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REVIEWS OF Annapolis Hyundai IN Maryland

Kevin McQuiston

Dan Nataf

Service department went an extra mile to discover and fix a front suspension problem.

Arlene Carroll

We had an awesome experience with Scott Kinsley and Kenny the Finance person. They did everything and more for my sons 1st time car buying to be a pleasure and not regretting it. At Annapolis Hyundai they are all about relationship. They want to sell you a car but they want you to be happy 1st and foremost. I recommend them to anyone. I will definitely looking these guys up when it is my time to purchase my next vehicle. I am claiming that Hyundai Genesis All Wheel Drive Scott.

Roy Fune

Great car buying experience. Bought a great low mileage used Sonata at a wonderful price. Worked with Shawn and Paul in sales and Kenneth, the business manager. Kenneth even exceeded my expectations by getting me a great rate, which made my payments $100 less than I expected. Did everything they could to meet my requirements, informed me of my payment and maintenance contract options, but weren't pushy at all. Really felt like it was all about making sure I was comfortable with the purchase as opposed to feeling like they were trying to squeeze every dollar they could out of me. I would highly recommend Annapolis Hyundai to everyone. A good quality dealer selling a good quality automobile.

Levi S

Great experience EVERY time I go there one of the best dealerships in md..

Zainab Senhaji Rhazi

Shawn was absolutely great. He got us a competitive price and helped with the financing process with professionalism and understanding. 8 highly recommend this place

Joel Oguete

The people at Annapolis Hyundai are great! Very nice. Chris Zook and Pat Wergin really took great care of us. We had a no pressure experience at the dealership and the Hyundai car line is fantastic. Looking at the Genesis opened my eyes to the fact that Hyundai knows how to make a luxury car on the level of Mercedes Benz. Comfort, performance and looks without the high maintenance costs. Didn't know this until I took a look.

Jackie Isaacs

Very nice not pushy

Adam Batchelor

steve paratore

Very nice dealership & salesman. No issues, they listened along with zero pressure. Sadly the used car looked at sold by end of day, snooze you lose. I'd visit again if there is an opportunity.

Angela Hieronimus

I will be honest; I have less than good credit. My husband and I visited Annapolis Hyundai a week ago today. We were looking at downsizing to one vehicle, looking to trade in both of our vehicles for an SUV. We were perusing the lot and were introduced to a Sales Associate who was very polite and friendly who immediately showed us an SUV. He allowed us to look inside, check out the "bells and whistles" and offered for us to take it for a test drive. I was upfront with the sales associate, Scott, about my less than perfect credit and wanted to make sure that I wasn't wasting either party's time. He suggested that we get our current vehicles trade in value, payoff amount and "take it from there". After waiting in his "office" for 30-45 minutes, Scott came back to tell me that it was after 5:00 so they wouldn't be able to process our financing application until the next day. Plus, he said, his General Manager wasn't there and he had a way with getting the best value for trades. He sent us on our way informing me that he would give us a call the next day, Wednesday, by 12:00. Even though it was his day off, he said, he was coming in to close our deal and another client's deal. 12:00 Wednesday came and went. I called the dealership trying to reach Scott on Wednesday evening after work and was told that he was off that day, which I already knew, but I thought he was coming in to take care of me? Long story short, Scott has not followed up on his word. On three different occasions he told me that he would call me at "X" time and he never did. I still have not received a definitive answer from the dealership, even a week later. My last call to the dealership was on Friday. I was given Scott's voicemail. In the voicemail I told him that I just needed to know either way and the bottom line is that is all I was asking for; communication. Instead, I guess because my application was denied, I have heard nothing. I guess because I have less than good credit how they are dealing with the situation is avoiding all communication instead of having the decency to just communicate with me. I will never go back to this dealership and I don't recommend anyone else to do so either. Clearly they have a specific client that they want to do business with and everyone else who doesn't fit that mold is tossed to the side. I will make sure that everyone I know knows about this experience and how they do business.

Ron Ressler

Ryan Gregory and his staff are awesome!!

Tom Byrne

I went to test drive a new Santa Fe that was advertised as new online. I saw the odometer had 3500 miles on it while driving and was then told it was a shuttle car. I decided i liked the car anyway and wanted to buy, but was then told that it was not for sale. The sales manager said he would give us the same deal on a similar vehicle. He offered us a Santa Fe that was valued at $6000 less (inferior trim package) for $5000 more than the car I drove. I have to say that I have never been treated as badly anytime I have bought a car or no one has ever tried to treat me so stupidly. Such bait and switch tactics have no place in car sales anymore and the treatment of potential customers as stupid cannot be tolerated. I wrote to the ownership but did not receive the courtesy of a reply. Stay away.

Michael Harkness

Have been dealing with Tre, he's been great in letting me take a few test drives

Jan McLane

Went in to purchase my second Tucson Hyundai. Great experience from greeting when we walked in to driving out with new Tucson. Paul and Karen were terrific. Love Annapolis Hyundai.

Theresa Stockhausen

Bought the family car today from Greg Scairato, the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe...the Limited Ultimate edition. Greg knew what he was doing...knew the car inside and out and had his act together. From him to the finance team they were on the ball today. Couldn't be happier with the purchase!


We brought our Hyundai here for 2 warranty repairs. The first time we dropped it off at night and received a call the next day to confirm everything. They fixed it in a timely manner and it seems to be holding up. The second time there was a squeak in the right rear. They were very clear that we would be charged if they couldn't find anything but I was certain they would. They did find it and said they thought the fixed it with some minor adjustments. It turns out they did not so I had to return it again for another day for them to try again. This time they fixed it for a while but of course the issue returned right after the warranty expired.

Kimberly Samuel


We bought a car from here. Paul was an awesome salesman, could not ask for anyone better. He is fair, funny, and someone i would buy again from. Highly recommended!!!

Karen Hart

I went in not expecting much because the Elantra wasn't even on my short list until the day before. My Sales Consultant Todd Schulze literally sold me the car by pointing out all the features, being very knowledgable about the vehicle, and knowing enough about the competitor vehicles to compare and contrast. After test driving competitor vehicles I came back to Annapolis Hyundai, told them I wanted the car, asked for a particular color, they got it for me, gave me a great price and a speedy transaction!! No hassles, no pressure. I was pretty impressed.

Michelle Anderson

I recently had my first service done at Annapolis Hyundai. The service manager was excellent. he walked to my car to address a paint issue. He has a good working relationship with his staff. When I asked about accessories, the information was supplied quickly. And, I had the pleasant surprise of my first service being free. It made my day!

