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REVIEWS OF Central Maine Motors Auto Group IN Maine

Sara Murray

C.J. Harvey

Bought 3 cars in 10 years great service from sales but the service dept needs help. We had are transmission flushed and charged $100 more than are regular mechanic which couldn't do the service because the vehicle is designed to only have it serviced at the dealer. We were 20 minutes early and then they made us wait 35 minutes after they were done to be able to pay and get are keys back. We stood at the counter for 35 minutes waiting. People walking by ignoring us about 4 different people. Definitely not a place we will come back to for anything service related.

Dawn Nichols

Honest, no pressure sales. Exceptional service department! We’ve bought 2 vehicles here now and had a great experience both times!!

Roger Cyr

Very helpful i hope they find whati wante Cassandra very helpful

kenneth gomberg

Good cars, okay prices

Kathy Morton

We had a very positive buying experience with our salesman, Josh Buntin. He was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. We will definitely be returning to buy another vehicle soon!


Absolutely the WORST dealer for special ordering a vehicle!!! My experience has been of multiple commitments made and always broken. Exaggerated promises and mis or forgotten information. My experience says if it's not on the lot run away....

Harold Wilber

Ask for Matt Loubier in sales! Great customer service, lots of information & never rushed us. Will definitely be back!

Dale Hoskins

Debra Castonguay

Always a great place to do business the only place to get your Jeep

Kimberly Graves

Have alot to choose from. Look like affordable vehicals

Bob Broughton

Central Maine Motors is by far the best dealership I ever worked with. I'm 84 years old and have worked with many dealerships, some for as little as a month & in several states. Not one is close to CMM.

Sarah Knights

Sold me a lemon car..took total advantage of me cause im a female paid $14000 in cash for a vehicle only to have problems from the time i left the dealership and continued to get ripped off by the company..i will not be back to buy another vehicle from them..totally disgusted if i could give them negative remarks i would!! Anyone that pays cash for a vehicle should be treated with respect and to the full extent and they faught me on every problem i had to fix it even while it was covered under warranty!!

Daniel Hamilton

Checking out trucks. To rich for me

Tammy Studholme

Thank you Dan Siegars and manager Steve D. You guys were amazing to work with and went above with the customer service to get me in my vehicle. Thank you for amazing service. You guys rock.

Branden Marx

Not impressed!

Karl Harmon

I brought my truck in for the oil level being high and the volt and oil pressure gauges acting funny. I was told the volt gauge was within normal operating procedures and was given a fact sheet about it. That was the good part, the not so good part is I was told the oil wasnt high, when I went to pick it up I had Brandon, the service writer, come out and we checked it together, it was high. He had a technician come out and it was high for them too. They said they would change the oil for me. I then picked it up after hours and didn't get a work order, but the worst was when I checked the oil the next day and found it to be over filled again. They never did check why the oil pressure gauge was reading 80 psi+

Michael Cormier

Great place to do business. No pressure to make a deal.

Craig Goddard

Purchased a brand new minivan for my wife less than a year ago. She has put 18k miles on it. We have followed the scheduled maintenance guidelines with tire rotations. Had a defective tire that cut out like a square. Come to find out all the tires are practically bald too. I call service department and they basically tell me there is nothing they can do. Toyota puts cheap tires that are softer and wear faster for test drive comfort. So I get less than half of the expected life of the tire and the service adviser says I'm on my own to purchase 4 new tires. Not at all impressed! UPDATE: I can not respond to your response. But considering I spent over $40k with your dealership and you have all of my information, do you really expect me to leave my phone number here on google because you can't take the time to look my name up in your computer? Are you somehow absolved of dealing with any issues because I chose to service my vehicle closer to home? Interesting business model you have there.

Ashley Kiser

I’ve met with Tom a couple times in the past week and he really went over and beyond to help me get it from under my car! He listened to my horror story from when I bought my first car and did whatever he could to get to get me into something safer! He introduced me to all of their staff, actually tried to keep things in my price range, he talked me through all of the paperwork, made sure I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, AND he helped me clean all my stuff out of my car. My experience at Central Maine Motors was the best of the best and Tom was such a joy to work with! I’m more than satisfied! I will definitely be going back there in the future and will be sending my friends and family his way!

