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jesse mac

I bought my first KIA ever through Briggs Kia, with the help of Lamarcus Betts, and it was awesome! He did a great job of getting me the Soul I wanted at a price I could afford. I highly recommend him and the entire Briggs Kia staff! Thank you!!

Scott Martin

Bought a car from Briggs Kia. Was told that I should have the title in 4 to 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks I started calling about the title. The people I would talk to said they would get back with me and never did. Two months after buying the car I still don't have the title. Service I have gotten has been good. It's the sales manager and other staff you talk to that don't care and don't want to help you or keep you informed on what is going on

Ernie Davis

Ross and Tim worked very hard to make sure I got into the vehicle I wanted. I didn't have the best credit, and they were still able to get me approved. By far the best car buying experience I've ever had.

Brianna Walker

I had a great experience buying my first car from Michael B.! He is very patient, hard-working, and a great salesman. He listens to what people are looking for and finds what fits them best. I definitely recommend asking for him!

Marilyn Oliva

My husband and I went in to look on Saturday and Brandon was absolutely incredible! He worked hard to find the perfect vehicle for us, didn't hesitate to go on test drives, and made sure we were 100% happy with the vehicle we picked. He and the team went above and beyond to make sure we got a deal we were comfortable with on a vehicle that was so far above what we expected for the price! Brandon even called to follow up and make sure we were still happy with the vehicle today. We will definitely be going back and highly recommend them to everyone!

Linda Clements

John, the parts manager, was abrasive and very rude. Tracy, who also worked in the parts department was polite, kind and went above and beyond. Brent, the manager over parts and service was also very nice and responsive. If not for Brent and Tracy, John would have made me decide to never do business with Briggs Kia. He was the absolute worst.

Scott R

Will only go to Briggs Kia. This is my second vehicle from them. Always professional and quick! Bought the first one from Brandon, who got promoted, so this time I had the pleasure of working with Jesus! He did not disappoint! If you need a car, go with Kia and Jesus, I promise you will be very happy!

Tom Gibbs

Josh Kennedy did an awesome job of helping me get the Kia I was looking for. Thanks again Josh. You deserve a raise for your salesmanship

Darnell Bartlett

My man Dennis helped us out from the moment we got there and with every question we had! I figured I wasn’t going to be approved for anything because of the past but they all got us approved and got us everything we needed to better the future if you go in go see Dennis!

Christina Gutierrez

I had a great experience at Briggs Kia purchasing my new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport! Josh Kennedy did an awesome job meeting my individual car needs and found a car for me that exceeded my expectations! I’m very impressed with the way Josh and the Briggs team were able to work with my financial situation and get me the best deal possible, and for that I thank you! I will definitely be recommending Briggs Kia to anyone looking for a new car

Brigitte Russell

That was the best experience ever buying a car. Joshua Kennedy Garrett Williams and James are the best . Will buy my next car from Briggs Kia. Very pleasant experience.

Carla jackson

This was by far one of the best car buying experiences I have had. Friendly, no pressure and they found exactly what I needed. I will certainly go back for my next car purchase.

Joe Hishmeh

Had a great no hassle experience with these guys. Tim, Cedric and Travis were awesome to work with. Very satisfied!

Sarah Elsen

We have been searching for a good used car for my son. We stumbled into Briggs and were greeted by Chris. From beginning to end he was great to work with! He did not pressure us, he wanted to know what we really wanted and he met the tough criteria we had. My son couldn't be happier and I was happy with the experience. I would highly reccomend seeing Chris!!

Shannon Esopi

A few months ago I had worked with Iesha and Brandon Combs. I needed a car fast, I ended up getting one. In the process of selling me the car I asked Brandon if Briggs offered car cleaning and washing because I know of some dealerships that do that for there customers, and I said just that. He said “ we normally don’t do that but we won’t turn you down if you ask”. My mother was there with me in that process and she confirmed with me that he did say this. That was a big wow factor for me in buying my car from Briggs, in which I did purchase the car. About 6 weeks later I go in for an oil change and ask if my car can be cleaned while it’s getting serviced. I was told then that they only clean the front two mats, and they can spray my car down and that’s all because they don’t detail customers cars. The associates made me feel very naive and Ill-advised. This furiated me, I was sold a dream! I feel now more than ever that Briggs associates are really just car salesman’s looking for a sale and nothing more! I worked in sales for a long time so I know how the game works, but I always keep my word. Unlike Briggs they lied to me and I will never forget this car buy experience and not in a good way let me say that. It’s like thinking everything is great and then getting slapped in the face. This is not my first time purchasing a car, I know how the industry works now I can say this ain’t my first rodeo, due to the bad experience.I could say so much more but I will stop here.

Jennifer Carlock

Josh was our salesperson very nice and even though it was a long day he made the experience good. I'm happy to say my kiddo drove away with a nice 2017 car from here we will be back.

Beautiful Butterfly

I have never received such great service. This was my first new car purchase and Briggs Kia made it special. I especially want to thank Johnny Pittman for his time and effort. He walked me through the whole process and made sure I got exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Briggs Kia to all my friends and suggest they talk to Johnny Pittman for the best service.

Michael Smith

Josh did well on his delivery. Would have liked a little more contact while waiting on delivery. But would return for next purchase should I decide to get another kia.