Lilianni Pinedo

Don’t buy an used car from there because they lie and the car ends up having a bunch of problems... don’t buy batteries from there because there’s no warranty and it will end up dying in a year... and if you notice they change employees constantly.. they act like they care but the reality is they don’t. They only want your money!!! So if you are going to buy from there make sure it’s a new car


Seemed great at first, friendly and the manager even came out to tell us they are a no pressure dealership and that even if we went somewhere else they want us to have the most transparent, honest, and pleasant experience buying a vehicle. They have a small lot and have it broken down across town, and we even received a ride over to view a newer version of the vehicle we wanted as well. We left feeling very happy and confident but soon realized things were not quite as they seemed... We received several quotes and spent multiple days texting and emailing our sales rep who could not give us straight answers about the costs of the vehicles and how everything was being broken down between their "internet price," the quotes we got, rebates and other offers, and even the tax amounts which they overcharged on 2 different vehicles at different percentages in a way that made absolutely no sense. The vehicle that cost less had a higher tax rate and the vehicle the cost more had a lower tax rate. We asked about this and received the following as a response. "I wanted to follow up and let you know correct the sales tax is 6percent which you have to buy on the incentives and rebates maybe thats why you are coming up wuth something different . We all buy the cars for the same price so if one dealership is 4,000 less something is wrong ." Now their incorrect and ever changing numbers meant another dealership offering a much better price that included a breakdown of the costs and what they all meant equated to "something wrong." We also asked for a specific trim and one of the printed quotes we were sent home with was the wrong trim entirely, and missing information off the top, therefore making it look cheaper than it was. No matter how many questions we asked things got more and more confusing and the numbers kept changing. This was all a huge red flag and honestly a huge waste of our time. Eventually it got old and we went elsewhere because we were flat out tired of being lied to. Despite their claims of no pressure, they continued to message us trying to act deceptively supportive until recently we got an email saying, and I quote, "We all have quotas too reach . We will be trying to make every deal ." I'll let you judge that sentence for yourself. We replied letting the sales rep know we'd met our "quota" as well with a much more honest and transparent dealership and that we'd gotten the car we wanted and thanked him for his time and wished him luck with meeting his quota. He responded with the most unprofessional text I'd ever seen. "Hello just received your email . I'm a very positive person I'm truly happy you got the car you wanted and the price you wanted . I'm sure you don't know at your age but I just present the pricing that's in given to me . My job is to more so show the customers the figures of the car . I treated with respect when you where here and you should do the same . No need to wish me luck on a quota because I just hit it . Have a great weekend and keep it classy" The funniest part of this is that this man had emailed us about desperately needing to hit his quota for the end of the month, and after we responded stating we got our car elsewhere, within 35 minutes (the fastest he'd ever gotten back to us by the way) he somehow sealed the deal and sold a vehicle (or vehicles?) because he claimed to have met his quota. What a freaking joke. If he was in the process of selling a vehicle and about to meet his quota, why did he text us back in such a hurry, and with such a rude and unnecessary response? We emailed the President/CEO, the Vice President, and the General Manager on Friday as well, and almost immediately got a response apologizing and wanting to contact us further for more info, but unsurprisingly enough it's the end of the day Monday at 6pm and we haven't heard a thing. Once again, actions speak louder than words. Decide for yourself if this place is worth wasting your time on. I think your time is more valuable than that. Update: Nearly 3 weeks later and no updates, nothing has been done.

Michael Carrasaquillo

I spoke with Paul Brookman when I arrived at the dealership. He had great customer service and was friendly. He wasn’t uptight and didn’t try to force anything. I use to work at a dealership and know how stressful it can be on both sides. The manager and finance department were quick, I was in and out with in about two hours. All in all it was a pleasant experience.

Igor Nikolovski

I called for a new vehicle that got listed online for $13,000. Mr. Greg explained to me that the internet price is not the real proce because of taxes on add-ons, which we both agreed on, and after couple of phone calls we agreed he can get me the vehicle for $ 15,160 out of pocket and out the door. When we agreed on the price, i let Mr. Greg to run my credit. And ofcourse after he did run my credit he told me that it is $15,160 plus fees and taxes that adds over $3,000 on top of the ammount that we agreed. Typical sales scam. I was not expecting this from a dealer that i rhought i can trust. And on top of it all when i demanded explanation, he hanged up the phone on me! Worst experience ever!

ana alvarez

I went to this place because my Hyundai has a safety recall. I explained to the “assistant” about the recall and also that my car had the light on which is related to the recall ( EPS) also my car was built on the year of the recall.... I described all what I have been noticing with my car, since I got the light on, which include the light on (EPS) the steering wheel issues, my car shaking every time I drive including when I break. They charged me $140.00 for a break inspection. Ahhh but the recall inspection wasn’t made it due to “"Unable to perform update at this time, shop computer used for this specific recall is not working” They told me all the repairs I have to do to my car almost $2,500. I feel they took advantage of me single woman with an accent..... easy target

Doug Bartholomew

Never thought I'd give a car dealer a 5 star review, but here we are! I was lucky enough to get connected with Eric when I called in, and he was super helpful with tags/title/taxes and gave me a simple, out the door price. When we went in for the test drive, he was SUPER knowledgeable and friendly and no-pressure. I love to haggle and get the best price I can, but their asking price was so low (plus the trade-in price was $1k more than CarMax), that I didn't even have to do any of that back-and-forth stuff. I realize this review sounds like an ad, but after dealing with other shady dealerships in the past, it's a relief to find one that is trustworthy. AND ASK FOR ERIC!

Charlotte Ladd

Tuesday night I was looking at Hyundai cars through the internet and TrueCar to see which dealer had the car I was interested in. I saw that Annapolis Hyundai had the exact car I wanted but was afraid I would not be able to afford the car. I called the dealership and spoke to Brittany first then she had me speak to Shawn who said he thought he would be able to help me out. I went to the dealership and Shawn had the car I was interested in there waiting for me to look at and drive. Shawn was so help with everything with showing me options with my car to financing. Shawn, Marc, and Eric did a great job finding me excellent financing. I am so excited to have my beautiful new 2018 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition.

Brennan Wallman

Atrocious customer service. Browsing their website, I found a $30 promotion. Read all the print including the fine print and went in for a test drive and as stated on the voucher, a corresponding $30 visa gift card. When I spoke with the salesman, he said I wouldn't qualify for the gift card unless I did a credit check. Never in my life have I seen such a thing, and it seems this salesman shouldn't be in the sales business. Don't waste your time here.

Rob Parsley

I'm so happy that I chose Annapolis Hyundai for my recent car purchase. Everyone from my sales person, Chris Zook, to the managers and other staff treated me with respect and gave top-notch service. There was no hassle or intimidation, and felt that I was treated fairly with total honesty the entire time. I highly recommend Annapolis Hyundai to anyone looking to make a car purchase.