Dan P

They have good vehicles to sell. But when it comes to servicing your vehicle....go somewhere else. They are double the cost and half the quality of your average mechanic. They are in it for the money period. 627 they quoted me for the parts I needed. I paid 350 for them elsewhere and at better quality. 110 a hour for labor costs? The average mechanic costs 60 to 75 a hour.

Julie Anderson

Nice cahhs

Larry Bunt

Love this place

Kim Genther

let me drive a faulty car off the lot, making them believe i can trust them and the second i get if off the lot major issues and no help to get it fixed.

Jamie Barker

Very professional

Brad Mulligan

good and honest people no hassle

Blaine Hamlin Sr.

Cassie Faulkner was amazing to work with. Best salesperson ever.

Cheryl Clark

We purchased a new vehicle Friday and had a great salesman! Matt Loubier excelled at his job- very pleasant personality and answered our questions- very professional guy! Great Job Matt! We will be back to see you! WE love our new Rav. Cheryl & Joe

Terry Vicnaire

Pretty fast service

Paul Harris

Buy a vehicle from there. Yes off the wholesale lot but that Shouldn’t matter! Inspection issues were disclosed with me but was not informed on how the truck caught fire in there reconditioning shop as I have a buddy that works there told me it had done so. Had the truck for two weeks called to complain about wiring issues they never found it. Turn come to find out the transmission caught fire there making the main wiring harness now 6 grand deeper in the whole due to a fire and an awful dealership. Thanks a lot for ruining my first experience buying a vehicle with my first loan!

Kristi Moss

Sellers are pushy and do not show you what you want.

Jacob Richards

Don't take your warranty to work to them. They'll blow you off and tell you something not's bad enough to replace. Even though you could see there was something obviously wrong by tire wear. But then you double down on them and they give you an inspection sticker for a tire that is obviously not inspectable, just so they don't have to fix what it wrong.

Casey Begin

The man at the service desk knew exactly what the problem was with our Chevy Equinox before we got there. He replaced the part and we were on our way in less then 20 minutes. Very happy with the service!

Joe Payton

The staff seem friendly, they were willing to stay late when their website hours were not updated. However if your looking for used go somewhere else. We went to look at a high mileage used ford. When we got there the seats and door arm are ripped, the interior is rough. The exterior is scratched and a few small dents. Now this is a high milage car so I understand blemishes. They have it priced way over Blue Book or any other value estimate. They took a little off NADA Clean retail. The sales person tried to tell me there are too many used car value sites and they only work off NADA. They use NADA because it is a retail price point. Clean Retail is another term for like new. NADA does not supply values for less then Clean Retail. When Rough Trade In is $15K and they want $20K for the car, its a rip off.


Excellent sevice.

Randall Hadsell

#accomodating, Scheduling was a bit like Mulligan Stew but even with mix-ups they were very accommodating.

Joyce Stevens

Service was efficient, thorough, and thanks for the cookies!

Bruce Venture

Terrible experience with this dealer.

Judson Colby

Claire Moen

We moved from our local Ford dealership in 1996 for the outstanding service department...they keep redefining and improving their commitment to Superior Service to their customers. Here's the thing about satisfied car owners...schedule and keep all service maintenance appointments. Sales: We will miss Marty Taylor, who recently retired, but are confident in working with someone new soon.

Matthew Hebert

The best!

Maliante Mal

They don't made a good deals. The trade-in offers are ridiculous.

Arisse Fernandez

My salesman Tom was amazing! He helped to find the right car for me. Made sure all my boxes were checked and I was getting what I wanted. He went the extra mile to cater to my experience. Even followed up with a phone call just a few days after purchase. Glad I chose Central Maine Motors!

Nicholas Shorey

Vehicles priced at or slightly above market value. Salesman at Central ME Dodge was not overly aggressive or pushy. Will shop with them again for next vehicle purchase.

Jan Banks

Great service. This service staff is friendly and helpful and works quickly. When my Jeep which wouldn't start had to be towed in unexpectedly, they identified the problem quickly and repaired it ahead of schedule. They also helped line up a vehicle for me to rent in the meantime, a great rental even though there were a lot in demand at the time. A very supportive, professional staff!