Stephanie Seth

Offended customer in negotiation stage. Lowered sticker price $700 after being told we would pay cash (we didn't want financing) and that we needed to make a deal preferably today. Told him that I wasn't trading pennies for pennies or waiting all day by taking off a few hundred dollars each time he goes back. Told him if that was the case we were done. He asked why, I told him I had found cars that were at least under his best first deal. He asked me for places and their number to check so he could see what best deal was to give us. Told him we were done as he was wasting our time and we had asked for his best deal. As we walked out, he told us that he's not sure what kind of car we bought at the last place we bought it but when you buy a car... we didnt wait for him to finish. I turned around and told him offending his customer base will not earn him business. Our last car bought was a Honda Odyssey Limited but it shouldn't matter if we were driving in with the worst running car out there. Treat your customers with respect and dignity..and it will make a huge difference. Very disappointed. Sadly, the saleswoman we had was excellent but her manager or closer cost her the deal. Thanks Shane for your quick response to this post. Unfortunately, we closed on a truck earlier tonight. I appreciate you reading the review and hope that our experience will only make the next customer's experience better.

Nathan Dahlgren

I always came here to get my vehicle serviced. Everyone is always friendly and professional.

Amber Meier

Excellent service department. Vicki is an asset your company! She has always been friendly and extremely knowledgeable every time we brought our car in to be serviced!


Had a great experience with Josh Kennedy! He was able to get me my JEEP!! Overall experience was good, the staff is amazing. Very welcoming, light hearted and friendly!

Doris Watson

I am so happy with my new Kia Soul and the service that I received in making my car shopping experience a breeze. My sales professional, Brandon Combs is great at his job. He made sure that I had the car that I wanted with a very nice payment plan. I will recommend Briggs Auto and I will send them to Brandon Combs for pleasant and fulfilling in buying a new car. Thank you very much Brandon. I also want to give accolades to the rest of the staff there at Briggs, especially the finance department. When I get ready to buy another car it will be from Briggs Auto.

Diana Roque

Josh Kennedy help me out n he did a really great job...I love my new car

Cara Martin

I will no longer be getting my car serviced at Briggs. Prices are way too high for simple service. What used to be complimentary when getting an oil change, such as topping off most fluids, now costs $40 or more each depending on the fluid. Absolutely ridiculous.

Larry Davin

Josh Kennedy was very pleasent and wonderful to work with. Was nice young man wish him the best in live. Thankyou very much and God Bless you and your family.

Joyce Bishop

They have serviced my Kia Soul since I purchased it and are great! Especially Vicky in the Service Department. They know you by name and treat you like a part of the family.

David C

Vicki in service treats you right, she makes sure that when you leave your vehicle is up to par

Elizabeth Root

Kenny Riddle is a great sales person and he helped figure out what kind of car that I would like.

Katelynn Young

I bought my first band new car on Tuesday with the help of Dennis! He is a great salesman, I would never work with anyone else!

Pasillas Family


Danyel Rakowitz

My husband and I bought our 2016 Acura TLX V6 from the Topeka location. The service was great and they were very friendly and personable. My only issue was the total we were told we were paying for the vehicle was different the final price we ended up paying, it is even noted in the paperwork of the originally told price, and the increased price on later documents. It seemed very deceiving. Make sure you go line by line through the paperwork, but other than that the staff was very willing to help, and make out goals achievable.

Baba Rum

My rating is based on only one visit. I took my car there for a safety recall issue. Being the nearest KIA dealer I took it to them. ( Bought car from a Chevy dealer) The service head greeted me and told me how long the inspection would be and checked on me from time to time as I waited inside the dealership. Overall a pleasant experience and I've decided to alternate service calls between Briggs and the dealer I bought the car from...

Bret vonSoosten

Very pleasant just like always ..Kia is not wat people used to think they are great cars great people!

Chad Dexter

Briggs didn't care to get my business, apparently. Took my 2011 Kia Optima EX in to have a recall repair done on a Monday. The recall issue was repaired with no problem. I also had them check while the car was in there what was the noise it was making. Turns out the noise they said was the right front strut needed replaced and they also gave me a price quote. I told them I needed to check with my regular mechanic and also to see if my extended warranty covered that. I called the next day to inform them that I had talked to my extended warranty company and they said it was covered. I asked Briggs Kia when we could get it in to their shop to have it repaired. They talked to their parts people and then called me back to say they had to order the strut and when that came in we could get the car in to be repaired. Not sure why they don't have common parts such as a strut for a pretty common vehicle. They said it should be a couple of days. It was getting late in the week and I called, left messages, etc. and nobody would call me back. Halfway through the next week I finally contacted somebody through persistence on my part as nobody from Briggs Kia would call me back. Actually, this time it was a chat on the main Briggs website. The person didn't know what was going on with that but they said they would check on it and get back to me on that but they never did. It's been 3.5 weeks since the initial diagnosis and I still have not heard back from them on when to get it in to get repaired. Needless to say, I took it elsewhere and had it fixed already. I don't know if Briggs Kia did not want to tackle this repair for some reason or if they are just that bad at what they do. Regardless, I don't believe I will ever use their service department again after this experience. I should give them 1 star but I'll give them 2 only because the warranty repair was done with no problems.

Kaylee Mullins

I came to Briggs Kia unsure of what I was looking for and ended up finding a car that I absolutely fell in love with! Ross helped me through the process by advising me on the best options for what I needed/was looking for, rather than trying to sell me just any car on the lot. My Kia Soul is spacious, clean, and super ideal for my lifestyle. Briggs Kia is now my go to dealership - ask for Ross if you want an amazing, simple, and hands on transaction!

Danielle B

When I first went I was totally happy with my service it was just the getting home part I was furious with.I traveled all the way to this one to keep up with my warranty with KIA and I was already going to be in the area. When I came home it was on a Saturday so when I woke up it was Sunday keep that in mind .As we all know KIA is closed on Sunday .So I come outside and oil is leaking heavily from my car which I just had an oil change by them and this is a brand new car (huge puddle of oil in drive way).So Monday morning I literally go back in forth with the guy there who is generally helpful but this shouldn't have happened in the first place.I PRAY I have no damage to my car there is just no way of telling.So he had them tow it to the nearest location which was far more helpful we had NO problems from them. I'm not sure I'll be going back to the KIA. But I'm thankful they took the responsibility and towed my car and got it fixed free of charge.