Bob Newton

I have always received excellent, professional service. They even provided me with a free loaner car this time.

Tonya Nick

From sales to service my favorite car dealer!

Christina Adames

Adam is a great salesman and really went out of his way for my husband and I and there were a few bumps but he made it work and got it done

Jennifer Von Willer

Rebecca Kolker

Really great service department! Really enjoy working with Amy and Jacob. Completely trust their input and opinions.

Bryan Mixon

We just picked up a 2017 Sonata Sport for my wife. I have worked in the car business selling cars for many years, so my expectations of a dealership are very high. Paul, Trey and the entire staff at Annapolis Hyundai not only met, but exceeded my expectations. They worked very hard locating the perfect car and got us an exceptional interest rate as well. I would highly recommend Hyundai of Annapolis. Great experience. THANK YOU!!!

Thomas Mayo

My sales associate, Paul Brookman, was excellent. From beginning to end my experience was positive, I highly recommend this dealer and Paul Brookman.

Taylor Reymann

Buying a car from them was good and I was very happy with the customer service. I have not been happy with the service I have received after they sold me the car though. They were supposed to repair a small dent on the car and when I took it to the dealer no one even tried to fix it. The salesman told me they would compensate me with a check since nothing was done to fix it. I was fine with that but I was told they would send me a check almost 6 months ago and I have not received anything. I have reached out numerous times over the past 6 months and have continually been told that "it was on its way." When I said I'd just come pick it up I was met with another "it was sent out today." I am disappointed that I have not received good post-sale service because I was looking forward to writing a positive review and recommending this dealership after I bought my car. ----------------------- After I posted this review I was contacted by the dealership. They got a check to me quickly and resolved the issue. I appreciate their attentiveness to reviews but am still frustrated that it took me having to write a review months later to get it taken care of.

Tom Hamlett

My girlfriend and I bought a Hyundai Sante Fe Sport from Annapolis Hyundai last night, and the bitterness from the experience remains this morning (hence this review). Let me start off by saying that the Internet sales guy, Chris Zook, was great. He responded quickly most of the time, and was able to answer my questions. This is in stark contrast to Stan Gabrovski, the Internet sales guy for Heritage Hyundai in Towson. When I asked Stan for answers, this is what he said, "We dont sale (sic) vehicles over the internet . We sale (sic) them to people who come here ." That's a direct quote from one of their Internet sales consultants. Let that sink in for a moment. Needless to say, I didn't choose to purchase from Heritage Hyundai. But I digress, getting back to Annapolis Hyundai, the initial sales experience was good. Things changed once we went into the finance office. I can't remember the guy's name (possibly Kenny?), but he launched into his expected spiel about the various warranty packages, dent insurance, interior protectants, etc. I let him give him speech out of respect, fully knowing I had no intention of buying any of that crap. When he was done, my girlfriend turned to me to get my opinion, as I had just recently gone through the car buying process and was more familiar with it all. I explained that this is where the dealership makes a good chunk of their profits, that most if not all are unnecessary, that on my first car I fell victim to these offers and regretted it, and that I was supremely happy about not making the same mistake with my recent purchase. I explained that it was simply a math problem that doesn't work out in the consumer's favor, much like casinos where the house always wins. They simply don't offer these deals if they weren't profitable for the dealership. I clearly offended the finance representative, and he made further attempts to make his commission, which I expected. My girlfriend declined once more, and I was hoping we'd move on with the process, especially because my 1 year old was tired, crying, and wanted to go home. That's when he made the choice to employ a brash, laughably rude, tactic. He turned to my girlfriend and said, "Are you married to him? No? You do realize that you'll be paying for repairs yourself, right?" And then added, "You know what I'm saying?" This guy was insinuating both a) that my girlfriend was too stupid to realize that she would be paying for whatever expenses later on and b) that he, a car salesman mind you, had a more genuine interest in what was best for her than I did. The insinuation was so ridiculous and dripping with desperation that I simply had to laugh. I decided to not say anything, knowing that my main goal was to expedite this process and get home. When I told a friend about it later, he mentioned that it was worth a complaint, and that Google reviews are becoming more and more important to car dealerships. He also mentioned that companies can pay Yelp to have bad reviews removed, but they can't do so with Google, which provides a more honest assessment as a result. So here I am, detailing what started out as a good experience, ended as a good experience once we drove away, but had a shockingly sour midway point due to one saleman's over-the-top and insulting attempt to line his pockets.

Jimmy Quast

On May 25th, after an intensive week of searching the internet for a used car with very specific features, I found one at Annapolis Hyundai. When I made first contact with them online, I got a response from Logan Toney, one of their salesmen. I live a significant distance away from Annapolis and would not be able to actually visit the dealership until 4 days later. Meanwhile I found a couple of other possible vehicles that also looked interesting. Well I have to say that when we finally met Logan Toney, it was quickly obvious that he was not your average car salesman. We could have easily spent the whole day with him just sharing stories. We did purchase the car, and probably would have done so regardless of who our salesperson was. But Logan was not only very competent at his job, he made the entire morning a fun experience by simply being himself.

Cari Wright

Jacob is the BEST!!!

Sheryl Barnes

Service department is organized, helpful and well...not toooo expensive. Get your Recall and Warranty work done here. They are " on it". Great folks here

Kelly Dixon

Chris Zook was amazing. He was so laid-back and made me feel so comfortable. Actually, everyone in the dealership made me feel right at home from the minute I walked in. We settled on a price and there was no haggling and no games and they were 100% transparent and honest. This is my second Hyundai purchase and my next one will also be purchased from here!

Pat Wilson

Great car buying experience. Salesmen and manager were all very friendly and helpful. Would recommend to friends and family.

Samuel Case

I came into the dealership this morning looking to buy a new car. I wasn't there for long when Sales and Leasing Consultant Shawn Lagundo came up and greeted me and offered to assist me in picking out a new vehicle. He got me exactly what I was looking for at a great price. The whole experience was absolutely amazing. He made the entire process quick and painless. I will definitely return in the future to buy more vehicles. Shawn's charisma and helpfulness has definitely made me want to do business there again. I'll be telling everyone I know looking for a new car to go there for sure! I'm only giving a 5 star review because well there is no option for ten stars!

Bren Jacobson

dishonest or incompetent service dept. most likely both management completely unresponsive to complaints they do not honor warranty

Eve Francis

It was worth driving 1 hour to Annapolis Hyundai to purchase my vehicle. Shawn and Mike were sincere, caring, sociable, and extremely helpful. The service was great! I felt like I have known them for a very long time.