Jeni Frazee

Great experience! Matt listened and helped me find the perfect car for me - I got everything I was looking for at a price I could afford. He is straightforward and easygoing, which made the car-buying experience easier. Everyone there - sales, service and shuttle - was helpful and took care of all my questions. I plan to return next time I need a car, as well as when this one needs service. Recommend!

Matt Garringer

We bought one with Matt and looked into buying another, even though we didn't come away with a minivan for our growing family Matt and the service folks are great to deal with.

Al Lowell

It was great there not pushy like some

Chris Gaunce

They work hard to make it right. Very happy to assist when ever needed. They live to take care of people and build relationships. If they get it wrong, one call is all it takes to make it right. Great people make this a great place.

David Pritchard

I have had a lot of experiences buying vehicles over the years and I would have to rate my experience with Central Maine Motors the best yet! Matt Hebert was nothing short of outstanding in his efforts to keep me smiling as I purchased my vehicle. Working hard to be sure I was satisfied was his #1 goal and he succeeded admirably! In fact my daughter has also purchased a vehicle there now and would have to say that was also an excellent experience! I would highly recommend Central Maine Motors for outstanding value and service to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle new or used!

David Doucette

I went to two other dealers before going to Central Maine Motors. I was very pleased with the way everything was handled from the moment I stepped foot onto your dealership until I drove away in my new truck. Everyone was very friendly and Bob, my salesperson, was great in not pressuring me but still doing a great job in helping me find the truck I ended up with. This is the 4th vehicle I have bought from CMM and will continue to go back when I am in need of another vehicle.

Phil Bailey

Worst customer service experience

Roxy LaFrance

Didn't buy here, but would definitely recommend them! Had a great experience.

stacey wheeler

Everything was great. I only had one issue, being a non-smoker and very sensitive to cigarette smoke, I'm guessing one of the people who moved my truck is a smoker and still had their jacket on when they got in my car because that is all I could smell on the ride home.

Sandy Lizzotte


Garrett Gallagher

Great place!

Brittany Birmingham

If you are a women beware! Both the sales and service department have not listened to my needs or concerns. They lied to get me to their location stating they had a vehicle that they did not! Then they tried to push me into a car I did not want because they were to lazy to find one that would fit my criteria. I left feeling hopeless! As i was leaving I saw a SUV that was perfect but less money then the options they were showing me! Thankfully I found a wonderful sales rep at a different car dealership that was more then happy to find me what I needed! I am very disappointed in the service I received and suggest more training for staff on appropriate customer service and the value of a good sale rather than a larger sale!

Russell A

Great, bought several vehicles herr

Zach Mehuren

very timely and efficient, facilities were very clean and comfortable.

Stacey Bridges

Loved my salesman didnt get financing there but was financed for 26,000 else where.. weird huh

Ellie C.