Melissa Geiken

They always take great care of me! Usually get my car in and back to me when I need it (or before). You can tell they really care about my safety!

Jenna Coonce

I just recently purchased a car from Briggs Kia and the entire experience was awesome from start to finish. Gotta give a big shout out to Ross (my salesman) and Tim (sales manager) they went above and beyond to help me through the process. I would definitely contact them again if in need of a car. I even needed to schedule a service for my car and Tim went above and beyond to help me with that. Thanks again guys I appreciate the time you spent with me.

Robin Chambers

After a very long and frustrating day trying to find my daughter a used vehicle, I walked into Briggs KIA and knew Carly Stevenson would help us find what we were looking for. I told her what we could afford and what I would accept for our trade in and she made it happen. Not only did she calm a frustrated teenager but her sweet personality quickly won us over. Nathan also made financing a breeze. Thank you Briggs for making our car buying experience, a good experience.

Bob Cavin

My purchase through Briggs staff has been outstanding. Everyone has out of their way to make it all one to remember and one to come back to.. The cars are better than pictures. Shopping here will make me come back. Thanks Brandon. Bob Cavin

Krystal Yegon

I worked with David Giles, who was very helpful. I already knew which car I wanted via Briggs Kia website and he got the car, my husband and I test drove it, and was able to purchase it that very day. David was thorough with explaining all the bells and whistles, along with important safety features and other questions that I had about the car. The entire staff was very friendly in general, and I was able to drive off the lot before the polls closed that day. I would definitely purchase from that dealer again in the future and recommend that dealership as I've always had great luck with Kias.

Ruben Ortiz

I was so impressed with their customer service. Chris Patterson was friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. Financial officer Dane was extremely helpful. Damian was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend family and friends.

Jana Roe

I bought a used car from Briggs Kia today and I’m thrilled!! I love my car. It was the best car buying experience I’ve ever had, and I have bought a few cars. Ross Larson did a great job for us! We will definitely be back to try the service department.

Blaine Warbritton

Highly recommend this place for everyone looking for a car. Cedric Bryant helped me out big time, worked with me on everything and found me the perfect car, plus he's a super nice and funny person which made the experience that much easier.

Jesus Bustos

Very good experience I went with Jesus he definitely help me out. He got me in a car in less than a day. I would recommend going there and asking for Jesus Alvarez


Ross was fantastic, as was the whole staff. We were there on Saturday, 11/3, with our 3-year-old. I think we all know how a busy Saturday at a dealership with a 3-year-old looks like. No one cared that he was crawling and playing in a new Sedona. We were clear in what we did and didn’t want, and we got what we needed to replace the car a deer decided to total. Go see Ross. He’s great. We had to wait a LONG time to finalize our sale, so they gave us an extra tank of gas the next week. That’s customer service.

Brittany Hardten

All of the employees were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Tim Durand

My wife and I went to get our 2019 Soul serviced we got to looking around we found a 2020 Soul GT that we really liked Josh Kennedy helped us get into that car he was very helpful and he also helped me find a truck that I liked they had to get it from the dealership in Manhattan for us to look at it. Thanks Josh for all the hard work.


I am always greeted with a welcome and as a number one customer. I like this!

Erick Gavelan

When I went to pick up my new vehicle to lease, no one knew I was coming even though I was texting the salesman the night before and let him know I'd be there the next day. When I showed up to pick the car up (which is an hour drive one way) I waited for over an hour on all the finance paperwork that had to be done from scratch. The dealer said they would pay my final lease payment on the vehicle I turned in, but it still hasn't posted and is due in three days. I called to ask about it yesterday and was told I would receive a call this morning. Haven't received a phone call. Tried calling and I get voice mail. Not satisfied at all with the service I'm receiving after getting my vehicle.

Maria Herrera Schultes

Went in for very first oil change/check up for my new Soul. I waited almost two hours. Wish they would have said jow long it would take. Waiting atea was clean but chairs are unconfortable for a shorty like me. The personnel were very nice, though. Long wait and uncomfortable chairs are the worst complain, really.

Christina M

I had some paint peeling on my trunk. Thank you to TJ for scheduling me to see Shane Heberling. He did a fantastic job, you would never know anything was ever there. He was friendly and professional. I liked that he stayed in communication with me throughout the process. I ended up having to leave work early because I was sick and Shane personally delivered my car to my house. That meant so much to me, I'm truly grateful; that is really going the extra mile for your customers (literally). Thank you again for getting me out of my lease and into a car I like and for taking extra steps to make my car look great.


Just completed a trade-in and new car lease for a 2018 Kia Niro EX hybrid crossover. Chris Patterson was a most professional sales rep: polite, listened well, asked thoughtful questions and made the process easy. Tyler Graf, the sales manager, was open and honest, about my trade, helpful on the lease process and worked with Chris to find exactly the model I was looking for. Justin Braun in Finance was detailed, thorough and pleasant. This is my first transaction with Briggs; I anticipate it won’t be my last.

Amy Fluke

While I have never had an issue with the Sales side of this location, in fact they have been very helpful and gone above and beyond, the Service side is a whole different ballgame. Right after I purchased the car, I asked about a few minor issues and was informed that is just how the car is made. Which would be okay but they never offered any suggestions except that I could take it to their detailing people myself.....they had possession of the car the entire day and could easily have asked their own detail people. End of the world, no. Irritating, yes. And yet, I continued to take my vehicle there so I guess I get what I deserved. The latest issue is once again a cutomer service issue. While their motto of "100% customer satisfaction" sounds good, the reality is not there to back it up. I have (had) been a loyal service customer with this vehicle. I will now be looking for another place to service my car. Will it be more inconvenient, probably? Will my irritation level go down? I certainly hope so.