Tracy Rhymes

Jacob and Jennifer are always pleasant and respectful. I am addressed by name upon entry. Given my options and told cost upfront. Their customer service and the care of my vehicle is five star. Because of the size of this location it is easy to hear various discussions on the sales side...which is where the waiting room is. I increased the volume of what I was listening to to avoid hearing an employee discussing payment and other options with a. Customer. I still prefer this location over Bowie to which I will not return.

Eugene Giddens

My service at this dealership has been excellent. They are very helpful, honest, and forthright in their conversations and dealings with you. The Customer Waiting Room is very nice and the service department personnel keeps you informed re the service of your vehicle.

kcfox1 .

Absolutely awful experience! Please buy your Hyundai's elsewhere! The entire atmosphere changed when my girlfriend refused their extended warranty on a certified pre owned elantra, and once they were called out on it by my father, they proceeded to over react and the used cars salesman tried to posture and attempt to be threatening. There was almost an actual fist fight which is absolutely insane... we signed everything before that or else they would never have gotten our business. Unprofessional is an understatement, and just about every previous complaint published on here, I somehow managed to get the feel of in one experience there: its an absolute garbage establishment. Terrible human beings are known as managers and sales associates there. They don't deserve anyone's business; what an unbelievable experience.

Andrew Weckerly

I bought my wife's and my cars here two years ago because they were the only Hyundai dealership who was willing to be reasonable and got me an awesome deal on our Tuscon and Elantra. Coming back for service, and as I was having some issues with connectivity between my Pixel and my Tucson, I definitely felt that the guys in the service center went out of their way to help me. One guy did extra research into my problem, and they proactively tested my battery (which was working fine) but found that it failed their test and replaced it for free. While I was signing my papers to leave, I saw them helping an older gentleman who apparently had a light out above his license plate that he hadn't know about, and they replaced that for him for free as well. Exceptional customer service, and I will keep coming back here even though I live closer to Ourisman.

Ilona Schenk-Cherry

Excellent service all around!

Drew Blackwell

Went for an oil change. It was quick and I had a comfortable place to wait.

Washington EBC

Great deals! Just purchased a 2017 Sonata plug in hybrid.

Everett Marshall

Excellent customer service! Our sales person, Shawn Lagundo, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We will definitely return in the future.

Randall Short

All They Want is Your Money “Life is Hard” were the words Dave Holcomb said to me when I informed him that my trade-in had somehow been impounded by Baltimore City a month after we had traded it in. We received a registered letter saying we were responsible for the cost of towing and storage at the impound lot for the car we no longer owned. When I called the dealership, Mr. Holcomb told me that it wasn’t their issue and I had to deal with it. Completely abandoning any responsibility for taking care of their own business and customer satisfaction. When I tried to explain that it was NOT my responsibility as I HAD SOLD THEM THE CAR, he laughed and said, “Life is Hard.” All they care about is your money, find another dealer to work with. Signed, 100% Disabled Combat-Veteran

Shira M

My '97 Hyundai Accent (her name was Holly) was in serious distress and I knew I needed a new car. I found just the one I wanted at Annapolis Hyundai. Chris Sotten and Drew were 100% awesome. They were very reasonable and worked their tails off to get me my car at the price I could afford. I am now the proud owner of a pre-owned 2009 Hyundai Accent named Zippy. I have received multiple phone calls from Drew (and letters from Chris) to make sure I am enjoying my new car (I am!!). I truly feel they care, and I'm just a little (a very tiny bit) sad that it will likely be ten years before I need their help again. In the meantime, I'll do my best to send my friends and family their way!

Thomas Hays

The best dealership experience I've ever had. Trey Winston was very knowledgeable and we were able to get to the test drive right away. The test drive was more useful than most as I was able to choose any route I wanted and stayed out much longer than most dealerships let you. The best part of the whole experience was that I was never pressured to buy the car or give my personal information. This is the only dealership I've ever walked out of smiling.

Vaughn Thomas

Katrina K

Working with Annapolis Hyundai to purchase my new Sonata has been a dream! They were very straightforward and friendly from the first interaction. I didn't feel like they were trying to trick, confuse, or pressure me into buying something that wasn't right for me. I really can't say strongly enough how great they were to work with - bonus: they were the one of the lowest quotes I received! Shout out to my all-time favorite salesman - Scott!

Newt Love

My first service on my new Elantra. It was easy and fast. Thanks! And now some words to take my word count up to the minimum number required for a review.

Tracy Waller

My husband and I had been researching cars for a while and when we realized the best one for us was a Hyundai, we found that Annapolis had the exact car we wanted for the best price. In fact, none of the other Hyundai dealers believed us when we told them what we were paying. We were impressed with how reasonable everyone was at this dealership, and how easy they all made the car buying process. Shawn was great and made sure we left knowing how everything worked and that we were completely satisfied. And he didn’t blink an eye when we asked for all weather mats- he ran right to the parts department and grabbed them before they closed for the day. What we dreaded as a headache of buying a car turned into a great experience.

Donya Shakiba

Awesome stellar family place. I'm always happy here

Shawn Poe

I recently purchased a Car at Annapolis Hyundai and am extremely happy with the customer service, the price, as well as the car. Our salesman, Malcolm, was truly genuine, and wanted to help me find the right fit and not just push a sale.This was the first place I went to start car shopping, and I did not intend to be forced into a sale. The customer service I received, however, was exactly the opposite. They wanted me to buy the vehicle that was right for me, when the time was right for me, and worked with me to make the car fit my budget. They provided a great car, at a great price. I highly recommend Annapolis Hyundai and will be returning when I need to make another purchase.

Heidi Phelan

I have been going to the service center for 5 years now- all customer service personnel and members are always helpful and most accommodating. Above and beyond.... truly.

j meRk

Great place to shop for a car

Evana Danner

patrick emerson

Dishonest dealership. Took my car in for a state inspection, they failed it for it's legal tint. Two employees separately recommended the same local tint shop that would rip it off, then give me a "deal" for later getting it back on. They are clearly in cahoots with this tint shop.

Karen Mitchell

I originally came in for a new car, and David did a great job of listening to my needs and requirements, and I chose a new Sonata. As the dealership was closing, we did not finalize the paperwork and I planned to return the next day to do so. However, that evening we received some bad family news affecting our finances. I returned the next day and explained my situation to Billy. He was very understanding and compassionate and showed me an older, low-mileage used car which I purchased. I am very impressed with the warm professionalism and courtesy I was shown every minute I was there. And I love my *new* car. I will use this dealership for all my family car needs. I cannot say enough good things about the service and treatment I received.