Update to my review.....I have to say that CMM stepped up to the plate and re-detailed my car. They did a great job this time on cleaning the inside of it, and buffing out the terrible buff marks that the first person put in the paint. It shines like a new glass bottle now and I couldn't be happier. Doug Grant the detailing manager was great with us and made sure I was happy when I left. It felt good to have my Rogue back, I love my car, and will go back to CMM to purchase again. They can be trusted and stick to their word. If there is a problem, they make it right. Can't ask for better than that. ************************************************************************* I just purchased a 2013 Nissan Rogue from Central Maine Motors. The only reason I am giving two stars instead of one is because I love my car. My sales person was very nice, and we discussed the fact that the car smelled really bad of dog slobber when I came to test drive it due to the previous owner owning a big dog that used to ride in the car with her. He assured me that the car would be detailed completely inside and out that it would be cleaned and washed and be ready for me when I came to pick it up. He said that the shop would wet sand and buff out all the scratches that were on the doors etc and that it would be all sqeekie clean when I came to pick it up. I also requested that when they detail the car that they change out the cabin air filter because that would also help get rid of the dog smell. I am very sensitive to smell and the reason why I went with this car and not another is because it had never been smoked in. The dog smell is just a matter of washing the Upholstery and giving it a good detailing which I was assured that the car would get. It did not. When I picked up the car I noticed that it had been washed on the outside, but whoever did the buffing on the car left a lot of buff marks all over the black paint, and the inside of the car still stunk to high heaven of dog slobber and air freshener. All they basically had done was take a little Armor All to the dashboard and the doors did a quick vacuum job on the floors only and that was it. The inside of the car was still full of sand and dirt in the seat folds, there was mud splatters on the running boards inside the vehicle and my husband just took out the cabin air filter and we discovered, of course, it was not changed. It was black filthy rotten dirty! Filled with dog hair and dirt and God knows what and it stunk terribly! See the picture below. You can see in the picture the black filter is the one that came out of my car's cabin, that was supposed to be replaced and the white one is the one my husband just purchased to replace it with. Thank God my husband has mechanical abilities and can do these things! I always had good faith in Central Maine Motors thinking that they were a really good dealership and I still feel that way. But they're detailing shop leaves a lot to be desired. And they have to stop telling their customers lies about how nice that car is going to be cleaned out before they get it. Granted $10,000 isn't a lot for some people to spend on a car, but it's a lot for me to spend on a car and still be able to keep a roof over my head. $10,000 is $10,000 and I would think that they would take a little more pride in the cars that they sell even the used ones and make sure they were spotless inside upon delivery. It's good customer service and a way to KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS. I will not bring my car back there for Servicing nor will I recommend them to anyone else for servicing. This just shows shoddy work and should be a total embarrassment to the company. I don't like being told stories to make a sale. And I feel that's what happened to me. I really love my car and I'm very happy that I bought it, but I'm not very happy that it was basically grab your money and run shove you out the door here's your car go away. That's the feeling I got when I picked up the car. Not impressed.

pat nealley

I have always been very happy with the services at Central Maine Motors. Everyone is very courteous and I never have to wait for an appointment. Good Job!!

Chris Forkey

Mark Campbell

Cassie was wonderful. She knew what we wanted, had it ready for us, and made the process as painless as possible!

Tony Bernard

Good and fast service at the Toyota garage

Michele Alley

I wouldn't buy another vechicle from any one else. Cassie has always been a great help. She is a one of a kind sales woman. Between my husband and I and now our son we have purchased 3 vechicles from her. If you want great customer service go see Cassie and her co-workers at Central Maine motors Chevy in Waterville. They will hook you up. If they don't have what you are looking for they will find it.

Bonnie-Jean Mitchell

I went to look at the lowest priced used cars on the lot. I met Bryan James; really nice guy btw who really put some effort in to find me a good fit for my budget. He was amazing, very patient with me & found me a much newer more dependable car than I thought I could afford. I love my 2015 Dodge Dart, its saving me a lot of money actually because it's so good on gas. Love the car! Had the best salesman, an all around great experience. Bryan James you're awesome! Thanks for your time & patience! I'm a very happy customer! ~ Bonnie-Jean

Stephen Whelpley

Zach is a heck of guy. He was honest and easy to work with. I wound up having another family connection push through with a vehicle elsewhere, but Zach was the best car salesman I've dealt with in a while.

Edwin Aube

Buying an automobile at Central Maine Motors was a very pleasant experience due in most part to our sales lady Cassie. We purchased a used vehicle at a low end price, but was treated as courteously as if we were buying a new high end vehicle. She is an efficient, hard working sales person who I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to purchase an automobile at Central Maine motors. I am a very satisfied customer. Ed

vincent varanelli

Great place to buy your car or have it service there good people happy and friendly. Always there to help I will buy a car from them again


Juju Gurl

Wonderful experience. We bought a used Fiat from Garrett at a fair price. We had agreed to a price for the most part in an email. On the way there (we drove over 2 hours to look at), he called to let me know that it wouldn't be ready today, (as the shop needed to thoroughly go through it) and offered to have it shipped to our house when ready! He pointed out a few things that needed to be done, and that they would replace the scratched windshield, the tires and address a few other minor things. He still did not deviate from the price we had agreed to. I feel like it was a good day! No price battling! We did have to wait a long time to wrap things up because he was very busy (but we understood, it was the Sat. of President's day weekend). It was made easier by the fact that they had clean restrooms, coffee, fruit and cookies. Garrett was really nice and even gave me a rose at the conclusion of the sale (I think he kind of likes me shhh...don't tell his wife)! Very happy with the professionalism, fair deal and hope to be very happy with the auto. We'd go back and recommend them to friends.

