer I loved working with Gene Kaganovsky who was my salesperson. Gene is truly a professional who understands not only the entire Volvo line of vehicles, he is also quick to anticipate the needs and questions of his client. He was great to work with and I highly recommend him. Having been associated with sales for the last 35 years, I know a great sales person when I see them, Gene is that guy. He knows his product and goes out of his way to make me, the buyer, feel completely confident about my purchase. I love my new Volvo.

Kimberly Weum

Amazing Service! The staff is very attentive to details, upfront, knowledgable and most importantly honest! Throughout the years, they have gone above and beyond to provide the best service. Most recently, I went in for an oil change and they saw that I had a fussy baby with and they asked if they could help me unload the car, and even put a rush on the service and completed it early!!! A couple months ago we leased an Audi - and the service between the two dealerships is like night and day!! If you want a great car and even more importantly great service- Go with Borton Volvo!

Amy Salmela

Just bought my second new Volvo at Borton. Exceptional service, especially from Andy Jensen in new car sales!

Matthew W Smith

Beautiful dealership, friendly sales team, a Great experience! I've often heard that buying a car can be similar to going to the dentist, you don't want to go but you know you need to. This was far from that. With their help and advice, we bought our daughter's first car from Borton. The sales team was warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and didn't pressure us at all. Best of all, my daughter loves her new car (which she affectionately named Luna) and my wife and I walked away knowing we put her in a safe reliable vehicle. We'll definitely be back when it's time for my wife to upgrade.

Christian Herman

I went into Volvo for my first time and the first person to greet me was Duane Kukral. Let me tell you, Duane is as kind as he is outgoing, and as knowledgeable as he is thoughtful. And he guided me on my car shopping journey until I was all set to go with me new XC40. From our first introduction all the way through delivery and even now as a happy leaser, Duane is responsive and a joy to talk with. I will be coming to Volvo for the foreseeable future. Thanks Duane and thanks Borton!

Kate Luthner

**the pictures and review are to reflect on Volvo, not this particular dealer. Borton Volvo is attempting to help correct the issue** My volvo s50 has interior chrome defects. Volvo, If you can't make the parts I can see well, how can I trust the parts I can't? Since I am outside warranty I have had no luck with 'customer care'. May want to consider a car that lasts longer for the cost. - as a reply to the Dealer, no, I didn't buy from your dealership but I believe the Volvo you sell is not different from the Volvo at any other dealer and my complaint is with the product. This is a buyer beware issue.

Stuart Bear

It has once again been an absolute pleasure to work with Tristan! Yes Tristan, the car salesman. A car salesman who is so much more than that. A true gentleman who is honest, objective, fair, helpful, very bright, and follows through at every turn. A car salesman? Who knew!!??!! We knew. This is the fifth car we have purchased with Tristan's help over the past 15 years. We refer our friends and family members to Tristan with confidence. It is a pleasure to work with Tristan and we hope to do so for many more years.

Anthony Dennis

Actually I’m taking my good review back! After a week with my vehicle I’ve notice they covered up the paint chips on the wheels, I’ve noticed one of my hazard lights don’t work, and my window wash does not come out. Tried to call Todd he answered, as I told him about these things he panicked and said he was busy and told me he would call me back. Which he never did! Super disappointed on the the actual condition of the vehicle when they said everything is working and sound. Specifically asked about the wheels and they said they were great condition as well! Also I replaced the alternator and put brand new tires on it already! Don’t buy from Todd or quiet frankly don’t buy from Borton Volvo!

Kellen Berglund

This is the second car I’ve purchased from Tristan at Borton Volvo. He is a pleasure to work with, and knows everything about the product. I would (and have) recommend him to friends and family.

Alex Nelson

Excellent experience buying a used XC90! Gretchen was great to work with, and didn't push anything on me which is something you get at times from dealerships. She let me look at the car without hovering, which is also great! She was very prompt with questions I had. George in the finance department was also good to work with. Quick and to the point, and didn't push anything that I said "no" to. All in all was a great car buying experience. Usually buying a car is something people dread, but Gretchen, George and whoever else was involved at Borton was great.

Matthew Lauver

Our family just got our latest vehicle from Borton Volvo and had a great experience with the staff there.

Fatmata Binta Bah

Good customer service. Nice break area for both staff and customers with lots of snack.