Nicole Pinnick

We leased a vehicle in August 2013. George Sparks was our salesman. We told George we drive alot for our business;however, he still recommended we lease rather than buy. We had never leased a vehicle before. We bought the maintenance agreement, along with the tire protection. I went to another dealership(which we were told we could do) in November to get our first oil change. I was called later by that dealership and told that I didn't have the oil change plan and I would have to pay for it. I was furious! I paid it (to get my car back) and was going to get Annapolis Hyundai to reimburse me. After many conversations with Andre, the finance manager and one of the owners, Patrick Wergin, I have yet to receive my reimbursement check or have the matter settled regarding the oil change package. The oil change was only $48.00. I have spent hours on the phone trying to resolve this matter. George acted like he didn't know what I was talking about when I first told him that Laurel Hyundai rejected the maintenance agreement.

Casey Shine

The team at Annapolis Hyundai was exceptional! The team was very helpful for me when I was looking to buy a car. Their knowledge and professionalism really helped when making the right choice. Great experience overall !

L Brtran

This dealership is not your typical game playing, shell game, hours long car buying experience. Everyone we dealt with was friendly, helpful, and straightforward. We got a good deal on a great used car.

Lunaxia Spices

Chris zook and Andre brown were awesome, great!!!! Took care off me like i was family. Will only go to Annapolis Hyundai and deal with them because they know how to treat their customers. Thanks you guys for everything!!!!

Mona Sherrod

I brought a car from Pohanka in Capitol Heights because the Annapolis Hyundai did not have the color that I wanted. Well, the customer service there was so bad and I didnt know what to do. I called Jacob at the Annapolis Hyundai in which, I was use to dealing with from my prior purchases with them , and said "I want to come home". They immediately assisted me with the issue, no smart talk like the other people. No bad treatment ,they cared.I LOVE YOU ANNAPOLIS HYUNDAI!! YOU GUYS ROCK OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I wish

Vincent Radosta

Paul was just what I wanted in a dealer rep. We did all negotiations vie email, I never talked to him until I went in to buy the Sonata GLS. He answered every email question quickly, at all hours every day, with no BS or attempts to up sell me. When I asked for a bottom line, best price including everything, he responded quickly with a "walk out the door price" that beat the other 7 area dealers I was negotiating with by hundreds of dollars. He then found a different color Sonata (my wife changed her mind) with over $1200 in options that he sold at the same price and suggested a way to get all 3 $500 rebates that were being offered, even though we were not going to finance the car, even lowing the price a bit more as an enticement. All this was done without talking to him even once. When we finally went in to buy the car, Paul was super friendly and processed us quickly, explaining every detail about the car and answering every question with no attempts to try to change the quoted price. All in all one of the more pleasant car buying experiences I've ever had.

Charles Hill

Great experience

Rich Muller

They called me in early hours of the morning even for east coast time, granted I now live on west coast making issue worst (4:30AM). After telling them they had a wrong number and didn't even own a Hyundai they starting in again about how I needed to reschedule my service. They had no interesting in listen to me, feel bad for their actual customers.

Steven Kutzko

The folks at Annapolis Hyundai were great and Shawn Lagundo went out of his way to make sure he had the car and options I wanted and made the buying experience a breeze!

Jacqueline Wright

This has been the worst buying experience I have ever had in my life. At the time I was separated and in need of a car. I have owned 4 Hyundai's prior. When I walked in I must have sucked written all over my face. Lets see where to start. Was talked into a lease I did not want. Was given a car never let test drive it. Than to find out that the vehicle was damaged and after attempting to get them to fix it for a month now they wont return my calls. And to top it all of they refuse to give me a copy of my lease. This place is a total rip off and a bunch of con artists. Even Hyundai customer service headquarters cant get them to respond to them. So KEEP AWAY DEALERSHIP IS A BUNCH OF LYING CHEATING CON ARTISTS. Will never buy another hyundai

Michael Sheetenhelm

Paul was an absolutely stellar salesman. I am the type of buyer who does a ton of research and takes a lot of time to make a purchase and Paul was very helpful in explaining all of the choices I had for financing as well as explaining and demo-ing all of the features that each car I was looking at came with. I would absolutely recommend Annapolis Hyundai and Paul to anyone who is looking for a helpful, hassle-free, and pressure-free car buying experience. Thanks, and will be back for my next purchase.

Kimberly & Robert Cox

I recently had a need to replace several vehicles and buy another one for my business. The sales staff at Annapolis Hyundai is exceptional. Shawn Laguna, Shawn Olsen and Shawn Ritter all went above and beyond to make sure we were given the best deal and were happy with our purchases. I highly recommend this sales team and this dealership. I will only buy vehicles from Annapolis Hyundai in the future.

Snayder Lara

Overall experience at Hyundai Annapolis was excellent. I dealt with Paul Brookman and Evelyn, they made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole experience. Special shout out to Evelyn for the Amazing work and really taking the time to explain things to me as a first time buyer. Michael the General Manager was warm and friendly as well, I felt that he listened to my needs and acted accordingly to meet my satisfaction. The whole process took about 3 hours, would have been quicker if I hadn't gone out on a long test drive. Both Paul and Evelyn stayed after hours to make sure I was all set. Safe to say I will be recommending Hyundai Annapolis to friends and family, and most likely come back for a future purchase.

Carolyn Rose

Would have been a 5 star if they didn't throw away my parking sticker when I traded in my car. I called and emailed to try and retrieve but wasn't able to get through in time.

John Sabala

Hands down easiest, and least stressful car buying experience I have ever had. Shawn Lagundo was an amazing help, and I highly recommend all purchases from him. I love my new Santa Fe!

Brian Green

This was the best experience I have ever had when purchasing a car. Mike Desabla was a great sales person and the team that supported him was courteous, prompt, and honest (I prefer honest over nice). Kenny made the signing effort seamless and void of any pressure. Definitely would point anyone I know looking for a great car to Annapolis Hyundai for their purchase.

George Richardson

A Great car buying experience I have to admit. going in I had doubts not sure I was going to leave with a car not having a co signer. Shawn my salesmen assured me that they would do anything they could to put me in the car I wanted at a great deal for me and he was right. Not only did I get the car I wanted but it was at a great price, low interest rate, and a good trade in value on my last vehicle thanks to Shawn the salesman and Kenneth the loan advisor. I left knowing that was money well spent

Dawn Trotter

Very nice service department. Thanks Jacob!

Ashley Dibler

Leased a Sante Fe from Annapolis Hyundai this weekend. Excellent experience overall from everyone including Chris, Drew, and Andre. As other reviews have said, they treat you like family, and want to make the deal work for the customer. This has been my second car transaction from Hyundai of Annapolis, and would definitely reccommend this dealership.

Chantelle Jackson

Simon Read

Good experiences with the Service Department who have been good with "will wait" and with loaners for longer jobs. I wasn't as impressed with the sales; their inventory is quite small but we had to go to NC for what I wanted.

an Annapolis

Shawn was great. Patient, knowledgeable, and very professional.