Chris Toy

Zach was AWESOME! From the first contact to the follow up after closing the deal he has been professional, friendly, and helpful. He delivered on everything promised, from lowest out the door price with no additional fees, to highest trade in offer. He did better than the next lowest offer by several thousand dollars.

Craig Drew

I love this place.

Bill Begin

Best Dealership my wife and I have ever dealt with.

Justin Smith

Get your keys at a place with no doc fees

Patrick Kirk

Very good salesman staff who will go above and beyond to help and to get in another car of your dreams .

Brenda Norcross

On my second vehicle, Matt Difillipo helped get me into a least of a tundra that I love.

Norm Robertson

Great friendly staff

Becky Haynes

Excellent customer service!


Always friendly sales people. Great selection of new and used vehicles.

Edward Cornwall

Excellent service by a most excellent service organization. The entire Central Maine Motors team is very professional and carry out their responsibilities with the customer's needs foremost in their actions.

Jamie Nayock

I only have a question. I bought my car frim you guys but did not keep up on oil like i should have. Well my motor blew do you guys do payment plans? I am a single mother of two young kids and need to get back and fourth to work..

jeffrey leclerc

Great place to do business. Family owned and managed. Great people!

Holly Patton

Went in just looking at cars and walked out with the perfect fit for my family. The whole team was great to work with and got me into the car I wanted for the price I wanted!

Elizabeth Andrew-Lane

I did not buy my Town & Country minivan from Central Maine Motors however I was stranded with a flat tire looking at two hours before AAA could get to me so at 57 years old I have never changed a tire EVER. It is getting close to dark and I I am on a road I do not want to be on after dark! So having never changed a tire before... I also have NO idea where my spare tire is!!! I look in the ovious places...nothing!! So I Google "Where is my spare tire on my Town and Country " up pops You Tube with a video of Scott Pinnette from Central Maine Chrysler... explaining it all to me... PERFECTLY!!! That was amazing...I didn't have to change it but I had it found, out and ready to go when help arrived!!!! I thought that was awesome customer service!! Thank you Scott!!!

Karen Ladd

Came in for my oil change service appointment and was greeted by Dana. Service was quick, I was in and out in less than an hour. I am always pleased with the quick and friendly service at Central Maine Motors. Thanks again!!

Danielle Bragg

Always kind and courteous. Service is always great at letting me know how long to expect and getting me/our family a shuttle ride if needed, which is very helpful. The shuttle driver is always prompt and polite.

Emily Gribben

Dan was very professional and personable! Very happy with my purchase!

Lesley Folsom

Buying a car..

Walter Barrett

My wife and I came here for a second vehicle. Keith / sales guy was awesome to work with. No pressure. Tons of patience. We left with a GMC Acadia will be back for a Buick LaCrosse.

Neil DoX

Zachary Bradley Was my salesman, did a great job. Friendly, helpful and honest. There was nothing about my experience that I would ask to change. Thank you.

Caity Charrier

My car has been there for over 3 weeks to be diagnosed. We have had nothing but issues with the department. We decided not to pursue fixing it however the car was still in pieces when sent home. We asked them to at least put it back together as we did not ask for it be left apart it should be left in the condition it was brought to them in and the guy was very rude told me not unless we pay him more. we have bought and serviced 3 vehicles from central maine and unfortunately we will not be back. We loved buying vehicles from Zach and wish it wasn't going to come to this as very soon we will be buying a new vehicle again but we feel strong about getting our vehicles serviced where we bought them and we will not be doing that

Paula Dowling

Great customer service. Very helpful

Catalina OC

Ask for Chris Albee! We've bought 3 cars from him. We tell him what we are looking for in a car, and we always get what we need and within our budget too.

Naomi Hinz

Had a great experience with the service department. The curtesy shuttle driver Fred was womderful especially at 7 in the morning. I also need to point out the fact of a great video sent via text message showing and detailing the multipoint inspection along with, what exactly was wrong w. our vehicle.

Shaine Wilson

Good place for new cars and trucks.

