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Nina Maggio

Last month I had the absolute BEST experience working with Dante (Sales Manager) and Alexander (GM) to purchase a used vehicle at Darcars Volvo. The entire sales team was exceptionally patient as I worked through negotiating a deal that worked with my budget. I walked away with a great deal on a sweet Jeep that I've been actively trying to find over the last year and finally found on the lot. I can honestly say this dealership treated me with the utmost respect, kindness and understanding and have taken EXCELLENT care of me since the time I walked through the doors on October 17th. I am sooooooo HAPPY with the entire experience working with the team at Darcars Volvo!!!

Jiang Huang

It was a total pleasure to work with the gentleman Mr. Alex Pedram. I called at least 9 Volvo dealers in 4 states for a specific new car. DARCARS is out of state for me but they are the one. The right selection plus the sweet discount sealed the deal. Their efficiency, honesty, respect of customer's intelligence( Trust me I do have my fare share of calling back from some other dealers either asking again and again for my requirement, or informing me that they found the one for me and turns out totally off, or trying to persuade me that I can do better with a different car) are impressive, not mentioning being friendly. Driving off went smoothly. Also thanks to Manny who was pretty nice and helpful. Additionally, when I was unsure of their too-good-to-be-true-price I looked at here for their reviews. The fact that each every review has a response says how much they care about the customers and their reputation. That earned my trust.

Generosa Adams

When I was shopping around for a car, I was anticipating the concept of “buying a car is a stressful experience”. Most likely, if I felt that type of pressure, I would have not bought a car. HOWEVER, we bought our Volvo in DarCars Volvo in Rockville, Maryland. DarCars is very fortunate to have Mo, our sales representative and Mark, financial advisor as part of their team. Both Mo and Mark are very professional and assisted us right away throughout the entire car buying process. Mo made the process calming and smooth, but most of all he was genuinely kind because he listened and paid attention to what we wanted and needed. Furthermore, he ensured we were comfortable purchasing the Volvo. No pressure. In addition, Mark did an excellent job by making the financing process swift and easy. He had a alleviated the pressures by keeping things clear, concise, comprehensible, but also his great sense of humor. Five stars for their excellence! That includes having a good shot of their espresso : )

Bernerd Da Santos

I would like to thank Mo Mostafaviou for your candor and outstanding treatment to my son and me on January 5, 2019, I must said, I have bought or lease in many luxury car dealers and Mr. Mostafaviou in DarCars at Rockville as a sales person have been the best of all of them. Bernerd

Lise Hall

I bought my Volvo from an out-of-state dealership and was not getting what I needed to register the car given that they didn't understand the local requirements. I decided to visit DARCARS Volvo for guidance. Wow. Not only did I receive guidance, but Alexander (GM) went completely out of his way to connect with the other dealer, store my car meanwhile and even provide a ride home - with a car orientation and great conversation to boot! And I hadn''t even made the purchase with his dealership. He has my loyalty from now forward!

Ray McDonald

My wife and I had a wonderful experience at DarCars Volvo. There was no hard sell and we were given all the information we needed to make the correct decision for us!


I came in one day just to see what was available, already knowing the XC90 of my choice. I was greeted at the door and was given an awesome lesson on operating the newest XC90 and all its capabilities. During the test drive, I was made to feel comfortable and confident, even with the vast amount of technology and tools this vehicle has to offer. After much dialogue, Mr. Daniel Kwaw-Fuah, Mr. Mohammad Mostafavi, Mr. Alexander Arman, and Mr. Mark Filipovic were excellent company and really took the time to make certain I gained an understanding of the sale. These gentlemen went well beyond what I have previously experienced purchasing an XC90. These gentlemen took care of me like family and gave me a more than fair deal. The vehicle was ready as promised, the process was smooth, and there is no other place I would rather go for my next XC90. Thank you all for the best experience yet with Volvo!

Lift Tow

Good customer service

John Waterston

Biyun Hu and Alexander Arman worked together very effectively to answer all my questions and identify the perfect match of features with no "extras" or add-ons that I didn't need. The price was good, thanks to Volvo's incentive program, 5 year warranty with free maintenance, and a decent credit for my trade-in. The finance manager got the paperwork done in record time. Altogether a very satisfying experience.

Dani Gate

I have bought and/or leased multiple Volvos from this dealership over the past ten years, and I keep returning here because of the beautiful, safe cars and the superior service. It is absolutely true that Volvos are the safest cars in the world. I was hit by a tractor trailer on the highway in my new Volvo XC90 with my kids in the car. We all walked away from that accident (after a precautionary trip to the hospital) with relatively negligible injuries. All of the car’s safety features kicked into action (including side airbags and an immediate call from Volvo On Call asking if we were OK and if we needed a tow). I called my insurance, and the very next day I called Alexander Arman, the dealership’s General Manager, and my trusted salesperson. Alexander went out of his way to assure me that everything would be OK. Fast forward to today, and as always, he kept his word. I am driving another new XC90. I’m so happy with the car, and my kids feel safe again everywhere we drive. Alexander, Cristela, and Mark made the process go so smoothly! Alexander even picked me up from my rental car location to help me retrieve my car. Cristela called me a few days after I was traded into a new car to ask me how the car was driving and if I needed any additional assistance with new features. I can’t say say enough great things about this dealership and their excellent cars and personalized service. I highly recommend this dealership.

Elijah Marentette

No hassle and honest pricing from a very knowledgeable and tenured team.

Margaret Taylor

Looked at cars great service.

Vlad Gorshkov

I've had nothing but great, warm welcome when I came in to look at used 2015 S60 to purchase. Alex and Sam were very aware of what I wanted to get, listened to what my future plans are and really looked into what was the best option and value deal was right for me. The used car was priced competitively and they did help to get it down a bit more, but after some discussion I realized that I really was better off with a lease. I only drive cars for 3-4 years at a time. Purchasing wasn't a right move, as I realized. After about an hour we came to a good option, car that had everything I was looking for, at much discounted price with very affective monthly payment too. Alex and Alexander(GM) even ran few other options in lease terms, timing etc. I never had this kind of care in any other dealerships where I was pressured or pushed to get cars they only wanted to get rid of. This was great experience, the whole team are super welcoming, very relaxed, do not try to upgrade to push for things I couldn't afford. In the end I got an amazing new 2016 S60, premium with upgraded 19" rims and tech I wanted. Couldn't be happier, will definitely tell my friends and family of this place.

Chip Temm

I just bought my second car (and second trade-in) from DarCars Volvo of Rockville. In both instances I felt that the staff worked to find a deal that was good for both of us. They are a low-pressure operation, but they also move quickly when a deal has been made to help you get out of there. Very little of the talk-to-my-manager-ten-times negotiation style found in other places. The team knows the cars, and asks you what you need the car to do in order to help you find the right car for your needs and price range. I have bought lightly used Volvos both times from them, and in the first case when a few things went wrong on the first couple of weeks they were happy to have us come back and take care of it- no hassle. I will return to this dealership next time I am looking for a car.

Celina Minto

Salesmen are very polite and helpful. Avoid mark in financing. He is extremely condecending and doesn’t let you get a word in edgewise. Tried calling about a simple miscommunication and had to stop him and demand simple respect. Mocking tones and talking down to customers doesn’t make for great reviews...

Neil Harry

If you're planning on buying a car/SUV please seek out Amir. He made the entire process extremely STRESSFREE. I hate buying cars and haggling prices and this experience was so much different than any other transaction/interaction I've had at a dealership. Amir was patient, transparent and easy going. We didnt feel pressured or rushed and we ended up buying 2 SUV's from Darcars Volvo! I didn't have to haggle anything and we got two deals which were thousands cheaper than their competition. I can honestly say that I'll be a lifetime customer of Darcars Volvo.

