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Currently the firm has a rating of 4.7 stars over 5 and the score was based on 85 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Autowerkes Maine IN Maine

Dan Hogan

Honest and upfront with what needs to be done and concerned with getting it right.

David Mazer

I moved to Maine so I could be closer to Autoworks. OK, let me know literally be true, but I am very glad to have Autowerkes.stone throw away. Their technicians bring a high level of skill to solving myriad problems and the staff there always goes the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. If you have a German car and want quality work done for a fair price, this is the place to go!

Jesse Lombardo

Autowerkes is the only place I will take my Audi. Always greeted with a smile, excellent advice and an inspection every time. Knowledgeable and thorough. Thumbs up to Jess and the techs!

zack barrows

sue briggs

I have an 07 Audi A3 Quattro, 227k miles and love Autowerkes. Always looking out for my car. Highly recommend, 5 stars!

First name Last name

Shout out to the Autowerkes crew! You guys are awesome! Thank you for your exceptional service! Levi owner and very satisfied customer.

G Cracker

Knowledgeable and friendly technicians, but follow through is lacking on their service writers. Emails go unanswered, and estimates come back with errors and sometimes are direct copies of other customers' invoices with private info visible.

Portland Maine

Went in for simple brake switch replacement. Got stuck with hundreds in extra charges for diagnostics which were not needed nor approved beforehand. Will not be taken again. If you are going to charge like the dealer have the same level of expertise otherwise you get reviews like this from pissed off customers whom you have taken advantage. Own the following cars: Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Volvo.

Carol Wagner

I have always been very satisfied with the work needed at Autowerkes for my Mini Cooper. They are very prompt at contacting me with any needs or changes. I would recommend them to anyone. I drive from Gorham to Freeport for their excellent work.

Jon Adams

Kevin Desmond

For some reason, I don't think people genuinely get excited to bring a car to a repair facility for routine service. You can get pretty excited with the team at Autowerkes though. I have found them to be true professionals each time I have visited their facility. They are great at providing expert recommendations about services that should be considered, but more importantly they can explain why. I find their approach refreshingly honest and thorough. Keep it up!!

Adi Kehoe

Always pleasant and professional. They go above and beyond with their customer service. I completely trust them with my mini cooper.

Karen Stevens

I have now been to Autowerkes twice and honestly can't say enough about this company. Clean, professional, keep you up to date on work and cost are just the beginning of your experience at this repair site. I would send my 94 year old Mother here and never fear they would surprise her with something that she did not need to fix. My 2005 CooperS can tell it on the mountain."Come on over to Autowerkes"!

Keith Lorentsen

Trey Bachner

Top notch service!

John Phillips

Jess was able to schedule a time sensitive pre-purchase inspection for a used BMW. The mechanic at Autowerkes did a meticulous job going over the vehicle and help prevent me from making a mistake purchasing it. I recommend Autowerkes to all my friends and family.

Dan Mclellan

Not everyone can work on my mini coupe R58 Autowerks can and they worked with my Warranty company they did 5he repairs and did an oil change I will have all my work done here from now on.

Christina Cromwell

The mechanics at Autowerkes have kept my car and, therefore, myself and my passengers safe for quite a few years now. I truly appreciate that :-) Thank you, everyone!

Lisa Collins

paul barresi

Voit is awesome! Incredibly knowledgeable and informative about the work completed and any further needs Fixes things that other shops would just replace with expensive parts Fantastic shop Friendly staff Really great experience

Bill Strauser

Daniel Tarsetti

Unfortunately my beamer ended up being more to repair than it was valued at, but because of the extensive labor they put in I still owed $800. This was a lot of money to pay when I wasn’t even going to have a car to drive at the end of the day. I called Rick to tell him how difficult it would be for me to pay that while trying to obtain a new car- they listened to my concerns and offered to completely waive the money I owed in exchange for the parts on my car (which wasn’t valued any where near that much). They were respectful with a nice facility and seemed to know what they were doing. I understand why they consistently have 5 stars.

Donald Bodin III

Kate Leveille

We travel from Casco to Freeport to have them work on our Mercedes. We have been there 3 times now and each time we have been very happy with the professional service from the people at the front desk and the technicians. We have asked if certain parts should be changed out and they will honestly say that it would just be wasting our money for now. This last time we asked them to look the car over and they could only find one issue. Some other places would say more would need to be done and just rob you of your money. Thank you Autowerkes.

Sleakassassin JS

Very great service, they always went above and beyond to make sure i was taken care of amazing establishment

Charlie Tufts

Some of the best service I have ever experienced at an auto repair shop. They were helpful, communicative, updated me on the status of my work order and delivered ahead of time on budget. Doesn't get much better than this. If you own a Porsche in So. Maine, you should be talking with Autowerks in Freeport when you need service.