Aaron Smart

I just want to start by saying that I am not a picky or rude person at all and that I just want to express how I feel. 8 months ago I had the motor replaced in my Cadillac CTS at Central Maine motors. Although it was pricey I decided that a dealership was the way to go. After a lengthy wait my car was done. I went over, paid for it and left. I drove it for about 2 months and then put it away for the winter. I dug it out this spring and decided to clean it up and make sure nothing had nested in there as it happens a lot in Maine due to cold winter's. When I popped the hood and looked around I noticed that all of the attachment's such as the window washer fluid buckets where all loose and just thrown on and none of the guards that protect your hands from getting caught in moving parts where properly seated, in fact half of them where broke. Did I mention this is a Cadillac?, Cause everything is tight and orderly on a Cadillac. Although this made me angry I ignored it and moved on. When I got to the air filter it looked like it had been in there since WWII! It was definitely not the filter that I had put in there prior to the new motor!!!???. I don't know where it came from. When I drove over to the dealership to ask why and get a new one they informed me that they don't replace that when swopping out a motor??? Well it's not the one that it came to the dealership with? I bet it came with the used motor that they put in. Don't you want the new ( well nice used motor) to run properly? It's a 12 dollar filter? This has made me question other things that they may have overlooked. The parts guy I talked to could have cared less about my dilemma. So rethink any work you may have done there cause my Cadillac was just hacked back together and nobody cares. I hope the powers that be see this post and make some kind of changes. Also I thought I should mention that the main ground for the motor and battery where just tapped in over the painted surface and wasn't doing it's job. I had to grind the paint off and do it right because being a modern car it requires a really good ground. This caused multiple issues including the traction control, stabile Trac and engine power lose. I literally chased my tail for a week trying to figure out the problem when it was a simple fix. So that is my experience and I am not happy at all. Thank you for your time

Curt Goldsberry

I recently purchased a vehicle from CMA. It was a really good experience. No nonsense and my questions were answered so that I felt comfortable purchasing the truck. Thomas Dube was the sales person, Great job

Kenneth LaVoie

Fantastic place to do business. We've been buying personal and business vehicles here since 1995, and they've never let us down. They are the only dealership I've been to that doesn't chase you out the door if you're not ready to buy. Great sales, great service. You'll feel like part of the family.

Chris Philbrick

Good service

Pamela Thompson

Online appointment was easy. Rental car was super simple to pick up and I could be on my way. Work was done promptly and loved the "video" of maintenance that they texted to me! Getting ready to transition a new lease from my current one--I would start here, hands down!

Dan Hall

On June 18 I had the pleasure of buying a brand new Ram 1500 from Central Maine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. The Sales Consultant, Jeff Warren, was the most pleasant, professional, and helpful sales consultant that I have ever met. Jeff assisted me with all the information I needed to make the trade-in of my used vehicle (Ram 1500) and the purchase of a new Ram 1500 as smooth and easy as possible. I have nothing but the highest praise for Jeff Warren for making my purchase so easy and giving me a GREAT deal on my trade-in and also on the new Ram 1500 as well. Also, the parts and Service department was great as well in getting me the additional accessories installed as well. And with a 15% customer loyalty discount as well. Great job to Central Maine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for a fantastic job! I am now a very happy and loyal customer of you as is my wife as well. Anyone in the market for a new or used vehicle would do well to check out Central Maine Auto Group first because they really want your business and earn your trust and loyalty. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Keep up the great work!

Jason Roy

Expensive Parts but they get the job done when it's needed

Michael Juliano

Typical used car salesman

Kevin P. Joseph

I bought a new 2016 Ram 2500. Great truck at a great price. Steve was very helpful. Nice place to do business.

Jessica Lavoie

Never rip you off!

Amy Price

melanie mcgregor

I have done business with central maine motors for many years and now I have to wonder how much work on my vehicle I paid for that wasn't even needed. I recently took my car there to be inspected. They told me it needed 12200.00 worth of repairs. One of the things was rear brake pads. I took it and had the brake pads chaanged. The pads were not worn at all. I will never tell people to go there again very disappointed

Jamie Hyde

Great customer service, awesome selection of vehicles and wonderful financing options!