Victoria Sophia

The folks here are extremely helpful! Highly recommended.!

Helene Doyen

At Darcars they are very far with there price and help you with your repairs. They make sure you get great service make sure your car is running correctly.the people there are very helpful and honest.

Nkechi Maduka-Bavugamenshi

Great customer service. Will definitely make this my home dealership for parts and services.

3711 1513

Wish I could put zero stars on here. Took my S60 Polestar in last week for its first 10k service, and they told me that the 10k and 20k services were already done (back in August of 2015 and June/July of 2016). Let's not forget that I purchased this car back in November 2016, and at the time it had a little over 5.2k miles on it. The service rep kept insisting that the 10k and 20k were done, when they clearly don't seem to know that any prior "inspections" done on the car were general dealership inspections--why would a car with barely over 5k miles on it have already received it's 10k and 20k inspections? That makes no sense! After trying to reason and explain to the service reps their error, they were unwilling to listen and that's when I left the dealership in absolute disgust. This week, I had my S60 Polestar's FIRST 10K SERVICE done at the dealership where I bought it, and they told me that it was, in fact, the first 10k service performed on the car. I will only trust someone who knows the history of the car, and will only trust it to the dealership I bought the vehicle from. I will not be back.

Renee G. Cote

Paola spent a lot of time helping me find the right car at a great price. She is knowledgeable and will find out information for questions she doesn't know the answer to. She is easy to contact at nearly any time of the day or night.


Excellent service. Alex, one of the service managers, was very helpful and knowledgeable. I felt like a valued customer. I would recommend this location to anyone.

Andisheh Nouraee

We bought a Volvo XC60 in November. We got the car we wanted, at the price we wanted. And the service was top-notch. Our salesman, Alexander Arman, was smart, straightforward and very easy to work with.

Jay Thomson

Service rocks

Darya Niroo

I have had nothing but great experiences with DARCARS Volvo. Since 2008, I have had 3 cars... 2 being Volvo's. Their service and support at DARCARS Volvo has been exceptional. My questions and concerns have always been answered and they have exceeded my expectations! Even though I switched from a Volvo with my most recent car, I still take my new car to DARCARS Volvo for service! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great experience, not only for the sale, but after it as well!

Rachel Liska

The customer service at this location is terrible. My husband and I leased a brand new XC60 one year ago. They claim that all maintenance is covered with the exception of new tires if that is needed. I took it in for the first year maintenance and they wanted to charge me $80 to rotate the tires. They didn't say that all tire maintenance was not included just that if it needs new tires it wouldn't be included. They will say whatever you want to hear to get you to buy or lease a car and then provide terrible service. They were supposed to wash and vacuum the car. A ton pickup it was in the same state that I left it and they claimed that it was done. My husband even called ahead to confirm that it would be ready and clean when I picked it up and still when we got there they said it was done and it was still dirty. I needed to get a manager to approve "cleaning it again". He said it would take 30 minutes and I didn't have 30 minutes to wait so I left a very unhappy customer and wanted to share this experience with the rest of you who are considering purchasing from this location. This experience is after 1 year ago needing to get a completely new fuel tank because of an issue 1000 miles after driving it. They did that repair for free, but they were unapologetic about this huge inconvenience. Every experience I have with DARCARS Volvo gets worse. The loaner vehicle that we received was given to us with a disclaimer that it will be a $150 charge if there's one dog hair in it. The loaner vehicle that I received had crumbs and dust and other dirt in it when we picked it up. I would expect more from a luxury car dealer that usually gets such high ratings. I'm very disappointed in you, DARCARS Volvo. You really should learn how to have better customer service so that your customers refer you and give you continued business.

Danial Hanafian

Awesome place, specially their Iranian manager is really good.

alye kesselman

We went to many Volvo dealerships in search of a used certified S60. Their cars were in impeccable conditions! I am so glad to have worked with Darcars Volvo, it was great and friendly experience!

Ajith Joseph

Had great experience shopping for a Volvo. Nice people.

Peter Tunon

Fast and polite service. Good loaner car.

Ryan M

Sold me a car with bad breaks, and tires, swore it had just passed inspection. The differential was bad too, thankfully still under warranty

Hope Sullivan

My experience with DARCARS Volvo of Rockville was such a great one that I had to leave a review, they have encourage my faith in car shopping once more. I was impressed with Alex Abbaszadeh knowledge and his overall ability to guide me in making an educated decision, for a dependable vehicle but with style, I appreciated that even on his day off, he cared enough to work with his colleague Alex Pedram to make sure I was taken care of. Mr. Pedram answered all my concerns immediately, he too was efficient in his knowledge, they took such great care of me as a female consumer, they did not make me feel like I was being taken advantage of and that my concerns were valid, here is the best part : ) when I arrived at the dealership, my paperwork was little effort on my part with Mr. Ben Elkins! they did not over sell me on features I did not need with outrageous and unthinkable prices to curl my eyelashes, they were just honest and "WOW" I am happy I went there. Very accommodating dream team! Thank you gentlemen Hope S Gaithersburg

Molly Tyger

I found my new car on the Volvo dealer website... a V60 wagon in a color other than black is hard to find! Darcars not only had the car in the color I wanted, but with all the features I wanted and nothing more. To top it all off, the price was incredible. So I called Darcars and my buying experience was so simple. I live in Cincinnati, but was flying through Baltimore so I could pick it up a week later and drive it home. I arranged everything over the internet and Charles & Alexander took great care of me. The process could not have been easier. Thank you Alexander & Charles, and all of the staff at Darcars. I couldn't be happier.

Paul Traynham

Cristela Torres was a pleasure to work with in helping us find our fifth Volvo to date. Very informative on the new technology and very patient with our decision making. Sales manager Daniel Kwawfua aided in the sales process offering an outstanding price without the agonizing process so many associate with purchasing a new car. An exceptional experience and an exceptional car. Thank you

Tara Bissett

I went in initially and have to admit, did not have a great experience. After, both the manager (Alex) and general manager (Alexander) reached out to me (multiple times) trying to rectify things, I went in again. My next experience was INCREDIBLE. I felt like I dealt with almost everyone in the dealership by the end and they were all amazing. Sean, Mike and Mark were just a few of the others we worked with and all- AMAZING. I admit, my start with Darcars Volvo was not the best but now, i have recommended them time and time again in less than one week. As a teacher and mom, I was looking for a safe, reliable car. They have delivered me that and then some. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Darcars Volvo.

Marie Gonzalez

I love my xc60 and this is my second one! The dealership is comprised of professional courteous, sweet and knowledgeable individuals. They do not just sell you a car, but an experience in driving!! Trust me when I tell you I love my xc60!!

Laura Normoyle

Unfriendly staff

Christina Cogen

Back in the XC60 Saddle Again This is my second XC60 T6 Turbo, which offers a lot of torque; just what a girl on the go needs. I went from the first model in 2010 to the latest 2014 and I absolutely love it!! I have returned to Darcars Rockville, because they have always taken good care of me, in addition to the service advisors. I consider the whole team an extension to my family. They took really good care of me; they walked me step by step through the process and actually LISTENED. They weren’t selling me what they wanted to, but what I wanted to get into. Also as a female coming in alone, they weren’t intimating or disrespectful. I would absolutely recommend this dealership and this vehicle for those who are looking to stylish SUV.I never thought I’d be a loyal customer to Volvo, especially since I buy cars frequently. I am absolutely going to buy another Volvo from them in the future.