Graciela Házi

We are a hard working family, not rich, and at first we felt really intimidated and afraid we were going to be asked to leave. From John Boutina, our wonderful salesman, to the financial expert, and everyone in between we were treated with absolute respect and full attention making the transaction so smooth, we were given all the possible options for us to make the best decision for our family, and now we are driving the car of our dreams! The XC90 is not only beautiful, it makes you feel like you are driving on a cloud, I don't have enough words to describe it, we absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you to the amazing team that made us feel right at home!! We will be customers of Borton Volvo for life! We

SM Keller

Kevin Nikiforakis is the prime example of how a car sales person should be !! He has been friendly, helpful, attentive, knowledgeable and made our most recent car buy a breeze. Buying a vehicle at a dealership in a different state usually brings its own set of challenges, but Kevin made us feel like we were the neighbor down the street. We stumbled upon Borton Volvo online because they had a specific used Hyundai we were looking at, but we will definitely be shopping with them again in the future by the way we were treated. Kevin is the BEST - ask for him, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Kevin !!!

Losha Nazarov

Got the right treatment, great customer service, very friendly stuff!

Nick Rosenberg

I have to say that I was very happy with the service and attention that Dan Keiser had given and still gave after the appointment was finished. I had thought I left some keys in the Service Dept the morning that I dropped off my vehicle (I happened to find them) but he knew I was searching and even followed up a day later to let me know that nothing had been found yet but he would keep his eyes open and would let me know if he saw or found them. I also want to point out that Dan Keiser communicated wonderfully as I knew at all times what was happening even the fact that they would have the car a day longer than expected as the driver's side door lock motor that was originally ordered was incorrect and he had a new one overnighted and was able to complete the work as he promised. Overall I have been very thrilled with Volvo and their Family/Team that works at Borton Volvo. Thank You, Nick Rosenberg

Tom Leppke-Hennig

A big thank-you to Drake for helping me in my search for an XC60. He was cooperative in my request to load a child-safety seat and other 'stuff' into a test vehicle and then take it out for a real life test drive, running errands. A great shopping experience.

Mark Parrish

My wife and I have purchased 8 Volvos from Borton Volvo in the last 20 years. We return to Borton Volvo because of their friendly, professional and knowledgeable service. They also do an excellent job servicing the cars after the sale. I would highly recommend Borton Volvo to anyone looking to buy the safest car on the road.

Julie Jones

We had an amazing experience at Borton Volvo. This was our first time purchasing a Volvo and we were very pleased with each step of the process. Bryan is sales was excellent, very attentive and not pushy. Each member of the team from finance to management to sales to product overview made for a very positive experience and we love our XC 60. We highly recommend Borton and ask for Bryan S. in sales.

mark horan

I have purchased several cars from Borton over the years. They are simply the most professional staff I have found. Tristen is always quick to respond and ready to help with my issue. True 5 star service.

Robert Schneider

Brett --- was knowledgeable, responsive, helpful, poised / calm, and exhibited the highest level of professionalism.

Rolanda DeShield

For over ten years, I have taken my cars to Borton Volvo for service. The Service Manager, Adam is the major reason, I have been a loyal customer to Borton. He is one of the Best Service Managers or the Best Service in the Twin Cities. Very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, kind and a caring person. He treats everyone the same. Always have a smile on his face and a very pleasant person. He truly cares about his customers and is there to make sure, they leave Borton Volvo, always happy and pleased with the service. Go to Borton and meet Adam and you will understand why he should be voted the BEST SERVICE MANAGER in the Twin Cities. Thank you Adam, for always providing your customers with GREAT services. I must also mention James in the Part Department. James is very knowledgeable about all Volvo products and is extremely helpful. He provides service with a smile and always pleasant and a joy to encounter. He is caring and truly a wonderful person. Always take the time to listen and provides me with the BEST service. Thank you, James, for the great service you have provided me whenever I take my cars into Borton Volvo. It is because of you and Adam, I will be purchasing my third Volvo automobile. Keep up the great work. You guys are prime examples of GREAT customer service. Great Job, great job, keep it up. Another employee is Dan K. in the Service Department. Whenever I am at Borton, Dan greets the customers in professional manner and has a smile on his face. He is very professional and respectful of the customers. I may pass him in the hall or entering the building, he ALWAYS acknowledges me with a smile and a greeting of “Hello Rolanda” – ALWAYS.

Tom Hopper

This is the best dealership I have worked with in over 30 years of purchasing cars. Joseph and Gretchen were both consulate professionals and they made the process very easy. Both were willing to do what was necessary to make the customer happy. Not something you see often these days. I HIGHLY recommend this dealership!

Kyle Stutz

Borton Volvo is a great place to find a vehicle. I recently purchased a vehicle from Gene and it was so incredibly easy. They called my lender and basically did everything for me. Then when I went to pick up the car I had everything signed and had the freshly detailed car within 20 minutes. Such an easy and fun experience. Gene made the appointment with me and let my girlfriend and I test drive the vehicle for 20 minutes on our own, giving us the best true feel of how it would be if purchased. He is one of the nicest and easy going salesman I've come across and does not push whatsoever and he works with the dealership to get the best price possible. I highly suggest asking for Gene if going to this business. Thanks Gene!