Daddywolf 13

Very rude especially for their customer service. Not helpful at all. Needed a jump start was on KMD right in front of the entrance they said sorry can't help unless we wanted to buy a battery for almost $200 then they would help us. Would not recommend this place for anything....

Todd Healy

Pleasure doing business with these folks. Enjoying our new car!

Gary Lessard

Good place to get your car fixed but can be a little pricey.

Mitch Ryan

About a year ago, my wife and I started looking for a new vehicle for her. After looking at a few dealerships and not having great experiences, we stopped by Central Maine Motors and spoke with Dan Seigars. Dan was suggested by a friend and he did NOT disappoint. He took his time with us as well tried out about five different vehicles and eventually picked a 2016 VW Jetta SE. Dan was never pushy and worked with us on pricing. More recently, (just days ago) I had decided that it was time to start looking for a new vehicle. The first place we went was Central Maine Motors and spoke with Derek Burbank. I had already been eyeing a 2015 Audi A3 Premium Plus so Derek got the car setup for a test drive and away we went. Normally I prefer the salesman doesnt go along on the test drive but Derek wasn't pushy, asked if he could come along and has a genuine interest in cars. Derek talked about the car and made small talk which allowed me to enjoy the test drive. After looking at a few other cars, I was hooked on the Audi. Derek made the purchasing experience relaxed and got me a great deal. Long story short, my wife still LOVES her 2016 VW Jetta and I couldn't be happier with my new 2015 Audi A3. If you're in the market for a new car, stop and see Dan or Derek at Central Maine Motors; you won't regret it!

Jaimie Fifield

Darci Williams

Best place to get the car serviced. Really fast and friendly service! Also dog-friendly since I had my dog with me for travel purposes.

kari lancaster

Came back 6 time looking at buying a car. Every time not one person would help me or even be bothered to answer any of my questions. 6 tried was enough, so we bought a brand new car from Charlie's Chevrolet in Winthrop.

Duane Edwards

Experienced and knowledgeable. Great to do business with. See Zach in sales.

Patrick Willette


Bill Roope

I would have to say that working with the Derek Burbank was a welcome no pressure pleasure. I have bought a lot of vehicles from many different dealers but working with the team at Central Maine Motors was one of the best car buying experiences for my wife and I. Highly recommend buying a vehicle here to anyone in the market.


My sales man Chris Albee is awesome, friendly, and knowledgeable . Reserved the vehicle for me. The only thing is the time it took to complete the sale which is no fault of Chris’s. Overall , I would definitely recommend going to central maine motors and see Chris Albee

gigi Jack

Tami Norcross

Zach Bradley was great from start to finish.very professional.knew what we were looking for and did not try to sell us something else. He really went above and beyond.i would highly recommend him.great personality as well

Amber Pritchard

My dad purchased a car 2 years ago and had nothing but great things to say about matt Hebert! So I decided when it was time I also wanted to go to him! Best decision I made. He made it so easy for me, and making sure everything that I wanted in a car is what I got. Never been happier with a purchase than I was buying my car. Would recommend shopping with them to anyone!!

Lets Doit

Buyer beware! They sold me a jeep with a rotted frame. Will not buy again. Not trust worthy

Craig Glueck

I had a great experience at Central Maine Toyota. Thanks to Matt Loubier, I got a great, low milage, Toyota Corolla at the perfect price. Couldn't have done it without him. Good pace, no pressure. I would do business with Matt and Certral Maine Motors again in a heart beat. Plus, if you're having trouble with your back swing, Matt can help! Thanks Matt!

David Harris

Best service anywhere

ashley weese

Worst place I’ve ever been to for a vehicle! They all seem so nice and willing to get you a vehicle that you don’t want. They make it seem like they’re going to go all out to help you. Lol. Ran my credit 14 times and dropped it 80 points. Couldn’t even go anywhere else. Talked me into. Vehicle they damaged while putting into their shop for cleaning. What a joke this place is! Won’t be giving them my business ever again!

John Gerry

great service!

David McCrea

Great staff friendly atmosphere

Allen Crowell

Nice place

joshua brann

Tim Hayes

Ask for Garrett Gallagher and you won't be disappointed.