Vicki Krouse

Alexander Arman and Cristela Torres are true professionals. They make car purchasing an easy experience. I'm a return customer! Thank you to both of them for making me feel like "family"

Jaime Sehtman

Really good moe it's a great he really know about all the features of the vehicle. The manager it's a really nice guy too.

Beverly Carrigan

Awesome service!!! Just puchased our first Volvo yesterday!!!!!

April Brown

Excellent service and Friendly staff!! Best place to buy your next car!

Leigh Yates

Good experience. Did not have enough time to shop around.

David J. Chait

Straight shooters- got good price right off the bat, no haggling needed

Gary Rosen

Showed up ready to buy and car and was asked after 10 minutes if I needed hlep. Waited 10 more minutes and was asked again. Was told they were too busy today meet with me . Many sales people walking around looking available. Shorts and a t shirt doesn't mean I can't afford your cars . Off to Herb Gordon Volvo woth my money .

Mike Elton

My wife and I just left DARCARS with a beautiful new XC60 T6 AWD. We love the car, and had a wonderful experience at the dealership. We worked closely with Charles Grant (sales), and Alex Arman (GM). Both of them were extremely helpful and made the purchase seamless and enjoyable. We have been Ford people our whole life up until now......DARCARS Volvo is where we will be buying cars from now on.

Adam Moskowitz

Manny, Alexander and Mo (Service) are A+. I only drive a Volvo because of their outstanding service, attention to detail, personality and high moral character.

Michael Rosenthal

We just purchased our first Volvo, and had an excellent experience with our sales person, Charles Grant, and the sales manager, Arman Tuscany. Chares was low-key, respectful and particlarly knowledgeable of the vehicle; and Arman was pleasant to deal with in negotiating the final price we paid for the vehicle.

Tom Rogers

I purchased my Volvo S40 from DARCARS in 2004 and have been extremely happy with my experience with them ever since. They are always incredibly friendly and responsive, and have gone above and beyond on several occasions. I purchased my car there so I get a loaner when taking it in for service. They are probably not the cheapest but you get what you pay for, including excellent and friendly service every time.

Ann D

We had a very positive car-buying experience at this dealership. When we were still in the shopping and test-driving stages, the sales staff was attentive, but not overly so. Our salesman, Charles Grant, clearly loves his job and the Volvo product and is a fountain of knowledge--and enthusiasm. When it came time to commit to a purchase, they gave us a very competitive price offer and never tried to change it or up-sell us. They were also very clear about what we could expect throughout the ordering and delivery processes, and they not only met our expectations, they exceeded them. Our car arrived a good bit sooner than expected, and they got it ready for us in record time. Everyone we interacted with at the dealership was pleasant, professional, helpful, and customer service-oriented. This included business development manager (and paperwork king) Ben Elkins. Overseeing it all with a great deal of competence and exceptional customer service is general manager Alexander Arman, who clearly makes it his mission to ensure that every customer is treated with respect and care.

Uhsen Li

Pressure sales and dishonest: they DO use pressure sales, most people don't realize. When I was test driving the car, the salesman told me "you should consider the car soon, some one is putting down a credit app. Carfax reported they have listed for a while and no one is buying it, yet the moment I walked in, some one happen to be filling it out an app. This is a common strategy dealership "lie" to you to make you feel more pressure in purchasing the car a kbb valued car at 11091, they are listing it as 14980. sales man say lowest they can go is 13999 salesman said "we fixed it up so there's a reconditioning fee on top of the 13999. when I asked them to appraise my trade in, they gave me a low ball offer. they said "we might need to fix up my car" I told them my car have bumper to bumper warranty and recently passed Acura inspection, what else do you need to do? "oh there might be a paint job need to be done. so there's a reconditioning." in my mind i was thinking. wait, you're charging me a reconditioning fee for a used car, and you're charging me a reconditioning fee on my trade in? they're double dipping on the reconditioning fee.

Debbie Vaccaro

My excellent Service Advisor, Tom Mangum! He has been my Service Advisor since I bought my 2013 Volvo S60. He is efficient, listens, is very careful to make sure my service is done well and keeps me up to date thru the process. After the purchase, the Service Department becomes the "face of the dealership". Tom Mangum is a great representative of Darcars Volvo and the Service Department. I will always go back to Darcars Volvo for future purchases because it is an excellent dealership and I know Tom Mangum is the best Service Advisor!

Aman Kankaria

Was great, Daniel helped pick out a car for us that worked very well.

Emerson Destin

Thank you Darcars for taking care of our family vehicle for our 40k service visit. I was very pleased by you fulfilling your warranty commitment without hassle. The car feels great to drive and new again. And we also appreciate the XC90 T6 Loaner SUV. I was impressed by the vehicle and appreciate the road hazzard warnings including speed limits as a measure of prevention.

Robert Dean

Just purchased our second Volvo from these guys. The transaction was fast and efficient. No waiting games.

Gary Danoff

Paola was one of the most knowledgeable and courteous salespersons I have dealt with in some time!

Robert Addo

Sales reps are very friendly and professional

rayna moise

Alex manager EXTREMELY professional! Milton salesperson very very pleasant!

Jumanah Abdullah

I purchased my very first car on the 12th of November and I'm very happy with my purchase and the experience I've had at Darcars Volvo. Talbot was the salesman who helped me choose my car and was very patient and understanding of what I wanted in a car. Omid was the person in the financial department who explained all the information required to finance my car, and went over the deals (in detail) I had from the banks. Mark helped me reach out to the DMV and, quite possibly, helped expedite the time it took to get my tags and registration. One of the servicemen, Juan, helped put on my plates for me and gave me some great tips and advice as a first-time car owner. Everyone I've encountered there have been nothing but great to me. They're very customer-service oriented, and I appreciate that.

Melody Lew

I found myself a definitely Volvo lover since owning my first Volvo S60 twelve years earlier. I now have third one because Volvo keeps making cars with more great features that I love. Just highlight a few small touches in here: 1, Rear Park Assist Camera. I now cannot imagine driving a car without this feature because I would feel blind. 2, Blind Spot Information (BLIS) package. It alerts blind spots and cameras assist me for front and rear parking. 3, Engine stops running when I stop at a red light. I guess this feature saves me some money on gas without me even knowing it. Also, I just cannot believe I enjoy the quietness that I never experienced. 4, The warranty and maintenance program are quite attractive. 5, Financial plan is fair. Buying a Volvo at DARCARS Volvo in Rockville is always a pleasant experience. I don't recall I bargained with them. I believe I paid what the car I had purchased worth. I automatically trusted general manager Alexandra Arman had offered me a fair price. Absolutely business makes profit! In my opinion, people should spend money, you shop here and there, he shops there and here....., this way we all help each other and move forward; otherwise how this economy "thing" grow and how we walk out of this recession? I am still happy even I know they made money on me. Sales person who helped me name Biyun Hu, she is the kind of person you want to be a friend of hers after buying a car from her. Trustful is the word I would use to describe her. I think DARCARS VOLVO in Rockville made a wise investment by hiring Biyun Hu to their sales force. By the way, last Monday I showed general manager Alexandra Arman some pictures of my windshield with some funny strips in raining days, we thought the glass was grease, they washed and sent report to the VOLVO. I got a call from Biyun Hu right after driving away, scheduled the following Monday which is today to bring my car in. I assumed it would be getting the windshield wipers replaced. Guess what? They replaced windshield! I am good to go because of the warranty program.

Beth Wischman

Awesome, Easy, Exceeded my expectations, Seamless

Bruce Plunkett

Had no idea what was wrong with our car.

Jason Stocknoff

Bought my first Volvo at DARCARS Volvo and it was the best car buying experience I've had. Nick and Alexander were great to work with.