Steven H

Recently bought a car from Annapolis Hyundai and had a very nice and easy experience. We bought a certified pre-owned Santa Fe and the car has been great for us so far. We worked with Scott from Internet sales and he was friendly and very attentive to our questions. Worked through their financing department and they were also very friendly and attentive. Would recommend this dealership.

Vanessa Zeigler

My husband has been not so subtly hinting that I should buy a new car for years. I kept putting it off, in part because my last car-buying experience was far from ideal. We did a lot of research this time around and narrowed it down to a Ford Edge, Toyota Highlander or the Hyundai Santa Fe. We visited Ford, drove a friend’s Highlander and visited Annapolis Hyundai. When we got there, with our 12 month old, we said we were there to simply test drive the car and were going to leave and drive other vehicles and make our decision. I was expecting the hard-sell experience and was pleasantly surprised. We were in and out in less than a half hour. I loved the Santa Fe so the vehicle decision was made. Next, we had to decide where to go to buy it. We contacted a number of Hyundai dealers in the area to get initial quotes; we wanted to make sure we were in the ballpark before stopping in. We finally made an appointment for a Saturday morning to talk numbers and drove our new Santa Fe out a few hours later. George Sparks and Chris Green were great, didn’t seem to mind our noisy toddler, and we felt like we got a fantastic deal on the new car and a fair deal on our trade-in. For anyone shopping with young kids… hire a baby-sitter. But, if you need to bring them along, Annapolis Hyundai does have a pretty decent selection of toys. We made it through the morning without any tears.

Cindy T

I could not have been more impressed and please with the service here! I was helped by Jacob in the service department and Allen, he was the mechanic that looked at my flat tire. Both of them were fantastic and gave me great personable service! I will definitely going here for further repairs on my car and I will come back to this specific dealership when I decide to upgrade and go to a newer car.

Jimmy Maldonado

If you are not buying a car from Annapolis Hyundai you are absolutely wrong! After several months of deciding and test driving Ford Escape, Mazda CX-5, Toyota Rav and Hyundai Santa Fe.....we choose the Santa Fe 2.0T., due to price, comfort, power, and technology. Now, it was time for us to find the vehicle we wanted within our budget. I dealt with all the Hyundai dealers in the area, just to mention a few....I called Heritage, Bob Bell, Ourisman and several dealers out of state...PA, VA, DE and WV to get the Santa Fe Sport that I wanted without compromising my budget. After several days of researching, conducting my analysis, calling dealers and keeping the vampires (salesman) away using garlic, wooden stakes and Holy crosses.......I truly thought I would never get a vehicle anytime soon. I have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and I received more resistance from the enemy that some of the sales rep from the mention above dealers. Well after the salesman from Annapolis returned from his day off, he gave me a call and within minutes closed the deal. Nonetheless, the deal wasn't closed due to them having the vehicle I wanted or because they were able to meet my budget (which of course was a huge plus) was because of the entire experience. I have purchased several vehicles for my wife and I over the years and for the first time in my life I bought a vehicle and actually enjoyed this experience. This was weird for me because I have never experience anything like this. I truly enjoyed the professionalism, knowledge, no pressure, the service department's artwork (prepping of the vehicle) and the simplicity of purchasing the vehicle has made me a champion for Annapolis Hyundai. This was made possible because of the employees of this dealership, Scott McDonough and Manager A.J. So if you were paying attention to this review I say again, If you are not buying a car from Annapolis Hyundai you are absolutely wrong! Annapolis Hyundai (Scott M.) will find the car you want within your budget. When the others will tell you no they can't, Annapolis Hyundai will find a way to say yes. Thank You Scott M. and Annapolis Hyundai, You have yourself a loyal and 100% satisfied customer! Jimmy M.

Brian Lyman

I took delivery of my new black Genesis at night and did not notice that the front end had been damaged. The bumper and quarter panel had been touched up by someone prior to Annapolis Hyundai getting the car to deliver to me. When I brought the issue to the dealer's attention they did the right thing, set me up in a loaner and sent my car to the body shop to be properly repaired. (Fender was removed straightened and repainted, and the front bumper was replaced). The dealer certainly lost money on my sale given that they didn't realize the damage when they took delivery of the vehicle from the other dealer, but clearly took responsibility and did right by me when I pointed out the damage. You can buy with confidence that Annapolis Hyundai will stand by the deal that they make.

Alison .Mark

Pat Davidson

The place was had to get into the parking lot but the people were great

Sharon Gibbons

We purchased the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid this weekend with Shawn Lagundo as our salesperson and I must say this was THE BEST car buying experience I have EVER had! All the staff was friendly and made the process almost effortless. I highly recommend the fine folks at Annapolis Hyundai!

Jan OConnell

The Elantra GT I bought on 8/17 was the 2nd Hyundai I have bought from George. He is thorough, detailed and goes out of his way to provide excellent customer service. If George is still at Annapolis Hyundai when I buy my next car, I will definitely buy it from George!

Guido Mina di Sospiro

Unhappy with the service. Difficult to book, slovenly and absurdly overpriced. They have lost my confidence.

Janet Zadera

Great service department. Very helpful. A great place to do business . My rate the first time was a five I have no idea what happened to that rate

David Sabala

I have bad anxiety and can't stand buying any automobile. However, Shawn Lagundo was the best person I've worked with. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable. He was informative and supportive, sensitive to all our needs and concerns. I can't recommend him and this dealership enough. They have won many awards and now I know why.

Nathaniel Elliott

I was thrilled from the moment I got there but with my stubborn self went and looked at a few other cars before returning and buying. They did an amazing job but specifically Nate was amazing to work with. I even saw him interact with a past client who shared that she has bought both of her cars from him because of his skill, knowledge, and ease to work with. PS bought a Ford Fusion 2012 from them!

Michael Welch

The Service department is a joke stems from the top

Justin Evan

I am very satisfied with Annapolis Hyundai and their service. I was searching initially for a used Hyundai Sonata and found one at Annapolis that I liked, but after viewing the new car inventory and especially the sportier looking Elantra coupe with a 6 speed manual I was sold. David came outside as my wife and I were looking at different vehicles on their lot and introduced himself. He is a pleasure to chat with and made our buying experience enjoyable. David is energetic, informative, and a pleasure to buy a car from, not to mention he makes a mean cup of bold coffee. :) All of the staff were very freindly, and not once did I feel like I was being hounded, as I have felt while visiting other dealerships. Their service department works hard in the background along with Mr. Wade who helped with the difficulties of military members buying out of state while serving. I would like to especially thank them for supporting our nations military!!