Darrell Mcpherson

Was not as impressed with topeka Kia, as I was with the Lawrence Kia. A/C line was broke, i made it clear when dropped it off alls I wanted was that fixed! They call my wife telling her she needed about 700$ worth of other things, one being a new battery. That was a first for me. Battery is only 3 years old, the car is only 4. YWe go to pick it up, she sends my wife to the waiting area,and it takes them 30 minutes to tell us we owed them. The lady was doing appointment calls, for the following days schedule .finally when she did tell us, it was 70$ more then she quoted us on the phone. My wife questioned the cost, and it changed 3 times, before they settled on a cost.They we not familiar with what the warranty covered , and how much it covered. Which to me , was hard to understand. I’m not saying service was horrible, I had no reason to believe they did not have quality mechanics, and worked in cars at a fair price... just felt like the customer was a number... Lawrence Kia treats there customers very personable, I was expecting the same in Topeka Kia I guess

Melissa A. Ashlaw

Had a wonderful experience last Monday buying my Kia niro. I worked with Kenny, he was very informative of the car’s features and if he didn’t know the answer—he found the answer. Cedric was also there to offer assistance. Both were very personable and put me at ease. They explained my options, but were not pushy! They truly made me feel valued as a buyer. 10/10 would recommend.

Oziea Wallace

Joshua was totally awesome and very helpful. I will recommend him to any of my family and friends!!

Johnathan hart

Chris Patterson worked hard to earn my business. He and his sales manager (Shane, I believe) are wonderful to work with. No high pressure sales and they listened to what I was looking for and offered several appealing options. I am very happy with my vehicle and I will buy from them again.

Simone Buelow

Amazing team!

Rachel Edmonds

NEGATIVE 10 STARS! I once put up a 5 star rating. That is for our sales guy Chris only. Finance guy, Brandon gave us the run around for nearly a month. They were Paying us for our trade in..and left us late on those payments. Still giving us the run around on my husbands military discount, we have still yet to receive! TRULY I'M PISSED OFF. WORST AFTER CARE TREATMENT. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS FINAL BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE LOT! -Rachel and Blake Edmonds

Ryan Garrison

Chris helped me pick out the perfect car for my needs today. Glad I made the choice to come here!

Mike Siebert

Josh Kennedy has done his homework and is ready to make the sale that is right for you. Not a pushy Saleman at all.

James Swenson

High pressure sales tactics, unfair trade in offers. Salesman lie to you. I have bought from Briggs in Manhattan and had a good experience. I do not recommend Briggs Kia in Topeka.

Robert Billbe

Fantastic, Went in to basically look around, as my car on it's last legs, went home with a new (for me) car, good deal. Sales staff was very helpful and friendly, especially David Giles. I went in at about 6:15pm, and since they close at 8pm, figured if I found something I would be back the next day.. Instead they stayed late and at a quarter to ten, I went home with my new car. Thanks

Bert G

They worked very hard and went beyond to get a deal done. Cedric and Brandon, 5 stars, I appreciate all the hard work! Thank you Briggs crew for the building opportunity!

Amy Scott

Johnny Pittman was great to work with when we purchased our Kia Sorento. Very happy!

Brandon Lee

Just bought a car yesterday, Johnny was great and helped me through all the steps to getting my my first car. Even gave me his employee discount. Great experience! Would definitely recommend!

John Poersch

Briggs Kia has an outstanding service and parts department. I've been servicing my vehicles and buying parts from them for the past 9 years and counting. Vicki Filbert is amazing and I know when I bring my vehicle in for service, that the job will be done right and in a timely manner, the first time. John Malone in the parts department is a very friendly guy who knows that parts department like the back of his hand. And no matter the question, he always knows the answer and has the right part for the job, from cabin filters to air filters to cargo covers. You name it and they've got it, but in the rare case they don't have your part in stock, they can get it shipped in very quickly.

Mark Meyers Sr

Since there isn't any zeroes I give them 1. We started off with a new salesman. Another salesman joined him. Then the sales manager joined them. They pushed and scammed trying to sell us what they wanted to sell. They pushed us to buy a lessor yet more expensive vehicle. I walked out in frustration with them literally yelling after me. I will NEVER buy from any Briggs dealership.

Pamela Perry

Casey Huskey (The Topeka Car Guy) hooked me up with a great new car. He worked hard to find a car that met my budget requirements. He was so funny, and nice.. I highly recommended Briggs and Casey Huskey. He truly is the Topeka Car Guy!

Ben Falley

Ross Larson was very professional and helpful in everyway. On a cold blustery day he still took the time to answer all my questions and did not make me feel hopeless in buying a car. In the end i have a beautiful Kia Sportage and he helped get me a great deal. I would recommend anyone coming to see him if you want a straight forward approach to car buying. Thank you Ross and everyone at Briggs Kia!!

Robert Ireland

Cedric Bryant Was one of the best I have had the pleasure to buy a car from. And let me tell you a lot of my car buying Trips were not good at all. He Bent over backwards to make the experience excellent. Its been a long time since I seen that at a car dealer anywhere. I Think I will be a long term customer.....Thanks Cedric and Briggs Kia in Topeka.

michael moore

We bought a new vehicle from them and they made it painless for us. They went out of theur way to make sure we got a great deal on the car. They went well beyond what they had to help us make sure we drove out with that car that day .