John Nessim

Where do I start. I'm on my third Volvo upgrade, in a row, from Darcars Volvo. Between Alexander Arman, the GM and Jimmy, at the services dept., and more friendly faces over there. you feel welcomed as a friend, not a customer. The quality of the relationship is equal to the quality of the service. It's been more than 5 years now and it's still A+ for everyone and everything done, over there.

Elena M

Customer service is top notch. Every time I am visiting this Volvo dealership, I am treated as a VIP. The General Manager, Alexander, and staff are very nice and have a great attitude. I also got a good deal on my car.

Marco Brown

Bought an XC90 a couple months ago from a salesman who's customer service was so unforgettable that we forgot his name. Honestly, I hope that he does not currently still work for Volvo of Rockville. We had issues with our 2016 SUV with 30,000 miles so we wanted to trade into a reliable 3 row SUV. We went and test drove the XC90, and the next day we came back to purchase about an hour and a half before closing. The salesman felt we couldn't afford the vehicle, reason being that we were black. 5 minutes into the test drive he called me asking where we were with the vehicle and not even asking for feedback. He also asked if we wanted to buy the vehicle the next day since they were an hour away from closing. He had no product knowledge whatsoever, to the point where he was looking up Volvo XC90 information on wikipedia in front of us. After we decided on the vehicle and agreed upon terms he DID NOT have the vehicle detailed or filled with gas, reason being he didnt think we had the means to purchase the vehicle. Both of my parents had 750+ credit scores, as soon as that came to light, he acted a bit embarrassed because his sales managers wanted to do the deal that night but he wanted us to come back the next day. After we bought the car we NEVER heard back from the salesman. The only reason I am sharing this is to help the next customer out who drives an hour to them because they have a really strong reputation, have a salesman already in mind who works there. Don't just work with whatever salesman answers the phone, I suggest Mack. The salesman is the face of the dealership. Please don't put anyone on the floor that doesn't know what they're doing Volvo, your reputation is too good for it.

Marina Kisley

decent price, claimed it was below invoice but kelly blue book price was still less. no haggling. horrible pressure into leasing. "finance guy" was too fast, didn't take time for questions, and rushed us. they messed up paperwork and put our names backwards on the loan from how it is at DMV. on the pros, the salesman we had was understanding and professional and did NOT pressure us that much. recommendation: go in with a set amount you're going to spend, YOU name the price. otherwise they upcharge. made us pay 3% fee for using credit card.... ridiculous.

Cynthia Mariz

Our sales person Cristela Torres was very attentive, knowledgeable and responsive. Thank you Cris! Manager Alexander Arman added the ultimate personal touch the deal. We are Volvo for life!

Nick Rosenberg

Darcars Volvo is a pleasure to deal with. They are transparent and respectful of the consumer car buying process. I have leased from them twice and look forward to doing so again

David F

I'm not sure what type of dark arts magic Manny @ DARCARS conjured up to get me the deal I wanted, but I am very thankful. He was able to destroy the price of four other dealerships in the MD/VA area on the specific XC40 I wanted. ...and also, he's seriously just the nicest dude on the planet. Extremely friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with my deal. He explained everything step by step, and answered every single question I came up with. We need more people like this dude at dealerships! I also briefly met with a few other Volvo people there, and they too were very friendly and greeted me with smiles. Strange... everything seemed so smooth and effortless. I'm not used to that when dealing with dealerships. This is easily the best experience with a car dealership I've ever had. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for a great deal on a Volvo.

Arjun Mody

Agree with some of the other reviews. Buying experience is pretty smooth. Getting anything done after that is pretty rough. Been waiting on my tags for about six months now. Have a vehicle that I can't drive because they still haven't gotten me proper tags.

Kimberly Lehn

I have been a loyal customer at DARCARS Volvo in Rockville because of the honest and great service they provide. The General Manager Alexander and his team have always gone above and beyond in ensuring that the price and service is right and that the experience is a pleasant one. I highly recommend going here if you are looking to lease or purchase a Volvo.


Schiesters. Don't do business here. Especially the financial manager Mark. He is A-typical schiester. I've spent the last week trying to get money back from these guys after they swiped my card but did not have the ability to give my money back? No refund? No void? Well a talk with the manager Dante and they said they could get my money back in two business days. Well they haven't and now I am considering to take legal action due to the fraudulent nature of their transaction. I repeat: DO NOT SHOP HERE.

Ecaterina Leonova

Slow staff Manager Mr. Alex was very unprofessional with us. We are very disappointed in this dealership, i will buy from other dealership.

Niño Enriquez

I've always been wary of going to dealerships because the experience has always been unpleasant for me. In fact, with the last car I bought, I did it entirely online and never spoke to a sales agent in person until I picked the car up. But Darcars Volvo in Rockville dramatically changed that negative perception for me. Every single member of their team that I had the pleasure of interacting with during this process was nothing short of amazing. From Daniel, who graciously guided me through every step in the process and helped me source the XC90 that I eventually ended up getting. To Mark in finance who made the stressful process of completing the paperwork such a breeze, even when I couldn't quite make up my mind about what I wanted. To Cristela who patiently showed me every single feature of a car that has dozens of amazing tech installed, and who made sure that every single thing on their turnover checklist was done for me and the car before I drove off the lot (and even after). She really went above and beyond to make sure that my experience during this process was outstanding. Even the other members of their team who I didn't directly work with were pleasant and made me and family feel very welcome and comfortable while shopping. And to their general manager, Alexander, who is truly a man of his word. You see, Alexander initially offered me a car with a booster seat on it because I told him that I preferred to have one. It wasn't something high on my list of priorities in a car, it was just something I thought would be nice to have. But because of some issue, he could not get that specific car for me. He told me offhand that he would just give me a booster seat to "fix" the mistake. As it wasn't a big deal for me and I was extremely happy fidgeting with the cool features of my new car, I forgot about the booster seat. And I would never have remembered if not for the message I received the day after I got the car from them: my booster seat was ready for pick up in the dealership. That one act says a lot about the kind of values and culture they have on their team. I would get a car from them on the basis of their outstanding service and integrity alone. It's a good thing then that their amazing service was paired with the best deal among all the dealerships I contacted in two states. They have definitely won a loyal customer in me.

Erin Smith

The day after the service. I received a phone call from the Service Director, who essentially threw one of his employees under the bus because a small 100$ undercharge when she rang up my bill, before even asking me to pay the difference, which I would've without hesitation because it was partly my mistake for not catching the undercharge at the time of checkout, threatened to take the money out of the cashier's paycheck. I was astounded that a manager would not only treat an employee that way (for 100$) but would publicize it to a customer. It was a poor example of customer service and employee relations.

Mom Of Two Little Ladies

Armon at Darcars Volvo made the car buying process seamless. He was extremely responsive and offered the most competitive deal (beat the local competition by a wide margin). He had everything waiting for us and ready to go when we arrived at the dealership with our two small children which was such a tremendous help. He is professional, pleasant, and never pressured us into buying. We will definitely return to Armon when purchasing our next vehicle.

Sandeep Josan

Had an overall good experience with the team at Darcars Volvo.

Gail Goldberg

Love all the folks who work there from Paola in sales, Mark in financial, Alexander A and the service manager Haroom too!

Milly Chiang

I had a smoothly service experience for my XC60 and thanks for Assistant Service Manager Jimmy Wong at DARCARS Volvo, he was dealing my case with friendly manner and high efficient, which make my visit went so smoothly and I am appreciated for his hard working to serve us customers.