John Gaylord

I've been to a few different Hyundai dealerships to service my car and this one is definitely the best. I recently had an emergency situation with my car and had it towed to the closest Hyundai dealer. Unfortunately the other dealership is inconveniently slow and is not up to par. I wish I had it towed the extra distance to Annapolis Hyundai where the service is much better. For all future work I plan on going to Annapolis Hyundai to service my car. They are fast, reliable, helpful, and kind.

Bourtadakis Barber Shop

The owner of this dealership is a great person and the staff at this dealership are very nice to people.

Christine Manley

I had a great experience at Annapolis Hyundai. Everyone there was very friendly and nice to work with. I was able to get exactly what I wanted for a great deal. I'm so happy with my new car and very appreciative of their awesome service! Big thanks to Greg, Mike and Kenneth on hooking me up with my new Tucson!

Aimee Thomas

I’m always extremely happy with the service I get here. Jacob is so helpful, friendly and honest. I live farther away now and still go back here!

Thomas Cutler

I have worked with many dealerships over many decades and I can say, without hesitation or qualification, that Annapolis Hyundai is the best I have ever dealt with. They are consistently courteous, never pushy, and they recently treated me extraordinarly well in an unusual situation. I could not be more pleased.

SNT Aaron

We bought our Elantra last September and had a great experience and a good price. I am writing now to thank the parts department for their help. I needed a price on parts and service for an insurance claim and Julia was extremely knowledgeable and most helpful. Thanks so much!

Corey Morgan

The staff here were very rude when we came in for a appointment we were about 15 minutes late which we had called in advance and let them know since we were driving 3 hours away to come look at a vehicle here and when we got there they were more worried about stuffing their face with food then worrying about just helping a customer out when there was a ton of employees in here that would have been able to do this. I blame this on poor management because as many employees they should stagger their brakes so there is always a employee on the floor to be able to assist someone. Also another complaint I have with this place is one day set you up to look at a car you are stuck with that one person and they cannot rotate and put a different salesperson on that vehicle which makes absolutely no sense when you're just trying to look at the vehicle. The GM might want to look in at some of this considering they lost a sales at day and we went elsewhere and bought a vehicle.

April Kathcart

James Fox

Just had the WORST experience at a car dealership I have every had! I went with my son and his girlfriend to make sure they did not get ripped off. Thank god I went! The salesman, finance manager and JOKE of a so called used car sales manager are the worst forms of human beings, from trying to sell her a extended warranty for 130.00 extra a month, no matts, spare or key fob. IT was a Certified used Hyundai from ANNAPOLIS Hyundai! I left out the best part, after I called out the sales manager he got in my face saying that he just lost 1000.00 on that sale and he isn't giving us anything! big mistake! Then after I leave the joke of a so called salesman got in my sons face, he is lucky my son didn't put him in the hospital, SO EVERYONE PLEASE PASS THIS A LONG AND IF YOU WANT A HYUNDAI GO TO ANOTHER DEALERSHIP!!!!!

Kim Wheatley

I totally loved my experience at Annapolis Hyundai. My salesman was Scott Kinsley. He was professional and friendly. The entire dealership was exceptional. This was not the "usual", fast paced, fast talking, hard sell, arrogant experience I have had at other dealerships. Everyone from the sales professionals to the service department seemed as genuinely happy as I did with my purchase. I will definitely go back to this dealership, and recommend them to my friends and family. Oh, you have to try their hot chocolate – better than Starbucks!

Janelle Shannon

This is the first time I've had exceptional service at a car dealer. The staff was knowledgeable and courteous. My car is driving like new again. I will be going back in the future.

Joe F

I don't purchase cars on any regular basis but when I must I do plenty of research not only for the vehicle and price but also where to buy. My experience at Annapolis Hyundai especially with Chris Green and George Sparks made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Chris handled my finance questions and George knew the answers to all of my concerns with the big Santa Fe that I purchased. If your in the market for a vehicle, I urge you to visit these folks, you'll be treated like an old friend.

Jessica Milone

Staff was so helpful, and we were very happy with our experience!

Chris Macdonald

Great service department! Highly recommended!

Saundra E Harris

I bought another Hyundai... my first Hyundai was an absolute lemon! I am hoping to have a better experience with this one, and for those who want to know why I went back to the well that effed me up, is because I like their warranty and I like the style of the vehicle. So let's pray to the car gods that this time will be the charm.

Dawn Blanchard

Very knowledgeable car salesman!

Michael Krichinsky

Great customer service and follow up. We actually broke down on a Sunday night and we're towed to the dealership and spoke with them in the morning, very pleasant and professional, handled our service issue quickly and efficiently, we drove back up from the Eastern shore and we're greeted immediately. Friendly and again professional. I work in the auto industry on the Eastern shore and can't say enough good things about this dealership and the people I came into contact with, including Jenna, Jacob and Brody. Great job

Josephine Quintana

Just purchased a new Hyundai Tucson from Adam who made the buying experience very special and assisted me with extra services. I appreciate your consideration in many matters. I think we both learned much from this experience. I’m still waiting for that promised tie. A promise is a promise!

Taylor Newsome

This was by far the best dealership I have been to in months. I began looking for a car a few months back and had problems not being able to find a car, or when I did it had bad reviews, or the service was just terrible. I walked into Annapolis Hyundai on a thursday fell in love with the new 2016 Tucson, and walked away by friday night with it in my name. I absolutely love the car and everything about it. We by far had the best salesman, Chris Zook. PLEASE I advise you buy you car from him! He is so awesome and helpful, he made sure I was in love and in my price range. I now am the proud owner of a new 2016 Tucson! Thank you so much Chris for all of your help! You are an awesome salesman!

Melissa Poe

My fiancé, Shawn, and I had a great experience as Hyundai of Annapolis. Malcolm offered great advice and information while we were testing driving 2 different vehicles. I thought it was great that if he didn't know the answer to our question then he found a way to get an answer. Scott was a great help when buying the car and going over the numbers. We were able to get a great deal on a pre-owned certified car! I would highly recommend going to Hyundai of Annapolis to buy a car!!! Thanks again!

Stefan Mouyal

I had the worst experience purchasing my car. When I was looking around my car deciding if I wanted to purchased it I noticed a dull black line, the dealer said they could buff that mark right off. After I purchased it the service department said I would have to go to a body shop because it was a deep scratch and to fix it the entire side of my car would have to be repainted. Another issue I had was when I asked how much it would be to update the GPS maps, the dealer said it would be free because it's connected to Google, but to find out after purchasing the car that the service department would have to do it (at my cost) via the USB port. Another issue I has was that when the car was still under warranty I had an issue with the back up camera where it wouldn't turn on sometimes when I tried to in reverse. I brought it up with the service department and they said they would have to keep the car until it happened and said I could not get a loaner because it was only for diagnostic purposed so I had to deal with it, and now that it is no longer under warranty the few time I brought my car it for recalls they've offered to fix it a few times. I've told numerous people about my bad experience with the dealer, and they've done elsewhere to buy their Genesis or Sonata cars, and I will continue to do so because I would not want my experience to happen to others.