Andy Lawson

Light years beyond my local Audi dealer for all my service needs. Great communications as well. Fair and honest.

Eli Travis

Awesome staff

Andrew Wargo

Convenient location and easy process

Lucy Deakins

Traveling far from home and our VW Eurovan camper had a somewhat complicated mechanical issue. These guys got us on the road with friendly and professional service. They really knew their stuff. Price was reasonable for the work they had to do.

Dustin Manocha

Good guys for Porsche service, and reasonably priced. Took my Cayenne there yesterday. Mike and team are very good. Would recommend.

Andy Stuart

Best shop in Maine. great work on my ML320

Sandra Scully

Wil Thieme

Autowerkes is a very professional and friendly place to have work done on your vehicles. I had been very disappointed with the quality of work at Morong Audi in Falmouth so I took a chance with Autowerkes and was impressed with their attentiveness and quality of work.

T Crockett

A knowledgable staff with a "can do" attitude and reasonable rates. Very pleased with my first visit there after only dealing with Mercedes dealer service. They could use a TV in the waiting area.

Mary Ellen Kazimer

We were driving home, going north on I-295 one morning, when the malfunction light on my Audi A4 began flashing and the engine vibrated intermittently. Luckily, we were just a couple of miles from Autowerkes, so we headed straight there. I was in a wheelchair because I'd broken both legs a few weeks earlier. As we approached the door, one of the Autowerkes employees dashed out to open the doors and make it easier for us to get in. She took our trouble report and within a few minutes the crew was assessing our car. They diagnosed the problem quickly and reported it was most likely a faulty part, and one that happened to still be under warranty. They said they'd order the part and the car would be ready by noon the next day. They gave us a loaner and we were headed home again in a very short time. And we got our car back at the time promised. Because the part was under warranty, there was no charge for it. Autowerkes also waived their service charges because they had put the faulty part in back in the spring of this year. I have always found the Autowerkes staff to be friendly and informative. They take the time to explain everything and answer any questions. In the spring, my car was in for a major service and when I stopped by on my way somewhere else, they took me back to the service bay to show me where they were in the process and the parts they had removed and were replacing. Some auto shops I've used have been condescending to me, seemingly because I'm female. That's never been remotely a problem at Autowerkes. In fact, I was happy to see two female employees there this week. For anybody who has mobility issues, I can also report that the facility, including its bathroom, is accessible and comfortable. I switched to Autowerkes last year, after having to have the same issues addressed over and over again with my previous shop, and have been very happy since. This most recent experience solidified my high opinion of their professionalism and customer service. I highly recommend them to any owners of European cars.

Andrew Wilson

Autowerkes Maine is an exceptional independent BMW and foreign car shop. If you are looking for an alternative to the dealers, Autowerkes is the place for you. They maintain my vintage BMWs to a high level of finish and reliability. I drive my '73 BMW 2002Tii & '73 BMW 3.0Csi all over the country and put thousands of miles on them yearly. They have been able to diagnose and repair issues with my '73 3.0CSi others couldn't and did it right the first time. In fact being an Authorized Bosch Service Center the starter repair on the 3.0CSi was completely covered under warranty from the flatbed to the completed repair. I was very happy about that. They are also an authorized Dinan installation center. So they were able to reinstall software a BMW dealer erased on my 1997 BMW M3, the same dealer broke my throttle body. I upgraded to the Dinan throttle body, cold air intake and upgraded software. The car is amazing to drive and the throttle body fixed the cruise control, I also get better fuel mileage now up to 29mpg on the highway. The staff are wonderful with great attention to detail. They are courteous and very helpful, I enjoy the personalized attention I receive when I drop a car off, makes me feel appreciated. Their communication during the time the car's in the shop and post repair follow up are excellent. If you have any doubts about this review check it out for yourself if you've never been there.

David Doughty

jana profenno

Everyone is so pleasant, and helpful they take their time to make sure everything is done correctly ! Will continue to bring my car there when it needs work done !!! Thank You !

Dana Waterhouse

Patrick Moore

I had them swap my summer tires with my winter tires (both on their own rims) - essentially a tire rotation - and was charged almost an hour of labor ($70). And that was the last time I ever went there. I doubt that was the first time that they've ever pulled that stunt.

Baris Sener

07/25/2016: Got state inspection; I asked them not to use screws for the front plate, they said they'll use zip ties. However, they screwed the plate in. I already had 2 holes for the bmw front plate bracket, they could have at least used the existing holes; now I have 4 holes on the bumper. First they claimed my car already had the holes, now they're admitting it's their fault but refusing to fix the damage. I'll keep this updated. Contacted Maine Consumer Protection Division. They should be hearing from the office of the Maine AG soon 08/19/2016 Response to the owner: The existing holes on the car are from the BMW OEM front plate bracket; we've already talked about this Voit; be honest please. It was Arnold's idea to use zip ties so I agreed to bring in the front plates; I said please don't put screws on the bumper, I'm going to use the tow hook plate holder. Arnold told me that he'll tell the mechanic to use zip ties. You can't just decide to put screws on my bumper after you told me you're going to use zip ties. If you don't have zip ties (which I find hard to believe, I think Arnold just forgot to talk to the mechanic) and have to use screws; then don't give me the sticker; it's not your job to make my car pass inspection. You need to learn to communicate better with your customers. You made a bad decision; you need to own it, simple as that.