Jody Woodward

This is an amazing place to buy or lease a Volvo. Such a great team of people with special shout-outs to Dante, Daniel, Alexander, and Mike. It was truly a pleasure and we will definitely continue to do business with these wonderful folks, even though there are other Volvo dealerships closer to us. It was worth every extra mile we drove to get there. They were never pressuring, explained everything we wished to know. They made us feel like we were the only customers there, although we were not, and they went out of the way to make sure we were comfortable throughout the process, including meeting some special needs for us. 5 stars from us, we would give 10 if we could.

Kay Foster

I would stay FAR AWAY from this Service Department, especially if you are female and minority. I brought my car in for service. Alex was pleasant but he didn't appear well knowledgeable. He had the Service Manager come to address my concern. Firstly, Alex mentioned that "Based on the condition of my could not be covered under warranty." My car is in impeccable condition for it's year and can be verified by at least two dealerships and other experts in the automotive field. Yes, this irritated me because I knew my vehicle is in excellent condition. I wonder if this is the pitch they give customers to get them to pay for work WITHOUT even first considering warranty coverage. Secondly, the Service Manager, then incorrectly stated a part was hanging off my vehicle and when we went outside to take a closer look, he RETRACTED his statement. Yes, this infuriated me as Alex slipped my key into my bag as I took pictures of my vehicle. I would NOT trust these people at ALL!!!! The managerial staff should be knowledgeable, speak the truth regarding information given to customers and not make up information. Specifically the Service Manager stated, "There are twenty clips," for a part that obviously he knew nothing about. I guess he must have presumed I was not an educated consumer because of my gender and ethnicity, and the fact that I may appear younger than my stated age. I understand it is more profitable to have consumers to pay for work that "maybe or could be," covered by factory warranty. But to what measures will a Service Dept Manager and Assistant Manager go to do this? Making false statements? I recognized and was forewarned prior to my appointment to check if my factory warranty covered my repair. I am happy consumers have options and glad I could return to the dealership where I purchased my vehicle. I only went here because they had the first availability. Other area Volvo Service Departments are more forthcoming with customers and not producing "Alternative Facts." I had a friend on the telephone throughout my entire interaction at this dealership and the conversation was heard, what was stated and how poorly I was treated! If it happened to me, it could happen to you! Consumer be aware!

TJ Espey

I had a very positive experience at Volvo of Rockville. Everyone, including the finance managers Mike & Mark, the sales manager Alex and my car salesman Danny was very helpful and professional. This is my second car purchase at the DARCARS Volvo dealership. Danny made sure that the vehicle that I purchased met my expectations and budget. He did not get frustrated when I opted for another vehicle. Danny additionally made sure that I knew how to operate the latest Volvo technology before I left the dealership. I would definitely recommend this amazing sales team!

Robert Willis

My wife and I purchased an 2018 volvo s90 certified preowned that was suppossedly chexked out sat oct 13th drove it to michigan sat evening with my small child, and got home early sunday morning with a malfunctioning position light fault msg. Took it to sesi motors on monday oct 15 and was told someone tried to rewiree tailights to get the tailights to work and that it wasnt " put back correctly" Then after further testing had a bad electronic control module which is over $1200 Just for the part not including labor.communicated to salesman who said" sorry it is very unfortunate but dont dwell on it" Really? LUCKILY we have a warranty......... Thanks Darcars !

Mariposa Vaud

We just got our new V60 from Darcars. We had been looking to trade our Ford SUV for a more fuel efficient, modern car, and we fell in love with the new station wagon. DARCARS gave us a fair trade-in value for our old car. Massy, Armon & Alexander Arman were very pleasant to work with. We enjoyed the experience, and will definitely recommend DARCARS Volvo.

Rebecca K.

My 2012 Volvo shut down while driving two weeks ago so I had it towed to Darcar Volvo of Rockville b/c I was told after a diagnostic test that it needed a new engine. I bought my car from Darcar less than three years ago and expected them to be my advocate and take care of me but I experienced none of that. Instead they told me my warranty did not cover the repair which I later learned was not true & asked me to call my Insurance Company so that they could tell them a 'critter crawled into my engine'! I pulled my car from them immediately and had a regular mechanic who I trusted repair the issue, in hopes that it would fix the problem in a cost-effective way, which I'm now told voided my certified pre-owned warranty! I spent a lot of time and money looking for a reliable, quality car that would get me from point A to point B and I'm now stuck ubering around town, throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain in uber costs and diagnostic costs, not to mention 6-9K for an engine! I'm sick about it. If Volvo USA is 'passionate about providing their customers with the highest quality product and customer service', then Darcar Volvo of Rockville is failing!

Giancarlo Ortega

Worst service shop. Terrible service and terrible management of client's expectations as far as time the service will take. Was asked to come by without an appointment (no need for one) to do a GPS software update and advised it would take 45 mins. Took time off work and showed up only to hear it would take a few hours and be sent away to the competition by the manager Mo Karimi who made no effort to rectify.

Nico Jonsson

Worst dealership ever. Went in to look at a Volvo after being referred by a previous repeat customer. Was not sure if I wanted new or used due to price point. The new car sales manager, Mike, was consecending, arrogant, and unhelpful. Worst person I have ever met in a car dealership. EVER. The used car manager seemed to be a decent chap, but had nothing that came close to what I was looking for. He was honest and said that the vehicle I was looking for rarely came on the used car market. Ended up buying a Volvo through OSD and loved the experience. Buy a car from someone who believes in the product, rather than making a buck.

Yonit Eisdorfer

I just got my second SUV from DARCARS Volvo in Rockville. I was very happy to find out the previous manager, Alexander Arman, was back at the dealership. He helped me with all aspects of the deal, was very pleasant and not pushy. I got the price I aimed for and I'm very happy with the car (XC60). Since this is my second Volvo SUV, I can attest to the excellent service department as well.

Blu Sondai

DC Resident with years of experience working with the staff and management at this particular location and I have NO complaints! Darcars Volvo Cars is on my personal best record as "Taking additional steps to match their level of Customer Service with the levels of luxurious accommodations found in their cars and I must say the package deal is worth the drive out of the city each time." I recently had to file a insurance claim and to my surprise, Darcars Volvo Cars was more responsive to my situation than the insurance company I pay every month to cover my vehicles in situations just like this! They actually packed up replacement parts, drove them out to my house, and repaired what they could before getting the vehicle back to their shop to work with my insurance company on address the remaining repairs. And I was back on the road in less than a week.

Jim Bolin

Alexander and Paola were fantastic with making my Volvo Overseas Delivery experience memorable. I live in Baltimore and researched the Baltimore/DC area for dealers with significant experience with this program. DARCARS seemed to have considerable positive experience. Their communication from my initial email, through the delivery of the vehicle has been timely and relevant. I have been able to observe some measurable differences in how DARCARS 'gets' the OSD experience compared to another local dealer who doesn't. DARCARS handled all of the customs paperwork, saving the customer from having to go to a customs office to get the customs stamps on the paperwork for the car (this is OSD specific). A friend had to handle her own paperwork. In the preparation of the car, they understand the little things that the OSD customer values - the red Swedish temp tags, the Factory Delivery Center Licence plate frame, the S sticker on the rear window... Another dealer removed the S sticker and threw it away and removed the license plate frame on that friends car. I highly recommend the Volvo Overseas Delivery program and the team at DARCARS is the best at delivering on that experience. UPDATE 12/15 I had my first service experience yesterday due to catching a nail in a tire. I sent Paola a question about having the car serviced and she took care of scheduling the appointment with Jimmy Wong. The tire replacement and paperwork were done quickly and professionally. They went above and beyond expectations again, confirming my original review and rating. The great experience continues.

Freda Gaines

Genuine Volvo parts keep my car running like new!! Great customer service here!!