Maria Faria

I bought my third car from them.

Dean Ordakowski

Kevin- Sales Manager, Trey sales associate, & Nate were all truly- genuinely helpful, caring, and decent to us! So satisfied with the straight up business and kindness through the adventure of purchasing this new, awesome Vehicle!!!!!!!!! Thanks Team! And thank you sincerely Kevin!

Robert Stover

We picked up yesterday the new Kona, and just two days prior to that we called and found you had exactly the right trim level we were looking for. Adam was our sales person and he was very responsive to several emails and phone calls, getting back to us with answers quickly. In all we spent just two days from "look to deliver" and everyone that we encountered at the dealership was friendly and helpful. A pleasant surprise. Bob


Really bad Service, too many games

T Tinker

Make sure you have your spare when you buy your car... it can make for a harrowing experience if you dont trust me... no spare, no car jack... sitting in the rain for hours until roadside asst. Figures it out

Claudia Clark

i brought a car there last year. the sales person I had was great. also got a great deal on a 2014 Hyundai Sonata and a Elantra. The Service Department isn't that great. I had problem with the two cars.They could not fix it. Had to take it to another Hyundai dealer to have it fix right. you get great deals but not good service. Don't let Jacob near your car.

Sarah Franey

Last night I came to the dealership with two different cars in mind that I saw online. I did plenty of research and this was by far the best buy so decided to go check it out. Had no intention of buying anything that night however, Shawn was so amazing he made me feel like I had to drive it home that night. He was knowledgeable and able to focus on my needs and questions. It didn't feel like I was being sold anything but that a friend was suggesting this car. In the morning I was beaming and so happy to drive to work in my CPO 2013 Sonata Hybrid with only 29,000 miles!! The top notch service didn't end there with help from Shawn Ritter, because of all my questions filling out the loan application and Kenny Pursley making the purchase easy and painless. Today I brought the car in to get Xzillion done to it and Jan was so friendly and got me in and out in record time. Thank you for all your help and it is so nice to go to a dealership with such friendly people.

Katie McClung

I worked with Chris Zook and Shawn Olsen to get my 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe and it was such a smooth process. Chris helped me choose the vehicle and the features. All of the information given to me by him, Shawn, and finance was tailored to my needs and specific situation. Within a week I had visited and test drove, made my decision, my specific car was located and I drove it off the lot. Great experience.

Lea Rayvin

I really love working with Jacob. Ever since I first met him and has tried to make things easier on me. I refuse to go to the Hyundai dealership closer to me since its owned by a company I do not like and I am glad I haven't gone. I would have never met Jacob and the amazing team he works with. So glad I found them!

Drew Jordan

Bought a brand new Kona from here and everybody was so friendly and made everything so simple, hassle free, and easygoing. Would highly recommend over other dealers and manufacturers from my experience.

Amy Pietrowski

Always friendly, professional, and ready to offer advice for a place to hang out while you wait. Waiting area could be improved for those not wanting to walk about.

Brendan Goodrich

Compelled to write this review about how excellent Annapolis Hyundai has been to us after visiting Bob Bell Hyundai in Glen Burnie, which was atrocious and has very disrespectful (dare I say "trashy"?) staff. Annapolis Hyundai has an ideal location, decent facilities, and has treated us like we've been treated at Acura and Audi dealerships, if lacking a bit in their polish and amenities. It's just a pleasant place to do business and is very trustworthy, at least to me.

iris germany

This is the second Hyundai I've purchased from Annapolis Hyundai. My first experience (2003) was good (i.e., no hard sale or haggling for a good deal and good financing) but I must say that my recent experience (2013) was even better. After deciding that it was time to replace my 2003 after its many years of dependability and reliability, I browsed Annapolis Hyundai's inventory and pondered purchasing from what was available. Sensing that I was not totally enthused by the color/options of in-stock vehicles, the team instantly searched other dealers to find me what I wanted before I left. The next morning, I got the call/email that my car was in and ready for pickup. Talk about fast and exceptional customer service! I'll keep coming back. Everyone---and I mean everyone---gives their best to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their purchase, obtains the best financing (they came in even lower than what we originally discussed) and receives service that makes you feel like family. The only thing they could have done better would have been to GIVE ME THE CAR FREE. Special thanks and appreciation to the team...George Sparks and Drew Litherland in sales, Tony in finance, Jan who worked in the front office to get my choice vehicle (and I'm picky) and others I don't recall by name but by function includes team members in the service department. Said enough for now, can't wait to drop off some "Thank You" goodies to the team soon!

Ron Solis

Great job

Sarah Hofsommer

Bought a sweet 2014 Santa Fe from Chris Zook last night. He was incredibly knowledgable about all of the car's features and stayed even later past closing to answer any last questions I had once I was behind the wheel. They gave me a VERY generous value on my trade-in and Kenny Pursley worked with us to get down to a monthly payment I was comfortable with. Start to finish, it was the most enjoyable, least painful, pressure-free car buying experience I've ever had.

jerron drew

The only person doing their job is the receptionist. Worst dealership when it comes to customer service. No one answers their phone, if they do they will just transfer you to someone else and that'll keep going until you reach a voicemail. Very unprofessional when it comes to coordinating with the warranty companies for repair. Save yourself the headache.

Suzanne Crilly

Friendly, patient, and personable, Shawn Lagundo provided excellent service . I would highly recommend this salesman and this dealership. They do their best to make you happy. A wonderful place to buy your new Hyundai!

Danny Ives

Awesome Place. This has got to be one of the most well run and friendly places I've even been to. I've bought 3 cars from Annapolis Hyundai and every trip has been better then the last. I also take my cars here for service and the man who works the desk (Jacob I think) is always super helpful. I've never had any issues with this business and because of that I plan to keep giving them my money for years to come. Keep up the good work!

Joan Jackson

I drove down to check out cars I had seen on internet. I didn't get the actual color I wanted but got a great deal and nice looking one. Good service and helpful team. I would recommend this dealership.

David Rudisill

Outstanding Service. I dealt with Chris Zook and he presented me with a great deal the first time. I had shopped a couple of competitors before calling Annapolis Hyundai - so I knew what I was looking for price wise and options. I simply told Chris what I was looking for and without hassle he presented me with the best deal - period. Chris was professional and diligent without pressure. Highly recommend talking to Chris if you're in the market.

Cama Wilson

Friendly and helpful staff.

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