Jeff Doan

Excellent as always!

Andrew Harris

Jamey Kitchen

Very happy with the service and care provided. Nice to have transport to and from work when dropping the car.

Daniel Kagan

If you want a shadetree mechanic who might or might not know how to take care of your European car, but you think will save you a little money, this is not your place. But if you want to keep your European vehicle maintained for the long-haul, there is no comparable place in Maine. AW is the best, hands-down.

Doug Walker

Peter Hall

Clean professional service. Did it on time. Really seamless experience. They have customer service down cold.

Paul Triggiani

I have been bringing my European cars to Autowerkes for many years and referred many friends. I have always been treated with a high level of professionalism and expertise with all services performed in a timely manner for a fair price. I highly recommend Autowerkes for anyone looking for an alternative to the dealership for service and repair of a European car.

Rhoads Hollowell

Paul Riechmann

Good work: diagnosed tricky problem well; spent extra effort to find kit covered by warrenty; provided loaner; installed parts in timely fashion; solved problem; and returned car clean & shiny. But communication could have been better: didn't tell me when parts arrived; check-in person couldn't tell what was going on from the job's paperwork; nobody called to alert me that car was almost ready and that I might want to start driving back to Freeport.

Nancy Butman

Excellent service on all three of our cars! Great communication throughout the process—cars are always ready (and washed!) when they’re promised.

Justin Dotey

I am so happy that I found Autowerks. They totally take the stress out of having work done on my car. The first garage that I completely trust to do the job right, and with no unnecessary work. My Volvo has never run better.

Margaret Jacobson

Simply the best customer service experience I've ever had.

Marcia Black

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Bill did a great job on my 911. She runs like a whole new car. These people were very professional and respectful. Highly recommend!!!

Kelly Young

In for a state inspection. My Audi passed, and I feel comfortable knowing that a good quality tech gave my car the thumbs up! Thanks, guys!

Gloria Holland

There's nothing better than choosing an auto service provider after having read their reviews and then finding out for yourself that they have acutally met and exceeded all of your expectations. If you own a quality vehicle, it only makes sense to seek out a quality group to maintain your investment. I look forward to a long, happy relationship wth Autowerkes. It is obvious that they actually care about each and every customer from the first contact to completion of the service and beyond.

Jeremy Colpitts

Nathaniel Rinehart

Very professional, very respectful. They remember their customers, and always suggest the best products for your car. Their schedule is also fairly flexible. Best dealer/service shop I’ve ever been to.

George Graham

We Have been work done on our 86 tour disel for a number of years and the staff is so outstanding. They know cars inside and out. Share what is wrong with the dcar. Are thoughtful, kind. THE Best place to go. Tell your friends. Thank you.

Dan Sparta

I will continue coming from Massachusetts to work with Autowerkes! Always clean, friendly, prompt service. I highly recommend them for all your auto needs! I look forward to many more years of incredible service.

Alex Kirk

Absolutely the best customer service in Maine for European cars. The associate I dealed with picked up parts for my car as he went home after work because I had to be to work the next day and he did not want me to be late. Awesome place!

Sue 57

I have a 2007 Audi A3 Quattro with close to 225;000 miles and Autowerkes is the only place I will take my Audi for service. Jess and the techs are the best! Always keeping my car in top running condition. They go over and above. Kudos to a great team!

John Hichborn

Never disappointed. On time and friendly.

Michaela Firlotte

Mike, and Matt have offered us exceptional service time and time again. We’ve had a recent string of events with tuning our M car and drivetrain complications with the SUV. Autowerkes has gone above and beyond to solve all the unexpected issues. We’ve been on the needy side of customer expectations and they have not disappointed! Can’t thank you Guys enough! -Michaela & Sean

Grant Rothweiler

Maryann Russell

I'm so very grateful for the entire Autowerkes's team. They're true to their word and really care about me as their customer. My little Mini is in very good hands. Thank you all!!!

Cory Friedman

Autowerkes is the only place that I take my foreign cars after many years of lackluster experience with car dealers who really just want to sell you a car. I very confidently recommend them to family and friends without needing to cross my fingers and hope they get a decent mechanic. They are all detail oriented and more professional than any service writers or mechanics at the big dealers!