John Hall

My wife and I recently got an XC60 from Manny at DARCARS Volvo and it was a really great experience. Manny and the sales manager, Alex, were always direct in their answers, they didn't play any games on the price and they were fair on our trade in. Their finance team was also the quickest I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend DARCARS Volvo and Manny specifically.


Went in today to test drive a XC90 T5, currently drive an 2012 Audi Q7 and wanted to see what the all new XC90 had to offer. My salesmen was very nice and did a demonstration of the vehicle for me. I asked him to test drive the vehicle without a sales person, because i like to experience the vehicle i am test driving without someone "selling" it to me. He told him he would have to get his managers approval, the general manager came out and introduced himself, then stated "It's his job to go with you", when i stated i didn't want him too, that it was nothing personal, his only reply was "sorry". I stated i would look at the vehicle at another dealership and he said "ok". I have never been told "no" when it comes to test driving a vehicle without a salesperson, i usually just sign extra documentation stating i'm insured and i will bring the vehicle back within an hour and so on. I was shocked to receive such poor treatment at a luxury brand like Volvo.

M. Z.

They are very disrespectful and do not communicate well. I think they are so stuck on trying to get you to pay a higher price that they like playing some weird games. I have been trying to get an answer from them for about a week but they just keep having me talk with one person after another. Not sure what's their issue. In NY we have a lot of issues with people being unwilling to work with Veterans, but I didn't realize it might also be an issue in MD.

Rana Dinmohammad Pouri

Amazing people working in this dealership. Alex and Manny are exceptional. You can find the best deals here.

Richard Budden

I have purchased a number of new cars before,(Audi. GMC and BMW's) but the group at Darcars were great, from our salesmen Daniel, the financial guy Mark, the Sales manager Alex to the sales consultant Cristela. If I knew who owned Darcars, that individual would know about this group. One does not often remember the names of of the Dealer Sales group. I am a retired Corporate President now selling Real Estate on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I have purchase three Volvo's before, but not from this company. In the future, Darcars will be my choice.

Tirzah Orr

UPDATED REVIEW FOR 2016: I have purchased 3 cars from Darcars Volvo - 2 Volvos and a pre-owned Audi. My experience has been phenomenal! They worked with me when my car history was terrible, I was fortunate that Mr. Arman gave me a chance to buy a car the right way. Mark in Finance helped me secure financing and I was able to get the exact cars that I wanted! Talbot on the Sales team has always been awesome at getting me transferred from one vehicle to my next Darcars Volvo purchase! Simply put, this is a great dealership with great people who go above & beyond to help you with every facet of a car purchase! I'll definitely be back when it is time for a new car! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! ORIGINAL REVIEW: I have a pretty bad auto history - a repossession and voluntary surrender of 2 vehicles in the last decade. Combining this with my poor credit history, I figured that I was destined to be car-less for the next decade. I have a good job and I was able to save some money for a modest down payment but my credit problems were going to make me undesirable for any financing. With nothing to lose, I contacted Alexander Arman, the GM at Darcars Volvo and told him my situation. He was kind and understanding - he never made me feel remotely ashamed or uncomfortable about sharing my auto failures. Mr. Arman offered to work with me and see if I might be able to purchase a car at the dealership. He never made any promises however; he was willing to give me a chance - if you've ever had credit issues then, you understand how huge this was for me! Mr. Arman connected me with Mark Filipovic in the Financing Department. Mark is hands down the best finance person I've ever met. He was friendly, thorough and again, non-judgmental about my credit history. He had a few ideas of companies that might finance me and immediately contacted them. Amazingly enough, Mark got me financed! I had a lot of great car options because they have a huge auto inventory (they even brought a car from another dealership for me to look at when I expressed interest in it). I was able to get into a car that same day - I have a reasonable monthly payment and a good rate too! And the car? It was one of the 5 at the top of my wish list! It was the BEST auto buying experience that I have ever had and I tell everyone I know about the great team at Darcars Volvo. They treated me with respect, were helpful in every way possible from financing to assessing car options and they made me feel like a valued customer from Minute One! I will always come to Darcars Volvo for any auto purchase in the was that fantastic! A HUGE thank you to Mr. Arman, Mark and the staff at Darcars Volvo!!!

Kevin Moak

DARCARS Volvo was great to work with on the purchase of my new XC60. I was looking for a very specific specification and they were happy to get the vehicle from another dealer for me and the price negotiations for the new vehicle and for my trade in car were very easy and reasonable. My sales person, Mohammad Mostafavi, is the most knowledgeable new car salesman I’ve ever worked with. He is the first new car sales person who actually knew more about the vehicle I was buying than I did. So many sales people have no clue about what they are selling, but Mo was great. He was easy to work with and answered all of my questions and there was never any pressure from him, or anyone at the dealership, to buy a vehicle and there was certainly no bait and switch. He was a pleasure to work with, as was everyone at the dealership. I highly recommend DARCARS Volvo, and Mo in particular. You won’t be disappointed in their professionalism and knowledge and the ease of the entire buying process.

Salamatu Kanu

This is the first time of knowing this dealer i spoke to. Introduced by a kind lady friend of mine, then left, But i tell you, was received with Dignity and Respect, and came out with a car. To God be the Glory.

jess marcotte

I've bought and leased a few volvos from different dealerships in the area and was always disappointed by the experience. Either the sales force was overly aggressive and even asking if I needed to call or bring my husband by. Funny because I know more about cars than he does and I always negotiate his car deals as well. I finally found the dealership that I'll come back to. Massey and Armon were honest and sincere - I didn't feel like I needed to take a shower after I left the dealership. They negotiated quickly and with a great price. It seems like they understand they sell cars and it isn't to their advantage to get the last dollar out of the sale.

Christie Johnson

We purchased a new XC90 from DarCars. The Sales Manager and Salesman (Alexander and Marshall) were helpful and not pushy - and they worked with us to get to a price we felt comfortable with. The finance manager also was very easy to work with and quickly got us through the paperwork so we could make it to our daughter's soccer game on time. Would definitely recommend DarCars and would go there again. P.S. We are in love with our new XC90!!


Things do not always go as planned, but Mo at the service department and Haroom the manager tried their best to resolve the problem. Edit 11.6.18 Bryan Ayala was the one who tried to help me. Both quotes for work was higher then the one I received before from the same dealership. He stated that he couldn’t find the parts listed before... I ended up just leaving. Will not be coming here to buy my next car

Jeff Kim

Great service... stylish show room

Eugene Fitzherbert


Chervon Hudgins

Dar cars Volvo In Rockville provides excellent customer service. I was looking for a used Volvo XC90 for the past 3 months. I was extremely particular in what I wanted, pricing, and receiving excellent customer service.Dar cars Volvo exceeded my expectations. Talbot and Amir were awesome as well as all the other staff members we encountered. They all seemed to be invested to giving the best customer experience possible!


Incredible customer service and by far the best car buying experience we've ever had. Alexander made the transaction extremely smooth and professional with zero hassle. Their team went above and beyond to make sure all of our questions were answered prior to purchasing the vehicle. They were very knowledgeable about all the functions of the XC90 R Design. The finance manager was super quick and had all paperwork done correctly. Tags arrived shortly after the vehicle purchase. I would highly recommend DARCARS Volvo! We love our XC90 R Design and the DARCARS Volvo team!

Devon Weinman

I recently purchased an XC90 as an out of state buyer. Apart from absolutely loving the car, the dealership was wonderful to work with. The Darcars team went out of their way to be accommodating and make the experience as seamless, efficient and pleasant as possible. The General Manager even went as far to as to personally pick me up from the metro station. The customer service has been second-to-none. If you're considering purchasing a vehicle from this dealership, I'd highly recommend it.