Travis Day

Ross Larson in Topeka gave us hands down the best service we have ever had. We came in to just look and he made us feel so at home that we left that day with a new vehicle! He was not pushy at all and made sure that he got us into a vehicle that was right for us. He took what can be a very stressful situation and put our minds at ease. Ross and their whole team made it a great experience and we are very happy with our purchase. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone looking for a good deal and to be treated fairly. They are amazing!

Aileen Edwards-Finney

Just bought my 3rd Kia from Briggs! Cedric is wonderful. I felt very well taken care of.

alison cashman

disappointed. Would be very cautious buying anything here, salesman did not seem honest.

Janice Cummins

Went out of his way to please my granddaughter purchase her new car. JESUS ALVAREZ is the best. JAN CUMMINS

Jami Oden

Ross Larson and Tim C. Did an amazing job for us today. My husband is in a great vehicle at a great low price thanks to these two.

Sandie Czajkowski

I had a wonderful experience again for the third time with Kia in Topeka. I bought my first Kia soul December 2010 it was a 2011 Kia soul. I put almost 400,000 miles on that car. With only one problem alternator went out at 243,000 miles. I would say that’s pretty awesome car. I got my second Kia Soul in 2015 February, it was a 2015. I loved my car unfortunately a deer did not. On November of this year 2018 I hit a deer and unfortunately totaled my beloved car. So, I am now the proud owner of a 2019 Kia soul. I could’ve asked for a better salesman Ross Larson is the greatest he helped me in every way possible in finding exactly what I wanted, along with Brandon Combs.I have been dealing with Kia since 2010 and I wouldn’t go any other place. Great salesman great service couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you so very much again Ross Larson. Best day was today picking up my brand new car.

Kobe Legarreta-Gutierez

Me and my parents purchased a beautiful 2018 Kia optima with the help of chris, thank you so much

Angie Durand

We came in for our Souls first oil change and the Service department was excellent. While here we saw a 2020 Soul GT and I loved it and traded in our 2019 for it. Thank you Josh Kennedy for all your help. This is the place you go for a new or used vehicle and talk too Josh Kennedy. Angie Durand

Samuel Franklin

Cool people but they were very pushy about trying to get you to buy a car on the spot. Asked if I could take a few days to think about the purchase and they got visibly upset. Just seemed unprofessional to me.

Megan Brown

We worked with Ross buying a van and he made sure we were happy and worked hard to get us what we wanted. Would go back and recommend to others for sure! Thanks again :)

Ginger Taylor

Worked with Josh! It was great! Thank you.

Jessica Reedy

Great service and amazing staff, they go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. I've now purchased two vehicles in the last 10 year's and will go here again. Josh Kennedy is highly recommended!

Jennifer Baxter

Great car buying experience. Joshua Kennedy was great to work with. Thank you for working so hard to get me in the car I wanted!

terry g

Been a customer of Kia Topeka for almost 3yrs. We leased a vehicle not knowing much about leasing but we tried it and learned our lesson the hard way. When we first had to deal with contracts and what not they did keep messing up and telling me they needed to make new ones and something was messed up or what not. Someone even came down themselves to make me sign new paperwork.told me I’d get copying and didn’t receive them now that I think of it. We leased the vehicle 45000 miles for 36months but what’s odd now that we come back to talk terms and see what we can do I was given the run around .not only have I called months before asking questions and they would say they couldn’t tell me over the phone . I finally drive one plus hr after work to Topeka to ask questions not only were they short and snappy with me I just couldn’t even believe the words coming out of their mouths. So ready to sell/lease in the beginning but when you come back asking questions it’s like a slap in the face like the other reviewer wrote on here. Also I looked at my contract paper and it shows 45000 for 36months but online Kia it shows 36000 for 36months. Now I’m dealing with such a headache I don’t even know where to start or how to get things right and thinking about if I had to deal with Briggs Kia in Topeka again makes me sick to my stomach. I’m definitely not going to recommend any of my military folks , nursing buddies or anyone that asks me about Briggs .I’ll tell them to watch out and check Check n double check everything. I think I’ll never lease again in my life having gone through all this plus more with this lease.whats funny is they were so willing to sell me a car just 2hrs before I walked in but when I finally walked in and was not talking about wanting a car yet and trying to figure out how I could get my lease questions answered they were not willing. Truly heartbreaking.maybe sometimes try to be in the other persons shoes and be understanding then quick to shut them down.

Daria Hart

Chris Patterson was a great help in getting me into my Kia Forte. I got a good deal and was treated like a real person. This dealership has earned my families business.

Will Maize

I've been happy with all my experiences with them, sales and repair.

Doreen Frickey

Always friendly an very helpful!!!!

Thomas Nichol

Joshua Kennedy did an outstanding job helping us find the right car. The entire staff was helpful with NO hard sell at all. We talked with other dealerships, but our time with Joshua was time well spent.

Kayla Nolte

These swell folks up here in Topeka helped me rassle up a great deal on a car. Recommend to everyone!! So professional and kind!

skyla schreiner

Josh Kennedy helped me through all the steps to get me into my new 2019 Kia Soul, he was extremely polite and professional the entire time. He made me feel like more than just customer, shared some good info about what car would best suit the needs for me and my 2 yr old daughter! We talked about the safety features in my new Kia Soul and I think thats a huge part in me getting this car, knowing if anything happened we'd have a good chance. I love that you guys are personal and really care for your customers it truly shows and makes a big difference in wanting to come in for future services or purchases! I appreciate how nice he was and everything he did to help me with even getting the best price for my car! You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

Justice Finnell

Josh helped me out when I really needed it and worked with my budget and I really love my car I will be coming back and I was in and out

David Fuentes

Lamarcus Betts was the best sales men I have ever met. We connected right off the bat & he went the extra mile to get my my dream car!! I suggest anyone who is looking for a car to go to Briggs in Topeka is and get with lamarcus !!