Kevin Pennell

Attention to detail and treating your auto as you would are two of the unique qualities of Autowerkes Maine. The fact that they also offer loaners if your pet vehicle needs to stay a while also adds to their rating in my book. That's important for those with a busy schedule. Keep up your great "werk" Autowerkes!

Paul Monat

Customer service at Autowerkes is paramount! Mike, Jess, and the rest of the team are the very best: knowledgeable, courteous, and, most importantly to me, trustworthy. If it needs to be done, it's done; but, if it isn't required or doesn't need to be done, you are told and told why! To say that our Mini S, Clive by name, is in good hands is an understatement! Your vehicle is always washed and cleaned when you pick it up. Voit, you have assembled the very best team to take care of Clive's needs!!! Many thanks!

Bill Hogan

This place was awesome! They got me in immediately to remove then add stage one APR tune on my Audi TT’s. Best of all everyone I interacted with was super friendly! They even gave me a referral for tint services! Experience couldn’t have been better! Thanks, guys!

Peter Then

Excellent customer service, knowledgeable and personable staff.


Super friendly with "Mercedes dealer quality customer service" at reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

Scott McQuilkin

As usual, timely, accommodating, enthusiastic and kind. Always a pleasure to visit, from the tidy lobby, fantastic reception and scheduling personnel, complimentary coffee and snacks, to the immaculate service facilities, Autowerkes is a local gem. Allows me to breath easy that my vehicles have such a professional and competent team so close to home.

Paul Dixon

Had my mini in here recently for an oil change. They took care of it for what I'd say is a fair price - a bit more than the Jifi Lube type places but less than a dealer - and they didn't try to stick me with anything I didn't really need. They did try to stick me with a labor charge for installing some wiper blades, but refunded it when I pointed it out. Overall I'd happily go back.


Continuous excellent customer service by Mike and Jason. They are always able to provide me w/a loaner car for the day for work, while top notch service technicians do repairs to my Volvo XC90. I trust Autowerks implicitly. Fair prices, highly recommended!


I have nothing but good things to say about Autowerkes! After an unfortunate ignition coil failure during our road trip in a VW Eurovan, we had the camper towed here by AAA. After confirming the issue, a new coil was promptly on its way and installed the same day, all for a very fair price! A big thumbs up, especially to Jessica and Jeff, you guys saved our road trip!

Rick Fox

First rate place if you care about your vehicle. From drop off to loaner car to finish, everything here is top notch. I recommend highly.

Dwayne Black

Brought in Porsche for inspection and routine maintenance. One issue was the air bag light. They thoroughly diagnosed and addressed the air bag and kept me apprised of their progress. Autowerkes consistently provides very good service and professional repairs.

Kris Jennings

I own 2 Mini Coopers and have been bringing them here for service for the last few years. Don't expect to get a simple inspection sticker no matter how well you maintain your car. These people always find something you need whether you need it or not like flushing your break fluid at 35,000 miles? Yes, I fell for that. My Son changes his own oil and break pads but for these guys to reset the vehicle computer expect to pay $100.00. OK, you’re probably wondering what's the big deal? My last experience started 1 week ago when I brought my Sons car in because it was running poorly. They informed me that after plugging in the code reader and resetting the car to relearn me as a driver and various other mumbo jumbo, the oil cap was loose and that will be $108.00. So I asked, “It cost me $108.00 to tighten the oil cap?” He repeated about the really smart car and how it has to relearn how I drive and then added that the drive belt needs to be replaced. $325.00. Just so you know, this is a belt that is completely hidden from sight opening the hood on a Mini. This mini has 50,000 miles on it. My other vehicles have twice as many miles as that and I have never replace the belt/fan belt. I said OK, and ask if the car would be ready today. “No problem,” he said. He called me back about 1 1/2 hours later saying all done. That was fast. I paid the full bill, $108.00 for tightening the oil cap and the $325.00 for new fan belt. Turns out they did not replace the belt after all. Not clear what the heck was going on, I called the Mini dealership in Peabody. I stopped payment until work was actually to be completed. Autowerkes, today, 1 week later replaced the drive/fan belt. They informed me that in order to pick up my car, I would have to pay with cash, and now the price went up to $350.00 due to stopping payment on the previous check?! Very humiliating. No way was I going to bring cash but I did pay the full amount. What else could I do? Well this is what I can do. I will never go back to this place and I hope you give it some serious consideration before you do.

lowell jeffers

This is the most professional dealership service that I have encountered in my 60 yrs of auto ownership. Bar none. They will see me again.

Tammi Moore

The people that work here are so incredibly nice. They offer free coffee, tea, water, soda and snacks while you wait.

Jeffrey Raup

Very friendly and knowledgeable team of experts! Found the problem, fixed the problem and right on the money with the estimated cost of repairs. Five plus stars all the way!

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