Shannon H

So thankful we stopped into Darcars Volvo Rockville! What a pleasant and helpful staff, extremely informative of our options and thank you to the great men, Danny, Alexander and Sam (and the wonderful young man who helped me get my cell connected to the car) who put me in a brand new, extraordinarily safe S60! We are returning Darcars customers (this is our 5th) and look forward to purchasing ALL of our vehicles from this great crew!!!

Fitness Savage

Daniel & Mo are very gracious & make the car shopping experience very comfortable & easy! Pretty transparent as well which I appreciated the most.

Dawn Chism

This has been the absolute WORST car buying experience of my life. I bought a brand new XC60 hybrid late last year and have had electrical issues with the car since day two of driving off the lot. It began with the check engine light coming on the day after I purchased the car, and it has been downhill since. My BRAND NEW car has been in the shop 5 times since I purchased it. No one at Volvo seems to care. I asked the dealership to buy the car back from me, but they refused. Today, once again, I had to take the car in due to the "SRS airbag Service Urgent Drive to Workshop" light coming on for the SECOND time. The first time, they kept my car for a full week. This issue is now in the hands of my attorney. BUYER BEWARE. After they sell you a car, they don't care.

Shadi Mamaghani

Great management and staff. Very attentive to customer needs. Great prices. Been customer for 7 years

Andre Armstrong

I was in the market for a Infiniti Q60. My search filter on Cargurus popped up the Infiniti I was looking for at DARCARS of Rockville. My first first visit with the sales person Cristela was a pleasant one. There was no high pressure sales. Before test driving the car, I had the chance to ask detailed questions regarding vehicle's history. Cristela was very patient and supportive throughout the purchase process.

Marie Tirakis

I have purchased 4 cars from Darcars Volvo (1 S40, 1 XC90, and 2 S60's). All of the sales guys I have dealt with have been great (Kambiz, Danny, Kire). The General Manager, Alexander, has such a warm and welcoming smile and genuinely wants his customers to be many GM's would give you their cell phone number to personally call them with any questions or concerns? He takes accountability for any mishaps and ensures resolution to the satisfaction of his customers. I would recommend this dealership to anyone.

Lou Samels

Painless buying experience In looking for a new car with as many safety features as possible, we decided to check out a Volvo. WOW! Besides having an historical reputation for safety, Volvo is putting in many of the latest technological features available in their new vehicles. Our sales consultant, Massy Hamedani was knowledgeable and informative in showing us the many features in the Tech package as well as the 'basics' of the S60 we ended up purchasing. Massy gets an outstanding rating as a sales person who cares for her customers. We received a fair offer on our trade-in, and a reasonable price for the new vehicle in dealing with GM Alexander Arman, and Ben Elkins was pleasant and helpful as we worked through the financing aspect of the sale. This is our first Volvo and we look forward to many years of driving pleasure. So all in all, a rave review for DARCARS Volvo and their excellent staff!

Ceon Humphrey

Darcars volvo provided me with excellent service and the best deal from any other dealer i went to. They gave me $2000 more for my trade-in than any other dealer who appraised my car. I bought my infiniti g37 from their used car department, and the car was in excellent condition,fully detailed and serviced. I came all the way from New York, and they were willing to give me a discount on the price without any pressures. Thank you Arman/Amir and his Darcars volvo family for providing great service to another satisfied customer. A+++++++

Bruno Maia Antunes

Great customer service and hospitality. Darcars’ team seems to be genuinely invested in satisfying its customers. Shoutout to Manny and Alex!

Jinyao Liu

Professional, courteous, honest. One of the best experience I've had with dealerships.

t smith

Drove all the way to this dealership to look a vehicle that was posted. The salesmen said they sold it to another dealer, but the car is still listed on there website. Wow what a tool to get people to come in to their dealership. Don't waist your time.

Limei Zhao

We had very positive experience leasing a Volvo S60 at the DARCARS Volvo in Rockville. The Sales & Leasing Consultant: Mrs. Biyun Hu is very patient and friendly. She was open to any questions, and willing to spend time to help with customers. As a result of her help, we were able to make informative decision. We highly recommend DARCARS Volvo of Rockville. And appreciate the agent's hard work.

Alex Odou

The best car buying experience my wife and I had!. Sure you will have yours too!

Michael Zeoli

The Assistant Sales Manager took care that I understood options and that I was comfortable while waiting for the work to be completed. The car was returned fully washed inside and out. The Assistant Manager went over the work that had been done before accompanying me to the car. Exceptional service since the beginning.

Rina Russ

Mo was exceptionally knowledgeable, professional and prompt in the service he provided.

Ayman Elasady

Always an incredible experience with this dealership! Well ran establishment with general manager Alexander, general sales manager Alex, used car director Amir.

Ala Rahmi

Easily one of the best dealership experiences I have had in a long time. Very easy to work with and no hassle, they really went above and beyond to make sure the transaction was perfect. Top marks all the way through and they will certainly be my next stop for all my Volvo needs.

Rob Glancy

Today I brought my '14 S60 in for service. This was my first time getting the car serviced since buying it pre-owned from CarMax out in VA last spring. No issues with the car (I love it!), service timer ran out and I had just crossed 30k miles. I had been debating getting the full 30k service based on the mileage, but the DARCARS Volvo service website had a Synthetic Oil Change special "coupon" so I decided to make the appointment for only that and save some $. Tom checked me in, and we discussed whether a tire rotation made sense to add, given that I had a new set of tires put on prior to buying the car 7k miles earlier. He said the tech would check for any wear issues, and if none, they would hold off on the rotate & balance (an additional $80). As he completed the paperwork and pulled my car's service records with Volvo national, he discovered that the previous owner had not taken advantage of the last of 3 complementary 10k services, and he was happy to extend that to me. So my car received the full 30k servicing at no cost! I'm sure this saved me hundreds of dollars. Score! Given that the service and complementary cleaning would only take 1-2hrs, I decided to wait in their comfortable lounge. There was comfy seating, free Wi-Fi, a tv and complementary coffee, tea and spring water. They also had a couple vending machines for snacks and other beverages. The service tech did find that my rear break pads needed replacing (-3mm). The fronts were like new (CarMax had likely replaced those when they did the tires prior to selling it) so I had them take care of the rears to protect the rotors and so all 4 would be essentially in the same condition. Tom kept me informed every step of the way, and gave me options with his recommendations, so that was very welcome and refreshing. I figured that spending what I had planned on the service, on the breaks instead (since the service was free) all made sense, even though I probably could have gotten away with kicking the can down the road on the rear breaks. Another really great interaction I had was with the young guy in the Parts Department (didn't catch his name) whom helped me get a replacement set of batteries for my backup keyless entry fob. He was warm, friendly, professional, and went above and beyond to take great care of what was a minimal project. He also gave me a hand shake and thanked me for my business (two batteries?!). What a pro! There is a really positive vibe among the staff here. I observed colleagues chatting and working with one another, and some laughter. People here really seem to enjoy their work. I am so glad to have found DARCARS Volvo. Well worth the drive from DC to Rockville - I'll be back!!!

Jerry J

They had cars to sell.

ray johnson

service by mo and alexindria the best

Michael Saltsman

Alexander and his team at DARCARS exceeded our expectations. They've earned our business, our loyalty, and our respect -- there's no better place to buy a new or used car in metro DC.

Drew Cassidy

Darcars Volvo of Rockville is a great dealership! I bought the cheapest car on the lot but was treated just the same as if I was purchasing a brand new expensive luxury vehicle. When I had concerns the next day about my vehicle, I brought it back and they did a full maintenance inspection free of charge to reassure me that nothing was wrong and I was ready to get on the road. Special thanks to Charles Grant and Alex the Sales Manager.