Marcie Quaney

Just got a new sportage and Dennis, and Jesus were amazing!! I highly recommend you go stop in to see them! They are so nice and helpful. Hope to buy frlm them again in the future!

Sonya Bowers

Worked with josh kennedy here at briggs kia. He was super respectfull and kind. He was patient with us and answered all the questions we had during our visit.

Tamara Hodges

Joshua Kennedy was an amazing salesman! He found what we wanted and a decent price! Thank you so much for everything

brooke hemel

Chris Patterson was very thourough!! Amazing guy to work with if you need a vehicle!

Mercedes Eidson

I bought a car from Briggs Kia about 2 years ago, never had any issues with the car and they are always very kind. They call me once every 3 months or so to remind me that I need an oil change. I accidentally forgot my wallet there after waiting for my oil change and they called me within the hour to let me know and they returned it to me with all cash still there. I recommend using them.

Tyler Ellington

Terrible! 2 Saturday's in a row I have driven through the lot and the sales staff seems more interested in messing around with each other than help a customer. 2 Saturday's in a row! I'm off on Saturday and Sunday only. Step your game up Briggs! We love our brand new vehicle that we bought elsewhere today.

Roberta Stauffer

Friendly with strong customer service love Briggs KIA. Visiting Briggs is a customers delight from being paid undivided attention to multiple people offering you snacks and coffee while you wait in the comfy customer area watching TV with updates on the progress of your vehicle to detailed information on what services were performed on your car and what the findings were in a language you can understand. Love Briggs KIA

Haley Pate

Josh was very helpful and friendly. Found us a great car for a great deal!

dustin savage

Great job by Josh and finance team to get best deal possible!

Leif Dolan

Nice cars and nice sales people

Valerie Carter

I am beyond please with my purchase from Briggs. I walked in to have work done n my vehicle and walked out with my dream car. A 2018 Dodge Charger 392 Hemi Scatpack.... All Black!!! I can't say enough good things about everyone at Briggs including James, Johnny, and Brandon. James went above and beyond to get me financed and even called me the next day with much better rate. Thanks guys!!!

Josh Knox

Original salesman seemed good. Manager tried to take over and really turned us off. Also asked for trade-in value while we went on test drive. They took our car out and drove it, but were unable to get us a quote. Said they would call back next day with one, never did. Likely will not return and definitely don't recommend.

corissa panick

My favorite car place! We loved both Kia Optimas we purchased from this place and we will be back again.

Diane Donald

I always go to Briggs in Topeka for my oil changes because the people there are prompt, thorough and friendly. Last week I was getting an oil change and looking at a car while I waited and Jesus Alvarez asked me if I was looking to buy a car (which I wasn't but thought I would upgrade someday). He was very polite and asked me what kind of car I would want and what features and what I would want to spend and I answered his questions even though I wasn't ready to buy yet and he went and found me the perfect car that fit my needs and budget and I really liked it. I didn't want to be impulsive so I looked at other cars and drove a few and ended up buying the one he chose for me. He listens, is helpful and knowledgeable and I would recommend him to help anyone shop for a car.

Jennifer Klaus

The best car buying experience I have ever had. Josh Kennedy was the most courteous, polite and friendly car salesman. No pressure and no games just listening to what I wanted and helping me find the perfect car, which was not the car I went in to look at! Thank you for working so hard to make this the best deal ever and actually listening to me and answering my questions. The whole team including finance was a delight to work with.

Paula Mccra

Josh was awesome in selling me my new soul. The financial dept did a awesome job at getting me the payment I needed. The service department rocks!!

Samantha Schneider

James Garcia helped my mom get a new car so I had to come back to him when I needed to purchase one also. Hes very personable and helpful, along with the rest of the workers. Great business

Greg Zeller

I leased a Kia Niro and worked with Josh. Josh was very helpful, courteous, and great to work with. Customer service is very important to me. I had to sign the lease papers 3 times due to mistakes. I went in to sign the papers for the final signing two times yesterday and they were not ready to sign either time. After that I was told the papers could be brought to my house after he got off work for me to sign. I emailed at 4:22 to confirm this would be okay. I waited for 40 minutes after 8 but no one showed up or emailed. I texted at this point and was told he was with another customer and asked if tomorrow before 10:30 would be okay. I agreed. 10:30 rolls around and still no one showed up. I texted again and he said he would be there in 10 minutes. He showed up in 20 minutes. I would have understood if he got busy with a customer and emailed me to let me know but instead I waited and wondered if or when he would show up. Being polite, communicating what is going on, and being considerate of other people’s time would have been very helpful. I would work with Josh again but unfortunately I won’t return due to all of the issues with the paperwork and lack of communication.

Tonia Walker

Michael B. is the man to see if you are purchasing a car. This was my daughter’s first car. He worked with her so that she could drive it home the same day. He is friendly, professional, and patient. If you are in Topeka, stop by Briggs Kia and ask for Mike. Tell him Brianna sent you.

Joe Hanika

I had some of the best dealings with Cedric, twice, a few years ago! We bought two cars from him. Never any issues of any kind with car or dealer! If I still lived in Topeka, this would be my go to for any vehicle.

Jacquita Wieser

The person that helped us was Josh Kennedy he was very helpful, listened to what I wanted in a car and was able to fulfill my request. He was very polite and very attentive. Wish all sales people were like him. He wasn't pushy to the point that I got into to a car that I really didn't want. He listened to what I wanted. So my experiance with him and the company was an excellent one. Thank you Josh and Briggs Kia

Justin Hall

Almost gave up on getting a van and then my wife said to try briggs. So in my last attempt for a new to me vehicle, I ended up getting a great deal with low monthly payments. Thanks to Josh for making it happen and the lovely front desk lady Amy for making my time there even more pleasant. She was so nice, awesome and even helped me decide which van to get and color.

dominic boatwright

Briggs Kia was amazing today. They quoted me an hour and a half for the repairs and it only took 30 minutes. Damian was extremely kind. I will be back

Charlaine Haase

This Is the best place to purchase a vehicle, they have the best customer service And, will bend over backwards to get you taking care of and the best prices ever, see Joshua Kennedy he is absolutely amazing and cute to boot .