Cory Morrison

Honesty, integrity and excellent service team!! I purchased a used vehicle, no warranty, inspection only. 33 days later something went wrong with the engine. After agreeing to pay for diagnostics, Brandon in service had the ethics to inform me that the issue was the result of defective work performed by them prior to my purchase. They provided me with a loaner and completely repaired the problem at no cost to me. They could have been like other repair places and told me what needed to be done and charged Me. I would have never known it was something they did before my purchase. Honesty and integrity go a long way. Special thanks to the service department and technicians who fixed my car. This 5 star service has made me a loyal customer.

Garret Barajas

Sold me a car with a factory defect. And when I went to trade it in 4yrs later they offered me $3000 dollars on a 2010 Jeep Commander that we bought new, with a sticker price of $38,000 what a deal. They are some of the biggest crooks around.

Thomas Duda

Alan Swett

GREAT parts room and service folks

Lauren Gregory

CMM performed an oil change on my vehicle, shortly-after my check-engine light came on, and generally following an oil change, my screen no longer says "check engine oil", but this messaged remained and is still on every time I start my car. Another servicer observed that my oil-plug was over-torqued, because of work done by CMM. CMM is blaming the other servicer, and refusing to offer assistance even though I have had to drive down to Waterville, 2 hours away, twice, because they couldn't fix it the first time. Terrible customer service, they wouldn't return my phone calls, and kept saying that the manager would call, but he never did. I will never, EVER utilized this overpriced dealership again. I have never written a bad review, I'm a patient person, but my needs were not met, CMM was unwilling to claim responsibility for their mistake, and I know how to advocate for myself. I don't think that it's fair to judge a person or business based on one bad experience, but this was multiple people and departments mistreating me. Never again.

Sheldon Leonard

All was good. No complaints.

christopher cowin

I only went here twice so not much to say just that they had what I needed and it was a little rich in price but it was convenient too

Rodney Spear

Nice people.

Russell York

Stephen Gough

had some GM recommended maintenance done on my vehicle. The work was completed 100% and was completed quickly and close to the quoted cost. Always a great experience at Central Maine Motors, they are friendly and very professional. Won't go anywhere else for service.

mike Vashon

Great service

Chasellor Burris

Grace Allen

Val Rodrigue

I have purchased many vehicles from Central Maine Motors over the last 30 years and I have always been pleased with the experience. Our sales person is knowledgeable about the vehicles and availability of what we are looking for. She was willing to look beyond the dealership for a particular color even out of state. She is also knowledgeable about the features of the vehicle.

Sheila Morang

They are the best and treat their consumers with excellent service.

Crissy Haze

Mechanic there is horrible! I think Elmer sniffed to much glue.

Wade Fraser

Good selection of vehicles

Robert Morrison

Very enjoyable buying experience. Matt Hebert was excellent to work with.


The service department at the Dodge/Chrysler building at the top of the hill on KMD really needs help. My vehicle had a recall and the people we dealt with could care less that the ignition switch could shut off the vehicle while driving. Dave's comments were:"6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months; We'll call you when the part comes in. My ignition switch broke and I had to pay to have them put another defective part in it. A week later my van shut off. We called them and were told that they would move us to the front of the line. After I had the ignition replaced as I was paying for it, I asked Dave this question:" So what you're telling me is that my wife can drive out of here onto I-95 and the van can shut off?" Dave's answer was "Yep." Don't walk away, Run!

Dina Burke

Worse place for auto repair ..3 time to get one thing fixed ..everything I bring my car in they screw it up and say it was like that ..never going there again ..

greg shrader

Just purchased our second vehicle thru Central Maine Motors and can't say enough about the great experience. Cassie Faulkner again made car buying a pleasure and shared in my daughters excitement as she got behind the wheel of her first car. We'll be back!!

Roozie F

If you're looking for a quality vehicle and you have specific wants or upgrades this is the place to go. I am a rather picky guy hard to please I have no issue admitting that. I know what Iike so normally I am not really taken with any place however this dealership went above and beyond for us!!! If you have a chance to work with a Salesman named Garrett Then you are in good hands

Jeremy Jones

Some good deals

Scott Smith

Stephanie Allard

Good selection of new and used vehicles. The staff works hard to match your price range to their selection. Zachary was very approachable, friendly and professional

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