Hanson Lee

Great customer focused service by everyone at Darcars Volvo, especially Manny the sales person along with Alex, the manager and Alexander, the GM.

Laurene Valdez

Great service from Darcars Volvo on my XC90. The service Manager, Mo Karimi, did an excellent job and was very helpful. Service was done promptly and my car was returned to me in very clean condition.

John Zimmer

They have a good selection of cars. They had the one I wanted. Everything was right except for an absolutely HORRID brown color.

Tariq Ahmido

Good service.

Mark Hornby

I recently purchased a pre-owned Volvo S60 from Darcars and I must say I was impressed with the sales force. I specifically worked with Messy and she was a straight shooter and not pushy at all. She understood that when I first came in that I did not intend to buy a Volvo that day and she respected that, but was still willing to spend time with me going over her inventory. After I left the first day she sent a nice follow up email asking about any concerns I had with the cars we looked at. After looking/ researching some other dealerships in the area and looking at the price differences, I decided to go back to Darcars to make my final purchase. When I came back, Messy recognized my girlfriend and I right away and we were able to come to a reasonable price on the car I wanted and I left happy. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for a pre-owned Volvo.

Ankur Rawat

This is one of the best dealerships I have ever had an opportunity to work with in the Luxury Car Market. I leased a Volvo S90. I spoke to a dozen Volvo dealerships. Bottom Line is that they don't play games and will go above and beyond to get you the type of car you need. The GM Alexander is very hands on every deal and has an open door for any issues. Their service is as excellent post purchase as pre purchase. Any issues are quickly resolved. If you are in the Market for a Volvo, give these guys an opportunity to earn your business.

Iris Zavala

Cristela Torres, my rep. was so patient with me. I never felt pushed to make a quick decision. She walked me through all the features the vehicle had to offer. Coming from someone that had a stone age mentality; I felt comfortable with my decision. I was always greeted with a smile! The team that I worked from with my rep, Cristela Torres to Alex Pedram (GSM), Daniel Kwak (SM) to Ako (Finance) were all great! Therefore, I would highly recommend Darcars Volvo for a stress-free car purchase.

Craig Brown

Excellent sales! Chris was about the only sales person from a bunch of dealers who actually listened to what we wanted rather than try to sell us what's immediately drivable.

Scouts Out Bullyz, LLC. Michael Bogoslavski

I have to say i went to Toyota, Infinity, lexsus and Volvo and out of all four dealers had the best experience here at Darcar Volvo. My sales consultant Daryoush Javaherian " Danny" was just amazing from start to finish as well as the management and financing personal. I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a good deal on a great vehicle with great service. Thank you everyone at Darcar Volvo from the Bogoslavski family.

Charles Kline

Purchased a used Camaro from online ad and talked to Talbot on phone about vehicle details. he was very helpful on checking items not visible through the photos and prompt with getting back with me. Traveled 350 miles to dealership and was treated very well and the Camaro was as represented. All the staff was very professional and the F & I department was a pleasure to work with. Mark was VERY knowledgeable and has the fastest fingers in the east. Overall a great experience.

Haris Nusraty

The entire experience was unlike any previous vehicle purchase. It felt like we were at home talking with family. From our initial interaction, to the very end, everyone involved was very helpful and genuinely happy to assist us.


Talbot made my car purchase a breeze. I drove all the way from Chicago to purchase my s60r from darcars and couldn't be any happier. Many thanks to darcars volvo for making this experience so enjoyable and unforgettable.

David Hutchinson

Great Selection of Pre Owned Vehicles

Anna Agranovich

We have bought 3 Volvo in the past couple of years through Darcars, and each time worked closely with Mr. Arman, the general manager, who made the process stress-free, informative, customized, and fun. He and the financial manger, Mark, also helped us navigate the cumbersome overseas delivery applications with ease.

Parisa Tafti

I don't usually write reviews, but I leased my thrid and fourth cars with them this week and was as impressed as the first time around. This dealership has extremely helpful sales people (Paolo in particular) who respond promptly to requests. Alexander Arman works out the best deals -- I know because I call everyone and check with edmunds, etc. I have always felt they were forthcoming, helpful, and fair. They get to know their customers and want to keep them for life -- that's why they answer even ridiculous inquiries with care and offer FREE wear and tear service on your leased cars! And they have an amazing selection of cars -- and were the first to get the new xc40 for sale! I'll always start with them, and I'm pretty confident I'll end with them too. We've always had great service when we come in for oil changes and other issues (which have been rare, because the cars are great).

Bogdan Poplacean

Got my first Volvo from Darcars a few weeks ago. I have nothing but nice things to say about the care and consideration showed by all of the staff at Darcars Volvo. Starting with Dmitry who was my salesperson, Alex the Sales Manager, and Alexander the General Manager, there are not enough stars to adequately rate them. If you want to be taken care of and never pressured into a decision... deal with them. Transparent, honest, and efficient, it's hard to find a better team to deal with.

Ayo Awosika

. Now my back story is I use to be a Sales Consultant at Darcars Ford i needed a car and wanted another Acura tl so I went to darcars Volvo. I purchased a pre owned 2010 Acura tl with 84k on it with my parents the place and people where very professional and had my best interest at heart.

Dave Marsden

I just bought a new XC60 at this dealership. Everything from the start was top-notch and very professional. The General Manager, Alexander, and my salesman, Daniel were very responsive, knowledgable, and genuinely nice! It was a smooth, carefree experience from start to finish. No hassles, no pressure, .....and you can't beat the vehicle or the price! Keep up the great work guys!!

Kim Crawford

I bought a used certified Volvo from them. We thought that we got a great deal on a car, but the truth is that we got raw deal. Every time we complained, they said that this was just a used car and they would not help. They painted a nice picture. . I had doubts when they told me about the certified program, but now I am not happy that I did spend the extra money on a certified car. I will not go back.

Katrena Norris

Service wasn't so good here

Lisette Kernizan

Salesman are very helpful

Juan Jesús Haro

the customer service is not good

Paul Michel

I did not go there to buy a car, simply visit a friend. But this dealer was neat, well organized, the staff was very welcoming. I look forward to see if the sales and service center are as warm and welcoming as i felt today.

Amber Perry

I recently leased a Volvo XC 60 at this dealership and the customer service was amazing. I had my kids with me and they made us all feel at home. We looked at a lot of options and they took their time to make I got exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend this dealership and the team at the Rockville location.

Randy Oliver

Smoothest auto sale I've experienced in my 40 some years of buying autos, cudos to Amir, Hamid, and Dimitri for making it so pleasant.

David G

In April I traded my S60 Volvo for a later model preowned S60 with more features and of course far fewer miles. It was in excellent condition and came with a certified preowned warranty. The salespeople bent over backwards to make sure I was satisfied in every way with my "new" car. For example, after my purchase I noticed a few scratches on one of the passenger windows. I brought the car back, was immediately given a loaner, and 2 hours later when I went back to the dealership the window had been replaced. They also moved the high performance sway bar from the rear of my car and my tires (which I preferred to the ones on the new car) to the "new to me" car at no charge. Alexander, the general manager of the dealership, made sure that all my interactions with the dealership were handled in an expert and professional manner. If you have a chance to meet with him while at the dealership I highly recommend your doing so. He is a wonderful person who cares deeply about his customers. Many thanks to Alexander and the staff at DARCARS Volvo.

shaun bokhari

Wonderful staff, especially Alexander Arman and Charles Grant. They worked with and acommodated us, and went above and beyond to make the customer happy. They truly care about their customers. Best experience we've ever had with a car dealership!

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