Trey George

Always prompt and courtesy in the Service Department!

Felicia McGlory

My experience with Briggs Kia was wonderful. The sales professional Cedric Bryant was great from the beginning to the end. He was kind and courteous and answered all of my questions. All of the Briggs Kia Sales Reps/staff were friendly but these are the two individuals that made my decision of purchasing a newer vehicle a lot less stressful.

Katherine Peters

Josh and Tj did and excellent job today! I am very very satisfied with the service I received and of course my new car!!!!

Karen Weatherholt

Bought a 2014 Optima EX fully loaded! The process was as painless as buying a car can possible be (you know what I mean). Everything went smoothly and as quickly as possible. Our salesman Daniel Wilkinson was very calm and even keeled, and helped me stay calm for a nerve wracking process of choosing the car. We forgot our check book and live out of town, and Nathan went far and beyond to figure out how to help us get our car that day.(No one wants to wait, right?) Everyone we came in contact with was very friendly and helpful. Very accommodating, as it should be. I highly recommend Briggs Kia!

Chris Jennings

I bought my car in Manhattan but took it to be serviced in at this location. I am so impressed with the level of service by every one of the team. Damian was especially helpful and went so far above and beyond what I was expecting. Such a great experience.

Jerry Schroeder

Great place to take your car, very nice staff

Ethan Kappler

My 2008 Kia Sportage broke down on us. So of course we had it towed to the Briggs Kia dealership service center in Topeka. They explained it would be a 90.00 diagnostic fee to which I agreed to. After all the car isn't under warranty anymore and they have to pay their mechanics. They diagnosed the issue as a alternator and told me it was going to cost almost $800.00 to repair. Wow! For an alternator for a 10 year old car? Seemed high to me so I told them not to repair it and that I would come get it. Fast forward to the next day and when we went to pick it up I noticed on the bill that there was another $5.40 + tax charge on my bill for shop supplies and materials. ( see picture) Even though they didn't use anything. Now I know it is only 5.40 + tax. Not the end of the world. But they did not disclose this cost when I dropped the car off to them. They just tried to sneak it in and thought I would not notice. I asked the service manager why this was on my bill and he told me they charge that on every customers invoice. WOW!!! Think about that. Even if they only work on 50 vehicles per week which I bet is a extremely modest example. Whether they use any supplies or not they are charging that to every one of their customers just for the privilege of being a customer. That is $14,040.00 a year. Like I said, I bet that is a modest guess on my part. To be fair, the service manager offered to reimburse me the charge, to which I declined. Reason being, if that dealership is so poor that they have to add a bogus charge like that and scam their customers to stay in business. They can just keep it! The fact that they offered to reimburse the charge and that I did get a fast response on the diagnostic is why I gave 2 stars instead of one. But as far as I'm concerned they will never work on any of my vehicles again and at this point I won't buy anything from Briggs ever again. (Yes, I have bought 2 vehicles from them before this event.} Beware folks! Obviously you have to check your invoices for little extras with Briggs. Very sad.

Adam WIlcox II

Always helpful; they break down every charge & fee so you know exactly what your paying for. Top knoch service! Be careful they don't sell you a know car every visit... Lol

Mazikeena Reese

Great cars and customer service but you have to have a good steady income to get a newer vehicle.

Crystal Carstarphen

I have a 2012 Kia Sorento and they call me every 3 months to check for follow up appointments needed and or recalls! I love their customer service. UPDATE 1/29/2018 - Amazing customer service and they go above and beyond that it leaves me speechless!!!

psalm 46:10

I feel strange giving a car dealership five stars and I don't know why. But, I can say I've bought several vehicles for them and I've never had any real problems with the folks here. The employees seem very friendly. I have had some Auto work done here and the prices always seemed reasonable and the staff in the shop were always friendly. I know if I was in the market for a Kia again I would definitely swing by here and just take a look, no guarantees if I would buy or not at any given time but if I was looking I definitely would go by and give them a fair shot

Timothy Annett

Excellent experience. Everyone was very friendly and professional.

Brett Frye

I had a great experience today purchasing a car from briggs kia in topeka i walked in and was greeted by chris patterson very nice guy very professional and the rest of the team from chris to management and financing i walked out with a 2015 kia Optima very nice thank u guys for your help and i would definantly prefer everyone to them

Monica Lopez-Reese

Cedric is amazing and will work with you to get a great deal! This is my second vehicle through him!

Marcela Zavala

Bought My First Dealership Car Here ☺️. I Was Very Hesitant At First Since I Was Very New To All This. I’m Very Picky When It Comes To Vehicles, Especially With A Toddler. Jesus Alvarez Was Very Patient With Me And Was Very Observant When It Came To What I Wanted In A Vehicle. After A Few Hours Of Test Driving Cars, I Went Home With My Dodge Durango ❤️, Almost A Year That I’ve Had It & I Must Say I’m Glad I Got My Vehicle Here & With Jesus Alvarez!

Twiddle Beeler

Chris Patterson made my buying experience a 10/10. He was patient, informative, helpful and friendly while I sifted through wants & needs with my vehicle purchase. The normal stresses of dealership buying were put to ease immediately with him as he walked me through thoughtfully and kept me as a customer front and center throughout. Some people are just good salesmen, and some people are great at providing an experience that leaves you smiling and entirely pleased with your purchase, Chris provided a car buying experience unlike any other and i'll definitely be coming back when I need to make another vehicle purchase. For now, thank-you so much, I LOVE my Fiat 500x!