Rick Barreto

The buying experience was solid but it's the service department that keeps me going back with confidence. I feel like my time and vehicle are respected by the dealer.

tom miller

I love the fact that they keep their really good people. The majority of the employees have been with this dealership for a long time so when I visit for sales or service it feels like family. Thinking back I have have had only one issue with Borton and the General manager took care of it. The sales team makes purchasing fun and easy and parts and service are top notch!

Sharona Segal Leibovich

An amazing experience from the beginning with Vad Fridlyand, patiently listening to our wish list. He found us the car that checked all the boxes on our list. At the end, Drake Jacobson sent us well informed about the car and all of its options. Making the first drive even more enjoyable that we could imagined.

Erika Zerwas

I have had the pleasure of working with Borton Volvo for years. The staff from parts, service, and sales are attentive and customer driven. Great to work with on every level.

Bob Brindley

It was quick and the new waiting area is simply amazing! I had a bottle of water and watched the Masters Golf Tournament. Chris Moist is the best car was done in 30" and delivered to the front door washed and dry and ready to go!! Best service ever!

Joe Delgado

Bradford Wright was an awesome salesman and got us into a great XC90. Very responsive and worked to understand what was important to us versus pushing a vehicle with features we didn't necessarily need. He truly went above and beyond our expectations. The entire dealer experience was great. I'd highly recommend Bradford and Borton Volvo.

Michael Lougee

excellent advice about the problems, performance to fix the problems, and followthru, from everyone, especially the Advisor

Anthony Flemmons

This was a professional dealership, with personable salespeople. They treated me with respect, considered my needs and placed me in a vehicle that was safe, affordable and reliable. The facilities were clean, all personnel were friendly and accommodating. We were not pressured into making a decision and were given multiple options of vehicles to choose from. I didn't feel like we bought a car, but more of an investment for our family.

Sophie Olson

Joe Schad was awesome! Helped me pick out my first car and made sure it had everything I loved, including winter mats! Staff was super professional and kind. Everything went smoothly and they were very accommodating! I really appreciated all their help!

Deborah Anderson

Where is the (6) Star button?!? Tristan, we can’t thank you enough for your patience, incredible Volvo knowledge and your complete understanding of what we were looking for/needed! We love our new XC60 and are so happy that our old XC90 will keep our newest family driver safe!

Denise Mazone

Tristan is amazing! He is so knowledgeable about everything Volvo. I called him from Scottsdale and he FaceTime the car with me. Tristan went over and beyond to make sure I was happy! We need more Tristan’s in this world! I recommend if you are looking for a car to always call Tristan.

Christine Berquam

Thank you Tristan for your attention to making the customer experience an exceptional one. Your dedication to Borton Volvo is obvious and much appreciated.

Emily Irey

Great experience buying a used car at Borton Volvo. Will definitely return in the future!!

Matt Mitchell

Awesome staff sales manager Drake was incredible made me feel like part of a family. My salesperson Gretchen was fabulous so sweet and knowledgeable . My finance guy Craig was so fast and professional. Best experience on a highline car.

paramjeet rai

My First but the best experience with Volvo car dealer, worked with Gene and did a special order in first visit.. this guy is amazing, he know his stuff, respectful and responsive. Highly recommend Borton Volvo for their excellent services!!

Jim Sulciner

Our sale person Gretchen was phenomenal from start to finish! She always answered our questions and always returned our calls/texts. If you are looking for a used car - ask for Gretchen you won’t be disappointed!

Rob Giannattasio

Great experience with Borton Volvo and especially Kevin Nikiforakis. We were there to purchase a trade-in vehicle and feel that Kevin and Borton gave us as good - or even greater - attention, service, and respect than when purchasing a new and much more expensive vehicle. Highest recommendation without hesitation and will recommend to others.


I called about a Volvo that's needs service and was told they just top off fluids. Then further said that they don't really work on the cars. Beware if you buy a car and it cannot be worked on by where you purchase it from it is much harder to find someone that can. The reviews talk about how they can be nice and sell you a car but just to top off fluids is ridiculous. I own four Volvo's and was turned away to get any service.

Tom Tadych

I purchased my Z4 at Borton and it was the best experience I’ve had buying a car. It completely changed my view of the used car industry. I received a warm welcome when I stepped in the door and was treat like family every step of the way. Anyone I know in the market for a car has been directed to Borton. I am officially a lifer. Geno and Drake were great to work with and I won’t buy a car from another person/dealership again.

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