Jen Swinehart

I recently co-purchased a 2016 Kia Sportage with my boyfriend. The salesman, Ross Larson was very personable. I was a bit of a hard sell, but Ross did not give up and went out of his way to explain details and worked extra hard to help us get into the vehicle of our choice. We had some minor glitches with our paperwork, but Ross and the staff at Briggs fixed everything quickly and had us on our way in our fabulous new vehicle in no time at all. Thank you Ross and Briggs Kia for selling us a great vehicle. We love it!!

Warren Fordham

Ross, Travis, and Tim C. all treated me with respect and were very kind. Will definitely do business with them again.

Misty Pry

I wouldn't recommend this place to a single person! Sold me a car that needed a new transmission, even after taking it and having two different places look at it and telling me it needed a new transmission Kia still believed that it was fine because they had it "checked out." I had the car for 6 weeks before they called me back in to "save me money" on my car and redo my financing paperwork. Once going in they lowered the cost of the car then told me they had to change my interest rate which raised my monthly payment by almost 40 bucks!!!! They were unwilling to honor the rate and price they gave me 6 weeks prior! And still believed the transmission was fine even after I had a documented paper from a transmission place here in Topeka! I thought I had a very trustworthy sales person but he has yet to reach out to me despite seeing me back in their office several times. He definitely knew what was going on. Before buying a car from a dealer make sure you look up "spot delivery scam." People need to know what Briggs is all about. You can trust if Kia is doing this that I'm sure the other Briggs locations are as well! I also made a couple different complaints about an employee there and was told I would be followed up with from their manager and never was. I was also told that I should have just picked the first car they showed me because it was a "good deal." People pick cars based on what works best for them not on what the dealer wants them to buy! I recently got a new loan and can't wait to go buy a car ANYWHERE ELSE. My credit is not the best and they kept letting me know that. But apparently it was good enough to get a loan with someone else with the rate they originally were giving me. Kia sucks!

Janea Rayton

Got my first car from there today with the help from Josh Kennedy , he was awesome & I left with a huge smile on my face.


I recently purchased a used car from Briggs Kia. Right away "Johnny" had a vehicle for me to look at and test drive. He created a New Car experience at a Used Car price! They let me look, without the hassle or pressure and smooth talking that I've experienced before. Plus, the store was attractive and comfortable, with modern complimentary amenities.

Shalyn Murphy

My husband and I were both very pleased with our experience at Briggs Kia. Cedric was a great contact there, he was relaxed and didn't pressure us to make a decision. He made sure we saw the vehicles that met our criteria both on the Kia lot and the other Briggs locations in Topeka. And when we wanted to see a car from the Manhattan lot, it was here the next morning. We appreciated the effort and felt confident in our purchase decision. Thanks!

Joshua Pesina

Do not buy from here. Me and a friend stopped by to look at a Kia Sorrento. First off, it had 22k on it and they claimed it was a new vehicle and never had a previous owner. It was 23 when we got there and - This vehicle was definitely a used vehicle with lots of wear. Several dents on the car, very deep scratched along the drivers door. A gash that went from exterior to interior on the passenger door. Front grill has been severely damaged and cracked on both sides. The front bumper had been ! SPRAY PAINTED! THEY SPRAY PAINTED THIS CAR WITH CHEAP SPRAYPAINT! I cannot express to you how pies poor this dealership is. Then he tried telling us it wasnt spray painted but it actually had a masking tape line and the gloss was painted over! I could see it on his face he was upset that i caught him lying. He was asking 23k for this! This guy (sales manager who had been doing it for 40 years) lied to us left and right telling us it would cost 800$ to replace the front grill! It was an absolute joke and he was unwilling to lower the price to what the vehicle was worth. The guy seriously wouldn't even budge and didn't treat our concerns seriously. This man didn't even check the recalls! Once I asked him (knowing full well the recall hadn't been done) he said he would have to replace it later- wow seriously a recall is a recall and should be done before it goes up for sale. I cannot tell you fill how much of a red flag this place have us. I also drilled him on the brake dust and tire wear and he said "well it's because you've been driving it" omg dude please your so...just wow..i can't believe this guy is a manager. Don't go here folks. Never seen a worse dealership in my life.

Lezlie Vargas

Friendly customer service. Our sales rep Jesus Alvarez was awesome told him what we wanted and he had it for us in less than a day! Very happy with the service he gave us totally recommend Briggs Kia and if you go in ask for Jesus Alvarez you won’t be disappointed!

Amy Hedstrom

We purchased a car from Josh today and couldn't be happier with the service we received. He was very personable, professional and knowledgeable! When we found out he was a veteran, that made doing business with him even better. Thank you Briggs Kia and Joshua Kennedy!

Heidi Snyder

10th car deal with the best sales person (Cedric Bryant) at Kia. This guy takes care of his customers and checks up on his customers regularly. Travis the finance guy was a great experience as well!

Alayna Henzler

Buying our first car was very intimidating at first but with Chris P it was a breeze! He is very friendly, hard-working, and patient! He listened to our needs and showed us our options with no pressure, the process was very professional and quick. I highly recommend Chris to anyone in the market for a new car! We also got the chance to meet Josh who was also extremely nice and helpful as well. We will be back!

Linda Scott

I am a repeat customer at Briggs Kia and have always had great service there. When my mom needed a new car I took her to see Ross Larson. He worked hard to get her into a new car. He made the whole process super easy. A big plus for mom and I was that he didn't talk down to us like salesmen have at other dealerships. When the time comes that we need another car we will definitely go see Ross.

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